Saturday, September 30, 2017

9-30-17 Briefs


Sen Marco Rubio will be in Scottsdale Mon, Oct 9 for a fundraising luncheon for Sen Jeff Flake at the Omni Scottsdale Resort at Montelucia. Reservations $100 donation. $500 VIP reception.

Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

Activist James Alberts: I'm not surprised that McCain thinks it cool for the NFL players lack of respect for our American Flag !

Activist Stephen Sivigliano: Click 9-29-17-briefs: and scroll down to just below "Editor's note and read “Activist George Miller."  Now, do you think the "birthers" are so insane?  Scrolling down to "News Links"  will present many and diverse subjects to read, a topic for everyone.

LD 23 PC & State Committeeman Joe Junker: State legislators from around the country sent a letter to President Trump urging him to direct the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to reverse Obamacare guidance requiring states to fund Planned Parenthood and to instead issue guidance allowing states to disqualify Planned Parenthood from their Medicaid program. Arizona legislators signing the letter include Senators Nancy Barto, Sylvia Allen, Gail Griffin, John Kavanagh, Steve Smith, Debbie Lesko, Steven B. Yarbrough, Kimberly Yee, Warren Peterson, and Representatives Jill Norgaard, David Livingston, Vince Leach, Drew John, Kevin Payne, Paul Mosley, David Cook, Paul Boyer, Ben Toma, Darin Mitchell, John Allen, Kelly Townsend, Jay Lawrence, Don Shooter, Travis Grantham, and Mark Finchem.

Jennifer Jones: 1st Vice Chair, La Paz County Republican Committee: As the La Paz County member of this Committee, appointed to serve by my County Chairman, I hereby request that Committee Chairman Kathy Petsas and member Kim Owens resign from the Bylaws Committee for violating the Committee "protocols" that were "discussed" (but perhaps not ratified by any vote, per an email members supposedly had to reply to) at the June 17th meeting (I still have not received my requested copies of the June 17 meeting minutes) and mentioned at the July 29th meeting. I request that Cindy Coleman chair the remainder of the meetings. In support thereof, I give the following statement of events:

     At the July 29th meeting, I brought a notarized appointment to the Bylaws Committee and gave it to Chairman Petsas. She told me that in order to participate, I have to sign a copy of an email, acknowledging the "protocols". I did not receive a copy of what I signed. but it included the following:
At the June 17 meeting Bylaw Committee protocols were discussed:

  1. The expectation and need for courteous and civil communication/ deliberation among State Bylaw Committee members at all times in order for democratic and constructive meetings and outcomes. Roberts Rules of Order will be adhered to.
  2. Common sense, common courtesy and respect are the values identified as paramount to the productivity and success of the Bylaw Committee to work together as a team"

     However, Chairman Petsas, and Kim Owens were anything but "courteous" or "civil" to me after the conclusion of the July 29 meeting. Petsas asked to speak with me privately and I thought she was going to apologize for assaulting me at the June 17 meeting, so I followed her into the adjoining room where the beverages were. Instead she threatened me with legal action if I did not remove the video(s) of that meeting from YouTube. You may view them yourselves here: 20170617 110559 

     When I refused Petsas continued to berate me as we walked out of the room, then she brought Kim Owns into the conversation. I was then threatened by Owens with removal from the Committee if I did not remove the videos. Several people still in the main room watched this take place. Subsequently, Owens has attacked me personally, and the La Paz County Republican Committee on Facebook. This unprofessional and unproductive behavior in opposition to the protocols for the Committee should not be tolerated. We have important work to do.

Editor’s Note: Last evening, Jones forwarded a message she received about 7 pm from Petsas that reads: “I just wanted to give you a heads up, so you don't drive unnecessarily from Quartzite to Phoenix tomorrow.  It appears you are not a state committeeman from La Paz County, thus you cannot represent La Paz County on the State Bylaw Committee. At the last meeting you signed a document attesting that you are a state committeeman thus eligible to serve on the State Bylaw committee, and I asked you directly at the end of the meeting to verify to me you were a state committeeman so you could continue on the committee. Given there are only 4 -5 PCs elected in all of La Paz County, I did request verification who the state committeemen are in La Paz and unfortunately you are not one. I wouldn't want you to waste your time or gas money driving out to Phoenix when I am sure you have more important things to do like prepare for your upcoming race for LD5 House seat. Have a productive Saturday. - Kathy Petsas, AZGOP Bylaw Chairman.

