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6-26-18 Briefs

Former Border Patrol Agent Thinks He Can Solve Illegal Immigration Tea Party Patriots Action Co-founder Jenny Beth Martin met with former Border Patrol Agent Zach Taylor,  current chairman of Chairman of National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers.

Kudos to Congressman Andy Biggs on his resolution to censure and condemn Rep Maxine Waters for her comments condoning public violence and jeopardizing government officials and the American people. It’s time someone told the old windbag to stop spewing her constant stream of hate. Now, if someone could censure/condemn ding-bat Nancy Pelosi and her stupid comments. – ft

The Colorado River Tea Party has released an official statement regarding the media coverage of their pot luck dinner last Thursday evening in Yuma: That evening KYMA reporters were greeted with respect in the parking lot where the Colorado River Tea Party was hosting a potluck dinner with Don Shooter as their special guest. A Tea Party representative informed them KYMA that it was a dinner party, that Shooter would not grant any interviews at that time, and that the meeting would not be recorded. At no time were guns “brandished” or “flashed.” At no time did anyone tell the reporters to “get out!” They were politely informed that no interviews would be granted as the potluck dinner was hosted so that supporters could meet with Shooter, and he did not want to dishonor the event.  They were asked to contact Shooter and set up an appointment at a different time for a more focused interview. It was also reported that Shooter refused to address the residency issue. He absolutely did.  Yes, he owns other houses, but he has always considered Yuma as his home.  It would probably be to his political advantage to claim his house in Phoenix as his permanent residence, as 2/3 of his voters reside in that area, but he especially committed to representing Yuma, and it is really important that Yuma be strongly represented. We are going to war over water, and we need people who are committed to protecting Yuma’s water rights.  Reporters are always welcome at Colorado River Tea Party events, but they should respect the rules of our guests, and above all, they should report honestly, factually. – Secretary Cora Lee Schingnit

Excerpt from the June 21 CRTP meeting minutes: Don (Shooter) said that this was the first time in American History that a legislator has been thrown out of office without due process.  He said it would make sense to just get out of the snake pit, but once you see corruption, you cannot un-see it. You can’t walk away. He has never betrayed our trust. The problem is with no bid contracts, millions of dollars for Cloud service’s for example, legislators giving sweet contracts to friends and supporters. Trying to stop it brings on a lot of dark money out of the woodwork, but he made a commitment. The final blow came when he refused to support a water bill that was supported by the party but would undermine Yuma’s water rights. “I said, ‘Absolutely not! The party guys are not my boss.’” Five days later he was expelled from the house. He addressed the residency issue. He does have 3 houses, but he considers his Yuma condo as his permanent residence. It just makes sense for many state politicians to have houses in Phoenix. Since two-thirds of the voters in his district live in Phoenix, it would almost make sense for him to claim that house as his permanent residence; however, “You must dance with the one who brung you.” Yuman’s sent him to Phoenix to give them a voice at the state level and he will continue to be that voice. Don invited guests to visit his website, to watch as the action unfolds in the next few weeks.  – Secretary Cora Lee Schingnitz

Grassroots Tea Party Activists will meet with Jana Jackson of K.I.D.S. Foundation at 6 pm., Wed., June 27 at the Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Hwy; Access Road, Dunlap Ave exit off I-17.  Doors open 6:00 pm/ meeting starts 6:30 pm. Jackson was a candidate for Maricopa County School Superintendent in 2016. Contact facilitators Dave & Francine Romesburg at or

Supt of Public Instruction Dr. Robert Branch’s campaign team is asking the volunteers to help put up signs – statewide. Signs and re-bar will be furnished. Contact Branch’s team at Team Branch will get the signs and rebar to you.

Former Senator Lester Pearce will teach the good and bad parts of the Arizona Constitution at 7 pm., Thur., June 28 at the home of the Blewsters, 915 W Fairway Drive in Mesa.

The City of Maricopa Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Thur., July 26 at the Village Clubhouse with Corporation Commissions Candidate Eric Sloan. Contact:

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller and Frank Olivieri will hold a meet & Green fundraiser for CD2 candidate Brandon Martin at 6 pm., Thur., June 28 at the Barnfire Mesquite Grill, 8320 N Thornydale Road in Tucson. RSVP to

The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will host a Cavalcade of Candidates July 2 and Aug 1 at Rosati’s Pizza, 18221 N Pima Road in Scottsdale. $10 – all the pizza and salad you can eat.


Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. Briefs posts candidate announcements, but does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. – ft

LD23 Activist Boe James: Almost a month after all petitions have been turned in, why doesn't AZ GOP's website (  have current candidate information?   The page listing candidates is reached from the pull down menu under "AZ GOP Directory" and then clicking on "Candidate".   The page which supposedly show candidates shows only one candidate running for reelection and does not show his opponent.  A couple of other examples:  The page for Secretary of State lists the wrong opposition to the incumbent, showing two candidates who have dropped out and not showing the one who is still running to oppose the incumbent.  The page for State Treasurer fails to list an actual candidate and still lists someone who withdrew months ago.  The Corporation Commission page is incomplete skipping a name and not having a hyperlink for another. To get accurate information, one must go to the Secretary of State's page at: The AZ GOP leadership should either update their page or take it down and direct people to the Secretary of State's website.

LD22 PC Kellie Pawluk: On June 18th I had to withdraw my candidacy after discovering I was 50 signatures short to qualify for the ballot. Although I am disappointed in the tactics that forced me to withdraw my candidacy, I am grateful for the opportunity to share my platforms on education and healthcare. I was humbled by the stories and encouragement I received from strangers. I also want to say thank to everyone who supported me along this journey, especially my husband Steven. He never wavered in his support and was always the first to help. I will be donating my surplus campaign funds to two amazing organizations, Hope Kids and the ALS foundation. Hope kids is an organization that gives hope to families with life threating diseases by easing their journey during the hardest most imaginable times. I dedicate this to my niece Kellie who suffers from a Mitochondrial disorder that limits her ability to do normal everyday tasks. The rest of the money will go to the ALS foundation in memory of my friend who lost his father to this terrible disease. I am grateful for the short experience I had to represent district 22 and look forward to helping in the future.

Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: Received this Wall Street Journal article from a trusted friend and consider it more than worthy of a read. It is amazing to see just how contagious a lie can actually get to be. The only prediction -gone-wrong, which is missing from this 1980's "scientist" report, is the plight of the polar bears.  Thirty Years On, How Well Do Global Warming Predictions Stand Up

Zack Taylor, President: A little known Border Patrol function is desert operations that frequently result in rescue and too often body recovery. To get a sense of what BORSTAR does please watch this video.  And yes, 124 degrees F ambient temperature is not uncommon out on the Sonoran Desert.  Imagine what the ground temperature is?   Risk Takers - Border Patrol

Activist Barbara Medal: I suppose it is good to have Jeff Sessions quoting the Bible even if he is not relevant nor in proper context. However I would rather have this mealy mouthed sellout quote the Constitution and the laws he has failed to enforce. Or why he has not defended our POTUS and seems to be missing in action more often than not. Wonder if it was Sessions who prompted POTUS to appoint Christopher Wray to head the FBI. It is hard to understand why he still collects his salary provided by the tax paying people he is stabbing in their hardworking backs. Or why POTUS doesn’t fire his sorry good for nothing candy butt.

LD23 Rep Jay Lawrence: Recently I posted (on Facebook) a description of a meeting I attended that featured Congresswoman Martha McSally. As is my way, I said nice things about the congresswomen. Quite a few people who are supporting Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio took issue with my kindness as though it was somehow an endorsement of her Senate campaign. It was not. She has never asked me for my endorsement and given my conservative beliefs and long-time friendships with both Senator Ward and Sheriff Joe I would certainly not be endorsing her. Congresswoman McSally is well to the right of Krysten Sinema but well to the left of me. I line up on the issues with Ward and Arpaio and would be bound by decades of friendship and his loyalty to me should the Sheriff ever want my endorsement. In the meantime, I plan on continuing to say nice things about people. Please don't read more into it than I'm a nice man who enjoys the company of my friends and participation in political gatherings that are interesting and informative

Brianna Rafidi: Phillip Woolbright is a true leader in all that he does. He has a love for justice and has been to my door to meet me. Reading over his accomplishments, they are vast. He has overcome false accusations, and he is strong in his faith. He is an impartial judge, serves a community selflessly, is an honorary volunteer, gives free consulting advice, is a home builder, basketball official, missionary with his church, and computer chip designer. He plays guitar in a band, is a loving father, counsels youth, performs juggling for kids, helps the homeless, and donates to nonprofit organizations. He has a humanitarian heart, talent and smarts! He shows true dedication. He personally asked me for my vote.    

