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2-11-17 Briefs

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AZGOP-Remains-Secretive, Blocks-Elected-Leaders-Access-To-Records AZGOP’s new secretary, Gabby Saucedo Mercer, and treasurer, Bob Lettieri, have been stalled in their attempts to review documents relating to the Party’s practices and financial resources. At the same time, questions remain about the use of those resources on behalf of newly elected chair, Jonathan Lines, in his run for office. Currently Lines’ staff members are blocking Saucedo Mercer, who had requested documents related primarily to the annual statutory meeting at which she, Lines, and Lettieri were elected. She gave a deadline of February 7 for the documents to be turned over to her…

An Appreciation Party for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is scheduled at 4 pm., Sat., Feb 11 at the home of Liz and Dave Alcorn, 12040 N. 133rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. Hosted by Steven Segal, Liz & Dave Alcorn, and Tom and Kris Morrissey, the event is a “thank you” for Arpaio’s 20 years of service and dedication to the residents of Maricopa County. Open to all Joe supporters. Entertainment, food & drinks. No admission fee. RSVP to so she knows how much food to prepare.

A Retired U.S. Marine who works as a private security contractor took to Facebook to warn of the dangers Americans still face in Iraq. Steven Gern's video, which was posted from Iraq and has been viewed more than 44 million times, came just a few days after President Trump's executive order triggered massive protests at U.S. airports. The order temporarily banned travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq, Iran and Syria. See more: retired-marines-warning-iraq-goes-viral-after-trump-travel-ban

Trump Travel Ban Unconstitutional? But Obama, Bush, Carter Not? Other presidents have halted immigration without having their actions challenged by the courts. Why is Trump's executive order being treated differently? Read more...

State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, who headed up the Arizona Trump Team, will address the Annual Yavapai County Republican Committee’s Lincoln/Reagan Dinner at 6pm, Sat., Feb 25 at the Stoneridge Golf Club Dining room. 5 pm cocktails, 6 pm dinner. $65 per person. $120 per couple RSVP by Feb 20 at or email

LD 15 will meet at 7 pm, Tues., Feb 21 with in the Paradise Valley Community College Conference Center Rm Q120 A&B, 18401 N 32nd St., Phoenix, Az 85032 to accommodate Congressional representatives “In District” schedules. Confirmed speakers include Congressman David Schweikert, State legislators John Allen,Nancy Barto, Heather Carter, and Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring. Driving directions: Route 51 to Union Hills then South 1/4 mile to PVCC Conference Center (former County Library, plenty of parking). 6:30 pm social. Raffle for Presidential Convention memorabilia and a pair of pre-season baseball tickets (Cubs vs Colorado Rockies) at Talking Stick. 7 pm meeting will focus on Phoenix City Council officials, state representatives and congressional delegates, accoding to Chairman Dave Ryan. See:

LD 22 meets the third Monday of each month at Westbrook Village Association Recreation Center 18825 North Country Club Parkway, Peoria, Arizona.  Social gathering begins at 5:30 pm with light dinner items for $5 and the meeting begins at 6:30 pm.  The February 20 meeting will feature precinct organization, recruitment and walk book updating with opportunities to be involved in activities and events to actively support President Trump. Contact: Chairman Rae Chornenky

LD30 will meet at 1 pm., Sat., March 11 at the First United Methodist Church, 7102 N 58th Dr, Glendale, AZ 85301. First Vice Chairman Timothy Schwartz will present precinct committeemen training and chair the meeting in the absence of Chairman Brett Sexton. Contact Sexton or Schwartz at

Grassroots Tea Party Activists of Arizona will meet with national award winning author John Trudel at 6:30 pm., Wed., Feb 17 at Denny’s Restaurant meeting room, 9030 n Black Canyon Hwy,(access road, Dunlap/I---17) in Phoenix. His book “Raven’s Run” will be the focus of his discussion on censorship, free speech, the First Amendment, culture wars, etc. He will also be signed books for attendees.

AZGOP Compliance Director Timothy Lee will conduct Treasurer’s Training for all County and LD Treasurer’s and Chairmen 9am -1pm., Sat., Feb 11 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St in Phoenix. Contact Lee at (602) 518-5860 Text/Cell. Lee is a long-time former AZGOP Treasurer.

Former Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Lyle Tuttle: Monday morning quarter backing is so easy and simple from a judge's bench... I was unaware that judges received the daily morning briefing!!  (HINT: They do not!!) When Judge Robart opined (and IMHO that is exactly what he did!!) that President Trump had no support for his travel ban order, he did so with no understanding of what those briefings say.  When he browbeat the Justice Department Lawyer Michelle Bennett, he became nothing more nor less than, IMHO, a bully. Facts shared after that court event have shown that the Judge has not a clue nor understanding about what is going on outside his courtroom with respect to refugees from those seven countries (or others, it seems?). Please Judges, just stick to the LAW as it is written, and leave the politics to others.