      About 8:30 pm, Jones requested Petsas provide her with “the document that you allege I signed stating that specifically, as I only signed an email you had previously sent to Chairman Sias as an acknowledgement that I had read it, nothing more.” Jones says she was “appointed by Chairman Sias, to replace him while he was on vacation,” per your (Petsas) demand at the June meeting.” – ft

Update: About 9:45 am this morning (10/1/17) , LaPaz County Chairman Russell Sias responded to Briefs request for verification that Siaz had appointed Jones as his replacement on the AZGOP ByLaws Committee. Siaz wrote: “Yes ma'am, she currently is the appointed (by me, some time ago) as presently, (being a La Paz County state committeeman), the one I appointed to replace myself to participate in the state bylaws committee meetings.  As I was the original member of the bylaws committee and am out of the state presently, I did appoint her to replace myself on this committee. PS:  It appears to be true that she is moving to Kingman or Golden Valley, but she has not resigned as of yet.  It also appears that this proposed move may not actually happen.  We, of course, will have to replace her probably in the next month or so should her move solidify and she resigns.  It is my suspicion that her move may be still up in the air, so to speak. What is truly interesting that Petsas & company are so interested in keeping La Paz County in the dark...they have not bothered to notify me that Jennifer's proposed residence change is an issue for them. – ft

Barbara L. Espinosa of After receiving the many, many e-mails regarding Secretary of State Ken Bennett's acceptance from the State of Hawaii in regard to Obama's birthplace, I contacted his office for a statement. state-of-hawaiis-word-not-good-enough The SOS office responded: The natural born citizen angle has been a long running concern. Mr. Bennett is guided by state statute and the constitution. Sadly, neither place define what natural born citizen is. Simply keeping the President off the ballot by a declaration simply isn't possible. Frankly, I'm not sure the Secretary has the authority to do so. The avenue to file a challenge to the nomination is in court. That said, our office has developed an Official Certification of Presidential Nomination where candidates will have to swear that meet the constitutional requirements to hold the office of President of the United States. They will file that with our office after their conventions. Mr. Bennett feels strongly that he did the right thing but recognizes his hands may be tied with state and federal law. - Matthew Roberts, Director of Communications & Community Outreach for SOS Ken Bennett See OBAMA-Birth-Verification-Sent-to-Ken-Bennett-by-the-Hawaii-Health-Department

Brian Reilly, Former LD22PC replies to George Miller and Jeff Lichter 9-29-17-briefs: Miller wrote: “In fact, numerous analyses by third party document specialists have revealed [the Obama birth certificate] to be a fraud, including a forensic document expert who worked with Obama's own law firm and an Italian firm specializing in this.” Miller offers no support in the form of names or written reports to substantiate his claim. The “specialists” that Miller refers to are Reed Hayes, a self-proclaimed “handwriting and document examiner” and the Italian firm, ForLab Multimedia Forensics.” The law firm that Miller references but fails to name is Perkins Coie, which represented President Obama. What does Hayes say about his alleged connection to Perkins Coie? From his website: I am not an expert witness for Perkins Coie nor am I associated with them in any way aside from that lone case from years ago.  It amazes me how people can make something out of nothing in order to lend support to their agenda.” What did Hayes report:  “Some have indicated that my report to Mr. Zullo concludes with the statement that “I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects” and “the birth certificate posted on the Whitehouse website on April 27, 2011 is entirely fabricated.”  However, as stated previously and also clarified in my report, I have no knowledge if in fact that document represents the birth certificate in possession of the State of Hawaii.” When I asked Mr. Hayes if he had ever seen or been made aware of the May 22, 2012, Hawaii issued Verification of Birth for Obama, which in fact verified all of the birth information on the Obama PDF copy of the birth certificate, Hayes told me, “I don’t recall.” The written report by ForLab Multimedia Forensics of Italy, has never been released to the general public, nor did representatives of ForLab attend the December 15, 2016, Arpaio press conference to substantiate their alleged findings. Regarding Mr. Miller’s claim that, “The Selective Service registration is also a proven fraud…” I would submit that the Selective Service letter from Richard S. Flahavan, the Associate Director of Public Affairs & Intergovernmental Affairs, dated September 10, 2013, refutes this assertion. Flahavan wrote: “Mr. Obama did indeed register with Selective Service and was assigned Selective Service Number 61-1125539 on September 4, 1980.” Miller goes on to claim, “… and he (Obama) has used multiple Social Security numbers not his.” The “Snopes” link listed with other source links listed below, refutes Miller’s erroneous claim. Miller wrote: “Unless he can support his statements, he should retract them.” I would suggest that I have provided far more support for my opinions than Miller has provided. According to Lichter, “There has never even been a debunking ever attempted by a credible governmental source.” I would submit that the state of Hawaii is a credible governmental source that has effectively and officially “debunked” the allegation that the Obama birth certificate is a forgery when it issued prima-facie evidence in the form of the Verification of Birth for Obama to the Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett on May 22, 2012. I would also submit that the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is also a credible governmental source, which reviewed Sheriff Arpaio’s birth certificate evidence that allegedly “exceeded probable cause” that a crime had been committed, and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery declined prosecution based on evidence that he deemed to be only “speculation.” See links:

· Ken-Bennett-Gets-Obama-Birth-Records-Verification-From-Hawaii

· Ms-Verification-06006.12.Pdf

· Obama-Birth-Certificate

· Obama-Selective-Service-Registration-Foia-9-10-2013

· Sheriff-Joe-Arpaio-To-Talk-Obama-Birth-Certificate-Investigation

· Obama Did Not Appropriate SS Number Of Dead Man

· Bill-Montgomery-Entertains-Birther-Over-Joe-Arpaios-Probe-Of-Obamas-Birth-Certificate

Editor’s Note: Reilly’s comments run over the 400 word limit because he responding to two separate letters. - ft

Activist Bob Richards of Glendale - "Tactics Of Social Engineering" Social Engineering is the earmark of PC minded persons. It’s void of original thinking and most often reflects “copy cat” actions of policies or ideology captured elsewhere. Such is the case with our City Council’s decision to create a “Human Relations Commission”. Multiculturalism gone amok imitating behavior taken by Tucson, Phoenix, Tempe, and Flagstaff. i.e. “Anti-Bias Ordinances” that appeases cultural or ethnic group within their Cities needing affirmation. In this case to “normalize the abnormal”. A scheme devised to circumvent rejections made by Glendale citizen’s years ago. Social engineering is aberrant behavior for government officials. They are elected to govern by consent of citizens charged under oath to follow Constitutional Principles not cultural dogma gone astray. PC intrusion into private personal affairs is a troubling pattern to set forth via Ordinances. And should not be City business.  City Council give up “strutting rooster” posture and govern with principles of sound mind void of “copy cat” Anti-Bias Ordinances. PS  Finally a mill & overlay of Deer Valley Rd is expected by February 2018 following installation of a new Glendale Waterline Replacement between 67th & 59th Ave beginning in October 2017.  Road maintenance too long delayed.  This is real City business serving citizen traffic needs.  Not Social-Engineering.

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel And Co-Chair Bob Paduchik: "Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Jewish tradition, is a time of reflection, prayer, and repentance," said McDaniel. "As Jewish families around the world commemorate this Day of Atonement, Americans of all backgrounds can join in remembering the importance of faith and change in each of our lives.” “On Yom Kippur, we join all those of the Jewish faith in praying for a bright and peaceful year ahead,” said Paduchik. "We remind ourselves to be thankful for our blessings and compassionate toward the people in our lives."

The Arrowhead Republican Women will host author/historian Larry Schweikart as their speaker at their Wed., Oct 11 luncheon at Briarwood Country Club, 135th Ave & Meeker Blvd. Schweikart’s wrote A Patriot's History of the United States. His newest release is How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution. His books will be for sale (no credit cards on book sales). Reservations required. $20 per person at the door cash or check made out to ARW. Call Lezlee at 602-354-5224

Floating Around The Internet:   Advice to football kneelers: You wanna take a knee?

