Wednesday, November 15, 2017

11-15-17 Briefs


Four “Lifetime Members’ of the Arrowhead Republican Women’s Club gathered last week for a photo after former Gov Jan Brewer, second from the left, was presented with her “Lifetime” certificate following her presentation to the club on Nov 8 in Sun City West. Jan Hermsmeyer, far left, has been involved in the Federation of Republican Women for some 35 years, Brewer is a founding member of the ARW. Frosty Taylor, MCRC Briefs editor, second from right, and Jan Martinson, far right, have also been members since the early days of the club. Taylor and Martinson were board members of the old LD4. Taylor founded the Wickenburg Republican Club and the MCRC Briefs – a daily tip sheets on GOP happenings. Martinson has served as chairman of several West Valley Republican Clubs and is well-recognized as the hostess for numerous successful West Valley GOP fundraisers. Janet Heinz photo

McCain: Military-Personnels-100-Hour-Work-Weeks-Must-Stop He’s had 30 years in office to put a stop to this, where the hell has he been??? – ft

tristan manos  2017LD24 PC Tristan Manos: "This is to announce to my fellow Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC) PCs I am running for the position of MCRC Member At Large for the upcoming MCRC Mandatory Meeting and Election, taking place on Saturday, January 13th, 2018. I'm committed to serving and representing "We The PCs," all Republicans, and all Americans for the good of promoting—in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence—the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Republican Party, Party Platform, Voter Registration, PC Recruiting, Candidate Recruiting, Get Out The Vote (GOTV), Make America Great Again (#MAGA), and America 1st throughout the community, Maricopa County, and beyond. I'm respectfully asking for your vote. Thank you." Contact:

Anyone wishing to run for a Member-At-Large position on the Maricopa County Republican Committee needs to get their nomination form submitted to their Legislative District Chairman by Dec 2, 2017. See Call_for_nominations.pdf New at-large members will be elected during the Jan 13, 2018 Mandatory county meeting. Also submit the names and a photo of any precinct committeemen who have passed away in 2017 to your legislative district chairman no later than Nov 30, 2017. All proposed resolutions must be submitted by Nov 28, 2017 to Resolutions Chairman Barry Wong at

The Chips N Salsa Show broadcasts LIVE Saturdays at 4 pm with Hosts Alice Lara and Don Jorge Ortiz offering headlines /commentary/entertainment from their Latino Republican perspectives.  Featured guests this weekend are DEPLORABLE LATINAS Monica Yelin & Terry Mendoza as well as the latest from Fast & Furious whistleblower Jeff Prather with his weekly Prather Point.  Listen online or watch FACEBOOK Live. Contact for Guest or sponsorship opportunities.

Congressman Trent Franks was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s FOX talk show last night.

JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa in Tucson has reversed a restriction that prohibited journalists and media outlets from covering the Brian Terry Foundation Courage Awards and Benefit Dinner taking place at the hotel on the evening of Sat, Nov18. Media wishing to cover this event must contact Mike Anthony Scerbo at Brian Terry Foundation is a nonprofit public charity established to honor the life and ultimate sacrifice of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Agent Terry was killed in the line of duty near Rio Rico, Arizona on December 14, 2010.

Van’s Crossroads will address the issue of the National Popular Vote in Arizona at 3 pm., Wed.,Nov 14 at Host Clair Van Steenwyk said, “I'm hoping those listening will see the wisdom our founders had when they set up the Electoral System and realize how many in AZ GOP holding office don't get it or are more loyal to CQ then to the Constitution & Platform hoping Facts matter more than popularity does. Contact: 657-383-1673 o Editor’s Note: Van Steenwyk is referring to Lobbyist Constantine Querard as CQ. - ft

General Mark A. Milley, Chief of Staff of the Army, hosted a special Twilight Tattoo performance to recognize Senator John McCain for over 60 years of dedicated service to the nation and the U.S. Navy last night Conmy Hall, Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Virginia.Twilight Tattoo is a live-action military pageant featuring soldiers from the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard) and the U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own." For more information on the Twilight Tattoo, click here.

AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines will speak to the Fountain Hills Republican Club at 9 am., Sat., Nov 17 in the Fountain Hills Community Center. Fountain Hills Toymakers will have their homemade toys available for purchase. All proceeds from toy sales go to buy material for toys given away to less fortunate children. Contact club secretary Boe James at

The Fountain Hills Republican Club (FHRC) will have an entry in the Fountain Hills Thanksgiving Day “Winter in the Southwest” Parade.  Last year the FHRC won best motorized entry with "Mr. Trump goes to Washington" to correspond to last year's Hollywood/movie theme.   This parade is the largest Thanksgiving Day Parade west of the Mississippi.  If interested in participating, contact parade chairman Chris Brant at or 480-837-9725.  

