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4-14-18 Briefs

The National Second Amendment Rally is scheduled at 11 am., Sat., April 14 in Paradise Valley Park, 14642 N. 40th street 40th Street and Union Hills, in Phoenix. It will NOT be held at the State Capitol due to other previous scheduled events. Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes said, “It is critical that we show up and stand next to our brother and sister gun owners this Saturday so we can let the nation know that we will stand up for our right to bear arms. Please make sure your boots are on the ground at the rally in your state. Mike Primiano, Maricopa County Oath Keepers Coordinator, said, “Participants are urged to dress in accordance with the weather (mid-80s, but sunny). Dave KoppBring water, shade (pop up tent might be in order), and chairs. Police have asked participants not to bring long guns. If you do bring one, they ask that the magazine not be placed in the rifle. Tasteful open carry of side-arms is encouraged. Arizona Citizens Defense League President  Dave  Kopp is one of the  speakers. Contact : Lesa Antone at

Jose BorrajeroAZRRT CALL TO ACTION By Jose Borrajero To learn more about how the legislative process works, go to FROM BILL TO LAW To get detailed information on any bill of your choosing, go to BILL INFORMATION Upcoming action on bills we are tracking. It is impossible for most people to respond to all of them. Simply choose those bills that are most important to you and phone or email with your “yes” or “no” opinion, depending on your wishes. If bill is in committee, use “Request to Speak” at AZPEOPLESLOBBYIST-ALIS
Emailing tips: E-MAIL INSTRUCTIONS    “Request to Speak” tips: RTS INSTRUCTIONS
SB1519 ALL HANDS ON DECK CALL TO ACTION: This bill is without doubt the worst bill introduced this session and a good contender for worst ever bill. It is clearly a case of knee jerk reaction and a rush to “do something” without first taking into account all the ramifications of hastily enacting such a dangerous piece of legislation. We at the AZRRT are not lawyers, and we are aware that laws are not considered unlawful until they are tested by the courts. But from the perspective of concerned citizens, the current language in SB1519 is a clear violation of both the search and seizure clause of the 4th amendment and the due process clause of the 14th amendment.
As introduced, this bill needs to be soundly defeated. Please state your opinion via the Request to Speak System and contact all legislators to let them know your concerns about SB1519. Do it now, before you get involved in something else and forget to do it. This can easily done by going to
This bill is long and contains a lot of difficult language, but you may want to read it, which can be  done by clicking on this link SB1519 - protective orders; schools; appropriations









SB1519 - protective orders; schools; appropriations

Senate Commerce and Public Safety


Smith – R – Sold as a measure to prevent school violence. Even a cursory reading of this bill reveals a lot of concerns regarding personal liberty.




Gary Morris, Gila ChrThe Gila County Republican Committee will host candidate “meet and greet” between 19 am – 5 pm., Sat., April 14 in conjunction with the Rim Country Chamber of Commerce’s Business Showcase and Life Style Expo - in the same shopping center as the GOP HQ, 307 S Beeline Hwy in Payson.Tables will be provided for campaign materials and petition gathering. Several food venders will be in attendance. The food court canopy will be located at their front door. Contact Gila County Republican Chairman Gary Morris at 928-478-8186.

The Deadline For Taxpayers To File Their Individual Income Taxes This Year Is Tuesday, April 17 and the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) has some reminders to make the process easier.  ADOR encourages taxpayers to file electronically and direct deposit refunds. E-filing and direct deposit are more secure and results in faster refunds.  The department provides the following tax filing services:

     · E-File. Visit the ADOR’s E-Services page - - to view the list of software providers certified to submit electronically filed returns with ADOR.

     · Online Forms. Arizona offers fillable forms that are online versions of tax forms designed for taxpayers who prefer to prepare their own returns. Arizona forms and instructions are available at

Individual income tax filers can check out free tax preparation options available in the state:

     · Free File Alliance is a nonprofit coalition of industry-leading tax software companies partnered with ADOR and the IRS to provide free electronic tax services. The free file program is open to Arizona taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $66,000 or less, are between the ages of 17-50, active duty military or qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. To take advantage of this program, go to

     · Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) offers free tax help to people who generally make $54,000 or less, persons, who are 60 years old or older with disabilities and limited English speaking taxpayers. IRS-certified volunteers will provide free basic income tax return preparation with electronic filing to qualified individuals. For more information on VITA

     · AARP Foundation Tax-Aide Program offers free assistance to individuals 50 and older who can’t afford a tax preparation service to file federal and Arizona returns. To get more information on AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, including sites in Arizona, visit

A taxpayer requiring more time to file state taxes can apply for a six-month extension by filling out Form 204 by April 17. For details, please go to Check out the Arizona Department of Revenue’s website at for additional information on tax filing.

