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2-20-18 Briefs

A MUST READ: Floridas-'Teacher-Of The Year'-Posts-Provocative-Message To -Parents Of -Potential-Mass-Murderers

Star Spangled Banner As You've Never Seen It
Congratulations to Globe’s newly elected Cobre Valley Republican Club new officers. They are; President Judy Alexander, First-Vice President Diana Wheeler, Second Vice- President Dan Alexander, Secretary Louisa Medina, and Treasurer Mike Fane. The Club has changed their meeting dates to the 4th Saturday of the month at 10 AM at Bernards Coffee Station in Globe. The Club welcomes candidate speakers. Contact President Alexander at 928-701-2195.

The Northwest Conservatives invites you to meet retired Major Jeff Prather as he discusses how the Deep State plots against the Trump administration. The will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., March 8 in the Oro Valley Library, 1305 W Naranja Dr in Oro Valley. Prather served as a Military Intelligence Special Forces Officer, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and on the border for decades with the DEA. He is a world class firearms instructor and martial arts master, author, speaker, chaplain and Fast & Furious whistle-blower. Jeff's on line book Chase: Terror on the Border Click here to RSVP Seating is limited

The ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump Group met for lunch at Jethro’s Little CafĂ©, 8735 E Broadway in Tucson.

The Rim Country Republican Club in Payson meets at 11:30 am., the last Monday of each month at Tiny’s Restaurant in  Payson. Candidate speakers are also welcome. Contact Cliff Potts at 928-978-2960.

The City of Phoenix will hold an open house for the proposed Farm at Los Olivos between 3-7 pm., Tues., Feb 27 at the Devonshire Senior Center 2802 E. Devonshire Ave. Staff from City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation, Street, Transportation, and Planning and Development departments along with Greenbelt Development will be there to answer questions. The project proposal includes: Urban Working Farm with Healthy Concessions, Education Center, Park Improvements; New Playground and Trees, and Relocated Disc Golf and Recreation Programming Space. The Parks and Recreation Board is scheduled to vote on this project at a public meeting March 22nd at 5pm at City Council Chambers located at 200 W. Jefferson Street. Contact: Gregg Bach 602-262-4994 or

LD10 will meet at 6 pm., Tues., Feb 20 at Wilmot Public Library, 530 N Wilmot with Jim Parks, AZGOP and Lea Marquez-Peterson, CD2 candidate.

The Pima County Republican Women’s Dinner meeting is scheduled at 5:30 pm., Turs., Feb 22 at the Viscount Hotel, 4855 E Broadway Blvd in Tucson. Speakers includes CD2 GOP candidates Brandon Martin, Lea Marquez Peterson and Casey Welch.

The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., each Tuesday at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. Candidate welcome. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.

The LD10 GOP Town Hall will start at 8:30 am., Sat., Feb 24 for coffee and conversation with Rep Todd Clodfelter in the Eastside Victory Office, 9431 E 22nd St #167 in Tucson.

He Draws The Lines: Sunday’s Comic

Volunteers Are Needed to help run the Fountain Hills Republican Club and LD 23 booth during the three day Fountain Hills Great Fair (Fri, Feb 23- Sun Feb 25). Activities will include: voter registration; writing postcards to the troops; fun history quiz; political survey.  Candidates can gather petition signatures and "meet and greet".  Photos with "President Trump"! The 32 year fair includes over 500 artists and artisans from around the globe; The fair attracts over 200,000 people annually. Volunteers should contact FHRC 2nd VP, Membership Chairman Chris Brant More details:

Tea Party Scottsdale will meet at 6:30 pm., March 15 at 8600 E Anderson Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Tim Horn, Arizona Republican Assembly member and ASRA point-man in Opposition to the National Popular Vote Compact is scheduled to speak. Horn is the author of “Ruling the Elite” and is a former radio political commentator .

The Sun City West Republican Club is conducting Statewide Candidate Forums through June at 8:30 am in the Foundation Building, 14454 W RH Johnson in Sun City West: Scheduled so far –

· March 3 – State Treasurer candidates JoAnn Sabbagh of Tucson and Sen KimberlyYee

· April 7 – Secretary of State candidates Lori Klein Corbin and incumbent Michele Reagan.