Radio talk show host Mike Broomhead is scheduled to speak at the Dec 16 Fountain Hills Republican Club Potluck Christmas breakfast. Guests are asked to bring a breakfast dish and donations for “Toys for Tots.” The Fountain Hills Toymakers will probably be on site to sell toys for donation to the Toys for Tots program or as Christmas gifts.  Contact club secretary Boe James at

The Republican National Committee has cut fundraising ties with GOP Senate hopeful Roy Moore. The new FEC filings follow allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore by five women, two of whom accused him of sexual misconduct with them when they were minors. New documents filed Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission show the RNC is no longer listed alongside other groups involved in the joint fundraiser. full story here

The AZRA West Chapter will meet at 8:30 am., Nov 18 at Culver’s Restaurant, 5127 N 99th Ave., in Glendale to hear LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell, discuss teaming with Phoenix Children’s Hospital on their toy drive and planning a meet & greet to get out the No NPV. Contact: Chairman Cirilo (CID) DeLaFuente. (623)312-705

Arrowhead Republican Women will meet at 11:45 am, Sat., Dec 2 at the Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave in Sun City West with Alex Meluskey, syndicated radio host and Chairman of Contract with American Veterans , who will address giving back to America's veterans and their families. Members will be signing holiday cards to send to deployed troops and providing holiday assistance to local families thanks to Debbie Lee of America's Mighty Warriors - Reservations required or by contacting Lezlee Alexander at 602-354-5224. . $20 payable at the door. Doors open at 10:45 am.

The Leisure World Republican Club will meet at 7pm., Mon, Nov 20 in the Ballroom in Leisure World, 908 S. Power Rd, Mesa. Congressman Andy Biggs will be the special guest with Wes Harris speaking on the National Popular Vote. John Naughton will present his rendition of the National Anthem. A slice of pumpkin pie and a cup of coffee will be served to each attendee.

In this clip, Rep. Trent Franks asks AG Sessions about the new report revealing the FBI may be investigating Planned Parenthood for the illegal sale of baby parts. He asks AG Sessions about how the DOJ might begin to investigate Uranium One… Sessions’ answers are revealing… Franks questions Sessions

Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

Archie Dicksion To LD13 Chairman Barry Wong: On Sunday, I provided you with an electronic copy of a resolution that I propose to have submitted to the general membership at the state mandatory meeting scheduled for January 27th 2018. Today, I forwarded to you a hard copy of that resolution by certified mail return receipt requested c/o Matthew Kenney at the Republican headquarters. A hard copy was also provided by certified mail in the same manner to Secretary Gabby Mercer. The word count is below the 250 provided in the State bylaws and is submitted more than the 45 days provided in those bylaws. If there are any further requirements, please let me know so that I can comply with those requirements in a timely manner. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated as I believe the subject matter of the proposed resolution is of importance to the general membership of the party. Editor’s Note: Dicksion is referring to a petition that requests legislators to amend ARs16—828 to prohibit political party members from carrying unlimited proxies for business meeting. The petition Grassroots petition wants proxies limited to two per person per meeting - to put a stop to practice of ‘bell cows’ carrying 20-40 proxies, according to Dicksion.

Van’s Crossroads talk show host Clair Van Steenwyk: Does the GOP Platform Matter? I've checked the votes by AZ GOP representatives and was surprised that 20 of them voted and passed in favor of the National Popular Vote --which if ever becomes law we'll lose as demonstrated in both the 2000 & 2016 Elections with Dems getting more Popular Votes and GOP getting the Electoral Majority, which is how our Founders set up the system as they knew what would happen with Majority Vote. Remember NY, Boston and Philly were already population centers even then with more to come.

Congressman Andy Biggs: “President Trump completed one of the most effective foreign trips from a U.S. Commander in Chief in recent history. I congratulate him on his fruitful travels in Asia. I heard from many of my Asian American constituents throughout the past two weeks, and they were very impressed by the relationships the President is continuing to foster. I look forward to seeing continued cooperation between our friends in Asia and the United States.”

