Wednesday, January 24, 2018

1-24-18 Briefs

Due To Some Confusion circulating over call letters for the Jan 27 AZGOP Mandatory meeting, Briefs asked Executive Director Matt Kenney and Communications Director Turoon Sinclair:
     (1) Are reports true that the Jan 27 mtg call letter was sent out before a couple of items were printed?
     (2) Reports are also circulating the call letters are being delivered to the wrong people.  Some state committeemen apparently haven’t gotten their call letters??”
    Kenney provided the letter that went out to the AZGOP Executive Committee members yesterday: AZGOP Executive Director Matt Kenney to the AZGOP Executive Committee: On January 17, the Call letter for the Mandatory meeting was mailed. When we transferred the State Committeemen list to the program we use to create envelopes an error occurred. We have gone through the list and have identified 13 errors. All 13 individuals affected by the error received the Call letter but they were addressed to a different person. For this I sincerely apologize. We have contacted the individuals and hand delivering call letters that were improperly addressed.
     In addition, at 10:30 AM on the day the Call was mailed and while we were printing the 32,500 pages for the letters and stuffing them in over 1,200 envelopes, Secretary (Gabby) Mercer arrived at the AZGOP office with another 17 pages of documents that she requested we include in the Call. This was after the pre-paid postage stamps were on all 1200 envelopes. This would have required printing and including another 21,250 pages to the 1,200+ envelops, and re-stamping them all on the deadline day.
    Included in these 17 pages were 5 documents. Document 1 was a legitimate bylaw amendment that met the requirements to be included in the call and was included in many letters. Some envelopes were already sealed and being transported to the post office. Document 1 is attached here and has been on our website since the Call was mailed. Document 2 was anonymous commentary of the AZGOP and had no place in the call. Document 3 was an entire re-write of the State Party bylaws but lacked the required additional information (see. art. 1, sec B) to be included in the call. The fourth and fifth documents were a resolution and the justification for that resolution. One was included in the call as it met the bylaw requirements (see. art. VI, sec. F, par. 2) and the second was not because it was not required.

     The by-laws committee, resolutions committee and state party staff and volunteers have worked diligently to make the Mandatory meeting successful and productive. We are all trying to accomplish a lot next Saturday, more than we have in at least seven years. We need every member of the Executive Committee to continue to do what they can to help. With that being said, I apologize for the errors and the confusion they caused and look forward to seeing you all next Saturday.  Kenney - (602) 419-8438
LaPaz County Chairman Russell Sias Open letter to the La Paz County Republican Committee: Bottom line is that I am going to the mandatory meeting in spite of the problems we have been experiencing.  In the thread I have forwarded to you, Matt Kenney explains that my bylaw submission was improper, in that it was not submitted correctly.  I intentionally did not choose to violate existing bylaws by giving it to a bogus bylaws committee, and instead followed, to the letter, our existing bylaws and submitted it, with a cover letter, explaining why I was making the submission, directly to the party secretary -- as directed in the bylaw.
     Matt Kenny is simply misleading all those to whom he sent this email. Anyway, we won't be going to the meeting on Saturday, not as state delegates.  I will go, and if anyone wants to go with me, that's fine, but don't expect any warm reception from anyone, that's for sure.  In fact, at this point, I would not be surprised that I, at least, get denied access to the meeting altogether.
     My crime?  I submitted a whole new set of bylaws.  Along with a submission letter, exactly according the bylaw reference that Matt Kenny's letter says makes my submission invalid.  Obviously, he and I read that bylaw differently! You can see my bylaws as well as my submission letter at .  There is even a comparison of our existing bylaws, and the new bylaws proposal. It is quite apparent that an effort to return the party to the people is inappropriate as far as the cabal is concerned. Just so you know some of the nonsense that has gone on.
Activist Archie Dicksion: Do we need any better evidence on the need to limit proxies in the Republican Party than this open solicitation for proxies.
