Saturday, October 28, 2017

10-28-17 Briefs


In A Joint Meeting, LD 13 and LD19 will conduct Advanced Precinct Committeeman Training - Instructing PC’s in the most current grassroots outreach tools including voter identification, creating walkbooksand new tools at 7 pm., Mon., Oct 30 at the at the Pebble Creek Tuscany Falls Ballroom. Individual LD meetings will begin at 6:30 pm. Instructors include AZGOP Political Director Kyle Pierce, RNC 2018 AZ Victory Director Alex Melendez and 2018 AZ Victory West Valley Regional Field Director Brenda Crawford. Attendees are asked to bring a laptop, ipad, or smartphone.

A Copy of Former AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham’s “Building A Better GOP” 2015  Articles of Organization filing  is floating around the Internet, prompting people to ask “what is that?” 10-27-17-briefs.html  Graham told Briefs, “It was an organization that I set up to be helpful in building a better GOP locally and nationally.” Since that didn’t tell us much, Briefs has further inquired, “What is it doing?  What has it accomplished?  Is it a fundraiser or planning group or what?” 

A Researcher Provided this list of stories on Hillary & Bill Clinton and their alleged criminal collusion for the past 10 years. Follow The Money: 

· Hillary Clinton and the real Russian collusion




· Trudeau to give Clinton Foundation $241M from Canadian taxpayers









· Liddick: Clinton cash raises questions











Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

A Bean Counter Points Out: “So, the real story here, from a numbers perspective, is that of the 14,643 new voters registered in Arizona, 4,594 registered as Republican or roughly 30%, while the number of NPP escalated to more than 57% of new registrations. The Republicans are no longer fighting Democrats in AZ registration totals, as it has been trending more and more that voters who are registering are simply not choosing Republican or Democrat, but rather, are going their own way, with consciously selecting ‘no party preference’."   See 10-27-17-briefs.html  Secretary of State Michele Reagan has announced the number of registered voters in AZ has increased 14,643- to more than 3.6 million active voters.

Yavapai County PC Rick Hennessey: I am writing this message for everyone in Yavapai County. I have 700 post cards to send to President Trump to convince Jeff DeWit to run for Jeff Flakes seat. Kelly Ward can’t win! Jeff DeWit can. We need a true conservative to run. Jeff’s our man. Anyone who wants a post card to send to the President please contact me at 928. 499 9342

Activist Chase Kenwood: Its time we send a true conservative with a proven record of conservative values who is not afraid to stand up to the Washington establishment.  John Shadegg has longstanding conservative credentials, going all the way back to Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.), the conservative hero who ran for president in 1964.  Shadegg represented Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1995 to 2011. Just yesterday Shadegg told a reporter he’s considering a run for U.S. Senate. “I am all about the fight for freedom. It really is what gets me out of bed in the morning. So, I’d be foolish not to give it serious thought, talk to my family, and figure out, is this right thing to do and is this the right time to do it?” he said. Shadegg will fight for us, but he needs to know we will fight for him. Draft Conservative John Shadegg to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate. Sign the petition today at

PC Clair Van Steenwyk: I have some more thoughts on the US Senate Race and I do believe it's important for all of us to recall what we need to do to aid in the process to assure us a victory and not the Democrats or GOP Elites. Will State Treasurer Jeff DeWit, Former Sheriff Arpaio, US Reps Gosar, McSally, Franks, Schweikert, Former US Rep Shadegg, Former AZGOP Chairman Graham or someone less known decide to run for the 4 US Senate? The voters need a criteria before supporting any of the unannounced or announced Candidates, such as their voting records, support of Sen. McCain or Flake, Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling, support of President Trumps Agenda and go from there. I believe we need real information not attack ads and statements made with no proof to support them. I Challenge, if you say someone has a bad record then post a link to prove it, or you’re just more political fake news meant to mislead voters for your benefit. This can’t be tolerated as more politics as usual. There’s enough information on those named to post their records; anyone can use Google and ask the right question to see if they did what they’re accused of, or you’re being lied to. Most Briefs readers know who did what; however many voters don’t know. If we really want America Restored, we all have a duty to be certain those we support aren’t just more of the same old politics of the past. We don’t need or want Sinema to be our next US Senator. So please Candidates keep in mind that what you say matters -- especially to the uninformed AZ voters which makes up a far greater % than most want to admit. Keep it Factual and we’ll all win; we’re watching you so do the right thing.

