Wednesday, August 23, 2017

8-23-17 Briefs

Republican Briefs

The Trump-Pence Team held an enthusiastic rally in Phoenix last night in the convention hall full of cheering supporters. Trumps slapped the hands of Sen. John McCain and Sen Jeff Flake without mentioning their names – both senataors are critical of him.  He  praised former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio– hinting at a pardon. Trump reprimanded the national media for their bias coverage of his Presidency and spoke highly of the military, border patrol and other uniformed response groups such as firemen. And he praised Phoenix law enforcement officers who maintained crowd control on streets surrounding the conference center. Rock and bottles were reportedly thrown at police officers, but officers quickly brought scattered incidents under control with the disbursal of pepper balls/smoke canisters that sent protestors scattering shortly after President’s Trumps speech. Four arrests and few, if any,  injuries were reported. Thanks to strong police presence in downtown Phoenix, the city experienced little, if any, of the violence and destruction witnessed at large public gatherings in other cities across the nation over the past few weeks. -ft

While Enroute To Phoenix, President Trump Stopped At The Marine Base in Yuma to meet with the military and border patrol officials. He is scheduled to leave Phoenix, heading for Nevada this morning.

Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: I taped an interview in Phoenix with HBO Vice News Channel for broadcast at 7:30 pm., Wed., Aug 23 on an HBO channel, defending President Trump against the Progressive Left and the Progressive Ruling Class Establishment Elite in the Republican Party.  The topics I discussed were, Senators McCain and Flake and their efforts to unseat our president, the current and former leadership of the AZ GOP and the accomplishments of President Trump without the help of the Establishment.  We also talked about the President allowing the generals to run our military as a fighting machine and not a social engineering experiment.

Activist Nancy Plencner: Thank you for allowing my comments to see the light of day....your publication is a shining beacon in a very dark literary world.  If you could add a sports column to the Briefs I could thankfully cancel my subscription to the Arizona Republic

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman Lyle Tuttle to AZGOP First VC Parralee Schneider: Parralee, I FULLY support the Lines recall - do you actually think I am a "power-grabbing wacko"? There are solid reasons for the recall. I spent about an hour on the phone yesterday with one of the Board members who could not even come close to answering my questions. (Just for the record, I have been out of state with very little one-on-one contact -- hard to do when the 'powers that be REFUSE to share with me the names and contact information of the Board, my own district's State Committeemen, etc...) When I asked my questions, all I got was “I don't know, I wasn't there, it was not brought up,” the Board a flock of sheep?? Does ANYONE dare ask some simple questions and receive an answer?? Or are they called "out of order" and shouted down?? You are not a neophyte, and we have known each other for a long time.....what has happened to the Republican rule of law here in AZ??? You were ELECTED and have a RESPONSIBILITY to stand up for the PC's of AZ.....please do so! For example, you know Linda White - please help with the transfer of info from her TO the new ELECTED State Secretary.....Ask the simple questions and share the answers re other issues....for example, to allow the donors to demand who the new Exec Dir should be if we want their money is NOT correct - or do you think it is ok? Should the AZGOP be a whore for their money?

Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. –ft

The Governor's Commission on Service and Volunteerism has announce that nominations are now open for the 16th Annual Governor's Volunteer Service Awards. Please nominate a deserving individual or group in your community for what is considered to be the highest volunteer award in Arizona. Award Categories Include:

    · Lifetime Community Service: Individuals who have exemplified the ideals of service over 25 years.

    · Service to Others: Individuals 18 years of age or older at time of nomination.

    · Inspired Youth Leadership: Youth (17 years and younger) and Youth Groups.

    · Service to Community: Business, faith-based, nonprofit, and public entities. Category also includes other groups that serve in the public interest including: service clubs, fraternal organizations, community groups, and school/college/university-based organizations.

    · Service Enterprise Champion: A Points of Light Institute certified Service Enterprise that actively promotes the Arizona Service Enterprise Initiative. Those selected as this year's recipients of the Governor's Volunteer Service Award will be honored at a special reception in November.

Nominations are due August 31, 2017. access the Nomination Form

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is seeking volunteers to assist with fall spotlighting efforts to help document the population of endangered black-footed ferrets in Aubrey Valley and on the Double O Ranch, both near Seligman.  As part of the recovery effort, the department has scheduled two five-night spotlighting events – Sept. 7-11 and Oct. 5-9 – and a three-night spotlighting event Nov. 9-11. The spotlighting method involves using high-powered lights to locate and identify black-footed ferrets. Their eyeshine is reflected by the spotlight and helps surveyors with identifying and locating these elusive, nocturnal carnivores. Volunteers must have the ability to stay attentive from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. while spotlighting for black-footed ferrets and use, or learn how to use, a Global Positioning System (GPS). Volunteers can sign up by e-mailing -- with “fall spotlighting” in the subject line – by Sept. 1 for next month’s project, Sept. 30 for the October event, and Nov. 3 for the November event. Space is limited.

