Thursday, November 30, 2017

11-30-17 Briefs


IMG_0348The AZRA Westside Chapter has teamed up with The Phoenix Children’s Hospital for their First Annual Toy Drive. Their goal is to fill up the green covered box in the photo with toys or gift cards for children who will be in the hospital on Christmas Day. Pictured are Lyle Tuttle, Larry Templeton, Connie Backus, Brent Backus, Michael Meacham, Diana Jones, Walter Steiner, John Cain and John Wilson.  To donate contact AZRA West Chapter President Cid DeLa Fuente at (623) 312- 7054 or De La Fuente also the first vice president of the state AZRA organization. DeLaFuente photo


Activists report that Gov Doug Ducey’s office called a press conference at the same time yesterday morning that former Attorney Generals Tom Horne and Terry Goddard were conducting their press conference regarding “dark money” in the Rose Garden. Hmmm…Coincidence??–

Long-time activists are wondering why, all of a sudden, the AZGOP head shed has deemed that only state committeemen can submit resolution proposals for the upcoming January 27 mandatory meeting. See AZGOP resolution directive in yesterday’s Briefs 11-29-17-Briefs

CANCELED: The Yavapai County Republican Women 2nd anniversary “The Roaring 20’s” has been canceled.

Precinct Committeemen are wondering if there is only one PC in the state qualified to serve as the Resolution’s Committee Chairman for the upcoming January 2018 Mandatory meetings. AZGOP Exec Dir Matt Kenney has confirmed that LD24 Chairman Barry Wong is the Resolution Chair for both the Maricopa County Republicans and AZGOP meetings. 11-29-17-Briefs

Others Are Wondering if AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines recent Victory Tour of the state wasn’t conveniently timed to stifle any “Get Rid of Lines as Chairman” efforts that might surface at the Jan 27 Mandatory meeting.

It Appears Republican Voters are gearing up to take a better look at candidates for the coming elections. Some have reported doing extensive research on various announced candidates. Some of it ain’t pretty, folks. -ft


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

joe negliaLD26 State Committeeman Joe Neglia: I have recently placed my name into candidacy for the position of Maricopa County Republican Committee Member At Large (MAL). My goal is to be a strong voice for the grassroots and for the principles upon which our Party was founded. While we have some excellent Republican elected officials, we must also recognize that we also have some who need to be more accountable: those who seem to forget the principles upon which they campaigned. When this occurs, we, the party faithful, need to speak up. This is what I intend to do as a MAL. I’ve been an active PC, Precinct Captain, and State Committeeman since 2012. In 2016, I filed what I am told is the first ever PC signature challenge lawsuit in Arizona -- successfully removing a PC candidate from the ballot for filing invalid and apparently forged signatures. This PC candidate happened to be the Statewide Field Director for a recent Senatorial campaign. (You may recall seeing the video back then. Other experience includes LD26 Treasurer 2012-2016, ran annual AR15 raffles, Most Dedicated Precinct Award 2013, LD26 Outstanding PC Award 2014, Pollwatcher, NRA Life Member, GOA and AZCDL Member, and National Association of Parliamentarians member. I am passionate about ensuring fairness - especially fairness in meetings through correct usage of parliamentary procedure. Contact info:

Activist Aaron Gidwani: Thank you Frosty for all you do.

PC Art Olivas:  What will it take to get us off our dead A$$s and do something to take our city and state back? Illegals with the protection of John McCain & Jeff Flake RINOs and their Democrat associates from Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Paradise Valley Fountain Hills and Sun City strong holds are walking all over us getting whatever they want! Are they the RINOs and their Dark Money funding Puente, Mi familia vota, Somos Arizona and other organizations dedicated to helping illegal immigrant and the Dreamers take over? When are we going to get out of the restaurants and social meetings and do something? Hell, LD27 is going back to Ron Harder’s failed patriots at the park with cake walks, hot dogs and hamburgers giveaway!! All this takes me back to when we were helping Sheriff Joe Arpaio against Andy Parza. Sheriff Joe said, “Art it is your responsibility to take care of your house and family. Acquire whatever you need to defend and protect them. Even the police cannot guarantee your safety.” Now I will ask, is anybody out there willing to join me in forming a group that will meet and counter protest these so call dreamers that claim to want to help America - yet do nothing to help their own country. Answer my Email only if you are willing to get off your behind and do something. Hoping to hear from you. Art Olivas! 

