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Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words.

LD 20 Candidate Protocol: The next several months we will be welcoming candidates and candidate Field Reps at LD 20. To keep our business meetings on track, we hope candidates and their representatives can help in the following ways: Any candidate who would like to be placed on the agenda to speak, please contact Colleen Lombard, Chairman (at 602-689-1686 or at least 10 days in advance of the meeting date. Candidates who just “show up” will be limited to one minute to introduce themselves and, in fairness to all, you will be timed. Candidate Petitions may be circulated but not to interfere with the meetings or guest speakers. 2018 meeting dates through May 2018 are: Jan. 8 - Feb12 - March 12 - April 9 - May 14. Meeting location: WUSD Admin Offices 4650 W. Sweetwater Glendale. The Receptionist will direct you. Sign in at 6:30pm with the meeting starting promptly at 7pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

Christina Dumal, DVM - Chair, PCRC District 7,  Re: Matthew Kenney’s clarification, 12/12-28-17-briefs Mr. Kenney, I don't know anyone who attacks candidates based on their spiritual or religious preferences, however there are certain qualities displayed within certain religions that are questioned. One red flag is when there are those in a religion who want to kill non-believers. Another is when certain tactics are employed to get candidates of a certain religion elected. For example, during the 2016 election I talked to a man who told me that they had been discussing a particular sheriff candidate 'down at church'. This man and the candidate were both Mormon. I am not Mormon but I can tell you that this has never occurred at my church. More recently I was informed that the LDS has a room specifically designated for such discussions. The person who informed me is affiliated with the AZGOP. So Mr. Kenney let's be very clear that this is not an attack on any religious beliefs, but there are serious concerns about the tactics being employed. I suspect it is a violation of the Johnson Act as well.

    I most certainly do appreciate your recent clarification. As we are on the subject of clarifications, would you please clarify the AZGOP's involvement in Navajo County's change of leadership.

    Finally, I do have another issue I'd like clarified.  Why has it been next to impossible for the AZGOP to set up a Republican only file for the Advantage walkbooks? I have been trying to get walkbooks for my district for almost 2 years. Thank you.

zack taylorZack Taylor: Chairman of the National Association of Former Border: It is NAFBPO's opinion that what we need to do NOW is enforce existing Immigration law. Likely, I am tempted to say obviously, the break down in efficiency has been orchestrated and the blocks in the system either need to get moving or get replaced.  Think of it as systemic realignment. The article below concerning corruption in California was reported, what goes on that has not yet been reported We strongly suspect the political two step around DACA by both parties is to be able to say IMMIGRATION REFORM is needed.  Why pass more laws when we are not enforcing current law?  Does not compute.   Once that Pandora's Box is opened the result could/would be catastrophic.  The logical approach and very workable approach is aggressively enforcing current law by adjusting priorities toward what benefits America and prevent Congress from getting another shot at mucking things up even more. Stand by for more on this subject from NAFBPO in the coming weeks.  Zack Taylor, Chairman  (National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers) Meeting number quotos instead of hiring quality is a proven mistake.  Always, make the priority QUALITY, not quantity.  Better to separate the chaff in the hiring process rather than in the first year of employment or later to serve time in The Bureau of Prisons. Trump ramps up Border Patrol recruitment, in bid to hire …

The AFA Team: The most sacrosanct right we have under the United States Constitution is the right to vote.  Along with that right, we also have the right to expect that the voting process is honestly conducted.  As a Republic, we do vote democratically for those we expect to keep the Republic for future generations.  When the Arizona Elections Department is run dishonestly, as it now is under Maricopa County Recorder, Andre Fontes, we can be assured that fraud will be, in some measure, a part of every election going forward so long as he is in charge of the elections department. AFA and AZRA member, Gina Swoboda, has been gathering intelligence on the activities in the new County Recorder's office for months and she has also been working with other officials in our state government to make them aware of what is really happening in our elections. To get instant updates on Arizona voter fraud, go to the Election Integrity page, then click Join Group at the top of the page.  Then scroll to the Discussion Forum column for any articles you may have missed.  Action Items on this topic will be posted from this page periodically as needed.

