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3-25-18 Briefs


Action Alert! AZ Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) The status of the bills we are monitoring can be found at our Bill Tracking page.  Friday, March 23, was the last day for House bills to be heard in Senate committees and for Senate bills to be heard in House committees.  Thanks to your efforts in contacting legislators and committee members, the following key pro-rights bills survived the deadline.  These bills must now pass a Senate Committee of the Whole (COW) hearing and Third Read vote to remain viable.
     HB 2172, which would prohibit most Arizona colleges and universities from banning "non-lethal" weapons, passed out of the Senate Education committee on March 8.
     HB 2211, an AzCDL-requested bill that would exempt firearms from a personal bankruptcy process, passed out the Senate Judiciary committee on March 22.
     HB 2212, which would grant law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions the same privilege to carry firearms as Arizona law enforcement officers, also passed out of the Senate Judiciary committee on March 22.
     HCR 2002, a proposed ballot measure that would remove the upper age limit for militia members, passed out of the Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee on March 12.
     Overshadowing these bills is Governor's Ducey's proposed "
Safer Arizona Schools" gun control plan.Gov Doug Ducey 2015 2  The good news is, thanks to your activism, things are not going as well as the Governor hoped.  After a week, the legislation has yet to be introduced.  Regardless of how they want to spin it, that likely means there is not enough support to get it through the Legislature in its entirety.  This is where things get interesting.
     Because it is a Republican proposal, the Democrats are expressing opposition and claiming the proposed restrictions on your rights don't go far enough.  However, they also believe that any restrictions on your freedom are better than no restrictions and will probably get behind the legislation if they see the Republicans don't have the votes to pass it.  Meanwhile, the expectation is that Republicans should support Republican introduced legislation that is being pushed by their Republican Governor, but at the moment that support doesn't appear to be universal.  And, if they see the Democrats clamoring to get onboard, those with integrity should start to wonder what they're buying into.
      We expect to see the Governor's proposals introduced as a package of bills to increase the chance that at least some will pass.  We also expect the Governor to attempt to gain support for his proposals on the backs of professionally funded and managed student protests on Saturday, March 24.  Despite the political theater we'll see at the protests, one thing to remember is that these kids can't vote, but YOU can, and it's your activism that put a wrench into the Governor's political machinations.  Monday, legislators will be back in their offices and protests will be a fading memory, but your emails will be sitting there to bring them to the realization that their voting constituents (you!) aren't onboard for a feel-good, "do something" attack on their rights.  Let's bring them back to reality this weekend.
Click here to send your email

Action Alert! Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), Per a recent article in the Capitol Times, it's not all rainbows and unicorns with Governor Ducey's gun grabbing proposals.  The article reveals that Democrats Gov Doug Ducey 2015are unhappy that the Governor's proposals don't go far enough.  They want you disarmed and they want it right now.  Many Republicans are on our side but the Governor's office is putting tremendous pressure on them to support the Governor's proposals. As this was being written, we learned that the Governor is holding back on the introduction of any legislation until next week.  A big factor in that decision may be because of all the millionaire funded and professionally managed anti-rights rallies scheduled for this Saturday, with one of them occurring at the Arizona Capitol. We cannot let an emotion-based protest determine the outcome of a policy debate.  With the over 17,000 emails you have sent, we have the attention of the Legislature.  That's our strength.  It's time for another round.  We have updated the letter to your legislators.  Warm up your keyboards and click on the link below to send a new email to your legislators.  Keep the pressure on!  We have a chance to stop this train wreck from happening. Click here to send your email

Action Alert! AZ Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) is calling for voters to oppose Governor Doug Ducey’s proposed legislation regulation gun control in Arizona. Click here to send your email Your legislators need to hear from you, letting them know that you are paying attention and expecting them to support your rights. Send your email today!

