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1-21-18 Briefs


Zack Taylor, Chairman of the National Assoc. of Former Border Patrol Officers questions, “How many of you knew that this U.S. code existed?” 18 US Code § 2385 - advocating overthrow of government “Whoever … Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

Lisa HauserAs Gov Doug Ducey announces that Arizona will keep the Grand Canyon National Park while our pathetic congress allows the federal government to be shut down, some of us remember when Lisa Hauser, then General Counsel for Gov Fife Symington, negotiated the first-in-the-USA agreement with former Pres Bill Clinton's DOI to keep the Grand Canyon National Park open using donated funds during the 21-day December 1995-January 1996 government shutdown. Before that she Assistant Attorney General John Shadegg’s right-hand-man before he became a congressman.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced plans for a vote early Monday morning on a bill to fund the government through Feb. 8. The move appeared designed to force Democrats to either agree to reopen the government without concessions on immigration and other issues, or to vote again for a government shutdown, which Republicans believe will hurt Democrats. The government shut down early Saturday after a four-week spending bill failed to gain enough votes to advance in the Senate. Read more »

The Maricopa County Board of Health will conduct a public meeting at 1:30 pm, Fri., Feb 2 in the Board of Supervisors’ conference room, 10th floor, 301 W Jefferson St in Phoenix, to approve initiation of regulatory change to Maricopa County Air Pollution Control Regulation III - AQ-2016-004-Rule 320 (Odors and Gaseous Air Contaminants). The Maricopa County Air Quality Department (department) is proposing to revise Rule 320 regarding manure removal/handling and transportation regulations. STOPP, an opposition organization, will be in attendance to present their case against the rule changes. See summary of the rulemaking You may comment at

Kevin CavanaughDue To The Chatter as to whether withdrawn CD8 candidate Kevin Cavanaugh had reverted to campaigning again in CD1, Briefs asked Cavanaugh for clarification. Cavanaugh responded: “I had been running in CD1, which as you know is an enormous territory. Much like the other 12 candidates for the primary in CD8, I recognized the opportunity to run the race on a limited budget. My campaign manager had advised me to begin running very early in CD1 which was a costly mistake. The sheer size of the territory and well-funded competition made this race a very difficult one for a non-incumbent candidate. I left my job as a Deputy Chief on the Pinal County Sheriff's Office to make the run, and left the pay that goes with it.

     “I gathered enough signatures to be on the ballot in CD8, but the 980 signatures I gathered would not have been enough to withstand a challenge, and I had been given solid information that one of the Democrat contenders had plans to challenge myself, Lesko, Lovas, and his Democrat primary opponents. As it turns out, the information was correct and challenge lawsuits have been filed against those who would not have been able to withstand such a challenge. Knowing this, I chose to withdraw before the military ballots were sent, as one nullified military vote was a price too high to pay for a race I can run again in 4 months.

    In gathering the signatures I met more than 2,000 people face to face in District 8, and we enjoyed the landscape and the people. While residency is not a requirement, we are home shopping today in the area and will likely move to Surprise, Peoria, or Sun City, regardless of my political intentions.

    A great concern to me is that the Secretary of State provided every candidate with Nomination Petitions that were insufficient to get on the ballot. Only two candidates were informed of the correct language, or had lawyers savvy enough to recognize the problem. Can you imagine if all of the Republican candidates failed to see the error and were wiped off the ballot by the Democrats, unable to even run as write-in contenders?

     I said on Channel 15 News that we need a new Secretary of State. Far too many critical errors are being made in business and election procedures. I am hoping someone steps up to the plate to challenge Michelle Reagan for the sake of Arizona. With an approval rate of only 17% we are at risk of losing this seat to any Democrat, and as you know the position includes the duties of Lieutenant Governor. Should Gov. Ducey vacate the seat for any reason, we would once again be under Democrat leadership in the Governor's office should the position of Secretary of State fall to a Democrat.

