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2-27-18 Briefs


trent franksBy The End Of The Day, we should know who will be elected to replace former US Representative Trent Franks on Arizona’s congressional delegation. As things got ugly in recent weeks, many who cast early ballots are wishing they had hold off. Little did they know of the allegations that would surface resolving around several of the lead candidates during the last days of the face. It appears Washington, DC isn’t the only place where well entrenched legislators are making ugly headlines. It is disappointing to watch the exposure of shenanigans of legislators who seemingly had served us well. Some resigned their positions to run for the empty US House sent, only to see their shenanigans, weaknesses or hidden secrets splashed across the TV. It appears Arizona has its own “swamp” that needs cleansed. And then we have a bunch of announced candidates, who don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of being elected – but instead of withdrawing they are hanging on, sucking away much needed votes for those who are in lead positions.- ft.

AG Mark BrnovichAttorney General Mark Brnovich joined a 20-state coalition urging a federal district court in Texas to hold the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) individual mandate is unconstitutional and to enjoin the entire law. The complaint, filed late Monday, explains the ACA, as recently amended, forces an unconstitutional and irrational regime onto the states and their citizens. In NFIB v. Sebelius, the U.S. Supreme Court narrowly upheld the core provision of the ACA - the individual mandate - as a “tax.” However, Congress has recently repealed this tax, while leaving the mandate in place. Since the Supreme Court has already held Congress has no authority to impose such a mandate on Americans, absent invoking its taxing authority, the ACA is now unconstitutional. Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed the coalition’s brief in a federal district court in Texas. In addition to Arizona, other states participating are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia. See filing CLICK HERE.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department will hold a public meeting on the proposed stocking of rainbow trout and status of the Lees Ferry fishery between 5-7 pm, Mon., March 5 at the old lodge across from Marble Canyon Lodge on U.S. Hwy 89 A in Marble Canyon.

LD17 could use some volunteers to help with their booth at the March 9, 10 and 11 Ostrich Festival in Chandler. Contact Anne Kirkham at 801-652-2999. Click here to sign up!

Candidates Wanting To Participate in the Fountain Hills Republican Club “Meet the Candidates” event between 9-1 am, Saturday, March 17 from 9-11 a.m.  or wishing to arrange for extended opportunities to speak at future club meetings should contact 1st VP, Program Chairman Leona Johnston,, 480-837-6068; 480-215-6635.

How- Would-Muslims-Take-Control-Of-America Sharia is the brutal means by which Islam controls its populations by force, intimidation, and punishments for offenses to Allah. Already, in many European countries, national governments have, out of fear, given Islamic fascists the right to establish their own shadow governments within the borders of countries like Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, and England, where they can control their own populations without accountability. Proposals for Sharia are being taken seriously by CanadaSee take-control-of-america

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

Grassroots Leadership Academy - Americans for Prosperity Foundation is offering Leadership Academy training sessions in Phoenix, according to Grassroots Director Leslie White. Each session runs from 6-9 pm, including a free dinner. Sessions are scheduled:

     · Feb 27- (Phoenix Field Office) – West Valley. Tickets: summit-tickets

      · March 2 - Mountain View Lutheran Church – East Valley. Tickets at summit-tickets

Contact White at (480) 290 – 2286.

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Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. Briefs posts candidate announcements, but does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. ft.

tom_husbandCALL TO ACTION: Former Maricopa County Chairman Tom Husband - Arizona Taxpayer Action Committee: SB1102 is a bill in the State Senate that will help keep homeowners in their homes. It is extremely disappointing and frustrating that some elected officials around the state are more concerned with helping predatory investors than they are with helping homeowners keep their homes. At the County level, with a few exceptions, notably Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora and Maricopa County Royce FloraAssessor Paul Petersen, the majority of the other counties’ Treasurers and Assessors oppose SB 1102 which simply allows a Good Samaritan to pay someone’s property taxes and have that treated as a charitable gift. Why would anyone oppose that? The sad answer is those opposing Treasurers and Assessors don’t want to upset big investors who count on poor folks not being able to afford their ever-increasing property taxes so they can take over the property after foreclosure. The Arizona Taxpayer Action Committee (ATAC) is calling them out. Simply put –this is immoral. We are calling on taxpayers to contact their Legislators to vote for SB1102. Elected officials are supposed to provide protection for citizens, taxpayers, and homeowners; in particular, they need to practice good policies that help people keep their homes, not make it easier for vultures to swoop in and eat the carrion.

