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The GOP Memo Proves The ‘Deep State’ Is Real

MUST WATCH: The Inconvenient Truth About The Republican Party Good history, good information that is what is NOT being taught in most of our schools and Universities

CALL TO ACTION: Gina Swoboda, Election Integrity: URGENT: A very bad, very dangerous bill has been introduced in the State House: HB2206, Early Voting, Voting Centers. This bill will allow Democrat County Recorder Fontes (and all 15 County Recorders), to utilize Early Voting procedures for ALL BALLOTS even those cast at the polls on Election Day. Even for voters who have not signed up for PEVL.  This is what Fontes did in the jurisdictional elections and we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT THIS. This is an end run around a direct vote for ALL MAIL ELECTIONS which they know will not pass. Under this legislation, ballots cast on Election Day will NO LONGER be tabulated at the polls. This is also an end run around Voter ID, as ALL VOTERS ballots will be treated as Early Votes, ie placed in an envelope and a signature on an affidavit used as Proof of Identity. Please call and email ALL of our GOP legislators and ask them to vote No if this bill makes it out of committee. House:


Read bill here:

Email with questions. Thank you!!!!

CALL TO ACTION: Legislative Alert: HB2012, a bill that is offered to amend ARS 16-828 to limit the use of proxies at Arizona Political meetings is scheduled for hearing AT 9:30 am., Thur., Feb 8, in Hearing Room 1 at the Arizona State Legislature, 1700 W Washington in Phoenix. Supporters of the anti-proxy legislation are urged to attend this hearing and make your voice heard - that it is time to bring an end to the use of unlimited proxies to control party meetings, said anti-proxy leader Richard Dicksion. The legislators that support this legislation need to know you stand behind them.If you cannot attend, let the legislators know you support the bill by giving them a call or send them an email. The legislators can be reached as follows:

Todd Cloddfelter    ` 602-926-4850

Doug Coleman       ` 602-926-3160

Drew John 602-926-5154

Bob Thorpe 602-926-5219

Michelle B. Ugenti-Rita 602-926-4480

Please call and or email them requesting they support the Bill HB2012. This is important so that we can keep the effort to limit proxy use to a minimum. – Contact Dicksion at

CALL TO ACTION: Corps-Engineers-Looking-To Drop-Alamo-Lake Anglers need to contact your representatives and the Corps

Supt of Public Instruction candidate Dr. Bob Branch will be speaking at the LD25 meeting at 7 pm., Thur., Feb 8 in the Charles K Luster Building (formerly the Mesa Utilities Building) 640 N. Mesa Dr., Mesa, AZ.

The Pima County Republicans Lincoln Day Dinner is scheduled at 5 pm., Sat., Feb 17, at the Viscount Suite Hotel, 4855 E Broadway Blvd in Tucson. Ticket $35 includes buffet.

Tickets available at Candidate display tables - $25. Speaker – Author/historian Dr Gene Kopelson.

William F. Cuthbertson, a Freeport McMoRan civil engineer from Greenlee County’s York Valley near Duncan, has been named chairman of the State Transportation Board.

LD 13 will meet at 7 pm., Tues, Feb 13 at the Heritage Elementary Library, 20895 W Hamilton Street in Buckeye. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Futures meetings are scheduled March 13, April 10, May 8 and June 12.

Governor Doug Ducey Has Appointed Sam Elters, a transportation engineer with more than 30 years of experience in planning, design, construction and operations, to serve on the Arizona State Transportation Board. Elters, who is senior vice president and national director of transportation for Matrix Design Group Inc. of Phoenix, will serve on the seven-member panel upon confirmation by the state Senate. He will succeed Joseph E. LaRue, who served as the board’s chairman in the final year of his term.

Arizona’s Republican National Committeeman Bruce Ash co-sponsored this resolution at the NRC Winter meeting last week: (Editor’s Note) This resolution is posted in its entirety even though it runs beyond the usual 400 word limit. -ft

Resolution In Support Of President Trump’s National Security Strategy (Nss)

Pillar I: Protect the American people, the homeland, and the American way of life.

Whereas strengthening border control and immigration is central to national security, economic prosperity, and the rule of law; and

Whereas giving security, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals the tools, authorities, and resources to stop terrorist acts, whether originating domestically or overseas, is critical for domestic safety; and

Whereas America’s response to the challenges and opportunities of the cyber era will guide our future prosperity and security; and

Pillar II: Promote American Prosperity.