LD24 PC Carole Joyce: So nice to see such a “ Refreshing “ article and Group photo of Congresswoman Martha McSally’s Young Women’s Program.  What a great idea to put into action.  What a nice way to encourage young women to get involved in Republican Politics!  Thanks  Frosty, for showcasing this piece…   It’s such positive publicity and sends a nice message  worth reading…  Kudos to Martha !

Congresswoman Martha McSally will hold a telephone town hall with CD2 residents at 5:30 pm., Tues., Feb 14. Participant Dial-in Phone Number: (877) 229-8493 PIN: 114341. Constituents will have the opportunity to call in to ask their questions and hear about the latest legislative efforts in Congress. During last week’s hour-long call, McSally spoke with over 3,400 Southern Arizona residents about issues such as the Administration’s latest actions, health care reform, retirement programs, and border security.

Must See:  Trump says this and everyone wants to protest....Clinton gets a standing ovation Clinton 1995 immigration SOTU | User Clip | Very short video - about 1:30 minutes .

A New Border Patrol Union Radio Show can be heard at 3 pm, Sundays on 790 KNST in Tucson on Sunday

Yavapai County Republican Myrna Lieberman is asking area registered Republican women to meet with her to create a Conservative Women’s Activist Group. Although there are other Republican clubs in the area, Lieberman wants form a “political action group” that is willing to “flood twitter, make telephone calls and send e-mails” to counter the Left’s attempts to delegitimize President Donald J Trump and his agenda. “Trump does not have the support of the media, nor all of the Republicans. We need to show our support. The “Grab your Pocket Campaign” is succeeding in removing Ivanka’s clothing line from major department stores. The Left is relentless and we must be as well,” Lieberman said. She can be reached at

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is seeking volunteers to assist with spotlighting efforts to help document the population of endangered black-footed ferrets in Aubrey Valley and on the Double O Ranch near Seligman. Read more

Bald Eagle Event set for Flagstaff on Feb. 25: Did you know that Arizona is visited by over 200 bald eagles during the winter?  To learn more about these amazing birds and to see live eagles, the public is invited to attend the Annual Bald Eagle Celebration on Saturday, Feb. 25, at the Willow Bend Environmental Educational Center at 703 E. Sawmill Road in Flagstaff. Read more

Mexico Warned Its Citizens Living In The United States on Friday to "take precautions" and remain in contact with consular officials a day after the deportation of an undocumented mother following a routine visit with US immigration authorities. Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, 35, was deported Thursday after she checked in with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Phoenix a day earlier. The action sparked protests by supporters of Garcia de Rayos and drew praise from proponents of stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

Statehood Day Will Mark the official opening of Common Grounds, the new specialty coffee shop in the Capitol Museum. There’ll be free coffee and cake to mark the occasion.

The Arizona Capitol Museum will celebrate 105 years of statehood with a special exhibit “From the Convention Desk” between 9 am-4 pm, Tues., Feb 14 at 1700 W Washington in Phoenix. The event features items used by Constitutional Convention delegates to draft the state’s keystone document, on exhibition in the Historic House Chamber. The includes engraved scissors used to open the convention, a gavel used by the Convention President, a collection of bound Minutes from Convention meetings, the pen used by Territorial Secretary George Young to sign the document, an inkwell used by all Constitution signatories, and the first State Ballot from Nov. 1912, among other items. In October 1910, convention delegates arrived at the Capitol in Phoenix. They used the modest House chamber, its wooden desks pressed tight next to each other, and fitted with the simple office supplies of the day. The AZCM Guild will be on hand to answer questions and lead tours, as well as sign up new members. The AZCM also welcomes clothing manufacturer State48 for the day, as they’ll be producing an exclusive State Seal branded shirt, and host a pop-up store at the Capitol. 602-926-3620.

Gov Doug Ducey and the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family announced the release of a competitive grant solicitation in a Request for Grant Application for the Arizona High School Health and Wellness Program. This financial support to Arizona’s public and charter high schools is an ongoing effort by Ducey to ensure Arizona schools are equipped with the necessary resources to effectively educate and protect Arizona’s youth. The goal of the Health and Wellness Program is to prevent the onset of underage drinking, marijuana use, and prescription drug misuse and abuse utilizing evidence based programs. The competitive grant competition remains open until April 4, 2017. “Ninety percent of all addiction occurs from youth starting to drink and use drugs during the teen years. To me, that’s a clear target. That has a bull’s-eye on it and I know where to direct resources,” stated Debbie Moak, Director of the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family.

