Sunday, September 3, 2017

9-3-17 Briefs


Campaign-Committees-Owe-Arizona-Taxpayers-Money-State-Officials-Say   What become of the compliance training classes at AZGOP?

The MCRC Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) monthly meeting is scheduled at 7 pm., Tues., Sept 5 at AZGOP HQ, 3501 N 24th St, Phoenix.

Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

LD22 PC Jane Schutte: Thank you for your comments on defeating Flake.  I said sometime back that when we run multiple candidates to UNSEAT the incumbent the incumbent wins.

PC Jan Martinson: In my area, there is talk of a re-call for McCain. He is such a RINO. He is mad that Trump won the Presidency, and he didn't! He doesn't care a damn about our people. God is judging him.

Arizona State Sen Bob Thorpe: McCain-Needs-To-Start-Showing-My-Constituents-More-Respect On August 26, Sen. John McCain once again grabbed an opportunity to criticize many of my Arizona constituents and our nation's leader, President Trump. McCain is angry that Trump, just like President Obama before him, exercised his constitutional power in granting executive clemency to former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arizona's senior senator appears to have forgotten Obama's record-breaking 1,927 acts of clemency. He also seems to have ignored the fact that Arpaio was convicted for merely following state and federal laws when he turned illegal immigrants over to federal officials.

LD22 State Committeeman/PC Lori Hack: Dr. Kelli Ward IS the one good, strong conservative Republican candidate who IS currently taking on #sanctuaryFlake in 2018.  "Incumbent Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is underwater badly in his home state, with just 21 percent of Arizona Republicans supporting him for reelection against challenger Dr. Kelli Ward—who gets 47 percent support—per a new poll from JMC Analytics. The poll, provided to Breitbart News ahead of its public release by JMC Analytics’ John Couvillon, shows Flake in almost irreparable shape ahead of his reelection bid in 2018. That an incumbent U.S. Senator like Flake could be polling as low as 21 percent in his own primary, while a challenger like Ward has pulled 26 points ahead of him at 47 percent, is almost unthinkable with nearly a full year to go until the August 2018 primary. Three percent of the electorate said they would vote for Nicholas Tutora, another candidate, and 29 percent are undecided, when asked which candidate they would vote for between Ward, Flake, and Tutora."jeff-flake-underwater-poll-shows-kelli-ward-opening-up-more-than-25-point-lead-in-senate-race-with-year-to-go

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward: You are exactly right about uniting to win. I'd love to have you on Team Ward. Editor’s Note: In fairness to all candidates, I do not join anyone’s campaign, nor do I endorse candidates. – ft

Yavapai County PC Rick Hennessey: The battle to remove AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines is not over. I intend to continue this movement to remove Lines from office because he is unworthy to remain as the AZGOP Chairman. As expected, the leadership of the conservative movement in our state has folded like a bad hand of cards because they have NO BACKBONE! Jim O’Connor and AzRA talk a great game but when the chips are down they run like scared school girls. Marianne Ferrari (removal movement spokesman) did her best with little help and I commend her for her hard work. Anyone who has the guts to stand up and fight, feel free to contact me at 928-499-9342

Former Yavapai County Chairman Jim Dutton to Yavapai County PC Rick Hennessey: You are my friend and a solid patriot, however you are wrong about AZRA and Jim O'Connor. The hard truth is, that in order to do what Marianne Ferrari and all of us who signed petitions were trying to do, REQUIRES a 2/3 vote of the membership to accomplish. Marianne admitted that, when she said we would need at least 500 signatures in order to do this.  The real number is 826 signatures IF all the State Committeemen showed up in person or via proxies. To insinuate that all the people pointing out the "doomed" mission are traitors, is like blaming the doctor for telling you of a serious infection and wanting to administer treatment. O'Connor and Gabby Mercer haven't given up on removing Lines any more than you or I have.  They know the current plan is not going to work no matter how hard we try - the numbers are not there. This recall effort doesn't have 1/3 of the members behind it.  Truth is, we just barely had 1/5 of the members committed to it.  Pointing this out isn't being a traitor, it is being a realist and strategist.  I am sure the captain of the Titanic was seriously wishing he had listened to the concerns of his crew members as his ship was sinking but it was too late.  My point being, that sometimes we become so passionate about a cause that we fail to see any of the surrounding circumstances.  This is why Presidents have cabinets, Generals have advisors and CEOs have a board of directors.  They all need people advising them, pointing out the pitfalls and possible moves by the opposition.  Rick, I believe that everyone is still on board for removing Lines, we just need to regroup and take a more effective approach, to ensure that we have the 2/3 vote necessary to accomplish the task. We had one meeting in Chino Valley for all of Yavapai County and it was very productive, however, with more time, we can have meetings in different locations that will be just as productive. I suggest you stop all the inflammatory rhetoric and help by leading the charge here in Yavapai County to remove Jonathan Lines at the January meeting.  We all want to win this and we CAN win which would be the best thing, not only for the party, but to also honor Marianne's hard work in getting this initiative off the ground. Please take a few minutes and consider what I am saying.