Whereas economic strength at home and preserving a fair and reciprocal international economic system will enhance our security and advance prosperity and peace in the world; and

Whereas the Administration is dedicated to rejuvenating the U.S. economy, unleashing the potential of all Americans, and restoring confidence in our free market system; and

Whereas the NSS articulates a policy to make the United States an energy dominant nation; and

Pillar III: Preserve peace through strength.

Whereas the NSS calls for rebuilding our military so that it remains preeminent, deters our adversaries, and if necessary, is able to fight and win in all environments: land, sea, air, space; and

Whereas the NSS calls for strengthening our capabilities in cyberspace because America's adversaries weaponize information to attack the values and institutions that underpin free societies, while shielding themselves from outside information; and

Whereas the United States will seek areas of cooperation with rivals, from a position of strength, by ensuring our military power is second to none and fully integrated with our allies and all of our instruments of power; and

Whereas a vibrant domestic manufacturing sector, a solid defense industrial base, and resilient supply chains is an essential aspect of national security; and

Whereas the NSS recognizes that diplomacy is indispensable to identify and implement solutions to conflicts, short of military involvement, and helps to galvanize allies and marshal like-minded nations and organizations to address shared problems; and

Pillar IV: Advance American influence.

Whereas the NSS recognizes that there is no arc of history that ensures that America’s free political and economic system will automatically prevail and that success or failure depends upon our actions; and

Whereas America’s commitment to liberty, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law serves as an inspiration for those living under tyranny, the United States will always stand with those who seek freedom and will remain a world beacon of liberty and freedom; and

Whereas President Trump articulated that China and Russia are “rival powers” and strategic competitors; and

Whereas “Attempts ... to guide, buy, or coerce political influence and control discussion of ‘sensitive' topics are pervasive, and pose serious challenges in the United States and our like-minded allies,” said Sen. Marco Rubio, co-chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and “... Beijing's technology ambitions, combined with its attempts to determine on a global scale the parameters of ‘acceptable’ speech and opinion with respect to China, pose clear threats to freedom of expression and democratic discourse outside its borders” said Shanthi Kalathil of the National Endowment for Democracy; and

Whereas the NSS provides a strategic framework for dealing with rival nations, such as China, and calls for exercising bold and decisive leadership in political and security bodies, shaping and reforming international financial and trade institutions, protecting a free and open internet, defeating transnational terrorist organizations, and protecting religious freedom and religious minorities.

Therefore Be It Resolved That

The Republican National Committee fully and strongly supports the National Security Strategy of the United States of America as articulated by President Trump on December 18, 2017; and

The Republican National Committee embraces the paradigm shift to “walking boldly and carrying a big stick”, as demonstrated by arm sales to Ukraine; and

The Republican National Committee believes that President Trump’s National Security Strategy is a necessary and critical aspect of Making America Great Again.

Notes From Readers

Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. – ft

Marianne Ferrari, LD20 PC and State Committeeman – A Serious Question For Corp. Commission Candidate Rodney Glassman: I heard, this week, that the lower taxes President Trump has put into place are causing utility rates to go DOWN nationwide. Yet I understand that we are about to have visited upon us an unprecedented huge increase in our APS rates, thanks to the current members of the Corporation Commission. (I have been told that APS has been showering the current commissioners with a variety of gifts.) Mr. Glassman, what is your opinion, as a candidate for the commission, regarding cancelling the current rate increase, based on the decrease in taxation? If we are to consider voting for you, it is important that we know we can count on you to take definitive action to prevent Arizonans from paying an exorbitant rate, when utilities elsewhere are reducing their rates. The post for which you are vying carries a serious fiduciary responsibility which a long line of commissioners have seemed happy to flaunt with abandon. We have just been burned again, by commissioners we elected. We can no longer afford to vote for commissioners who cannot be counted on to stay on the side of the rate payers. What I'm looking for is a rather specific declaration of intent, not a history of success in politics, or endorsements by established politicians, both of which I see as a liability, not a benefit, for a candidate.