Steven Slaton, Chairman Navajo County Republican Committee, response to Matt Kenney, AZGOP Ex Dir 12/12-28-17-briefs: Captain Kenney; Since when do you and the leadership care about STATE LAW!!!! You and Chairman Lines still to this day have not given up records to Gabby or past year’s financials!! Chairman Lines as well knows as you that sanctioning illegal Meetings such has Sylvia Allen’s Little Navajo COUNTY CLUB was and still Illegal. You sir, having served in the ARMY, should know better on the deaths of our fallen soldiers WHO died for the RULE OF LAW. It’s obvious to me you AND Chairman Lines have no clue on DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY.

LD24 PC Tristan Manos (candidate for MCRC Member-at-large) sharing information for PCs (and Maricopa County Republicans in general) interested in becoming Election Day Poll Workers, as per the Maricopa County Elections Department: "If you are interested in being a poll worker in 2018 and have not yet attended an Orientation Session, we have just scheduled 2 sessions for 2018 . In these sessions we will demonstrate new voting equipment, introduce the new leadership and inform you of available opportunities for 2018." RSVP Here Manos adds, "We all realize elections are important. It's about more than voting. It's about more than Get Out The Vote (GOTV) for the Republican Party. Get all the more in the game (especially PCs): become a poll worker. See how elections work. Play a role as an authorized election official (poll worker) and take responsibility for seeing elections being run as they should be run: by the rule of law (by the book). And, to top it all off, get paid for it (your community service)." Contact:

Archie Dicksion: The year 2017 has drawn to a close and for me it was a very good year made better because you were part of it with me. I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018.

Steven Slaton, Chairman Navajo County Chairman: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has lost more than 700 employees during the Trump administration, including scientists, specialists and department directors, according to a report from The New York Times and ProPublica. More than 200 scientists, 96 environmental specialists and nine department directors have left the agency, according to the report. The majority of the employees will not be replaced. Most were from Obama administration.

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: Arizona counties are divided into voting precincts.  Registered voters elect precinct committeemen (PCs). The PCs elect ‘State  Committeemen’ (SC).  The duties of a PC according to the ARS are, “E. The minimum duties of a precinct committeeman shall be to assist the precinct committeeman's political party in voter registration and to assist the voters of that political party to vote on election days. Additional duties shall be as provided for in the state committee bylaws of the precinct committeeman's political party.” 

    However, there are no duties for PCs, or State Committeemen in the AZ GOP bylaws.  Duties may be prescribed in County bylaws. To be active a PC must be afforded good information.   Who provides what information to whom???  The ‘non-functional’ Executive Committee.  Carefully read the duties of the AZ GOP Executive Committee and see if you agree with its function. “A. Executive Committee The executive committee of the state committee's shall consist of the elected officers of the state committee, the national committeeman and committeewoman, the chairman and first and second vice chairman from each county, three members at large from each congressional district, and the president/chairman of each nationally recognized Republican auxiliary organization with at least 2,000 dues-paying members in the state. The state chairman shall chair the executive committee. The executive committee shall approve the annual budget and review and counsel the state chairman on all programs relating to the state party. The executive committee shall meet at least three times each year”

    Do we have the Fox watching the hen house? Has the committee met three times in 2017?  What goes on at the Executive Committee meetings??   When do SC find out what transpires in XCOM meetings?  What is in the budget that is supposed to be approved by the Executive Committee??  The state chair didn’t even know the AZ GOP was in debt when he took office!  Did you read any of that in “The Only Official Newsletter of the Arizona Republican Party!”   Did anyone provide any ‘summary’ minutes of the XCOM meetings to the membership?

