Tuesday, August 22, 2017

8-22-17 Briefs

Republican Briefs

Welcome To Arizona President Trump

UPDATE:  President Trump Will Be Flying Into The Marine Base in Yuma between 1 & 2 pm today, Tues., Aug 21. Colorado River Tea Party Supporters of the President plans to gather at the fairgrounds [corner of 3E & 32nd St.] across from the base to welcome him were cancelled this morning  due to security and lack of access to the fairgrounds. Contact: CRTP Chr Sally Kizer or Secrtary Cora Lee Schingnitz 928-210-1219.

President Donald Trump will hold a rally at 7 pm., Tues., Aug 22 at the Convention Center, 100 N. 3rd St., Phoenix, AZ 85004. Get your tickets here Doors open at 4 pm. Limit personal items and arrive early to expedite entrance into the venue. No homemade signs, banners, professional cameras with a detachable lens, tripods, monopods, selfie-sticks, back pack or large bags will be permitted into the venue. If you are unable to attend, you can pick up MAGA gear online here, according to Team Trump–Pence.

LD2 State Committeeman Leiann Anderson: The Friday night Pima County meeting was extremely revealing.  AZGOP 1st Vice-Chair Parralee Schneider used the words “wacko” and “power grab” to describe former and current tea party members and those mounting the recall effort.  There is no doubt that the governing documents of the AZGOP are being ignored in the halls of state leadership.  Foremost in my mind is Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s warning regarding leftist billionaire George Soros planning another redistricting nightmare in Texas as was orchestrated in Arizona in 2010 by Colleen Mathis and Ken Strasma of Strategic Telemetry.  We have to be ready in 2020 and before with knowledgeable leadership, committeemen! Recall AZGOP Chairman Lines signature sheets are available here in Pima County. Contact Leiann Anderson 520 289-9600 or

Activist Nancy Russell Plencner: Sunday Dan Nowicki a seasoned political writer for the Arizona Republic managed to write 25 column inches of copy about our President's visit to Phoenix on Tuesday.  He managed to write all those words without ever using the proper title, President Trump.  He wrote about Trump this and Trump that, as though our President were some sort of hack salesman passing through Phoenix.  There is, and should always be, a huge distinction between writing about candidate Trump and the President of the United State of America, Donald J. Trump and I for one would appreciate the Arizona Republic and especially their political writer to use the correct title. By the way, when no longer in office Donald Trump will be called Mr. President for the rest of his life. President Trump will join today's other five living Presidents in carrying that honored title.

Bruce M Piepho, LD14 Cochise County State Committeeman: Mitt Romney criticism of President Trump's comments about the Charlottesville fiasco is beyond reprehensible. Romney has always been a “Rockefeller Republican” aka a “RINO (Republican In Name Only).” I voted for Donald J. Trump; because I believe his ‘Ideology and Core Beliefs’ are aligned closely with mine. The Hate Trump media, progressive Democrats and RINO political factions will spin anything to vilify Trump. All are aligned with snakes like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake and the flamboyant manipulators, like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg et;al. And then weasels like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Susan Collins Chuck make a lot of meaningless noise. This nonsense would be funny; if it weren’t so: “Stupid”! Keeping Johnathan Lines as Chairman of the Arizona State Republican Party (AZGOP) would be stupid. I agree 100% with La Paz County Chairman Russell Sias comments in the 8-21-17-briefs and believe Fake Flake must not be re-elected in 2018. I also support President Trump. Fake Flake is a forever Never Trumper. Replacing Flake would be big step to draining the Washington D.C. Swamp. Chairman Jonathan Lines needs to be sent home just like Flake. If you as a Republican or concerned Independent do not have a GOP State Committeeman signing the recall petition for an AZGOP Special Meeting on 9/30/2017, find him or her and request them to sign the petition. AZGOP does not exist for John McCain or Jeff Flake or Johnathan Lines or Matthew Kenney or Kory Langhofer (John McCain's lawyer). More at drain-the-azgop-swamp

Russell Sias, La Paz County Chairman to AZGOP 2VC Cindy Coleman: Glad you finally responded, even if it’s without answers to our questions. At the very least, we are communicating. As our first, maybe second, communication in this public forum, you now are suggesting I am manipulating you. I am truly sorry that you feel that way, but I know of no other way to resolve your seeming ongoing trust issues with me. I would remind you that it was your partner that suggested my bylaw changes would be better suited to our “standing rules” which are non-existent!