· June 22 – Arizona legislative candidates are welcome to gather signature or hand out literature. Only scheduled candidates will be given podium time.

Candidates wishing to participate in the forums are encouraged to send their bio and a photo to Clair Van Steenwyk at or call @ 623-322-9979

Grassroots Leadership Academy - Americans for Prosperity Foundation is offering four Leadership Academy training sessions in Phoenix, according to Grassroots Director Leslie White. White says, “If you want to get the skills you need to be a better advocate for freedom, join us at one of the upcoming Grassroots Leadership Academy trainings. "The Case for a Free Society" will give you the tools to make a difference.    In this training, we will be providing a vision for Arizona, a desired future state and will be reviewing a model which we will use to build a momentum of thousands in Arizona”. Each session runs from 6-9 pm, including a free dinner. Sessions are scheduled:

· Feb 20 - Phoenix Field office – West Valley. RSVP for gla-arizona-summit-tickets

· Feb 22 - Mountain View Lutheran Church - East Valley. Tickets: az-gla-arizona-summit-tickets

· Feb 27- (Phoenix Field Office) – West Valley. Tickets: summit-tickets

· March 2 - Mountain View Lutheran Church – East Valley. Tickets at summit-tickets

Contact White at (480) 290 – 2286.

Latest Legislative Activity From Jose Borrajero: Latest How-They-Voted Report: Latest Call-to-Action:

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

Poll observers/volunteers are needed for the Tues., Feb 27 CD8 Special Election, please contact your District Chairman. Observers need prior approval by the county chairman. Each observer must have a signed authorization letter to present at the polls.

When Vetting The Former AZ Legislative Candidates, go to afp-arizona-legislative-scorecards/ to see how Americans For Prosperity has ranked them over the years. – ft

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Notes From Readers

Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. – ft

Anti Proxy Spokesman LDPC 15 Archie Dicksion to Arizona Legislators: It appears that HB 2102 has gotten hung up in the administrative procedures and has not been assigned to the Rules Committee for consideration. In the past, the legislature has recognized the inherent problem with ballot harvesting and has enacted legislation to control that conduct. I would like to point out that ballot harvesting also exists at the political party level in the State of Arizona. HB 2012 in an effort by the grassroots Precinct Committeemen to curb that practice in political parties. Of the eleven (11) western states, only Arizona allows unlimited use of proxies in political party meetings. The efforts of the PC at the Republican party level has been turned back by the very use of proxies that they are trying to correct. Your rules do not allow proxy voting, Circuit Court decisions do not allow proxy voting. There are hundreds of Precinct Committeeman across the state that are interested in helping you correct this problem at the party level. The question is how can all of us help you get this Bill before the Rules Committee and before the entire house for an up or down vote. We need your help and we are also willing to help you in this endeavor. Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated. I await your response on how we can be of assistance.

LD15 PC Archie Dicksion to Speaker Mesnard, Majority Whip Townsend, Chairman Shope: House Bill 2012 was passed in the Government Committee on February 8, 2018. As I am sure you are aware, there were numerous people there to speak on behalf of the proposed Bill. Some of those people that attend came from long distance to express their support. This is a matter of importance to many Precinct Committeemen and State Committeemen in the Republican Party in the State of Arizona. We have watched, year after year, while the internal workings of the party are controlled by a few members who carry large numbers of proxies. We all know that the leaders of some of the legislative districts recruit PC’s not because they will work on the behalf of the party but because their vote can be controlled by the proxy method. This should be a matter of importance to each of you as it has a potential effect on your future elections to office. Do you want a PC who is only there in name only or do you want one that you can count on when you need them talking to their family, friends and neighbors on your behalf. When you limit the use of proxies, then there is less incentive to recruit PC’s only for their vote. You put more members into those positions who will actually work for the benefit of the party. The result will be a stronger party for the benefit of all members and candidates. On behalf of all of those hundreds of people who signed petitions to limit the use of proxies and for the strength of the party you are requested to place HB 2012 on the Rules Committee Agenda and to bring it before the Committee of the Whole to allow it to be considered. Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated

Anti-proxy Spokesman Archie Dicksion to Gov Doug Ducey: I am sure you are aware, the Democrat Party has, on numerous occasions, indicated that Arizona is a state they believe can be turned from red to blue. There is one way that can be defeated and that is to have people on the street canvassing for Republican candidates. Nothing is as important to a candidate as to have feet on the ground talking to family, friends and neighbors about those candidates. This is free advertising. That sir is what HB2012 is all about. For years the Arizona Republican Party has used the proxy system to thwart the intentions and activity of the base of the party to allow a few individuals to control the direction of the party. In the past, that has not mattered much as the state was reliably red. That may no longer be the case and we need those feet on the ground.  At the Maricopa County Meeting this past January there were over 650 no shows that were allowed to vote by proxy. At the state meeting there were over approximately 400 proxy votes. The question for you and other future candidates is would you rather have those proxy votes out walking the street for you or would you prefer those proxies be turned into warm bodies helping Republicans win elections. It would be appreciated if you would make contact with those in the legislature that you know and let them know you want HB 2012 to move forward. Your consideration in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Sheriff Richard Mack, former Graham County Sheriff, Founder and President of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), NRA Hall of Fame member and current high school teacher at the Heritage Academy is calling for a one-hour uninterrupted, unedited, live, televised round table discussion with the outspoken survivors of the Parkland Massacre to discuss the school shooting and real measures that can be taken to minimize future loss of lives. “We all mourn for the tragic loss of life and have a shared responsibility, as parents, citizens and leaders in the community to respectfully and thoughtfully address our children’s safety at schools,” Sheriff Mack said. Cameron Kasky, an 11th-grade survivor and leader of the March for Our Lives rally said, "This isn't about the GOP. This isn't about the Democrats. This is about the adults. We feel neglected and at this point, you're either with us or against us." Sheriff Mack agrees. “It is time we have an adult conversation with these young men and women about the reality of the world and the role guns play in our society. Now is the time for the nation to come together to listen to one another out and discuss real measures that will keep our children safe in school.” Mack continues, "Should Cameron Kasky and his outspoken classmates accept the invitation, I call on all of the major broadcasters (CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS, NBC, CBS, ABC, OANN, and others) to air this historic roundtable discussion live in primetime." Mack gained national attention when he sued President Bill Clinton over the Brady Gun Ban winning in the US Supreme Court. Since that landmark Supreme Court ruling Mack has written six books and appeared at over 150 conservative political rallies nationwide. He has stood against the incursions of the Federal Government and has fought for civil rights from Hawaii to Bangor, Maine. Mack is in the NRA Hall of Fame and is a CD2 candidate. Contact: Howie Morgan (662) 832-8882 or

Dale Gohr of Clarkdale: I cannot believe there is anything more important in the currentclimate than “Enforce The Stupid Laws” or “Enforce The Laws, Stupid!” In the 1980’s, President Reagan signed a law granting amnesty to a few illegals as a one-time process to enforce immigration laws. Apparently, it set a precedent to promote the New World Order; by Liberal Democrats and Camouflaged RepublicRATS. The public lives in blissful ignorance as it is spoon-fed mainstream media accounts altered to fit the New World Order. Unfortunately, that “crap” has infiltrated the mindset of the population. Through misuse of terminology, activist judges, leftist organizations and late night comedians garner more public attention than any news service - accurate and/or fake. Add the US Justice Department - a politically pandering powder-keg and you have a useful tool for the New World Order.

The leftists want to overturn the Constitution. In 1913 the Ratification of the 16th and 17th Amendments were like separated parts of a Trojan horse style encroachment. When joined, they laid the groundwork to destroy the State and Commonwealth ability to monitor national spending and legislative decisions. A solid foundation for the Socialistic New World Order became solidly set in the US Statutory Process.

The best legislation for this nation would be to repeal the 16th and 17th amendments, enforce the immigration laws and gun ownership; and insist on resignation of the top 30 FBI bureaucrats (except for the few worth keeping). We need to Enforce The Laws. Stupid!!! Unenforced laws only breed more contempt for the law.

Joy Behar defined insanity as someone like Mike Pence or any of the infinite number of us that communicate with “Almighty God” and apparently thinks it is rational for the Special Counsel to spend a year and Millions finding nothing. How much meddling has the United States done in Foreign Elections?” Ms. Behar, Almighty God speaks to everyone; it is not the sender that is lacking – the problem is with the receiver(s).

