Thursday, December 21, 2017

12-21-17 Briefs


American Freedom Blogger Barbara Espinosa: For those of you, who think you are entitled to chew Frosty’s a** out over something she did or not do, this message is for you.

     !. Frosty is not a paid employee of any political party.

     2. She does it on her on dime and time.

     3. What she does is a service for Arizona Republicans

     4. She posts the information that is sent to her

     5. If she doesn’t post your information when YOU think she should, it’s her call to not do it at all or on another date

     6. The Briefs are her baby. She is allowed to take time off to be ill or take a vacation

     7. She needs to be thanked for the time and effort it takes to publish a newsletter daily, not chastised at every turn.

Tom Morrissey, Past Chairman AZ GOP: I take issue with Torunn Sinclair's questioning of Frosty Taylor's integrity regarding a supposed omission in the MCRC Briefs12-20-17 Briefs  Sinclair's threat is offensive and uncalled for.  I can assure you that Frosty has tremendous integrity and is one of the fairest people I have had the pleasure to know since becoming active in Arizona politics.  Integrity and fairness are in rare supply in parts of our party these days.  When we have someone like Frosty doing the work she does, day in, day out, she should be saluted and not denigrated as part of a knee jerk overreaction.

Fountain Hills Activist Nancy Plencner: Frosty,  let me express my thanks to you for providing a valuable vehicle in which wide ranging opinions from hundreds of Arizonans are to be found.  In the short time I have been reading and contributing to Republican Briefs I have never felt there was any partiality shown by you.  If I want to read one sided views I'll pick up the daily Arizona Republic where a constant dose of Montini, Roberts, and most of the editorial board spew forth their liberal biases.  Even poor, staid Bob Robb cannot seem to balance the journalistic scales of our Newspaper of Record.  Point of clarification, I'm not really sure what I am by today's application of partisan political labels but I know one thing, I support our President and his agenda!  Merry Christmas and a monumentous New Year to all! 

Lyle Tuttle, Past Chairman Maricopa County Republican Committee: Ms. Sinclair, I want to thank you for utilizing the most widely read newsletter concerning the AZGOP --Frosty's Briefs -- "Official Recognition" is always welcome!! 12-20-17 Briefs

     You wrote: 11:19 am Tues, Dec 19: Frosty, Would love an explanation as to why you didn't include my comments in the briefs today. If I don't hear from you, I'll be forwarding this chain on to all relevant parties as proof of your partiality. Torunn
    The night before you wrote (shows the date and time) : 5:47 pm, Mon, Dec 18: Hi Frosty, Saw you post Russell Sias' blurb today, and I would appreciate you reaching out and asking for comment before irresponsibly posting gossip. Russell Sias did not reach out to me asking me about the bylaws being removed from the website before sending you yesterday's blurb. My contact information is easily accessible on the AZGOP website. If you haven't noticed, we have a new website, and in the process of switching everything over, the bylaws were accidentally removed. That has now been rectified, and
you can view the bylaws here. I want to thank Jim Ehl for reaching out to me personally Friday to inquire about the missing bylaws, and for letting me know they were missing from the website. They were re-posted on Monday morning. If anyone else notices anything missing, or information that needs to be corrected on the website, I would love the feedback! My email is
    Ms Sinclair, you are a paid employee of the AZGOP, correct? What is YOUR deadline for what you publish? Will you print items emailed to you that are sent at nearly 6pm for inclusion the next day?
    I understand that Frosty "reaches out" to the AZGOP for comments or confirmation, but seldom, if ever, receives same, even though the AZGOP has PAID STAFF to do so. Looks to me like you have crossed the boundary of REPORTING into the realm of PERSONAL BIAS. If you have a problem with Russell Sias, that is YOUR PROBLEM, not Frosty's.
    I urge you (AND the AZGOP) to put a halt to the petty jealousy over the overwhelming success of Frosty's publication - done as an UNPAID SERVICE to her many readers.
    Perhaps, if you calmed down and took a breath, you could LEARN from Frosty's many years of award winning newspaper reporting, editing and publishing, coupled with her time on staff with two former Arizona Attorney Generals and a decade with the Arizona Fish and Game Department.

American Freedom Alliance (AFA) Team: We are all used to the arrogance of the current and former AZGOP Chairman and staff, but nothing prepared us for the self-important messages from Torunn Sinclair when Frosty didn't immediately post her message.  These messages from Torunn, especially the one about partiality, were stunning in their narcissism. 12-20-17 Briefs  Anyone who wonders why the AZGOP is sliding into a rat hole can look at these messages and see.  Anyone who regularly reads Briefs knows messages are posted from some of the worst in our Republican party without comment.  Frosty has an extensive journalism background from the days when that word meant something.  Being impartial was the watchword of good journalism that no longer exists most places but does exist in Briefs.        Torunn, if you want to see partiality, come to AFA. Oh, never mind, you were already rejected as a member there.  We specialize in partiality because we are not restrained by anything but our own point of view and we aren't afraid of expressing it!  But you already know that. Do the right thing and apologize to Frosty and to Briefs, please. Publicly.

Activist Sandi Bartlett: Frosty, I would like to take a moment to thank you for your years of dedication to informing GOP activists. I understand how time consuming and intense this type of newsletter is and appreciate what you do. Hope you are feeling well and please have a very Merry Christmas. 

Pinal County District 7 Chairman Christina Dumal, DVM: I agree with Karen MacKean concerning vetting of Republican candidates. 12-20-17 Briefs I suspect that many of the counties vet their local candidates, but what about congressional and senate candidates?  When the AZGOP went on their 'Victory Tour' recently, they had in tow a candidate who wants recreational pot legalized, while another one will not address his residency issues.  Several years ago, we in Pinal County saw the problems of not adequately vetting candidates when we became aware that the newly elected constable had indeed not been a Chicago Police Officer even though that's what he had told us. I was an Independent at the time, but I remember thinking, "Why wasn't his background checked?'  I'm relatively new to politics but surely there are experienced people who can lead us in this area.

IMG_0017 PCRWCPima County Republicans Women's member Dolores Johnston, left, chats with former Arizona legislator Lou-Ann Preble during the Dec 2 Silver Tea Anniversary celebratrion in Tucson. David Blevin photo.


DEC 21

LD24’s Christmas and Holiday Social is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Dec 21 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St. in Phoenix, according to Chairman Barry Wong. Enjoy hors d’oeuvrew, beverages, music and converations. Attendees are asked to bring can or dry non-perishable food for the food drive. RSVP to so they know how many to plan for.

Canceled: The Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma will not meet on Dec. 21. They will resume meeting in January, 2018. Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219.


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