Tuesday, January 30, 2018

1-30-18 Briefs

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Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels will be the guest of Congresswoman Martha McSally at President Donald Trump’s State of Union address tonight. Dannels has served nearly 34 years in law enforcement.  In May 2017, he was appointed Immigration and Border Security Chairman by the National Sheriff’s Association, representing more than 3,000 Sheriffs across the United States and speaks on their behalf to the Department of Homeland Security and President Trump’s Administration. Dannels also serves on the Board of Directors for the 24 member Southwest Border Sheriff Association, and is the President of the Arizona Sheriff's Association. 

Congrats To The Award Winners at the Friday evening AZGOP Chairman’s Awards Banquet. They are:

· Best Republican Club in Arizona: The Huachuca Area Republican Women

· Rookie of the Year: Connie Sunday

· Most Outstanding District: Legislative District 24

· Most Outstanding District in Pima: Legislative District 9

· Most Outstanding County Award: Graham County

· Most Outstanding District Chair: Rae Chornekey

· Most Outstanding County Chair: Chris Herring

· Most Outstanding Party Worker in Pima: Susan Smith

· Most Outstanding Party Worker in Maricopa: Michael Kleaving

· Most Outstanding Party Worker in a County: Sandra Lanny

· Most Outstanding Party Worker in Arizona: Jeni White

· Dodie Londen Award: Kathy Petsas

· Barry M. Goldwater Award: Bruce Ash

Congrats To AZGOP Non-Statutory Officers elected during the Saturday mandatory meeting include:

First Vice-chair Parralee Schneider,

Second Vice-chair Cindy Coleman ,

Assistant Secretary Jack Clark,

Assistant Treasurer Joshua Askey,

Sergeant-at-Arms Alberto Gutier and

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms Leanna DeKing.

It Has Been Pointed Out That former AZGOP chairman Robert Graham was the only former AZGOP chair in attendance at the AZGOP Mandatory meeting on Saturday. Hmmm, wonder how he felt as the assembly watched PC/Parlimentarian Joe Neglia take Graham’s yesteryear’s hand-picked parliamentarian (“presiding”) Al Gage to the mat over parliamentary technicalities. Gage’s ruling over the past few years have been a source of a lot of frustration and anger as Establishment RINOs have manipulated the mandatory event to fit their purpose. It’s refreshing to hear Neglia took a stance and made the party bullies adhere to Roberts Rules of Order.

Secretary Gabby Mercer At The AZGOP Mandatory Mtg Mercer tells the assembly, in no uncertain terms, that she has not been allowed to do the job she was elected to do by the state committeemen. See 1-28-18 Briefs for more eye witness commentary/reports on the AZGOP meeting. Also see:

· Put-Another-AZGOP-Meeting-In-The-Can...Updated

· AZ-GOP-Elites-Display-Utter-Contempt-For-State-Committeemen/

· AZ Dems, GOP Hold Annual Meetings, Elect Leaders

· AZGOP Set To Weaponized Bylaws Against PCs

· Backstory: Mccain's Big Purge The Arizona Senator’s Team Has Been Ridding The State’s GOP Apparatus Of His Tea Party Foes.

A Reader Notes That AZGOP Chairman Jonathon Lines closing paragraph in yesterday’s GOP’s “only official” newsletter reads, “Last, but most definitely not least, we would like to thank everyone who had a part in making both the Chairman's Awards Dinner and the Mandatory Meeting successful! We could not have done it with you. Freudian Slip???

Call To Action: Special Proxy Bill Alert: House bill HB2012  that limits the number of proxies allowed at political party meetings has been scheduled for a hearing at the House Government Committee on Thursday Feb. 1. Please go to the AZLEG RTS and register your vote in favor of HB2012 If you don’t know how to do it, find out how by going to Also send an e-mail in support of HB2012 to all the members of the Government Committee. You may do so by pasting the following list on to the BCC line of your e-mail program,,,,,, Editor’s Note: Borrowed from Jose Borrajero’s AZRRT HOW-THEY-VOTED REPORT 

Contact Jose at

It’s Time To Get Signed Up For The Annual AZ Heroes To Hometowns will Salute A Soldier 5K Run or 1 Mile Walk scheduled at 9am, Sat., March 10. Packet pickup day of race starting at 8am at Freestone Park, 1045 E Juniper Road in Gilbert. $40 5K Run. $30.00 5K Run for Military or $25 for 1 Mile Walk. Registration at events/48183653/select-race? or Register early and receive a $10 discount on the 5K by using code SAS10– good until Feb 1, 2018. Military use MIL05 for $5 off until Feb 1. Contact Kathy Pearce @ or AZ Heroes to Hometowns P. O. BOX 31646, Mesa, AZ 85275.

