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12-18-17 Briefs



Clint Hickman, #4 Bd of SuperContrary to reports that Board of Supervisors Clint Hickman is a candidate for CD8’s vacate US House seat, Hickman told Briefs over the weekend that he is NOT a candidate for congress at this point in his life. He notes the family business is growing and that he and his wife have three young children, therefore, he doesn’t think the time is right for him to enter the congressional race. The popular, well-liked Hickman is to be commended for making a wise decision considering the time congressmen spend away from their families. If the family stays in Arizona, they see little of them on weekends because they are on the “rubber chicken dinner” circuit. If the family moves to Washington, DC, the delegate is an absentee parent when he goes back to district congressional district to tend to constituency needs. A number of candidates have tossed their hats into the ring since Franks resigned a few days ago.- ft

At the request of Senator John McCain and his family, Dr. Mark Gilbert, Chief of Neuro-Oncology at the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) National Cancer Institute, released the following statement today: “Senator McCain has responded well to treatment he received at Walter Reed Medical Center for a viral infection and continues to improve. An evaluation of his underlying cancer shows he is responding positively to ongoing treatment.” The office of Senator McCain also released the following statement: “Senator McCain has returned to Arizona and will undergo physical therapy and rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic. He is grateful for the excellent care he continues to receive, and appreciates the outpouring of support from people all over the country. He looks forward to returning to Washington in January.”


richard mackFormer Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack has announced his candidacy for the Congressional District 8 US House to replace the seat vacated by Congressman Trent Franks. “The past few years I have been teaching high school government and history classes. The students have taught me so much! Besides the essential principles of good government and liberty, I have learned that the validity of these subjects is not in the ‘knowing,’ but rather in the ‘DOING.’ I enjoy teaching immensely and it is a very worthwhile endeavor. But to ‘know’ and never ‘do’ is just the opposite of what I teach my scholars." I enter this race humbly and with no visions of grandeur. However, I plan to win and give the campaign my very best. Our work to restore freedom to America and to stand for the "little guy" will continue whether I win or lose. However, as many of you already know, I am so frustrated with DC politicians of both parties who have completely destroyed the Rule of Law and our Constitution. I have to do more and I have to try.

     My candidacy will be dedicated to freeing the many Americans who have been victimized by our own government. I will stand against the abuses of the IRS, FDA, BLM, FBI, DEA, FDA, and the out of control spending by our "leaders" of both parties. I will fight to put an end to the Dept of Education using SWAT teams to collect unpaid students loans. My run for Congress will be for the Amish farmer who sits in prison for making an herbal salve, all American victims of gun control, the ranchers who sit in prison for trying to keep their lands, and for the people who just want to be left alone. I will be their advocate!

     The special election primary is in February; the general in April. Time and money are tight. The time is right and I am ready. I've been ready for a long time.You and I are all in this together. If we raise sufficient funds this campaign has a real chance. If we don't I'll be just another name on the ballot. The most you can contribute is $2,500. At this point we can only accept checks, cash, gold, or silver mailed to: Sheriff Mack for Congress, P O Box 567, Higley, AZ 85236. Be sure to include your name, address and occupation. Husband and wife can send the full $2,500 each. I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! May Peace be with you all and may the Prince of Peace bless our Country! For God and Country.

Charles LotusCharles Loftus has announced his candidacy for LD20 House seat. Born in Nogales and raised in Phoenix He entered law enforcement after high school and has been an Arizona law enforcement officer for over 30 years, having served with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona State University (ASU) Police, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the Office of Inspector General at DES.  He earned his Ph.D. in Public Administration with an emphasis on Criminal Justice Public Policy (police and public corruption) from ASU.  He also earned a Master in Public Administration with an emphasis on organizational behavior and public policy analysis from ASU. He became an instructor with the ASU of Criminology and Criminal Justice teaching counter-terrorism, domestic terrorism, intelligence, and research methods.  He is the director of an intensive study abroad program through ASU that takes students to Israel to learn about counter-terrorism, Islamic fascism, jihadism, martyrdom and emergency responses to terrorism. Loftus has witnessed firsthand how Arizona government has worked and at times failed its citizens.  Over the years, he has had to implement what previous legislators enacted.  He has been witness to the many faults and corruption within Arizona government and it is something he passionately wants to change, to improve.  He believes that there is an effort in this country that is dedicated to restoring our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and he strongly feels that he can contribute to it.  He feels that in this way and many others, he can help his neighbors in LD20 where he and his family have lived for the last 25 years. He describes himself as a Republican Conservative with very pro law and order leanings.  He would like to help expose and eliminate corruption in government.  He is fed up with politicians that say anything to get elected then support the lobbyist who provides them the most. See “Loftus 2018” website at
(602) 774-0823 Cell (602) 228 637

Candidates Are Welcome to e-mail their announcements and a photo to Briefs at or for posting so readers can learn who the candidates are. Editor’s Note: Please keep announcement at 400 words. Longer announcements subject to editing to conform. - ft.