sen kimberly yee 2017Grassroots Tea Party Activists of Arizona Francine Romesburg: As you know Senator Kimberly Yee is a candidate for Az State Treasurer, the office Jeff DeWit is currently in.  DeWit is being nominated by President Trump to be the Chief Financial Officer of NASA. Yee was an Executive Administrative Assistant to former Az State Treasurer Dean Martin.  Go to for information on Yee or to sign her petition.

Former LD13 PC John S Powelson: From campaign/super PACs I believe what Debbie Lesko LeskoHeadshot2013has done is very likely not legal and thatphil lovas 2018 Phil Lovas is correct. The wording in the article is somewhat scattered but once read properly it is obvious that they agree this type of thing is not likely to pass the smell test. The important part is …But some of Kennedy’s GOP opponents question whether Kennedy can shift that money to a federal Super PAC, formed by a longtime aide, to support his bid in the Nov. 8 election to fill the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by David Vitter. It’s a common sidestep for state officials to get around a federal prohibition against using money raised for state campaigns in federal races. Polls show that Kennedy is widely known by the electorate having been elected to his fifth term as Louisiana’s top money manager with 80 percent of the vote last fall. The question is whether a state official can use the millions in money leftover from a campaign. A memo, backed by one of the nation’s preeminent lawyers on campaign law, that is circulating around Louisiana political circles, asks that very question. “The answer is no, the memo stated. This tends to show Ms. Lesko is very wrong. I chose this article because it seems the closest to the circumstance that exist in her case.

Francine Romesburg 2018Grassroots Tea Party Activist PC Francine Romesburg: I fail to comprehend voter’s thinking. They belly ache and complain about corruption, sex scandals, and the SWAMP in Washington DC yet don’t look in their own back yard to see the same thing here in Arizona. Known Steve Montenegro Steve Montenegro LD13for many years. He’s definitely changed over the years into a career politician. He learned to skirt issues and lie with the best of them. There is more than this current ‘E-ffair’. There’ve been at least 3 others as mentioned. Stop blaming Debbie Lesko. Been proven it’s the gal’s ex-boyfriend. He has the emails /texts to prove the accusations. As for NPV, if Steve would have just admitted his mistake and apologized vs lying continually about it, but he didn’t – he lied.
LeskoHeadshot2013Known Debbie Lesko for many years. A very nice conservative woman. Was very shocked to find she inappropriately used campaign funds set for aside one State Senate race then illegally transferred it to one Federal US Congress race, Rather convenient campaign expenses were just shy of the $50,000 transferred over to Federal race for Congress. Debbie knows her finance laws better than that. Now, we have 2 for 2 running for CD8 who are clearly already part of the SWAMP. Do you all want to vote for either one of these candidates to add more SWAMP MONSTERS to Washington DC Swamp in congress? Come on folks, let’s get real and show Arizona were not all a bunch of loony toons living here.
Bob Stump why are you running? Stop using someone else’s name. Sorry Christopher Stump.

clair van steenwykClair Van Steenwyk– a horse of a different color. Known him many years. Not really anything dirty to say about him. A good man with good intentions but arrogant, abrasive. It’s his way or the highway attitude. Doesn’t care what anyone’s opinion on an issue is. His “I’m the only one that’s right” will get him nowhere in Congress. That doesn’t help us.
sheriff richard mackSheriff Richard Mack - he’s honest, trustworthy, courageous and totally 100% Constitutional. Will stand for the people and be there for them no matter what. Not a career politician, not a liar, he stands by the Law and upholds the Law. Being a former Sheriff he honors his vow to Protect the people.

