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3-20-18 Briefs

gorka and wardDr. Sebastian Gorka, Chairman and CEO of the Threat Knowledge Group and Non-Resident Scholar with the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC, will be in Arizona March 29 and 30 in supporting of US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward. They will be featured at a 5:30-7pm at a reception, followed by the Gorka’s speech at 7pm in which he’ll address “Making America Safe Again” at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas, 6333 N Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Doors to the main event open at 6 pm. Tickets available at Making-America-Safe-Again-With-Dr-Sebastian-Gorka Transportation from Pima County is available at Transportation From Pima County

     Gorka and Ward will also appear at a VIP reception between 7-8 am, followed by Gorka’s speech at 8 am in the Cottonwood Room of the Prescott Resort & Conference Center, 1500 Arizona Hwy 69, Prescott, AZ 86301. Door to Gorka’s speech open at 7 am. Making-America-Safe-Again-With-Dr-Sebastian-Gorka-Prescott

     Until August on 2017, Gorka served as Strategist and Deputy Assistant to President Donald J. Trump. Before serving in the White House, Dr. Gorka held the Major General Matthew C. Horner Distinguished Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University where he taught courses on Irregular Warfare and Counterterrorism. Previously, he was Associate Dean of Congressional Affairs and Relations to the Special Operations Community at National Defense University.  He is an internationally recognized authority on issues of national security, irregular warfare, terrorism and democratization and has testified before Congress and briefed the CIA, ODNI, NCTC, the NIC, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and the SEALS. He also served as a subject matter expert for the Office of the US Attorney during the Boston Bombing trial.


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CALL TO ACTION:Tom Jenney Tom Jenney -Senior Legislative Advisor, Americans for Prosperity – AZ: Senate Bill 1147 is a Trojan Horse bill that would allow politicians to spend billions more on light rail and other transit boondoggles.TAKE ACTION NOW Advocates for light rail want the legislature to allow Maricopa County to extend the half-cent sales tax, currently set to expire in 2025, to include billions more for wasteful rail projects. They know that they can't pass light rail by itself, so they’ve included the tax extension in an omnibus transportation tax bill in an attempt to sneak it by taxpayers. Even worse, the latest language in SB 1147 would eliminate caps on how much can be spent on light rail and other wasteful projects. Politicians would be able to spend ALL THE MONEY on these useless projects. SB 1147 must be stopped. The legislature should not approve any bill that allows billions to be siphoned off from road projects and thrown into the light rail black hole. Here are some major reasons to oppose SB 1147:

• SB 1147 has no limits on how much can be spent on light rail and other wasteful transit projects.
• SB 1147 eliminates the requirement that the money must be spent on freeways or other regional road projects.
• SB 1147 does not require that all proposed tax increases for transportation occur on consolidated election dates. Pima County would be able to hold an election for a proposed tax increase in a low-turnout election.
• SB 1147 contains no transparency or accountability to ensure the money is being spent properly.
Please contact your lawmakers TODAY and tell them to vote NO on SB 1147. Jenney contact:

Joe RomackLD23 PC Joe Womack: I would like to make some comments regarding the proxy issue that has taken up a great deal of space in this publication. I am somewhat confused over some of the comments and would like to point out a few facts that many of you should know about.  There is a saying at the Legislature that "not everything needs a law". The issue with the proxy abuse is one such case. No legislation is needed to address the problem; it should have been corrected with a by-laws change. It should be noted that the Maricopa County Democratic Party does not allow the use of proxies as delineated in their by-laws.
A by-laws change to limit proxies was on the agenda at the AZGOP Statutory Meeting. However, after sitting through almost four hours of non-stop objections from Joe Neglia, who did the talking, and Tim Horn, who played the Puppet Master, the meeting was closed.  The bylaws that should have been voted on by “we the people of the GOP Party” were canned because a group of self-appointed “grassroot dissenters, the true conservatives” decided they had the right to take away the rights of all the other State Committeemen to vote. Finally, I find it rather hypocritical when Joe Neglia recently posted a resolution through his Legislative District to request that proxies be limited, when he was the very person who prevented a vote to do just that.

Activist Nohl Rosen: Here's a video  taken at Saturday's Meet The Candidates protest in Wickenburg. Facebook here: candidate protest For non-FB users here. March 17 protest Conservatives were protesting the event which featured Deedra Abboud Democratic candidate for the US Senate; hosted by LD13 Senate candidate Michelle Harris (D).

