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7-7-18 Briefs

A Two Hour Freedom Quest America Praise and Prayer Rally is scheduled Sat., July 7 at 10 am at the One Church Scottsdale, 7901 E Sweetwater Ave in Scottsdale (Hayden/Sweetwater). It will be a morning of worship, music, praise and PRAYER for our nation.  Freedom Quest America is an organization devoted to taking back America – back to God, the Constitution and “We the People”.  Our main mission is to train up a new generation of educated and patriotic citizens who love God, country and freedom. Your Personal Invitation from Steve - July 7th FQA Rally Contact: 480-227-4241 or   RSVP if you can attend.

Lydia's La Canasta in Wickenburg is hosting a 101st birthday party for Jeanne Tirpak between 3-7 pm., Sun., July 8. All customers will  receive a 10% discount and a dish of Soft Serv Ice Cream with their meal.  Karoake will commences at 3 pm. Jeanne's Dream has been to go to Washington DC to speak on behalf of our Country, particularly Wickenburg residents. Donations are being accepted to fulfill that dream.  Make any checks or Money order in her Name.  This will be presented to her on her 101st Birthday.  Donations can be dropped off at Lydia's La Canasta prior or at her celebration.

MCRC Treasurer Royce Flora: Maricopa County Investments Exceed Projection - As projected the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office met and even exceeded $60 Million net investment income for FY2018. The actual figure is $64,399,364.04. Treasurer Royce T. Flora, in announcing the figures today, said, “We delivered as projected. Our office is doing an excellent job of managing the taxpayers’ money resulting in nearly a 300% increase over last year.” He added, “This $64 Million is more than the total of the previous three years (FYs 2015, 2016 and 2017) combined. It happened because of two things: the strong national economy under the direction of the Trump Administration and the wise stewardship of our portfolio manager Mark Thompson.”.

Meet Republican Wendy Rogers in Casa Grande between 5-7 pm., Tues., July 10 at Mimi's Café, 839 N. Promenade Pkwy, Casa Grande, AZ. Open to the public.

Meet Republican Wendy Rogers in Marana between 5-7 pm., Wed., July 11 at Bianchi's Italian, 3620 W Tangerine Rd, Marana, AZ. Open to the public.

Officers from the Arizona Game and Fish Department will conduct a sobriety checkpoint along U.S. Forest Service Road 240, on the Coconino National Forest, Saturday, July 14. The checkpoint will be west of Mormon Lake to Munds Park.The purpose of the checkpoint is to detect and deter violations of Arizona’s laws regarding the operation of an off-highway vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The department is committed to conserving Arizona’s diverse wildlife resources for current and future generations and ensuring public safety for those operating off-highway vehicles. State off-highway vehicle, hunting and fishing rules and regulations can be found in the department’s regulation booklets, which are available at all license dealers and on the department’s website at

Incumbent Gov Doug Ducey’s Team will conduct a phone bank between 10 am-2 pm., Sat., July 7 at campaign headquarters, 5080 N 40th St #235 in Phoenix. Volunteer are needed. Contact: Field Representative Ryan Sabel, (480) 258-3216

The Gila County Republican Committee held their Grand Opening of the Payson Republican headquarters on June 16th with a steady flow of elected officials, candidates, and the public throughout the morning event. The headquarters saw 345 visitors for June. The facility is located at 307 South Beeline Highway in Payson and is staffed week days from 9 AM to 5 PM. The headquarters phone number is 928-363-4083. Gila County also has a second headquarters in Globe operated by the Corbre Valley Republican Club in Globe. Gila County may be the only county operating two headquarters, according to Chairman Gary Morris.

Earlier this week, US Senate candidate Congresswoman Martha McSally visited the Payson headquarters to meet with the executive board members of the Gila County Republican Committee, the Rim Country Republican Club Club (Payson), the Payson Tea Party, and a number of elected officials and candidates as well as the executive director of the Chamber and a Board member. Some 27 were in attendance. Editor’s Note: Scroll down to “Notes from Readers” for details.

Gila County Republican Chairman Gary Morris, and past Rim Country Republican Club president Andy McKinney will be on Payson radio KMOG 1420 at 9 am., Mon., July with Congressman Paul Gosar at 9:15 am, followed followed by Corporation Commission Candidate Jim O'Conner at 9.35am.

