Thursday, October 26, 2017

10-26-17 Briefs


President-Blasts-Democrats-Dirty-Dossier-Play-Hints-At-Fed-Choice Lou Dobbs Last Night

Hillary-Clinton’s-Campaign-Paid-Dirty-Dossier-On Trump. Revealed: How Hillary paid for notorious 'golden showers' dossier on Trump: Her campaign lawyer funded dirty tricks firm's research into his Russian links which came up with discredited claims.

AZ Senator McCain Gave Clinton Paid Dossier on Trump to FBI

Trump UNLOADS on 'Disgraceful' Hillary Over 'Fake' Dossier President Donald Trump unloaded on Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday afternoon, slamming his former presidential opponent over recent revelations the Clinton campaign was behind the infamous 'Trump Dossier' at the heart of the Russia-Trump conspiracy theory. The President was speaking with reporters on the White House lawn when he was questioned over a bombshell report that showed the Clinton camp and the DNC paid millions to Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm behind the dossier.

Former LD13 Chairman Dr Robert Branch and his wife Adele are hosting their annual 1-5 pm., Sat., Nov 11 Veteran’s Day BBQ fundraiser to benefit local Veterans in conjunction with Fighter Country Partnership and Fighter Country Foundation (Luke AFB). This event will also honor the Families of Luke AFB. They are planning on 300 -500 people.  No admission fee, nor food charge; however, a donation to the Fighter Country Foundation is encouraged. They have a BBQ smoker that can easily feed over 1000 people, and their home is next to a seven-acre park. This is a Veteran’s Day event– no campaigning although elected officials are welcome to join in the honoring of veterans. Participants are asked to bring their own lawn chairs.

yav vetsThe Yavapai County Republicans have extended their early-bird pricing through Fri., Oct 17 for their Nov 11 Tribute to Veterans dinner at the Prescott Centennial Center.  See invitation on the left. Tickets at  $75 each. Speakers: Lt Col Wendy Rogers and MSGT Walt Blackman (both retired military.)

Chairwoman McDaniel: There's A Lot Of Questions That Need To Be Answered By The Clinton Campaign And The DNC I think this is incredibly concerning that the DNC and the Clinton Campaign funded this Fusion GPS through a third party. They touted this fake Russia dossier through Washington, tried to push it into news outlets. It ended up being the basis of some of the Comey investigation. They never owned up to the fact that they were behind it. They've lied about it, now they're playing hot potato. We need to get to the bottom of why they did this, how they funded it.

This Should Be Played In Every NFL Locker Room, every high school class and on every nightly news program! It's a bit long for most social media posts but well worth the 6 minutes. Please take the time to watch, you will be glad you did! militarybadassery

Secretary of State Michele Reagan has announced the number of registered voters in Arizona has increased 14,643 to more than 3.6 million active voters.  Of the state's 3,665,316 voters, 1,268,748 are Republicans, 1,106,675 are Democrats and 1,250,879 have not designated an officially recognized party preference.  Libertarians and members of the Green party make up a little less than one percent of the state’s total registration. “It’s great to see enrollment continue to rise,” said Reagan.  “I’m hopeful that participation in this November’s elections increases as well.  Local elections have a tremendous impact on the quality of life in our communities.  Voters should visit www.Arizona.Vote to find which areas of the state have elections and vote to have their voices heard!”








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A complete report compiled by county, congressional district and legislative district is available on or by calling 1-877-THE-VOTE.

Arizona’s National Republican Committeewoman Lori Klein Corbin spoke to the Prescott Valley Republican Women’s Club last night Monday evening.

The Trumped Store is hosting a meet and greet for Dr. Kelli Ward, candidate for US Senate, between 2-6 pm., Thurs., Nov 2 at 1041 E. Deuce Of Clubs in Show Low. Refreshments on the house!

Chairwoman McDaniel: There's a lot of questions that need to be answered by the Clinton campaign and the DNC I think this is incredibly concerning that the DNC and the Clinton campaign funded this Fusion GPS through a third party. They touted this fake Russia dossier through Washington, tried to push it into news outlets. It ended up being the basis of some of the Comey investigation. They never owned up to the fact that they were behind it. They've lied about it, now they're playing hot potato. We need to get to the bottom of why they did this, how they funded it. And there's a lot of questions that need to be answered by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

The Chips N Salsa Show co-host Alice Lara will be hosting the 4 pm., Sat., Oct 28 show solo as co-host as Don Jorge Ortiz must be a conservative Republican working his real job on the weekend! KQTH Tucson Radio Talk show host James T. Harris was among last week’s guests. Fast & Furious whistleblower Jeff Prather will probably make an appearance. Listen online or watch FACEBOOK Live. Contact

At 3 Pm., Thurs., Oct 26 The Tom Morrissey's Radio Riders show on KRIM 96.3 FM in Payson Az and will be playing some of the music that originated in a recording studio in upstate New York and went on to dominate the airwaves throughout the country and most of the rest of the world.  The second hour will feature Halloween music.

