Thursday, July 19, 2018

6-27-18 Briefs

Heroes to Hometowns is calling for help to provide 2,000 military families with turkey’s for Thanksgiving. AZ Heroes to Hometowns has been helping to feed and support our wounded heroes and their families for years. But, we certainly cannot do it without your help.  We are asking for help by donating grocery gift cards or cash to our 2018 Turkeys to Troops. Your donation helps to feed one or more families of Wounded Heroes, Families of Deployed, National Guard, Reserves, and returning Military Veterans and it is time to show their service and sacrifice is not forgotten. Too many struggle each day just to put food on the table, but Thanksgiving should NOT be one of those days.  AZ Heroes to Hometowns needs 2,000 ($20.00 grocery gift cards) or monetary donations for a turkey or ham to complete our Thanksgiving food boxes. Your donation of grocery gift cards and/or checks will help our Veterans this holiday. Please help by mailing your donation to: AZ Heroes to Hometowns, PO Box 31646, Mesa AZ 85275. You can also use PayPal to make your donation. Please go to for more information.

Please consider helping the families that have done their part to fight for our freedom:

____ $1,000 feeds 50 families                  ____ $500 feeds 25 families  

____   $200 feeds 10 families                   ___ $20 feeds 1 family

Contact: Founder/CEO Kathy Pearce Cell 480.330.1632

The AAARC will host US Senate candidate Kelli Ward and LD6 House candidate and Walt Blackman at 7 pm, Thur., June 28 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St, in Phoenix. Contact Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen - 602 309 6015.

Concerned Citizens For America (CC4A) will be hosting LD6 Sen Sylvia Allen, Sedona mayoral candidate Pete Conrad, and city council candidates Mike Ward, Bill Chishol, Jr. and Noelle Jullian for a discussion on “Home Rule” and its implications for Sedona residents hosts at 6:30 pm., Thurs., July 5 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road, Sedona. Contact: Andrea Kadar

Grassroots Tea Party Activists will meet with Jana Jackson of K.I.D.S. Foundation at 6 pm., Wed., June 27 at the Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Hwy; Access Road, Dunlap Ave exit off I-17.  Doors open 6:00 pm/ meeting starts 6:30 pm. Jackson was a candidate for Maricopa County School Superintendent in 2016. Contact facilitators Dave & Francine Romesburg at or

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) reminds those who applied online for a 2018 fall hunt permit-tag that 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Thurs, June 28, is the deadline to update credit card or debit card information. If payment is declined at the time of the draw, the application will not be drawn. AZGFD no longer calls customers to obtain payment on drawn applications where credit cards or debit cards have failed. Meanwhile, online applicants still can protect their bonus points by purchasing “PointGuard” through 11:59 p.m. (Arizona time) Thursday, June 28. PointGuard ensures if a successful online applicant is unable to participate in a hunt -- for any reason -- the accumulated bonus points that were expended to draw that hunt permit-tag will be reinstated. A free AZGFD portal account is needed to purchase PointGuard (visit, click on the “My Account” button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page, then select “Register”). PointGuard is $5 per species, per applicant. For more information, visit, or call (602) 942-3000. A portal account allows customers to create a secure account where they can view and manage their contact information, as well as their licenses, draw results history and bonus points in their personal “My AZGFD Dashboard” section. That’s also where draw results will be posted once the process is completed. The department will announce on its website and Facebook page when results officially are released. All hunt permit-tags are expected to be mailed by July 31 (refunds by July 20).

Food for Thought: Floating around the Internet

(1)  Isn’t it weird that in America our flag and culture offend so many people, but our benefits don’t?

(2)  How can the federal government ask U.S. citizens to pay back student loans when illegal aliens are receiving a free education?

(3)  Only in America are legal citizens labeled “racists” and “Nazis,” but illegal aliens are called “Dreamers.”

(4)  Liberals say, “If confiscating all guns saves just one life, it’s worth it.” Well, then, if deporting all illegals saves just one life, wouldn’t that be worth it?

(5)  I can’t quite figure out how you can proudly wave the flag of another country, but consider it punishment to be sent back there.

(6)  The Constitution: It doesn’t need to be rewritten, it needs to be reread.

(7)  William F. Buckley said: “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other points of view, and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view.”

(8)  Joseph Sobran said: “‘Need’ now means wanting someone else’s money. ‘Greed’ means wanting to keep your own. ‘Compassion’ is when a politician arranges the transfer.”

