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6-29-18 Briefs

Arizona 1st District Congressional candidate Wendy Rogers, a conservative entrepreneur and retired Air Force pilot, who supported Donald Trump in the primaries, won a court case at the Arizona Supreme Court this week. Stetson Kizzar sued the Rogers' campaign in order to undo the will the 1800+ petition signers who signed Rogers' petition form to get on the ballot. Kizzar and his lawyer refuse to say which special interest group funded the lawsuit.
This will have been Rogers' second win in a matter of weeks. When she heard the news, she said, “Once again we won. Two tough court battles and we just keep on winning. We still don't know who filed this lawsuit to desperately try and knock me off the ballot. What we do know is that whoever did this is heavily funded by special interests, wants to disenfranchise Republican voters, and is a loser who has lost twice now. If you are going to do something like this, you need to win. We are fired up, our supporters are fired up, and I am fired up. It is time to take this seat back from the Democrats and none of their lawsuits, trackers, or Fake News is going to stop us." A link to ruling can be
found here. Rogers is a retired Air Force officer who retired at the rank of Lt. Col., became one of the U.S. military’s first female pilots, and is an entrepreneur and homeschool mom.

Dinesh D’Souza appeared with Laura Ingraham’s The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Wednesday evening to debut the official trailer for Death of a Nation which exposes the real fascists and racists in America.

The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Committee will meet at 7 pm, Tues., July 10 at the AZGOP HQ (instead of the usual first Tuesday of the month).  Contact Cindy Casaus or Chairman Chris Herring

Tim Horn will be appear on Ron Harders, the ChiTownEXPat show at 3 pm., Sat, June 30 on to discuss the National Popular Vote (NPV). Contact Harders at

CD9 candidate Dr Steve Ferrara will be featured at the 6:30 pm., July 2 Arizona Project meeting at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix. Ferrara is running for the seat presently held by liberal Congresswomen Kirsten Sinema. Ferrara started working at 13, picking up the driving range at Coronado Golf Course in Scottsdale. He graduated from Brophy and received his degree with honors at UCLA. Already accepted into medical school when Operation Desert Storm erupted, Ferrara answered the call to duty and volunteered for the Navy where he could care for combat casualties. In 2004, a massive Asian tsunami left over 230,000 dead and countless more sick and injured. At the President’s orders, Ferrara was with the first team to deploy to Indonesia aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy. In a historic first-of-its-kind mission, Ferrara and his shipmates spent the next six months tending to the survivors, saving lives and alleviating suffering. The mission was such an overwhelming success in both human and political terms that “medical diplomacy” has become a pillar of American foreign policy, inspiring the Navy to refer to itself as “A Global Force for Good.” In 2009, he volunteered to be the first of his specialty to deploy into combat. In Afghanistan, he transformed combat casualty care by pioneering life and limb saving endovascular surgical techniques on the battlefield. The Wall Street Journal reported on his groundbreaking advances in a lead article, “On Distant Battlefields, Survival Odds Rise Sharply.” Endovascular surgery became a standing capability of the U.S. military’s trauma team. In theater, he also discovered that IED blast victims in armored vehicles shared a set of common injuries, including spinal injuries. As reported by USA Today, his front line research led him to design a blast-mitigating seat for these vehicles that the Army quickly funded. This reduced incidence and severity of spine injuries for our warriors. Home from war, he entered the battlefield of ideas. As a National Academy of Sciences Fellow, Ferrara brought teamwork and problem solving to Capitol Hill. There he was instrumental in drafting major bipartisan legislation that transformed Medicare Part B, securing access to higher quality, more affordable care for seniors. With overwhelming bipartisan support, the legislation was signed by the President in April 2015. Following his tenure on Capitol Hill, Fererara was tapped to be the Navy’s Chief Medical Officer. There he helped lead 63,000 medical professionals caring for over 9 million active duty, dependents, and retirees. Ferrara holds numerous awards and recognitions including the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and the Humanitarian Service Medal. Ferrara and his wife, Elizabeth, an active duty Navy Captain, have two teenage children, Madeleine and John. Contact AP Chairman Ronald Ludders, Chairman at 602.677.1496.

Phoenix mayoral candidate Moses Sanchez has “Moses for Mayor” yard signs available for those wishing to display them in their yards.

