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1-20-18 Briefs


Some State Committeemen Are A Bit Bewildered by receiving the Jan 27 AZGOP mandatory meeting call letters meant for other state committeemen. Newly elected MCR Member-at-Large Johnny Melton’s Facebook post  “Does anyone know Lori Urban? was floating around the Internet last night. Seems he had received Urban’s call letter. Urban, is the former Paradise Republican Women’s chairman, was part of the AZ Trump Team and took a position with Trump in Washington, DC. Richard Hale posted: “I got Richard Wehbe's from Sun City West and I'm not even a state committeeman. He had to come to my residence to pick it up.”

A Winter Storm Headed For Arizona is expected to bring high country snow, breezy winds plus a major cool down this weekend. Read full article »

Royce FloraAccording to Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora, his office has been forced to move $500,000 into a fund for what amounts to anyone who “feels” they were profiled during immigration enforcement purposes by our Maricopa County Sheriff.  Federal Judge Murray Snow’s order appears in clear conflict with the rule of law and the Arizona Constitution: “Article 2, Section 3.A. The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land to which all government, state and federal, is subject. Section 3. B. To protect the people’s freedom to preserve the checks and balances of the United States Constitution, this state may exercise its sovereign authority to restrict the actions of its personnel and the use of its financial resources to purposes that are consistent with the constitution . . . Section 3. C. If the people or their representatives exercise their authority pursuant to this section, this state and all political subdivisions of this state are prohibited from using any personnel or financial resources to enforce, administer or cooperate with the designated federal action or program.” We brought this to the attention of the Maricopa County Attorney and despite our objection, we were advised by the County Attorney to move the money.

    This Office is very concerned about the authority of a judge to decide that the Maricopa County taxpayers should pay for what amounts to reparations “suffered,” as they presume, by those persons violating our federal and state laws, during the clear legal enforcement of those laws.  No matter what any judge may opine, the Supreme law of the land is the United States Constitution and Constitutional laws passed by the sovereign States or Congress.  No court overreach in conflict with the Constitution or Constitutional law can be honored.  The Treasurer's Office believes Judge Snow over stepped his authority and ordered the Sheriff to NOT enforce the law of Arizona; a law which was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.  And now the judge has doubled-down and has ordered Maricopa County taxpayers to seek out and pay millions of dollars in pain and suffering to illegal aliens who had their feelings hurt. We believe the judge’s actions are illegal and immoral. We also submit that it is the Constitutional duty of our elected officials – who swore an Oath to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution and our laws from all enemies foreign and domesticto fight against such over reach, not kowtow to it.  As such, we are referring this matter to the State Legislature for any further action they deem necessary.

Form 1099-G Tax Information To Be Available Online End Of January - Starting with the current filing season, taxpayers receiving the Form 1099-G, which serves as a confirmation of the previous year’s state tax refund, will be able to go online to access and print the form. Effective January 31, taxpayers will be able to download and print their Form 1099-G by going to, clicking on the “View My 1099-G” link and providing the necessary information.  This upcoming self-service change will save Arizona taxpayers printing and mailing costs each year, prevents tax fraud by keeping sensitive information from being mailed to old addresses and allows a person to access and download their form instantly. Anyone lacking a computer and internet access can a request a copy of their Form 1099-G by contacting the Department’s Customer Care Center at (602) 255-3381, or toll-free (800) 352-4090. The Department has also established a dedicated email, for taxpayers with additional questions. In addition to a Form 1099-G, taxpayers can also confirm the previous year’s state tax refund by reviewing their 2016 Arizona individual income tax return.

LD 20 Chairman Colleen Lombard - Candidate Protocol: The next several months we will be welcoming candidates and candidate Field Reps at LD 20. To keep our business meetings on track, we hope candidates and their representatives can help in the following ways: Any candidate who would like to be placed on the agenda to speak, please contact Colleen Lombard, Chairman (at 602-689-1686 or at least 10 days in advance of the meeting date. Candidates who just “show up” will be limited to one minute to introduce themselves and, in fairness to all, you will be timed. Candidate Petitions may be circulated but not to interfere with the meetings or guest speakers. 2018 meeting dates through May 2018 are: Jan. 8 - Feb12 - March 12 - April 9 - May 14. Meeting location: WUSD Admin Offices 4650 W. Sweetwater Glendale. The receptionist will direct you. Sign in at 6:30pm with the meeting starting promptly at 7pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Annual Bald Eagle Celebration is set for Sat., Jan 27 at the Willow Bend Environmental Educational Center at 703 E. Sawmill Road in Flagstaff where the public can learn more about these amazing birds --- of which 200 visit Arizona during the winter. The event is hosted by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, and the Arizona Watchable Wildlife Experience (AWWE). Admission $10, free for Willow Bend members.