(9)  Florida has had 119 hurricanes since 1850, but some people still insist the last one was due to climate change

(10)  Why is it that the people who claim President Trump is mentally unbalanced also claim that there are more than two genders.  Let that sink in.


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Activist Bryan Flowers: Last week 5 min. before the doors closed at Superior Court of Maricopa County The State Republican party attorney filed on behalf of Paul Mueller an unprecedented 63 page, 16 count complaint alleging fraud against CD8 candidate for U. S Congress Sandra Dowling trying to keep her off the ballot. Today the County signature count supported former Marine Sandra Dowling so Kory Langhofer (State Republican Party Attorney) dropped the frivolous 63 page case against Dowling. Please Support Dowling by going to her website and volunteering and donating to this conservative so we can have someone who will listen to what  We The People Want! Donate: dowlingforcongress/donate Link to channel 3 interview

Clarkdale Activist Dale Gohr: There is a simple solution to all of the “Legal Problems In The United States” that would be so much less expensive than our current system. All we have to do is look very closely at the claimed desire of the liberal solution to the current immigration problems. First we declare there is nothing illegal, which would clear the way to monetary savings beyond belief, because we would have no need for:

A. Police, fire departments or security agencies—That amount of savings would be impressive; and add in the side benefits

a. No prison hierarchy and overhead personnel, prisoner transportation or facilities and sustenance expenses. No court, lawyers, or local politicians. This can get exciting!

B. No state politicians, universities, schools, teachers, professors, school meals or daycare facilities paid by the government!

a. Part of this is already in place; to use an old cliché: A large percentage of schools and universities are allowing the inmates to run the asylums; higher education is an SNL Witticism.

C. On the national level is where the real savings would kick-in under this brilliant plan. The use of the phrase “Drain the Swamp” would take on an entirely new meaning if we were to simply send the swamp-DemocRats and RepublicRats (ie; AZ US Senators) packing. I’d say send them home, but the stench of their return may do irreparable environmental damage.

a. No more paying political plum ambassadors, foreign diplomats, foreign aid, extensive entourage travel costs or footing the expenses of our governmental antagonist or nemesis’ in the United Nations, NATO etc.

We could save dollars by adopting the looney liberal leftist pattern for dealing with national trespassers and we could sponsor some busses to transport loads of the huddled masses of illegals to the residence addresses of Henry Fonda’s low-life children Peter & Jane, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Charles Schumer, George W./Laura Bush, Adam Schiff, Bill/Hillary Clinton, Barack/Michelle Obama, Jimmy/Rosalynn Carter and any of the other twisted, bias swamp-rats we can find telling the illegals THAT THIS is your place to live; these People will Generously Supply All Your Needs. This is your rights; no matter what any of these people say or do; this is their ‘Gift to you’! They insist on keeping ‘Your Supposed Family’ together and ‘MS-13 Gang Members’, do not matter.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Congressman Andy Biggs: after introducing a resolution to censure and condemn Representative Maxine Waters: “Individuals have the right to debate their differences civilly, without fear of retribution. Unfortunately, Maxine Waters' comments condone public violence and encourage actions that jeopardize the safety and security of government officials and the American people. A little over a year ago, we witnessed a horrific shooting targeted at Congressional Republicans. That day, we promised that we would be better; that we would argue about ideas not people. Unfortunately, we are returning to the vitriol of that day. Those determined to undermine the progress and agenda of President Donald Trump, have taken it upon themselves to demonize their opposition. As Members of Congress we have the responsibility to lead by example and this rhetoric is simply unacceptable.” Congressman Biggs introduces resolution to censure and condemn Rep. Maxine Waters