CD8 candidate Phil Lovas: I appreciate the opportunity to respond to Randy Miller's letter. 2-6-18-briefs   I was appointed to the legislature in 2012 and elected in 2012, 2014 and 2016.  I did not use any taxpayer money (Clean Elections) in my campaigns.  I raised the money for my campaigns just as I am doing now and I do not have any dark money supporting me.  Of course, no dark money group is going to give to a candidate like me that wants to drain the swamp.  I have experience draining the swamp at the state level having turned down a state pension and sponsored the bill which shutdown the Elected Officials Retirement Plan. 

Regarding my voting record in the legislature, I was endorsed and A rated by the NRA and A rated by Arizona Citizens Defense League.  I supported Donald Trump for President in 2015 because I thought he was the best candidate to turn the country around.  I am running to serve the citizens of the 8th congressional district and support the President.  My signs reflect my support for the President. 

CD8 candidate Clair Van Steenwyk: I read the comments in the Briefs about 3 of the 4 Career Politicians I’m running against, and realize I’ve been the brunt of some comments about my abrasiveness as well, however not about being truthful and agree the records of Lesko, Lovas, Montenegro and Stump aren’t what they pretend, I believe a Primary brings out their Real Moral Character in how they run their campaigns and who’ve they’ve supported as well. Lesko voted to strip the AZ Supt. of Public Instructions Authority at the direction of Ducey thru Sen. Biggs, twice with HB 2184, and then SB 1469, also Unconstitutional, Violating her Oath. Lesko stooped to enlisting others to Lie on Robo Calls,  I received one from  former President of PORA in SCW stating Lesko is the only Candidate who fought EPCOR, Lesko knew it’s a Lie,  I corrected her at a Forum a week ago,  just how bad does Lesko a Career Politician want this job, she Lies to Voters to get it, Trump named his Opponents most enjoyed, so here’s one not quite as bad as Lying Ted, being politeMisleading Lesko”. Lovas knowingly left something out when Montenegro questioned him on the Fund Raising by his wife, Lovas explained she also raised funds for charitable causes which is true, however left out one very important legal client Sen. J. McCain, why wasn’t that included in the comments? FEC reports show substantial monies are paid to Lovas Co. for doing so, not something you want to go public with especially as a Trump supporter. So we’ll call him “Leave Out Lovas”. Montenegro’s support 4 the National Popular Vote speaks volumes, regardless of his Excuses. So let’s name him Managed Montenegro”. Stump’s record with the AZCC speaks for itself with his support of EPCOR problems he helped to bring to the residents in SC, SCW and Youngtown. So we’ll just call him ” Stumped”. My Career Political opponents stating  they respect  Mr. Frank’s record, we must question his Votes to Raise the Debt Ceilings, CRs, CISPA, NDAA, which are causing trouble for President Trump and others, guess when you need votes Franks has held over a Decade don’t want to rock the boat, as voters have no idea how he really voted. Link to All Comments az-gop-career-politicians-cant-trusted

Marianne Ferrari LD20 PC and State Committeeman Reply to Stephen Sivigliano: While I will still commend you for calling attention to a book about the conspiracy to create a global government, I found something that disturbs me about the author's understanding of things. The author of The Octopus of Global Control, Charley Robinson, has an inexplicable and very strong bias against President Donald Trump. In a new video online that introduces the book, I found, at about minute 2:55, this unbelievable statement about the historic election that gave us President Trump. Robinson said this:  “…we just had an election in the US in 2016 where we had one narcissistic lunatic fighting another psychopathic mass murderer, and it’s like who wins? Well, nobody. Certainly, the American people didn’t win.” Huh? How could this author fail to understand that Trump has taken on that very same global cabal with a frontal assault--that Trump has put his life on the line to save this country?  It's incomprehensible that Robinson still believes the ridiculous claim of "narcissistic lunatic" that this very same cabal is responsible for having laid on Trump. Good grief. At least, the author, Robinson, does admit to being new to studying this cabal. He says, in the video, that the book is the product of notes he took when first finding out about the cabal. His comment is that he didn't realize it till later, but in writing those notes he was actually writing this book. I'm sure that a lot of the information in his book IS correct. But I would admonish everyone who does read it to entertain his ideas with care, and with a Trump-sized grain of salt.