· 8-10 a.m. – “Early Birds” Field Trip: Join wildlife biologists for an early morning field trip searching for wild bald eagles and local waterfowl around Lower Lake Mary south of Flagstaff. The meeting location will be provided when you register. Personal transport is required and carpooling encouraged. In case of inclement weather field trip will be cancelled.

· 10-11 a.m. – “Eaglets” Family Presentation: A family-focused interactive program especially designed for families with young children (ages 4-12 years old). Learn about and view live eagles.

· 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. – “First Flight” Community Presentation 1: Learn about the incredible bald eagle from an Arizona Game and Fish biologist and view live eagles up close. The presentation is open to all ages. Please note this is the same presentation as the 1 p.m. session. Please only sign up for one presentation.

· 1-2 p.m. – “Fully Fledged” Community Presentation 2: Repeat of 11:30 am session. Please register for Presentation 1 or 2, not both.

To register:


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archie dicksionArchie Dicksion: Over the past 10 months or so I have spoken to many of you about the use of proxies at Republican Party meetings. You have expressed your concern that the party allows unlimited proxies at meetings. Pursuant to your expressed statement that no one should be allowed to carry more than two (2) proxies, I drafted a proposed resolution to that effect to be presented at the Mandatory Meeting. My Resolution went on to limit proxies from any LD to no more than 10 percent of their authorized members. It further provided that if a State Committeeman resided within the County where the meeting was to take place, they could not appear by proxy. My resolution will be presented as a Floor Resolution at the AZGOP Mandatory Meeting on January 27th, 2018. On that date there will be people gathering signatures to allow the resolution to be considered by the committee as a whole. If you wish to limit the use of proxies at Arizona Republican Party Meetings, please sign the petition to allow the Resolution to be considered and then vote your conscience. If you are willing to assist in gathering signatures to have this resolution heard, please see me at the meeting site. I will be one of those juggling clipboards at the meeting site.

Francine Romesburg, PC & Grassroots Tea Party Activist Facilitator: A huge thank you to Frosty who puts tons of time and commitment into the MCRC Briefs. Even with the flu, the Briefs continue to get done. She’s like the mailman, neither snow nor rain, or dark of night, nor sickness, keeps her from doing what she loves.
    A HUGE thank you to Marsha Hill and her superb and accurate explanation of Official requirements from our U.S. Constitution dictating who can run for a Federal Congressional seat. Not one candidate on Jan 15 so called forum knew that. When asked the question ‘do you live in CD 8?, they all were only concerned to confirm they lived in CD 8 for years like it meant something. Go read your Constitution folks.

    Thank you Randy Miller for bringing out the truth on Steve Montenegro’s vote on National Popular Vote. I have known Steve for many years. Yes, he is a very good Christian man, but he and just about every Az Legislator knew nothing of the US Constitution and voted for NPV. The bad thing is Steve not only voted for it, he co-sponsored it. The only one who voted NO was LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell. Cudos to Darin. It’s one thing to admit making a mistake in one’s vote, it’s another to go on Talk Radio and say you never voted for it. Steve told me he would never vote against our Electoral College and then CQ came in to pull him up on stage. Thought Steve knew better. He thinks Federal Gov’t supercedes States powers? The Federal Gov’t and the State Gov’t are not equal in power.
    State Sovereignty is what Sheriff Richard Mack sued Federal government for. Sued the Clinton Administration and WON. That’s what I call taking a Constitutional Stand defending our States Sovereignty.

    Question to Phil Lovas – why do you quit so many governmental jobs, positions, and elected offices. Is your purpose, if you win CD 8 to quit shortly just to have another feather in your cap to add to your resume? Know President Trump likes WINNERS, not people who constantly quit everything they go into.
     Thank you Rev. Clyde Bowen for an exciting and inspiring talk at our Grassroots Tea Party Activists meeting Wed., Jan 17. We all love you!