LD23 PC Gina Swoboda, Election Integrity Committee: Thank you to all the PCs, activists and voters who contacted the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors about County Recorder Fontes' planned reprecincting. Thanks to the overwhelming feedback from the community and the responsiveness of the Board to our concerns, the Board announced yesterday, Nov. 29, that they will NOT approve the 563 proposed changes, instead limiting changes to a small number of precincts that truly needed adjustment. See draft precinct changes map, note only precincts marked in green stripes have been affected, disregard all other draft changes, they were not approved. /NewVotingPrecincts.pdf. Reprecincting is allowed under ARS 16-411, and our Board ensured the changes were only granted in precincts where it was truly needed, i.e.: due to growth, (Desert Haven has 13,000 voters, the goal is 4-5,000 per precinct), to eliminate splits of precincts between two jurisdictions (i.e. Dover Precinct is split between Mesa and Tempe), and in one instance in an unoccupied area, a change on South Mountain to assist census block boundaries. Justice Precinct changes are not being made at this time. Many thanks to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and to everyone who took part in the effort to prevent wholesale reprecincting ahead of the next census.

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: Did you notice that, contrary to our existing bylaws, ONLY state committeemen are able to submit resolutions?  Wonder whom that particular restriction is designed to impact?

     “C. Applicability of Bylaws - These bylaws apply fully to the county committees of the Arizona Republican Party. County bylaws may not conflict with these bylaws”

     H. Resolutions 1. Resolutions Committee - The state chairman shall appoint a resolutions committee for each statutory organizational and mandatory meeting. The committee shall consist of one member from each county with population under 500,000 and one member from each legislative district in counties with populations over 500,000; each recommended by the respective county or district chairman. 2. Procedures Proposed resolutions, other than memorial, may be no more than 250 words long and must be submitted 45 days before the scheduled state party meeting in order to be considered by the resolutions committee. The committee may initiate, recommend, modify or reject any resolution. Since the committee's purpose is to give the full assembly the benefit of its complete debate and mature judgment, motions to table or to close or limit debate will not be allowed. All resolutions submitted to the committee shall be sent with the committee's recommendations and vote Got this from our party ‘leader’ and his non-elected side kick.  All the more reason to register as an Independent!

    “C. Applicability of Bylaws These bylaws apply fully to the county committees of the Arizona Republican Party. County bylaws may not conflict with these bylaws.”   Was this ever addressed by the (?) bylaws committee?? And did you see who is on the committee?  The committee can decide whether or not they like the resolution, and to heck with the membership!

LD20 PC Wes Harris to Debra Stark: Thank you for your quick response.  I am pleased that Councilman DiCiccio has apparently resolved the issue but I have yet to see anything from those in Arcadia indicating that the event will go on as it has in the past.  While I welcome Sal's involvement, the root of the problem has not yet been tackled.  We are in a new administration in Washington where President Trump's edict regarding new regulations is being implemented beyond even his dreams.  If you remember he campaigned on the issue that two regulations would be removed for every new one implemented.  The track record now stands at 18 removed for every new one.  If we can get this done in the 170,000 pages of IRS regulations, we will indeed be accomplishing something.

     As to the City...this one was apparently stopped but nothing was done to resolve what caused the problem in the first place and that is an over-zealous bureaucracy and too many 'regulations'.  What I would like to see is you and the rest of the council take a proactive position to city regulations akin to that taken by President Trump.  Ours are far less numerous but just as intrusive, if not more so, as they are here at the local level that affects each citizen of the city more closely than those in Washington D.C.  Let’s move to examine each and every regulation and get rid of those that are overly intrusive and caution city employees as to whom it is that they work for...We the People of Phoenix.  Please take the lead here. All the best and Merry Christmas...we can say that now that the Mayor is leaving and I hope leaving with him is Political Correctness.  Editor’s Note: Harris is a Republican PC, Precinct Capt., State Committeeman, MCR Member at Large and Treasurer of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. Contact:

Debra Stark to Wes Harris: I totally agree with Mr. Sepanek’s right to celebrate Christmas. And my family has  fond memories of enjoying the Christmas displays along Coral Gables. Using the mobile vendor’s ordinance was a real stretch. Thanks to Councilman DiCiccio’s efforts, a solution was made. Two complaints came into Neighborhood Services (NSD) regarding parking. I don’t recall the Mayor being involved (maybe he was), but the Councilman skillfully resolved the issue. Editor’s Note: Sepanek’s large Christmas display won’t be operational this year, but some of his neighbors are displaying sections of his regular display because he didn’t have time to put together the entire display after someone filed a complaint.