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Secretary of State Michele Reagan: Did you know that less than 75 percent of Americans have not expressed their thoughts in writing about how they wish to be cared for at the end of life? Advance Directives such as living wills, medical powers of attorney and mental health powers of attorney can often provide an explicit roadmap for those making important decisions on their behalf. Our Advance Directive Registry is a free registry to electronically store and access your medical directives. The secure and confidential program grants peace of mind to registrants and their families, and easy access to all health care providers. The Directive can be any one or a combination of a Living Will, Health Care/Medical Power of Attorney or Mental Health Care Power of Attorney. The process is simple and you can request the free Guide to Filing Advance Directives from our office, or download it on our website, Filing an advanced directive can go a long way to save your family and friends any additional heartache or legal battles over what may seem to you as an unlikely event. Please consider joining more than 17,000 other Arizonans who have taken healthcare decisions into their own hands. See

Congressmen Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar: Yesterday Biggs and Gosar, sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, requesting names of everyone who has served - past and present - on Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation. Congressmen Scott DesJarlais, Jeff Duncan, Matt Gaetz, Andy Harris, Jody Hice, Ralph Norman, and Scott Perry co-signed the letter belowDear Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, In the recently released report, A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election, Inspector General Michael Horowitz identifies five FBI employees who had unhealthy political biases against President Donald J. Trump. Three of these employees – Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Kevin Clinesmith – were recruited and served on Robert Mueller’s ongoing special counsel investigation. We are disturbed that these individuals were chosen for Mueller’s team. We know that these biases were shared among multiple people at the FBI and could be easily uncovered by Mr. Mueller with simple vetting. These individuals should not have been given an opportunity to influence – directly or indirectly – this special counsel investigation. We understand that government workers may have political leanings, but the report of the Inspector General has demonstrated that certain FBI investigators and decision makers had overt biases and may have attempted to use their official offices to further their political goals of assuring the election of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the prevention of the election of Donald J. Trump to the office of president. Further, those employees may also be deliberately attempting to discredit President Trump. Mr. Mueller’s probe has extended for more than a year, and he and his team have repeatedly resisted congressional oversight. Congress learned, only through Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s revelation, that at least one additional person with a biased opinion worked on his investigation. We are concerned that there may be more politically biased investigators serving on his team. For this reason, please provide Congress with the names of everyone who has served – past and present – on Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation. Congress’s constitutional oversight gives us the responsibility to know who is involved – and whether other members of Mr. Mueller’s team harbor political biases and have conflicts of interest. These investigators endanger our ability to uphold justice. The American people expect more from their representatives.

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Phoenix unemployment plummets to 3.4%; Nearly 62K jobs gained in May - The Phoenix metro gained nearly 62,000 jobs in May 2018 over a year earlier, according to the employment report from the Arizona Office of Economic Opportunity. The unemployment rate in Phoenix plummeted 0.7 percent to 3.4 percent compared to May 2017. More than 87 percent of the jobs created in Arizona were generated in the Phoenix metro. Arizona’s unemployment rate declined to 4.7 percent from 4.9 percent last year. The national unemployment rate declined 0.5 percent to 3.8 percent 2018 over 2017. The total Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metro workforce, both Maricopa and Pinal counties, increased to 2.84 million from 2.77 million a year earlier. In month-over-month data, the metro lost 6,700 jobs, but retains steady job growth for the second quarter of 2018. The most jobs lost, 5,500, were government positions, and nearly 5,000 of those were in state government.

Congressman Andy Biggs: after introducing a resolution to censure and condemn Representative Maxine Waters: “Individuals have the right to debate their differences civilly, without fear of retribution. Unfortunately, Maxine Waters' comments condone public violence and encourage actions that jeopardize the safety and security of government officials and the American people. A little over a year ago, we witnessed a horrific shooting targeted at Congressional Republicans. That day, we promised that we would be better; that we would argue about ideas not people. Unfortunately, we are returning to the vitriol of that day. Those determined to undermine the progress and agenda of President Donald Trump, have taken it upon themselves to demonize their opposition. As Members of Congress we have the responsibility to lead by example and this rhetoric is simply unacceptable.” Congressman Biggs introduces resolution to censure and condemn Rep. Maxine Waters


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: Voters Win!  You put me on the Republican Primary ballot to be Governor. In under five weeks we got 6,224 signatures with a 27% cushion. Governor Ducey's team saw your hard work so he offered money to a signature gatherer to not help me and she refused. So less than an hour before the deadline they file a lawsuit challenging the petitions. The lawsuit tried to throw out 12 entire petitions - that I personally gathered! 12 sheets with 10 names each for a total of 120 signatures that I held in my hand, looked the person in the eye, and asked them to sign. I am the candidate and the former Secretary of State and they were trying to throw out petitions I gathered! Just think about that. They came up with 19 separate complaints, such as 'missing address' or 'illegible' and then tried to invalidate the entire sheet of 10 signatures. My mother and sister, who have been politically active for years in their hometown, were also on the list to throw out entire sheets. They knew it was all a ruse and withdrew the complaint the day of the trial. Let's win this Arizona. Honesty still matters. Please help me win the Republican primary to be the Governor of Arizona.