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: Today’s AZ GOP e-mail says, “The facts are in, and 34.6% of registered Arizona voters are Republicans WHILE 30.2% of registered Arizona voters are Democrats… and that number is DECLINING! “  Can someone explain what AZ GOP had to do with that!  According to the SOS web page, the Democrats showed 1,106,675 for an increase of 3916 since April while the Republicans showed 1,268,748 for an increase of 7342, an increase of 3436 Republicans over the Democrats but trailing the ‘other’ in voter registration who increased by 7626.  The ‘others’ are almost ‘doubling, that of Republicans voter registrations.  Does the AZ GOP want to take ‘credit’ for that???  The ‘others’ show a total of 1,250,879 !!!  Let’s see what happens next November if the RINOs continue to take over, If you are a registered Republican, the AZ GOP is your party, like it or not.  Voters disserve the leaders that they elect!!!!   (Unknown is the status of non-elected staff members)   So, to put this AZ GOP on track, the ‘laid back’ county chairs must be organized by someone to take over the Executive Committee and guide the party!!!  We must ‘revamp’ and support amended bylaws.  Chairman Russell Sias deserves your support!!

The AFA Team: The most sacrosanct right we have under the United States Constitution is the right to vote.  Along with that right, we also have the right to expect that the voting process is honestly conducted.  As a Republic, we do vote democratically for those we expect to keep the Republic for future generations.  When the Arizona Elections Department is run dishonestly, as it reportedly now is under Maricopa County Recorder, Andre Fontes, we can be assured that fraud will be, in some measure, a part of every election going forward so long as he is in charge of the elections department. AFA and AZRA member, Gina Swoboda, has been gathering intelligence on the activities in the new County Recorder's office for months and she has also been working with other officials in our state government to make them aware of what is really happening in our elections. To get instant updates on Arizona voter fraud, go to the Election Integrity page, then click Join Group at the top of the page.  Then scroll to the Discussion Forum column for any articles you may have missed.  Action Items on this topic will be posted from this page periodically as needed.

Activist Mark Lewis: Please post this National Security Strategy from the White House Trump is going to return to Peace through Superior firepower agenda set by Reagan during the Vietnam war. Trump is prepared to kick ass and take names with the $700 billion defense budget that was approved last month by a Republican congress. This document is a worthy read for patriots around Arizona.The AZ Defense industry will also benefit from larger than normal expenditures on defense related projects. Happy new year.

LD13 PC Marsha Hill: Several of us attended the Grassroots Tea Party Mtg last Wed to hear what Russell Sias was to tell us about his proposed bylaws. We never got that far. Yes, there may be some "problems", but there are problems in the current ones. BUT at least he did something instead of just complaining. I asked him to please let us know what he was unable to tell at the meeting. He wrote: – Why The New Proposed Bylaws Matter, By Russell Sias, LaPaz County Chairman: By offering my bylaw proposal, I hope to accomplish several things.  First, to restore party control to registered Republican members. Currently, we have a bylaw committee formed expressly to circumvent our established bylaws amendment process. We have a Resolution Committee chair announcing the decision that only some can submit resolutions. Current bylaws do not support these actions. We have a secretary who, after over 11 months, still has not received the records from the previous secretary, in spite of bylaws clearly stating these records shall be surrendered to each new secretary.  Same for a new treasurer.  Instead of surrendering past accounts, a new account was created, and previous account activities hidden. The above actions have been accepted with zero accountability. Under the new proposal, expulsion from the party for these offenses could and should happen.  Committee chairs are redefined to be elected by the committee itself, not appointed by the State Chairman. The Executive Committee gains more control over the party’s direction. The State Chairman becomes responsible to the Executive Committee. A legitimate, ongoing bylaws committee is to be formed, through recommendations by County Committee and LD Committee involvement. The new proposal is not perfect, but the new legitimate Bylaws Committee will consider, update, and present to the body their recommendations to improve these proposed bylaws. Its meetings will not be confidential or secret, but open and transparent. All bylaw submissions offered will get honest consideration. I believe this new bylaw proposal, if approved, will restore control by the membership and end a period of too much control by the leadership. Link:

Connie Uribe, Yuma County PC: Please mark your calendars! Tuesday, January 9th, is PC Day at the Capitol, and Arizona Republican Assembly invites you to join us in the Rose Garden between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. A light lunch will be served, and there will be an opportunity to hear from our Legislators and other elected officials. As we used to say: Be there or be square!