Bruce Piepho - Sierera VistaCochise County PC/SC Bruce M Piepho Suggests: Do the right thing, Steve Montenegro Steve Montenegro LD13and get out of the race. Montenegro could win? He could be headed to Washington but must not be elected. How can anyone vote for Steve Montenegro? He is a National Popular Vote (NPV) advocate - do not vote for this incompetent candidate. He is close to being or is a sexual predator pervert. Montenegro asked a woman to send pictures on Snapchat. They engaged in sexual conversation about the pictures. “These conversations were detailed and intimate." she said. “Over the months, we began to flirt. I felt comfortable enough with the relationship that I began to send pictures of myself in various states of undress," she said in a statement read Thursday by her attorney, Tom Ryan. Montenegro’s political strategist CQConstantine “CQ” Querard put out a plea for funds to counter TV ads targeting Montenegro. Do not donate. CQ affiliation is a good reason to not vote for Montenegro. “Querard appeared before the committee to pimp a bill near and dear to his heart, one his vassals obediently voted out of committee with a "do pass" recommendation, House Bill 2551.” In 2013 HB 2551 proposed law would have worked like this:If a judge or government entity issues a subpoena to examine someone's financial records, the financial institution cannot hand over those documents until 21 days after service.”.. . ..“Meanwhile a copy of the subpoena was to be sent to the individual, and the individual had 14 days to make a motion to quash the subpoena.” HB 2551 placed restrictions on warrants for financial information to be used in criminal cases, once again giving the suspect a heads up that he or she is a target of an investigation. Though with a warrant, the target would have to be notified within 90 days. “Shamelessly, Querard admitted that his bill will cause various government agencies headaches.I have no doubt that if you pass this bill, it will at some level make prosecution a little more difficult, he told the committee.” But this HB 2551 was all about Querard and his needs. Read all about Constantin-Querard’s-Taxpayer-Paid-Bootlickers-David-Gowan, Steve-Montenegro, Carl-Seel, Steve-Smith, And-Kelly-Townsend-Do-Their-Masters-Bidding by Stephen Lemons, February 26, 2013:

Jenna Bentley, Goldwater Institute Director of Legislative Affairs: I'd like to share with you a new article by Jon Riches, Director of National Litigation at the Goldwater Institute, about how government restrictions are preventing Arizonans from earning a living, and how SB1273 can help solve the problem. As Riches writes, "The problem with occupational licensing is a problem of accountability. And the most dire consequences of licensure fall on the least advantaged. SB1273 affords people affected by occupational regulations the chance to get meaningful relief in a neutral, impartial venue that is not governed by members of the regulated industry." See SB 1273: Reducing Occupational Licensing Barriers for Those Who Need It Most

Author Tom Morrissey: I'm happy to let you know that today on the 10,000 book Amazon Kindle Native Ametom morrisseyrican Literature Fiction "The Way Of The Shadow Wolves" is perched at #17.  We are ahead of books by such literary giants as Tony Hillerman and Craig Johnson (Longmire). We will be at the upcoming Western Conservative Conference on March 23 and 24th in Phoenix, where there is an expectation of several thousand people in attendance.  We will also be in the San Diego area on April 14th where I have been invited to be the keynote speaker at a large fund raising dinner for the families of fallen police officers. I have also been asked to present our book as a feature item at the Payson Book Festival in July.  We are considering bringing the book to several other book fairs in New York City and Europe.  Copies will be available at all events. Morrissey is the former AZGOP Chairman. - ft

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Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

sheriff richard mackCD8 candidate Sheriff Richard: Defeating Bill Clinton at the US Supreme Court was a huge victory for the Constitution... and my biggest win as a Sheriff. In fact, Judge Andrew Napolitano called the lawsuit I filed – and won – “one of the most important States’ Rights cases in American history.” But as a teacher, author, and Constitutional leader for the conservative movement, this one victory is not enough...That's why I need your help to send me to Congress so I can defend liberty in Washington. President Trump needs new members of Congress to replace the professional politicians that populate the DC Swamp. Right now, I'm running to take back Rep. Trent Franks' seat for Liberty -- and with the special election happening February 27, I am the one candidate who will defend the Constitution for our district. My resume proves where my allegiance lies... not with government, but with the law and the People.I'm an NRA Hall of Fame member, the Republican Liberty Caucus, have never been part of "the Swamp,” but I know how to drain it. President Trump desperately needs backup in the House right now -- and he's not going to get it from the professional politicians. As a former law enforcement officer and Graham County Sheriff, I've proven that I get things done. You can count on me to stand with President Trump in defense of the Constitution always. You'll never find me endorsed by the liberal media... sponsoring bills that destroy liberty and grow the government... or supporting illegal alien drug dealers. Unfortunately, my opponents can't -- and won't -- make such a statement. Help ensure Arizona stops sending professional politicians like Jeff Flake or John McCain to represent them in Washington DC, and I trust I can depend on your as we near the final campaign push.

