Wednesday, July 5, 2017

7-5-17 Briefs

Republican Briefs

Tom Morrissey, Past Chairman AZ GOP: I urge all supporters of Sheriff Joe Arpaio to “Show For Joe” at 9 am., Thurs (7/6/17) at the Federal Courthouse, 401 West Washington Street in Phoenix.  There will be closing arguments for this MISDEMEANOR case.  Please sit in the courtroom behind the Sheriff and show respectful support for this great man who protected our county for 24 years and has stood as a symbol of the true mission of law enforcement TO ENFORCE THE LAW.

Randy Miller: Here is another example of the dangers of an out of control federal government. This rule controls something as simple as you putting rain gutters on your house and collecting water in a storage tank for you garden with them. It is now under federal rule. See EPA-To Moves-Kill-Waters-Of The US-Rule

The AZGOP ByLaw Committee is soliciting proposed changes from Precinct Committee, according to the LD20 chairman Colleen Lombard’s newsletter. She reports protocols were discussed at the June 17 Bylaw Committee meeting in Flagstaff and that all proposed bylaw amendments will be considered. PCs can submit proposed changes for Articles I, 11, and III by July 17 - for consideration at the July 29 Bylaw Committee meeting. LD20 PCs should submit their completed amendment form to Lombard at or Bylaw Chairman Kathie Petsas at

PCs From Other Legislative Districts seeking Bylaws Committee Amendment Forms should contact their LD chairmen.

Senate Conservatives Action President Ken Cuccinelli II: Given the fact that there aren't the votes in the Senate to pass Mitch McConnell's bill to continue some of the worst parts of Obamacare, President Trump has called on Senate Republicans to pass repeal FIRST and then consider other health care policies LATER. The president is right, but McConnell is breaking his promise to repeal Obamacare "root and branch" – a promise relied upon by millions of conservatives in the last seven years when they decided to donate to Republicans, volunteer for Republicans, and vote for Republicans. Help us turn up the heat on Senate Republicans by sending them all an instant message to repeal Obamacare first. Republicans should immediately pass a repeal bill with 50 votes under budget reconciliation, make it effective in a year from now to allow time for transition, and then begin building consensus for other reforms that increase competition and lower costs. McConnell is insisting on including provisions that continue Obamacare's regulations, subsidies, and insurance bailouts. He's simply wrong. Not only are these bad policies, but they also make this task much harder than it needs to be. Please contact Senate Republicans and tell them to stand up to McConnell and repeal Obamacare first! Our advocacy platform allows you to send a message to all 52 Senate Republicans with just a few clicks. We've even drafted a message that you can edit. It's free and it's easy.

Goldwater Institute: At the Goldwater Institute, we celebrate Independence Day every day—maybe not with fireworks, but with a true celebration of liberty. When we help terminally ill patients gain access to treatments that could save their lives, work to ensure Native American children have the same protections as all other children, and protect home-owners’ ability to share their homes with travelers, that’s our Independence Day. And it’s because of your support that we can celebrate all year. Thank you and happy Independence Day!

Arizona Citizens Defense League President Dave Kopp: Over 240 years ago, 56 brave patriots committed an act of treason against the British when they drafted and signed the document which would become a cornerstone of this country’s government. Yesterday we celebrated our freedoms and their success with parades, fireworks, and barbeques, but in between all of these activities, I hope patriots like you will take a second to reflect. We owe a large debt of gratitude to our forefathers, who risked their lives for what they believed in. Help us continue their mission by donating$17.76 We rely on the support of Arizonans like yourself to fight for and protect our rights—just like the patriots who did the same many years ago.

Brian Reilly, Former LD22 PC: The July 4, 2017 edition of the MCRC Briefs, contains a linked article to the Catholic, online daily, The Wanderer, entitled : Arpaio-Trial-Another-Example-Why-Can’t-GOP-Pull-Away-Curtains-Of-Confusion-On-Health-Care by Dexter Duggan. Mr. Duggan paints a picture of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio being a victim of an evil, Obama government. Duggan quotes Arizona GOP political activist Rob Haney as saying, “I am disappointed that Trump has not yet withdrawn this Obama-initiated, DOJ politically motivated prosecution of Sheriff Arpaio and thereby made moot the contempt-of-court case. The judge has already shown his prejudice against Arpaio.” Duggan then adds, “Haney said culpability for judicial prejudice applies both to the federal judge who had harassed Arpaio, G. Murray Snow, and the federal judge trying the criminal case without a jury, Susan Bolton.” An AP article is quoted, “Arpaio’s lawyers say the former sheriff is charged with a crime for cooperating with U.S. immigration officials, which the Trump administration now encourages.” Mr. Haney should recall that the Arpaio boondoggle, that has cost Maricopa County millions, began because of Arpaio’s alleged, constitutional violations back in 2007. For a quick review, go to Sheriff-Joe-On-Trial  The current trial is about Joe Arpaio’s admission that he was in civil contempt of court, not once, not twice but three times. Arpaio admitted that he had ignored a federal court order for nearly 18 months. Was Arpaio's act intentional?  That is the question now being tried. Arpaio’s former attorneys said they would opt for a bench trial to limit Arpaio’s penalty to a misdemeanor crime, capped at 6 months in jail. The other option was to risk an open ended penalty with a jury trial. Neither judge, Snow nor Bolton, have “harassed” or shown “prejudice” toward Arpaio. Judge Snow bent over backwards to protect Arpaio’s constitutional rights. President Donald Trump should not intervene in this case.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on celebrating Independence Day: “I want to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July,” said McDaniel. “As we celebrate our country’s independence with friends and family, on this day more than two centuries ago, a group of patriots courageously declared America a free nation. While we honor their sacrifice and vision and celebrate our freedom, let’s not forget our servicemen and women and our veterans who are willing to, and have made, the ultimate sacrifice to protect us.”