US Representative Martha McSally on her vote in support of the Fiscal Year 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) conference report: “Southern Arizona is a major hub of military power. Our bases are indispensable for our national security and vital to our local communities. The final defense bill the House passed today correctly prioritizes and supports our state’s assets. It restarts much-needed A-10 upgrades and authorizes $103 million to begin re-winging the Warthog fleet, increases funding for the missions at Ft. Huachuca, and provides additional resources for Raytheon’s missile defense systems. Every single provision I fought for on behalf of Arizona is secured in this conference report, and I urge the Senate to also approve it so we can get it to President Trump’s desk.” To view the full list of provisions for Southern Arizona, CLICK HERE.

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl To AZGOP Sec Gabby Mercer: I certainly appreciate your taking the time and effort to answer.  What I would have liked to have heard, “Yes, as the duly elected secretary of the AZ GOP I intend to comply with the bylaws fully.  Since no time frame is stipulated, proposed amendment submitted directly to me will be mailed to the state committeemen on 30 November, and included in the January Mandatory meeting for the state committeemen to vote.  If the bylaws committee submits their proposed amendments in that time frame they will be included.  When the bylaws committee will conclude their  ‘dragging their feet’ is up to them.”

B. Method of Amending Bylaws An amendment to these bylaws may be proposed at any meeting called in accordance with these bylaws. A copy of the proposed amendment together with a statement explaining the purpose to be achieved and the reasons in support thereof shall be mailed to each member by the secretary with the notice of call for that meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present in person or by proxy shall be necessary to pass any motion to amend.

Nowhere in the bylaws is the authority given for the unelected Executive Director, the state chair or the bogus bylaws chair to veto this.  This is your authority to act. Do so!  It’s time for someone to step up to the autocratic running of the AZ GOP.  The AZ GOP belongs to WE THE PEOPLE!  And, a copy of my recommendation goes to my few hundred readers.

Editor’s Note: Ehl is replying to this Nov 13, 2017 note to him from AZGOP Secretary Gabriela Mercer: All your points are well taken and I agree with you that the “upper management” of the AZ GOP has stepped out of their boundaries which I alone cannot do anything about.  As a "Lone Ranger" I cannot do anything if the body does not care to get involved.  I have questioned where are the each of the 15 counties chairmen?  Where are all the State Committeemen during all the shenanigans going on at AZ GOP?  Chirp, chirp, chirp, there is a real cricket living in my dining room and I hear it every night, but I do not hear anything from anybody else.  What I am saying here is - if there are not enough people who care about what goes on at the AZ GOP, you and I are indeed barking at the wrong tree.I have been contacted by several State Committeemen and a few county chairmen and they are willing to help me take a stand and make sure that any bylaws amendments submitted to me will be mailed with the call letter when the time comes.  This is is all I can tell you at this time.

Former LD22PC Brian Reilly: In Tom Morrissey’s 11-13-17-briefs reply to my opinion that U.S. Marshal David Gonzales would make an excellent, potential GOP candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff, as opposed to Morrissey’s choice of rerunning the old Arpaio Administration, as represented by Arpaio’s former Chief Deputy, Jerry Sheridan, Morrissey could only question my use of Channel 12 News as a source. Morrissey wrote: “And you cite Channel 12 News as your basis for your criticism of Chief Sheridan?” Having personally attended the Arpaio Civil Contempt Hearings and the Arpaio Criminal Contempt Hearings, I found the local media accurately reporting what I witnessed and heard in court testimony. You may disparage the messenger, but the message was accurate, in my opinion. For your enlightenment, I have included a link to Judge G. Murray Snow’s 162 page Findings of Fact, which details the activities of then Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his former Chief Deputy, Jerry Sheridan. (This is just one of the court records that Arpaio unsuccessfully sought to have erased from the court record after he was pardoned by President Trump.) On page 3, of the FOF court document, signed by U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow, it states: “In their testimony during the evidentiary hearing, Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Deputy Sheridan made multiple intentional misstatements of fact while under oath. In short the Court finds the Defendants have engaged in multiple acts of misconduct, dishonesty, and bad faith with respect to the Plaintiff class and the protection of its rights.” I notice in your bombastic editorial that you never mentioned that Maricopa County should strive for “honest” law enforcement. As a conservative Republican, I believe that Maricopa County taxpayers cannot afford a repeat of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio Administration. We need a new vision and unblemished GOP leadership in the MCSO.