Paul Ryan Reveals His True Colors Against Trump: If you think Paul Ryan will eventually warm up to President Trump and work with him, better think again. You'll be stunned when you see how the speaker of the House is actively working against the commander in chief on what's arguably the most volatile issue facing the U.S. at this moment ... Read the latest now on

Donald-Trumps-Biracial-Ex-Came-Clean-About The President “…I never heard him say a disparaging comment towards any race of people,” Young said.

Radio Talk Show Van’s Crossroads will air at 3 pm., Wed., Aug 23 with host Clair Van Steenwyk’s tak on President Trump’s reluctant move forward with the Afghanistan War.Call In w/ Questions or Comments: 657-383-1673. Link to Listen In: /

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 10 am., Sat., Sept 2 with Rev Clyde Bowen, chairman of the Arizona American African Republican Committee, at the Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive in Scottsdale. 9 am social, 11 am brunch. Tickets are $28 per person. Click here to RSVP Online & Pay at the Door. Contact: Ardith Hildebrant at (480) 861-7170. Bowen has been the chairman of the AAARC since 2005 and is a recipient of the AZGOP Lincoln Award. He served for 10 years as a USAF military police office and represented the American Embassy in Oslo, Norway. Bowman is past president of the Scottsdale Western Sages Toastmasters, was named Volunteer of the Year for both Greater Phoenix Youth at Risk Foundation (new New Pathways) and Sun Sounds of Arizona (a reading service for print disabled.) Six years ago, he helped create the Annual Emancipation Proclamation Observance Day/Arizona Official Black History Month event. He is a LD18 PC.

The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will tour the Arizona State Capitol Museum at 10 am., Wed., Sept 6. Reservations deadline if Aug 31. RSVP to: Allison Mary at



The Pima County GOP Trunk N Tusk Dinner, featuring Congresswoman Martha McSally, is scheduled at 7 pm., Wed., Aug 23. A 6 pm., VIP Reception is scheduled, according to Chairman Eppihimer. Tickets at or call 321-1492 through Aug. 19. Dinner tickets $50 each or two for $90. Dinner/reception single tickets $100, includes reception, dinner and photo op.

The Estrella Republican Club and LD#4 will meet at 7 pm., Wed., Aug 23 at Estrella Foothills H.S. 13033 S. Estrella Pkwy.,Goodyear.  Guest speaker:  Mr. Brian Dalke,City Manager, City of Goodyear.  Other business:  Amendment to bylaws to be discussed and voted upon.  All welcome.  Any questions please call Dick Newcomer, 623-398-5638.


Sen Jeff Flake will present an update on Capitol Hill at 6 pm., Aug 24 at a yet to be disclosure location in Phoenix. Details tba.

The Maricopa County Republican Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) board members and LD chairs will meet with the County Recorder on Thurs., Aug 24 to discuss 2017 jurisdiction elections, Ballot-on-Demand system, updates to precinct lines.


The Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Aug 28 at the Pyle Center, 655 E Southern Ave., in Tempe with How Trump Won author Larry Schweikert. RSVP at Annette Fettig will have a table with her hand-made for $20 each. To order a Trump doll prior to the Aug 28 meeting, contact Stephanie at (480) 329-0245 or portion of the proceeds from these dolls will go fundraising efforts for two TRW members and representatives of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women (AzFRW) to attend the National Federation of Republican Women's (NFRW) 39th Biennial Convention next month in Phildalephia. TRW will also have a vendor’s table at the October AzFRW Biennial Convention at the Phoenix/Mesa Hilton Hotel.


300 word limit. If statements exceed the limit, it will be edited.

Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Phoenix needs solutions and that’s why I continue to fight for your support in District 6. When we saw a proliferation of drug houses in Phoenix neighborhoods I fought to enforce the laws in place that would help the neighborhoods stay safe and help the individuals in recovery to actually get the care and support they deserve.

Frank Riggs, Candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction: "A one size fits all education system all but guarantees that some students will be left out and ultimately left behind." Arizona's new standards, led by the incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction, are virtually unchanged from the old standards, i.e., Common Core by any other name: a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-common-core-standards What was once a federal mandate is now a state mandate.  I campaigned in 2014 on a promise to stop Common Core.  As your next Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will work with the State Legislature to do just that.  Contact:


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