LaPaz County Chairman Russell Sias: Who believes that it’s okay for state leadership to ignore our bylaws? Part 8 Does anyone? Our bylaws say that the method of amending the bylaws is as follows:

     “B. Method of Amending Bylaws An amendment to these bylaws may be proposed at any meeting called in accordance with these bylaws. A copy of the proposed amendment together with a statement explaining the purpose to be achieved and the reasons in support thereof shall be mailed to each member by the secretary with thenotice of call for that meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present in person or by proxy shall be necessary to pass any motion to amend.” When state leadership decides to ignore the above process, and set up their own bylaws committee, what is the purpose of ignoring the above bylaw. Shouldn’t we be asking? The process, spelled out above, right or wrong, good or bad, ALREADY exists. Why establish a bylaws committee? Did we elect our leadership to ignore our bylaws, or to follow them? Shouldn’t we be asking? Maybe the better question is why do we put up with anyone saying: I am going to create my own method of amending OUR bylaws! What is the underlying, ulterior, motive of intentionally choosing to ignore exterior bylaws? I have created an alternative set of bylaws. I have submitted them according to the above bylaw. Legally, Appropriately. They restore control to the membership of our party, and condemn actions by leadership who decides to ignore existing bylaws. My submitted proposal also creates a way to amend them with a legally created bylaws committee. I have also posted them on a website for your review. Please go look. They are at: We need to decide if we want a party led by a leadership who feels free to ignore our bylaws, or one that will lead according to our bylaws, and in the direction WE, the members of the party, want the party to go.

Darin Mitchell, LD l13 Rep canMeet LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell, reportedly the leading candidate to be the next Speaker of the Az House, between 4:30-6:30 pm., Jan 4 at Arizona Rock Products Office, 916 W Adams St., Phx 85007. Food and drinks will be served. The host committee for this event includes Spencer Kamps, Mike Gardner, Meghan Dell ' Artino, Steve Trussell, Bas Aja, Jeff Sandquist, Paul Senseman, Mike Williams, The DeMennas, Nick Simonetta, and Anna Maria Knorr.

Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma will meet at at 6 pm., Thurs., Jan 4 with CD3 candidate Sergeio Arellano in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E. Hwy 95 - in last building behind church.

The Sun City West Republicans will start their forum series Sat. Jan 6 with with Supt of Public Instructions candidates Bob Branch, Diane Douglas (Incumbent), Jonathan Gelbart, Tracy Livingston, and Frank Riggs at 8:30 am., in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation Building. 8 am social hour with coffee and donuts. A$2 donations in requested to defray rental costs.

LD 22, In Conjunction With LD 1, LD 15, LD 20, AND LD 23 will convene an
invited CD 8 Candidate Forum at 6 pm, Mon, Jan 15 at the Westbrook Village Association Recreation Center, 18825 N Country Club Parkway, Peoria, AZ  85382. GOP Precinct Committeemen and party volunteers are invited.