Arrowhead JP candidate Phillip Woolbright: Woolbright wins for youth, wins for the judiciary and wins for what is right. A Referee can be a hero or a villian. Being a team player refereeing youth basketball has its rewards and challenges. A referee can be a hero in the eyes of some and a villain to others. Still, a fair and impartial call is always the desired outcome in a fair game and in the court. Wisdom and integrity are both qualifying attributes in fair play and fair rulings. The circumstances of life mold and make a man shine with quality, fortitude and reason. Woolbright a man with a sound mind, a caring heart and sustainable judgments. Voting for him puts Woolbright back on the bench serving this community, overcoming, showing rehabilitation to others, wisdom, experience like no other, your vote matters to his success.

LD22 House candidate Clair Van Steenwyk: I don’t dispute the legality of the law allowing challenges to ballot access signatures and want to make that crystal clear. The challenges we’ve all been following in the 2018 Election are undoubtedly legal, the question is why are they being done and should those financing them have to be named in the challenge, and if they lose the challenge or cancel it should they have to pay for it including the costs to the challenged candidate, including any costs that may have negatively affected the campaign of the challenged candidate? I believe the person, persons, campaign, lobbyist or other special interest should be required to be named in the filing. if they lose or withdraw it, they’ll have to pay all costs incurred by the candidate being challenged, and the person they use to front the filing must pay ½ the costs; this might just keep others from aiding in this, as was the case from what we’ve been through in the challenge to Dr. Sandra Dowling, who’s running for the CD 8 seat in the August Primary. As the Debbie Lesko camp approached the gentleman to sign onto the filing, and then the attorney fees were paid by Lesko; this shouldn’t be allowed. If you want to challenge a candidate, then you should be named in the challenge so the entire voting public can see what’s going on and realize most of it is just AZ politics as Usual. I hope this clears this up, as do believe this process-- as it stands today-- favors the money politicians over the citizen politicians who just want to try and fix things in AZ. Then when challenged don’t have the funds or Dark Money to defend themselves most of the time. So who really loses? We the Voters, who are then deprived of a person serving us that’s just a citizen wanting to try and fix things. In closing, I realize that most citizens and candidates, have no understanding of the process. But the professional politicians and lobbyists do, and use it to keep the citizen candidates off the ballot, and elect, re-elect or promote the proven candidate who’s already sold-out to them and party politics. We must put a stop to this out of control system by making anyone who tries to hinder our access to ballots pay rather than allow them to stifle Freedom.

Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: As a candidate for Governor of Arizona I am announcing my School Safety Operation Plan that will not remove guns but will put guns where necessary to protect our children.  The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. My first order as Governor will be to create a task force that will focus on student safety in our schools during manmade and natural emergencies with an emphasis on the worst case scenario - to control a school during an active shooter situation.  This task force must include emergency response personnel, facility emergency operational control experts, infrastructure specialists, and facility hardening analysts. My guidance will include requiring school personnel to complete training to equip them with basic emergency operational control skills. We currently require school personnel to learn skills like CPR so they can help in the first critical minutes until professionals arrive. This same principle must be applied when a crazed gunmen is shooting at our students and staff.

1. I will recommend as a starting point the Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response (FASTER) program in Ohio that trains ‘willing, competent, and capable’ staff members in armed response, crisis management, emergency medical aid, and carrying firearms in schools.

2. I support tax credits for staff willing to be armed in the schools.

3. I support putting Law Enforcement officers into schools especially when a viable threat is identified to give immediate protection for our students while a threat is analyzed.

4. I will require a proactive component to address the infrastructure needs of our school facilities during an emergency and of students with severe mental health issues.  I will address the difficult issue of tracking severe mental health issues instead of who is getting a gun.  Our teachers must be able to focus on educating our children.

The current administration’s Severe Threat Orders of Protection (STOP) plan focuses too heavily on seizing guns.  My plan restores the focus to protecting our children.