 wes harris 3LD20 State Committeeman Wes Harris: I am greatly disappointed that Bob (Branch) has chosen to run a negative campaign against Frank Riggs.  His 'stretch' piece in the 1-18-18 Briefs really needs a response from Riggs to be fair.  His sighting your comment 1-17-18 Briefs about recreational time having anything to do with the lack of classroom funding needs to be addressed.  He is dead wrong and you are totally right.  Kids need to burn off energy but that has nothing to do with funding.  I am a great critic of the spending our schools do outside of the classroom and that is one of the biggest problems with education in Arizona.  The other is our Teachers Colleges and it is here that we must fix education because without good qualified teachers paid well, all of the talk about class room funding is mute.  Bob is dead wrong on his quote of statistics, in my opinion.  You can ask ten people the same question he purports to ask and get ten different answers.  That is just another problem with education in Arizona...and the test he quotes are Agenda 21 Common Core wonder the kids fail them.  Bob is anchored far too high in the Education pyramid...he should stay at the college level and fix that not in the K-12 area that he is so far removed from.  A PHD gets you nothing unless you come down from your high horse and smell the roses.

Bob BranchDr Robert Branch, Supt Of Public Instruction candidate responds: I would like to thank Wes Harris for pointing out the fact that I have reached the highest pinnacle that can be attained on the education pyramid.  I would like to remind Wes that no one gets to the top of the pyramid without starting from the bottom.  It is true that I have a distinguished career that was earned with years of hard work and perseverance.

Fellow Republican and Trump supporters, I am running for the highest executive office in education for the State of Arizona. This office is to “Superintend all public education,” not just K-12. This office has a seat on the Arizona Board of Regents and that board governs our universities.  So, electing me, a person that has risen to the highest level on the education pyramid, a person who actually teaches public school teachers and administrators, a person that knows how to actually fix the problems in our failed education systems, only makes sense; but, it has never been done in our state’s history. We have always elected politicians who are woefully unqualified in education to this office; career politicians. We would be letting our children down, once again, if we even consider electing another politician like Never Trumper Frank Riggs to this office. This is the reason we have a failed education system in the first place.  Never Trumper Frank Riggs cannot figure out what office he really wants to run for, Senator, Governor, Corporate Commissioner or Superintendent of Public Instruction  The office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for Never Trumper Riggs is his latest campaign du jour (campaign of the day). I am actually giving you an opportunity to fix our failed education system. It takes leadership experience and exceptional credentials to tackle the problems that we are facing in our education system, and leadership experience and superior credentials are only two of the many needed qualities that I am bringing to the table. I offer the whole package and more, (veteran, businessman, CEO, entrepreneur, educator, and I am a “Huge” Trump supporter)

Tom Morrissey, Past Chairman AZ GOP: Kris and I visited the Colorado River Tea Party in Yuma Thursday evening where I had been invited to speak.  And speak I did, about the damage the Establishment Elite Ruling Class have done and are doing to the grassroots, the spine and soul of our party.  What I saw and heard in the form of  questions from those patriots in attendance was that they feel betrayed by Republican Establishment leadership. And they are going to do something about it.  It was very encouraging to see and hear the determination and strength that filled that meeting room.

     Early Friday morning I was interviewed by Russ Clark on KBLU 560 AM in Yuma for one hour and believe me I showered no accolades on the Establishment. Also got a chance to discuss "The Way Of The Shadow Wolves" and the fact that it is rocketing up the best seller lists on several genres (one list with over 10,000 books on it) on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and how the five star reviews are rolling in since Steven Seagal's appearance on the Alex Jones Show.



Candidates Are Welcome to e-mail their announcements and a photo to Briefs at or for posting so readers can learn who the candidates are. Editor’s Note: Please keep announcement at 400 words. Longer announcements subject to editing to conform. - ft.


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. – ft

clair van steenwykCandidate for CD 8 Clair Van Steenwyk on a new Push Poll in CD 8's Special Primary. Push polls try to drive voters from or to a candidate; not always with credible information and at times even slanderous statements made by the sponsor or sponsors of them.  The one  on 1-18- 2018 is making remarks about a couple of candidates, which  indicates that either the Candidate or a supporter is concerned enough to finance this type of poll to gain an advantage over the others being mentioned in the poll. I'll never support the candidate or candidates it's supposed to benefit, as it hurts the process and the voters are turned off by it. Secondly, most times it isn't credible, not to mention this can harm people and hurt families as well. One question most people should ask themselves is “just what will some people stoop to gain an office”, and then say they want to serve us. I should be happy I'm not in it, however saddened this particular campaign has sunk to new lows. This type of Poll shouldn't be done and any in the Party doing so shouldn't be supported by the Voters.