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Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing

Tassie Small Campaign HeadshotsItasca Small, LD25 PC/SC: The Political Swamps aren't "swamps," after all. . . The correct term is "cesspool." Draining cesspools will do no good as long as the solids are not dredged and dumped into the bottomless abyss—otherwise, the stench and its effects will never dissipate. Now, it is crystal clear that the head dredger doesn't understand the treasure that lies beneath the volumes of seepage smothering the Foundation of God-Granted Liberty, from which our American Republic was born, and thrived for nearly 200 years; in spite of Thomas Jefferson's warning against the "miners and sappers" who have worked from the beginning to destroy our God-granted individual rights, including, but not limited to, life, liberty and property, and the Rule of Law established to protect them! Those "miners and sappers" have been allowed to create the cesspool of cesspools in D.C., while emulating it in State Capitals across the Land. The negation of truth, reason and absolutes has rendered our once-Great Nation—the Bastion of Liberty protecting individual citizens of the “United States of America”—to the Tyranny of Enslavement subjecting the citizenry to the “United States of America, Inc.” They orchestrated dumbing-down of America has brought us to the dire straits in which our American Republic is being swallowed-up by the statist/collectivist cesspool. Until Americans learn what public instruction has deliberately not taught them about our God-Granted Life, liberty and property, the cesspool is going to continue to grow to cover the continent! Envision the Woodstock Debacle of 1969, oozing across our land!Praise the LORD for sparing us the magnitudes-worse fate of Hillary at America's helm! I understand the Foundation of Our Liberty under God—I choose not to lie down and wallow in the filth . . . I hope you are in the same boat! For Liberty!

Nancy Plencner, LD#23 Fountain Hills. Feeding the Beast. Once again the “beast’ won in the form of big government's budget bill crammed with trillions of dollars for funding liberal policies and over the top spending with hardly a nod to the President's agenda items. I don't blame President Trump for signing the bill, I DO blame Congressional Republicans for joining with Democrats in concocting this outrageous 2300 page monstrosity that no one even read before voting on.  The only winner to be found is the military who receives much needed funding.  I am waiting to see how our Congressional delegation voted on this Christmas present for Democrats!  And for me today's action in DC is just a stark reminder that the beast exists right here at home in Arizona.  Our lovely community of Fountain Hill's Town Council has referred a first, ever property tax levy for voters approval on May 15.  It is being sold as needed monies for road and public safety.  But there is nothing in the ballot language about roads or public safety, it simply gives the Town a blank check to extract up to $7 million dollars annually through a tax on our homes.  And it goes on forever.  But the beast demands to be fed, apparently the town has a shortfall, and so in lieu of looking at where savings could be found to cover the shortage, they chose instead to burden only residential property holders with this onerous new tax.  I look at DC and at Fountain Hills governments and wonder who is going to be able to stop the beast?

Former LD13 PC John Powelson: The outlook may not be as bad as we thought at first. The Omnibus bill is not the same as a budget which is solid and unchangeable except by vote of congress. I have heard this kind of bill as being very subject to Presidential discretion. While Obama was operating under his "Omnibus Bill" Billions went missing, maybe hundreds of billions, and much was wasted in the solar industry. I have heard this type of spending bill, Omnibus, described as more of a suggestion than a law, which a budget would have been, as to the actual numbers to each item and we can recall that Obama was starving the Military of money and support while in two fronts at the same time and then giving billions to Iran in cash. That is not what anyone on the Republican side of the isle thought they were voting for so it tends to prove the discretion is there. Could Trump "slow walk" or even put conditions on the funding for Planned Parenthood or other things he does not agree with? I think he could starve them like Obama did defense and our soldiers. He is also calling the border security part of the defense spending already. Could he build that wall as part of the “Defense" of our Country? I think he could. It sounds like this may be the start of Trump having the funds at his disposal to do what he has promised and it could be the Deep State forgot how Obama set the president for Trump to do what he wants with the $1.3 trillion not what they had planned. Pray this is the way it goes and that this money won't end up in foreign banks like many of the trillions spent on "bail outs" during Obama's tenure. I think it is much more likely Trump has things in hand much better than we thought at the outset of this day.

randy MillerLD21 Senate candidate Randy Miller: John, it's still an unconstitutional bill, at least I believe it is at this time, because money can only be drawn from the Treasury by way of law/budget.  I don't think this qualifies.  Plus the debt alone is a national security threat that is not being considered here. Our current debt is 118 % of our GDP which means we owe more than we can produce already! doesn't matter how you cut it up, we are beyond repair and this makes it worse.