Mueller, Rosenstein And Comey: The Three Amigos From The Deep State … James Comey wasn’t just some associate of Mueller back then, but rather his protégé.  Under the George W. Bush presidency, when Comey was serving as Deputy Attorney General under John Ashcroft, Robert Mueller was Comey’s go-to guy when he needed help.  The two men, as it came to light years later, conspired to disobey potential White House orders to leave Ashcroft alone when he was incapacitated in March of 2004...three-amigos-from-the-deep-state by Roger Stone

Phoenix City Council incumbent Sal DiCiccio can use some help in hosting a dessert for him in District 6. These aren’t fundraisers, just a chance to have dessert, meet neighbors and to have a conversation.  Contact Annie Warren at  or 480-599-3179 . DeCiccio also needs volunteers to put up yard signs. Contact: .

The ADOT Motor Vehicle Division is open at 7:30 am., in urban offices to help relieve the wait time for service. On the second Wednesday of each month, beginning July 12, urban MVD offices will open at noon to allow time for employee continuing education programs. The expanded office hours combined with the modified schedule on the second Wednesday of each month provide an overall increase of six hours a month during which customers may receive services at an urban MVD office.For more information:

Grassroots Tea Party Activists of America are selling “Support President Trump” postcards. Postcards are available to pick up and sign at GRPPA meetings. Coordinator Francine Romesburg said postcards that were collected on July 4 will be mass mailed to the White House. Packs of 10 for $10 can be purchased at Tea Party meetings, according to Romesburg. Trump supporter Marsha Hill says she sends at least four of the Support Trump post cards per week directly to the White House. Contact: Romesburg at 602-499-9553


July 6

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., July 6 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95 in Yuma. Speaker tba. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer


LD30 will host a 1 pm., Sat., July 8 “Big Mesquite Smoked Brisket BBQ” with Congressman Trent Franks at the First United Methodist Church, 7102 N 58th Dr (Fellowship Hall), Glendale, AZ 85301. RSVP required to First Vice Chair Timothy Schwartz so they have ample food.


Concerned Voters of Prescott will host a Town Hall with all Prescott mayoral and city council candidates between 3-5 pm., Wed., July 12 at Las Fuentes Resort Village, 1035 Scott Dr. in Prescott.


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Congresswoman Martha McSally in honor of Independence Day: “Two hundred forty one years ago yesterday, our Founding Fathers declared independence from Great Britain, establishing the greatest nation to have ever existed. They founded our country on a radical concept of freedom – daring to say that all of us are created equal and that every person has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Every day for the last 241 years, this country has faced threats from those who want to take away our right to be free. But time and time again, the brave people of this nation have refused to back down. Generations of patriots have laid down their lives to defend our liberties. Every American owes a debt of gratitude to all those who have taken up the call to serve to keep us – and our freedoms – safe.  As we gather to celebrate, let us remember the many blessings that we have as Americans. I wish a happy and peaceful Independence Day to all of the residents of Southeastern Arizona.”

Congressman Andy Biggs sent a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan, requesting that he cancel Congress’s current plans to recess for the month of August. Biggs was joined by Congressman Ron DeSantis, Congressman Ken Buck, Congressman Ted Yoho, Congressman Scott Perry, Congressman Paul Gosar, Congressman Dave Brat, Congressman Jody Hice, Congressman Jeff Duncan, Congressman Raúl Labrador, Congressman H. Morgan Griffith, and Congressman Thomas Garrett, Jr. Letter - We request that you cancel Congress’s current plans to recess for the month of August to ensure there is enough time to address the long list of pressing issues on our docket. During the 2016 elections, President Trump and Republican candidates running for the House and Senate promised the American people that with unified Republican government we could achieve many of the policy priorities that have been mere wishes for the last several years. We vowed to repeal Obamacare, pass pro-growth tax reform, reign in federal spending, and work towards balancing the budget. The American people put their faith in us and are counting on us to carry out these goals. Prior to September 30, we must also find a path forward on passing a federal budget and appropriating funding for fiscal year 2018, reviewing the federal debt limit, and consider reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the National Flood Insurance Program, Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and more. Our constituents expect us to work hard and will be disappointed if we shut down for four to five weeks when we could move our agenda forward. We have achieved some notable accomplishments you have rightly called singles and doubles, but working during August could facilitate hitting some home runs. We are not under the illusion that any of these things will be easy to accomplish, but we fully intend to work in good faith to remain true to our constituents in our respective districts.  We cannot afford to lose any of the momentum we have and therefore request that you cancel August recess.

Congressman Andy Biggs: After Monday’s Passage of two significant immigration enforcement bills, one of which included Congressman Biggs’ bill, Grant’s Law, he wrote an op-ed for the Washington Times. illegal-immigrants-who-commit-crimes-get-a-break...

Senators John McCain, Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham were part of a bipartisan group of lawmakers who visited American troops stationed in Afghanistan for the Fourth of July on Tuesday. McCain led the congressional delegation that also met with top government and military leaders in Kabul, the Associated Press reported. “As we celebrate Independence Day, may we show our gratitude and keep in our prayers the brave and selfless patriots serving around the world and their families, who shoulder our burdens every day to protect our freedom and keep us safe from harm," McCain said in a statement. Read More Here


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