Palo Verde Outreach, a sister organization to the Palo Verde Republican Women is hosting a dinner featuring Mary Kissel, columnist and Wall Street Journal Editorial Board member, between 6-10 pm, Sat., Oct 28 at the Scottsdale, Plaza Resort at 7200 N. Scottsdale Road.  Kissel, nationally known news personality and frequent Fox News guest, will speak on free speech in America today, particularly as it relates to our universities and colleges.  Tickets are $100 per person. To attend make checks payable to: Palo Verde Outreach, 12420 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. Contact Joan Lang at 480.703.0416.  Oct 25 is the cutoff date.

Volunteers Are Needed To Help The Tea Party Scottsdale “Adopt a Scottsdale Street” cleanup of Chaparral Road between Hayden & Pima, starting at 8 am., Sat., Oct 28. Clean up crews will meet at 7 am at Randy's Restaurant for a no-host breakfast, 7904 E. Chaparral Rd. park next to Baker Bros on the NW corner of Hayden and Chaparral. They need drivers and banner/flag holders along with “worker bees”. The clean up usually takes about two hours. Contact Pat Shaler: | (480) 946-8069.

LD13 and LD19 will hold a joint meeting starting at 6:30 pm., Mon., Oct 30 at the Pebble Creek Tuscany Falls Ballroom. Participants are asked to bring a laptop, tablet or smart phone for the advanced precinct committeeman training scheduled at 7 pm., with instructor AZGOP Political Director Kyle Pierce, RNC 2018 AZ Victory Director Alex Melendez, and 2018 AZ Victory West Valley Regional Field Director Brenda Crawford, 2018 .

Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

Joseph-HobbsLD19 PC Joe Hobbs: Poor Jeff Flake, yesterday he sounded so pitiful and sorry for himself as he resigned. He should READ the Republican Party Platform (at least read the Preamble, Section 1) to understand how lost and out of touch he has become. Our platform is a wonderful, positive definition of what we Republicans actually expect of our Republican elected officials – now and in the next election cycle. Flake and McCain have become swamp creatures and it will be good to replace them BOTH with MAGA candidates who support our Platform in their words AND actions. This is the tool for all grass roots activists to use to measure our candidates and hold their feet to the fire. Hobbs also has an incredible expose on the Network Neutrality HOAX on Amazon – Restore-Our-Internet Editor’s Note: Hobbs is a three term MCRC Member-at Large – Emeritus

Logan J Hut: Recently we have seen some of you identify with conservative viewpoints.  You point out the problems with the establishment (rightfully so) but you fail to understand how to transition from an "activist" to an "influencer" in politics. Of course the Tea Party, AzRA, Constitution Party, AFP, Right to Life, NRA, CDL etc. are all good subgroups to stratify, dissect, and wedge conservatives against each other. But what are these groups doing to support each other?  Leadership is more difficult than management.  Next time you elect someone to run one of these organizations; ask yourself - am I electing a manager to advocate for one issue or am I electing a leader that can work with other leaders to strategically influence a truly conservative agenda?  Look at RINO success - the McCain Machine has one weak link – millions of California and D.C. dollars is spent in AZ to keep our primaries open so Democrats “independents” can vote in Republican primaries.   Where were all of you "influencers" when this issue was addressed by "activists"?  Look at CQ as a model; remember when he was a dyed in the wool conservative? Yet it doesn't take a member of Mensa to figure out that clean election strawmen pay… and so does NPV.  Yes, money talks and BS walks.  Which brings us to the crux of the matter. What would happen if all of the niche organizations above, combined their numbers; threw $15K each into the pot to get candidate signatures for 10 conservatives; filed for clean elections for those 10 conservatives and brought in another $300K then ran a state slate.  That’s how the RINOS do it and that’s how CQ does it…. Don’t be a bunch of free cookies and lemonade blowhards at the next LD meeting.  Find real conservatives and start leaning on your niche organizations to put your money where your mouth is or shut up…