The AAARC will host US Senate candidate Kelli Ward and LD6 House candidate and Walt Blackman at 7 pm, Thur., June 28 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24th St, in Phoenix. Contact Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen - 602 309 6015.

Concerned Citizens For America (CC4A) will be hosting LD6 Sen Sylvia Allen, Sedona mayoral candidate Pete Conrad, and city council candidates Mike Ward, Bill Chishol, Jr. and Noelle Jullian for a discussion on “Home Rule” and its implications for Sedona residents hosts at 6:30 pm., Thurs., July 5 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road, Sedona. Contact: Andrea Kadar

Newly elected Congresswoman Debbie Lesko introduced HR 6259 this week with co- the rest of the Arizona delegate – Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs, David Schweikert and Martha McSally - as co-sponsors. H.R. 6259 will put states like Arizona back in the driver seat of their education policy and reduce federal intrusion and regulation on public schools. The bill directs federal funding right to students and teachers instead of being spent to comply with federal regulations. It will also require each state to focus on student achievement and outcomes, while letting the states figure out how to do that best and how to spend those dollars. Specifically, this bill:

· Allows states to submit a State Management Decision to the Secretary of Education that is valid for between 5 and 10 years.

· A State Management Decision allows a state to be waived from all provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act and allows for that state to consolidate all federal education dollars into one single grant.

· Protects the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act dollars from being consolidated and provisions of the law from being waived.

· Increases transparency by requiring a state in their State Management Decision to outline their plan for using the dollars and how they will inform parents of student achievement.

· Ensures accountability by requiring participating states to publish a yearly report of student performance and a description of how the state used federal funds to improve academic achievement and a yearly report with information for the public regarding other high-quality school options and choices.

· Gives states the flexibility to financially account and consolidate federal education dollars in any way they choose

Anyone state–wide wishing to help put up signs for Bob Branch, Supt of Public Instruction candidate, can reach him at Team Branch will get the signs and rebar to you.

Former Senator Lester Pearce will teach the good and bad parts of the Arizona Constitution at 7 pm., Thur., June 28 at the home of the Blewsters, 915 W Fairway Drive in Mesa.

The Cochise County Republican Executive Committee will met between 4-6 pm., July 3 at 325 W Fry Blvd in Sierra Vista (map). Contact: Telephone: 1+520-417-1000

The Pima County Board of Supervisors will meet at 9 am., Tues., July 3 in the Pima County Adm Blvd, 130 W Congress St., in Tucson. (map)

The Pima County Republican Club Luncheon will start at 11:30am, Tues, July 3 at Sabbar Shrine Temple, 450 S Tucson Blvd in Tucson. (map)


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Zack Taylor: Chairman: The New York Times makes, inadvertently I am sure, some very important points in ICE Came For A Tennessee Town's Immigrants, The Town Fought Back about why the Illegal Immigration situation in America today is not in America's best interests. Had the United States Government continued the employer sanctions program embedded in the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (AMNESTY) as promised, situations like Postvale, IA, and Morristown, TN, should not happen. Employer sanctions disincentivized the all important link between aliens coming illegally to the United States to work and employers illegally employing them. Any Immigration legislation that does not irrevocably sever this link will not protect America’s best interests and therefor fail. It is instructive to remember that these aliens came to the United States Illegally knowing full well that the day may come when they would have to leave; so noted in the article.

"More recently, as with other places, Tennessee has been struggling with a meth and opioid epidemic. As drug abuse has sidelined many working-age American men and women, local employers have increasingly turned to immigrants." Maybe someone should tell them the logical source of the meth and illegal opioids is likely Mexico and the source of the illegal Mexican drugs possibly lives among them.

"With the $11.50 hourly wage that her husband, Tomas, made at the plant and the $9 she earns as a seamstress, Elisabeth and her family could afford the $700 house rental big enough to accommodate their six children." Are Illegal aliens suppressing wages? Is that why employers prefer them? Are they willing to work for less than American citizens?

"But Southeastern Provision offered a major advantage over other businesses: The management, several workers said, didn't seem to expect them to bother with fake work authorization documents." So, fake work authorization documents are normally expected to work illegally in the United States? Where are the employer sanctions laws we passed in 1986?

"In an affidavit, the Internal Revenue Service said the company had withdrawn millions of dollars in cash and told bank employees the money was needed to pay "Hispanics"-- suggesting that the company knew it was hiring undocumented workers and evaded payment of federal employment taxes." And Congress gives them social security? Don't tell me this is a one in a million case of tax evasion. No wonder the Chamber of Commerce is against enforcing Immigration Law.