AzCDL Legislative Update: The 2017 Legislative session officially convened on Mon, Jan 8.  Over 700 bills have already been filed.  Legislators don't have much more time to file their proposed legislation.  The final day for Senators to file bills is Mon, Jan 29.  For the House the final deadline is Fri, Febr 2. AzCDL researches all proposed legislation for language that may impact your right to keep and bear arms.  Relevant bills, and their status, will appear on our Bill Tracking page.  In addition to providing links and basic information on legislation, we add our position along with plain language summaries. Among the first bills filed this session are four from Rep Randy Friese of Tucson that punish lawful firearm possession.  HB 2023 would ban bump stocks.  HB 2024, and the companion proposed ballot referendum, HCR 2001, would require all private firearms transfers to be conducted and recorded through a federal firearms licensee (FFL).  "Transfers" are more than sales, and can include loaning a gun to a friend.  The penalty for determining the fate of your own private property without first begging for government permission would be a Class 5 Felony.  HB 2140 would allow a family member, or a peace officer, to file a petition for a court ordered "mental health" injunction to make you a prohibited firearm possessor.  One of the indicators of being mentally unbalanced is if you purchased a firearm within the last six months.
With your help, we can defeat bills like these long before they get to the Governor. We'll see more bills, good and bad, filed in the coming weeks.  Soon many of the bills we are monitoring will be scheduled for committee hearings.  That's when we'll call upon you to log your opinion in the Request to Speak (RTS) system.  We have learned that after a recent software update some RTS users may have had their accounts suspended.  If you have an existing RTS account, please log in to make sure your account is still active. If you are a current AzCDL member and do not have an existing RTS account, please reply to this message with your name and email address and we'll help you set up the account. Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL),


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. – ft

Marianne Ferrari, LD PC and State Committeeman: I want to thank Randy Miller for speaking necessary truths about one of the CD8 candidates running for Trent Franks’ seat, and he did it both evenhandedly and fairly. Trent Franks was one of the more solid people in Washington, holding up the ridgepole for conservatism. Trump needs people like that surrounding him, in DC, as he drains the swamp. So, the person to replace Trent must be as conservative as he is—or more! Clearly, that person is not Steve Montenegro, who, as Randy describes, carelessly attacked the Constitution and broke trust with those who elected him, by co-sponsoring a bill to install, in Arizona, the unconstitutional National Popular Vote (NPV). (If NPV had passed, Hillary would be president today!) After reading Randy’s post, I knew I could not support Montenegro. I could never approve a candidate who did not understand why a bill that circumvents the Electoral College is unconstitutional. That’s a deal breaker, and a no-brainer. But, learning that Montenegro later claimed, on the air, that he had never supported the bill added another layer of disqualification, for me. There is one candidate running for Trent’s seat that I know could be counted on to vote every time for the wellbeing of the nation: Former Sheriff Richard Mack. Yes, I’ve read someone’s post that complained he doesn’t live in CD8. Normally, I would pause over that factoid, but not this year. We cannot take a chance on someone we don’t know for certain is going to be a rock solid conservative vote and Trump supporter, in Congress, no matter what. I also know that Richard Mack doesn’t shrink for a fight. He became well-known for standing firm on what he knew was right, despite unbelievable duress. If you type the name “Sheriff Richard Mack” into Amazon, you’ll find he’s written quite a few books that leave no doubt he’s a true conservative. He will stand firm for us.

archie dicksionLD15 State Committeemen Archie Dicksion to Chairman Jonathan Lines: I drafted a reduced proxy usage resolution to be presented to the state committeemen for consideration. When I went to party headquarters to get the Resolution Chairman’s name, I was advised that Executive Director Matt Kenney was busy. When I said that I would wait, he promptly appeared and provided me with Chairman Barry Wong’s name. Wong advised me the rules and regulations regarding submission of a resolution were in the state bylaws. I sent my Proposed Resolution to Wong by email and to Wong and Secretary Gabby Mercer by certified mail in care of Kenney. I again asked Wong if there were any other compliance rules. Wong advised me that only the Bylaws were applicable. At the meeting of the Resolutions Committee, Wong instituted a new requirement that before a Proposed Resolution would be considered it had to be placed before the group by a motion of member of the Committee. None of the people who submitted a proposed resolution were advised of this. We were not allowed to attend the meeting, so we had no way to ensure consideration of our resolution. When I spoke with Wong, he stated that it was not a new rule, that it was parliamentary procedure. This is inconsistent with the State Bylaws, and therefor impermissible. Wong has steadfastly refused to provide me with any information on how to present my resolution from the floor - instead referred me to the Bylaws and Arizona Revised Statutes.

