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6-11-17 Briefs

Republican Briefs

Activist Irving Scott: I received an email from a John Backer on recalling Jonathan Lines, I did not respond to it since I've never heard of this person and wondered if it is a fishing expedition to see who is in the McCain - Graham - Lines camp. They also have a website for people to go to and leave their thoughts, I have asked other PCs and they never received an email so I find this a bit strange, if you know anything about this would you let me know, I feel people should be warned not to be giving out their thoughts to someone they don't know. Editor’s Note: Briefs contacted Backer last night asking for clarification as to whether the recall e-mail was for real or a hoax.  See his response below. - ft

John Backer, Spokesman For The Potential Recall Of AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines: First, Frosty thanks for reaching out to me for clarification before jumping to conclusions. Let me begin by saying very clearly that I did send the email. I am part of a group that is investigating the potential success of a recall of Chairman Lines. We have sought advice and input from a wide range of Republican Party members – from staunch opponents of Chairman Lines to his supporters.

     As to the AFA post, we certainly did not mean to imply that they were involved. AFA Disclaimer, Part II  None of us were even aware they existed prior to looking for information about Chairman Lines.  We did attribute the quote to give credit to its source. 

     This is neither a recall nor a hoax. It is simply an effort to ascertain the level of support Chairman Lines has. It is imperative that going into the 2018 election cycle, the Republican Party be healthy and capable of promoting its candidates. Due to the apparent lack of trust in Chairman Lines, and the less-than-enthusiastic response to Republican events, it is imperative that we assess what obstacles our candidates will face and remedy them if at all possible. I am the spokesman for the group, and people can reach me at As you can see from the witch hunt that has already begun by the likes of Mr. Kenney and his minions, there is some concerns by some of our members that they shield their identities. Should we proceed with a recall, of course everyone who signs a petition would have to use their real names. Until then, I am available and ready to answer any questions and address any concerns.

Activist Frank Emiro: How is John McCain in the Senate? He was saying James Comeys' name instead of Trumps' name twice! He also should have said President or President Trump.

La Paz County Chairman Russell Sias’s Open letter to AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines: I will not bother to attend the meeting(s) in Flagstaff on 17 June. Until today (June 10), I did not know the details for the time and place, and considering that it would take me four days just to get there, well…. The meeting is a charade and cannot accomplish anything meaningful. I have read Bylaw Committee Chairman Kathie Petsas’s emailed announcement, and I’m convinced that the conditions established makes the meeting pointless.( see part 2 below) I see no reason to spend several hundred dollars coming, when it appears it has been set up to be a meaningless meeting. I presently am well north of Yakima WA. It would be a significant inconvenience and cost for me to attend. If I felt that the intent was to have an honest and open meeting, where legitimate concerns of the grass roots of our party were to be heard through their representatives, I would attend. By allowing Ms Petsas to place limitations in this manner as she has, raises many questions. Having experienced Ms. Petsas’s intentional deceptions first hand, I understand she isn’t interested in the welfare of our party. As you have chosen to support/trust Ms. Petsas in this important position, you raise doubts that you’re not placing party interests foremost.  Can I any longer trust your judgment in matters pertaining to the welfare of the Republican Party in our state, when you allow the obvious manipulation of our bylaws committee? They do need significant review, but presently, this cannot happen. -