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AFP-AZ- Legislative-Update

Latest Legislative Activity From Jose Borrajero:

     Latest Call-to-Action:

     Latest How-They-Voted Report:

Gov Doug Ducey 2015 2AzCDL Action Alert: Governor Doug Ducey is determined to "do something" in Arizona in reaction to the school shooting in Florida. We have learned that the Governor expected to jam his proposed legislation down our throats on, Mon, March 19. It's expected to be done with a big media splash. There will be a special introduction in the Legislature, followed by votes done at warp speed, to have a bill he can sign sitting on his desk by the end of the day - unless the Legislature says otherwise. The proposed legislation will probably allow for forcible confiscations of your firearms if a family member, law enforcement officer (or maybe even a stranger?) decides you are a danger to society and gets a judge to go along with it. Think about it - family members and strangers, not medical professionals, will be able to determine whether or not you are mentally stable and put you through a living hell that starts with a not so friendly "visit" by the cops to disarm you. If we don't stop this now, no one will. If you aren't contacting your legislators now, no one will do it for you. If this legislation passes, no one will be there for you when the government decides you can't be trusted with your guns. Your email to send to all your Arizona State legislators (Senators and Representatives), urging them to reject the Governor's firearms confiscation proposal, has been prepared and is waiting for you to send. We've done most of the work. You just have to click your mouse a few times. You snooze, we all lose. Click here to send your email   Your legislators need to hear from you, letting them know that you are paying attention and expecting them to support your rights. Send your email today!

Get well wishes to Activist Don Langlois who had knee replacement surgery on his right knee this morning at the CORE Institute Specialty Hospital in Phoenix. He says should be home tomorrow and starting therapy on March 23.This will not be one of those sitting around waiting to recovery sort of surgeries. So, I expect to be fully mobile ASAP. Your prayers for a successful operation would be appreciated,” said. Editor’s Note: Get well messages to

Steven SensmeierSteven Sensmeier, Yavapai County Field Organizer is calling for Yavapai county volunteers to help CD8 special elections candidate Debbie Lesko Debbie Leskophone banks between 5:30-7:30 pm., Thurs., March 29 at the Yavapai County Republican Headquarters, 112B Union St., in Prescott. He notes “The Democrats are pouring money in to try to beat her. Help keep Arizona ared by phone banking for Debbie.” RSVPs are appreciated, but not required. Please plan to bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop if you can. RSVPs are appreciated, but not required. Please plan to bring a smartphone, tablet or laptop if you can. Contact: or (928) 460-3028

The Sun City West Republican Club is conducting Statewide Candidate Forums through June at 8:30 am in the Foundation Building, 14454 W RH Johnson in Sun City West. Michele Reagan 2017 SOS

Lori Klein Corbin 2017· April 7 – Sec of State candidate Lori Klein Corbin and incumbent Michele Reagan.

     · June 22 – Arizona legislative candidates are welcome to gather signature or hand out literature. Only scheduled candidates will be given podium time.

Candidates wishing to participate in the forums are encouraged to send their bio and a photo to Clair Van Steenwyk at or call @ 623-322-9979

Debbie LeskoMaricopa County Field Organizer Levi Sommerville is asking for volunteers to man phone banks between 9 am and noon and from 1-4 pm., Sat., March 24 in the West Valley GOP office, 10050 W Bell Road in Sun City in behalf of candidate Debbie Lesko . Lesko is in a Special Election to replace former Congressman Trent Franks, who recently resigned his position. The GOP will furnished lunch between noon and 1 pm. Phone banking and canvassing are occurring daily. Contact or 779.475.3311   #KeepItRed  #LetsDoThis 

CD8 Election Information:

· General Election – April 24, 2018

· March 26 – Voter Registration Deadline

· March 28 –Ballots Mailed

· April 13 – Last Day To Request Ballot By Mail

· April 18 – Last Day For Mailing Ballots (Recommended Deadline)