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

Rose Sperry 2Yavapai County PC Rose Sperry: Don’t mess with my Freedom of Speech! As a PC Area Director, I recently brought up my discontent regarding some of the PCs not being willing to work with me on anything. What came next was shocking!  “Rose, the reason they won’t work with you is the letters you write about candidates running for office. You must stay positive.” Hmm, in other words, be nice, go along and we’ll get along with you. Furthermore, I was told that I, as an elected officer and leader, should remain neutral. I’m not to show favoritism by supporting one candidate over another, prior to the Primary Election.  This time their tone suggested, “Rose, you stay quiet and let others make the uninformed decisions as to who will be on the Primary ballot and go on to the General election. You may take your pick from those!” Is this really Republican-Speak?

     Please tell me if joining the Republican Party requires relinquishing your 1st amendment right of free speech, which Patriots exercise on a daily basis. Do the bylaws of any Republican committee require me to leave those rights at the door whenever I attend a meeting or hold an elected position? I DON’T THINK SOooo! I’m a firm believer that the battle to win the General election begins at the Primary! I further believe that those of us who are in the trenches, trying to find the truth about those that would serve us, have an obligation to report those truths. Hopefully, this information will help the uninformed voter make the right decisions at the polls. It’s ok if they don’t vote my way or yours, but at least they’ve been given the opportunity to hear or read another side of the story.

     How will this nation survive when we have people burying their heads in the sand and then resenting those who have the courage to come up for air and get at the truth of what ails us? Don’t fear or resent those who are open to their opinions. Instead, recognize that it’s those “nicey-nicey” persons who have the gift of gab and wear the cloak of conservatism who are the ones doing the most harm. President Trump didn’t hesitate to call out Hillary Clinton during the debates. As Americans protected by the same Constitution, do we have fewer rights or responsibilities to assist in draining the swamp?

Russell Sias -LaPaz  co chrRussell Sias, La Paz County Republican Chairman: We’re Being Duped! Part 5- Obviously, the state party cabal reads these Briefs! (Thanks, Frosty, for all you do!)

Has anyone noticed that the state bylaws are missing from the state party’s website? I noticed, and a friend sent me an email today that he noticed also. I thought maybe I had just missed them...guess not. I have long since downloaded my own copy, so if someone wants a copy, I will email them to you. Otherwise, you will just have to trust me when I post to yet another of the violations of our bylaws by our party leadership. (There are plenty of infractions!)

     So, why have they disappeared? Could it be that they are concerned that my exposure of their mis-utilization and flat-out ignoring of bylaws is embarrassing to them? Likely! Could it be that their intent is to simply repost the very illegal bylaws committee changes in their place? However, there is a far better way to stop me from continuing to embarrass them. The solution is simple: JUST START FUNCTIONING WITHIN OUR EXISTING BYLAWS! Instead, they’ve allowed for an illegal “confidential” bylaws committee (in direct conflict with our existing bylaws), and they continue to pursue party control over the wishes of our county and LD chairs, PC’s and even the Executive Committee.

     Of course, working within the bylaws would eliminate their manipulative and controlling behaviors. It also would likely come closer to restoring faith in and of our leadership in the Republican Party for our state. But, I no longer believe that they have any interest in hearing from the people within our party ranks. I doubt if they understand we can, with the damage they’re doing, change our state from red to blue. It will happen, if we don’t stop them with their insidious manipulations of our party and its members.