Russell Sias, La Paz County Chairman - Open letter to AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines- Part 11) : The following are the reasons why I wrote the first letter on 10 June to Chairman Lines. I have intentionally not said anything regarding our bylaws and/or committee in some time. That time has come and gone. In order to respect the Brief’s 300 word limit, I broke my response to Chairman Lines into two pieces. It was emailed to him intact on 10 June. What follows are the reasons that were inserted into the Lines letter. --- “She (Petsas) provided no specific information; it was announcement of an announcement. She’s bcc’d committee members, obviously still unwilling to divulge member information to members themselves! This is unreasonably autocratic. The meeting wasn’t established; yet allowed just 2½ hours. When committee members cannot communicate with one another, what’s the point? Only purpose local compliance? She asked for local bylaws. This is supposed to a “state” bylaws meeting. Quote from her email: “Keep in mind we are gathered to clarify any ambiguities in the bylaws and be in compliance with the statute.” She established limitations. Limited proposed changes to discussions. What if someone brings along a 20 page change to the bylaws? Are we to digest suggestions like the 2500 page Patriot Act was, in what, 2-3 days? 2 ½ hours to accomplish these unidentified tasks, really? Disallowed alternate attendees/call in’s. Blatantly dictatorial. Meetings won’t be recorded. As a member of this committee, I will expect minutes and attendance information, whether I attend or not. You/she may email minutes to me, and/or a link to any recording that she chooses to make of the meeting”. I do wish to thank Frosty for her efforts, and her patience with us all, Thanks, Frosty!

Navajo County Republican Chairman Steven Slaton to AZGOP Chairman Jonathon Lines and LD Leaders: I hope you all read the June 10 MCRC News Briefs 6-10-17-briefs. In it was a letter by AZGOP Treasurer Bob Lettieri on the current situation with the audit requirements by our State Statues and AZGOP Bylaws.   We had a personal conversation with Lettieri today on what has happen and why. Bob informed me the AZGOP Executives finally gave him full access to the books. We had a very good conversation about this issue and we asked Bob if he was satisfy with the change in attitude and cooperation from the Executive Committee. Bob replied yes, and appreciated all of our efforts to have this audit finally proceed. However we all have to keep up any and all pressure on our elected officials to do the right things to make our Arizona Republican Party the party that is for LAW AND ORDER.  For those of you who do not believe a few people can make a difference, IT DOES! My First Vice Chairman and I, along with our Navajo County Republicans, appreciate all of you who STEPPED UP to help Our Treasurer.  Last week I mailed the following letter to Chairman Lines:

Navajo County Republican Chairman Steven Slaton June 3 letter to AZGOP Chairman Jonathon Lines: I’m calling on you to perform a required audit of the AZ GOP. Chairman Lines, as the former AZ GOP Treasurer, an audit after a new board is elected, is required under the Bylaws and state statues. In the book of Matthew, Jesus gave us a wise solution to organization problems. In Matthew chapter 18, versus 15 to 17 it says this: "... if your brother wrongs you, go and have it out with him at once -- just between the two of you. If he will listen to you, you have won him back as your brother. But if he will not listen to you, take one or two others with you so that everything that is said may have the support of two or three witnesses. And if he still won’t pay any attention, tell the matter to the church. And if he won’t even listen to the church then he must be to you just like a pagan -- or a tax-collector." This is what I’m doing Chairman Lines. I’m reaching out to you first. I trust you will receive this in good faith and move forward with an audit. However, if you’re not willing to fulfill your obligation under state statue and our bylaws, the state executive committee members will have no other option but to take up steps for "censuring".

Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: Good job to all who made this happen.  But keep in mind, that an inordinate amount of time was taken before the books were opened.  Makes me wonder why that was.

Activist Call to Action: Activist are needed to attend the June 21 Phoenix City Council meeting to oppose the proposed increase to the Public Safety Debt. See memos from Councilman Sal DiCiccio and long-time GOP Activist Wes Harris in the 6-10-17-Briefs

Partisans-Agree-On-One-Thing-From-Comey-Hearing; McCain-Was-Confusing. As McCain continued to ask about the Clinton probe, Dan Pfeiffer, former adviser to former President Barack Obama, asked simpy: "What is McCain talking about?"