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: Senator Flake was voted into office by the same group of voters, (Arizona, statewide) that voted for Donald Trump for POTUS, although at different times.   Senator Flake would be up for re-election next year had he decided to stay in politics.  However, it appears that Senator Flake felt that he could not represent his constituents by supporting the POTUS that they elected, so he decided to move on.   That brings us to his legacy, and the role of the AZ GOP.  Senator Flake’s action reminds us of Diogenes (an ancient Greek philosopher) who went in search of an honest man.  Top his credit, Senator Flake appears to be an honorable man who simply differs in his political philosophy with that of his constituents and therefore could not effectively represent the state.   That brings to mind that it is indeed compelling to note that more party elected and the AZ GOP don’t have the ‘backbone’ that Senator flake had and recognize the truth.  As splintered as the Republican party has become it may be that it’s days as the majority political could be coming to an end.  We still haven’t heard back from the party’s secretary as to what is going to be the actions with the bylaws thing, nor any clarification from the state chair, nor any follow up or feed-back for the county chairs. 

Steven SlatonSteven Slaton, American Legion Post 126 Commander, stands beside the cobra attack helicopter he flew in Viet Nam. Courtesy photo.

Steven Slaton, Navajo County Republican Chairman: I’ve been engaged in all-out war with the State Republican Party and local State Senators/officials for not following the RULE OF LAW. I’m also a Commander of American Legion Post 126. One of my duties as Commander is to perform funeral services for families of veterans. My honor guard and I have performed funerals of veterans from WWII, Korea, my fellow Vietnam Vets, Gulf War Vets, and War on Terror Vets. This past Saturday we gave services for David “Buck” Hensley. I didn’t know Buck. But that doesn’t matter. Buck a Marine served in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970. Buck is a Hero!

      Driving home you always reflect on the services and think of ways to do better. This reflection was different. As I formed our detail, for our three volley firing of our M1-Garands, Taps and standard military procedures, I watched the families and friends exit the chapel. I couldn’t help but to think of all of those who performed their duties with honor, and service to our country like Buck. After the families gather I gave the Command to my detail Honor Guard Captain to proceed. The three volleys of our .30 caliber Garand’s, shock the crowd. Babies began to cry. Those never been exposed to the rapid fire of these weapons are not used the sound. As combat Vets we stand fast and stoic. After the playing of taps. I gave the American Flag to Buck’s son as he held back his grief in the loss of his father as many ladies were crying. I presented to him the three last cartridges - representing Duty, Honor, Country, that I placed inside the American Flag to be entombed forever.

      After securing the weapons, filling out paper work, heading home, my thoughts turned to State Senator Allen, AZGOP Chairmen Lines, and officials still not willing to do what’s right by turning over records required by state law. This is so disgraceful to my fellow Veterans, who have died, sacrificed our bodies and well-being defending the Constitution of our Country and People. These Officials total disrespect for our soldiers sacrifices disgust me! And should disgust you too! The lack of some of our elected officials showing that they do not have the will power or desire to, fulfill their duty after taking the oath to follow our laws, need to be replaced. I will not let up on these officials until they do the right thing by upholding the RULE OF LAW, follow state statues, and condemn Chairman Lines who still refuses to turn over records which are require by state law.

     For all of those Men and Women and for the Families of those who we buried, I will not let these Elected Officials off the hook for their lack of respect for the oath we took to defend our country’s laws. Honor and duty don’t just apply to soldiers.

PC Clair Van Steenwyk: I thought since Sen. Flake stepped down I'd put in my 2 cents worth, as one who actually ran against him and know what McCain and the Elite can and did do, even though most still don't want to believe Cardin was a McCain plant to assure Flakes victory. We know there were meetings with him and another candidate to split the votes as we were invited to a private meeting with Cardin ourselves and didn't attend, as believe I anything we needed to discuss could have been done at any meeting we attended publicly.
      I do thank Sen. Flake for making this decision. As one who campaigned against him in the 2012 Primary and found Sen. Flake and his wife to be very courteous and thoughtful, never sinking to the politics of the day which meant attacking and slandering others with false or misleading statements. I now wish the best for both them and their family.  I believe we're now in for a Battle for the AZ GOP - the likes of which we've not seen as the Leadership has something in store for all Truly Committed Constitutional Citizens of AZ. I hope all will not be misled by the so called experts or fall into the GOP trap of better of two evils or polling to decide who they vote for. Check the records as they do matter which is borne out by events of the Day.  We no longer have hanging over anyone's head the accusation of splitting the vote and handing the office over to Sen. Flake. So if you want to run depend on your dedication to freedom not some poll, don't be surprised at who some may support in the primary while attacking others to make them weak should they win the primary to aid the democrats. I believe some would rather lose to a democrat than have a true freedom liberty minded constitutional republican in office.