A ‘Meet & Greet’ Fundraiser For Congressional District 8 Candidate Sheriff Richard Mack is scheduled at 7 pm., Wed., Feb 7 at the home of Mark delMaestsro, 11814 N 56th Drive in Glendale. The event is co-hosted by Francine and David Romesburg. Food and beverages to be provided. No charge at the door. Donations accepted. Check payable to Sheriff Richard Mack for Congress or donate online. Contact Francine at 602-499-9553 or

LD26 Chairman Nancy Jenkins has announced LD26 will meet on Wed., Feb 7 instead of the 2nd Tuesday of the month because of a conflict with the meeting room at the Charles K. Luster Utilities Building at 640 N. Mesa Dr. Meet and Greet at 6:30; meeting at 7 pm. Contact Jenkins at

Environmental Day at the Capitol is scheduled Wed., Feb 7 at 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix.


LD25 will meet at 7 pm., Thur., Feb 8 in the Charles K Luster Building (formerly the Mesa Utilities Building) 640 N. Mesa Dr., Mesa, AZ. Supt of Public Instruction Dr Bob Branch will be speaking to the group.

LD13 Precinct Committeemen in Yuma County will select three candidate names to be forwarded to the Yuma County Board of Supervisors for selection to fill the vacancy resulting for the removal of Rep. Don Shooter as a state legislator. The Yuma PCs will meet at the Goodwill Center, 3097 S 8th Ave in Yuma at 6 pm., Thurs., Feb 8.

The Arizona Corporation Commission Workshop on Code of Ethics is scheduled at 10 am., Thur., Feb 8 in Hearing Room One, Arizona Corporation Commission, 1200 W Washington St, First Floor in Phoenix. For a live broadcast feed or archived videos:

Coffee with District 3 Supervisor Bill Gates is scheduled at 8 am., Thur., Feb 8 at 19 North Community Plaza, 1829 W Northern Ave., Phx. with Matt Gress, Director of the Governor's Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting.


The Arizona Federation of Republican Women’s Club Winter 2018 Board of Directors meeting is scheduled Feb 9 and 10 at the Radisson Suites, 6555 E Speedway Blvd, in Tucson. Registration Form Here

FEB 10

The Arizona Federation of Republican Women’s Club Winter 2018 Board of Directors meeting is scheduled Feb 9 and 10 at the Radisson Suites, 6555 E Speedway Blvd, in Tucson. Registration Form Here

The 5th Annual Freedom Expo Dinner and Symposium, sponsored by Heirs of the Republic, and featuring nationally known speaker Bill Whittle, is scheduled Sat., Feb 10 at the Hilton Tucson El Conquistador, 10000 N Oracle Road, Tucson. The evening event features live music, a silent auction, book signings, award ceremonies and dinner Heirs of the Republic was founded by past Director of the Navy SEAL Foundation

Jeff Utsch, who has been conducting patriotic and American history-related monthly dinners in Tucson for the last 13 years. Contact: Ana Henderson

A Maricopa County Recorder’s office CD8 Election public information session will be held between 10-11 am , Sat., Feb 10 at the Anthem Community Council, Meeting Rooms 3 & 4, 3701 W Anthem Way, Anthem, AZ 85086. RSVP:

FEB 13

A Maricopa County Recorder’s office CD8 Election public information session will be held between 6-7 pm., Tues., Feb 13 at the Municipal Court Building, 14455 W. Van Buren St. Ste B101, Goodyear, AZ 85338. RSVP:

FEB 15

The Ahwatukee Republican Women "Chocolate & Politics" Forum with Arizona Superintendent of Public Education Candidate’s Dr Robert Branch, Jonathan Gelbart, Tracy Livingston, Frank Riggs, and incumbent Supt Diane Douglas, is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thur., Feb 15 in the Club West Golf Clubhouse, 16400 14th Ave., Phx, 85045. 6 pm – social. Complimentary dessert. Cash bar. Contact: 602-300-4185.

CD1 House candidate Kevin Cavanaugh and author Dinesh D’Souza have teamed up for a “Republican Revolt Against Globalism and Leftist Ideology” evening on Feb 15, 2018 at the Mesa Center for Performing Arts in Mesa. General Seating Tickets - $39. College Student Tickets - $25. VIP Reception - $500. Private Dinner With Dinesh -$2,700.

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