Hello LD-15 State Committeemen: By now you should have received your call letter for the annual mandatory meeting of the state committee of the Arizona Republican party. On behalf of the LD-15 executive team I am asking that you please help us reach our goal of 100% attendance by taking a moment to fill out this short  attendance form. Please contact me if you have questions or need any help. Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at the meeting. Cheers, Jack Clark - LD-15 Nominations Chair, Justine Precinct
Should they not be insisting that the people elected as State Committeemen attend the Mandatory Meeting? The borders of LD-15 ranges from about 10 miles to no more than 30 miles from the meeting site?
Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: The ‘Town Crier’ email list is only a few hundred addresses long. But it includes the AZ GOP headquarters, County and LD chairs, State Senate and Representative Republicans, TEA parties and Trump organizations as well as many more.  The ‘Town Crier’ has been critical about the lack of County and LD chairs concern, especially when it comes to the non-elected Executive Dictator who seems to be running the AZ GOP, and the bylaws.    So here is some questions for the County Chairs and a few of the past chairs like Lyle Tuttle, Tom Morrissey, A.J. LaFaro , Rob Haney, Jim O'Connor.  It is requested that the answers be returned to the Town Crier at and Friday evening the Town Crier will forward their collective answers to the list.
   1. Are you satisfied with the way the AZ GOP is being handled?  _____Yes   _____NO     _____Don’t care
   2. Do you think the AZ GOP bylaws need updating?   _____Yes     _____No     _____Don’t care
   3. Would you be willing to meet with the other chairs just prior to the Mandatory Meeting to discuss items above?  ______Yes     _____No
   4. Would you be willing to chair such a meeting?  ______Yes     _____No
   5. In the Mandatory meeting, when it comes to ‘other business’ would you be willing to move that the results of the chair’s meeting, if there was one, be discussed?  _____Yes     _____No
That’s about 19 people to whom the question are asked.  This will give us some idea of what we can expect from our leaders!
Activist Francine Romesburg Response to Denise Reilly: I abhor twisting of words. Marianne Ferrari is right. Richard Mack ‘will stand firm for us.’ Richard Mack is one of the most upstanding men I have the pleasure of knowing. He is honest, a former sheriff taking the Clinton Administration to court and WINNING their case. Bundy Ranch Issue: Denise– where you there; did you hear and see what was going on, being said? Were you following the Democrat liberal news who twisted words to sensationalize the issue? Did you pay attention to the correct and factual news from those there and Sheriff Richard Mack’s response when the issue was addressed and dropped? People were told the truth then and continue to tell the truth now. Agents shooting innocent women and children-how power hungry are you? Liberal media doing your dirty work for you. Denise, guess you not being in law enforcement don’t recognize good law enforcement, emphasis on ‘GOOD’ Law Enforcement. We knew the circumstances–we understood. I grew up in a law enforcement family and my husband was in law enforcement for over 15 years and shot in the line of duty. We were in constant communication; we watched everything intently. A Democrat liberal tactic twisting words taken out of context. Denise learned very well how to twist the truth. Fed Gov’t had guns drawn, faced the crowd of men, women, and some older children. Gov’t threated to shoot all of them even in front of cameras. The Bundy family asked Sheriff Mack to come and help. Sheriff Mack was Protecting those at Bundy Ranch Standoff; standing firm behind the Bundy’s and their Constitutional rights.
   “We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front……per FAKE news. Dealt with over 4 years ago. The Reilly’s don’t know how to drop old issues even when the courts dump them as being false. True Leadership – true courage of everyone there at Bundy Ranch Standoff. Shutting down Rogue Federal Officers, taking a stand, and living to tell the story. Sheriff Richard Mack and the Bundy Ranch Standoff Patriots – True heroes in my belief! PS: you all remember Brian and Denise constant attacks on Sheriff Joe and the birther issue? They just won’t let it go.
Denise Reilly Former LD22PC responds to Mack, Marianne and Randy: “Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack responds to Denise Reilly’s false accusations 1-23-18 Briefs that he ordered innocent civilians in harm’s way during the standoff with Federal agents with the Bundy family in 2014: "Let me make it perfectly clear that putting the women at the front was never planned by anyone.”