Jan 20

The Arizona for Life Coalition March And Rally will begin at 11:30 am., Sat., Jan 20 at Cesar Chavez Memorial Plaza (2nd Ave. & Washington). The Rally runs from 12:30-2 PM in Wesley Bolin Memorial Park. This will be a family-friendly event with live music, entertainment, food available at the march launch site. Speakers include international pro-life advocates Pam Tebow and Stephanie Gray. Contact:

The Arizona Federation of Republican Women will be sponsoring a table at the Jan 20 Arizona Life Rally this year. Volunteers should contact

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am., Sat., Jan 20 at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N. La Montana Drive with LD23 Sen John Kavanagh and Reps Jay Lawrence and Michelle Urengti-Rita and Mayor Linda Kavanagh. There will also be a “red and green after-Christmas elephant auction” fundraiser. Christmas wrapping not required. Bidding starts at $1.Contact: Boe James at

The Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce will hold a CD8 candidate election forum between 10 am and noon Jan 20 in the Summit Hall A at the Palm Ridge Recreation Center, 13800 W. Deer Valley Drive, in Sun City West . Regional candidates are Debbie Lesko, Phil Lovas, Richard Mack, Steve Montengro, Bob Stump, and Clair Van Steenwyk. See full release CLICK HERE.Contact Mary Orta, the Chamber’s Vice President of Marketing, at The CD8 primary election is scheduled Feb 27, 2018 and the general election is April 24, 2018.

The Cobre Valley Republican Club will meet at 9:30 am., Jan 20 at the Miami Public Library, 282 Adonis St., in Miami. Contact: Judy Alexander, President 928-701-2195

Pima Canyon Trail at 4500 E Pima Canyon Road in Phoenix will reopen on Jan 20, according to Councilman Sal DiCiccio. Renovation includes expanded parking, permanent restrooms, and a new ramada.

The Surprise Chamber of Commerce is hosting a CD8 Candidate Forum between 10 am-noon, Jan 20 at the Palm Ridge Recreation Center, Summit Hall A, 13800 W Deer Valley Drive in Sun City West. Free and open to the public. Non-partisan. Special primary election scheduled Feb 27. General election April 24, 2018. These elections are elect a replacement for long-time West Valley Congressman Trent Franks, who recently resigned his position. Glen Hamer, president/CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, will be the moderator. No audience/candidate interaction. Contact: Mary Orta at

JAN 22

The Yavapai County Republican Women will meet at 5:30pm., Jan 22 at Stoneridge GolfCourse and Restaurant, 1601 N Bluff Top Drive in Prescott Valley. Region 1 Director Joann Harris will install the new officer. A report will be heard on the Yavapai County Jail Tax. Contact Myran Liebermann, Secretary

Jan 23

The Fountain Hills Republican Club Social will be held at 6 pm., Tues., Jan 23 at the Fireside Grill at Centerstone Plaza Hotel (formerly Lexington Hotel), 12800 N. Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills. Contact: Sec. Boe James at

A Bob Stump for Congress fundraise is scheduled between 6:30 -9 pm., Tues., Jan 23. Address will be provided upon RSVP to

The Tempe City Council Candidate Forum will start at 6:30 pm., Tues., Jan 23 in the Arizona Community Church, 9325 S Rural Road, Bldg G, Rm 2 in Tempe.

The Pinal County Republican Committee will meet at 10 am., Sat., Jan 20  at the Florence School District Auditorium, 1000 S Main St Florence, AZ 85132. The PCRC will be hosting a candidate forum for US Congressional District 1 candidates Senator Steve Smith and Tiffany Shedd Esq. Contact Gilberto Mendez at

The Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA) will meet at 7 pm., Jan 23 in the City of Payson Public Library meeting room, 328 N. McLane Rd to hear Bruce Malone, former chemical engineer and patent holder for new products with Dow Chemical.  His presentation is an overview of the strongest evidence for biblical creation from geology, biology, and astronomy. FREE to the public.  Malone authored “Have You Considered Evidence Beyond

JAN 24

LD4 and the Estrella Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Jan 24 in the Estrella Foothills High School, 13033 Estrella Parkway, in Goodyear with US senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward. Guest are welcome.  Contact: Dick Newcomer 623-398-5638.

JAN 25

The Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee will NOT meet in December, according to Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen. They will resume meeting Thursday, Jan 25, 2018 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., in Phoenix. Bowen will contact members about the Jan 1, 2018 wreath laying ceremony at the Human Rights monument in Eastlake Park, 16th St and Jefferson I Phoenix. The annual EPOD6 Freedom celebration will be held Sat., Feb 25, 2018 at noon in Eastlake Park. Contact Bowen at or 602 309 6015.