Mark LewisMark Lewis To Energy Legislators: Great news on the $500 per house solar tax proposed by out of state billionaires, we don’t have to pay for it. Gov. Ducey signed the Republican bill that prohibits utilities from a 50% solar power tax that's to be on the ballot for 2018. ducey-signs-law-allowing-utilities-to-ignore-arizona’s-clean Extra Brownie points for Vince LeachVince Leach LD11 for running this bill. But we need to do more, we need to get teams ready to check every signature between July 5th and July 15th. If you see someone collecting signatures, take a video of the language used by signature firms and post them on the Republican Facebook pages. Ask the house speaker to budget $100,000 for signature verification lawyers to challenge the petitions. Please email senate & house Republicans and tell them thank you for stopping a $500 per year solar tax. Email AZ House Republicans ; EMail AZ Senate Republicans ; Editor’s Note: Lewis is the Director of the Central AZ Project (CAP)

Brian Reilly, Former LD22 PC: I won’t be voting for Congresswoman Martha McSally Martha McSally 3for the US Senate. On May 1, 2018, McSally will be the featured guest at the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations (PCFR), which is a direct offshoot of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR was established as a direct result of America rejecting world government to be implemented in the form of the League of Nations after World War I. The U.S. Senate refused to ratify the Covenant of the League of Nations advanced and promoted by President Woodrow Wilson. American officials, elected leaders and the general public were concerned that membership in the League would result in the loss of American sovereignty and disarmament. The CFR was then formed to market the “benefits” of world government. The goal was to help Americans to think globally, not locally. The CFR strategy was to manufacture a change in the mindset of the American populace through propaganda that emphasized internationalism over national sovereignty and was propagated through meetings and discussion groups with elected officials and prominent business leaders and through the mainstream media for the consumption by the general public. The League of Nations was formed in 1920, without the United States becoming a member. Unfortunately, the United States later became a member of the new United Nations in 1945, which promoted many of the same goals of the original League of Nations. The CFR propaganda machine and the horrors of WWII were sufficient to overcome the concerns about the encroachment of the United Nations on American sovereignty. Why am I concerned about McSally’s relationship with the PCFR? From the PCFR website, “PCFR has strong collaborative relationships within the international community, including with the Council on Foreign Relations,” and “The McCain Institute.” The last time I checked, RINO Senator John McCain was listed on the membership rolls of the Council on Foreign Relations. And, we all know what a disappointment Senator John McCain has been for America. Is Congressman McSally just another establishment, globalist RINO who will follow the example of Senator John McCain? If elected, will Congressman McSally truly embrace President Trump’s goal to Make America Great Again? Or, will she march in lockstep with the Republican establishment? A vote for McSally for the U.S. Senate, in my opinion, is a risky proposition at best. MAGA is the antithesis of world government.

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The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., March 26 at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix with Federal whistle blower Phil Haney.  Haney, author of "See Something, Say Nothing", has been a guest on Hannity and other FOX News programs. He is on the program for this weekends Western Consesrvative Conference in Phoenix. Contact: Chairman Ron Ludders 602.677.1496

The Grassroots Tea Party Activists will hold an open discussion on getting back to basics and their disgust with the way politicians are running their parties when they meet at 6:30 pm., Wed., March 28 at Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, Access Rd, Dunlap Ave off the I-17 exit. Facilitators Dave and Francine Romesburg. Speakers include Archie Dicksion, Marianne Ferrari, Francine Romesburg, Senate Candidates Randy Miller, Charlie Loftus, Brian Lesinsky. PCs, Tea Party members and voters are welcome.

MUST See: God Bless Trump & The USA - Make America Great Again Song - Dana Kamaide

April 14, 2018: Patriotic Americans Plan Second Amendment Rallies At All State Capitals A West Virginia man is organizing a national rally at every state capital in the nation in support of the Second Amendment on April 14 of this year.

A Reader Points Out: Gov. Ducey's school safety plan covers everything most gun owners see as problems.
1. This plan is at the state level, not federal.
2. This plan addresses school safety.
3. This plan addresses mental health problems.
4. This plan addresses emergency stop orders.
Read it.  It explains itself.  It doesn't grab guns, it addresses the issues.