Arrowhead JP Craig Wismer: Due to the popularity of crime drama television series such as Law and Order, most people probably associate jury trials with felony and capital offenses.  In Arizona such crimes do allow for a trial by a defendant’s jury of his or her peers; however, certain misdemeanors also qualify for one. You might be interested to learn that Arizona territorial law allowed for a jury trial for misdemeanor criminal offenses.  That has changed to some extent over the years.   Presently, in order for a misdemeanor crime to qualify for a jury trial, either state law must expressly permit one, there needs to have existed an antecedent crime prior to statehood that was similar in nature to the present day offense or it must involve allegations of sexual motivation.  Therefore, crimes such as shoplifting, theft, and even reckless driving qualify for jury trials.  State law expressly permits jury trials for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) offenses, while crimes such as indecent exposure fall into the sexual motivation category. In the Arrowhead Justice Court jury trials are conducted on Fridays.  In a jury trial, the judge serves as a referee who is responsible for managing the course and conduct of the trial, but does not actually decide the guilt or innocence of the defendant.  It is the jurors who serve as the triers of fact--that is, to hear the case submitted by the State and determine whether a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based upon testimony of witnesses and evidence admitted to the record.  Soon after potential jurors report to the Arrowhead Justice Court, they will be called into the courtroom for a questioning process that is known by the French term Voir Dire—“to speak the truth.”  All jurors are asked a series of standard questions by the judge to determine if there exists a bias that would prohibit them from impartially adjudicating the case. Such biases would include prior knowledge of the matter, association with any of the parties involved or preconceived notions concerning the charges.  At the conclusion of the judge’s Voir Dire, all prospective jurors are excused from the courtroom so that individuals may be recalled for further questioning by both the prosecutor and the defendant or defense counsel.  Once all parties, including the judge, agree on six jurors plus an alternate, the remaining pool of prospective jurors is excused for the day and the trial commences.   Ideally misdemeanor jury trials will conclude in one day; however, for various reasons, this is not always possible.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed Congresswoman Martha McSally’s amendment to increase funding for the A-10 wing replacement program. The amendment increases the total amount of funding for new A-10 wings to $144 million in fiscal year 2019, which will allow for the re-winging of roughly 14-20 planes. “Three years ago, when I first came to Congress I began the fight against the Obama administration and their plan to mothball the entire A-10 Warthog fleet. This is an airplane I flew and commanded in combat - I know a little bit about it and we won that fight,” said McSally. “Since then, the Warthog has continued to be deployed to multiple combat theaters, in some of the most contested environments around the globe. If we only appropriate the base request currently included in the bill we will only secure enough funding to re-wing somewhere between 12-16 aircrafts. At that rate it could take nearly a decade to re-wing the remaining 109 A-10s. That’s not fast enough. These missions are happening NOW. We are literally flying the wings off these airplanes and our enemies won’t wait.”

Watch McSally’s remarks.


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Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: Bennett is running for Governor because he believes the truth matters. This week Governor Ducey shows an approval rate of only 31% (Emerson College) which is extremely low and means he can be beaten.  Probably why he is running all those TV spots telling you how wonderful he is and how much he has done for you. (Taking credit for President Trump's work.) He will not be telling you that he broke every campaign promise he made on issues very important to Arizona.

1. He caved to #RedForEd: “Ducey was Gov. Milquetoast during the strike, seeking to co-opt and appease, not to confront and thwart.  The first significant act of public employee militancy in these parts in recent memory produced results.  Expect more of it.”     Robert Robb

2. He does not care what Republicans think about his terrible STOP plan that includes seizing guns and has promised to call a Special Session to get it.  This plan fails to keep our schools safe and is simply a step towards gun control. “Undeterred by opposition from his own party, Gov. Doug Ducey is determined to … ask judges to take guns away from people who are a danger to themselves    or others others – assuming he’s still governor…”

3. He has a plan to appoint Cindy McCain to the Senate seat because he does not support the repeal of Obamacare.

4. He has done nothing to secure the border.

5. "Border Patrol union President Brandon Judd has stated: " ... National Guard deployment 'colossal waste'" He raised your taxes. “In fact, Ducey ended up raising taxes. … Ducey will claim that it is a fee, so doesn’t count as a violation of his “no tax increase” pledge. … But, through various accounting contortions, more than $100 million of it ends up improving the status of the general fund, by relieving costs and increasing revenues, just as a general tax hike would.”

Please contact the Bennett for Governor campaign to help elect Ken Bennett for Governor.  Contact Christine at 520-235-2234.You can give $5.00 to the campaign here.

