Tuesday, April 3, 2018

4-3-18 Briefs

List: Companies Boycotting Ingraham, Let's Boycott Them Back The left's "tolerance" is on display once again. Outspoken student activist David Hogg has unleashed his followers against conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, and is essentially threatening her livelihood because she spoke her mind on Twitter. Ingraham is facing a loss of advertisers on her program after the 17-year-old Hogg... Read more…

Action Alert - AzCDL Update: We are hearing that there is a strong possibility that "Ducey's Disaster" Gov Doug Ducey 2015 2could be introduced in the Legislature this coming week. Though most of us have not yet seen the actual language of his so-called "School Safety" proposal, his public press release contained more than enough to be concerned about. Everything from court ordered firearms confiscations (and involuntary mental evaluations) that would disarm you based on the feelings of friends or family that you "could" be dangerous, down to proposals that would make parents felons for the unlawful actions of their children. Because we're long past the deadlines for bill introductions, any bill the Governor wants introduced must be given special permission by the Legislative Leadership. But don't look for that to slow this down. The Republican Leadership will not want to do anything that might potentially embarrass their Republican Governor, so any rules that need to be bypassed so the Governor can get his way will most certainly be bypassed.
     Unfortunately, the same dynamic could be in play with legislative rules regarding the progress of bills. Normally, all bills must go through the legislature in a specific way, with public hearings, proper notice, etc. But those rules can be waived by a vote of the body at the request of the leadership, and, as already mentioned, when they don't want to embarrass "their Governor", all bets are off. It's time to let your Senator and Representatives know that you want the rules to be followed. The Governor's proposal has far too much potential to do serious damage to our rights to be allowed to fly quietly through the legislature without the ability for the people to have their voices heard. A
letter has been prepared telling your legislators that you want your right to be heard on this issue to be respected, and that you expect them to fight for you!. Make sure your voice is heard. Send your email today! Click here to send your email

ALERT: BE AWARE DNC Vice Chair Publicly Demands Repeal of the 2nd Amendment This is a massive admission for someone so high up in the DNC. Democrats will almost certainly see fallout in and a further winnowing out of their support in heartland America. Read more…

Robert Branch  2Dr Robert Branch, candidate for Supt of Public Instruction, will address the Colorado River Tea Party in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma at 6 pm., Thurs., April 19. Contact Chr Sally Kizer at

The Colorado River Tea Party will not meet on April 5 due to having a booth at the County Fair in Yuma. Contact Chr Sally Kizer at

Michele Reagan 2017 SOSArizona’s Elections Community has responded to the rapidly evolving world of elections management with a complete overhaul of the state’s latest Election Procedures Manual.  Submitted by Secretary Reagan to the Governor and Attorney General for final approval, the comprehensive manual outlines the state’s procedures and guidelines for election administration throughout the state. The manual includes instructions for the handling of ballots, election security and other processes necessary to ensure the maximum degree of accuracy, impartiality and uniformity in for Arizona’s elections. “This year’s manual is unique as it represents the first known end-to-end rewrite of the Manual,” said Reagan.  “We set out to truly modernize election practices and achieve consistency on countless day-to-day subjects that were never addressed in the past.  In particular, it was necessary to take a comprehensive review of election procedures in light of increasing foreign threats to our electoral system.  This effort could not have been possible without the valuable input from the public, election officials and advocacy organizations.  Their contributions over the course of 12 months yielded a consensus document that reflects best practices and a broad spectrum of views. Open and honest elections are the foundation from which our elected leaders govern.  That process is made possible by the dedication of election personnel from poll workers to election administrators.  It's my hope this new manual will help them carry out our elections accurately and fairly."   602-542-4285..

jim jordan 1Congressman Jim Jordan, co-founder of the US House Freedom Caucus will be the speaker at the Maricopa County Republican Lincoln Day and Precinct Committee Recognition Luncheon at 11:45 am, Sat., April 28 at the Camby, 2401 E Camelback Road in Phx. PC tickets-$60. Non-Pc tickets - $75. 10:30 am VIP Reception - $250. Purchase Tickets

The Yavapai County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner is scheduled at 6:30 pm., April 21. Social hour at 5:30 pm. Invited speakers include Gov Doug Ducey, US Rep Martha McSally, US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward, and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (currently a US Senate candidate). The first honoree of the Annual Bob Stump Lifetime Achievement Award will be revealed! For tickets/reservations got to Yavapai County Republican Party