    On January 17th, I went to party headquarters with Secretary Gabby Mercer and her husband where we met with Kenney. I was there specifically to urge that all of the rejected resolutions be included in the Call Letter as is required by the Bylaws. It was apparent that Kenney was not pleased at our appearance. He denied any knowledge of receiving my resolution or my certified letters. I had the return receipts from the Postal Service showing that someone at headquarters had signed for the letters. Kenney stated that the Call Letter was not ready to be sent out as the Bylaws chairman had not yet submitted his information and that there were two documents yet to be printed. The Committee approved Resolutions in the Call Letter are at least 12 point type while those not acted upon appear to be 6 point type. It practically requires and magnifying glass to read thus insuring that almost none of them will be read by most of the State Committeemen. Kenney did not tell me they would not be given dissemination in a type size comparable with all of the other information in the Call Letter.

    Chairman Lines, it seems to me that this kind of conduct is not conducive to having precinct/ state committeemen who are enthusiastic about working with and for the Arizona Republican Party. This is simply wrong and it is incumbent upon you as the party chairman to ensure that it does not occur again. I provided the postal return receipt to Austin Adams as requested, and he still has not advised me who signed for the certified letters.

Debbie LeskoLD21 PC Randy Miller - Series #3: I attended the Surprise Chamber CD8 debate yesterday and listened to all candidates. You hear the usual cookie cutter claims of “small government”, “balancing the budget” etc. Debbie Lesko is proud of her purported reputation. Although she touts her awards from various organizations as “champion” for tax payers by various special interest groups, she has to address a major glaring concern that isn’t brought up. In 2015-16 Debbie announced to LD21 that Greg McKay admitted to “misspending” $40 million. This money was mixed state funds and federal grants to lower their staggering backlog of un-investigated cases. The group was appalled and I asked her where the money went. She couldn’t answer even though she sat on the Appropriations Committee and had every right and duty to inquire. I strongly suggested a forensic audit since the agency is also struggling with low morale and a high turnover. She said “I don’t think we can do that”. Really? The state mandates by statute that every year cities conduct an audit so why can’t our legislators do one on an agency they control? Nothing was done that I can tell and no one wanted to talk about it publicly. Well, the next year, with Debbie on the Appropriations committee, she approves a $60 million increase in DCS budget requested by Greg McKay. So now we have over $100 million with no accountability and still have reports of continuing mistakes being committed by AZ DCS. These are children we are talking about.

     How does this align with “Republican Values” and limited government with accountability? It doesn’t. Now, this is a large agency and I believe Mr. McKay cares about these kids, but this is ridiculous. There’s been no oversight by the Appropriations Committee including Debbie Lesko. We now have a class action law suit that will, and is, costing tax payers more. judge-all-children-dcs-care-now-part-class-action-lawsuit greg-mckay-dcs

     I would like to know why Debbie waited until 5pm to resign on the first day of session leaving LD 21 with only 5 days to select a replacement. Was it to give her friend Rick Gray an edge? Or was it to work one full day of the new session giving her an additional full year towards retirement. Again, Washington doesn’t need more of the establishment mentality as I interpret some of Debbie’s actions. We have a serious problem and need a strong principled candidate with a consistent demonstration of our values.