"Hundreds of children missed school after the raid. On the evening of April 7, about 120 teachers and school staff packed the church's basement to talk about how to assist students." What percentage of the students in their public funded schools are children of illegal alien parents?

New York Times revealed quite a bit and you can be assured this is just a very, very small glimpse at the overall national problem.

Activist Bruce Piepho: You probably have heard and read all about the attachment.  It is worth reading again and reading it to your friends and family. The last page #4 is worthy of printing and mailing to all who do not have email or posting page 4 of attached on your Facebook page. what-lincoln-foresaw-would-occur-if-maxine-waters-others-got-their-way-with-mob-justice/

Clarkdale Activist Dale Gohr: The Crap and outright Lies; that were propagated by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; were flagrantly illegal and caused the death of our citizens besides a lot being unconstitutional and mostly covered-up or excused in the Mainstream Media.  From Eric Holder's refusal to investigate or prosecute voter fraud, voter registration fraud and voter intimidation solid cases, Lois Lerner's illegal use of the IRS to target Conservatives, the Fast and Furious fiasco, Benghazi needless slaughter of 4 including an ambassador, who it appears as though they were afraid of because he didn't play the game their way. the list is long with Obama with Hillary as Secretary of State and it didn't improve with John Kerry replacing her. Bill Clinton's  exploits including the bombing of the "Aspirin Factory in Sudan, ordering our military to clean-up the human waste in Haiti while re-installing a Communist Leader, that admired the use of the Winnie Mandela favorite African National Congress Necklaces (Jean Bertrand Aristide claimed "The aroma of the burning human flesh was invigorating".  [All of this just scratches the surface of the wrongdoing by Obama and the Clinton's; so don't throw unconstitutional or wrongdoing around lightly when it is about Trump, he is a pauper in those fields in an "Honest Comparison".

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Congressman Paul Gosar Votes Against Amnesty Bill on H.R. 6136, Border Security and Immigration Reform Act: “I voted to prevent the course of history from repeating itself and opposed one of the largest amnesty bills in our country's history.  The root of the problem with the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act, better known as the 'compromise' bill, is the same as last week’s bill --  it grants amnesty.  We cannot compromise our country's future by creating a special path for those not willing to wait in line. Under this bill, it is estimated that millions of illegal aliens would become eligible for legal status. Not only does this incentivize more illegal immigration, it fails to acknowledge our past mistakes.  As I stated last week, the 1986 amnesty bill aimed to put a stop to illegal immigration once and for all, but unfortunately it had the opposite result. Instead, amnesty was granted and the immigration enforcement never happened. Since the signing of Immigration Reform and Control Act, the total number of unauthorized immigration has nearly doubled. We must learn from our past in order to stop ourselves from committing the same mistakes. I will continue to stand strong and fight to secure our borders and uphold the rule of law. The only pathway to achieving the American dream is by abiding by the laws of our sovereign nation. No amnesty. The End.” Last week, U.S. Representative Paul Gosar D.D.S (AZ-04) voted against the the Securing America's Future Act (H.R. 4760). See his full statement HERE.

LD22 Senator Judy Burges: Could it be that Democrat candidate in Legislative District 18 is in California receiving “Dark Money” from billionaire donors like Tom Steyer? While the Democrat Party decries that dark money is the root of all evil in politics, author Geoffrey Grider describes the hypocrisy with the following comment: “It is ironic that they point to dark money as a target, as all four of these organizations (Media Matters, American Bridge 21st Century, Crew, and Share Blue) are the epicenter of those very campaigns that are fueling the war against conservatives and others in America.” These very organizations are funded by the kingpins of dark money - George Soros, Tom Steyer, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and various Hollywood elites. Their booklet boasts of a plan to develop, organize, and implement procedures to destroy our Constitutional form of government. Why? The 49 page playbook distributed to socialist groups fully discloses the Democrat’s motives and tactics for taking political power at all levels of government this election cycle.  "We are going to contest every effort, at every level of government, to limit rights, rescind protections, entrench inequality, redistribute wealth upwards, or in any other way fundamentally undermine the tenets of egalitarianism that must serve as the bedrock of our democracy." After reading this socialist playbook it could not be clearer, electing “Constitutional Conservatives” such as Frank Schmuck to the Arizona senate in District 18, is critical to maintaining our state and nation free and sovereign.  Families deserve a great education for their children, to earn a decent living, and to exercise the very freedoms that our young men and women in the military and law enforcement have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend.  Frank possesses the will, strength and character to represent the Arizona values we all benefit from, and why we enjoy living in our beloved Grand Canyon State.  Say “NO” to California’s failed values and policies.  Say “NO” to the Democrat candidate that chooses to run in California collecting California money.   It’s imperative that we keep Arizona values in the hands of Arizona citizens.

