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3-17-18 Briefs


If You Want To See Some Awesome Flying, watch the Navy’s Blue Angel performing while they are at Luke Air Force Base in the West Valley for the next few days.

Michele Reagan 2017 SOSArizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s office will conduct campaign finance trainings in Phoenix at 3 pm., April 4 and 10 am., April 5 in the the 7th Floor Conference Room at the Secretary of State’s office in Phoenix.  Political committees, candidates and committee treasurers are encouraged to attend the workshops. The trainings will include instructions on utilizing the campaign finance filing system, including how to input online transactions and file reports.  In addition, presentations on campaign finance law and reporting requirements will provide useful information for those involved in the 2018 Primary and General Elections.  The next campaign finance report is due Monday, April 16. Contact Teresa Jones at the Secretary of State’s Office at (602) 364-3218 or at

The Colorado River Tea Party needs volunteers to work their booth at the April 3-8 Yuma County Fair. Time slots are two or three hours. Contact Chairman Sally Kizer at 928-210-1219

The-GOPs-Internet-Tax: D.C. Republicans want to stuff a state sales web tax in the U.S. Congress omnibus spending bill.

Alice & George OrtizThe Chips N Salsa Show Broadcasts Saturdays LIVE At 4pm with Hispanic hosts George Ortiz & Alice Lara offering a Republican review of things.  Don't miss the Prather Point with Fast & Furious Whistleblower Jeff Prather reporting his political pulse on the dark state. Who will win the coveted COCOTASO  & WHOLE ENCHILADA AWARDS? Featured guest will be former AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Jana Jackson about her book "Forgotten Soldiers" and her new kids foundation.  Listen/watch on FACEBOOK livestream or 

 charlie-good 2Dr. Charles Loftus has accepted the position as the faculty advisor for the ASU College Republican’s United (CRU).  Loftus said “I’m very honored to help these young conservatives in such a politically charged atmosphere of current events.” The Mission Statement for ASU College Republicans United is: We are the Arizona State University College Republicans United!  In order to promote the ideas, values, and principles of Conservatism, we must aid in the election of Republican candidates at all levels of government. We strive to develop political skills and leadership among Republican students as preparation for future public service by them to promote conservative ideals and to better the community. College Republicans United was created in January of this year and has over 80 members.  The group is inclusive of all forms of conservatism and has members who are libertarians, social conservatives, paleocons, patriots and other conservative leaning people.  The group supports President Donald Trump and the MAGA agenda.  They have participated in several conservative functions and gatherings and host a number of speakers at their weekly meetings. Loftus teaches counter-terrorism, domestic terrorism, research methods, statistics, the police management, and international politics at Arizona State University.  He is the co-director of a study abroad program through ASU that takes students to Israel to learn about counter-terrorism, intelligence coordination, Islamic fascism, jihadism, proactive security measures, infrastructure protection, and emergency responses to terrorism. Dr. Loftus also serves on the Advisory Board for the Annual Editions: Homeland Security and Annual Editions: Violence and Terrorism.  Loftus also has over 30 years of law enforcement experience including the assistant chief at the state Attorney General’s office and is a candidate for Arizona State Senate, LD-20.

The Arizona Corporation Commission held its monthly meeting this week as Commissioners voted to adopt a Code of Ethics, hear utility resource plans, and pass federal tax savings on to ratepayers. Here’s a recap of the March 13 Open Meeting: In a unanimous vote, Commissioners approved the Commission’s first Code of Ethics. Commissioner Dunn,Boyd Dunn - ACC who led the effort to create the code, called the document “the most comprehensive in the country.” The document has been in development over the past year as Commissioner Dunn and Corporation Commission staff prepared a comparative analysis of local, state, regional, and national codes of ethics before drafting language for public input. Commissioner Dunn held three workshops to present those findings and gather input from stakeholders as he worked to draft the document. During Tuesday’s Open Meeting, all five Commissioners provided input on the adoption of the Code of Ethics. Chairman Tom ForeseTom Forese - treas can 2018 acknowledged the magnitude of the Commissioner’s vote. “The Commission has gone through some dark days and this (Code) was absolutely necessary,” said Forese. The Arizona Corporation Commission Code of Ethics covers eight main categories starting with the general ethical duties for Corporation Commissioners to be in full compliance with applicable laws concerning ethical conduct. The document also covers a prohibition on harassment, how to avoid conflicts of interest, financial disclosure, public access to information, the designation of an Ethics Officer within the Corporation Commission, and an enforcement provision. Arizona Corporation Commission Code of Ethics, all Commissioner amendments, and stakeholder input are available in the Corporation Commission’s online docket at, search for docket number AU-00000E-17-0079.