     I thought I was perfectly clear that I would not participate in a “private” dialog with you 8-21-17-briefs since we, as a general public, have been deceived. Going public appears to me to be the only way to let all know what is going on. So, I am glad you have decided to respond. Maybe, if we try to get Sen. McCain to participate, we might even learn why, for many years, he led the repeal effort in regard to ObamaCare, and then when the opportunity arose to actually do something about it, he voted down the effort. Maybe one day! Let’s return to issues closer to home for us both:

     Why have you and Kathie Petsas resolved to disallow communication between bylaw committee members for so long? Seems to me, that if members were communicating, that meetings would go much smoother, and accomplish much more if members could come to the meeting with some ideas in mind to discuss. Unless of course, the whole idea is for you and your crew to be able to control the meeting outcome. Is that so? Forgive me for being suspicious, but if I were in control, and wanted to maintain control, this is one thing I would do. That, and appoint a chairman, instead of letting the committee elect their own chairman, as is normally done.

    My second issue: The secretary bylaws state that “...He/she shall ... relinquish them to his/her successor.” Who decided to circumvent this “relinquishing” to the new secretary? Who decided that she could not be responsible as she sees fit, as the previous secretary has done? This bylaw clearly has not been honored. We are, after all, now about eight months into the new term of office. Again, thanks for responding! Editor’s Note: Sias is responding Coleman’s Note that reads: “Your manipulation of my recent email, while your right, was a breach of trust. A conversation may have been helpful in resolving that concern. I'll pass on your offer.”

Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. –ft

Computer Repair Owner Nohl Rosen reports that his business - Panther TEK - came under attack online this past weekend for supporting President Trump. Rosen says he discovered unflattering and untrue reviews when checking the company's Google business and Facebook pages. One reviewer claimed that Rosen is a "nazi Trump supporter" and reviewer alleged a laptop was returned with porn on it. Rosen says he only goes to a customer’s location so they are aware of the work performed on their computer. Rosen, of Wickenburg, said. "I've been going on-site to the customer since the day my company was established and that hasn't changed. These reviewers are not customers. It's obvious they're using fake names to post unflattering reviews because I support our President, our law enforcement or proudly fly the American flag. I won't apologize for being a conservative," Rosen said . Rosen reported the fake reviews to Google in an effort to get them removed. Contact: 480-980-8541 or

Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Phoenix needs solutions and that’s why I continue to fight for your support in District 6. When we saw a proliferation of drug houses in Phoenix neighborhoods I fought to enforce the laws in place that would help the neighborhoods stay safe and help the individuals in recovery to actually get the care and support they deserve.

Congresswoman Martha McSally will meet this morning with Edith King, a 94 year old World War II veteran and resident of Sierra Vista, to celebrate her casework success. In March, Mrs. King approached McSally’s office to ask for assistance in obtaining an earlier effective date on a service-connected pension which had been pending for almost two years. Within one month of learning of Mrs. King’s situation, McSally successfully expedited her claim with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and Mrs. King received a back pay award of $15,238.

On Friday night, the Maricopa County Recorder's office received more than 2,900 petition sheets containing 3,931 randomly sampled signatures from the Secretary of State's Office for verification. The County Recorder's Office has 15 business days beginning Monday to verify the signatures.  The verification process will begin Tuesday at 8 am and run until 5 pm every week day. The Recorder's Office has until Monday, September 11 to return the certification to the Secretary of State's Office. The Office is opening the process up for observers, two appointed from the opposing committees and two members of the public, making four total spots for each two hour shift. Those interested in observing the signature verification process can contact the County Elections Department through email to sign up ( Observers must agree to follow guidelines set forth by the office including keeping a distance of no less than two feet from staff members and refraining from taking photos, video or audio recordings. Reasons for signature disqualification and all observer guidelines available here: Petition Process

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel  in response to President Trump's address: "Tonight, President Trump took a bold step forward by asserting America’s strength worldwide and making crystal clear that we will no longer lead from behind," said McDaniel. "In announcing a long-term vision and strategic plan in Afghanistan, the president is showing the American people our national security is his top priority and requires a clearly defined policy. Thanks to President Trump and his dedicated team, we will strengthen America’s presence in one of the most vulnerable areas of the world."