The Arizona Dept Of Ed Warned State Lawmakers this week that it would be unable to distribute billions of dollars in state and federal funding for schools if the state doesn't give it $17.6 million for its data systems. State schools Superintendent Diane Douglas and the department have been sounding the alarm since the release of Gov. Doug Ducey's budget proposal earlier this year. The proposal did not include any money to maintain the department's information-technology programs. One of the Department of Education's chief responsibilities is calculating and administering $10 billion in local, state and federal funding for Arizona public schools. Every calculation and transaction surrounding Arizona school funding goes through the 100-plus programs used by the Education Department. In a letter sent last month to school administrators, Douglas said "schools will not be able to receive their state aid payments" without the money to maintain the department's data programs. The $17.6 million would pay for data maintenance, 40 programmers and an ongoing transition to replace antiquated software.

LD13 PC Scott Powelson: Recently President Trump has been challenged by a district court and it has moved to the 9th Circuit where the ruling was not in his favor.  It did not make sense to me that some inferior federal court in the state of Washington could shut down a process which is routine to the duties of the Executive branch of the Government, President Donald Trump's authority which head of the executive branch of the government. So I thought let's go see what the Constitution says about the jurisdiction of the courts and just who it is they have authority over and at what levels is he required to respond to court process I found what I was looking for in Article III Section 2. Second Paragraph: In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be a Party, the Supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. I think it obvious that the framers of the Constitution did not intend for the inferior courts to interfere with the public ministers working under authority of the executive, and the same is true of the official business of the several states. There is no proper jurisdiction for these cases except the Supreme Court and until the case is filed and accepted by that court there is no valid case for the President to respond to. Each of the Judges and Justices involved should be facing impeachment for exceeding their authority and violations of the Constitution they have sworn to uphold and protect.

Mark Lewis, Arizona Central Project Director to Energy Legislators: A Critical part of the AZ Power grid will be lost on Monday, if the USBR votes to close NGS.The State of AZ (CAP) and Tribes still owe $1.1 billion on both the canal and the NGS power plant. The Feds / USBR are going to vote to close this billion dollar asset on Monday at 1:30 PM in an NGS owners meeting.The CAP board, and the rest of Arizona still owes $1.1 billion on these assets, and it would be a criminal trust violation to let the USBR decision destroy the credit rating of the CAP Water project. Please email Sen Jeff Flake , Congressman David Schweikert and the Terry Fulp   at the Boulder Canyon Area Office (702-293-8411) USBR to let them know, that we want the $1.1 billion debt forgiven if the USBR can’t live up to their word, on NGS.IF the feds do not forgive our debt for this massive loss, the State Legislature will have to issue a billion dollar tax increase to cover the loss of the NGS assets. The senate needs to issue a subpoena for the documents held by the USBR on the NGS debt next week. The fight is on over the debt to the US. The fight over the CAP Credit rating is personal. Bondholders could sue board members personally for breach of the covenants on the debt. If we don’t win this fight the state will have to redirect solar tax credits to pay for the NGS coal fired power plant debt relief of nearly $460 million dollars. IF we don’t win this fight the $300 million in payments to settle tribal water rights claims could be foreclosed.I consider the USBR action a breach of contract under the Boulder Canyon Project Act of 1928, and the Colorado River Basin Project Act of 1968  and will act on the $1.1 billion debt payments accordingly. Lewis can be reached at 602-499-3095.

Southern Arizona News-Examiner Staff: We were the producers of a pair of radio programs formerly heard on a Tucson radio station which have since left the commercial radio airways. We're pleased to let you know that one of the programs is coming back in internet form. The Voices of the West program debuts on the internet-only on Sat, Feb. 11, 2017 from 4pm-5pm MST. The program covers the Old West, its history, the films and television shows, the actors, the directors, the producers and the composers of Western music. The program/show host Emil Franzi was the 2014 recipient of the Spur Award from the Western Writers of America Association. That honor is awarded to the person or organization that advances the cause of the Western genre. You can listen to the show live at by clicking on the radio player located on the left side of the website. For the first program, Emil will talk with folks from the Arizona Opera Company about their production of "Riders of the Purple Sage." Later in the hour, show regulars retired Hollywood stuntman Bunker de France and Hollywood insider Todd Roberts join Emil to talk more westerns. We hope you'll join us for the inaugural broadcast! Please feel free to email your questions to us about the show to If you miss the broadcast, you'll be able to listen to the podcast at the website.

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Feb 11

An Appreciation Party for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is scheduled at 4 pm., Sat., Feb 11 at the home of Liz and Dave Alcorn, 12040 N. 133rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. Hosted by Steven Segal, Liz & Dave Alcorn, and Tom and Kris Morrissey, the event is a “thank you” for Arpaio’s 20 years of service and dedication to the residents of Maricopa County. Open to all Joe supporters. Entertainment, food & drinks. No admission fee. RSVP to so she knows how much food to prepare.