Concerned Citizens For America Presents Jesse Romero, of “Knocked off the Donkey”,“Why a Good Catholic Latino Like Me Became a Staunch Republican How You Can Help Other Latinos Make the Same Decision. ” He will explain why so many Latinos, especially Catholics, vote for Democrats, what faith had to do with him decision to switch parties, what and who caused him to convert to Republican Conservatism, why reading the two parties' Platforms sealed the deal for him, his feelings on immigration and building “the wall”, why he refer to the 2017 Democratic party as the party of “death”, how you can positively influence Latinos to “see the light”. At 6:30 pm., Thurs., Jan 4 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road, Sedona All voters are welcome; desserts provided. Contact: Andrew Kadar

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas today appointed Gregory J. Gilliam as her designee to the Arizona School Facilities Board. Gilliam has served as the Director of Maintenance and Operations of the Glendale Elementary School District for the last four years. Prior to that Mr. Gilliam served in various facilities management capacities for the City of Phoenix, including Aviation Superintendent and Facilities Management and Alarm Service Superintendent. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Management from Grand Canyon University, is a certified Journeyman Electrician (IBEW Local 640) and has accreditations from the American Association of Airport Executives, the United States Green Building Council, and the Association of Energy Engineers. Before working for the City of Phoenix he worked in residential and commercial contracting. Mr. Gilliam is a US Army veteran who served in the famed 82nd ABN Infantry out of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Five Members-At-Large will be elected the upcoming Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Mandatory meeting scheduled Jan 13 in Phoenix. Precinct Committeemen will be allowed to vote for up to five candidates. Candidates include:

1.    Monica Yelin – LD1

2.    Elwood Kuentzler - LD4

3.    Wally Campbell - LD13

4.    Linda Brickman - LD15

5.    Kay Reardon - LD16

6.    Dino Eliades – LD18

7.    Wes Harris - LD20

8.    Johnny V. Melton - LD21

9.    Eric Cultum - LD21

10. Van A. DiCarlo - LD22

11. Lori Hack - LD22

12. Randall Hack - LD22

13. Janell Soyster Buchholdt - LD23

14. Tristan Manos - LD24

15. Joe Neglia - LD26

16. Patrick Tucker - LD26

LD17 Is Looking For A Secretary to replace Michael Beagle, who resigned on Nov 9, 2017. Darla Gonzalez has serving as the acting corresponding secretary in Beagle’s absence. The bylaws say the secretary position must be filled with 90 days. Interested LD17 voters should CLICK HERE:  LD17 Corresponding Secretary Duties Submit your qualification no later the Jan 5, 2018. The Executive Board will make an appointment by Jan 31, 2018.

Debbie LeskoLD21 Senator Debbie Lesko’s impending resignation to run for congress has created some shuffling of position resulting in Senate President Steve Yarbrough naming two new committee chairmen. Sen John Kavanagh will advance from vice-chair to the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriations. Sen Warren Petersen becomes the vice-Chair. Senators Karen Fann and Sonny Borrelli will be added to Appropriation, replacing Lesko and Sen Steve Montenegro, who has already resigned. Borrelli becames Chairman of the Senate Committee of Government and Kavanagh becomes the Vice Chair.

After Package No. 1 Was Stolen...: Angie Boliek ordered Christmas pajamas for her 4-month-old son, Ben, but she never saw the package ­ not even after the seller said it had been delivered to her Hillsboro, Ore., home. “It’s the season for stealing, I guess,” she said. But Ben had been ill, so Boliek had some “pretty gross” diapers available. She boxed a bunch up and left them on her porch. Sure enough, they disappeared. “We had quite a good laugh thinking about someone opening up the box of dirty diapers, thinking that they’re going to get something good, and it’s not.” (AC/KATU Portland) ...It might not be the gift they need, but it’s the gift they deserve.

Frankie Avalon will bring a career that spans three generations to a performance at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 5 in Wickenburg, about 30 miles northwest of Sun City West.… Read the Whole Story