Activist Tom Morrissey: The Way Of The Shadow Wolves is getting great reviews and is resonating with those who are especially politically savvy. Taken from today’s headlines and located in our own Arizona desert, we follow John Gode, a tribal police officer, as he battles government corruption at every level.  Although fictional, the story provokes the reader into better understanding how dangerously close we are to the reality that we are losing our freedoms from the inside.

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The AZ Project Annual Christmas Potluck Party is scheduled between 6-8:30 pm., Dec 4 at3375 E. Shea Blvd in Phoenix. Please bring a dish to share.  Contact: Anita Gerulis 602-670-4303.

The Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity is gearing up for the 2018 session of the Arizona Legislature with a series of (free) dinners in which the AFP-Arizona will discuss its draft 2018 Legislative Agenda with grassroots activists. To sign up for one of the sessions go to:

Thurs, Nov 30 in Central Phoenix
Thurs, Dec 7 in Ahwatukee
Thurs, Dec 14 in Prescott Valley
To set up agenda planning meetings in other locations contact Tom Jenney at

The Sun City Republican Club Christmas party and installation of new officers will be held between 56-8 pm, Wed., Dec 6 in the Sundial East Hall, 14801 N 103rd Ave, Sun City. Treats, snacks and drinks (BYOB), holiday music and GOP cheer. Contact Patti at 1-713-557-5800.

Volunteers Interested In Helping Spotlight Black-Footed Ferrets for the AZ Game and Fish Dept’s ferret recovery program Aubrey Valley and the Double O Ranch Dec 7, 8 and 9 (Thurs, Fri, Sat nights) should contact Jennifer Cordova at 928-422-0155 by Dec 5. Volunteers will be conducting a 30-day post release survival search for the 21 ferrets released on Nov 9. They will also be looking for kits (babies) that were not trapped in the fall. Spotlighting begins at 9 pm and runs through 6 am the following morning.


Nov 30

Lydia Abril Hosts The Wickenburg “Believers For Trump” prayer meeting every Thursday evening at 6 pm., in the suite adjacent to Lydia’s La Canasta Restaurant, 2027 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg.

Dec 1

Firearms Expert Alan Korwin will be at the Crossroads of the West Gun Show Fri-Sun, Dec 1-3 at the Phoenix Fairgrounds. Korwin will speak at the Sat., Dec 2 lunchtime. Discount admission coupons, times, directions:

The Yavapai County Republican Women 2nd anniversary “The Roaring 20’s” is scheduled from 6:30-9:30 pm., Fri., Dec 1 at the Prescott Club, StoneRidge Golf Course, 1601 N Bluff Top Drive in Prescott Valley. See details Event Details or Register and purchase ticket(s)

The Tucson Trump Meetup – Make America Great Again (MAGA) will meet between 5-9 pm, Fri., Dec 1 at the House of Bards, 4915 E Speedway. No reservations needed.

Dec 2

The Pima County Republicans leadership initiative (RLI) training is scheduled at 3 pm. Dec 2 at GOP HQ, 1740 E Fort Lowell Rd Suite 140), followed by a little door knocking at 4:30 pm. RSVP training-tickets or Dan Duffey, RNC Regional Field Director Southern Arizona at (520) 800-4450.

The Pima County Republican Women’s Silver Tea is scheduled between 10 am-1 pm., Sat., Dec 2 at the home of Jeanie Merideth, 6210 N Camino Pimeria Alta Tea, light refreshments, installation of 2018 officers & presentation of Ruth Gaddis Jeffries Award. RSVP to Susan: 520-275 3443 or

The Arrowhead Republican Women’s Sat., Dec 2 Holiday party highlights American troops. Speakers include Alex Meluskey of Contract with America and Debbie Lee, founder of America’s Mighty Warriors. The event is scheduled at 11:30 am., Sat., Dec 2 at the Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave., Sun City West. Check ins starts at 10:45 am. $20 per person. Contact Lezlee at 602-354-5224.