   Making false accusations? Perhaps you need to reread my opinion from yesterday. Your words were quoted verbatim from your interview from FOX News. My opinion piece never accused you of implementing your plan/strategy that was made by you during the Bundy Ranch Standoff. Putting women at the front was never planned by anyone? Here is what you said in your interview with Ben Swann on April 14, 2014. feds planning raid on bundy home
   Here is an abbreviated transcript of your interview with Swann. This starts at minute marker 4:45. “Yes, absolutely it was a tactical ploy that I was trying to get them to use…But tactically speaking, if they’re going to start shooting people, I’m sorry but it, to show the world how ruthless these people are women needed to be the first ones shot. I’m sorry that sounds horrible. I would’ve put my own wife or daughters there and I would have been screaming bloody murder to watch them die. I would have gone next. I would’ve been the next one to be killed. I’m not afraid to die here. I’m willing to die here. But the best ploy would be to have had women in the front. Because one, I don’t think they would have shot them and two, if they had it would have been the worst thing that we could have shown to the rest of the world…It was a tactical ploy on my part. Ah, I didn’t get my suggestion in in time…It was a good idea.”
   Your words, Mack, not mine.
   With respect to Marianne and Randy, my opinion was based on Mack’s own plan/strategy apparently developed and not used during the Bundy Ranch situation as expressed on video and audio interviews. Mack, you were correct in saying "that sounds horrible"  I stand on my opinion.  Mack made the plan, so who is the false accuser?
Candidates Are Welcome to e-mail their announcements and a photo to Briefs at or for posting so readers can learn who the candidates are. Editor’s Note: Please keep announcement at 400 words. Longer announcements subject to editing to conform. - ft.
I am Jerry Clingman and I am running for 1st Vice Chairman of the AZGOP at the January 27th meeting. I have had Republican values my entire life. I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps after 4 years as a sergeant in 1975. Following that I received degrees in Electronic Engineering and Business Management. I moved to Arizona in 1983 and have been a PC for nearly 30 years in LD21, 24, 19 and 16. I have served as Chairman twice! LD16 is one of the most honestly run and organized in the state. I have worked and succeeded in bringing the entire East Valley together LD12, 16, 17,18, 23 and northern Pinal county in support of our Constitutional Conservative candidates. Additionally, I have worked with Apache Junction Mayor Jeff Serdy, Senator David Farnsworth and all entities involved in accelerating the construction of SR24 and the North South Corridor. I promise to bring unity to the AZGOP. I will work with Chairman Lines to bring solutions to issues and restore trust to the AZGOP. Being from Wisconsin, Minnesota & Ohio, I bring Midwest values of honesty and hand shake deals. I will be your voice on the AZGOP board and I will listen to you. You will have my contact information and I will get to the bottom of your concerns in a timely manner. The AZGOP will be the standard for transparency and cooperation. We must work to end these public attacks on one another and find resolutions together. I will work with Chairman Lines to grow the party through outreach to all good people to join us and Make America Great Again! If elected, I will immediately call to end the controversy over records and legal responsibilities of the Secretary and Treasurer, and together we will share the results. Do we want a party known for openness, transparency and honesty or not. With that, I respectively ask for your vote.
Wendy Rogers, A Conservative Entrepreneur and retired Air Force officer who supported Donald Trump in the primaries, announces her run for the United States House of Representatives in the 1st Congressional District of Arizona. A copy of the announcement video can be found on Wendy Rogers' Facebook Page. A full text of her speech is below: "Good afternoon, I’m Wendy Rogers . . . a conservative Republican. I come to you now, running the race to serve as your congresswoman for Arizona's 1st Congressional District . . . in Sedona, home of our current Democrat congressman. Thanks to President Trump, our nation, and its economy are reviving. Yet there is more to do and I want to help! We must repeal Obamacare for the sake of our nation’s health and resolve illegal immigration, which threatens national security. We must build the Wall and end sanctuary cities once and for all. Respect for the rule of law has eroded. Our nation’s very identity and history are under attack, with liberals trying to erase Columbus, Washington, and Jefferson. It’s up to us to protect the most vulnerable - our unborn and the elderly; as well as our very own families with our God-given right to keep and bear arms under the 2nd Amendment. Our strained, but steadfast, military is our last bulwark. America’s veterans are precious. I swore my life’s oath to secure the United States against "all enemies, foreign and domestic". I will do this again as your congresswoman. As a 5th generation career military officer, I was privileged to serve as one of the Air Force‘s first women pilots. I’m now a successful business entrepreneur.  Our district voted for Donald Trump, who is turning things around. Now though, more than ever, we must send public servants to Congress who will support our president. This is why I'm going on offense to take back this seat for America.I run for the same reasons I joined the Air Force - to serve my country, and to fight for our way of life and the ideals we hold so dear.Join me on this campaign. Help me restore our republic. I ask for your vote. I'm Colonel Wendy Rogers, signing off for now. On to victory." Wendy Rogers is a retired Air Force officer who attained the rank of Lt. Col., became one of the U.S. military’s first female pilots, is an entrepreneur and homeschool mom.
Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. – ft
CD8 candidate Debbie Lesko: Today, I released my plan "Border Security is National Security." A comprehensive look at my plan to fix our broken border. I am the only candidate for Congress to develop a plan and make it public. It's based on my core principles of:
· Good fences make for good neighbors – Fully and completely build the wall, utilizing physical barriers where needed and implement technology as a solutions based model to fill the gaps.
· It's a people problem – we simply don't have enough boots on the ground to cover the vast areas of our porous borders. We need to radically increase funding for personnel and training.
· It's a privilege to be here – we won't allow chain migration and people should only be admitted into this country based on the merits.
See plan click here Feedback: clicking here
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The Maricopa County Recorder's Office will hold a series of information sessions about the upcoming Congressional District 8 Special Primary Election Congressional District 8 is having to fill a vacancy that occurred more than six months before the regularly scheduled election. The Primary Election will be held on February 27, 2018 and the General Election will be held on April 24, 2018. A calendar of important election dates is available at electioncalendar.aspx. The next session, which follows a public feedback session held earlier this month, will be on held:
· Sat. Jan. 27 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. (formal presentation at 2 p.m.) in the Sun City Library, 16828 N. 99 Ave, Sun City, AZ 85351.
· Feb 13 from 6-7 pm in the Municipal Court Building, 14455 W. Van Buren St. Ste B101, Goodyear, AZ 85338
· North Valley, date/location tba
Election Department staff will be available to answer questions. Maricopa County Recorder public events can be found at Polling locations for voters in this election may be different from previous elections. The current map of polling locations, approved by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, is available at CD8pollinglocationplan.aspx. An online polling site locator tool will be available at later this month.
The Arizona Wildlife Federation has put out a call for action regarding HB2210 which will be voted on Thurs., Jan 25 by the House Committee on Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs. HB2210 directs the state attorney general to investigate and report his findings on outlandish state takeover theories, which have been rejected time and again. After consulting with the president of the senate and the speaker of the house, the attorney general will consider taking action to “gain ownership or control of the public lands within this state.” According to the AWF, “ The transfer of public lands will result in being locked out of our favorite places to camp, hike, hunt, and fish. It is economically impossible for the state to manage all 25 million acres of public land here in Arizona, when we can barely keep our rest stops open. Let’s stop this bill and the threat of public lands turnover in its tracks! Defenders of public lands are asked to:
Option 1: Attend the 10 am, Thurs., committee hearing at the state capitol in Room HHR. The public will be given a chance to speak out against bill HB2210, let the committee members know that Public Lands Should Remain in Public Hands! Even if you do not speak, the sportsmen’s community presence goes a long way.
Option 2: Email or call one or more of the committee members (see contact list below) and let them know that Public Lands Should Remain in Public Hands and vote to “NO” on HB2210. Write your own email or feel free to send this simple message to your representative.
Option 3: Officially log your opposition to HB2210 with the State Legislature. To do this you must be registered via a kiosk at the state capitol. If you are not already registered and want to do this, please reach out to with your name and email. From there, Scott will sign you up and provide detailed instructions on how to proceed.
Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee members:
Brenda Barton, Chairman – 602-926-4129 –
David Mitchell, Vice Chairman – 602-926-5894 –
Wenona Benally - 602-926-5172 –
David Cook - 602-926-5162 –
Rosanna Gabaldon – 602-926-3424 –
Travis Grantham – 602-926-4868 –
Becky Nutt – 602-926-4852 –
Gerae Peten – 602-926-4842 –
The Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family invites Arizona organizations that engage volunteers to an informational webinar to learn about how to certify as a Service Enterprise with the Points of Light. Webinar sign-up information is below.  A Service Enterprise is defined as an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on its social mission. The Service Enterprise Initiative (SEI) is a holistic change management process that helps organizations transform and maximize the way they engage human talent. By working toward this type of excellence in community engagement and through earning the Service Enterprise certification, your organization will be better positioned to leverage the time and skills of volunteers, to expand program operations and revenues, realize higher programmatic impact, generate more operational efficiency and better achieve your mission. Click here to register for free webinar, scheduled at 10 am., Thurs., Jan 25.
JAN 24
LD4 and the Estrella Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Jan 24 in the Estrella Foothills High School, 13033 Estrella Parkway, in Goodyear with US senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward. Guest are welcome.  Contact: Dick Newcomer 623-398-5638.
Grassroots Tea Party Activists of Arizona will hear from two candidates at 6:30 pm., Wed., Jan 24 in the Denny’s Restaurant meeting room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Highway, (Access Road at Dunlap Ave and I-17) in Phoenix. Speakers are Corporation Commission candidate Eric Sloan from LD25 and Arizona LD22 House of Rep candidate John Heep, a former Maricopa County College District Board member. Contact facilitator Francine L Romesburg
Jan 25
The First Ever Joint AAARC/AZGOP Asian American Coalition Meeting will start at 6:30pm, Thurs , Jan 25 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N.24th St in Phx with Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, Corporation Commission candidate Jim O’Connor and congressional candidate Nick Sloan. “We sit together, in brotherhood to serve the principles of the AZGOP,” said AAARC Chairman Clyde Bowen
The Ahwatukee Tea Party will meet with Supt of Public Instruction candidate Frank Riggs at 6:30 pm., Thur., Jan 25 at the Ahwatukee Fire Station, 4110 E Chandler Blvd, in Phoenix.
The Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee will NOT meet in December, according to Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen. They will resume meeting Thursday, Jan 25, 2018 at AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N. 24th St., in Phoenix. Bowen will contact members about the Jan 1, 2018 wreath laying ceremony at the Human Rights monument in Eastlake Park, 16th St and Jefferson I Phoenix. The annual EPOD6 Freedom celebration will be held Sat., Feb 25, 2018 at noon in Eastlake Park. Contact Bowen at or 602 309 6015.
Jan 26
Fri, Jan 26, 2018 AZGOP Chairman’s Awards Dinner recognizing Republican outstanding PCs and volunteers throughout the state at the Camby Hotel (formerly Ritz-Carlton), 5:30pm Reception, 6pm Dinner/Program, 2401 East Camelback Road, Phoenix. RSVP HERE . Cost: $60 for PCs (discounted price; regularly $100 for public)
Congressman Paul Gosar’s staff will hold office hours in The Wickenburg Library Conference Room, 164 E Apache St in Wickenburg between 10 am and noon, Jan 26. For more information call (480) 882-2697.
Jan 27
Sat, Jan 27, 2018 – Arizona Republican Party Mandatory Meeting. All State Committeeman encouraged to attend In-person or by Proxy at the Church for the Nations, 6225 North Central Avenue, Phoenix. Credentials/Sign-in: Starts 7:45am, Ends 9am. Meeting time: 9am.
Jan 29
LD 3 & 4 will meet at 9 am., Sat., Jan 29 with Supt of Public Instruction Candidate Tracy Livingston atPima GOP headquarters, 1740 E. Ft Lowell Rd in Tucson.
The Arizona Federation of Republican Women will be sponsoring a table at the Arizona for Life - Arizona Life Coalition March & Rally scheduled Sat., Jan 29 in downtown Phoenix. Gather at 11 AM. March begins at 11:30 AM at Cesar Chavez Memorial Plaza (2nd Ave. & Washington). Rally at Wesley Bolin Memorial Park from 12:30-2 PM. This will be a family-friendly event with live music, entertainment, food available at the march launch site, and inspiring speakers, including international pro-life advocates Pam Tebow and Stephanie Gray. Volunteer contact: President Loraine Pelligreno
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