LD24 PC Tristan Manos on the buzz going around about President Donald Trump ending DACA: "We remember the President saying he's all for 'Dreamers': as in American Citizen Dreamers seeking The American Dream (1 example: VIDEO: 2/15/16). Because this patriotic President keeps promoting and generating more and more momentum for 'Make America Great Again, America 1st, and Restoring The Rule of Law,' this move to end DACA should be no surprise to anyone actually paying attention. Same point goes for giving in-state tuition for so-called 'dreamers.' Please excuse me for also making this personal: I attended Ohio State while a Pennsylvania resident. A dreamer myself, I was a Citizen of the State of PA and the U.S. seeking 'The American Dream,' and I was required to pay out-of-state tuition. There's millions upon millions of Americans just the same, past, present, and future. Also, one may wonder how online, Internet-based college and university degree programs may factor into tuition costs as may relate to citizenship and residency status. Back to DACA: end DACA now. First of all, it's unconstitutional. Essentially, it's a de facto amnesty. Furthermore, DACA is extremely disrespectful, dishonorable, and damaging—to the point of being insulting, offensive, and even immoral—to America's own American Citizens (and, after that, to people who follow the law (imagine that) to visit America, work in America, and immigrate to America). Yes, Americans are among the most compassionate in all of the world. However, America's first priority must be compassion for its own people: American Citizens. 'America 1st' means just that: American Citizens 1st. Is it going to be 'We The People' (American Citizens of the United States of America), or what?" Contact:

Attention PCs: Submit your ideas for AZGOP Bylaws revisions by using this form.

Anything but United4Victory …“If You Ever Wondered what kind of person would work for John McCain, inarguably the most hated man in the country even before his thumbs down vote on Obamacare replacement, here is a list of those in Arizona to get you started.  We've combed through the list. Some are on the list of the most hated PCs in the AZGOP…” Continued at Anything but United4Victory

Petition: Demanding Congress-Takes-Measures-To-Support-Sheriff-Joe-Arpaio/ The drama surrounding President Trump’s pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is far from resolved. The latest chapter comes as Arpaio’s legal teams calls for a dismissal of his conviction. The judge hearing the case has halted the sentencing proceeding in light of the pardon, but is not throwing out his conviction.

Maricopa County Republican Chairman Chris Herring will address the Arrowhead Republican Women Wed., Sept 13 at the Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave, Sun City West. Registration begins at 10:45am, meeting starts promptly at 11:30am. Cost is $20 payable at the door, including lunch. Reservations are required and may be made via their website at or contact Lezlee Alexander, communications chr, at 602-354-5224.

The Arizona Citizens Defense League’ (AzCDL) annual meeting tickets can be purchased for $25 until Sat., Sept 24. Starting Sept 25 the tickets price jumps to $30 for the Oct 21 meeting at the University Park Marriott in Tucson. The meeting is open to AzCDL members and their guest only. See details website Tickets Event Website. Doorprize Colt 6920 Magpul Edition M4 Carbine. Door prize tickets today! Speaker –David T. Hardy , an ardent defender of the Second Amendment – cited by Justice Clarence Thomas in McDonald v. Chicago, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that confirmed the individual right to possess "arms."  Upgrading your annual membership to an AzCDL Life Membership before September 25 qualifies you to receive free tickets to this year's annual meeting.  Interested?  Contact Fred at

Arizona Project will not meet on Mon., Sept 4 (Labor Day), according to Chairman Ron Ludders. AP will resume meeting on Sept 11 with speaker Ted Hayes at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix. Contact Ludders at 602.677.1496