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Candidates Are Welcome to e-mail their announcements and a photo to Briefs at or for posting so readers can learn who the candidates are. Editor’s Note: Please keep announcement at 400 words. Longer announcements subject to editing to conform. Briefs does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. ft.


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Supt of Public Instruction Frank Riggs: I'm not going to reply to Branch anymore.  It's abundantly clear that he doesn't care about facts and the truth and simply wants to engage in name-calling. The latest example is his attack on me for co-sponsoring congressional legislation requiring the federal government to reimburse the states for the cost of educating illegal immigrant children in K-12 schools (I also co-sponsored companion bills requiring the federal government to reimburse the states for the cost of incarcerating illegal immigrants and the cost of providing pubic health care to illegal immigrants). The facts are crystal clear.  In 1982, the Supreme Court ruled that states must educate "undocumented" children: ImmigrantRights The courts have also said the States may not usurp the federal power over immigration (numerous appellate court decisions under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution). Branch ignores the Supreme Court decision and case law, and the Constitution and doctrine of separate, enumerated powers delegated to the federal and state governments. I have no reason to doubt his claim that he's highly educated.  But he either doesn't know how to read and interpret congressional legislation, court rulings and case law or he's being intentionally untruthful and misleading. He's obviously not interested in having a civil, informed discussion and debate of the issues in the Superintendent's race.  He accuses me of "creat(ing) the problem we now have with DACA" This is what he posted on the LD 15 Facebook page this Sunday morning: Robert Branch Riggs, You just do not get it, the problem is illegal immigration, and your solution “Free education to all illegal immigrants K-12.” You created a magnet for illegal immigration, and You created the problem we now have with DACA. #DACARiggs#CluelessRiggs My voting record as a Member of Congress on immigration-related legislation is well documented: gradescoresheet You'll note my A+ grade on Chain Migration and my A+ grades on reducing "Amnesty Entitlements," "Illegal Immigration Rewards," and "Anchor Baby Citizenship." It's clear Branch is only interested in false accusations and character attacks.  Hence, I don't regard him as a serious candidate, and I'm sure as heck not going to stoop to his level.

Supt of Public Instruction Dr Robert Branch: Frank ‘DACA’ Riggs uses his political spin to mislead you. We know that Riggs, a three-term congressman from California, cosponsored H.R.4062 (1996) directing the Secretary of the Department of Education to reimburse states for the cost of educating illegal aliens K-12. This is not disputed by Riggs. However, to justify his actions, Riggs cites a Supreme Court ruling (Plyler vs. Doe (1982)) that was handed down 14 years prior to Riggs’ bill.   Riggs does not want you to know that there was a 14 year gap between the Court’s ruling and his Bill. During that 14 year gap, California created its own immigration problem with the Sanctuary City movement. Riggs does not mention that in 1985, San Francisco passed the “City of Refuge” resolution that prohibited the use of city funds and resources to assist in federal immigration enforcement. This act of defiance against federal immigration enforcement fueled the fire that made California the first Sanctuary State. Riggs does not mention that by the mid 1990s, California was the hub of illegal immigration and by1994, Orange County was bankrupt (due to fraudulent investments).  This bankruptcy affected every part of California and many were questioning California’s illegal immigration policies. Instead of fixing California’s Sanctuary illegal immigration policies, as Arizonans tried with SB1070,   Riggs thought it would be a great idea to force every taxpayer in the nation to bail out California and force the U.S. Department of Education to pay for the education of illegal aliens instead of California paying for its own Sanctuary policies. The Plyler vs. Doe ruling meant for the States to pay, not the U.S. Department of Education. Riggs did not cosponsor that bill because of Plyler vs. Doe; he uses the Plyler vs. Doe to sell his bill; now our children are paying the price. This is Riggs’ political spin on what happened, and he thinks that you will buy it! He will keep throwing shiny pennies to try to distract from the facts. Riggs helped to create and foster the problem that we now have known as DACA! Do your research.  A swampy politician will spin things and leave out facts for ultimate gain. Leaders lead, but swampy politicians will lead you into the swamp. I want the U.S. Department of Education dismantled, and I will fix the mess DACA Riggs helped to create.  Drain the Swamp -

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward: Martha McSally is the Establishment's pick for Arizona — there’s no two ways about it. Of course, on the campaign trail she calls herself a conservative. But her record shows otherwise. She voted

· against an amendment to end DACA...