People-Really-Worried-McCain-Here’s-Memes-Prove Sen. John McCain's line of questions for former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday left a lot of people going, "Whaaaaa????"  It also caused a big reaction on social media Thursday with memes galore. Many people thought McCain was confused over the investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and the Russian hacking of Democratic National Committee emails. He also referred to Comey as "President Comey" multiple times. While the social crowd was not gentle, there were some that were genuinely concerned for his health…

Watch: Tucker Shuts Down Activist Who Wants Taxpayer-Funded "Safe Spaces" for Muslims When an activist who wanted Muslim "safe spaces" to be funded by taxpayers went on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News, she got shut down pretty brutally... take a look. Read more…

Watch: Fox News Host Just Blew The Doors Wide Open On Comey Testimony Tucker Carlson just exposed the truth about what James Comey's testimony was really about - and he didn't hold back. Read more…

LD20 will meet with Maricopa County Schools Supt Steve Watson and Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman Chris Herring at 7 pm., Mon, June 12 at 4650 W. Sweetwater, Glendale. LD20 will not meet in July. Their next meeting is Aug 14.

The Colorado River Tea Party “America First Rally” is scheduled between noon and 3 pm., Sat., June 24 featuring speaker LD13 Rep Don Shooter. Petitions for Sen candidate Kelli Ward, CD4 incumbent Paul Gosar, LD Rep candidates Steve Montenegro and Shooter, will be available. Serving hot dogs, hamburgers, beans, cole slaw. 50 cent donations asked for water. The rally will be held in the Joe Henry Memorial Park, 23rd Avenue and Colorado St. Ramada #28 in Yuma. Bring your lawn chairs, signs and US Flags. No alcohol permitted at rally. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219

LD13 Rep. Darin Mitchell will address the Colorado River Tea Party on Thurs., June 15 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95 in Yuma. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219



LD30 will meet with Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio at 7 pm., Mon., June 12 at the First United Methodist Church, 7102 N 58th Dr (Fellowship Hall), Glendale, AZ 85301. Contact: Chair Brett Sexton or  First Vice Chair Timothy Schwartz

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30pm, Mon., June 12 at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix for an “open Mic Monday” to discuss whatever attendees have on their minds. There will also be an update on the Larry Elder vs. Chris Mattews reality check battle about the veracity of JFK's PT109 experience. Contact: Ron Ludders at 602.677.1496

The LD 29 Republican Committee will meet at 7 pm., Mon., June 12 at Genie G's restaurant, 7349 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix. 85033. 6:30 pm social hour. Arrive by 6 pm to eat at the restaurant. Contact Chairman Alan Gaugert at or 623.330.3622.

Commissioner Andy Tobin plans water workshops June 12, June 15, July 25, July 27 and July 28 that address responsible water policy for Arizona. See Commission’s website at and click eDocket. The docket number is WS-00000A-17-0094. All the workshops will take place at the Arizona Corporation Commission at 1200 W. Washington Street in Phoenix at 10 am. The workshops will also be live online at

LD11 Sen candidate Vince Leach will fill in for Donna McBride as the speaker for the Arizona Republican Assembly West Pinal County Chapter meeting at 6:30 pm., Mon., June 12 at 408 N. Sacaton St. Ste. II, in Casa Grande. McBride cancelled due to a family emergency and will be re-scheduled at a later date. Leach, who is a LD6 Representative received the AZGOP ‘Legislator of the Year’ award earlier this year. AzRA meetings are free, but attendees must be members of the Republican Party. Donations accepted. Contact Nancy Hawkins at


A Gathering Of Friends Will Celebrate Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s 85th birthday between 5-8 pm., Wed., June 14 at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas, 6333 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85259, hosted by Dave & Liza Alcorn, Cindy Love, Alex & Robert Meluskey, and Tom & Kris Morrissey. RSVP by June 8 to

The Arrowhead Republican Women invite you to a “June Social” at 11:30 am., Wed., June 14 at BJ’s Restaurant, 9784 W Northern Ave in Peoria, followed by a “little retail therapy at Charming Charlie’s, 9784 W Northern Ave in Peoria. RSVP by Fri., June 9 to Barbara Melkin 623-249-5085. RSVP to Barbara (10% discount on purchases. )