Central Republican Women of Phoenix has moved its Sept 9 venue to the University Cub, 39 E Monte Vista in Phoenix. Their Saturday Brunch will feature Arizona Treasurer Jeff DeWit, senior advisor to the Trump-Pence Team who organized the Aug 22 Trump Rally in Phoenix. Check in at 9:30 am., Brunch at 10 am. Reservations required $30 per ticket, including brunch and program. RSVP deadline Sept 3 at

Contract with America’s Veterans (CAV) needs volunteers to man its booth between 8 am-1 pm., at the Sept 23 Stand Up for Veterans at Glendale Community College Student Center, 6000 W Olive Ave, Glendale, AZ 85302. E-mail Chairman Alex Meluskey at if you can cover for an hour or more. Free haircuts for veterans. Free lunch for veterans and their families. Learn about social services for veterans. Contributions to Contract with America's Veterans and Their Families

Anyone Interested In A Leadership Role in the Ahwatukee Tea Party should sent an email to with your contact information.

White House/RNC List Of Recommended Places To Donate Funds to help the Hurricane Harvey victims:

      · The Salvation Army –; or 800-SAL-ARMY

      · The United Way -; or text UWFLOOD to 41444

      · The SPCA of Texas -

      · The SPCA of Louisiana -

      · The Houston Humane Society -

      · The Louisiana Humane Society -

      · American Red Cross –; 800-RED-CROSS; or text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

The Maricopa County Recorder's Office has created a link to RSVP for their public meetings on Reprecincting.   Dates:

      · Tues, Sept 5- 6 pm Paradise Valley Community College

      · Wed, Sept 6 - 6 pm Glendale Community College

      · Wed, Sept 13 – 6 pm Scottsdale Congregational Church

      · Thurs, Sept 14 – 6 pm, Ed Robson Library, Sun Lakes

       · Tues, Sept 19 - 6 pm, MCTEC Center, Maricopa County Recorder's Office.

Arizona Federation of Republican Women, Region VIII is hosting an Arizona State Capitol Museum Tour, at 10 am., Wed., Sept 6 at 1700 W Washington in phoenix. Free parking available in Wesley Bolin Plaza (east of the museum). Participation limited. Admission is free. $2 donation per person suggested. Reservations: Allison Mary

You Can Now Apply for hundreds of Maricopa County Community College Scholarships with just one application. The Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications for the Spring 2018 semester. Scholarships are open Sept 1 through Oct 15, 2017. Foundation scholarships are privately funded opportunities open to all Maricopa Community Colleges students. Learn more:

Thirteen public meetings are scheduled in September to review suggestions on how to improve police relations with residents in Phoenix.

· Tues, Sept. 5, 6- 7 pm, Steele Indian School Park Memorial Hall, 300 E. Indian School Rd.

· Thurs Sept. 7, 6- 7pm, . Paradise Valley Community Center Multipurpose Rm. 17402 N. 40th St.

· Tues, Sept.12, 6-7: pm., Beuf Community Center Multipurpose Room, 3435 W. Pinnacle Peak Rd.

· Wed, Sept. 13, 6-7 pm., . Sunnyslope Community Center Multipurpose Room, 802 E. Vogel St.

· Thurs, Sept. 14, 8:30 –9:30am, Helen Drake Senior Center 7600 N. 27th Ave.

· Thurs, Sept.14, 6-7 pm, Desert West Community Center Multipurpose Rm, 6602 W. Encanto Blvd.

· Sat, Sept. 16, 11am- noon, Balsz Conference Center Building14, 4309 E. Belleview St.

· Mon, Sept. 18, 6-7 pm, Eastlake Community Center Gymnasium, 1549 E. Jefferson St.

· Thurs, Sept. 21, 6-7pm., Pecos Community Center Multipurpose Room, 17010 S. 48th St.

· Mon, Sept. 25, 6-7 pm, . South Mountain Community Center Century Room, 212 E. Alta Vista Rd.

· Tues, Sept. 26, 6-7 pm,. Estrella Mountain Precinct Community Room, 2111 S. 99th Ave.

· Wed, Sept. 6-7 pm, Black Mountain Precinct Community Room, 33355 N. Cave Creek Rd.

