Tuesday, March 13, 2018

3-13-18 Briefs

Grassroots Tea Party Patriots will meet at 6:30 pm., Wed.,March 14 in the Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 9030 Brian LesinskyN Black Canyon Hwy (Access Rd, Dunlap Ave, exit off of I-17), with senate candidates Brian Lesinsky of LD15 and Charles Loftus of LD20. The conservative Lesinsky grew up in north Phoenix and graduated from Paradise Valley High School in 1989. The former infantry soldier graduated from Arizona State University and has taught forensic science and law enforcement to high school students. He wants to weed out corruption and help President Donald Trump drain the swamp in Arizona. charlie-good 2Loftus is running for former Sen Kimberly Yee’s Senate seat. Loftus, who originally announced for the House race, has switched to the Senate race. Born in Nogales and raised in Phoenix, after graduating he spent 30 years in law enforcement including the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office and the Arizona Attorney General’s office. After retiring he became an instructor of Criminology and Criminal Justice teaching counter-terrorism and domestic terrorism at Arizona State University. He’s a self-described Conservative Republican with pro law and order leanings. Tea Party Contact: Francine Romesburg

Kelli Ward  3Bill Maynard and Team Ward is hosting a Coffee with US Sen candidate Kelli Ward from 10 am until noon., Fri., March 16 at Caffe Torino, 10325 N LaCanada Dr in Tucson. View Map Coffee and pastries provided, or order from menu. Limited seating. RSVP oro-valley-tickets-

Arrowhead Republican Women Are Doing It Again. They are planning a complete forum for all the Republican candidates, be it district, county or state, or national.  They offer the opportunity to speak to a 200 plus audience, where all attendees vote. All you have to do is contact ARW Campaign Chairman Jan or call her at 623-203-4803 or 623-546-3753 and let her know you want to participate between 2-5 pm., June 2 at the Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave in Sun City West. Every candidate get 3-5 minutes to speak, followed by Q&A. Finger food provided. Cash bar. Display materials permitted.

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archie dicksionLD15 PC And State Committeeman Archie Dicksion: I finally received a response from Rep Thomas Shope, Chairman of the House Rules Committee. This email goes out to over 400 PC’s and there are approximately 400 others that signed my petition but I could not decipher their email addresses.  You will note in the message below that JUST ONE MAN has an opinion that contradicts the opinion of 800 P.C.’s and his is the only opinion that counts. In my humble opinion, he was told to hold this Bill and he is doing so not because he does not want to micromanage political parties. If the legislature does not want to micromanage political parties they would have to repeal all those sections that allow the creation of political parties; those sections dealing with gathering signatures to be elected as a PC ,and all of those sections in ARS 16-821 thru 16-828 as all of those sections micromanage political parties. We should remember this message in the future when candidates come to us as P.C’s to help gather signatures, make donations and work to help them get elected. If they are not working for you, just whom are they working for?  Would you care to respond Representative Shope?

TJ ShopeRep TJ Shopes responsed to Archie Dicksion: Thank you for contacting me regarding HB 2012. I appreciate hearing from you. As you may already know, HB 2012 would require political parties in Arizona to limit a precinct committeeman from voting more than two proxies at a political meeting. While the bill is well-intentioned, I have concerns about it. As a conservative, I believe that government interference in the internal processes used by political parties should be minimal and limited. In my opinion, the bill does not adhere to this principle and would micromanage how political parties carry out their responsibilities.For these reasons, I do not intend to consider HB 2012 in the House Rules Committee. Thank you again for reaching out to me. I hope you hear from you again.” – Shopes is the Speaker Pro Tempore and Chairman, House Committee on Rules Contact: (602) 926-3012

Russell Sias -LaPaz  co chrLaPaz County Chairman Russell Sias to Archie Dicksion: Welcome to the club.  I know exactly what was wrong with your HB 2012.  It would have eliminated party insider favorites from being able to manipulate party business as they have done for so many years. The bylaw proposal I offered never saw the light of day either, and I would assume, because its passage would have eliminated proxies altogether, That was likely one of the reasons that was used by the party elite to refuse to bring it to the floor for a vote as well.  The rumor was that it was unconstitutional too.  No one EVER bothered to tell me the problem.  I never was told, although I asked, several times,  But one must assume, right? Shame of both uf us, for trying to eliminate this very clear party insider manipulation by the few.  Actually giving a voice to the general population of our registered Republicans so they could actually have a voice in our party?  How rude!  We obviously don't understand how the party really works! Just like part of a herd of sheep, you and I have both been sheared.