Where the Money Goes Secretary of State’s new spending website

Candidates Interested in participating should contact Sun City West forums should contact VP Clair Van Steenwyk or call @ 623-322-9979  for scheduling.

Notes From Readers

Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. – ft

AAARC Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen 602 309-6015 : The “D’s” are mobilizing! I plan to be at the African American Voting Forum between 6-8 pm., Jan 30 at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (510 S. 3rd Ave; Phoenix, Az 85003) to represent those who put forth this Sacred duty, us! We Republicans, keeper of rights for all. I’ll listen at the Forum. Maybe I’ll get the chance to remind them; who fought for them, who freed many of their ancestors, who fought a war for them, who spread moral integrity upon the planet, who died for them? “R” GUY! Calling on other AZ Republicans to join me. Panelists: Senator Leah LandrumTaylor, Quiana Dickenson - Arizona African American Caucus, Adrian Fontes - Maricopa County Recorder, Michael Ingram - Greater Phoenix Urban League Young Professionals and Roy Tatem - East Valley NAACP (facilitator for panel discussion). RSVP to forum-on-voting-tickets- cutieslemonade food truck to purchase dinner.

Activist Archie Dicksion: On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 9:30 A.M. in hearing Room 1 the House Government Committee will begin consideration of House Bill 2012. That Bill proposes and amendment to Arizona Revised Statute 16-828 to limit the carriage of proxies to only 2. For those of you who know how to use the Request To Speak feature of the Arizona Legislature please do so to express your support for the measure. If you do not know how to use the Request to Speak feature, here are the email addresses of all of the republican members of the government committee.,,,,,, Please email them requesting they support the Bill HB2012. This is important so that we can keep the effort to limit proxy use to a minimum.

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: On reading reports about the Jan. 27 meeting of the AZ GOP Mandatory meeting in the MCRC Briefs, Arizona Freedom Alliance, and a direct observation by LaPaz County Chairman Russell Sias, one can easily see the decline of the AZ GOP.  There are numerous good conservatives fighting for the return of the party to WE THE PEOPLE -  but the lack of good Republican Party leadership is missing.  Here is what we see happening.  We have:

· More and more RINOs as State Committeemen and party officers,

· Incompetent party leadership more given to being controlled by the elected elite than presenting WE THE PEOPLE,

· Apathy of the State Committeemen,

· Control of the party being taken over by non-elected officers,

· Too many County Chairmen who apparently don’t give a damn.

We need someone with credentials to organize the 15 county chairs, and if there are more than 50% of them who are not RINOs and have any leadership ability take control of the party and represent WE THE PEOPLE!  The other thing is for the County PCs elect chairs accordingly.  But that has never happened so far. For you conservatives --- It’s so easy not to try.  Let the world go drifting by, If you never say hello you won’t have to say good by.

PC Art Olivas: The racist good all-white boys GOP of Arizona came out of the swamp in full force last Saturday! Why am I saying this? Because I did not get elected? Hell no, I knew I wouldn't, nor did I expected to. What we all saw was John McCain's, Jeff Flake, Jon Kyl, Bruce Ash, Robert Graham, Jonathan Lines, Jim Click, and Raul Grijalva's Democratic Machine in action! The legally elected secretary of the Republican Party Gabby Saucedo Mercer is stopped from doing her job by John McCain's boy Jonathan Lines and his pack of RINOs. You should have seen our congressmen Martha Mc Sally, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs and David Schweikert - the guy who bribes us with coffee that we pay for. They all gave us a song and dance and fantastic lip service, assuring us that they are all doing a great job by riding the coat tails of President Donald J. Trump. Just like they did with Sheriff Joe Arpaio when he was in office. Lines and his pack of McCain self-serving RINOs. didn't let Sheriff Joe on stage to speak but you just wait; they will be kissing the Sheriffs Butt again! You can take that to the bank.