· Thurs, Sept. 28, 6-7 pm.,. Ability360 Conference Room 2, 5025 E. Washington St.

The Tea Party is going to Washington, DC Sept 23 to show the country their support for President Trump’s agenda, that they expect Republicans to keep their promises and that want “the Swamp” to reduce taxes, rolled back regulations and spending within people’s means. They are outraged that, after years of campaigning on repealing Obamacare, a handful of moderate Republic killed the repeal efforts a few weeks ago and they are tired of the mainstream media doing everything possible to derail President Trumps agenda. RSVP To This Event

Arrowhead Republican Women needs five more delegates to represent them at the Oct 27 & 28 Arizona Federation of Republican Women’s Biennial Convention in Mesa. Register at Convention Registration Form There is a pre-convention Parliamentary Training course that is also available - Pre-Convention Parliamentary Training Registration Form

The Fountain Hills Republican Club's first annual Gun Raffle is still in progress. Tickets are $10 each, 3 for $25 or 16 tickets for $100.  For tickets contact any officer or Board Member.  First prize is a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 SPORT II.  Second Prize is a Glock 43.  Drawing will be at the Fountain Hills Republican Club picnic on Saturday October 21st.  You need not be present to win.  Tickets can be bought from any Board member.   For additional information about the raffle, contact 2nd VP David Spelich or Secretary Boe James. Tickets will be available at all meetings and GOP Socials.



The Colorado River Tea Party will have a booth at the Yuma Territorial Gun Show in the Yuma Convention Center on Sun, Sept 3.

US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward will have a campaign booth at the Sept 3 Yuma Territorial Gun Show. Petitions will be available to sign.


The Maricopa County Recorder's Office will hold proposed reprecincting meetings at 6 pm., Sept 5 in the Paradise Valley Community College, RmQ120A, 18401 N 32nd St in Phoenix and at 6 pm., Sept 13 in Scottsdale (1 mile off of 101 on Indian School then Turn right on Granite Reef.)

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) meeting is at 7 pm., Tues., Sept 5 at Paseo Verde Christian Church, 7569 W. Greenway Rd, Peoria, 85381. (Behind the Greenway Medical and Professional Center, off 75th Ave.) They will be discussing rogue cities working to undermine the constitution and violate their oaths of office, example, the Phoenix City Council and Mayor working behind the scenes with the ACLU to possibly create a "Sanctuary City" harboring those in our country illegally. 

Mark Spencer, from Judicial Watch, will give an update on current issues and CSPOA’s Rick Dalton will also speak. Contact Chr .Randy Miller, LD 21 PC, (623) 866-3544.


The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will tour the Arizona State Capitol Museum at 10 am., Wed., Sept 6. Reservations deadline if Aug 31. RSVP to: Allison Mary at

Arizona Federation of Republican Women, Region VIII is hosting an Arizona State Capitol Museum Tour, at 10 am., Wed., Sept 6 at 1700 W Washington in phoenix. Free parking available in Wesley Bolin Plaza (east of the museum). Participation limited. Admission is free. $2 donation per person suggested. Reservations: Allison Mary


The Colorado River Team Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs. Sept 7. Speaker tba. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer at


Central Republican Women of Phoenix welcomes AZ Treasurer Jeff DeWit as the speaker for their returning Fall meeting to be held on Saturday morning Sept 9. Registration is 9:30 AM; meeting starts 10AM at the University Club - 39 E. Monte Vista Road, Phoenix.  $30 for Breakfast/brunch - RSVP by this Sunday 9/3 with Jan Webb at and please give her your selection of french toast with bacon & eggs or turkey Salad - beverage included. 

The Center for Arizona Policy Citizen Forum is scheduled between 9 am-2 pm., Sat., Sept 9 at the Arizona Christian University, 2625 E Cactus Road in Phoenix. $20 per person.
Sat., Sept 9. Contact 602-424-2525.

The Wounded Heroes Charity Golf Tournament is scheduled Sat., Sept 9 at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale. 6:15 registration. 7:am shotgun start. Entry forms must be in by Sept 2nd. Entry Fee Includes: green fee, cart, range balls, tee package, team photo and post tournament lunch. Post tournament lunch, scoring and raffle will be held at: Frasher’s Smokehouse, 3222 E. Indian School Rd. Phoenix AZ 8501. See www.azheroestohometowns or Kathy @


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