Monday, July 10, 2017

7-10-17 Briefs

Republican Briefs

CD9 Congressional Candidate Irina Baroness Von Behr: Don’t send a man to do a woman’s job: It is time to take CD9 away from the liberals. Kyrsten Sinema, I have a message for you… get your resume in order, you are going to need it. I hope you are better at your next job. Be ready for the big cat fight two cats fighting All fights are paid events, so please visit my website:

Yavapai Activist Sue Goodchild :(Saturday evening) Just got home from the drenched getting to my car....rain glorious rain at last!!! My clothes are damp and I am almost chilled!!!! Big change from the last weeks of hot and hotter days. Editor’s Note: How lucky you are. We are still waiting! Goodchild lives in the Prescott area.

Activist Lolly Hathhorn: This is an open letter to all of the LD Chairmen of AZ.  Why don’t each one of you send AZGOP Secretary Gabby Mercer a list of all your PCs with their phone numbers, address, e-mail, etc.  If all of you did this, it would help Gabby send out information that SHE deems is important!  Why is everyone waiting for AZGOP Chairman Johnathan Lines and his minions to do anything?  Would someone also let us know who the “DONORS” are!  I would like to know and I’m sure everyone else does too.  By the way, Tom Morrissey and Steven Slaton seem to be good at leading.  How about asking them to head up an investigation of their own so that all the PCs and SCs can know what is really going on. 

AZRA Chairman Jim O’Connor: In some of the recent letters posted in Briefs, reference had been made to the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA) of which I am its newly elected President. The statement was critical of AZRA in that we had not forced the AZGOP to comply with its Bylaws. Just for the record AZRA is a private Republican Club and has no corporate authority over the AZGOP, nor over the County Parties beneath it. That said, AZRA Members, who are also PCs and State Committeemen and in those individual capacities, are committed to do all they are able to bring transparency and accountability to their districts, counties and the state party. Corporately AZRA has, among its Bylaw provisions one of its objectives, “To provide a practical program for the betterment of the Republican Party of the State of Arizona, and the various political subdivisions thereof.” To those ends watch for future pronouncements and activities to model a better way to do politics here in Arizona. AZRA’s new motto is purposeful: “Doing the RIGHT things, the RIGHT way, with the RIGHT attitude.”

     There will be a choice coming very soon for the party’s elected State Committeemen, who are the controllers of AZGOP with a 50% plus 1 vote, to move from secrecy, distrust, bullying, intimidation, and other Saul Alinsky tactics which have been well publicized over the past several years, to a party of, by and for its Republican members. We are where we are today because too many Republican PCs and State Committeemen have been too willing to go along to get along. Too willing to just look the other way to avoid an uncomfortable situation or conversation with another Republican. Too willing to cover up actions they have witnessed which their conscience told them was wrong. Until 50% plus 1 of us are willing to stand for the TRUTH at the expense of risking our popularity with those who cheat to gain control, our Republican party will be no better, no different than the Democrat party.

Congrats To Happy Grandparents Frank And Cathy Riggs, who are the proudly showing photos of their fifth grandchild- Kennedy Ann Riggs, born July 7 to Matt and Erin Riggs. Kennedy joins a sister Savannah. Grandpa Riggs is a candidate for the AZ Supt of Education and Grandma is the Desert Ridge Justice of the Peace.

Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash: Another promise kept the media has not wanted to publicize. Trump has been changing the world since he was sworn in January 20. Deal with it Dems. All of your personal attacks and accusations won't change the facts. Trump's doing a helluva job. Hundreds-Of-VA-Officials-Fired-Since-Trumps-Inauguration/

GOP Leader Says He'll Rework Health Bill, But Offers Plan B Mitch McConnell says he plans to produce a fresh bill scuttling and replacing much of President Barack Obama's health care law _ but has a Plan B, too. Read full article »

The Word Is Out that some folks are a tad nervous since court records filed Monday indicate a "much larger and more intensive" federal investigation is still underway in connection with Former Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Gary Pierce; his wife, Sherry Pierce; water-company executive George Johnson; and lobbyist Jim Norton indicted May 23 on federal bribery, conspiracy and fraud charges. Attorneys for the Pierces filed a motion July 3 seeking pretrial disclosure of investigative documents they said are needed to begin building their clients' defenses.