The Lincoln Republican Women will meet with Republican Asst. Deputy County Recorder Matthew Morales to discuss “Integrity of Maricopa County elections’ and conduct an Arizona Corporation Commission panel debate with candidates Neil DeSanti, Rodney Glassman, Justin Olson, and Eric Sloan at 6 pm., Mon., April 2 at the The New McCormick/”Millennium” Resort Scottsdale-McCormick Ranch, 7401 North Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale. 5:30 pm – meet ‘n greet, 6 pm – business mtg, 6:20 pm – dinner and 7 pm., program. $35 per person. Spouses welcome. Reservations required. RSVP by Fri., March 30 to Pat Kaufman, 7436 E Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250, call 480-368-2777 or 602-214-2114 or email her at

The Bataan Memorial Death March - A smaller march of thousands is scheduled on Sunday honoring servicemen and allies from WWII.  Resilience-Through-Hell-This-Is-The-Bataan-Memorial-Death-March

Grassroots Tea Party Activist will join with The Arizona Project at 6:30 m., Mon., Aprl 2 at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix to listen to a presentation by Heidi Mund from Frankfurt, Germany – a Freedom Activist fighting against Islamic terrorist takeover in Europe. Contact Tea Party spokesman Francine Romesburg at or Ron Ludders

Grassroots Tea Party Activist will meet with Bradley Dean of Sons of Liberty Radio in Minnesota at 6 pm., Thurs., April 12. DTA. Dean is a nationally known syndicated radio show on freedom, the US Constitution, founding fathers, against drugs, etc. Details tba. Contact facilitator Francine Romesburg at

The American Post-Gazette posts Martha McCain-Flake: Congresswoman Martha McSally Martha McSally 3(R-Arizona) just told the world she is not one of us. "One of us" meaning a true conservative Republican from Arizona. She is the only member of the Arizona Republican Congressional delegation to vote for the ridiculous $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill that will fund Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities, but will not fully fund The Wall and defund Obamacare. She joined all the liberal Democrats, including fake moderate Kyrsten Sinema, in voting for this monstrosity. McSally even said she was "proud" to vote for this budget-busting, Pelosi/Schumer-supported mess. She has now truly separated herself from Dr. Kelli Ward, her main kelli ward 2018 aopponent in the Arizona Senate race to replace the Almost-not-a-Senator, Jeff Flake. Dr. Ward has voiced her strong opposition to the Omnibus Bill and encourages Pres. Trump to veto it. If there were any questions before about whether McSally is a true conservative, now we know for certain -- she isn't. Her television ads are deceptive. Funny, how she uses the same approach that McCain used last time he ran -- "Build the dang fence." Like McCain's, McSally's ads are all a scam. She's a McCain/Flake clone and will do nothing to drain the swamp. Instead, she will only make it murkier. Dr. Ward must be feeling better today about her chances of being our next U.S. Senator. The conservative base must get behind her and keep McSally from furthering the McCain/Flake legacies of fake conservatism. Arizona needs a true Republican, a champion, as our U.S. Senator. McSally has just given us one -- Dr. Kelli Ward.

Arlene GoldblattThe Arrowhead Republican Women’s “New/Prospective Member Luncheon & Tea” is scheduled at 11 am., April 11 at t home of President Arlene Goldblatt. Speakers include AzFRW President Loraine Pellegrino, Second Vice President Cyndi Love and former national President Rae Chomenky. RSVP to Goldblatt at 623-583-7738 by April 13

The Arrowhead Republican Women will host a “Silver Celebration Tracy Livingston - 2017Fundraiser and Fashion Show” at 11:30 m., Sat., May 5 at Briarwood Country Club. Doors open at 10:30 am for check-in and early shopping. Club members will model Calle Rose fashions. Door prizes. A portion of the proceeds will support scholarships for women Tickets - $35, including lunch. Tables for eight available. For reservations contact 3rd Vice President Tracy Livingston at or call/text 623-229-7092. This is a non-partisan event.

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office will offer a demonstration of the new Ballot-on-Demand system during a national convening of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Fourth Annual Large Jurisdiction Meeting at 2:15 pm., Mon, March 26 in the Maricopa County Tabulation & Election Center, 510 S Third Ave in Phoenix. “My team and I are looking forward to hosting this convening. Elections involve complicated processes, and there are thousands of counties in the country. Bringing together colleagues for a robust exchange of information benefits democracy overall,” Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes said. “We are happy to highlight both the talented people in our office and the natural beauty of Maricopa County.” The meeting is open to the public. Contact C Murphy Hebert, 480-432-2235

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

The Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family is searching for inspiring youth leaders from Arizona high schools to serve on the 2018-2019 Governor's Youth Commission (GYC). The GYC provides high school sophomore, juniors or senior teens opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and community engagement around some of the issues that impact them most. Teens will learn how to: serve on a board, participate in committees, plan service projects, gain public speaking skills and build friendships statewide.  Applications are accepted from youth in all of Arizona's 15 counties through Thurs, March 29, 2018.