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

The Kingman Republican Women meet at the Dam Bar Steakhouse this week with speakers Jennifer “Jade” Jones-Esposito, Rep Leo Biasiucci and AZGOP Chairman Jonathan Lines.  

Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) is encouraging all water-goers to take a boating safety course during the national Spring Aboard campaign March 18 to 24. Safety courses will be offered between 9 am-4 pm., Sat., March 17 at the Apex Arms Facility - Green Building, 2176 McCulloch Blvd. N. Suite 8, Lake Havasu City and at AZGFD Headquarters, 5000 W Carefree Hwy in north Phoenix. Register - and click “Boating Safety Education.

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Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. Briefs posts candidate announcements, but does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. - ft.

Barbara Medal PC: As I watched television observing the children’s march, all I could think of was Hitler and what he did to the youth of Germany. He successfully indoctrinated them to willingly join his movement. These children who were so brain washed they eagerly spied on and then reported their parents to the Gestapo with no remorse. To those parents that went along with his youth movement and were filled with pride to see their children participate in all manner of atrocities shame on them. The Fuhrer Fever was easy for impressionable youngsters who liked being part of a group who attained the power to control along with the gratifying recognition, self-importance and sense of belonging. Even the uniforms and training was appealing to them and fed the normal rebellious nature and arrogance of youth.

     Then in the Briefs I read the statement and saw the video of an ill-advised Jacob Martinez, Jacob Martinez - AZTARS a 16-year-old Dobson High School student, and the (now former) Chairman of the Arizona Teenage Republicans who joined a group of students at the Arizona State Capitol Wednesday. What a disappointment. As a lifelong Republican and 2nd Amendment supporter it disappointed me to see this misguided young man who has no idea of the real issues. I can only speculate his parents are not really true Republicans as they would discourage his buy-into the leftist plan to disarm America and educate him on the real reason the founding fathers included the 2nd Amendment in our Constitution, the only protection of all the other amendments. This is a wake-up call to parents as to how the schools are influencing our youth with misinformation and just like Hitler to use them to instill the New World Order.

     We in America are on the precipice of a dangerous and crumbling cliff. These children have been exploited by the left ideology and many are open to this because their parents are already deeply entrenched in the Democratic Socialist philosophy. We send out kids to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic not to be political activists. For the children let us end the fads and misconceptions that appeal to young people who crave attention and the spot light. Let us hold accountable those who allowed this travesty to happen of which there were many I.E. the FBI, Sheriffs/law enforcement, schools and mental health workers as well as parents that ignore the signs.

Former LD9 PC Rebecca Loporto; I'm interested in getting Republicans elected, and so are people like bruce ashBruce Ash and T.J. ShopeThomas Shope LD8 Speaker Pro Tempore Some in Maricopa County might not know all the work Bruce Ash has done for the party, but it's been a lot and and some of it impossible for someone else to do. That is why he gets voted in time after time by the majority...  And hopefully T.J. Shope sticks around and continues to do a great job.  There is a complete difference between carrying proxies to a state convention and carrying them for other reasons...In Pima County, PCs can only carry proxies for elected PCs in their precinct, that would never add up to 40...If you have rules you don't like in your county regarding proxies, change them. Robert Graham robert graham and Jonathan Lines Jonathan Lines 2were elected because more Republicans voted for them than for the alternatives. I had a taste of how the alternatives run things at that horrible meeting in Phoenix years ago, where we got kicked out of the college and told to never come back. I've never seen such a mess and so many rude and disgusting people. Thankfully many of those people have left the party and hopefully they will never come back. What PCs are required to do. Here's an excellent PC handbook. Pinal County PC Handbook  An easy read with the whys and wherefores.  On page 31 at the bottom it says "America is sliding headlong into socialism and a type of fascism." 


MARCH 17 –

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will host its “Meet the Candidates” event at 9 am, Sat. March 17 (St Patrick’s Day) at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N. La Montana, Fountain Hills. Complimentary coffee, tea, juice, light breakfast snacks, with an “Irish surprise” will be served at 8:30 a.m. Reserved tables for candidates will be available. An additional table or two will also be available for campaign materials. Candidate presentations will begin following the prayer, Pledge of Allegiance and the “National Anthem”. Participating are Yvonne Cahill for the “Ward for U.S. Senate” campaign; Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, Candidates Dr. Robert Branch, Tracy Livingston, Frank Riggs; Arizona Corporation Commission candidates Jim O’Connor, Eric Sloan; State Representative Jay Lawrence; McDowell Mountain Justice of the Peace Michael Reagan; Candidate for Clerk of Superior Court of Maricopa County Steve Parsons; Fountain Hills Mayoral Candidate Cecil Yates.