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am, Sat., Dec 2 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R. H. Johnson Blvd.  Coffee and donuts are available for $2, which helps pay for the room rental.  All Republicans from the Sun Cities, Surprise, and surrounding areas are welcome to attend to hear Gerald "Jerry" Sheridan who has been associated with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office for four decades.  He will speak about the complex operations at the Sheriff's Office. Contact: Jean Goncalves, Publicity, 623-214-8010 www.GOP.SCWCLUBS.COM


The Tempe Republican Women’s Christmas Party will be held at 7 pm., Dec 4 at Floridino's on 590 N Alma School Rd #35, Chandler, 85224. Doors open at 6:30pm. Dinner at 7 pm. No charge for members or associates. $15 - guests. Attendees are asked to bring a small wrapped gift (value of $10 or less) for exchange in the “Dirty Santa” game. RSVP to

The Lincoln Republican Women’s Club’s Holiday Gathering is scheduled at 5:30 pm., Mon., Dec 4 at The New McCormick/”Millennium” Resort – Scottsdale McCormick Ranch, 7401 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale. Spouses invited. 5:30 pm – meet and greet. 6 pm – meeting, 6:20 pm – dinner, 7 pm program with Peter Gentala, General Counsel and Vice President for Government Affairs & Public Policy at Childhelp. Congressman David Schweikert has also been invited. $35 per person. Reservations required. RVSP deadline Nov 30. Send check made out to “LRW” to Patricia Kaufman, 7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250 or bring cash. Contact Kaufman at 480-368-2777


A “Red Hot & Blue BBQ” is scheduled between 6-8 pm, Dec 5 at the home of Debbie and Bill Cheatham, in support of Rep Jill Norgaard and Maria Syms, and LD20 House candidate Shawnna Bolick and featuring Diamondbacks Legend Luis “Gonzo” Gonzalez.   RSVP


Congressman Trent Franks’ Interview On Fox News @ Night… Highlights:

1. “North Korea must understand that if they successfully launch a nuclear weapon and it hits any civilian population of the U.S., they will need a Geiger counter to find Pyongyang.”

2. Franks requests the Trump administration to “endorse Section 1688 and 1685 of the FY18 NDAA to help us build a space-based missile defense layer and a boost-phase capability” during the Nuclear Posture Review and the Ballistic Missile Defense Review as they begin meetings this week.

3. “The president worked hard to get $4 billion additional in defense budget for missile defense… This administration is doing things, essentially, about the best they can right now.”

US Senator John McCain on a recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report finding the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) failed to report 90 percent of potentially dangerous medical providers: “GAO’s recent report finding the VA failed to report 90 percent of potentially dangerous medical providers in recent years underscores the systemic problems that still plague this bureaucracy. It is unacceptable that the VA has neither followed nor enforced its own policies to protect veteran patients from doctors who are unfit to provide care. The VA must follow through on its pledge to investigate the circumstances that led to these failures and prevent them from happening again. Clearly, we still have a long way to go to truly reform the VA. As Congress finalizes legislation to transform the VA into a 21st century health care system, we must strengthen oversight and accountability at the VA and put the safety and wellbeing of our veterans first.”

Congressman Andy Biggs: Last week, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a new report, showing that nationwide abortion rates have fallen to their lowest level since before Roe v. Wade. Abortion rates in Arizona dropped half of a percent during that timeframe. Congressman Biggs statement: “The latest abortion statistics are extremely encouraging. These numbers are a testament to the diligence of pro-life advocates across the country. They have poured their hearts into raising awareness of the devastation of abortion on families. I am pleased that Arizona is one of the most pro-life states in the nation, and our policies help decrease the abortion rate. The tide is turning. A new pro-life generation is committed to protecting our innocent, unborn children. We have an administration and U.S. Congress committed to a pro-life agenda. Our federal government is laying the foundation for Roe v Wade to be overturned by confirming Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court and remaking the federal judiciary with jurists who rely on the U.S. Constitution in making decisions. Congress must also assure that no taxes are given to Planned Parenthood. We have serious momentum, and I am pleased to stand with life in the 115th Congress.”

Congresswoman Martha McSally after the House passage of H. Res. 630—a measure she cosponsored to crack down on sexual harassment and require Members of Congress and their staff to regularly complete anti-harassment training: “Employers across this nation are required by various laws to prevent sexual harassment by providing mandatory training—and yet Members of Congress aren’t required to do the same thing to ensure safe work environments? The double standards and special treatment need to stop. Sexual harassment is intolerable in our military, it is intolerable in our schools, it is intolerable in private sector workplaces, and it should be intolerable in Congress. Members of Congress should never be above the law. Those who craft our laws must lead by example, and that’s what this resolution is about.”


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