    Because they are, sadly, limiting control by our grassroots party members, I am offering a brand new set of bylaws. This set of bylaws is designed to restore control of our party to its grassroots members. Instead of the party being led where the current ruling cabal thinks it should be going, it is my hope that, through these bylaws, our leadership can lead the party where its members want it to be led. Link to new bylaws proposal:

mantel piece

Identical Anti-Proxy House Bills have been introduced to limit the use of proxies to control internal AZGOP elections, particularly at the annual January county and state mandatory meetings. LD23 Rep Michelle Ugenti-Rita introduced HB2012 and LD23 Rep Jay Lawrence introduced HB2029.

archie dicksionGrassroots Republicans are urged to sign Archie Dicksion’s Proxy Petition To Curb Proxy Abuse Http://Bit.Ly/2rzg2w8. When signing the petition, you have two choices, total ban or limit to two per person. There has been great concern over the use of proxies the past five or years or more to control elections at both the AZGOP and Maricopa County Republican Mandatory meeting held every January. Complaints have been voiced for several years of “Bell Cows” carrying up to 40 proxies for PCs who rarely, if ever attend meetings. Opponents of the excessive use of proxies say the misuse and abuse of proxies has resulted in the cleansing of conservative grassroots Republicans from leadership roles a at the district, county and state level by RINOs or McCainites.

Canceled: The Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma will not meet on Dec. 21. They will resume meeting in January, 2018. Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219.

LD13 PC Diane Landis will soon be officially announcing her candidacy for the LD13 senate seat vacated by Steve Montengro when he announced his run for Secretary of State.  Landis was busy on the phone this weekend gathering support to be appointed to the vacancy.  Landis lost her runs for House and Senate seats during the last two primaries.

Author Tom Morrissey will be on KMOG, a Payson radio talk show, at 9 am to discuss “The Way of the Shadow Wolves” (and the deep state hijacking of America) that he co-authored with Steven Seagal. Editor’s Note: Morrissey is a former AZGOP Chairman.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers meeting will be held at 7 pm., Wed., Dec 20 at the Desert Heritage Real Estate office, 8476 West Thunderbird Road, Peoria. Doors open at 6:30 pm for the Meet & Greet with CD8 candidate - former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack. CSPO spokesman Randy Miller said, “This is an opportunity to learn more about a candidate for office that you may not have considered, someone that isn't "establishment" and yet has years of experience serving the community as a leader no other running has done.  Sheriff Mack has fought and won against the federal government all the way to the U.S. Supreme court in a case that gave landmark precedence to the sovereignty of the states.  He continues to serve the community as an educator, speaker and trainer on the U.S. Constitution to Law Enforcement across the nation. If you haven't made your mind up as to who to support in this race for CD 8, please come and meet a man that is a great choice for change, stability and getting back to our founding principles. We must change the direction of this country and the party. 

ATTN PC/State Committeeman: The Mandatory Maricopa County Republicans meeting is scheduled Jan 13, 2018. All precinct committeemen are required to attend. Volunteers Are Needed the afternoon of Fri., Jan 12 at the Church for the Nations to help with set up tables, hang banners and prepare the facility for the Mandatory meeting. The AZGOP Mandatory meeting is Jan 27.

AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines appointed Frank Thorwald as the vice chairman of the AZGOP Finance Committee during Saturday’s AZGOP Executive Committee meeting in Kingman.

Supt of Public Education candidate Frank Riggs spoke to LD3 and LD4 at Pima County Republican headquarters in Tucson on Saturday.

The GrassRoots Tea Party Activists Christmas Festivities are scheduled between 6-9 pm., Wed., Dec 20 in Denny’s Restaurant Banquet room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Highway in Phoenix. Anyone wishing to bring goodies, ie; Christmas cookies, cake, pie, snacks should contact Francine L Romesburg

To Donate To The AZRA Westside Chapter/Phoenix Children’s Hospital First Annual Toy Drive can contact chapter chairman Cid De La Fuente at (623) 312-7054 or

AZ Heroes to Hometowns would like to make sure every Wounded Hero family in need gets a new pair of pajamas and a toy. Drop off locations: AZ Heroes to Hometowns - 40 W. Brown Rd. Ste. 105, Mesa AZ 85201 (by appointment call 480.330.1632) All items must be new. Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags are always appreciated. Contact founder Kathy Pearce 480.330.1632

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Dec 18 at 3375 E Shea Blvd., in Phoenix. Attendees are asked to bring your favorite news story of the year to share during reflections of significant news stories of 2017, according to Chr Ron Ludders. 602.677.1496