JAN 26

Fri, Jan 26, 2018 AZGOP Chairman’s Awards Dinner recognizing Republican outstanding PCs and volunteers throughout the state at the Camby Hotel (formerly Ritz-Carlton), 5:30pm Reception, 6pm Dinner/Program, 2401 East Camelback Road, Phoenix. RSVP HERE . Cost: $60 for PCs (discounted price; regularly $100 for public)

Congressman Paul Gosar’s staff will hold office hours in The Wickenburg Library Conference Room, 164 E Apache St in Wickenburg between 10 am and noon, Jan 26. For more information call (480) 882-2697.

JAN 27

Sat, Jan 27, 2018 – Arizona Republican Party Mandatory Meeting. All State Committeeman encouraged to attend In-person or by Proxy at the Church for the Nations, 6225 North Central Avenue, Phoenix. Credentials/Sign-in: Starts 7:45am, Ends 9am. Meeting time: Starts 9am.


Sal DiCiccio 2Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Consolidated Elections -In recent years, Cities throughout Arizona have consolidated their local elections with the regularly scheduled August / November elections in even-numbered years. The result:  their voter turnout is up – significantly – and costs are down. Finally, Phoenix may be moving in the same direction; instead of continuing to generate some of the lowest voter turnout in the state, and spending more to do it. One of our local residents, Marcus Huey, submitted a citizen petition at Council a few weeks ago, asking us to consider making the switch as well – something that will ultimately be decided by you, our citizens at the ballot box. With the help of Vice-Mayor Laura Pastor, Councilwomen Thelda Williams and Debra Stark, and Councilmen Michael Nowakowski and Jim Waring, plus myself, we voted 6-3 to ask staff to begin the process of creating language to send this proposal to the ballot as soon as this summer. City staff now has 60 days to do so. Getting more people involved in our elections isn’t a good thing. It’s a great thing. A fantastic thing. And I am incredibly grateful to my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for working together on this issue.

Diane Douglas Supt of EdArizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas applauds Governor Ducey’s proposed fiscal year 2019 state budget. “It is great to finally see a path forward to restoring recession-era cuts to Arizona’s school facilities,” Superintendent Douglas said. “It was most encouraging to see one of the plaintiffs in the pending school facilities lawsuit discontinue its litigation in response to this proposal. I have always preferred paying teachers instead of lawyers. I am pleased to join Senate President (Steve) Yarbrough, House Speaker (J.D.) Mesnard, as well as local school superintendents and officials in supporting the plan.” The Governor’s plan, unveiled at a recent press conference, outlined a five-year phase-in of funds to both district and charter additional assistance funds. The funds can be used for school facilities, but will provide districts and schools with the flexibility to support such needs as teacher salaries. The Governor’s budget also designates $7.4 million towards important needs at the Arizona Department of Education. This includes $5.3 million to ensure the continued maintenance of the Department’s nationally recognized student data system, $1.1 million for the continued development and implementation of high-quality Arizona academic standards, as well as an additional $1 million for statewide assessments. I’m pleased that the proposed budget acknowledges real needs at the Department,” Douglas continued. “Maintaining our IT system is vital to helping state leaders, districts and schools support Arizona’s students. It is also important that we will have the resources to continue building strong Arizona standards, especially since we have gotten rid of Common Core.”

Steve ChucriSteve Chucri, the newly-elected Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 2, pledged “a new commitment to the hard work involved in building a smart, sustainable future.” Focusing on the challenges that “stretch beyond the present day” Chucri discussed the ways in which the nation’s fastest-growing county can create a healthier urban environment, which includes cleaner air, fewer heat-related illnesses and deaths, and greater investment in energy innovation.“The innovative companies bringing the work of the future to Maricopa County want to know that life in the desert is sustainable. That they can make a long-term investment here because we are making a long-term investment here,” Chucri said during a speech to elected officials, county employees, and members of the public and media. Chucri was elected unanimously during the annual “Passing of the Gavel” ceremony. He takes over for Denny Barney, District 1. Chucri praised by name each of his colleagues on the board—as well as County Manager Joy Rich—as he discussed the progress made over the past several years. Accomplishments include a balanced budget; AAA credit rating; service costs below counterparts in the region; new investments in technology and infrastructure; and, a reformed regulatory environment. “We have grown not because we have asked how government can intervene in every issue. We have grown because we have asked how government can best serve the resilient people who want to make a better life here,” said Chucri. He has served on the Board of Supervisors since 2013. His last chairmanship was in 2015, and he was re-elected to a second term on the Board in 2016. Chucri is also the President and CEO of the Arizona Restaurant Association.


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