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8-4-17 Briefs

Republican Briefs

The Recorder's Office will be conducting public meetings on “Reprecincting” starting at LD23’s 6 pm., Sept 13 meeting at the Scottsdale Congregational Church Fellowship Hall, 4425 N. Granite Reef Scottsdale, 85251.  No RSVP required.

National Tea Party Patriots Chairman Jenny Beth Martin urges voters call the White House 202-456-1414 and leave a reminder message that President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” and “repeal Obamacare” pointing out that Congress has failed to fulfill their promise to repeal Obamacare. “It’s time to give them some motivation. The President must direct the Office of Personnel Management to rescind the directive that gave Congress and their staffs a special, taxpayer funded subsidy for their health insurance. This is an illegal subsidy and Congress should not be above the law. Do this now - before he goes on vacation,” she said. Contact: Martin at

Marianne Ferrari, Spokesman For The Remove AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines “Call” petitions, has released a list of people in 10 counties that state committeemen can contact to sign the removal call petitions.

Where To Sign The Call To Remove Officers


·         Bruce Piepho, 520 803 9019,


·         Shirley Dye, 928 951-6774,


·         LD16:  Kay Reardon, 602 882 6507 ,

·         LD18:  Mike Bertocchi,

·         LD21:  Karen Thomas,

·         LD22:  Karen Thomas,

·         LD23:  Barbara Rothe, 312 925 4544,

·         LD25:  Diane Andersen, 480-395-5515.

·         LD26:  Nancy Jenkins, 480 410 0498,


·         Russell Sias,


·         Steve Slaton, 602 300 5376,

·         Karen MacKean, 520-444-6880


·         Leiann Anderson, 520-289-9600,


·         Irving Scott, 520 208 3015,


·         Leiann Anderson, 520-289-9600,


·         Rick Hennessey, 928-499-9342,

·         Rose Sperry, 928-300-2837,

·         Jacqueline Leslie, 928-634-7376,


·         Email

The Lines Removal petition group must collect 249 Signatures (20 percent) of 1,242 state committeemen for the “Call” meeting to remove the AZGOP Chairman, along with the first and second vice chairmen.

Any Republican State Committeemen Being Harassed for signing a Remove AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines “call” petition should notified petition spokesman Marianne Ferarri at Rick Hennessy is the Yavapai County contact at 928-499-9342 or Harassment is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, according ARS 19-116 .

Yavapai County Republican State Committeemen will meet at 11 am., Sat., Aug. 5 at the Bonn Fire Restaurant, 1667 S. Hwy 89A, Chino Valley Az. 86323 regarding the removal of AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines. Contact Richard Hennesy or 928-499-9342 or Jacqueline Leslie or 928-634-7376.

A Call To Rights Talk Show Host Steve Kates will feature Judicial Watch S/W Projects Coordinator Robert Spencer, who is also the author of “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to Free Speech and It’s Enemies” at 1 pm, Sat., Aug 5 broadcast on KFNX 1100AM. WND Correspondent Leo Hohmann will address “Female Genital Mutilation Coming To America/ How To Stop It!”. Call in number: 602 277-5369. Out of the area: 1 866-536-1100 Sponsorship 602 684-7597.

The Chips N Salsa Show at 4 pm., Sat., Aug 5 welcomes Jennifer Lawrence and Dustin Stockton from the Dr. Kelli Ward Senatorial campaign.  Lawrence and Stockton are former Breitbart reporters. Tax attorney David Beasley, creator of the Chips N Salsa show theme music and former USAF Band member will be the featured Military Moment. Ward has also been scheduled for Sat., Aug 26 broadcast. Hosts LD 19 Chairman George Ortiz and LD 27 State Committeeman Alice Lara offer headlines and commentary from a Latino Republican perspective. Listen online King FM or watch Facebook Live.  Contact

McCain Didn't Stand Alone “Let's not forget that John McCain didn't stand alone. He stood with two female senators from his party. McCain may have given a bold thumbs down, but...”  McCain-Says-He-Accidentally-Voted-No-On-Healthcare-Repeal

Alan Korwin, one of the nation's leading Second Amendment gun-rights experts and author of the AZ Gun Owner's Guide, appeared on Phoenix ABC15 TV this past Wednesday night commenting on Phoenix Walgreen's shooting

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Life-long Republican Nancy Russell Plencner of Pinetop to all Arizona Congressional Republicans - from John McCain on down:

   · Stop the grandstanding.