Clair Van Steenwyk Responds to Randy Miller: 1-25-18 Briefs “Most people don’t agree on everything, however I do research the issues that I speak & write about and understand some don’t agree with me, but not reading anything into them just see things from my perspective. I’m passionate about these issues, believe Randy might have difficulty with the Lincoln / Douglas Debates among others, read very biting. I ran companies with more than 400 Employees with daily contact with most, and successful negotiating Multi Million Dollar Contracts with Major Food Chains in America, including Wal Mart & Costco. Business isn’t a playground, I worked making money for the owners and securing jobs for those employed by doing so, sorry some have problems with my passion, it’s how I’m wired.  My passion he calls Porcupine, is his Political Hit Piece. Mr. Miller’s porcupine statements could be directed at our last Presidential Candidate presently in office, as I recall debates and personal comments on the Campaign Trail, however wasn’t offensive to most, but rather refreshing to call a Spade a Spade, as I have against Flake & Franks, exposing Records vs. Rhetoric, but knew it offended many in the GOP, proven to be Correct. My running for 2 seats was perfectly legal at the time and unfortunately Sen. Cavanaugh’s Bill preventing it assures us no Congressman will, as must now resign to challenge a Senator and won’t give up a Career risking losing, this law actually restricts Open Ballot Access. Finally playing with others, I’d say we’ve had decades of all these Career Politicians in DC & Phoenix Playing with one another, both DC and AZ are deeper in Debt and lost Freedoms as well. These so called go along to get along Compromising Career Politicians have put us not only in Debt but at risk Militarily, this should be rewarded by Voting them out, however don’t believe it will as they all have the Kiss Up Talent needed for decades so voters play it safe by Electing the Career Politicians that got us in this mess. GOP Leadership hates confrontation and being exposed for what they are, and I’d never want someone covering my back who can’t say things to my FACE.

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US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: As Congress attempts to tackle immigration reform, President Trump is once again putting America first. The Trump administration recently proposed $18 billion in new funding to expand the wall along the southwest border and protect Americans from illegal immigration. Watch this teaser for Kelli's Jan 28 ABC interview.

US Senate Candidate Dr Kelli Ward on White House Immigration framework proposal: “The White House cannot fall into the trap laid by amnesty politicians like Sen. Jeff Flake and Rep. Martha McSally. The need to secure America's southern border and end the inducements leading to illegal immigration is now more important than ever. For this reason, I respectfully but strongly disagree with the White House’s immigration framework.” Continued at framework-proposal


The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Saturday, Feb 3 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd.  All Republicans from the Sun Cities and surrounding areas are invited. A $2 donation helps defray the room rental. Coffee and donuts available before the meeting. Since 2018 is an election year, the club will host forums from January to June where Republican candidates Jim O’Connor, Justin Olson and Rodney Glassman will be given an opportunity to present an opening statement and then have a Q&A period.  This month we will have the candidates for the office of Az Corporation Commission. See website,, or call Publicity Chairman Jean Goncalves 623-214-8010.

The Ahwatukee Republican Women "Chocolate & Politics" Forum with Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Candidate’s Dr Robert Branch, Jonathan Gelbart, Tracy Livingston, Frank Riggs, and incumbent Supt Diane Douglas, is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thur., Feb 15 in the Club West Golf Clubhouse, 16400 14th Ave., Phx, 85045. 6 pm – social. Complimentary dessert. Cash bar. Contact: 602-300-4185.

The Yavapai County Republicans “Lincoln-Reagan Dinner” is scheduled at 6:30 pm., April 21 at the Prescott Resort. Social hour – 5:30 pm. Speakers – Gov Doug Ducey, Congresswoman Martha McSally, Senate candidates Dr Kelli Ward and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The 5th Annual Freedom Expo Dinner and Symposium, sponsored by Heirs of the Republic, and featuring nationally known speaker Bill Whittle, is scheduled Fri., Feb 9 and Sat., Feb 10 at the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador, 10000 N Oracle Road, Tucson. The evening event features live music, a silent auction, book signings, award ceremonies and dinner Heirs of the Republic was founded by past Director of the Navy SEAL Foundation

Jeff Utsch, who has been conducting patriotic and American history-related monthly dinners in Tucson for the last 13 years. Contact: Ana Henderson

AZ American African Republican Committee Emancipation Proclamation Observance is scheduled at noon, Sat., Feb 24 in East Lake Park, 16th Street/Jefferson in Phoenix, of recognition of Arizona Black History Month. Contact

The Arizona Federation of Republican Women’s Club Winter 2018 Board of Directors meeting is scheduled Feb 9 and 10 at the Radisson Suites, 6555 E Speedway Blvd, in Tucson. Registration Form Here

The Green Valley Sahuarita Reublican Club will meet at 1 am., Sat., Feb 17 in the Quail Creek Madera Clubhouse, 2055 Quail Crossing Blvd in Green Valley to a discussion on “Illegal Immigration: Its Impact on Ordinary Americans”. Lunch- $45 per person. RVSP deadline Feb 10. VIP tickets are $95, including luncheon and meeting with speakers - plus, three guests will win autographed books by Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich and Laura Ingraham! RSVP to Lauren (520)405-1590. Contact Kay at 520-904-9103.