Congresman Andy Biggs: The House of Representatives failed to pass H.R. 6136, the Border Security and Immigration Reform Act. This bill was the second immigration package voted on in the House this month. Congressman Biggs voted against the bill and issued the following statement: “Like last week’s amnesty legislation, H.R. 6136 fails to deliver on the promises we made to our constituents to first fund, build, and complete a border wall before reforming any other pieces of our broken immigration system.  Instead of working on a large comprehensive immigration package behind closed doors and without regular order – we should break up the elements of the legislation, and pass each individually. Let’s put the border wall, e-verify, chain migration, increased Border Patrol agents, and other conservative proposals, into separate bills. Since I have come to Congress, I have yet to see an immigration bill that is consistent with the promises Republicans made while campaigning.”

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko after voting in support of H.R. 6157: the Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2019 by a vote of 359-49. This bill provides funding to rebuild our armed forces, restore military readiness, and support our warfighters. “As the representative of Luke Air Force Base in Congress, I am committed to providing the tools and resources our men and women in uniform need to successfully complete their missions. This appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2019 will fund 93 F-35 aircraft, which is critical to not only Luke Air Force Base, but to our entire national defense. In addition, this bill authorizes a 2.6% pay raise for our troops, the largest in nine years. This increase is long overdue, but well-deserved for our service members. I am pleased this bill offers the funding our military needs to protect our nation.”


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Gov candidate Ken Bennett: We need to wrap up the $5 donations.  Ken is officially on the ballot – the lawsuit was worthless and they knew it.  The intent was to keep all busy and stop us from getting the 4000,  $5.00 donations.  Once again, we need to show them we will never give up.  Ducey is very beatable – a recent poll has him at a 31% favorability.  That is just awful and is why he is spending so much money telling everyone how wonderful he is. And yes, this is that important – we are talking gun seizures and OBAMACARE.  Winning this for Ken sends a big message. Volunteer Conference Call – Bennett for Governor Thursday, June 28th 6:30 pm Please respond for the access code to - Christine, Team Bennett 520-235-22341

Guv incumbent Doug Ducey: In the first week since launching our campaign, Team Ducey traveled over 1,600 miles to meet Arizonans across our great state. Governor Ducey and our team are traveling far and wide to meet as many Arizonans as possible.  But we need your help to get out Governor Ducey's message for a stronger, more secure Arizona. That's why we are seeking volunteers in every part of our state -- to make phone calls, host events, and help with grassroots organizing. Do you know a high school or college student looking for an exciting internship on a statewide campaign? Send them our Internship Application! Contact Blaze Baggs, Political Director

Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: As a candidate for Governor of Arizona I am announcing my School Safety Operation Plan that will not remove guns but will put guns where necessary to protect our children.  The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. My first order as Governor will be to create a task force that will focus on student safety in our schools during manmade and natural emergencies with an emphasis on the worst case scenario - to control a school during an active shooter situation.  This task force must include emergency response personnel, facility emergency operational control experts, infrastructure specialists, and facility hardening analysts. My guidance will include requiring school personnel to complete training to equip them with basic emergency operational control skills. We currently require school personnel to learn skills like CPR so they can help in the first critical minutes until professionals arrive. This same principle must be applied when a crazed gunmen is shooting at our students and staff.

1. I will recommend as a starting point the Faculty / Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response (FASTER) program in Ohio that trains ‘willing, competent, and capable’ staff members in armed response, crisis management, emergency medical aid, and carrying firearms in schools.

2. I support tax credits for staff willing to be armed in the schools.

3. I support putting Law Enforcement officers into schools especially when a viable threat is identified to give immediate protection for our students while a threat is analyzed.

4. I will require a proactive component to address the infrastructure needs of our school facilities during an emergency and of students with severe mental health issues.  I will address the difficult issue of tracking severe mental health issues instead of who is getting a gun.  Our teachers must be able to focus on educating our children.