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: A political party seeks to influence, or control government policy, by seating candidates with aligned political views. Democracy – Ex: when a bill goes to ‘the House’ for a vote, the majority vote regardless of party affiliation, carries the day. That decision is accepted.  Republicanism - broken into many political parties, the major two being the Democratic and Republican Party’s.  For a party to hold power, a majority of that party must vote together to stay in power.  Party infighting and self aggrandizement has brought the Republican party to its knees.  Poor party leadership at the local and federal levels have signaled the possible end of the Republican controlled Senate and House. Who is to blame??  Yeah, blame the leaders, but who put the leaders there???  To start with the County Chairmen look like Arizona has some of the most uncaring political leaders – letting RINOs prevail!

     In the 11-12-17 Briefs. Bruce Piepho said “Voters in Arizona must be the ones who decide our party nominates.”  TRUE!!  But leaving it mostly to campaign rhetoric by political candidates has a political party on its knees because of a lack of leadership!  Party infighting!  RINOs!  We know the history of the weak AZ GOP. Piepho’s suggestion requires the best of political information available to the voters.  We know that this will not be forthcoming from the AZ GOP.  Before the election, the Arizona Secretary of State publishes a booklet with a bio of every candidate having no particularly distinctive quality or application.  We already know that the leadership of the AZ GOP will probably not be forthcoming, and the County Chairs have always been too laid back to act.  A suggestion that has been made before that we get someone with experience (like Tom Morrissey)  to request a meeting of all 15 County Chairs and decide on 20 questions for every candidate - geared to the office they are seeking and patterned after the Republican platform. Mail the questions to all who have filed for office with a due date for return.  Compile the answers and distribute the results to all PCs and media.  Given information from our party leaders, voters are more likely to make a better voting decision than the rhetoric by a candidate who may say anything to get the vote!

The Grassroots Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6 pm., Wed., Nov 15 at Denny’s Restaurant, 9030 N. Black Canyon Highway (I-17 Dunlap exit) to hear attorney/author Dan Schultz discuss precinct committeeman recruitment and his book Taking Back Your Government; The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy’. Schultz is a former intelligence officer and author of many articles for Breitbart. Schultz is a West Point graduate and the University of Wisconsin Law School. Contact: Grassroots facilitator Francine L Romesburg

The Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm., Thur., Nov 16 in the Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.): This month's meeting will address the issue of education with Diane Douglas, AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction and Dr. Patrick Sweeney, Supt of Fountain Hills Unified School District.  Admission is free; donations to help offset expenses. Richard Rutkowski  or

The Terry Brian Foundation will host a dinner fundraiser on Nov 18 in Tucson featuring former Presidential advisor Steve Bannon. Brian Terry Courage Awards will be presented to Bannon, ARF Special Agent John Dodson and Tucson philanthropist Norma Zimdahl. FOX News correspondent William LeJeunesse will serve as the master of ceremonies. Speakers include US Senate candidate Kelli Ward and Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb. $50 per ticket. 5pm – cocktail reception. 6:30 pm – dinner; 7:15 pm program. Dinner consists of hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad and French fries at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort, 3800 W Starr Pass Blvd in Tucson. Business casual attire. $125 for reserved VIP seating & reception or $1,000 for a reserved table of 10. Contact: Foundation Chairman Robert Heyer at 760-855-2159

AZ Heroes to Hometowns is again gather donations for Turkeys to Troops so military families can enjoy a traditional thanksgiving dinner. AZ Heroes to Hometowns is in need of 2,000 - $20 grocery gift cards or monetary donations for a turkey or ham to complete the food boxes for Thanksgiving. Donations of grocery gift cards and checks may be mailed to AZ Heroes to Hometowns, PO Box 31646, Mesa AZ 85275. Also, Pay-Pal may be used for donations; information can be located at All donations labeled Turkey to Troops will be used for this project. Please consider helping the families that have done their part to fight for our freedom: Contact founder Kathy Pearce at 480.330.1632 or or
AZ H2H, P.O. Box 31646, Mesa, AZ 85275.

LD24 will meet at 7 pm., Thurs., Nov 16 with David Gonzales, US Marshall for Arizona, in the AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., in Phoenix. Gonzales will talk about the function and inner workings of the Nation’s oldest law enforcement agency – dating back to President George Washington.   Gonzales was a DPS officer with the state GITEM gang task force. Bylaws Committee Chairman Brian Kaufman will present an update on bylaws revisions proposals for LD24, Maricopa County and the AZGOP.


Wed - Nov 15

Colorado River Republican Women will meet at noon, Wed., Nov 15 at the Chaparral Country Club, 1260 East Mohave Drive in Bullhead City to discuss "Human Trafficking in Northern Arizona" with speaker Andrea Kadar.

Maricopa County Chairman Denny Barney will address the Ahwatukee Republican Women at 7pm., Wed, Nov 15 at Mountain View Lutheran Church, 11002 S. 48th Street, in Phoenix.