· against an amendment that favored Constitutional religious freedom for businesses...

· against an amendment to prohibit illegals from service in the military...

· voted in favor of the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act, a piece of legislation that encroaches upon the Fourth Amendment and individual privacy.

· supported the Bipartisan Budget Act.

· left-leaning Martha McSally maintains an F-rating at the Conservative Reviewa score even worse than "Fake" Jeff Flake!

Well, other top conservative groups agree:

· The Heritage Foundation's Heritage Action for America gives Martha McSally an abysmal score of 58%

· FreedomWorks gives McSally a cumulative score of 57%, with a ZERO percent rating so far in 2018

· The American Conservative Union has McSally at a lifetime rating of 67%, a lower score than Jeff Flake, John McCain and every other Arizona Republican on ACU's list!

I know you agree that with a failing resume like the one Martha McSally has, she does not deserve a promotion.That's why I'm reaching out to you for support right now — will you help me defeat liberal Martha McSally and take back our state's precious Senate seat for the conservatives? Chip-in Thanks for standing by my side in 2018 — together we'll defeat the Establishment's pick: Martha McSally.

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To learn more about how the legislative process works, go to FROM BILL TO LAW
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Upcoming action on bills we are tracking. It is impossible for most people to respond to all of them. Simply choose those bills that are most important to you and phone or email with your “yes” or “no” opinion, depending on your wishes. If bill is in committee, use “Request to Speak” at AZPEOPLESLOBBYIST-ALIS

Emailing tips: E-MAIL INSTRUCTIONS    “Request to Speak” tips: RTS INSTRUCTIONS
SPECIAL CALL TO ACTION ON INCOME TAXES: The recent tax cuts at the federal level may result in some tax increases at the state level. This is because of the way our tax code it tied to the federal one. Some legislators and many tax and spend advocates are salivating at the prospect of this windfall for their pet projects at the expense of AZ tax payers. Please contact all legislators and ask them to enact the measures necessary to prevent tax increases at the state level that would offset the gains we have made at the federal level. You may do so easily by going to









HB2330 - 1% property tax limit; GPLET

House Appropriations


Leach – Gives school districts money lost as a result of tax breaks for properties leased by stadiums and other enterprises.

2:00 MON



HB2099 - state budget; estimates; notice.

All Representatives
House COW


Leach – Encourages legislature to limit spending increases to the rate of population growth and inflation


House Floor


HB2484 - local food tax; equality

All Representatives
House COW


Shope – If a sales tax is to be imposed on food, all food should be taxed.


House Floor


SB1444 - schools; American civics education

Senate Appropriations


Yee - Requires American civics education to be included in high school social studies standards prescribed by the SBE, among other requirements




SB1378 - schools; bonds; overrides; funding sources.

Senate Appropriations


Allen S. Transparency. Makes it more difficult for bond and override proponents to fool the voters




SB1088 - children; veterans; disabilities; tuition waivers

Senate Appropriations


Borrelli – We have all kinds of tuition breaks for various groups. None is more deserving than those who were disabled in the service of their country




SB1407 - appropriation; PSPRS; pension liability; Prescott

Senate Appropriations


Fann – Questionable merit. Did the Prescott PSPRS not include a death benefit funded by life insurance? If not, any request for tax payer money should accompany a requirement to do so. No such requirement in this bill.




SB1257 - state lottery distributions; family homelessness

Senate Appropriations


Allen, S. – Appropriates money from lottery to assist homeless




(1) For more information on any bill, click on BILL SEARCH  and enter bill number
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(3) Applicable only when bill is scheduled for committee hearing.
(4) Indicates our recommendation. Y = favor, N = oppose. ? = no consensus or not enough information.