Charles LotusLD20 Senate candidate Charles Loftus: It is the little things that matter---. As many know, this is my first campaign and since I’m not a political insider I rely on advice from friends and relatives on the navigation of this campaign. As part of this journey, I examine other campaigns to identify their funding sources and how the money is spent. One thing I have observed struck me as wrong; however, I checked with professional political figures and legal experts to determine the legality. I am told what I’m going to discuss is TOTALLY LEGAL and an accepted practice in Arizona campaigns. In my previous profession there is an unwritten rule that we tried hard to follow, simply; Don’t do it if it is illegal, unethical or will not pass the headline test. As I look over expenditures of other candidates I see small expenditures for Starbucks, liquor stores, gas stations, fast-food meals, and even meals at nice restaurants - sometimes daily. Again, if it related to the campaign, it is totally legal I am told. In perusing donations for some candidates, they have large donations from PAC’s but also small donations from the people we represent, in amounts as small as twenty dollars. I find the taking of donations for a campaign and using the funds for a double-shot, caramel, iced, low-fat latté a violation of trust with the person who gave you twenty dollars. In my opinion, these fine citizens who are so generous with their precious personal funds do not expect the candidates they support to use their donated monies for luxuries. Instead, they expect to see signs, printed materials, or other professional services directly related to the campaign, not to pay for happy-hour or one’s daily caffeine fix. If this bothers you too, please consider supporting my campaign. My first campaign promise: I will only use money donated to my campaign for direct campaign activities. I will buy my own lunch, buy my own coffee (black), and pay for my own cocktails.

clair van steenwykCD8 candidate Clair Van Steenwyk: The Race for the House seat that Trent Franks recently had to resign due to his behavior towards staffers in DC seems to be on the rise not only in DC but also in AZ with Steve Montenegro’s behavior as well, and now Debbie Lesko’s lose behavior with what seem to be violations of the Financial Standards of both AZ and the FEC.  It appears the so called front runners former buddies still trashing one another when opportunity knocked to demonstrate just how much they covet this federal seat and will do almost anything to win this race for a guaranteed career in politics that all deny they want. I’ve spectated most of my life in politics by volunteering and doing talk political radio, until I ran the 1st time in 2012 against Jeff Flake and then 14 and 16 vs. Franks, however don’t recall this much political poison in a US House seat specially between those who were joined at the Hip and actually support Franks stating they still Respect him and his voting record. I also hope the participants in this GOP Race realize this dirt will be revisited on them if one of them wins again in August Primary. I hope this gets settled on Feb. 27 with none of them winning, as it could cost US a GOP seat which we can't afford to lose now or in Nov.Jean and I thank all who've supported us and let’s hope to change History in AZ on Election Day. Remember Your Votes are your Voice.


FEB 27

LD17 will meet wth Center for Arizona Policy CEO Cathi Herrod on Tues., Feb 27. Contact Bert Moll Chr at

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation is offering grassroots Leadership Academy training sessions at 6 pm., Feb 27 at the field office in the West Valley – includes free dinner. Tickets: summit-tickets Contact Leslie White at (480) 290 – 2286.

The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., Feb 27 (each Tuesday) at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. That organization also welcomes candidate speakers. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.

Jim O'Connor, candidate for Corporation Commission, will visit the Yuma County Republicans on Tues., Feb 27.

FEB 28

LD4 and the Estrella Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Feb 28 at the Estrella Foothills H.S. 13033 S. Estrella Pkwy, with  State Treasurer candidates Kimberly Yee and Ann Sabbagh. Contact Chairman Dick Newcomer at 623-398-5638.

Jim O'Connor, candidate for Corporation Commission, will visit the Yuma County Republican Women on Wed., Feb 28.