Joe Neglia 2Joe Neglia to LaPaz County Chairman Russell Sias: That anonymous essay correctly claims that our state legislature has zero authority to involve itself in private, voluntary organizations such as AZRA.  No question about that. Unfortunately, the article then attempts a logically fallacious extrapolation: that because there is no authority to regulate AZRA, there is also no authority to involve itself in the operations of political parties. In fact, the author disproves his own argument by attaching a document (ARS 16-822) which EXPLICITLY involves itself in the operation of political parties; this statute goes so far as to define the "eligibility; vacancy; duties; term" of the fundamental members of the party organizations: the precinct committeemen!  Holy cow, could there possibly be any more intrusive involvement in a so called "private, voluntary" organization? Even worse, the author omits the fact that the legislature ALREADY DOES limit the use of proxies.  See ARS Title 16-828. Titled "Proxies".  It includes these limitations on the use of proxies:
     "1. No proxy shall be given by a member of the state committee for use at a meeting of the committee except to a qualified elector of the county where the member resides.
     2. No proxy shall be given by a member of the county committee for use at a meeting of the committee except to a qualified elector of the precinct where the member resides.
           B. The duration of any proxy so given shall extend only for the length of the meeting for which it is given.

           C. Every proxy shall be attested by a notary public or two witnesses."
If the legislature has the authority to impose those limitations, then it certainly has the authority to limit the number of them to "two per person". Disclosure: I'm no lawyer, but I can read English. And I'm not anonymous. – Joe Neglia

Russell Sias RESPONSES TO Joe Neglia: Joe, I agree, 100%.  What Archie has failed to grasp is that not only does the cabal control the party via proxy’s, they ALSO control the state government via the RINOs currently in office. One other thing, this "anonymous" author, wants us to believe he is a conservative!  I consider than almost hilarious!  It's my laugh of the day! Anytime someone starts off with ...don't tell who wrote this... I usually don't read any further.  If the author is somehow unwilling to stand up and defend the position they are expounding upon, then I am perfectly willing to believe, at the very least suspect, they know it is a bogus argument in the first place, that they are attempting to make.

Brent Backus-LD13LD13 Senate candidate Brent Backus: Thank you for your write up on HB2012 on 3-12-18-briefs . Shenanigan's is a word I would not have used. Keeping the process we now have is just another form of political cronyism. The voters I have talked to in LD 13 want the proxy abuse to stop. HB 2012 may be dead, but I will submit a Senate bill in 2019 when elected this year as the Senate candidate for LD 13. I listen to my constituents and will act.Voters need to put their legislator on record if they are for a two proxy max or not. It is a yes or no answer. Vote accordingly.

clair van steenwykLD 22 PC Clair Van Steenwyk: Shopes message to Archie Dickson is what I pretty much expected. Shope calls himself a Conservative and he is in his own mind, as I've stated previously he's trying to Conserve the Status Quo in the AZ GOP and passing a bill that would limit the Control the GOP Elites have isn't something those for the most part holding office will do, as I do believe most are sold out and part of the same problem. My request is consistent and continued the PC's must find true Constitutional Candidates focused on Our God Granted Rights and support and vote for them to replace the Republicrats who now hold office.

Bruce Piepho - 2Bruce M Piepho, Cochise County PC and SC to Rep Shopes: You already know, HB 2012 would require political parties in Arizona to limit a precinct committeeman from voting no more than two proxies at a political meeting. Natural law or God's law does not allow a group of political operatives to take advantage of an over sight by legislators in defining A.R.S. bills. The original A.R.S. 16-821 should have placed a proxy limitation in the first draft. But we are all human and mistakes are made. It is not meddling Sir. It is correcting a past oversight.

    You sir are very far off the normal from being a conservative. You are not a conservative.  I will accept you opinion of yourself but be assured you are not a constitutional conservative.  Nor are you a Christian conservative. If you insist on being referred to as a conservative, I would have to modify that by calling you a political expedient conservative. Natural law or God's law is less understood than constitutional law.  In the past you have demonstrated a lack of understanding the U.S. Constitution.  You voted in favor of the National Popular Vote (NPV) compact which would negate the Electoral College.  The brilliance of ignorance by you and the other 39 AZ Representative voting yes, which included the Speaker of the House, blinded any understanding of the U.S. Constitution.  Had the NPV compact succeeded in growing from the current 165 Electoral College votes, Hillary would be President.

     Since you do not understand the U.S. Constitution or the Electoral College or Natural Law, I am attaching a few articles for your education. Rep Shope you should resign immediately due to incompetence. Fortunate for you, I am not in your Legislative District. If I were in your LD, recall petitions would begin immediately. Since you do not understand the U.S. Constitution or the Electoral College or Natural Law, I recommend a few articles for your education:

      · 9 page Heritage Foundation article on: Joseph Story, the Natural Law, and Modern Jurisprudence; The Honorable Diarmuid F. O’Scannlain.

      · 10 page compilation summary of Natural Law defined as debated by Thomas Aquinas, Plato and Aristotle, Marcus Tullius Cicero, Thomas Hobbes, and Dr Alberico Gentili the founder of the science of international law.

       · 5 page document defining Defining Natural-Born Citizen.