zack taylor 2Zack Taylor, National Assoc of Former Border Patrol Officers: Fellow Americans: When I am invited to speak to groups interested in Immigration matters one of the first things I say is that Americans just do not understand that people in other countries are not like us and because of their cultures they have no concept of our values and are unlikely to assimilate to our culture.  Most people just stare at me and once in a while, a journalist usually, will suggest that was a racist statement.  It is not a racist statement it is a fact.  Occasionally I see an article that highlights my experiences with people from other countries and the following article from American Thinker is exactly the sentiment I am trying to convey when I say to people that people in other countries are not like us. Please read What_I_Learned_In_Peace_Corps_In_Africa_Trump_Is_Right and share it widely.  I might add that one of the reasons some people that come to America and don't like it is because they don't want to be like us and it is certainly better for everyone if they never come here in the first place.  That is why the many people today in America as Refugees that want to now return to their home countries should be assisted to return.

Brian Reilly, Former LD22PC: Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora is learning what can happen to the finances of a county when the voters of the county continue to re-elect a sheriff who does things his way and ignores a federal court order that prohibited the sheriff from arresting or detaining individuals without probable cause that a crime had been committed. The former sheriff ignored this order for nearly a year and a half and, according to the court records, continued to violate the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Authorities are not supposed to violate one’s Constitutional rights to enforce valid laws. It is up to the federal court system to adjudicate alleged violations of the U.S. Constitution. Treasurer Flora apparently forgets that former Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of a crime in a federal court. This same individual is now running for the United States Senate. Treasurer Flora apparently is not familiar with Article VI of the United States Constitution, which states in part: “This Constitution and the Laws of the United States, which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” “Notwithstanding” means: "in spite of." Judge Snow was well aware of Article VI, during the Arpaio trial, when he declared in open court, that federal law trumps state law. I would suggest to Treasurer Flora, the voters and taxpayers of Maricopa County should learn a lesson from this very expensive experience and become more vigilant and more informed about the candidates that they decide to elect to public office. Treasurer Flora, I would suggest that you follow the lawful orders of the federal court.



Candidates Are Welcome to e-mail their announcements and a photo to Briefs at or for posting so readers can learn who the candidates are. Editor’s Note: Please keep announcement at 400 words. Longer announcements subject to editing to conform. - ft.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         My Name is Arthur Olivas Jr. I am running for First Vic Chair of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC). I am asking for your VOTE because I want to represent you. I believe that the Republican Party belongs to us. Not us to the Party. I am a a LD27 PC and State Committeemen, a grassroots Republican activist and the facilitator for the Latino Legal Immigrant Tea Party Patriots. I was a machinist for 34 years before retiring from Air Research. Low Voltage Cable Installer for Telecommunications Systems. I have lived in South Phoenix all my life and have seen Republican after Republican move down here. We believe that it is time to wake them up and make South Phoenix RED!! We also believe that we need new blood in the Party. As most Republicans in South Phoenix say, “We have lost our Christian and Conservatives values. I, Arthur Olivas Jr., am asking for you vote to help us bring them back. God Bless America. And for sure In God we trust!!
I will also ask you to Google my name. Art Olivas, Arthur Olivas jr. El Tudy Mexican Bandit. Or go to the Greater Phoenix Tea Party pages. Go to the Latino Legal Immigrant and you can find my background. Please help me make this go viral forward and post it everywhere. So it’s time to get busy. They must not stop us now.I support Sheriff Joe for senator and like him, I support President Trump 110%. Thanks in advance for your vote.            


The Colorado River Tea Party will meet with CD3 candidate Sergio Arellano at 6 pm., Thur., Feb 1 at the Community Christ Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Arellano is challenging Democraft incumbent Raul Grijalva.

The Yavapai County Pachyderm is hosting a Meet & Greet luncheon for Secretary of State candidate Lori Klein Corbin at 11:30 am., on Sat., Feb 24 at the Prescott Golf And Country Club Home Owners Assoc. Bldg., 1103 Old Chisholm Trail, Dewey, AZ. 86327. $15 donation per person. Limited seating. RSVP to Sue Goodchild at 636-7355 OR Also call Goodchild to help with petitions for Corbin.