The Arizona Game And Fish Department Needs Volunteers to assist with spotlighting efforts to help document the population of endangered black-footed ferrets in Aubrey Valley and on the Double O Ranch near Seligman on March 29-31 and April 26-29. Visit and click on “Nongame Species” for more information about the black-footed ferret recovery effort. 

CD8 Election Information:

· General Election – April 24, 2018

· March 26 – Voter Registration Deadline

· March 28 –Ballots Mailed

· April 13 – Last Day To Request Ballot By Mail

· April 18 – Last Day For Mailing Ballots (Recommended Deadline)

· April 20 – Early Voting Locations Close

· April 24 – Election Day

· Call 602.506.1511 or visit

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March 26

The Western Pinal CountyChapter of AZRA will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., March 26 at 408 N. Sacaton Street, Suite II, Casa Grande, AZ. Doors open at 6 pm. Casa Grande City Councilman Dick Powell is the scheduled speaker. Contact: AZRA Chapter President Nancy Hawkins at

March 27

Congressman Paul Gosar is hosting a Town Hall in Payson at 4:30 pm., Tues., March 27 at the Payson High School Auditorium, 301 W MoLane Road. Contact: 480-882-2697.

The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., March 27 (each Tuesday) at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. That organization also welcomes candidate speakers. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.

Paul and Susan Gilbert, along with co-hosts Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Secretary of State Michele Reagan, Speaker J.D. Mesnard, are hosting a gathering in support of Arizona Corporation Commission candidate Rodney Glassman, at Gilbert’s Paradise Valley home on Tues., March 27. by March 24.

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association will meet at 7 pm, Tues., March 27 at the home of Mark Del Maestro, 11814 N 56th Drive Glendale, AZ 85304 to review the Declaration of Sovereignty, discuss being a Republic, not a democracy, and how to fight the continue push for the National Popular Vote. Doors open at 6:30pm for socializing.


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Washington CD insider, will address “Making America Safe Again” gatherings for US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward at 7 pm., March 29 at the Hilton Scottsdale Resort & Villas, 6333 N Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale. A VIP reception will be held between 5:30 – 7 pm. Tickets available at Dr-Sebastian-Gorka Transportation from Pima County is available at Transportation From Pima County Doors for the main event open at 6 pm.

Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring invites the community to join him in a meeting with City of Phoenix Aviation Director Jim Bennett for a update on the Aviation Department, the lawsuit the City won against the FAA, and take questions, at 6 pm., Thurs., March 29 in the Paradise Valley Community Center - 17402 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ (Map) If unable to join them, watch the latest episode of "On The Issues" with Jim Bennett here.

A Fund Raiser Reception for LD20 House candidate Shawna Bolick is scheduled between 5:30- 7 pm., Thurs., March 29 at Antique Gatherings, 3601 E Indian School Road in Phoenix. Registration required. RSVP to Bolick at 602-842-1912, or

College Republicans United and the Young Americans for Liberty are hosting Dick Heller at 6 pm., Thurs., March 29 at the ASU Tempe Campus , 976 South Forest Mall , COOR-170, Tempe, AZ 85287. Tickets at asu-students-for-the-2nd-amendment-tickets


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, national recognized speaker and terrorism expert, will appear in behalf of US Senator candidate Dr Kelli Ward at a VIP reception between 7-8 am, followed by Gorka’s speech at 8 am in the Cottonwood Room of the Prescott Resort & Conference Center, 1500 AZ Hwy 69, Prescott, AZ 86301. Doors open to Gorka’s speech at 7 am. Tickets at Gorka-Prescott


The Colorado River Tea Party ‘Meet and Greet’ with author, filmmaker and public speaker Trevor Loudon is scheduled between 2-5 pm., Sat., March 31 at the American Legion Post 19, 2575 S Virginia Dr in Yuma. Donations to the Tea Party accepted. Other guests include Congressman Paul Gosar, US Senate candidate Kelli Ward, LD13 Rep Darin Mitchell, LD13 Senator Sine Kerr, CD3 candidates Sergio Arellano and Nick Pierson, and more. Contact Sally Kizer, chr at

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