The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., June 15 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Mystery speaker. Contact: Chr Sally Kizer at

Commissioner Andy Tobin plans water workshops June 15 July 25, July 27 and July 28 that address responsible water policy for Arizona. See Commission’s website at and click eDocket. The docket number is WS-00000A-17-0094. All the workshops will take place at the Arizona Corporation Commission at 1200 W. Washington Street in Phoenix at 10 am. The workshops will also be live online at


The Pinal County Republican Committee has changed its regular meeting from Sat., June 17 to 10 am., June 24 at the Old Court House (in the rear of the building), 135 N Pinal Street Florence, AZ to hear  CD1 Senate candidate Steve Smith. Contact: Gilberto Mendez - Secretary, Pinal County Republican Committee

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery at 9 am., Sat., June 17 at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Dr, F.H. 85268. Contact: Sec Boe James or visit

The Coconino County Republican Committee will host the 9 am, June 17 AZGOP State Committee meeting at the Oakmont, 2380 N Oakmont Dr in Flagstaff, according to CCRC Chairman Jeff Oravits. Details tba.


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Congressman Paul Gosar Calls For Pursuit Of Justice For Agent Brian Terry: On Wednesday, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing entitled, “Fast and Furious: Six Years Later” and released its report documenting the unconscionable barriers implemented by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prevent Congress and the Terry family from receiving answers to the questions they have on this misguided operation. On Wednesday, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing entitled, “Fast and Furious: Six Years Later” and released its report documenting the unconscionable barriers implemented by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prevent Congress and the Terry family from receiving answers to the questions they have on this misguided operation. I submitted a number of questions for the witnesses – who included Josephine Terry, mother of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry; Robert Heyer, spokesman for the Terry Family; and Special Agent John Dodson, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms whistleblower who brought this operation to light – asking for their perspective on whether those responsible for the death of Agent Brian Terry had been held accountable. My submitted questions can be viewed HERE It is incomprehensible that Mrs. Terry still does not have answers to the questions surrounding her son’s murder on the border over six years ago.  The lack of cooperation and downright obstruction by DOJ are egregious. Former Attorney General Eric Holder and his cronies need to be held accountable for their role in this tragedy. We must uphold the rule of law. From the report released this week, it is evident that – from the top down – DOJ wasn’t concerned with bringing the truth to light.  Rather, the former Attorney General was more interested in dodging the Terry family and spinning the press than objectively gathering facts or respecting the process of Congressional oversight. I will continue to fight for the justice that the Terry family so rightfully deserves.

Congressman Paul Gosar: This week, the House passed H.R. 10, the Financial CHOICE Act. This legislation reins in the burdensome regulations of the Dodd-Frank Act and allows community banks to better serve the needs of the everyday American. It also protects consumers by increasing accountability and transparency across the financial sector. I was proud to vote in favor of this much needed bill and here’s why:

    · It levels the playing field and allows smaller and larger banks to be more equal by fostering more competition.

    · It eliminates the “too big to fail” bank bailout protections.

    · It increases the punishments for fraud and increases oversight.

     · It decreases the deficit by $24 billion.

     · It provides relief to Main Street America.

It’s time that America stops paying for Obama’s failed policies. The Financial CHOICE Act is the right choice for Americans.


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Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio -- Property Taxes Going Up: Folks there are two ways to raise property taxes; One by voting to increase the rate-which is transparent and the second, by taking advantage of rising property values. So, what Phoenix did is worse than either of those two ways; it jacked up the rates by a huge number last year and then this year waited for values to increase. The rate increase last year was the largest in city history. And, it is only going to get worse for all of you. For this simple reason and working with Arizona Tax Research and other taxpayer friendly groups I helped get through the Truth in Taxation postings that you are now seeing. In the past, this was all hidden from you. Government went out of their way to keep this from you.


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