Fri, Jan 26, 2018 AZGOP Chairman’s Awards Dinner recognizing Republican outstanding PCs and volunteers throughout the state. Cost: $60 for PCs (discounted price; regularly $100 for public) at the Camby Hotel (formerly Ritz-Carlton), 5:30pm Reception, 6pm Dinner/Program, 2401 East Camelback Road, Phoenix.

Sat, Jan 27, 2018Arizona Republican Party Mandatory Meeting. All State Committeeman encouraged to attend - In-person or by Proxy at the Church for the Nations, 6225 North Central Avenue, Phoenix. Credentials/Sign-in: Starts 7:45am, Ends 9am. Meeting time: Starts 9am.

The Yavapai County Pachyderm is planning a noon luncheon and presentation on April 7 by Mark Spencer from Judicial Watch. $10 per person. Proceeds go to Judicial Watch. Limited seating. RSVP TO Sue Goodchild at OR 92-636-7355

The Yavapai County Pachyderm members will do a phone bank for the newly introduced “Veterans Health Care Bill” that gives veterans choices, followed by dinner by Sue Goodchild. Volunteers should contact/RSVP to or 928-636-7355.

The Annual Bald Eagle Celebration is set for Sat., Jan 27 at the Willow Bend Environmental Educational Center at 703 E. Sawmill Road in Flagstaff where the public can learn more about these amazing birds --- of which 200 visit Arizona during the winter. The event is hosted by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Willow Bend Environmental Education Center, and the Arizona Watchable Wildlife Experience (AWWE). Admission $10, free for Willow Bend members. To register:

Environmental Day at the Capitol is scheduled Wed., Feb 7 at 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix

The Annual AZ Heroes To Hometowns will Salute A Soldier 5K Run or 1 Mile Walk at 9am, Sat., March 10. Packet pickup day of race starting at 8am at Freestone Park, 1045 E Juniper Road in Gilbert. $40 5K Run. $30.00 5K Run for Military or $25 for 1 Mile Walk. Registration at events/48183653/select-race? or Register early and receive a $10 discount on the 5K by using code SAS10– good until Feb 1, 2018. Military use MIL05 for $5 off until Feb 1. Contact Kathy Pearce @ or AZ Heroes to Hometowns P. O. BOX 31646, Mesa, AZ 85275

The Az Federation of Republican Women’s Board of Directors Winter Meeting (open to all) will be held Sat., Feb 9 in the Radisson Suites Tucson, 6555 E Speedway Blvd in Tucson. Registration Form Here


JAN 22

The Yavapai County Republican Women will meet at 5:30pm., Jan 22 at Stoneridge GolfCourse and Restaurant, 1601 N Bluff Top Drive in Prescott Valley. Region 1 Director Joann Harris will install the new officer. A report will be heard on the Yavapai County Jail Tax. Contact Myran Liebermann, Secretary.

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Jan 22 at 3375 E Shea Blvd., in Phoenixwith Congressional District 9 Republican hopeful Dave Giles addressing his campaign and the issues of the day. Chr Ron Ludders 602.677.1496

Jan 23

The Fountain Hills Republican Club Social will be held at 6 pm., Tues., Jan 23 at the Fireside Grill at Centerstone Plaza Hotel (formerly Lexington Hotel), 12800 N. Saguaro Blvd, Fountain Hills. Contact: Sec. Boe James at

A Bob Stump for Congress fundraise is scheduled between 6:30 -9 pm., Tues., Jan 23. Address will be provided upon RSVP to

The Tempe City Council Candidate Forum will start at 6:30 pm., Tues., Jan 23 in the Arizona Community Church, 9325 S Rural Road, Bldg G, Rm 2 in Tempe.