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FEB 20

Grassroots Leadership Academy - Americans for Prosperity Foundation is offering four Leadership Academy training sessions in Phoenix, according to Grassroots Director Leslie White. Each session runs from 6-9 pm, including a free dinner. Sessions are scheduled:

· Feb 20 - Phoenix Field office – West Valley. RSVP for gla-arizona-summit-tickets

· Feb 22 - Mountain View Lutheran Church - East Valley. Tickets: az-gla-arizona-summit-tickets

· Feb 27- (Phoenix Field Office) – West Valley. Tickets: summit-tickets

· March 2 - Mountain View Lutheran Church – East Valley. Tickets at summit-tickets

Contact White at (480) 290 – 2286.

Congressman Andy Biggs’ District Office will hold a Military Service Academy Parent/Student Night at 6:30 pm., Tues., Feb 20 in his District Office for students and parents to learn about what it takes to receive a Congressional Nomination to a United States Military Service Academy. Space is limited and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. RSVPs are required. More information will be forthcoming.

FEB 21

The Palo Verde Republican Women luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Wed., Feb 21 in the Fairway House at the Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway in Scottsdale. $35 per person.11 am social. Speaker: Gayla Coletto - "Little-Known But Important Stories of Events Leading to Our Constitution" Reservations required: use Contact: Linda Rizzo at 480-766-6606.

Barbara Blewster of the John Birch Society will address the Grassroots Tea Party Activist of Arizona on “Secret Socieities and the Deep State” at 6:30pm., Wed, Feb 21 at the Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Hwy, (Dunlap Ave I-17 Exit on the access road) in Phx. Contact Francine Romesburg grtp@grassrootsteapartyactivist

A Fiesta In Support Of CD3 Candidate Sergio Arellano, hosted by Albert Vasquez of El Saguarito Mexican Food, 1763 E Prince Road in Tucson, is scheduled between 4-6 pm., Wed., Feb 21. $25 per person, including buffet and drink. Specially priced drinks available. RSVP

FEB 22

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation Grassroots Leadership Academy training session is scheduled at 5 pm., Feb 22 at the Mountain View Lutheran Church in Phoenix - including a free dinner. Tickets: summit-tickets. Contact Leslie White at (480) 290 – 2286.

FEB 23

The Fountain Hills Republican Club and LD 23 will have a booth during the three day Fountain Hills Great Fair (Fri, Feb 23- Sun Feb 25). Activities will include: voter registration; writing postcards to the troops; fun history quiz; political survey.  Candidates can gather petition signatures and "meet and greet".  Photos with "President Trump"! The 32 year fair includes over 500 artists and artisans from around the globe; The fair attracts over 200,000 people annually. Contact FHRC 2nd VP, Membership Chairman Chris Brant More details:

FEB 24

Emancipation Proclamation Observance 6 (EPOD 6) is scheduled from noon until 4 pm., Sat., Feb. 24 in East Lake Park 1549 E. Jefferson St. Phx, Contact AAARC

Yavapai County Republican Activist Sue Goodchild is hosting a ‘meet and greet’ luncheon for Secretary of State candidate Lori Klein Corbin at 11:30 am., Sat., Feb 24 at the Prescott Golf And Country Club Home Owners Assoc. Bldg., 1103 Old Chisholm Trail, Dewey, AZ. 86327. Klein-Corbin is Arizona’s Republican National Committeewoman. $15 per person. Limited seating. RSVP To Goodchild 636-7355 OR Also call Goodchild if interested in helping gather petition signatures for Lori to get on the ballot.

The EPOD 6/official AZ Black History Month Event is scheduled between noon and 4 pm., at Sat., Feb 24 at East Lake Park from noon - 4pm. Family event. AAARC Chr Rev Clyde Bowen 602 309-6015.

FEB 27

LD17 will meet wth Center for Arizona Policy CEO Cathi Herrod on Tues., Feb 27. Contact Bert Moll Chr at

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation is offering grassroots Leadership Academy training sessions at 6 pm., Feb 27 at the field office in the West Valley – includes free dinner. Tickets: summit-tickets Contact Leslie White at (480) 290 – 2286.

FEB 28

LD4 and the Estrella Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Feb 28 at the Estrella Foothills H.S. 13033 S. Estrella Pkwy, with  State Treasurer candidates Kimberly Yee and Ann Sabbagh. Contact Chairman Dick Newcomer at 623-398-5638.

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