   · Stop writing books that present you as something you are not.

   · Stop saying one thing and doing another.

   · Stop over promising and under delivering.

   · Stop blaming the system and the Democrats.

   · Stop racing over to Statuary Hall to get your face once again on TV. 

   · Stop emailing me with propaganda that is impossible to reply to and exposing me to the frustration of your office phones that are never answered and mail boxes that are always full. 

   · Stop asking me for money.

   · Stop trashing our duly elected Republican President.

   · Stop being so darn phony! 

   · Stop electing Congressional leaders who either do not have the ability to or are unwilling to actually do the heavy lifting.

   · Stop taking Breaks, Vacations, Junkets, and stop hiding from your constituents.  Most of you have been in DC far too long.  Since January 20th you have had a golden chance to shine and so far you have totally blown every opportunity.

   · Stop thinking about your reelection instead of our Country, focus on the agenda Americans sent you there to accomplish.  Try staying in your office and actually working....glue your pants to the seat if you must, and get the job done! A disgusted life-long Republican.

Yavapai County PC Dave Hollenbeck responds to Yuma County PC Connie Uribe’s “There Should Be No Surprise About Lines'…” 8-3-17-briefs: I was a California Highway Patrol Officer for over 30 years.  In California, some cities have jails. In every county, the Sheriff runs the jails. In San Diego County, new deputies went automatically for a year, working in the jail(s). Why? To teach the deputies that some of the most engaging people are Sociopaths. This seems to be why people were elected overwhelmingly in the past 60 years. We elected "Nice guys"--without many other qualities.  Look at Bill Clinton. Everyone says "What a nice guy he is". He was a draft evader, then an elected official that was accused of rape. Many people assert that Trump doesn't act "Presidential". I have worked for men like him. Many were gruff, short at times--But they always "Had your back".

LD21 PC Randy Miller Responds To G. Perry In Tucson: I, too, have had my frustrations with the GOP, but I wouldn’t say it is because of their stance on school funding, and I wouldn’t say they have been strong on the Second Amendment. In fact, they have been just as destructive to the Constitution as the Democrats. One only must look at George Bush’s “Patriot Act” to see what I am talking about. And let’s not overlook their caving on Obamacare and gun registration. I could go on but am limited to 300 words. As far as schools go, the state budget is almost 50% dedicated to education! This doesn’t count the average 60% of your property taxes and a chunk of federal funding (this too is wrong). So where have Republicans failed on education? We need to look at our school boards and superintendents. That is where the local budgets are formed and where spending is decided.

     The FBI director makes approximately $130,000/yr. Why does a Superintendent need to make over $220/yr with benefits? The governor doesn’t make that much. Plus, why do our schools dislike disclosing exactly what they spent and where? They need to itemize (on their local sites) by specific departments how much they spend on administration, transportation, teachers, substitutes, personnel and training, travel, supplies and services, maintenance, etc. and what they spend in each on salaries, benefits, travel expenses, training, meals, vacant positions (this is a nice place holder, by the way). Dysart had over $170 million-dollar budget in 2014 and only had a 4-page budget saying NOTHING and every year they want an override. Property taxes are getting out of control as are sales taxes to pay for local government waste and mistakes. Wake up people!

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Aug 7 at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix to discuss current events. Contact Chr Ron Ludders at 602.677.1496

Attorney General Brnovich is warning consumers to protect their personal information and be aware that hackers are using “pirate websites” to illegally distribute copyrighted content and infect computers. Dangerous malware can lead to identity theft and financial harm. See new PSA, click here.

Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA) Chairman Jim O’Connor will be featured onconservative host Ron Harders “Chi Town Ex Pat show” at 2 pm., Sat., Aug 5. They will be talking about conservative politics in Arizona, AzRA’s rapid growth via grassroots activists looking for an organization with a plan to be of influence with lawmakers.