Retired Major Jeffrey Prather of “Prather Point” will address the student Veteran’s Day assembly at 1 pm., Fri., Nov 10 at Desert Christian High School in Tucson regarding ‘honoring veterans’ . Contact Prather at

East Mesa AZRA Chapter will meet at 6 pm., Fri., Nov 1 at the home of Kay and Jerry Clingman, 1744 N. 93rd St. in Mesa. No speaker. Contact Clingman, President at 480-861-4958

Is It Man over God, or God over Man? The Very Rev. John Lankeit, dean of the Cathedral of Ss. Simon and Jude in Phoenix, shows Christians how to use Jesus' logic.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, said American voters were too "savvy" to be influenced by Russian-backed political commercials. His comments come as at least three congressional committees are scheduled to hear from tech executives next week about Russian use of their platforms during last year's campaign. (Politico)

GOP Strategists say their party's chances of holding an Arizona Senate seat are better following Sen. Jeff Flake's decision not to seek re-election, so long as they can keep former state Sen. Kelli Ward from clinching the Republican nomination. Two Arizona lawmakers - Reps. Trent Franks and Dave Schweikert - do not plan on running, while fellow Republican Rep. Martha McSally is said to be considering a campaign. (Morning Consult)

ICYMI: Chairwoman McDaniel: There Are Questions That Need To Be Answered Steve Doocy: You know, it looks like the Democrats right now are in a bit of a pickle when it comes to this dodgy dossier thing because now it’s been revealed the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign financed the Russian angle of it et cetera. What’s your observation about what’s going on?
    Chairwoman McDaniel: Well, I think there are some questions that need to be answered. And the first would be Debbie Wasserman Schultz and John Podesta are saying they didn’t know about this dossier. They don’t know who authorized it. They should know now. Maybe they didn't know when they testified in front of Congress. But they should have gone back to their organizations now and said who gave authorization for this law firm to employ Fusion GPS and get this dossier going. I bet they have the answers to those questions, they should as the head of those organizations. Why did they lie it about for a year and why weren't they transparent?

The Chips N Salsa Show co-host Alice Lara will be hosting the 4 pm., Sat., Oct 28 show solo as co-host as Don Jorge Ortiz must be a conservative Republican working his real job on the weekend! KQTH Tucson Radio Talk show host James T. Harris was among last week’s guests. Fast & Furious whistleblower Jeff Prather will probably make an appearance. Listen online or watch FACEBOOK Live. Contact


SAT - Oct 28

Palo Verde Outreach, a sister organization to the Palo Verde Republican Women is hosting a dinner featuring Mary Kissel, columnist and Wall Street Journal Editorial Board member, between 6-10 pm at the Scottsdale, Plaza Resort at 7200 N. Scottsdale Road.  Tickets are $100 per person. To attend make checks payable to: Palo Verde Outreach, 12420 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85259. Contact Joan Lang at 480.703.0416. 

Volunteers Are Needed To Help The Tea Party Scottsdale “Adopt a Scottsdale Street” cleanup of Chaparral Road between Hayden & Pima, starting at 8 am., Sat., Oct 28. Clean up crews will meet at 7 am at Randy's Restaurant for a no-host breakfast, 7904 E. Chaparral Rd. park next to Baker Bros on the NW corner of Hayden and Chaparral. They need drivers and banner/flag holders along with “worker bees”. The clean up usually takes about two hours. Contact Pat Shaler: | (480) 946-8069.

Author Jeffrey Prather will address “Trump vs the SWAMP – The Inside Story” at 9 am., at the Tucson Conservative Forum scheduled in the Hungry Fox, 4637 E Broadway Blvd., in Tucson. 8 am breakfast - $11 per person. No reservation required. Prather is a retired army officer, ex-DEA special agent, former DIA intelligence officer turned whistle blower and then targeted by the government.  He is an expert martial arts, firearms and horsemanship instructor, published author, film actor, speaker, father, husband and chaplain. Prather can be reached for motivational speaking at 520-241-7690. His latest book is “Initiation: Boys are Boys, Men are trained”

MON - Oct 30

LD13 and LD19 will hold a joint meeting starting at 6:30 pm., Mon., Oct 30 at the Pebble Creek Tuscany Falls Ballroom. Participants are asked to bring a laptop, tablet or smart phone for the advanced precinct committeeman training scheduled at 7 pm., with instructor AZGOP Political Director Kyle Pierce, RNC 2018 AZ Victory Director Alex Melendez, and 2018 AZ Victory West Valley Regional Field Director Brenda Crawford, 2018 .