Mark BrnovichA Reception For Incumbent Attorney General Mark Brnovich, chaired by Cheryl & Michael Pollac, Jordan & Jason Rose and Tracy & Anil Vazirani is scheduled between 5:30-7 pm., Thurs., April 12 at Rose home in Paradise Valley. Address provided upon RSVP. The host committee consists of Paradise Valley Vice Mayor Jerry BienWillner, Julia & Taylor Burke, Nicole Caron, Rick Carpinelli, Jim Derouin, Tom Dorn, Susans & Carter Emerson, Tom Farley, Robert Flaxman, Ana Pereira & Thomas Galvin, Bryn Gibson, Michelle & Bob HJobbs, Jr., Russ Knocke, Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, Pat McGroder, Susie Stevens & Kevin O’Malley, Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips, Scott Phillips, Jaye & Court Rich, Eric Schechter, Christian Serena, Molly & Rick Sodja and Rick West. Co-Chair - $5,100 per person, Host Committee- $1,000 per person, Friend - $500 per person, Attendee - $250 per person. RSVP bY Mon., April 9 to Michelle Hyde or Corinne Lovas,

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., April 7 in the Quail Room of the Foundation, 14465 R H Johnson Blvd., in Sun City West with Secretary of State incumbent Michele Reagan Michele Reagan 2017 SOSand candidate Lori Klein Corbin. Lori Klein Corbin 2017 Both candidates have impressive resumes and have served our state in many capacities. Donuts and coffee will be available - a $2.00 donation, please, to help defray the cost of the room rental.  All Republicans from the Sun Cities and surrounding areas are invited to attend their informative meetings. Since this is an election year, SCWRC will continuing hosting question and answer forums for  candidates for state offices.  Contact: Clair Van Steenwyk at 623-322-9979 or publicity chaimran Jean Goncalves at  623-214-8010

The Yavapai Republican Men’s Forum will meet at 11:30 am., Mon., April 9 at the Hotel St Michael booroom. $18 per person. Reservations required. RVSP to Bob Luzius at (928) 717-2551 or

arlene goldblatt 3Arrowhead Republican Women’s Club membership thrives with total membership of 123 and 17 associates. The Annual New Membership Luncheon/Tea will be held at the home of Arlene Goldblatt at 11 am, April 18. The Tea is designed to build friendships, introduce new members to the organization. State President Loraine Pellegrino will be among the guests. RSVP to Goldblatt at 623-583-7738 by April 13.

Gov Doug Ducey’s “Youth Leadership Day” is scheduled May 4 at Grand Canyon University where high school leaders will attend leadership workshops, hear inspirational speakers and network with their peers. This event is free for high school students. Lunch will be provided! Please have one person per 45 students register the entire group. Register Here

Gov Doug Ducey 2015The Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family is searching for inspiring youth leaders from Arizona high schools to serve on the 2018-2019 Governor's Youth Commission (GYC). If you know a student that will be a high school sophomore, junior or senior during the 2018-2019 school year and has a heart to serve others, please share this unique opportunity to serve as ambassadors in a nationally recognized leadership program. Openings are still available for students living in Mohave, Santa Cruz, Navajo, Gila, Yavapai, Greenlee and Cochise counties have one more week to apply. Apply Here

The Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) Family Dinner is scheduled at 6 pm., Sat., April 21 at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, 8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy in Phoenix to hear author Eric Metaxas, whose best-selling books include Bonhoeffer, Amazing Grace, and Martin Luther. Joining him will be President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview John Stonestreet. Jack Phillips of the United States Supreme Court case Colorado Civil Rights Commission v Masterpiece Cakeshop and owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, is also on the agenda. Tickets available online or by calling the CAP office at 602-424-2525.

The Mingus Mountain Republican Club will meet at 11:15 am., Tues, April 10 at the VFW Post 7400, 705 E Aspen St in Cottonwood. $11 per person. RSVP to Niles Haton at (928) 649-1643 or

April 14, 2018: Patriotic Americans Plan Second Amendment Rallies At All State Capitals A West Virginia man is organizing a national rally at every state capital in the nation in support of the Second Amendment on April 14 of this year.

andreaAndrea Kadar poses with LD6 candidate Stuart McDaniel’s at a recent campaign kick off for McDaniel’s in Flagstaff. Kadar will be speaking to the Arrowhead Republican Women’s April 11 luncheon regarding human trafficking.