US Senate Candidate Dr Kelli Ward: Op-Ed In The June 25 Washington Examiner: Ignore-The-Open-Border-Establishment; President-Trump-Is-Right-On-Immigration Yesterday the Washington Examiner published my latest op-ed...It's called "Ignore the open-border establishment - President Trump is right on immigration," and I encourage you to read it here and share it with other concerned patriots.This piece is so important because illegal immigration has become our nation's No. 1 crisis... and we need solutions that work.We need to secure our borders and implement a variety of America First immigration policies that will keep our country safe and secure. This is why I am running so hard to defeat my opponents Martha McSally and Kyrsten Sinema in this race. Both favor policies that cater to illegal aliens over American citizens, and both of them continue to oppose President Trump and his plan to build the Wall.
I'm running for the U.S. Senate to represent our constituents -- not citizens of foreign countries -- and put America First again.
Chip in. When even Republicans refuse to secure our borders, it’s time for new leadership in Washington. We recently released our latest ad "Relentless", highlighting my mission to secure our southern border. watch here

US Senate candidate Martha McSally: We are 5 days out from our critical end-of-quarter deadline, and our digital fundraising numbers are not where they need to be. I am over $40,000 short of the MINIMUM target for the quarter. Unless people like YOU step up right now, we are not going to make it. CONTRIBUTE . This is the strategic budget my team created at the beginning of this campaign. My campaign team runs a very tight ship, and I know they have budgeted down to the day, and if we don't hit this budgetary goal it WILL mean real consequences. We are depending on the money we raise before our JUNE 30th deadline to fund the next phase of this campaign.If we fail to hit our goals, it could make the difference between a us winning the campaign or sending another career politician Democrat to the U.S. Senate. We have the chance to right this ship now, but it's going to take action from people like you. If every person reading this email donated $25 today, CLOSE THE GAP → DONATE $25 I am asking you to dig down deep today, and think about this election and all that is at stake. If we return the power in the U.S. Senate to Chuck Schumer and his henchmen, they will put a stop to the American First agenda that has boosted out economy and made this country safer. You have my solemn word that each dollar you donate TODAY will go directly to my fight to become the next Republican Senator on the ground here in Arizona. My ambitious democrat opponent has amassed nearly a $7 million dollar war chest in the YEARS she's been preparing and campaigning for this seat. All while I spend each day I am deployed in our nation's capitol maintaining mission focus to get things done and put our county back on the path to prosperity. I'm coming to you now because I know there is so much left to be done in that fight, and the U.S. Senate is at stake. CONTRIBUTE

Supt of Public Instruction candidate Frank Riggs: I believe parents have a fundamental right (and responsibility) to choose and direct their child's education.  That right is codified in Arizona law under our Parental Bill of Rights statute. I reject the attitude on the part of some who think they know better than parents.  There is no higher authority than parents, the first and most important teacher of their own children. I think the ideal way of funding K-12 education is for the per-pupil funding to follow the student to the educational model and type of schooling chosen as the best and most appropriate for the student by their parents. Regarding the expansion of ESA's that is now the subject of the Prop 305 ballot initiative: I believe the additional 30,000 ESA's should be means-tested to give low-income families priority.  These families often live in communities with historically under-performing schools.  They also are often less mobile and need assistance with transportation to take advantage of an ESA for their child.  I'd like to see the maximum dollar amount of an ESA increased even though many private schools offer tuition waivers and assistance for needy students.One other concern: As part of the ESA expansion legislation, the state legislature imposed an accountability measure.  That provision of the legislation requires any private school enrolling 50 or more ESA-funded students to administer a nationally-normed test to all students and report the test results publicly.  I've heard concerns from parents who have chosen a private school education for their child that this will lead to gradual governmental involvement in and regulation over private schools.  They contend the private schools will use the current state standardized ("AzMERIT") test that is aligned to the Common Core standards.  As a candidate for Supt. of Public Instruction, I constantly face what I call the false dichotomies - the false choices - in the discussion and debate about K-12 education.  I reject those false choices.  I firmly believe that it's possible to value public district schools (which educate the vast majority of our students) and public charter schools, and to value both the education profession and parental school choice.  I think the challenge of leadership, especially in the role of Supt. of Public Instruction, is to reconcile competing and divergent viewpoints in order to forge a common vision about the policies that are in the best interest of Arizona's 1.2 million K-12 students.

Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: As a candidate for Governor of Arizona I am announcing my School Safety Operation Plan that will not remove guns but will put guns where necessary to protect our children.  The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. My first order as Governor will be to create a task force that will focus on student safety in our schools during manmade and natural emergencies with an emphasis on the worst case scenario - to control a school during an active shooter situation.  This task force must include emergency response personnel, facility emergency operational control experts, infrastructure specialists, and facility hardening analysts. My guidance will include requiring school personnel to complete training to equip them with basic emergency operational control skills. We currently require school personnel to learn skills like CPR so they can help in the first critical minutes until professionals arrive. This same principle must be applied when a crazed gunmen is shooting at our students and staff.