Andy BiggsCongressman Biggs' on the Trump Administration's New Enhanced Vetting Procedures President Trump has signed an executive order to resume the U.S. refugee admissions program after installing additional vetting mechanisms to protect Americans from potential terrorists. This order was executed at the end of President Trump’s temporary pause on refugees from selected countries, which encountered several politically-motivated court challenges. Biggs issued the following statement: “President Trump and his administration were right to slow the influx of refugees from these countries, and I am pleased to see that he has taken steps to protect Americans from those who may do us harm. When President Trump took the oath of office at the beginning of the year, he assumed the constitutional duty to ensure that Americans were protected from all enemies – foreign and domestic – to the best of his abilities. Following an administration that did not take this responsibility very seriously, it is refreshing to see a Commander in Chief who takes meaningful steps to ensure the safety of his countrymen.  While President Trump was well within his constitutional right to institute this temporary pause to enact additional vetting procedures, the courts that opposed his efforts were not. Many judges and courts around the nation wrongly assume the role of ‘legislator’ and ‘executive’ when considering these significant cases, which fundamentally erodes our Constitution and subjects our Republic to chaos. One of the most egregious offenders of the constitutional bounds of the judicial branch is the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which repeatedly makes decisions based on political motivations– and did so with President Trump’s attempt to institute these enhanced vetting procedures. For this reason, I will continue to fight for my legislation to split the Ninth Circuit.”

National Boycott of the NFL set for Sun., Nov 12, Veterans Day Weekend

Registered voters are reminded that the Maricopa County Recorder's Office has mailed out ballots for the Nov 7 elections within Maricopa County. This is an all ballot-by-mail election.  Voters can return their ballot or request a replacement ballot until 7 pm., Tues., Nov 7. Voters who wish to vote in person, need a replacement ballot, or miss the recommended deadline to return their ballots by mail can visit any ballot center across the county.  Some ballot centers are open all 28 days of the election period, including nights and weekends depending on the location. See list of ballot centers at  For more information visit or call the Maricopa County Elections Department at 602-506-1511


THURS - Oct 26

Lydia Abril Hosts The Wickenburg “Believers For Trump” prayer meeting every Thursday evening at 6 pm., in the suite adjacent to Lydia’s La Canasta Restaurant, 2027 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg.

The Arizona Republican Women’s State Convention is scheduled Oct 26-28 at the Mesa Hilton. Those wishing to be delegates should contact their club presidents for details.

SAT - Oct 28

The Tucson Conservative Forum will meet with author/former DEA agent Jeff Prather at 9 am., at the Hungry Fox, 4637 E. Broadway Blvd. Prather will address “Trump vs the SWAMP- The Inside Story.” Breakfast at 8 am for $11 per person. No reservations required.

The Arizona Federation of Republican Women’s Biennial Convention is scheduled Oct 27 & 28 in Mesa, featuring NFRW President Carrie Almond, AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines, Rachael Campo Duffy, Talk show host Terry Gilbert and author Jesse Romero.

Palo Verde Outreach, a sister organization to the Palo Verde Republican Women is hosting a dinner featuring Mary Kissel, columnist and Wall Street Journal Editorial Board member, between 6-10 pm at the Scottsdale, Plaza Resort at 7200 N. Scottsdale Road.  Tickets are $100 per person. To attend make checks payable to: Palo Verde Outreach, 12420 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. Contact Joan Lang at 480.703.0416.  Oct 25 is the cutoff date.

Author Jeffrey Prather will address “Trump vs the SWAMP – The Inside Story” at 9 am., at the Tucson Conservative Forum scheduled in the Hungry Fox, 4637 E Broadway Blvd., in Tucson. 8 am breakfast - $11 per person. No reservation required. Prather is a retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistle blower and then targeted by the government.  He is an expert martial arts, firearms and horsemanship instructor, published author, film actor, speaker, father, husband and chaplain. Prather can be reached for motivational speaking at 520-241-7690. His latest book is “Initiation: Boys are Boys, Men are trained”

WED -Nov 1

Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Bill Gates begins his quest to conquer the entire 315-mile Maricopa Trail during his first term in office starting at 6:30 am., at the AndyHunasek Trailhead at Spear S Ranch Trailhead E. Linda Ln., New River, AZ 85087. Join Gates one-way 2.9-mile hike. Sign up for your own 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge at Contact Gates at 602-506-7562.


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