Grassroots Tea Party Activist will meet with Bradley Dean of Sons of Liberty Radio in Minnesota at 6 pm., Thurs., April 12. DTA. Dean is a nationally known syndicated radio show on freedom, the US Constitution, founding fathers, against drugs, etc. Details tba. Contact facilitator Francine Romesburg at

The Arrowhead Republican Women will host a “Silver Celebration Fundraiser and Fashion Show” at 11:30 am., Sat., May 5 at Briarwood Country Club. Doors open at 10:30 am for check-in and early shopping. Club members will model Calle Rose fashions. Door prizes. A portion of the proceeds will support scholarships for women Tickets - $35, including lunch. Tables for eight available. For reservations contact 3rd Vice President Tracy Livingston at or call/text 623-229-7092. This is a non-partisan event.

AzCDL Is Raffling Off The Iconic Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Mangum revolver with a 6.5" barrel (like the one carried by Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies) at noon, Fri, April 6.  Included is a velvet lined presentation box. Tickets are $10 each. If you have purchased raffle tickets before and are familiar with the process, click here to go directly to the raffle website. New to AzCDL's online raffles?  A link to the raffle website along with instructions on how to buy tickets can be found on AzCDL's Raffle page.

The Republican Women of Prescott will meet at 11 am., Mon., April 16 at the Prescott Resort, 1500 Hwy 69 in Prescott. $20 per person. RSVP to Elsie Tyree,, (928-778-0235 or Pam Calhoon, (928) 778-7157.

sheriff joe arpaio  4A Meet & Greet Fundraiser For US Senate Candidate Joe Arpaio is scheduled between 5:30-7:30 pm, Mon., April 16 in the Prescott Country Club HOA office meeting room, 1103 Old Chisholm Trail, Dewey, AZ 86327 Hear “American’s Toughest Sheriff” plans as a US senator. Hot dogs, chicken, salad will be available for sale. Limited seating for 70. RSVP to or

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors District 1 is looking for volunteers to fill vacant seats on the Maricopa County Library District Citizens’ Advisory Committee and the MC Community Development Advisory Committee (CDAC). The library committee meets at 11 am, the 2nd Tuesday of the month, except August and December. CDAC meets at 6:30 pm., the 2nd Wednesday of the month. Volunteers should contact Chief of Staff Candice Copple at or call (602) 506-1776.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) will hold its 147th annual meeting May 3-6 in the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, TX. Over 80,000 patriots are expected to attend. 15 acres of guns and gear will be on displays between 9am-6 pm on Friday, May 4 and Saturday, May 5, as well as from 10 am to 5 pm., Sunday, May 6. The NRA-ILA Leadership Forum is scheduled at 12:30pm., May 4. Tickets start at $10. Charlie Daniels, Travis Tritt and the Gatline Brothers will entertain at 7pm, Sat., May 5. (Doors open at 6 pm) For tickets go to ticket/online/upcomingEventSearch Pre-register here

You can Join the National Rifle Association at

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Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing

Debbie LeskoAmerican Post-Gazette - Debbie Does DC: Debbie Lesko belongs in Washington DC. Anything to get her out of Arizona. Two years ago, the Arizona House of Representatives passed, with a super majority vote, HB2050, which gave homeowners, 65-years-old and over and making less than $36,000 per year, a break on their property taxes. After House passage it went to the Senate and was assigned to a committee then-State Senator Lesko chaired. She refused to even hear the bill and, of course, it failed. Now, she is running for Congress and wants to bring that same mentality to the nation’s Capitol. Actually, that mentality is already there. Lesko will fit in nicely in DC.

mark lewis  (2)Mark Lewis, Director – Central AZ Project (CAP): I am happy to tell the Governor’s office, I told you so! The AZ Legislative Council has found the Governors water task force plan to steal water from Pinal County farmers and store it in Lake Mead is unconstitutional on its face. Not to mention the fact that Water Rates would increase by $51 million dollars for 5 million water users in the state. CAP is the only authority to do water storage under the USBR Section 5 repayment contract, not the governor’s office, Not the big cities and not the big tribes.Truth honesty and the American way of water wins another small victory in the western war on water. Remember, AZ wants to speak with one voice on water, but that voice needs a conservative holding the checkbook. Arizona-Legislative-Council-Concludes-Duceys-Water-Proposal-Is-Likely-Unconstitutional

Activist Stephen Sivigliano: Last week, I called the White House, recommending that some of that big defense budget be spent on opening one or more military bases near the border.  If yaw’l think that's a good idea, call the White House, and Congress too, regardless of that "army of illegals."  An Army of Illegal Aliens Is Marching into America

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Candidates Are Welcome to e-mail their announcements and a photo to Briefs at or for posting so readers can learn who the candidates are. Editor’s Note: Please keep announcement at 400 words. Longer announcements subject to editing to conform. Briefs does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. ft.