LD22 PC Clair Van Steenwyk responding to L. Hacks response to LD6 J. Leslie concerning polls and credible candidates. 8-3-17 Briefs There were polls done in the 2016 by Gravis showing Dr. Ward leading McCain 46% to 36% with 20% Undecided and we all know that McCain received 51% to Wards' 36% - so the only poll you can truly trust is the one of the Voters as most pollsters tend to show desired results of those who pay them.  Credible is a word bandied about by many. I believe we need a credible well-funded candidate as Sen. Flake has now released a book attacking Pres. Trump - not something a worried Flake would do. I believe he's fairly sure of himself in the primary and that he'll have the GOP RINO Fund of McCain & Crew to support him. Without the $$$ to support a Credible Candidate the outcome for most of us won't be the desired one - mostly due to the Uninformed, Disconnected Voter which is what the GOP Elite RINOs always count on. Here's the Link to the Gravis / Clear Politics Poll (Gravis_AZ_August_13-16_2015 ). I hope a credible candidate will be able to raise $4,000,000 of well-managed $$$ as that's what it will take. Please don't waste funds on out of state consultants who just love to BLOW monies early on their Friends. Don't shoot / advertise until you see the whites of their eyes in late June early July when the Voters start paying attention - as you're wasting the funds on the choir before that. Spend sparingly between now and then. We spent $4,500 on House Race and received 30% of the Vote in CD 8 against an 8-term incumbent who spent $270,000, to get that percentage. I've been told this isn't possible by experts who've asked what the formula is for that return on so little $$$ spent. We did it and with enough $$$ to reach Voters; could have won and believe eventually we will.

PC Art Olivas: A real men will WORK at whatever it takes to care for his family. Americans built America.  In my teens, back in 1950- 60's, I worked in the fields picking cotton, potatoes, lettuce, onions, cantaloupe and water melon to help support my brothers and sisters. We lost our father when I was 14 years old. At that time, my grandfather refused become dependent on the government. When the government came out with commodities, people would stand in line for hours to get a few cans of Spam, pork, beef, some flour and powdered milk. I wanted to get some, but my grandfather said, “Are you sick or hurt? No, you are healthy! You let the people that can't work have that.” I said, “But it's free for every one.” My grandfather sat me down and said. “ No, nothing is free. The government has to tax us the people in order to give away any free food or service.” You hear the politicians say “jobs that Americans won't do.” Well, Americans were working until dood stamps came along. Then about half of them became disable "lazy and useless" collecting disability from a fund they contributed nothing to and having babies that we tax payers support! The government will force us to pay taxes, so they can support lazy Americans and illegal aliens. The government pays for nothing. Working taxpayers pay for everything and I mean everything. So you see, we work for a living while other people vote Democrat for a living. Hell, I think you know someone who sells food stamps -$2 for $1 - then they go out and buy weed. We need to drain the swamp here in Arizona. You can take that to the bank!! PS: Back then, we didn't have homeless people. We had some homes that were old, some leaked when it rained and others didn't have electricity but we had a roof over our heads. Then the government said the houses were not fit to live in and to tear them down - making people live in the streets and called it progress!! That is how your politicians take care of you. They know that you are better off homeless then living in an old house!

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ely: From 8-3-17 Briefs:  “Bill-O’Reilly’s Latest Tweet On John McCain Going Viral -- Moments after John McCain delivered the final blow to the ObamaCare “skinny repeal”, Bill O’Reilly took to Twitter to express his discontent with the long term Senator. “I’ve known Sen. McCain for decades & respect him. But on a bill that would’ve diminished the failure of Obamacare, he let his country down”, said O’Reilly. His tweet had over 14,000 likes in less than 4 hours after being posted.

LEADERS: Successful businessmen are there because they have the ability to make the right decisions.  Military leaders are there because they have proven they have the ability to make the right decisions and are selected for promotion.  Political leaders?  Party chairmen and legislators;  some are elected because of a proven background of service to their constituents, while others, especially first termers, get elected based on the impression that voters have perceived.  Either way, in our system of government the elected obtained the position through the will of the majority.  In McCain’s case, who is to blame?  Normally people are true to their nature.  So, if one doesn’t like McCain’s decision, how can we blame him?  Do we blame the voters of the Republican party in Arizona, or the leadership of the AZ GOP, or who ? Put 2 and 2 together.  Senator McCain never obtained his position by force, nor illegal actions - as far as that goes. However, Senator McCain was censored in a formal session by the State Committeemen, yet Senator McCain won Re-Election! What does that tell you about the Republican party leadership in Arizona? Does whatever the AZ GOP leadership did, fit one’s definition of leadership?  Consider,if the AZ GOP leadership had of supported the State Committeemen, would McCain been re-elected?  (Only the Shadow knows). Years ago the County Chairs turned over the running of the AZ GOP to one person, and today we are feeling the effect of the laid back attitude of our county leaders.  Just remember, people deserve the government that they elect! There is a movement to recall Chairman Lines going on right now, as well as an effort to update the AZ GOP bylaws.  To thine ownself be true! Side note! ATTENTIONITIS! Look at the attention Senator McCain got with his vote!