The First Maricopa County chapter of the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officer Association will meet at 7 pm., Tues., July 11 at the in Desert Heritage Real Estate Office, 8476 W Thunderbird Road in Peoria, according to Maricopa County leader Randy Miller. There is no requirement to have been a peace officer. This is a “peoples group.” He said the meetings and membership are open to anyone who believes in the Constitutional form of government and maintaining the principles and values that established this country. Understanding the role of the peace officer in or community, the role of our state legislators, the position of the Sheriff under the constitution, and the oath they all take is important to understanding how we can address the clear violations and usurpation of the constitutional boundaries and limits of government. There is much power in the people and we just need to exercise it and educate those in power that are either oblivious or ignorant of this power, constitutionally speaking. We are patriots and believe in our sovereignty and freedoms as an individual, state, and the United States and we are proud of saying so.  If we don't stand together and stop the attacks on our liberties, values and culture as a nation, we will perish.  If you want to support our constitution and help to preserve our country in perpetuity then please join us at one or all of our meetings, Miller said. Contact Miller

The Fountain Hills GOP Social is scheduled at 6 pm., Tues., July 25 inside the Fireside Grill of the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd, FH 85268. NO Speeches, no reservations, no host bar/drinks (with optional food) This is a social event. Everyone is welcome.  The GOP Socials will continue throughout the summer.  Contact: Boe James at or see

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., July 10 to discuss the North Korea crisis and the CNN crony capitalism, according to Chairman Ron Ludders. They meet every Monday evening at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix. Contact Ludders at 602.677.1496

The Mobilization of Conservatives in Prescott will counter the Prescott Resistance Movement between 1-2 pm., every Tues at the Courthouse Square in downtown Prescott. The Resistance’s goal is to turn Arizona blue, while the Conservatives plan to maintain a red state. Contact: MOC chairman Myrna Lieberman

AZ Rep Political Columnist Dan Nowicki says “(Sen John) McCain told me this week that the State Dept. post that's been mentioned for Cindy McCain is ‘not a done deal’ yet.” Some folks are wondering why Trump is even considering the attractive, pleasant Cindy for the position considering her husband’s animosity and critical statements about Trump. - ft

The Pima County Republican Committee is hosting a “First Amendment” event featuring “The Making of the President” author Roger Stone at 9:30 am, Wed., July 26 at the Quail Creek Country Club, 2055 E Quail Crossing Blvd in Green Valley and at 2 pm., at the Mountain Oyster Club, 6400 E El Dorado Circle in Tucson in Tucson. $25 admission ($35 at the door). Admission plus book $35 ($50 at the door). VIP package $75 ( photo op, book & admission) prepaid. Tickets at Contact First Vice Chair Ana Henderson 520.225.7139

The West AZRA Chapter will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., July 22 at Culver’s Restaurant, 5127 N 99th Ave in Glendale to discuss and prepare for the Aug 30 scholarship program, highlighting students who participated in the “What the Flag means to me” program. West side Republicans are invited to enjoy a $5 burger combo. Contact Chairman Cirilo ( CID ) De La Fuente (623)312-7054.

The Annual Fountain Hills Republican Club Picnic will be Sat, Oct 21.   Details tab.
RNC Chair McDaniel: "Right now, you have health insurance costs that are doubling. You have deductibles that are so high and you have insurers pulling out of the marketplace, but that's not health care, okay? Obamacare didn't get people health care. It got them higher and higher health insurance that they can't access health care with, so we have to find a way. And you know what? Republicans are sitting at the table, and we're saying, 'Democrats, come over. Talk with us. You put this in place. Be part of the solution. It's failing.'" 
ICYMI: Chairwoman McDaniel on Meet The Press: Obamacare Is Failing, Republicans Are Offering Solutions

Creeping Sharia Maine: 8 women treated for complications related to female genital mutilation, incl 2 minors

Tickets Are Available for the first Fountain Hills Republican Club's Gun Raffle. Tickets are $10 each, 3 for $25 or 16 tickets for $100.  For tickets contact any officer or Board Member.  First prize is a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 SPORT II.  Second Prize is a Glock 43.  Drawing will be at the Fountain Hills Republican Club picnic on Sat., Oct 21.  You need not be present to win.  Tickets can be bought from any Board member. Contact 2nd VP David Spelich or Secretary Boe James.   Tickets are available at all FHRC meetings and GOP Socials. or FountainHillsRepublicanClub

Check Out How Many States You Have Visited. From Arizona to Washington

The Arizona Chapter Of Americans for Prosperity has released its 2017 Legislative Scorecard. Rep. Travis Grantham of Gilbert, with 94%, which earned him the designation of "Hero of the Taxpayer."  The lowest-scoring legislator on the 2017 Scorecard was Sen. Martin Quezada, with 17%, which earned him the designation of "Champion of Big Government." See complete results at AFP-Arizona's scorecard assigns weights to over 300 bills according to their projected dollar impact to Arizona taxpayers, consumers and producers, with $1 million equaling one point on the scorecard. Highlights from the last session:

Arizona’s Americans for Prosperity is launching its Operation Watchdog at 6 pm., Fri., July 14 in the Arizona room at Christ Lutheran School in Phoenix. To sign up contact: Tom Jenney, Senior Legislative Director - Americans for Prosperity ­ AZ

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9am., Sat. July 15 to “Celebrate America” in the Fountain Hills Community Center. The program will begin with George Washington’s “prayer for the USA presented by 2nd Vice-President Dave Spelich, and a tribute to the “Star Spangled Banner” by State Rep Jay Lawrence and Judith Paxton Lawrence.  Judy performed with the USO during the Viet Nam War. Her band also performed with country star Lynne Anderson and others.  Historical figures Abigail Adams portrayed by Jan Hermsmeyer and General Nathanael Greene portrayed by Arthur Cooper will speak about their roles during the “birth of our nation”.  Attendees will have an opportunity to win prizes during a Declaration of Independence contest.  Local popular entertainer Dave Karl will conclude the program with some favorite patriotic songs.  Complimentary coffee and light “red, white, and blue” treats will be available at 8:30 am.  No reservations are necessary.  All are welcome to this “family friendly” event.  Contact: Sec Boe James or visit


July 10

The Western Pinal County Chapter of AzRA will meet at 6:30pm., Mon., July 10 at 408 N Sacaton St. #II in Casa Grande to hear a presentation by award winning Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb. Contact: AZRA President Nancy Hawkins

LD20 will not meet in July, according to Secretary Vera Anderson. They will meet Aug 14, Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13 and Dec 11, 2017. 2018 meetings are scheduled for Jan 8, Feb 12, March 12, April 9 and May 14 at 4650 W Sweetwater Ave, Glendale, AZ 85304.

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., July 10 to discuss the North Korea crisis and the CNN crony capitalism, according to Chairman Ron Ludders. They meet every Monday evening at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix. Contact Ludders at 602.677.1496


The First Maricopa County chapter of the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officer Association will meet at 7 pm., Tues., July 11 at the in Desert Heritage Real Estate Office, 8476 W Thunderbird Road in Peoria, according to Maricopa County leader Randy Miller. Contact Miller

LD13 will meet at 7 pm., Tues., July 11 at the Verrado Elementary School gym, (Sunrise Lane just south of Indian School Road). Contact Sec Karri King


Concerned Voters of Prescott will host a Town Hall with all Prescott mayoral and city council candidates between 3-5 pm., Wed., July 12 at Las Fuentes Resort Village, 1035 Scott Dr. in Prescott.


Americans for Prosperity – AZ is launching “Operation Watchdog” at 6 pm., Fri, July 14 in the Arizona Room at Christ Lutheran School in Phoenix to address helping empower citizen activists to become effective change agents in various areas of policy and at all levels of government. Contact: Tom Jenney – AFP Senior Legislative Director


The Yavapai County Republican Committee invites you to “A Night with the Eagles” featuring “South of Winslow” between 5-8 pm, Sat., July 15 at the Stone Ridge Golf Club. $40 per person. Tickets must be purchased in advance at or or call YCRC HQ at 928-776-4500. Bring a chair or blanket for an evening of BBQ, friends and music.

LD6 Sen Sylvia Allen is hosting a women’s conference between 1 -2:30 pm, Sat., July 15 in the George Washington Academy Gym, 1945 S 1st East St in Snowflake (behind the Dollar General). The conference features The Ark Board President Vicky Jo Anderson, Yavapai Mental Health Coalition representative Audry Dorfman; Foster care mother of 14 children Tiffani Tenney Martineau; Verde Valley Coalition Against Human Trafficking representative Andrea Kadar; former Coconino County Republican Chairman Joy Staveley; Payson Community Activist Shirley Dye, and school volunteer Wendy Bloomfield. Refreshments will be served.

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9am., Sat. July 15 to “Celebrate America” in the Fountain Hills Community Center. Complimentary coffee and light “red, white, and blue” treats will be available at 8:30 am.  No reservations are necessary.  All are welcome to this “family friendly” event.  Contact: Sec Boe James or visit

July 18

LD10 will meet at 6 pm., July 18 and Aug 15 in the Wilmot Library, 530 N Wilmot. The LD10 FootGolf Tournament is scheduled, Sun., Oct 15 at 49er Country Club, 12000 En Tanque Verde Road in Tucson. See


The Paradise Republican Women will host a social and movie review of Dinesh D’Souza’s “American, Imagine the World Without Her” at 5 pm., Wed., July 19 at the Sunridge Canyon Golf Club Wicked 6 Bar & Grill, 13100 Sunridge Drive in Fountain Hills. Tickets - $18 per person. Cash bar. Contact: Cyndi Love at at 480-365-8090.


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