Fountain Hills will turn its famed fountain to green at noon on March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day. The FH St. Patrick’s Day Irish Fountain Fest begin at 11 am. No admission fee.

The AZGOP, Maricopa County Republican Committee and the CD8 candidate Debbie Lesko campaign team are having a volunteer “get out the vote Shamrock Knock” between 9 am-noon and from 1-4 pm on Sat., March 17. Free food for participants at the West Valley Republican HQ, 10050 W Bell Road #50 in Sun City.

The Pinal County Republican Committee will meet at 10 am., Sat., March17 at the Florence School District Auditorium, 1000 S Main St Florence, AZ 85132. The PCRC will be hosting a discussion with state legislative candidates from Pinal County. The following candidates will be attending, TJ Shope (LD8), Vince Leach (LD11), Mark Finchem (LD11), Bret Roberts (LD11), Mike Hernandez (LD16), and John Fillmore (LD16). Contact Secretary Gilberto Mendez at with any questions you may have.

The Pima County Republican Women’s Club Campaign Workshop is scheduled between 7am and noon, Sat., March 17 at the Viscount Suite Hotel, 4855 E Broadway Blvd in Tucson. $15 per person, includes a continental breakfast, training notebook and workshop. RSVP to J Demara at See full flyer 3-11-18-briefs

Activist Noel Rosen is planning a protest at the Democrats “Meet And Greet” between 1-4 pm., Sat., March 17 in Stone Park in Wickenburg. The event features Muslim US Senate candidate Deedra Abboud (D), arizona-Muslim-Who-Worked-For-Terror-Linked-CAIR-& MAS-Announces-Bid-For-US-Senate Supt of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman (D) will also be speaking. The event, hosted by LD13 Senate candidate Michelle Harris (D) is scheduled in Stone Park, 164 E Apache Street in Wickenburg. Show Map Rosen says the event is also promoted by AZResist which has ties to ANTIFA. Contact Rosen at 480-980-8541. Register for Rosen’s protest at

The AZRA West Chapter will meet between 8-10 am., Sat., March 17 at Culvers on 99th Ave., according to President Butch Kuentzler. They will be having elections of delegates to their state convention.

March 19

The Leisure World Republican Club will meet at 7pm, Mon,, March 19 at 908 S. Power Road in Mesa. Speakers include US Senate candidate Joe Arpaio, State Treasurer candidate Kimberly Yee, Supt of Public Instruction candidate Dr. Robert Branch, and Clerk of the Superior Court candidate Steve Parsons, along with Corporation Commission candidates Justin Olson and Jim O’Conner. Gated community, inform the guard you are attending the Republican meeting and ask for instructions to the ballroom. Contact: Diane Andersen at 480 395-5515 or

The Pima County Republican Committee’s ‘Arizona Corporation Commission Candidate Forum’ is scheduled at 9:30 am., Sat., March 19 at the Catalina Foothills High School, 4300 East Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ 85718.

March 20

The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., March 20 (each Tuesday) at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. That organization also welcomes candidate speakers. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.

Supervisor Bill Gates will chat with District 3 residents (New River / Desert Hills / Anthem Area) at noon., March 20 at the Daisy Mountain Fire Department 1120 W. Desert Hills Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85086.


The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am, Wed, March 21 at the Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway, The Fairway House at 11 for social, followed by luncheon and a program. $35 per person. Speakers include State Treasurer candidate Kimberley Yee, Secretary of State candidate Lori Klein Corbin, and AZ Corporation Commission candidate Eric Sloan. In addition, Nancy Kay Arnold, award-winning children’s author will spend some time regaling the group with stories of America’s first First Lady Martha Washington. Kay’s books include Patriotic Pups as well as Pioneer Pups and Pilgrim Pups. Reservations required: RSVP at

March 22

The Tempe Republican Women’s Club Garage Sale starts at 4 pm., Thur., March 22 at the home of Darryl Jacobson Barnes, 2009 E Caroline Lane in Tempe.

The Arizona American African REPUBLICAN Committee will meet 4th Thursday March 22, 7pm, ( 6:30 greet), GOP Headquarters 3501 N24th st, Phx, All Republicans welcomed, Candidates, please contact Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen to schedule. 602-309-6016, aaarc6@ #aaarc FB


Pima County Republicans First Vice Chairman Ana Henderson is organizing the candidate forum scheduled from 2-4 pm., Sat., March 24 in the Mountain Oyster Club, 6400 E ElDorado Circle in Tucson. Limited seating. Tickets $7l50 each, or $15 per couple. Available at Contact Henderson at 520-321-1492.

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