WED -Nov 1

Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Bill Gates begins his quest to conquer the entire 315-mile Maricopa Trail during his first term in office starting at 6:30 am., at the Andy Hunasek Trailhead at Spear S Ranch Trailhead E. Linda Ln., New River, AZ 85087. Join Gates one-way 2.9-mile hike. Sign up for your own 100 Miles in 100 Days Challenge at Contact Gates at 602-506-7562.

The East Mesa AZRA Chapter will meet at 6 pm., Wed., Nov 1 at 1744 n. 93rd St. Contact: Jerry Clingman 480-861-4958.


Lydia Abril Hosts The Wickenburg “Believers For Trump” prayer meeting every Thursday evening at 6 pm., in the suite adjacent to Lydia’s La Canasta Restaurant, 2027 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg.

The Trumped Store is hosting a meet and greet for Dr. Kelli Ward, candidate for US Senate, between 2-6 pm., Thurs., Nov 2 at 1041 E. Deuce Of Clubs in Show Low. Refreshments on the house!

Central Republican Women of Phoenix (CRWOP) meets 6:15 pm., Thurs., Nov 2 at the University Club, 39 E. Monte Vista in Phoenix. Social Hour 5:30 pm. Full dinner with beverage & desert $30 - RSVP to Jan Webb

The Arizona Summit on Volunteerism & Civic Engagement Workshop is asking for proposals for its Nov 2 & 3 session at the ASU West Campus in Glendale. Details: 2017 Summit Workshop Request for Proposal

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Nov 2 at 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Contact: Cora Lee Schingnitz, Secretary

Concerned Citizens For America hosts “An Evening Of Conversation With Judicial Watch Southwest Project Coordinator Mark Spencer” at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Nov 2 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road in Sedona. Spencer, the top overall police recruit from the Regional Police Academy in 1987, member of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and the Arizona State Coordinator for Judicial Watch will address the latest court battles and FIOA requests initiated by Judicial Watch to expose the “Deep State”, Hillary, Bill, and Loretta and corruption in Arizona. Desserts provided.

FRI - Nov 3

Tempe Republican Women’s fundraiser garage sale is Nov 3 and 4 at 2009 E Caroline Lane in Tempe. Contact to setup a time to drop off.

THE AZGOP Victory Tour Bus will be at the Gila County Republican headquarters, 307 S Beeline Highway in Payson at 8 am., Fri., Nov 3 it tours throughout the state as part of a one-year countdown toward the November 2018 mid-term elections. Coffee, juice and donuts will be available. Local, county and state elected officials have been invited. For information call the Gila County GOP headquarters phone at 928-478-8186.

SAT - Nov 4

MRC Chairman Chris Herring has announced that the 2018 election cycle kickoff is scheduled between 8am and noon, Sat, Nov 4.Volunteers are asked to help participate in neighborhood canvassing, voter registrations, and collecting non-perishable food items for a local food bank. Volunteers should contact contact your LD Chairman or

The Sun City West Republicans meeting is scheduled at 8:30 am, Sat., Nov 4 in the Quail Rm of the SCW Foundation Building with Corporation Commissioner Robert Burns. Burns - who will address regulation of Arizona’s private water, wastewater, electricity, gas and telecommunications companies, among other things. Burns is a former state representative, state senator, Central Arizona Water Conservation District Director, and Senate President and Appropriations Chairman. Coffee/donuts served at 8 am. A $2 donation helps defray the rental costs. Contact: Publicity chairman Jean Goncalves at 623-214-8010.


· FBI-Report-Increases-In-Most-Major-Crime-Categories-In-Peoria

· FBI Informant In Uranium Scandal Cleared To Testify, Nets Refuse To Report

· Arizona Wrongly Distributed $62 Million In Federal Aid For Poor Students Over 4 Years

· Disrespectful Liberal College Kids Banned From Disrupting Future Conservative Events

· Tomi Lahren: Jeff Flake Is A Reminder Why The Swamp Needs To Be Drained

· Report: Swift Response Saved Officer's Life

· Forest Service Hiring For 2018 Temporary Positions

· Lawmakers, Advocates Blast ‘Misguided’ Grand Canyon Fee Hike Plan

· Biggs Calls On Mueller To Resign

· Hundreds Of Bodies Found Near The Border Remain Unidentified

· Alert: List-Of-Locations-For-The-Nov-4-Anti-Trump-Protests

· Council: Sales Tax Not Subject To Referendum

· Contractors Of Border Wall Prototypes Includes 2 Arizona Firms

· WMAT Chairman Ronnie Lupe Won’t Seek Re-Election

· Lawmakers, Advocates Blast ‘Misguided’ Grand Canyon Fee Hike Plan

· White House: Zinke Told Trump He Had 'No Role' In Puerto Rico’s Whitefish Contract