The Pinal County Republican Committee will meet at 10 am., Sat., Jan 20  at the Florence School District Auditorium, 1000 S Main St Florence, AZ 85132. The PCRC will be hosting a candidate forum for US Congressional District 1 candidates Senator Steve Smith and Tiffany Shedd Esq. Contact Gilberto Mendez at

The Arizona Origin Science Association (AzOSA) will meet at 7 pm., Jan 23 in the City of Payson Public Library meeting room, 328 N. McLane Rd to hear Bruce Malone, former chemical engineer and patent holder for new products with Dow Chemical.  His presentation is an overview of the strongest evidence for biblical creation from geology, biology, and astronomy. FREE to the public.  Malone authored “Have You Considered Evidence Beyond

JAN 24

LD4 and the Estrella Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Jan 24 in the Estrella Foothills High School, 13033 Estrella Parkway, in Goodyear with US senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward. Guest are welcome.  Contact: Dick Newcomer 623-398-5638.

Jan 25

The Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee will NOT meet in December, according to Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen. They will resume meeting Thursday, Jan 25, 2018 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., in Phoenix. Bowen will contact members about the Jan 1, 2018 wreath laying ceremony at the Human Rights monument in Eastlake Park, 16th St and Jefferson I Phoenix. The annual EPOD6 Freedom celebration will be held Sat., Feb 25, 2018 at noon in Eastlake Park. Contact Bowen at or 602 309 6015.

Jan 26

Fri, Jan 26, 2018 AZGOP Chairman’s Awards Dinner recognizing Republican outstanding PCs and volunteers throughout the state at the Camby Hotel (formerly Ritz-Carlton), 5:30pm Reception, 6pm Dinner/Program, 2401 East Camelback Road, Phoenix. RSVP HERE . Cost: $60 for PCs (discounted price; regularly $100 for public)

Congressman Paul Gosar’s staff will hold office hours in The Wickenburg Library Conference Room, 164 E Apache St in Wickenburg between 10 am and noon, Jan 26. For more information call (480) 882-2697.

Jan 27

Sat, Jan 27, 2018 – Arizona Republican Party Mandatory Meeting. All State Committeeman encouraged to attend In-person or by Proxy at the Church for the Nations, 6225 North Central Avenue, Phoenix

Credentials/Sign-in: Starts 7:45am, Ends 9am. Meeting time: Starts 9am.


Martha McSally 3Congresswoman Martha McSally on Kyrsten Sinema's and Chuck Schumer's reckless decision to shut the government down at the expense of our troops, children and seniors: "You can look no further than to last night's reckless actions by Democrat leader Chuck Schumer to shut down the federal government to understand what life would be like with his loyal foot soldier Kyrsten Sinema in the Senate. Sinema and Schumer are playing a dangerous political game by holding critical funding for our troops and children's healthcare hostage over their illegal immigration agenda. While Sinema is fueled by her obsession to placate her activist and donor base, Martha voted to keep the government open and just introduced legislation that would ensure our servicemen and women, border patrol and CBP officers will be paid during the Sinema shutdown and it prohibits Members of Congress from receiving a paycheck. This contrast demonstrates exactly why we need to send a fighter pilot to the United States Senate not another chameleon like Kyrsten Sinema."

Andy BiggsCongressman Andy Biggs on the federal government's shutdown: “This government closure can be laid at the feet of the Democrats and the United States Senate. Democrats are withholding government funding to give amnesty to illegal aliens, and the Senate has ignored the House-passed budget we sent them over four months ago. There are two ways out of this current mess. Senate Democrats can come to their senses and vote for the continuing resolution or Senate leadership can suspend its unconstitutional 60-vote rule and let the majority of the Senate vote this resolution out of that body. We must eventually pass a budget into law because continuing resolutions perpetuates fiscal irresponsibility and harm our military personnel. That's why I supported a continuing resolution that would have fully funded the military for the remainder of the fiscal year, and kept the rest of the government open. Even though the last three months have produced more revenue for the federal government than ever, we will run a deficit of more than $1 trillion dollars for the current fiscal year because our spending is out of control. Why is that? Because Congress uses these short-term spending gimmicks called ‘continuing resolutions’ instead of cutting spending. Congress must resolve to pass a long-term budget that provides stability. We cannot afford to return to negotiations month after month - especially with artificial deadlines. I will continue to demand that my colleagues join me in solving this perpetual problem by producing a balanced budget.”


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