LD21 PC Randy Miller In Response To Brian Reilly’s letter regarding Sheriff Joe’s conviction: I take issue with your misrepresentation of constitutional facts. You said: “The most damaging information to come out of the recent Arpaio criminal trial was the series of Arpaio videos, shown in court Exhibit 37. Mr. Morrissey, you state that Arpaio “did not back down.” In court Exhibit 37D, Arpaio stated, according to my notes taken in court, “I will never give in to the control of the federal government.” In my opinion, that Arpaio mindset ultimately led to Arpaio’s guilty finding by the court. An appeal will be unsuccessful.” 8-3-17 Briefs

    You’re saying that Arpaio’s refusal to let the federal government dictate to him is his guilt? Really? Please read Article I section 8 of the Constitution. These are the LIMITATIONS ON GOVERNMENT, or their discrete enumerated powers (Delegated). The U.S. Supreme court said in on June, 27, 1997, in Mack vs. the U.S., that “state legislators are not subject to federal direction.” Tell me, if legislators are not held to federal direction, then how can the constitutionally highest-ranking law enforcement officer of the county be subjected to federal jurisdiction in a sovereign state? Elected sheriffs are accountable directly to the constitution of their state, the United States Constitution, statutes, and the citizens of their county. They are not accountable to the federal government! The federal government is accountable to us and they failed to enforce the law they are mandated to as one of their delegated powers.

    The federal government has violated the constitution under Obama by deliberately NOT protecting the states from invasion with a porous border allowing Islamist Jihadist, South American Gang members, Mexican Gang Cartels, etc. in our borders and then giving orders for Border Patrol Agents to violate their oath and release without question those they apprehend! I blame all of them for this, border patrol agents and all other federal officers that fail to uphold the law because they “are following orders”. Nobody is compelled to follow illegal orders! You should know this as a PC. So, who is it that is supposed to intercede on the peoples’ behalf if not the sheriff and the legislators?

    Arpaio may have been failing to “follow the courts directive” and handled himself poorly while attempting to investigate the validity of those he has reason to believe are not here legally, but the sheriff is not bound by federal direction. The sheriff doesn’t have to and should not stop enforcing the law because a president’s administrative agency tells him to. I would hope you would agree with this. I also hope Sheriff Penzone understands this. You are not correct if you believe this is the basis for his guilt and why he should lose in an appeal, for this would be tyranny, being threatened with imprisonment for failing to comply with unlawful orders.

LD 6 Capt/State Committeman Jacqueline Leslie in response to LD 22 State Committeeman Lori Hack: Interesting that this person has deflected and politically spun  my original post. This is a Saul Alinsky tactic . But coming from a woman who wanted to unbind our Arizona delegates at the Republican National Convention to back Ted Cruz instead of Donald Trump, lack of integrity should come as no surprise. gop-chairman-scolds-delegate-who-wont-support-trump.  I'm totally indignant that you have suggested I’m a supporter of Jeff Flake. And because I have submitted an article about Kelli Ward you state I voted/supported Alex Meluskey.  How do you know that, did you receive my ballot?  I'm a staunch conservative who believes in people being truthful about what they publish. I’m sick and tired of people being lied to for the sake of monetary gain and the truth has never hurt anyone but the liar. So let’s try this again shall we?

   Remington Research conducted a poll on 11/16/16 where the 3rd question was, if the Republican Primary candidates were Jeff Flake, Kelli Ward and Jeff DeWit for whom would you vote. The response was DeWit 38%, Flake 30%, Ward 15%, and undecided 17%.remington-research-group

   According to Ward’s poll on 7/21/17 in a four way senate race the votes would be as follows: Ward 30%, Flake 19%, DeWit 5%, Graham 2% and undecided 44%. DeWit went from 38% in 11/16 down to 5% in 7/17?  polling-shows-ward-surging-against-flake This makes absolutely no sense since he has done an exceptional job as state treasurer and was highly regarded as Donald Trump’s COO/CFO.

   And here is a quote from Dustin Stockman regarding their poll. “The other big thing we got from this survey is that, despite media rumors, Jeff DeWit and Robert Graham are basically unknown with Republican Primary voters,” Stockton continued. “These numbers make it clear that we’re the only campaign with a credible path for Republicans to hold Flake’s seat.”