The current administration’s Severe Threat Orders of Protection (STOP) plan focuses too heavily on seizing guns.  My plan restores the focus to protecting our children.

US Senate candidate Martha McSally: Hey - not sure if you already heard the news, but Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement today. This is unprecedented. The Arizona Senate race, which was already among the most significant in the nation, just got exponentially more important. IYCMI: Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has just announced he is retiring, which means President Trump will have another opportunity to nominate a strict constitutionalist to the United States Supreme Court. The stakes truly could not be higher. It's opportunities like these that will be missed in the future if my Democrat opponent is elected. Kyrsten Sinema will stand shoulder to shoulder with Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to obstruct all of President Trump's judicial nominees. donate

Activist Paul Gilbert: The Corporation Commission was created by Article 15 in our state constitution because it was determined that certain public services should be regulated by elected officials: energy, water, telecommunications, pipelines, and trains. Every Arizonan is impacted by the important, statewide elected regulatory body and we need honest, qualified, and thoughtful commissioners protecting Arizona ratepayers. As the June 30th campaign finance filing deadline approaches I wanted to reach out and ask you to make contributions to Rodney Glassman for Corporation Commission at! Rodney is an Eagle Scout, husband, father, practicing attorney at Beus Gilbert PLLC, holds his PhD in Arid Land Resource Sciences (water) and serves as a Major in the United States Air Force JAG Corps Reserve. Rodney is the only candidate running, this cycle, who is committed to not accepting contributions from the utilities or lobbyists he will regulate as a member of the Corporation Commission. He is qualified, a Veteran, and just the type of person we need on the Corporation Commission.  Contribute here:

US Senate candidate Martha McSally: President Trump has already appointed one strong conservative to the Supreme Court and has put together a list of highly qualified potential nominees. Friend, we are truly at a historic moment in our nation's history. This is the greatest opportunity in several generations to return our nation to the ideals we were founded upon. President Trump has the opportunity to put forth another Supreme Court justice who has a constitutional interpretation faithful to the Framer's original design — a design that promotes self-government, liberty, and equality under law. Remember, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, who has proven himself to be a powerful constitutionalist leader on the Supreme Court, was confirmed by less than 10 votes. Now the Senate is gearing up to push through another conservative Supreme Court justice with the possibility of more retirements before the end of President Trump's first term. In addition, there are countless other federal circuit and appellate court positions still awaiting to be filled because Democrat obstructionists are holding them up. But it all comes down to how the Arizona Senate seat falls in the 2018 midterm election. If Chuck Schumer wins the Democrat majority, Kyrsten Sinema will fall in line with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and keep President Trumps future nominees from ever seeing the bench. We are doing everything we can to win on the ground across the state, but the national Democrat establishment is doing all they can to stop us. We are counting on people like YOU to step up to help today, Friend. Whether you can contribute $5, $50 or $500, it will go directly toward funding our efforts here on the ground in Arizona. donate

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The Paradise Republican Women’s Club will host a Cavalcade of Candidates July 2 and Aug 1 at Rosati’s Pizza, 18221 N Pima Road in Scottsdale. $10 – all the pizza and salad you can eat.

Connie Uribe, Chairman of the Yuma Chapter of AZRA Chairman/ Yuma County PC: AZRA will host author and anti- National Popular Vote activist Tim Horn at 6 pm., Mon., July 2 at The Crossing Restaurant, 2690 S 4th Avenue. Defeating the NPV Compact has been the focus of our last three meetings, one featuring a presentation by Ardith Hildebrandt and Lynne Breyer on using social media to kill the NPV. Uribe reports chapter numbers are growing and true conservatives are welcome to join. Contact:


Republican Women of Prescott will host all Republican candidates running for Arizona Secretary of State at their Tues., July 10 luncheon in the ballroom at the Prescott Resort. Door open at 10:30 am., luncheon at 11:30 am. Display tables will be set up outside of the ballroom. For table space call Anita at 928-443-0464 RSVP for the luncheon to Elsie at 928-778-0235. Contact: Sherrie Hanna, 1st VP programs 928-533-2925

The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Committee will meet at 7 pm, Tues., July 10 at the AZGOP HQ (instead of the usual first Tuesday of the month).  Contact Cindy Casaus

or Chairman Chris Herring

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