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April 3

The Colorado River Tea Party will host a registration booth between April 3-8 at the Yuma County Fair. Contact Chr Sally Kizer at

A Phoenix City Council Election Date Hearing will be held at 5 pm., Tues., April 3 in the Paradise Valley Community Center - 17402 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ (Map). It will be followed by a Community Budget Hearing at 6 pm.

The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., April 3 (each Tuesday) at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. That organization also welcomes candidate speakers. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.


Concerned Citizens for America (CC4A) will host LD6 House candidate Stuart McDaniel, who is running to fill the seat of termed-out LD6 Rep Brenda Barton, at 6:30 pm., Thurs., April 5 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road in Sedona. Andrea Kadar will address “The Abuse of Marijana, Opioids, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin and Fentanyl in Arizona: What is our Solution?” and answer questions at a Q&A regarding “pot” and other drug related inquiries. All voters welcome. Desserts provided. Contact: Andrea Kadar

Mesa Republican Women will be hosting Superintendent of Public Instruction candidates “round-table” (speed date format) at 11 am., Thurs., April 5 at 1900 E University ,Suite 11 in Mesa (NW corner of University and Gilbert). Candidates will be answering questions at each table. For reservations RSVP to Jennifer Hill no later than April 2.  $10 members; $12 for non-members.  Doors open at 11am, concludes at 1 pm. Other non-featured candidates wishing to speak for 2 minutes must request to do so by April 2nd.  Email Nancy Cottle at

The Scottsdale/FH Chapter of AZRA will meet at 6 pm, Thurs, April 5 at the Mustang Library, Scottsdale with Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who will talk about the good, the bad and they ugly in this year's Legislative Session. They will also be discussing two millennials who changed their voter registration from Democrat to Republican and what turned them around. And they will elect Delegates to the Annual AZRA Convention to be held on May 5, 2018 at the Granite Reef Senior Center in Scottsdale.  Members in good standing in the Scottsdale/FH Chapter are welcome to submit to be elected as a Delegate or Alternate to that Convention.  Election of seven officers will be held at the Convention. – Contact Lynne Breyer.

The LD9 Republican Leadership Initiative Training session will be held between 5-7 pm., Thurs., April 5 at 1740 E Fort Lowell Road in Tucson. View Map Contact: Erik Schoenecker/ AZGOP Regional Field Director

Central Republican Women of Phoenix will be hosting a candidate forum for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction at 6:15 pm., Thurs, April 5 at Aunt Chilada's Restaurant,  7330 N. Dreamy Draw in Phoenix.  Social hour is at 5:30pm. $20 includes food and beverage. Confirmed candidates: Superintendent Diane Douglas, and candidates Tracy Livingston, Frank Riggs and Jonathan Gelbart.  All Republicans welcome! RSVP to

The Colorado River Tea Party will host a registration booth between April 3-8 at the Yuma County Fair. Contact Chr Sally Kizer at

The Maricopa County Farm Bureau and Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates will be featured at the Phoenix District 3 Breakfast scheduled between 8-10 am, April 5 at the  Desert Tree Farm  in north Phoenix. RSVP to Liz Foster Please bring a canned good or non-perishable item to donate to the local food bank.


The State of Arizona Research Library continues its 2018 Arizona Author Series by hosting its second event with co-authors, Alan Day & Lynn Wiese Sneyd, authors of Cowboy Up! Life Lessons from Lazy B at 3 pm., April 6 on the second floor mezzanine of the Polly Rosenbaum State Archives and History Building.


The PACHYDERM CLUB presents Mark Spencer of Judicial Watch at 11:30 am., Sat., April 7 at the Prescott Country Club HOA Building, 1103 Old Chisholm Trail, Dewey, AZ. 86327. Free Lunch. Donation – minimum $10 per person to be given to Judicial Watch. Limited seating. Reservation required. RSVP to or call 928-636-7355.

The Colorado River Tea Party will host a registration booth between April 3-8 at the Yuma County Fair. Contact Chr Sally Kizer at

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