Vice President Mike Pence: "President Trump has no higher priority than the safety and security of the American people. Since the very first day of our administration, he has taken decisive action to protect our citizens, our country and our very way of life — and on Monday, President Trump announced a new strategy for addressing threats from Afghanistan and South Asia that will enhance the security of our homeland and protect our people from those who would do us harm.

    "America must prevent terrorists from regaining a foothold in Afghanistan — the country from where al-Qaeda, aided by the Taliban, planned and directed the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Yet the previous administration publicly placed an arbitrary end date on military operations in Afghanistan, enabling the Taliban to bide its time and begin a renewed campaign to reconquer its lost territory. We need only look at Iraq, and the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria following the last administration’s withdrawal of U.S. forces, to see where this path leads. President Trump has reversed that policy.  And important, he has ensured that our armed forces will have the resources and authorization they need in order to succeed.

     "President Trump has determined that conditions — not arbitrary timetables — will guide our strategy. The previous administration alerted our enemies ahead of time by announcing troop numbers and timelines, something President Trump has wisely refused to do. A stable Afghanistan will mean a safer America. To achieve this goal, President Trump’s new strategy for South Asia also calls for a shift in America’s policy towards Pakistan, a place he refuses to ignore.

     "Finally, the president's strategy for South Asia involves a stronger strategic partnership with India — the world’s largest democracy and a key security and economic partner. India has made important contributions towards Afghanistan’s stability and security, and India has also pledged critical support to Afghanistan’s development needs. Because they directly affect America’s interests, America will continue to work closely with New Delhi on these issues. President Trump’s strategy for South Asia will undo the failed policies of the past and put the safety and security of the American people first. And with the president’s leadership, with the courage of our armed forces, and with the prayers of our people: America will be stronger, safer and more secure than ever before." To read more, click here.



CANCELED DUE TO TRUMP RALLY IN PHOENIX: The Arizona Chapter Of Americans For Prosperity will hold a policy panel on "Death And Taxes: Health Insurance And Tax Reform In Congress" at 5:30 pm., Tues., Aug 22 at a yet to be disclosed location. The panel will feature freshman Congressman Andy Biggs, an outspoken proponent of health insurance and tax reform, and Dr. Jeffrey Singer, a Phoenix surgeon and Cato Institute senior fellow. Tickets : reform-in-congress-tickets Once you have been cleared to attend by their security process, the staff will send you confirmation and more details about the event. - Leslie D. White , Grassroots Director, Americans for Prosperity – AZ

The Fountain Hills GOP Social is set for 6 pm., Tues., Aug 22 inside the Fireside Gill of the Lexington Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd in Fountain Hills. This is a social event – no speeches, no reservations, no host bar with option food. Open to everyone. Elected officials and candidates welcome.

The Constitutional Sheriff & Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) will be held at 7 pm., Tues., Aug 22 at the Paseo Verde Christian Church, 7569 W Greenway Rd. Peoria, AZ 85381(behind the Greenway Medical and Professional Center).  Meetings are open to anyone wanting to discuss constitutional issues as they relate to current events.  They also practice and train in communications with Ham radio, emergency medical and personal, group and community security during times of crises or emergency. Drive into the parking lot entrance for Gental Dental and keep going to the rear.  The church is on your right.  Use the door that faces south. The group meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, according to coordinator Randy Miller. Contact Miller at 623-866-3544.