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Clair Van Steenwyk: Rep Tom Shope calls himself a Conservative and he is in his own mind, I've stated previously he's trying to Conserve the Status Quo in the AZ GOP, and passing a bill that would limit the Control the GOP Elites have by using the Proxie system isn't something they will do, as I do believe most are sell outs, and are part of the problem not the solution.  We need Representatives in Both our Senate & Legislature who'll represent the citizens of AZ not the GOP Leadership including the Governor, who dictates to the Legislators like with PROP 123 and SB 1469 proving they just followed orders rather than serve the People AZ. I decided to run for the House seat in LD 22 to see if we'll be able to shine a spot light on the betrayal of those in office and hope in the long run that in doing so we can turn AZ around to serve the Citizens of AZ, and not the GOP, Bureaucrats, PACS or Lobbyists, and that's why I'm running in LD 22.



The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., March 13 (each Tuesday) at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. That organization also welcomes candidate speakers. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) will meet at 7 pm., Tues. ,March 13 at 7:00 p.m. at the home of activist Marsha Hill in Surprise.  Doors open at 6:30 for socializing. Patrick Henry will address the Second Amendment. Others agenda items include gun control, and the 10th amendment. Contact: Randy Miller for the address if you will be attending. (623) 866-3544. Miller is a LD13 Senate candidate.


The Arrowhead Republican Women’s Club will meet at 11:30 am., Wed., March 14 with Maricopa County School Superintendent Steve Watson at the Briarwood Country Club, 135th Avenue & Meeker Blvd , Sun City West, AZ. Registration – 10:45a.m.. $20 includes lunch. RSVP deadline is 5 pm., Sun., March 11. Adults only - no children. Make check payable to ARW, before arriving; if cash, exact amount preferred; no credit cards. Any member cancelling beyond the deadline is expected to pay. Reservation must be received by Sunday, March 11. If you aren’t contacted by an ARW luncheon representative for your lunch order, please email or contact Lezlee Alexander


Tea Party Scottsdale will meet at 6:30 pm., March 15 at 8600 E Anderson Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Tim Horn, Arizona Republican Assembly member and ASRA point-man in Opposition to the National Popular Vote Compact is scheduled to speak. Horn is the author of “Ruling the Elite” and is a former radio political commentator.

The Fountain Hills Az Tea Party will meet at 6:30 pm, Thurs., March 15 at Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.) for a forum on proposed primary property tax with Town Manager Grady Miller. Admission is free but donations to help offset expenses are welcome. Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or


The Center for Arizona Policy is host author/speaker Sam Allberry at 7 pm, Fri., March 16 at the Trinity Bible Church, 3420 W Peoria Ave in Phx. RSVP required. Free admission. Allberry will address “My Struggle with Same-Sex Attraction.” Contact CAP at 602-424-2525.


The Fountain Hills Republican Club will host its “Meet the Candidates” event at 9 am, Sat. March 17 (St Patrick’s Day) at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N. La Montana, Fountain Hills. Complimentary coffee, tea, juice, light breakfast snacks, with an “Irish surprise” will be served at 8:30 a.m. Reserved tables for candidates will be available. An additional table or two will also be available for campaign materials. Candidate presentations will begin following the prayer, Pledge of Allegiance and the “National Anthem”. Participating are Yvonne Cahill for the “Ward for U.S. Senate” campaign; Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, Candidates Dr. Robert Branch, Tracy Livingston, Frank Riggs; Arizona Corporation Commission candidates Jim O’Connor, Eric Sloan; State Representative Jay Lawrence; McDowell Mountain Justice of the Peace Michael Reagan; Candidate for Clerk of Superior Court of Maricopa County Steve Parsons; Fountain Hills Mayoral Candidate Cecil Yates.

Fountain Hills will turn its famed fountain to green at noon on March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day. The FH St. Patrick’s Day Irish Fountain Fest begin at 11 am. No admission fee.

The Pinal County Republican Committee will meet at 10 am., Sat., March17 at the Florence School District Auditorium, 1000 S Main St Florence, AZ 85132. The PCRC will be hosting a discussion with state legislative candidates from Pinal County. The following candidates will be attending, TJ Shope (LD8), Vince Leach (LD11), Mark Finchem (LD11), Bret Roberts (LD11), Mike Hernandez (LD16), and John Fillmore (LD16). Contact Secretary Gilberto Mendez at with any questions you may have.

The Pima County Republican Women’s Club Campaign Workshop is scheduled between 7am and noon, Sat., March 17 at the Viscount Suite Hotel, 4855 E Broadway Blvd in Tucson. $15 per person, includes a continental breakfast, training notebook and workshop. RSVP to J Demara at See full flyer 3-11-18-briefs

March 19

The Pima County Republican Committee’s ‘Arizona Corporation Commission Candidate Forum’ is scheduled at 9:30 am., Sat., March 19 at the Catalina Foothills High School, 4300 East Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ 85718.

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