· ‘First Time I Saw A Cactus’: Diamondbacks Reflect Warmly On Arizona Fall League

· Health Care Leaders, Police And Prosecutors Join Forces To Research Concussions In Domestic Violence Victims

· Uncovering Corruption: Investigations Into Obama (Uranium) And Clinton (Emails)

· Reward Offered For Information About Two Mule Deer Poached Near Prescott

· Health Advocates Launch Plan To Curb Spread Of HIV And Aids In Arizona By 2030

· Arizona-American-Legion-And-Legion-Auxiliary-Officials-Visit

· Arizona State Parks Foundation Announces New Brand And 60th Anniversary Campaign

· FEC Accuses Clinton Campaign, DNC Of Violating Campaign Finance Law With Dossier Payments

    Phoenix Billionaire INSYS Founder Charged With Racketeering

· Fear Of Deportation Makes The Painful Experience Of Domestic Violence Worse

· High Schoolers Write 1,000 Thank You Notes To First Responders In Las Vegas Mass Shooting

· Navajo Nation Couple Sentenced To Prison For Assault, Carjacking

· Phoenix Charter For Homeless Students Struggles With Funding, Academic Success

· 2,600 Lbs. Of Marijuana Seized By AZDPS In Southern Arizona

· Democrats Renew Call For A Quick Vote On A ‘Clean’ Dream Act Bill

· University Of Phoenix Sparks Opportunities In Tempe

· Navajo, Other Tribes Call Land-Use Bill A Step In The Right Direction

· Phoenix Official: Working With Feds On Immigration Hurts Local Policing

· Kelli-Ward-And-The-Arizona-Vultures

· Founder-Owner-Of-Pharma-Company-Insys-Arrested-Charged-With-Racketeering/

· Update: Arrested/Indicted INSYS Founder John Kapoor Recently Contributed To Arizona GOP, Trump, National Republicans; AZGOP Says Money Was Donated

· Hillary-Clinton-And-Real-Russian-Collusion

· John-McCain-Wont-Say-Whether-He-Knew-He-Was-Handing-Clinton-Funded-Russia-Dossier-To-FBI

· Top Republican Leaked Anti-Trump DOC To FBI


· A-New-Tough-Guy-Dem-For-The-AZ-Republic-To-Endorse

· Tainting-Trump-With-Russian-Collusion-Traced-To-Hillary, DNC, Mccain John McCain Hand-Carried Dossier To FBI Intending To Destroy Trump

· Flake-Left-The-Senate-Because-He-Can’t-Abide-The-GOP

· Establishment Candidate Jeff Flake Folds Senate Tent

· AZ Teachers Want 20% Raise — Great. Earn It

· Flake’s A Loser: Time To Diminish Conservative Ward


· Nigerian-Citizen-Sentenced-To-6-Years…

· The-Florida-Gators-May-Have-New-Fight Song

· NFL-Dirty-Secret-On-Who-Funds-Stadiums Exposes Taxpayers\

· Hillary-Bill-Clinton-And-Real-Criminal Collusion: Follow The Money

· AZ Senator McCain Gave Clinton Paid Dossier on Trump to FBI

· AZ Sen Flake Bashes Trump and Fellow Senators As He Announces Will Not Seek Re-Election VIDEO

· Hallelujah: Arizona-Senator-Jeff-Flake Won’t Run For Re-Election


· FBI Director Wanted To Keep JFK Killer Lee Harvey Oswald Alive For Confession

· Phoenix Billionaire INSYS Founder Charged With Racketeering

· Kelli Ward On Challengers: 'Vultures' Circling

· Trump Administration Officially Apologizes For IRS Tea Party Targeting And Other News

· Manager Or Leader? Activist Or Influencer?

· Report: Paul Ryan Planning To Slip Amnesty For DACA Illegal Aliens Into Spending Deal

· DOJ Lifts Gag Order On FBI Informant To Discuss Uranium Deal With Congress

· Gov. Doug Ducey, Despite Lean Budget, Awards Hefty Pay Raises To His Staff

· Citizens Vs Government - Who Wins?