LD8 Rep T.J. Shope along with Pinal County Supervisor Mike Goodman, yesterday met with Arizona Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin regarding water outages and pressure issues experienced by customers of Johnson Utilities in Pinal County. Tobin updated Shope and Goodman on the multiple dockets opened investigating Johnson Utilities issues and expressed hope that the Corporation Commission will hold a special meeting to expunge Johnson Utilities’ Certificate of Convenience and Necessity for failing to meet a previous compliance deadline. “We’re in the middle of fire season, and firefighters in Pinal County are having to haul their own water because our hydrants don’t have sufficient water pressure to meet code – that’s completely unacceptable,” said Shope. I’m grateful to Commissioner Tobin for meeting with Supervisor Goodman and me today and for all his hard work addressing the water issues in San Tan Valley. I’ll continue to monitor the situation and do what I can to ensure that these issues are resolved as expeditiously as possible.”

Recent visitors to Congresswoman Debbie Lesko’s (in yellow) office include (left to right) Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development at ASU Shay D. Stautz, Associate Vice President for National Policy ASU in Washington DC; Lesko, Dr. Betsy Cantwell, Vice President for the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development at ASU and former Congressman Matt Salmon, Vice President for Government Relations at ASU.


American Post-Gazette

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona

July 6, 2018


Governor Doug Ducey is suddenly facing a tough re-election campaign. Not only is he well below 50% in two recent polls-- he’s getting no traction with his claims to be the “education governor” despite support groups spending tens of thousands of dollars claiming such.

TV ads can only do so much to convince voters. Ducey joined with House Speaker JD Mesnard and showed no leadership in dealing with the radical, Marxist #Red4Ed movement. They caved without even an ounce of negotiation and let the crazy lefties own the narrative in the media for the next six weeks. And now there’s the possibility of a #Red4Ed-backed initiative potentially on the ballot that would blow-up Arizona’s resurging economy.

One of the polls reported only about one-fourth of respondents believe Ducey deserves another term. True, polls can be all over the landscape this early, but a sitting governor should be enjoying the fruits of a robust and growing economy. Ducey also has a big campaign war chest and not polling close to 50% at any time is concerning.

Arizona voters do have an alternative. And no, it’s not any of the socialists candidates in the Democratic Party. All three Democrats are tripping over themselves trying to make nice with radical #Red4Ed leaders. Any one of the Democrats would be a disaster for our state, not only harming education they claim to promote, but destroying our economy and turning us into “little California.”

Ken Bennett is the best alternative for Republicans to win in November. Some have criticized Bennett’s nice-guy image as being too soft and not being much of a fighter. But how would you describe Ducey’s quick caving to #Red4Ed’s demands? The Ice Cream Man melted in the heat of battle before a shot was even fired. Ducey still hasn’t said or done much to defend his position other than spending money on glitzy TV ads. He’s shown no desire to fight--or debate. If Ducey was sitting on a 20- or 30-point lead, yes, it would be wise to just sit back and let the jackals bray. But he doesn‘t have that luxury. Bennett has come out against #Red4Ed. He supports an aggressive school safety program; he opposes Obamacare, rightly claiming it will “bankrupt our country;” and has proven he can balance the state’s budget. All solid conservative positions. He will not appoint Cindy McCain to replace her husband, John, in the U.S. Senate. Bennett has also demonstrated that he is a hawk when it comes to border security. Ducey has said and done very little about the border of late. A super majority of Arizona voters support strong border security. Like Trump, Bennett should make border security one of his major issues going forward. It’s always a winning position with the majority of voters--especially in a Republican primary. - A. Hamilton


Elected Officials Commentary

Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Crumbling Roads.  Police Shortage.  Insiders Profit.  Politicians Raise Property Taxes… All in just one week. - 

1. Phoenix sells short: Phoenix politicians pushed by city staff sell a property for $700,000 less to a developer they 'like' rather than to the highest bidder.

2. Phoenix sells city-owned Sheraton for $252 Million Loss: Sale was $95 Million LESS than what taxpayers originally paid for it. Politicians pushed by inept staff made the deal worse by handing the developer an ADDITIONAL $13 Million in cash and a sweetheart corporate welfare property tax break of $97 Million. And don't forget that the city is on the hook for $47 Million in operational losses on the hotel stince it was built.

3. Politicians voted to Raise Your Property Tax Thursday after city staff insist we NEED more money.

Please read the column this morning in the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Continues Run of Bad Deals. I have asked city management for a list of the politicians who voted on to build the hotel along with the city staff who pushed this bad deal unto you and your family. I will be publishing their names once received so you know who is responsible.

My Plan: Fix our roads, hire more cops.

1. Take the Billions planned for the three northern future light rail expansion lines and use it to fix or roads and hire more police.

2. Take the hundreds of Millions planned for the South Central line and make the largest investment in city history into South Phoenix infrastructure. Create a citizen panel made up of people who live in South Phoenix to make the decision of where the monies should go.