RidersUSA will host a free session on “Domestic Terrorist Group,” featuring Homeland Security Advisory board member Dr. Charles Loftus, at 7 pm., Mon. Feb 5 at the Elks Lodge, 2320 S Hardy Drive in Tempe. The 30 year law enforcement officer teaches domestic terrorism and counter –terrorism at ASU. Contact:

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward and Congressman Dr. Rand Paul will hold a “Rally With Rand” between 5-7 pm., Fri, Feb 16 and Sat., Fri 16 at the Embassy Suites Conference Center, 5100 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Tickets $25 & $50. Register Now


JAN 30

LD17/ The Republican Party of Chandler, Sun Lakes & Gilbert will co-host a ‘State Of The Union Watch Party’ starting at 6:45 pm., Jan 30 at Tri-City Baptist Church (where we usually meet) 2211 W. Germann Road, Room 140. Open to President Trump supporters outside LD17. Food and drink provided. RVSP for free admission. Only 100 tickets available. Contact Chr Bert Moll at or

The Pima County Republican SOTU Watch Party starts with a social gathering at 6:30 pm., this evening, Jan 30, at PIMA GOP Headquarters, 1740 East Fort Lowell Road, Suite #140, Tucson, AZ 85719. Trumps “State of the Union” address begins at 7pm. Light refreshments to be served. RVSP to headquarters at 321-1492. View Map

JAN 31

CD8 candidate Richard Mack, former Graham County Sheriff, will address the Grassroots Tea Party Activists at 6:45 pm, Wed., Jan 31 at Denny’s Restaurant Meeting Room, 9030 N Black Canyon Hwy Access Rd @ Dunlap Ave exit off I-17.  Mack is a national speaker, known for winning the monumental Supreme Court case that restored the Tenth Amendment (Mack/Printz vs USA), stood up those at the Bundy Ranch Standoff and much more. Doors open at 6 pm, meeting at 6:30 pm. Contact: Francine Romesburg

Corporation Commissioner Justin Olson will lead a workshop at 10 am., Wed., Jan 31 at The ACC office, 1200 W Washington St in Phoenix, to discuss the impact of federal tax reform on current utility rates. The recent passage of federal tax reform changes the tax liability for corporations and pass-through business entities which could benefit utility customers when they open their monthly bill. The workshop will be streamed live at The docket can be viewed at Go to eDocket and enter docket number AU-00000A-17-0379.


The Colorado River Tea Party will meet with CD3 candidate Sergio Arellano at 6 pm., Thur., Feb 1 at the Community Christ Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Arellano is challenging Democraft incumbent Raul Grijalva.


The Maricopa County Board of Health will conduct a public meeting at 1:30 pm, Fri., Feb 2 in the Board of Supervisors’ conference room, 10th floor, 301 W Jefferson St in Phoenix, to approve initiation of regulatory change to Maricopa County Air Pollution Control Regulation III - AQ-2016-004-Rule 320 (Odors and Gaseous Air Contaminants). The Maricopa County Air Quality Department (department) is proposing to revise Rule 320 regarding manure removal/handling and transportation regulations. Save Tonopah Oppose Poultry Plant (STOPP), will be in attendance to present their case against the rule changes, according to spokesman Dan Mack. See summary of the rulemaking Active-Regulatory-Process You may comment at Regulatory-Outreach-17/Citizen-Comments


The Lincoln Republican Women’s Club dinner meeting is scheduled at 6:15 pm., Mon., Feb 5 at the Millennium -McCormick Ranch, 7401 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale. Spouses invited. 5:30 pm – meet and greet, 6 pm – business meeting, 6:15 – dinner, and 7 pm program featuring Secretary of State Michele Reagan. $35 per person. Checks made out to LRWC should be mailed to Patricia Kaufman, 7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, RVSP by Feb 1. Contact: 480-368-2777 or


Environmental Day at the Capitol is scheduled Wed., Feb 7 at 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix.


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