Central Republican Women of Phoenix has changed venues and will meet Thursday evening, March 1st at Aunt Chilada's restaurant - 7330 N Dreamy Draw Dr. in Phoenix.  Social hour is 5:30 pm and meeting start is 6:15pm with Gene Kopelson, author of Reagan's 1968 Dress Rehearsal. $20 gets dinner and beverage as well as the company of Rockin' Republican women. RSVP to

Have “Coffee with Supervisor Bill Gates” at 8 am., March 1 at the HonorHealth Sonoran Health and Emergency Center -2nd Floor Sonoran Conference Room, 33423 N. 32nd Ave. (I-17 & Dove Valley Rd.,) in Phoenix. Also hear Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes, address the CD8 special election. Refreshments by HonorHealth. Contact Gates at Phone: (602) 506-7562

Concerned Citizens for America will meet at 6:30 pm., Thurs., March 1 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road in Sedona to hear a presentation on the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact by political consultant and NPV spokesman Constantine Querard. Querard will be preceded by CD1 candidate Steve Smith and CCA chairman Andre Kadar

Mesa Republican Women’s Club will meet at 11 am, March 1 at 1900 E. University Suite 11 in Mesa.  The program features State Treasurer candidates Sen. Kimberly Yee and Tom Forese. Yee is a former State senator and Forese served as an Arizona Corporation Commissioner. Doors open at 11am. Member cost is $10; $12 for non-members.  Candidates for other races that wish for “2 Minutes at the Mike” should request to do so no later than Feb 26.  Contact: to schedule. Nancy Cottle, MRW 1VC 602.292.5646

March 2

An Americans for Prosperity Foundation Grassroots Leadership Academy training session is scheduled at 6 pm., March 2 at the Mountain View Lutheran Church in Phoenix in the East Valley – includes free dinner . Tickets: summit-tickets Contact White at (480) 290 – 2286. Contact Leslie White at (480) 290 – 2286.

The Gila County Republican Party’s 18th Annual Lincoln Day Dinner is scheduled at 6 pm., Fri., March 2 at the Mazatzal Casino in Payson. The social hour with cash bar opens at 5pm. Speakers include Congressman Paul Gosar, along with US Senate candidates Dr. Kelli Ward and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Q and A period to follow speeches. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet a host of other elected officials attending the event. Tickets are $50 each, available at or call Chairman Gary Morris at 928-478-8186 or or Shirley (928) 951-6774.

Jim O'Connor, candidate for Corporation Commission, will attend the Gila County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner on Fri., March 2. The GCR dinner starts at 5 pm., at the Mazatzal Hotel/Casion in Payson.

The State of Arizona Research Library continues its 2018 Arizona Author Series by hosting author Bernard Wilson as he discusses the process of research for his book, The Lives and Achievements of Tucson’s Unknown African American Pioneers, 1860-1910 at 3 pm., Fri, March 2 at the Polly Rosenbaum Archive and History Building. This free talk is part of the 2018 Arizona Author Series, hosted from on the first Friday of the month in February—July by the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, a division of the Arizona Secretary of the State. This program is funded by a Library Services and Technology Act grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records, a division of the Secretary of State’s office. Contact: Brianna Furcron, Special Collections Librarian 602) 926-3723


The Suns City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30am., Sat., March 3 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd.  Doors open at 8 am. Coffee and donuts will be available.  A $2 donation is requested which helps pay for the room rental.  All Republicans from the Sun Cities and surrounding areas are invited.  SCWRC

will be conducting candidate forums from January to June. State Treasurer candidates will be at their March 3 meeting. Contact: Jean Goncalves, Publicity Chair 623-214-8010 or


The Republican Women’s Club will meet with Gene Kopelson, national expert on President Ronald Reagan and author of Reagan’s 1968 Dress Rehearsal at 6 pm., Mon., March 5 at Millennium Resort Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch, 7401 North Scottsdale Road, in Scottsdale. Spouses invited. 5:30 pm meet and greet, 6 pm meeting, 6:20 pm – dinner and 7pm program. $35 per person. RSVP/reservations to Patricia Kaufman, 7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, (480-368-2777) or Attendees are urged to wear green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

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