See my letter to the City Manager this morning:  Dear Ed, This is a follow-up to my public information request for the names of the politicians who voted to use taxpayer monies to build the Sheraton hotel and for the names of the city staff that were pushing the use of taxpayer monies for the hotel. Hard-working city of Phoenix taxpayers are now having to pay $255 million for the loss on the hotel. The reason for the request of names of city staff, is to see if any of these individuals have been held accountable for this loss. It is not fair to taxpayers to shoulder the entire burden of this loss. If City staff have not been held accountable to date, are you planning on any action to hold them accountable? For this reason I would also like to know if any of those staff members have been promoted. Taxpayers deserve better in our city. They also deserve accountability. If this had happened in the private sector everyone of those individuals would have lost their jobs. And, I think it’s fair to ask what exactly are you going to do about it?



Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Jim O’Connor, Arizona Corporation Commission candidate: I am pleased to report I received the below official email late this afternoon from the SOS Office confirming that I have qualified for the funding of my Clean Elections campaign. With the signatures and $5s now behind me, I have made a new video for the campaign website, WWW.OCONNORAZ.COM. It is less than 2 minutes in length and gets to the why I’m running and why voters ought to choose wisdom and experience by voting for me.“Dear Mr. O’Connor, The Secretary of State’s office received the County Recorders’ findings with respect to the Qualifying Contributions you submitted to qualify for funding under the Citizens Clean Elections Act.  The result yielded a verification rate greater than the quantity required under A.R.S. § 16-950(D), which means you have met the statutory requirements to receive Clean Elections funding. “

US Senate candidate Martha McSally: Friend - I have some GREAT news. We were able to finish the quarter strong. This race is not going to be easy. But we are running an economy-of-force campaign. Together, my brilliant team and I have budgeted our strategy down to the day -- and as long as we continue to meet our fundraising goals, we WILL win in November, maintain our Senate majority, and appoint a strong conservative to the Supreme Court. DONATE >>




Republican Women of Prescott will host all Republican candidates running for Arizona Secretary of State at their Tues., July 10 luncheon in the ballroom at the Prescott Resort. Door open at 10:30 am., luncheon at 11:30 am. Display tables will be set up outside of the ballroom. For table space call Anita at 928-443-0464 RSVP for the luncheon to Elsie at 928-778-0235. Contact: Sherrie Hanna, 1st VP programs 928-533-2925

Meet Republican Wendy Rogers in Casa Grande between 5-7 pm., Tues., July 10 at Mimi's Café, 839 N. Promenade Pkwy, Casa Grande, AZ. Open to the public.

The Huachuca Area Republican Women's Club will meet at 10:30 am., Tues., July 10 at the Elks Lodge, 1 S Elks Ln, Sierra Vista, (map). Registration/social at 10:30 am. luncheon begins at 11 am. $16 with reservation; walk in - $18. Contact Nancy at esp4youcards@gm​ or 366-0012 RSVP.

The Maricopa County Republican Committee’s Executive Committee will meet at 7 pm, Tues., July 10 at the AZGOP HQ (instead of the usual first Tuesday of the month).  Contact Cindy Casaus

or Chairman Chris Herring


Meet Republican Wendy Rogers in Marana between 5-7 pm., Wed., July 11 at Bianchi's Italian, 3620 W Tangerine Rd, Marana, AZ. Open to the public.

July 12

KFYI Talk Show Host Mike Broomhead will be featured at a fundraiser for State Representatives Anthony Kern, Maria Syms, Jay Lawrence, Tony Rivero and candidate Stuart McDaniel, along with Senator John Kavanagh between 4:30-6:30 pm., Thur., July 12 at Plexus Worldwide, 9145 E Pima Center Parkway in Scottsdale. View Map Broomhead will also be signing copies of his new book If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Better Be Tough: Lessons from My Life with Bulls, Protestors, and Politicians. Contacts to donate to:Anthony Kern at votekern/votekern Maria Syms at Stuart McDaniel at mcdanielforhouse Tony Rivero at Jay Lawrence at ld23jaylawrence / and John Kavanagh at

The Mesa Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am., Thurs., July 12 at the Silver Star Theatre & Events Center, 5247 E. Brown Rd., Mesa 8547. Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett is confirmed as the featured speaker. Gov Doug Ducey has been invited. RSVP for lunch to Jennifer Hill Cost for members is $15; non-members. Non-featured speakers may request "Two Minutes at the Mike" by emailing no later than July 11th. Doors open at 11:00 AM and program starts at 11:30AM.



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