Gov Doug Ducey is barnstorming Arizona. After kicking off our re-election campaign Monday, Governor Ducey hit the road - holding 9 campaign events in just 4 days, and giving more than 20 interviews all over Arizona. Our campaign theme is “Securing Arizona's Future,” and Governor Ducey is taking that message straight to Arizonans. This week, he held campaign events in Tempe, Tucson, Gilbert, Casa Grande, Yuma, Prescott, Lake Havasu City, Duncan, and Phoenix. And we're just getting started. See Securing Jobs Campaign Launched Casa Grande Yuma Stop Ove  Yuma Interview Ducey In Prescott Governor -Stop-In-Havasu Tri-Count    sign Up To Volunteer » - Team Ducey

US Senate Candidate Dr Kelli Ward: Op-Ed In The June 25 Washington Examiner: Ignore-The-Open-Border-Establishment; President-Trump-Is-Right-On-Immigration

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June 26

The Fountain Hills Republican Club encourages all FH residents to attend the Mayor Debate at 6:30pm, Tues., June 26 in the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N La Montana Dr., Fountain Hills.  To encourage attendance, the scheduled GOP Social has been cancelled.  Contact: FHRC Secretary Boe James

US Senate candidates former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Dr Kelli Ward will address the LD17 PCs at 7 pm, Tues., June 26 at the Tri-City Baptist Church

Seminary Building, (Heritage Chapel, Rm. 140), 2211 W. Germann Rd., Chandler, AZ 85286.


LD17, LD18, The Chandler Rep Women, And The Chandler Rep Club will present a “Mid-Summer Mixer,” between 6-8 pm., Wed., June 27 at Floridino's Pizza & Pasta, 590 North Alma School Road Chandler, AZ 85224. $10 per person. Hosted by Sen Steve Yarbrough, Reps JD Mesnard, Jeff Wenginger and Jill Norgaard, Commissioner Justin Olson, Nora Ellen, Dr Steve Ferrara, Julie Willoughby, Farhana Shifa, Frank Schmuck and Brady Willis. Contact Moll at 480 707-3495 .

LD 4 and Estrella Republican Club members will meet at 7 pm., Wed., June 27 at Estrella Foothills High School, 13033 S.Estrella Pkwy, Goodyear.  Special guest will be Michele Reagan, Az  Secretary of State. Contact: Chairman Dick Newcomer at 623-398-5638.

June 28

LD13 House candidate Tim Dunn of Yuma will be featured at a Meet & Greet at 5:30 pm., Mon., June 25 at Reds Bar & Grill at the Wigwam Golf Club, 300 N Wigwam in Litchfield Park, , hosted by Diane Landis and Litchfield Park Mayor Tom Schoaf. RSVP to Diane at 623-935-5589 or

Former Gov Jan Brewer and Treasurer candidate Kimberly Yee will host a luncheon for Yee at 11:30 am., Thur., June 28 at the Great Wall, 3446 W Camelback Road in Phoenix. Registrations open at 11 am. To RSVP to Tysen Schlink at 480-789-9869

A reception for Supt of Public Instruction Frank Riggs is scheduled between 5:30-7:30 pm., Thur., June 28 at 8038 E Desert Cove in Scottsdale. Light refreshments to be served. Suggested donations $75 per person or $150 per couple. Hosted by David Hooser, Nreeyda Lopez, Brion Crum, Jared & Diane Taylor, Jake & Kimberly Hoffman, Jim & Kitt Waring. RSVP to 480-437-1032 or

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller and Frank Olivieri are hosting a meet & greet/fundraiser for CD1 candidate Brandon Martin between 6 -8-pm, Thur., June 28 at the Barnfire Mesquite Grill, 8310 N Thornydale Road, Tucson, AZ 85741. RSVP to

CD2 GOP candidate Lea Marquez Peterson will be featured at a fundraiser at 5:30 pm., Thurs., June 28 at the home of Raena Janes. Appetizers & Light Refreshments RSVP to


The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will host a Cavalcade of Candidates July 2 and Aug 1 at Rosati’s Pizza, 18221 N Pima Road in Scottsdale. $10 – all the pizza and salad you can eat.

Connie Uribe, Chairman of the Yuma Chapter of AZRA Chairman/ Yuma County PC: AZRA will host author and anti- National Popular Vote activist Tim Horn at 6 pm., Mon., July 2 at The Crossing Restaurant, 2690 S 4th Avenue. Defeating the NPV Compact has been the focus of our last three meetings, one featuring a presentation by Ardith Hildebrandt and Lynne Breyer on using social media to kill the NPV. Uribe reports chapter numbers are growing and true conservatives are welcome to join. Contact:

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