Diane Douglas Supt of EdArizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas released her 2018 AZ Kids Can’t Wait! education plan, which presents a comprehensive vision for improving education in Arizona. “I am very excited to share this updated version of my AZ Kids Can’t Wait! plan with Arizonans,” Douglas said. “The plan represents and reflects how the people of Arizona believe we can make our schools the best in the nation. I am extremely proud of everyone throughout the state who contributed to making this plan a reality.” Based on feedback gathered during the Superintendent’s 2017 We Are Listening Tour, the 2017 plan includes new proposals, accomplishments from last year’s plan and progress updates for several ongoing initiatives. In order to provide teacher raises and funds for repairs and improvement to school facilities, one of the highlights of the plan includes the proposal to extend and expand Prop 301 to a full one cent. In addition, the plan outlines the continued roll out of the Arizona Broadband for Education Initiative and Zip Code Project, as well as the addition of the Read20 initiative to encourage early literacy. Feedback provided by attendees of the We Are Listening Tour, as well as through other methods at the department, were collected and analyzed throughout the duration of the tour. The predominant concern on the minds of Arizona citizens was to increase the amount of education funding, especially for teacher salaries and capital improvement.   “It is apparent that Arizona needs new and bolstered revenue streams to help support and sustain our education system,” Douglas stated. “If we intend to fulfill our promise to Arizona children and give them the best education in the nation, we must all band together and make that a reality. I will partner with education stakeholders, Governor Ducey and the Legislature to make sure that the people of Arizona’s voices are heard.” See The 2018 AZ Kids Can’t Wait! plan at beheardaz


Shiree Verdone with Corey Lewandowsky (left) and David Bossie at the DEPCom Power event in Scottsdale.


Dec 20

Palo Verde Republican Women’s Club will hold its next luncheon at 11:30 am., Wed, Dec 20 at Grayhawk Golf Club, Fairway House, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway . Check in at 11 am with luncheon at 11:30 am. US Congressman David Schweikert is scheduled to address the group, followed by installation of officers by club member, Julia GrahamIgnite Barbershop Quartet will provide Christmas music.  Reservations required at  Check, cash or credit card at the door.

DEC 21

LD24’s Christmas and Holiday Social is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Dec 21 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St. in Phoenix, according to Chairman Barry Wong. Enjoy hors d’oeuvrew, beverages, music and converations. Attendees are asked to bring can or dry non-perishable food for the food drive. RSVP to so they know how many to plan for.


phil-lovas-gskidmoreCD8 candidate Phil Lovas: I am running for Congress. After mindful prayer and consideration, it is the right thing to do for citizens of the West Valley and Arizona. Corinne and I love our state. We are concerned for the future of this country. We have three young children and want to ensure a better tomorrow for the next generation. There is a lot on the line in this special election. America is at a crossroads and we need more people in Congress who support conservative principles. Please watch my campaign’s introductory video to learn more: The primary special election for the 8th Congressional District is Feb. 27, just 75 days away. Time is short and we need your support to win. Every little bit helps! Please sign up to volunteer, walk precincts, to donate or host a fundraiser.

In the coming days and weeks, I look forward to having a conversation with you about what we can do together to ensure Arizona is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Keep up with my campaign at, on Twitter (@PhilLovas) and Thank you for your support!


Congressman Andy Biggs:“Under Chairman Ajit Pai’s leadership, the FCC has rightly stopped federal regulators from controlling our internet. The Obama administration’s net neutrality rule was one of the many examples of executive overregulation. Due to this interference, all internet consumers would see price increases, and the success of smaller Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would be stifled. Now, internet freedom has been restored.The action by the FCC does not absolve Congress’ responsibility to codify these free-market protections into law. I am pleased to support Senator Mike Lee’s “Restoring Internet Freedom Act,” a one-paragraph bill that prevents the FCC from this type of overreach in the future. I will continue to work with my colleagues to pass this legislation on the House side.”

Andy BiggsCongressman Andy Biggs: “In 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) developed rules to expand the scope of the HMDA, which was enacted in the 1970s to prevent discriminatory lending practices. It is not clear that adding more reporting requirements will have any measurable effect on preventing further instances of discriminatory lending. Instead, this requirement would double the paperwork that lenders fill out each time they offer a loan. This places an enormous, new regulatory burden on small and mid-size lenders.I believe that Congress should determine appropriate banking regulations – not unelected bureaucrats at the CFPB. I trust that CFPB Acting Director Mick Mulvaney is committed to this principle, and I know he is already working to restore Article I authority to the legislative branch. However, it is incumbent on Congress to codify these necessary regulatory rollbacks into law. Earlier this year, the House passed the “Financial CHOICE Act” (H.R. 10), which includes a provision to delay implementation of this regulation until January 1, 2019. While this is a positive first step, I don’t believe this delay goes far enough. My bill will completely eliminate the HDMA rule to help, not hinder, lenders lend.”


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