      Kneel down and thank God you live in America!

      Kneel down and thank the military who fight for your freedom!

      Kneel down and be thankful you can play football while others

      Kneel down on the battlefield for your safety! – author unknown

Also Circulating The Internet Yesterday: A National total boycott of the NFL is planned for Sun, Nov 12th, Veterans Day Weekend. Boycott all football telecasts.  All fans, all ticket holders, stay away from attending any games; let the NFL play to empty stadiums. Pass this post along to all your friends and family. Honor our military, some of whom come home with the American Flag draped over their coffin. Continue with the weekly boycott of televised games. They have a right to protest if they want to --- but during the National Anthem is NOT the place or venue!  They show an utter lack of patriotism and total disrespect for our Veterans –  living and dead – and everything for which they put  their lives on the line!!! - author unknown. Editor’s Note:  As of last night, a call for an Oct 1 NFL boycott was showing up on Facebook.

Dem Nancy Pelosi is beating the bushes for funding for Ann Kirkpatrick (D) who has taken on Sen Jeff Flake for the 2018 races.

Author Dave Hardy’s "I'm from the Government, and I'm Here to Kill You: The Human Cost of Official Negligence" was just released and is available on Amazon. It's devoted to large and fatal government-caused disasters, according to Hardy. See fromthegovernment

The Goldwater Institute Annual Dinner, hosted by Chairman Eric Crown, will feature former World Chess Champion and Human Rights Activist Garry Kasparov at a 6:30 pm reception, followed by at 7:30 pm dinner on Oct 19 . Kasparov will be presented with the 2017 Goldwater Award. For more on Kasparov click here.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas has announced that five Arizona school have been named National Blue Ribbons Schools by the US Dept of Education. They are:

  • Acacia Elementary School                                                   Vail, Arizona
  • Arizona College Preparatory – Oakland Campus                Chandler, Arizona
  • Franklin at Brimhall Elementary School                              Mesa, Arizona
  • Palm Valley Elementary School                                           Goodyear, Arizona
  • Seton Catholic Preparatory High School                             Chandler, Arizona

The five Arizona school are among the 342 school nationwide recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos See or the national website.



The Republican Club of Green Valley/Sahuarita is hosting a Republican Roundup BBQ, featuring speaker Jeff DeWit, State Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer for the 2016 Trump campaign in Arizona, and meet US Senate candidate Kelli Ward at 5 pm., Sat., Sept 30 at the Cow Palace in Amado, AZ. $35 per person. $30 for RCGV/S members. No host bar. Tickets – Send Check To RCGV/S INC., P.O. Box 831, Green Valley, AZ 85622. Questions - contact President Jim Stone 520-336-8495 or Kay Kohler 520-904-9103. For membership contact Vinnie 907-3367)


The Colorado River Tea Party is hosting a candidate forum for three available Yuma city council seats with candidates Gregory Counts, Incumbent Gary Knight, Leslie McClendon, Kristina Rojas-McNair, Ken Rosevear and Karen Watts, between 5:30-8:30pm, Thurs., Oct 5 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Moderated by Howard Blitz of the Freedom Library. Contact Chairman Sally Kizer at

Concerned Citizens for America invites you to a social media “boot camp” at 6:30 pm., Tues., Oct 5 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road in Sedona. Bring your laptop, smart phone or tablet and let instructors Keith and Jackie Summit of Oak Creek will teach you about the effectiveness of social media. They will help you set up a Twitter account and Facebook page. Dwight Kadar will do a Fire District Bond update. Desserts to be served.

Andrea Kadar of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking will present “Human Trafficking in the Verde Valley” at 12:30 pm., Thurs., Oct 5 at Yavapai Community College – Clarkdale Compus, 601 Black Hills Drive in Clarkdale. The free presentation is open to the public and will cover what human trafficking is, how large a business it has become – internationally, recruitment of local children, recognizing a trafficked child and the latest facts of “sex for sale’ in local communities. Contact: Kadar at

Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates will have coffee with Maricopa County constituents at 8 am., Oct 5 at the Paradise Valley Community College, 18401 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85032.


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