   And about Jeff DeWit being an unknown. Besides being the COO/CFO for Donald Trump’s campaign and being on national TV regularly he received more votes in his election than any other politician in Arizona history.  1,063,472 votes to be exact. treasurer-dewit. So again I state the Ward campaign has some serious explaining to do.

Maricopa County Chairman Chris Herring Response to Randy Miller’s comments in 8-3-17 Briefs :  Randy, as a PC in my LD you have my number and email address. I've always been available to speak with you. I'm disappointed you're voicing your concerns on a website instead of just talking to me. Now regarding your reference to the Sonoran Alliance article “My Concerns with Jim O'Conner”. It was a Facebook post. Sonoran Alliance chose to copy it and publish it, as did someone or ones chose to print it and mail it out. I had no hand in either action. As to the contents of the letter I stand by them but hold no ill will towards Jim. I met with Jim last month and we went line by line through the letter so we could both be on the same page as to why I had those concerns. We both agreed the greater good of the Republican Party and electing Republicans was more important than any past disagreements. Case and point, we disagree on the recall effort. Jim was honest that he would support a recall and I was honest that I do not. We both gave our reasons and listened to the other. Disagreeing on this issue doesn't stop us for finding common ground on other issues. But here are some questions I have for you, and all the other recall organizers.

    1. If the recall is about Jonathan, and not just being upset about seats that were not won by the O'Conner slate then why ask to recall the 1st and 2nd Vice chair? I've heard absolutely no reason given why they would be recalled, but supposedly they will be up for a recall because...?

    2. Marianne stated she began her recall efforts March 3rd. Just a few weeks into the term of the chair and 1st vice chair. Almost none of the causes given for a recall had transpired at that point. As the organizers state, they simply wanted a recall, even if they had no cause.

    I don't support efforts to obstruct the Republican Party. I don't support efforts that will cost us seats in the Arizona Legislature in 2018. I support working with any Republican who will advance the party platform and help us elect Republicans who will do the same.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on West Virginia Governor Jim Justice joining the Republican Party: "Governor Justice’s party switch is another blow to a Democratic Party that would rather obstruct than work to make our country great again," said Chairwoman McDaniel.  "Across America, voters have put their faith in the Republican Party because we are the Party fighting to give every individual the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. With only 15 governorships and control of the fewest state legislatures in history, Governor Justice’s announcement is just the latest rejection of a party that is leaderless from top to bottom and unable to find a positive, unifying message. While Democrats continue to put politics before the American people, Republicans are working with President Trump to lead America towards a future with fewer burdensome regulations, greater economic stability, and stronger national security. Governor Justice, welcome back to the Republican Party."

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A “Remove AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines” meeting is scheduled at 11am., Sat. Aug 5 at the Bonn Fire Restaurant, 1667 S Hwy 89A in Chino Valley for Yavapai County state committeemen. Petitions, proxies and a notary will be available for those wishing to sign the petition. Contact Rick Hennessey at or 928-499-9342.


Riders USA present “Arizona Immigration Updates” featuring Judicial Watch S/W Projects Coordinator Mark Spencer at 7 pm., Aug 7 at the Elks Lodge #2251, 2320 S Hardy Drive in Tempe. Judicial Watch is on the front lines battle on immigration issues in Arizona. Spencer is a former Phoenix police officer and past President of Police Law Enforcement Association (PLEA). He will address the Phoenix police “draft” order regarding immigration, unlawful in-state tuition for Dreamers, Identification cards for illegals in Phoenix, SB1070 and much more.

Aug 8

LD13 will meet at 7 pm., Aug 8, the second Tuesday the month, at one of the two Verrado schools. Locations/direction tba, according to LD13 Sec Karri King. Meetings are scheduled of each month Sept 12, October 17, Nov 14, and Dec 12.

LD21 PC Randy Miller, the Maricopa County Organizer for the Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA), has announced a new location for the 7 pm., Tues., Aug 8 meeting. They will meet at the Maricopa County GOP office, 10040 W Bell Road #49 in Sun City (door faces 99th Ave). Contact Miller at (623) 866-3544.



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300 word limit. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited.

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward’s Op Ed published in USA Today jeff-flake-trying-to-have-it-both-ways; kelli-ward-editorials-debates


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