mark spencerThe AZRA Western Pinal County Chapter will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Jan 8 at 408 N. Sacaton Street, Suite II, Casa Grande, AZ with Judicial Watch – SW Projects Coordinator Mark Spencer. He has lived in Phoenix Arizona since 1975, graduated with honors with a finance degree from Northern Arizona University in 1985, met his wife Shannon in 1986 on a Summer Project with Campus Crusade for Christ in Bangkok, Thailand, and was the top overall police recruit from the Phoenix Regional Police Academy in 1987.  In 1993 Mark completed his graduate degree in exegetical theology from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary.  During his police career he received the Phoenix Police Department's Medal of Merit, the Police Chief's Unit Award and the Protect & Serve community leadership award from  For 14 years Mark was an executive board member of the largest police association in Arizona, the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA).  He was the president of PLEA from 2007 until 2011 and, along with the PLEA board of trustees, served over 2,300 rank-and-file Phoenix Police Officers and Detectives.  In July 2009, the Arizona Republic reported that Mark, in "his first two years as union president...earned...a reputation as a harsh critic of police management and a relentless advocate for Phoenix patrol officers."  His retirement from the Phoenix Police Department in January 2012 ended a 25 career in which the PLEA team cultivated powerful community partnerships and facilitated unprecedented bipartisan support for rights of Arizona law enforcement.  Mark is the author of A Moment In Time and is the founder and co-director of Bema Investments (, a non-profit corporation which teaches Judeo-Christian leadership principles and facilitates charitable outreach efforts.  Since February 2012 he has been based out of Phoenix, Arizona as the Southwest Projects Coordinator for Judicial Watch.  Mark facilitates investigations, development & community outreach, media relations, FOIA requests and litigative support for the non-partisan non-profit government accountability group.  He currently serves in a chaplain capacity for the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, Republican Party of Maricopa County, AZRA and


Candidates Are Welcome to e-mail their announcements and a photo to Briefs at or for posting so readers can learn who the candidates are. Editor’s Note: Please keep announcement at 400 words. Longer announcements subject to editing to conform. - ft.

J. Nicolas Pierson announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination to run against Raul Grijalva in Arizona's Congressional District 3. Pierson served eight years in the Army Reserves. He has represented Northwestern Mutual and has served as a financial advisor to many people and businesses in the community for over 40 years. He has served on the boards of the “Hispanic Chamber Educational Foundation, the Changujtos Feos the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the South Tucson Business Association. He founded Tus Vecinos en el Barrio in the City of South Tucson in 2008, a Hispanic Coalition. He is currently serving on the boards of the American Patriot Memorial and the Fox Tucson Theatre Foundation, where he is Co-Chair of the Programming and Marketing Committee and the main lead on the Fox Tucson Theatre Foundations 2nd 2018 Youth Art and Culture Program “I have grown up on the border and on several Indian Reservations. I know Congressional District 3 and have seen the communities in the district suffering economically and educationally, for many years. The District needs a strong leader to help build a healthy business environment to encourage job growth and healthy schools. I founded Tus Vecinos en el Barrio to bring positive change in South Tucson and we must bring that positive change to all the district from Yuma to Nogales. “I am running for Congress so I can play a much larger role in making our communities better for the citizens in the district. We must have a representative who believes in empowering the people of CD3, rather than growing the government. More government means less money available for our communities,” concluded Pierson. Pierson was born in Nogales, Arizona and attended public school in Sells and Whiteriver. He attended the University of Arizona, receiving a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Conservative Republican Marcus Kelley has announced his candidacy for the State House in LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 20. Kelley, an attorney and long-time conservative activist, filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office to represent the district that spans the north of the Phoenix metropolitan area, including parts of Glendale, in one of the district’s two house seats. Both seats will likely become open as Representatives Anthony Kern and Paul Boyer vie for the Senate seat in the Republican Primary. Kelley who currently works as an attorney with the law firm of Goldman and Zwillinger, has also worked in state and federal government including for former State Senate President Andy Biggs and Attorney General Mark Brnovich. Marcus has worked for the American Conservative Union and later for the Republican Study Committee when then-Congressman Mike Pence was the Chairman. He graduated from the University of Arizona and the Cardozo School of Law. Kelley also serves on the governing board of a local charter school. “I am seeking a seat in the Arizona House to continue bringing a conservative voice to public policy matters,” Kelley stated. “My years of experience coupled with my track record of consistent conservatism on the issues will represent the constituents of LD-20 well,” he asserted. On the issues, Kelley is a strong social and fiscal conservative. He is pledged to reducing taxes and spending in a balanced and prioritized budget. He is solidly pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, and is an outspoken supporter of the Second Amendment. Kelley and his wife, Nickie, have been married for more than 13 years and have two children who attend a local charter school.