The Pima County GOP Trunk N Tusk Dinner, featuring Congresswoman Martha McSally, is scheduled at 7 pm., Wed., Aug 23. A 6 pm., VIP Reception is scheduled, according to Chairman Eppihimer. Tickets at or call 321-1492 through Aug. 19. Dinner tickets $50 each or two for $90. Dinner/reception single tickets $100, includes reception, dinner and photo op.

The Estrella Republican Club and LD#4 will meet at 7 pm., Wed., Aug 23 at Estrella Foothills H.S. 13033 S. Estrella Pkwy.,Goodyear.  Guest speaker:  Mr. Brian Dalke,City Manager, City of Goodyear.  Other business:  Amendment to bylaws to be discussed and voted upon.  All welcome.  Any questions please call Dick Newcomer, 623-398-5638.


Sen Jeff Flake will present an update on Capitol Hill at 6 pm., Aug 24 at a yet to be disclosure location in Phoenix. Details tba.

The Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) board members and LD chairs will meet with the County Recorder on Thurs., Aug 24 to discuss 2017 jurisdiction elections, Ballot-on-Demand system, updates to precinct lines.


The Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Aug 28 at the Pyle Center, 655 E Southern Ave., in Tempe with How Trump Won author Larry Schweikert. RSVP at Annette Fettig will have a table with her hand-made for $20 each. To order a Trump doll prior to the Aug 28 meeting, contact Stephanie at (480) 329-0245 or portion of the proceeds from these dolls will go fundraising efforts for two TRW members and representatives of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women (AzFRW) to attend the National Federation of Republican Women's (NFRW) 39th Biennial Convention next month in Phildalephia. TRW will also have a vendor’s table at the October AzFRW Biennial Convention at the Phoenix/Mesa Hilton Hotel.



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· Biggs Office Is Looking For Interns For The Both The Washington, D.C. And Arizona Offices. Click Here If You Are Interested In Applying For An Internship With My Office.


300 word limit. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited.

Frank Riggs, Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction: My years working as a police officer and deputy sheriff led me into education.  As a street cop and criminal investigator, I came into contact with repeat offenders of a young age who had engaged in delinquent behavior as juveniles and didn't have the education and skills to live productive lives. Law enforcement is primarily reactive; education is proactive.  While I'm proud of the work I did as a patrolman, investigator and crime prevention specialist, I came to realize that education is essential to ending the cycle of crime and to creating opportunity for all young people to live responsible and productive lives.  As Frederick Douglass said, "It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. "That realization led me to run for the school board in my home community.  After serving two terms as the board president, I ran for and was elected to Congress.  During my three terms in Congress, I chaired the House of Representatives' Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education and authored laws on charter schools and special education.  I also co-sponsored legislation to ban federal funding for national tests and the "Dollars to the Classroom Act," block-granting the K-12 education programs and funding back to the states with the stipulation that 95 cents of every dollar had to go into the classroom.  This legislation was consistent with state and local control of K-12 education...and the 10th Amendment! Learn more about my record and my plans for reforming and improving K-12 education in Arizona at

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward’s Op Ed in USA jeff-flake-trying-to-have-it-both-ways; kelli-ward-editorials-debates

US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: "The American People Have High Expectations for Congress and we are continually disappointed with the lack of results from career insiders like Mitch McConnell, Jeff Flake, and John McCain. #GOP voters were promised that if we delivered the House, the Senate, and the White House to Republicans, we'd see action, and instead we've gotten finger pointing at President Trump from the Senate Majority leader. The era of excuses is over! It should not take decades to deliver on promises made. It's time for #BigLeague conservative changes in 2018."

Incumbent Sen Jeff Flake: For my entire career, I’ve been guided by the Goldwater principles of limited government, economic freedom, and individual responsibility. These are values I learned growing up on my family’s ranch in Snowflake, Arizona…and I will never abandon them. Today’s Republican Party is at risk of abandoning these values. Our party has taken up an unfamiliar banner-populism, protectionism, resentment, and chaos – values that have never been our own. I have been troubled watching this shift over the last several years and that’s why I am driven to speak up and to remind Republicans of the conservative principles that have served us so well. I’ve been energized by the response and the surge or support, but I need your help to keep the momentum going.


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