1. I will recommend as a starting point the Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response (FASTER) program in Ohio that trains ‘willing, competent, and capable’ staff members in armed response, crisis management, emergency medical aid, and carrying firearms in schools.

2. I support tax credits for staff willing to be armed in the schools.

3. I support putting Law Enforcement officers into schools especially when a viable threat is identified to give immediate protection for our students while a threat is analyzed.

4. I will require a proactive component to address the infrastructure needs of our school facilities during an emergency and of students with severe mental health issues.  I will address the difficult issue of tracking severe mental health issues instead of who is getting a gun.  Our teachers must be able to focus on educating our children.

The current administration’s Severe Threat Orders of Protection (STOP) plan focuses too heavily on seizing guns.  My plan restores the focus to protecting our children.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



LD17, LD18, The Chandler Rep Women, And The Chandler Rep Club will present a “Mid-Summer Mixer,” between 6-8 pm., Wed., June 27 at Floridino's Pizza & Pasta, 590 North Alma School Road Chandler, AZ 85224. $10 per person. Hosted by Sen Steve Yarbrough, Reps JD Mesnard, Jeff Wenginger and Jill Norgaard, Commissioner Justin Olson, Nora Ellen, Dr Steve Ferrara, Julie Willoughby, Farhana Shifa, Frank Schmuck and Brady Willis. Contact Moll at 480 707-3495 .

LD 4 and Estrella Republican Club members will meet at 7 pm., Wed., June 27 at Estrella Foothills High School, 13033 S.Estrella Pkwy, Goodyear.  Special guest will be Michele Reagan, Az  Secretary of State. Contact: Chairman Dick Newcomer at 623-398-5638.

June 28

LD13 House candidate Tim Dunn of Yuma will be featured at a Meet & Greet at 5:30 pm., Mon., June 25 at Reds Bar & Grill at the Wigwam Golf Club, 300 N Wigwam in Litchfield Park, , hosted by Diane Landis and Litchfield Park Mayor Tom Schoaf. RSVP to Diane at 623-935-5589 or

Former Gov Jan Brewer and Treasurer candidate Kimberly Yee will host a luncheon for Yee at 11:30 am., Thur., June 28 at the Great Wall, 3446 W Camelback Road in Phoenix. Registrations open at 11 am. To RSVP to Tysen Schlink at 480-789-9869

The Colorado River Tea Party’s Candidate Forum is scheduled between 2-4 pm., Sat., July 28 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. At post time, confirmed candidates for LD13 House include incumbent Darin Mitchell and candidates Joanne Osborne and Trey Terry, along with LD13 senate incumbent Sine Kerr and challenger Brent Backus. Contact Chairman Sally Kizer at 928-210-1219.

A reception for Supt of Public Instruction Frank Riggs is scheduled between 5:30-7:30 pm., Thur., June 28 at 8038 E Desert Cove in Scottsdale. Light refreshments to be served. Suggested donations $75 per person or $150 per couple. Hosted by David Hooser, Nreeyda Lopez, Brion Crum, Jared & Diane Taylor, Jake & Kimberly Hoffman, Jim & Kitt Waring. RSVP to 480-437-1032 or

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller and Frank Olivieri are hosting a meet & greet/fundraiser for CD1 candidate Brandon Martin between 6 -8-pm, Thur., June 28 at the Barnfire Mesquite Grill, 8310 N Thornydale Road, Tucson, AZ 85741. RSVP to

CD2 GOP candidate Lea Marquez Peterson will be featured at a fundraiser at 5:30 pm., Thurs., June 28 at the home of Raena Janes. Appetizers & Light Refreshments RSVP to


The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will host a Cavalcade of Candidates July 2 and Aug 1 at Rosati’s Pizza, 18221 N Pima Road in Scottsdale. $10 – all the pizza and salad you can eat.

Connie Uribe, Chairman of the Yuma Chapter of AZRA Chairman/ Yuma County PC: AZRA will host author and anti- National Popular Vote activist Tim Horn at 6 pm., Mon., July 2 at The Crossing Restaurant, 2690 S 4th Avenue. Defeating the NPV Compact has been the focus of our last three meetings, one featuring a presentation by Ardith Hildebrandt and Lynne Breyer on using social media to kill the NPV. Uribe reports chapter numbers are growing and true conservatives are welcome to join. Contact:

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