Feb 12

Stephen and Sheri Lauritano will be hosting an open house for Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord and Councilmembers Wally Campbell and Joe Pizzillo on Sunday Feb 12, 2016 from 6-8pm at the Lauritano home at 18598 West Paseo Way in Goodyear. Please RSVP to Sheri and Stephen or 602-721-5452 (text ok)

Feb 13

The West Pinal County Chapter of AZRA will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Feb 13 at 408 N. Sacaton St. Ste. II, Casa Grande, AZ. (SE corner of W Florence Blvd/N Sacaton St) to hear Pinal County Treasure Michael McCord address related issues. Contact: Nancy Hawkins

Feb 14

Arizona Statehood Day/Valentine’s Day

The Republican Women of Prescott will meet for lunch at 11:30 am., Tues., Feb 14 at the Prescott Resort/Conference Center, 1500 E Highway 69 in Prescott. Dr Tasneem Naqvi, Medical director of echocardiography at Mayo in Scottsdale will address various topics including women and heart disease statistics and heart disease related issues. $20 per person. RSVP deadline Thur., Feb 9. Contact Elsie Tyree 928-778-0235.

Feb 15

Palo Verde Republican Women's Club will meet Wed, Feb, 15 at the Fairway House at Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway, Scottsdale.   Terri Gilberg of KFYI 550 AM will present political commentary.  Check in/social hour at 11 am. Lluncheon/program at 11:30 am.  $30 per person accepted at the door by cash, check or credit card. Reservations required. RSVP before Mon, Feb 13 at

Feb 16

LD24 will convene its first 2017 regular monthly meeting Thurs, Feb 16, 6:30pm Registration/Networking, 7pm Meeting (1 hour), at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N 24th St, Phoenix. Contact: Chairman Barry Wong

Feb 18

The Pinal County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Luncheon is scheduled at 11:15 am, Feb 18. Doors open at 10:30 am at the Property Conference Center, 1251 W Gila Bend Hwy, Casa Grande, AZ 85193. $40 per individual, $75 per couple. $280 – reserved table for 8, $350 reserved table for 10 Speakers in US Sen candidate Dr Kelli Ward, LD8 Rep David Cook; Tim Kanavel, Pinal County Economic development program manager and Congressman Paul Gosar Chief of Staff Tom Van Flein. . Tickets or call 520-840-3091. An AR-15 will be raffled off. To volunteer to help or donate a raffle prize contact Debra Shaw Rhodes at

Riders USA is sponsoring a Second Amendment Rally between noon and 2 pm., Sat., Feb 18 at the Arizona State Capitol, 1700 W Washington in Phoenix. A motorcycle procession will go from Encanto Park to the State Capitol to open the event.  AzCDL's president, Dave Kopp, has been invited to speak at the rally.  While you are there, stop by the AzCDL recruiting table.  Join or renew your AzCDL membership at the rally and receive a $10 discount.  It's almost like getting paid to attend. Register to participate with Riders USA. More information on the Riders USA's website and Facebook page.  Or email Mike Sullivan at Riders USA.  Bring your family and friends.

The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will gather for brunch Sat., Feb 18 to hear a presentation on “Lobbyists: Who’s to Bless and Who’s to Blame?” at the Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive in Scottsdale. Social at 9:30 am, meeting at 10 am., and brunch at 11 am. $28 per person. RSVP Online & Pay at the Door. Reservations here Membership dues delinquent March 1.

The Pima County Republican Committee’s Lincoln Day Dinner is celebrating precinct committeemen with the Honorable Kerry Bentivolio on Sat., Feb 18 at the Radisson Suites, 6555 E. Speedway Blvd, Tucson AZ. Tickets: Pima GOP, 17 W Wetmore Rd, Suite 100, Tucson, AZ 85705


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Congressman Paul A. Gosar congratulates Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (R-GA) on his confirmation as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS):“As a fellow healthcare professional, I'm extremely confident that Doctor Price has the experience and talents to be an outstanding HHS Secretary. He has demonstrated strong leadership skills and knowledge of healthcare policy as the Republican Study Committee chairman as well as Chairman of the House Budget Committee. The American people are lucky to have such a uniquely qualified individual leading our nation as we reform our healthcare system to make it more affordable and more accessible for all.”

Senator John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments’ new U.S. Navy fleet architecture studies. The studies are available here, here, and here:  “Nearly two years ago, I called for studies of U.S. Navy future fleet platform architectures in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 for three primary reasons. First, 11 Navy combatant ship classes begin to retire in large numbers between 2020 and 2035. Second, other world powers are challenging our Navy’s ability to conduct sea control and project power. Third, as the Columbia-class submarine program proceeds, it is projected to consume the equivalent of one-third to one-half of the historical shipbuilding budget, which is already insufficient to meet the Navy’s desired force levels. Given the confluence of these three trends, now is the time for Navy leaders to consider a broad range of future fleet architecture options and set the Navy on the proper course for decades to come. …


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