· Reflections

JFK Files

· Bill-Ayers-Terrorist-Friend-Of Obama-Was On Federal-Watch

· Gorka: Deep State Withholding Of JFK Files "Stinks To High Heaven"

· Trump Blocks Full Release Of JFK Assassination Records After Last Minute CIA Push

· FBI & CIA Left Trump 'No Choice' But To Delay Long-Awaited JFK Assassination Docs

· Hillary Caught In $5.6 Million Dollar Plot Against Trump


· This Weekend, Gold Star Family Will Boycott NFL For Disrespecting Veterans


· Smoking Gun? Bombshell Footage Shows Over A Dozen Ambulances “Removing Bodies” From The Hooters Casino And Hotel During The Las Vegas Massacre

· Mandalay Bay Security Guard Jesus Campos Drove Rental Car Into California From Mexico One Week After Shooting


· Massive-Coverup-Exposed-Obama-Threatened-Whistleblowers-Life-If-He-Talked

· Obama-Caught-In Major-Conspiracy

· Obama Implicated In Federal Crime


· CBS To Border Patrol: Isn’t Building A Wall Just ‘Distraction Politics’?

· Over, Under And Through: Testing Designs For Trump's Border Wall


· Paul-Ryan-Lets-Democrats-Know-FBI-Ready-Turn-Trump-Dossier-Documents

· Frederica-Wilson-Missing-Congress-Days-Excuse-Trump-Supporters-Fault

· Pelosi-Face-Spasms-Mar-Speech-Utters-Gibberish, Confuses-Trillions-& Billions

· Hatch To Retire, Romney Will Run


· Pentagon Begins Pull Back Of Unneeded Assets From Puerto Rico

· Missing Engine Parts Caused F-16 Crash Near DC, Air Force Says

· How The 2018 Tricare Changes Impact Tricare For Life Users

· In Rare Show Of Force, Navy Now Has Three Carriers In Pacific

· SEAL Wants Bergdahl Dishonorably Discharged

· Air Force Working Through Implementation Of Trump's Pilot Recall Order

· Trump Presents Medal Of Honor To Vietnam War Medic

· In A First, Marines Shoot HIMARS Rocket From Amphibious Ship

· US Suspects Niger Villager Betrayed Army Troops

· Air Force Preparing B-52 Bombers For 24-Hour Alert Status: Report

· Army Testing Improved Hot Weather Combat Uniform

· Air Force Mulls Uniform Shift From Abus To Acus

· New Hull Crack, Typhoon Divert Collision-Damaged USS Mccain

· Navy Destroyer Howard Aids Iranian Fishermen After Pirate Attack

· Air Force Academy Athletes Suspended From Team Amid Widening Probe

· Navy Amphib Rescues Boaters, 2 Dogs After Months At Sea

· Marines Want A Truck-Mounted Rocket-Launcher That Fits In An Osprey


· 'American Radical': Hear From Muslim FBI Agent Who Infiltrated Terror Groups

· Justice Department Frees Up Uranium One Informant To Congress

· Trump Bowing To Cia On JFK Files Is A Reminder Of How The Presidency Changes People

· Report: FBI Made Massive Discovery In Clinton Investigation


· Hannity Calls On Powerful Republican-To-Resign.

· Tucker Debate: Dem Changes Subject To Taxes When Pressed On Russia Dossier

· Gregg Jarrett On The Clintons: 'They Are Escape Artists That Would Make Houdini Proud'

· Conway: Uranium One Deal Is Why Americans Think Clinton Is Dishonest


· Trey-Gowdy-Major-Announcement


· Hillary Says The Republicans Are Imploding; But Look At Her Own Party

· Breaking: Hillary Caught In $5.6 Million Plot Against Trump

· Conway: Uranium One Deal Is Why Americans Think Clinton Is Dishonest


· Liberals Protest Abraham Lincoln Statue Because 'He Owned Slaves'


· Report: Charges Filed In Mueller Investigation


· Book Review: “Cop Under Fire” By Sheriff David Clarke Jr.


· Corey Feldman’s Crowdfund To Take Down Hollywood Pedophiles Raises $100K In First 24 Hours

· Creepy Joe Biden Teams Up With Lady Gaga To “Stop Sexual Assault”


· Millionaire Muslima Ripped Off Taxpayers For 18 Years – Finally Kicked Out Of Government-Funded Home


· Mad-Man-On-Stabbing-Spree-At-TX-College-Stopped-By-Student-With-Gun

· Taking A Stand: MO College Creates Mandatory Patriotism Class


· AGENDA 21: Saudi Arabia Building Megapolis 33X Size Of New York City

· The Pneumonic Plague Is Spreading: Warnings Issued To 9 Countries