US House candidate Phil Lovas: Happy New Year! Hope your year is off to a great start! I wanted to give you an update on the campaign for Congress. Thanks to the phenomenal support we received in the first 17 days of the campaign we were able to reach our initial fundraising goal. Thank you for your support! I am running for Congress to support our community and the President’s agenda. I was the first legislator to endorse Donald Trump. I was hand-picked to be his campaign chairman in 2016 and last year, I was appointed to a position in his administration helping small businesses identify and eliminate unnecessary regulations. I am the candidate best positioned to deliver for the 8th Congressional District and Arizona beginning on day one!My platform is simple: Drain the Swamp and Protect America. That means turning down a taxpayer-supported pension (just as I did in the Arizona legislature); ending lifetime pensions for members of Congress; supporting term limits and making Congress live by the same laws they pass for us. I also support a border wall, strong national security and protecting and increasing American jobs!
As we move into 2018, we are less than 60 days from election day and only about 30 days away from early ballots going out. The campaign is moving rapidly! If you have not signed my petition to put my name on the ballot, please reply back and I will make sure we get a petition to you asap. Petitions are due by January 10 and we are working hard to make sure we reach the goal.If you would be willing to volunteer on our campaign I would greatly appreciate it. Please reply back and we will definitely be in touch! We need your help!
Finally, please take a look at our website and send it to your friends.  We’ve received over 30,000 views of the introductory campaign video already. You can see it at for your help and support! Look for some exciting announcements soon! Happy New Year!

Clair Van Steenwyk: To All Our Friends and Supporters in CD 8 and AZ, thanks for all the help you gave us in signing our petitions to qualify for the August 27 Special Primary, we filed our 1,200 signatures and every petition flew through the New System. The workers in the SOS office were very helpful and gracious throughout the process, and we were quite pleased with the speed at which this was done, in by 2 out by 2:45pm, this wasn't anything like last years system and we thank Eric and his staff for all their help. Jean & I also want to thank Liz, Bill, Ron and Marty for all their help in achieving our goal in just 12 days. We now look forward to the work at hand of getting the message out and hope we'll also receive the same support in getting that done as we did in obtaining the necessary signatures to qualify, without those who signed we'd just be on the outside looking in, and believe the time is now to put a Non Career Politician in DC.  State Site where you can view the list of Candidates and find we're at present the only one qualified for the Ballot.


Jan 4, 2018

The Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Jan 4, 2018 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95. Chairman Sally Kizer 928-210-1219.

Jan 6, 2018

The Sun City West Republican Club is planning an 8:30 am., Jan 6 Candidate Forum for the Supt of Public Instruction candidates at the Foundation Building, 14465 W RH Johnson Blvd in Sun City West. Doors open at 8a m. Supt. Candidates: Bob "Dr. Bob" Branch, Supt. Diane Douglas, Jonathan Gelbert, Tracy Livingston, and Frank Riggs are confirmed. All candidates will have an opening statement. A one-hour Q&A has been scheduled. The SCW will be conducting forums January – June, including AZ's SPI, State Treasurer, Sec. of State, Corporation Commission and LD 22 House. Candidates in those contested races are urged to contact scheduler Clair Van Steenwyk @ 623-322-9979 or as soon as possible.

Jan 9

The Arizona Republican Assembly sponsored PC Day at the Captitol is scheduled between 11 am-1 pm., Tues., Jan 9, 2018. A light lunch will be served, and there will be an opportunity to hear from our Legislators and other elected officials.


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Happy New Year

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