Thurs - NOV 16

Tea Party Scottsdale will host Author/firearms expert Alan Korwin at 6:30 pm., Denny's | Conference Room, 7000 E. Mayo Blvd., in Scottsdale. His presentation will be followed by a book signing.

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., at 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma to elect 2018 CRTP officers. Contact: Cora Lee Schingnitz, Secretary

Lydia Abril Hosts The Wickenburg “Believers For Trump” prayer meeting every Thursday evening at 6 pm., in the suite adjacent to Lydia’s La Canasta Restaurant, 2027 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg.

LD24 will meet at 7 pm., Thurs., Nov 16 with David Gonzales, US Marshall for Arizona, in the AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., in Phoenix. Gonzales will talk about the function and inner workings of the Nation’s oldest law enforcement agency – dating back to President George Washington.   Gonzales was a DPS officer with the state GITEM gang task force. Bylaws Committee Chairman Brian Kaufman will present an update on bylaws revisions proposals for LD24, Maricopa County and the AZGOP.

The Tempe Republican Women’s Christmas Party dinner is scheduled at 7 pm., Dec 4 at Floridino's on 590 N Alma School Rd #35, Chandler, 85224. Doors open at 6:30PM. No charge for members or associates. $15 for guests. Please bring a small gift (value of $10 or less) for exchange in the “Dirty Santa” game. RSVP:

Fri – Nov 17

Mesa Republican Women are having a huge rummage sale starting at 7 am. Fri., Nov 17 and .Sat., Nov 18 at 1900 E. University in Mesa (NW corner of Gilbert & University).  Contact: President Sherry Pierce at

Nov 18

The Pinal Republican Committee “Elephant Walk” Golf Tournament is scheduled Sat., Nov 18 at the Saddlebrooke Ranch Golf Club. Proceeds to benefit the Pinal County Republican Committee. Shotgun start at 8 am. Prizes, awards golf with lunch, space limited. $85 per golfer. $340 per team. Registration, luncheon and sponsorship form can be found on @PinalGOP Twitter page, dated Sept 7th or Contact Dan Culver or Cell 334-202-6458.

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am., Sat. Nov 18 with AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines. Complimentary coffee and light breakfast snacks available at 8:30 am. Contact

Registration is open for Fountain Hills VFW Post 7507's annual fundraiser golf tournament to be held Sat, Nov18 at the Starfire Golf Course.  Breakfast and lunch are included in the price of $95/player. Registration forms are available on the Post's Facebook page, at the Post Home at 9624 N Monterey Drive.  They can also be obtained by contacting the Post at 480-836-5520 or

NOV 23

Lydia Abril Hosts The Wickenburg “Believers For Trump” prayer meeting every Thursday evening at 6 pm., in the suite adjacent to Lydia’s La Canasta Restaurant, 2027 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg.


Dr. Kelli Ward of Arizona, candidate for U.S. Senate, on Republican-led efforts to pass comprehensive tax reform: “With Republicans in charge in Washington, D.C., the GOP has a rare opportunity to dramatically reform federal taxes to make them lower, simpler and fairer. President Trump’s call for massive tax cuts and simplification of the tax code is the kind of bold vision that will improve Americans’ take-home pay and quality of life, while also making our economy more globally competitive. Unfortunately, it looks like much of the swamp in Washington, D.C is satisfied with the status quo. The proposals currently being considered would cut taxes for many and raise taxes for millions in the middle class.  We can – and should – do better than this.  While many aspects of the bills before Congress have important reforms that will help stimulate and grow the economy, we should make it clear and unambiguous that Republicans will hold the line against tax hikes – especially for those in the middle class. We also should not pass up the opportunity to make the tax code dramatically simpler. The tax code today is more than four times longer than the Bible, and I don’t expect the pending legislation to do much to fix that. Republicans should take this opportunity to implement the proposal advanced by Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) to use tax reform as a vehicle to finally repeal the Obamacare individual mandate tax, which would allow Republicans to finally make good on a promise they have been making for years.  With all of Arizona’s 15 counties limited to only one ACA insurer, now is the time to dismantle this failed system. That begins with the repeal of the individual mandate. In the U.S. Senate, I will work tirelessly to fulfill President Trump’s promise of taxes that are low, simple and fair.”


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· Another Woman Accuses Former President Bush of Harassment - This Time from 2003

· Democrat Congressional Candidate Arrested for Stalking And Sending Smutty Pictures to Woman


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