· April 20 – Early Voting Locations Close

· April 24 – Election Day

· Call 602.506.1511 or visit

randy MillerLD21 Senate candidate Randy Miller will be featured at 6:30 pm., Wed., March 21 Grassroots Tea Party Activists meeting in the Banquet Room at Denny’s Restaurant, 9030 N Black Canyon Hwy (off Dunlap Ave exit on I-17). Miller, a retired Deputy Probabion Office, local businessman, and spokesman for the West Valley CSPOA, has spoken to the group on the Muslim Brotherhood, Deep State and other topics. He is a nine-year precinct committeeman and spent over 20 years in law enforcement. Miller is challenging recently appointed Senator Rick Gray. Facilitator Francine Romesburg said, “Randy wants to help President Trump drain the swamp including the Arizona Swamp which is in dire need of being drained.  With his diverse expertise and knowledge as a PC and CSPOA and previously Oathkeepers, he can be a major need of influence in our Az State Senate helping keeping them on the straight and narrow.” 

Volunteers Needed are needed to help Contact with America’s Vets (CAV) and other veteran organizations with their booths between 7 am-pm at the March 24 Western Conservative Conference at the Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N 3rd St, Phx. Volunteers who can work two hour shifts should email to volunteer for CAV Team Veteran Foundation Veteran Advocates on Call or Operation Enduring Gratitude

The Arizona Game and Fish Department Outdoor Expo, presented by Shikar-Safari Club International, will be held from 9am-5 pm, Sat, March 24, and 9 am-4 pm, Sun, March 25, at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix. The free event offers loads of activities, presentations and exhibits for everyone from novices to seasoned outdoor recreationists. ATMs will be on-site.To get to the Expo, take I-17 to Carefree Highway, turn west, and watch for the signs.

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

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Sal DiCiccio 2Sal DiCiccio, City Of Phoenix Councilman: With the 2018 legislative session in full swing, my office has been actively working with our legislators to help pass several pieces of key legislation:

SB1465, sponsored by Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, Kate Brophy McGee 28 Sencreates state licensing of Sober Living Homes. Our office has been key to efforts both at the City and State designed to protect residents and neighbors in and around these facilities

maria symsHB2479, sponsored by Rep. Maria Syms, creates a standardized, state-wide tax system for digital retailers and service providers. This is critically needed to stop Arizona from becoming a patchwork of different taxing schemes and laws, and will help ensure our continued growth as a tech-friendly state bringing in high paying jobs.

HB2579, sponsored by Rep. Jill Norgaard, jill norgaardallows municipalities to charge Internet and Video Service Providers for the costs of installing their lines, but prevents them from adding additional costs or taxes to these services, helping keep the cost of high-speed internet low for Arizona families.  602-262-7491

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super Sat for Debbie


March 20

The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., March 20 (each Tuesday) at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. That organization also welcomes candidate speakers. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.

Supervisor Bill Gates will chat with District 3 residents (New River / Desert Hills / Anthem Area) at noon., March 20 at the Daisy Mountain Fire Department 1120 W. Desert Hills Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85086.


The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am, Wed, March 21 at the Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway, The Fairway House at 11 for social, followed by luncheon and a program. $35 per person. Speakers include State Treasurer candidate Kimberley Yee, Secretary of State candidate Lori Klein Corbin, and AZ Corporation Commission candidate Eric Sloan. In addition, Nancy Kay Arnold, award-winning children’s author will spend some time regaling the group with stories of America’s first First Lady Martha Washington. Kay’s books include Patriotic Pups as well as Pioneer Pups and Pilgrim Pups. Reservations required: RSVP at

LD21 Senate candidate Randy Miller will address the Grassroots Tea Party Activist at 6:30 pm., Wed., March 21 at the Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Access Road, off the Dunlap Ave exit on I-17 with doors open at 6. Contact: Francine Baumsburg

March 22

The Tempe Republican Women’s Club Garage Sale starts at 4 pm., Thur., March 22 at the home of Darryl Jacobson Barnes, 2009 E Caroline Lane in Tempe.

The Arizona American African REPUBLICAN Committee will meet 4th Thursday March 22, 7pm, ( 6:30 greet), GOP Headquarters 3501 N24th st, Phx, All Republicans welcomed, Candidates, please contact Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen to schedule. 602-309-6016, aaarc6@ #aaarc FB


Pima County Republicans First Vice Chairman Ana Henderson is organizing the candidate forum scheduled from 2-4 pm., Sat., March 24 in the Mountain Oyster Club, 6400 E ElDorado Circle in Tucson. Limited seating. Tickets $7l50 each, or $15 per couple. Available at Contact Henderson at 520-321-1492.

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