Stuart McDaniel 2A Fundraiser For LD6 House Candidate Stuart McDaniel is scheduled at 5:30 pm., Wed., April 18 at Click CO+Working, 111 E Aspen Ave., in Flagstaff. Food, beverage and live music. SIGN petition. Contributions will be accepted Donate , please make checks payable to McDaniel for House,  822 W Birch Ave., Flagstaff, AZ 86001 He currently serves as Chairman of the Flagstaff Airport Commission. He has also served as a founding member of the Northern Arizona Military Affairs Council (NAMAC), on the Regional Transportation Planning Steering Committee, the Economic Collaborative on Northern Arizona Business Attraction Committee, and the Flagstaff Charter Review Board.

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) is advising residents to not eat and dispose of store-bought chopped romaine lettuce, including salads and salad mixes containing chopped romaine lettuce. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration indicated a multi-state outbreak of E. coli O157 is likely associated with chopped romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona growing region. Three cases of E. coli in Arizona have been linked to this multistate outbreak. “E. coli can cause serious illness, so it is critical that everyone take precautions by not eating store-bought chopped romaine lettuce, even if you or someone from you family has consumed the product and did not get sick,” said Dr. Cara Christ, director of the Arizona Department of Health Services. “If you or someone from your family recently ate store-bought chopped romaine lettuce and are experiencing symptoms, please seek medical treatment immediately.” Symptoms of E. coli O157 include diarrhea (sometimes bloody), and abdominal pain. E. coli O157 infection ranges from mild to severe, with symptoms lasting about five to seven days in most people. Young children, the elderly, and the immune-compromised are at risk of developing Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS), a potentially life-threatening illness that can cause kidney failure. The CDC and the FDA are also advising people that before they eat lettuce from a restaurant to confirm that the product used to prepare the meal is not chopped romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona growing region. ADHS is working with local health departments, the CDC, and the FDA to confirm the source of the E. coli O157 infections, to identify additional cases, and to prevent the spread of the disease. To prevent foodborne illness, ADHS advises everyone to thoroughly wash hands with soap and water prior to food preparation or consumption, and after using the toilet. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating or handling. Avoid cross-contamination of food during preparation by washing hands, cutting boards, utensils, and any food preparation surfaces.  ADHS online at

Mark BrnovichAttorney General Mark Brnovich has announced that Governor Ducey Gov Doug Ducey 2015 2signed HB2154 into law, updating and strengthening Arizona’s data breach consumer protection statute. The bill, sponsored by Rep T.J. Shope and authored by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, bolsters protections and adds notification requirements for victims of a data breach. “I applaud Representative Shope and members of the legislature for adopting these common sense improvements to our data breach laws,” said Brnovich. “Consumers have a right to know when their sensitive information has been breached so they can protect themselves from financial loss. A key component of the legislation was notification to the Attorney General’s Office of a breach. My TJ Shopeoffice will be better positioned to investigate massive breaches in the future and assist consumers to protect their assets from theft.” Highlights from the new state law include:

     · Expanding the definition of protected “personal information” to include online account credentials, as well as an individual’s name in combination with health insurance or other medical information, passport or taxpayer identification numbers, or certain biometric data;

     · Requiring that notice to individuals affected by a breach be provided within 45 days after determining that a breach has occurred (whereas existing law provided no definitive deadline);

    · Clarifying the necessary content and available delivery methods for notifications to consumers;

     · Requiring notification to the three largest consumer reporting agencies for any breach involving more than 1,000 individuals;

    · Increasing the maximum civil penalty for a knowing or willful violation of the statute from $10,000 per breach to $500,000 per breach; and

    · Clearly explaining the Attorney General’s powers in connection with the investigation and enforcement of data-breach matters.   For a copy of the newly signed law, click here.

marc bretzMarc Bretz, field organizer for LD1, is calling for help this weekend for our Debbie LeskoNational Day of Action. You are invited to come out to the West Valley GOP Office at 10050 W Bell Rd, Ste 50, Sun City, AZ 85351 for shifts stating at 9 am., and 1 pm., Sat, April 14. CD8 candidate Debbie Lesko will be in attendance. Lunch will be provided to the volunteers who join us. Contact Bretz at or (623) 396-7415.

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tom morrisseyFormer AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) did an audit on Randy Pullen's term in office during my term and with the exception of a few very minor items, Randy came through it without any problems.  They also audited me on my then current business practices, with no faults found.  By the way, that was very helpful, because it was a useful guide to me as chairman. Editor’s Note: This is an update to Morrissey’s statement in the 4-13-18-briefs regarding the $23,000 fine recently levied against the AZGOP.

zack taylorActivist George Taylor: So, when will we hear about Soros' bank rolling Sheriff races in Arizona? Soros-Seeking-To-Influence-Another-District-Attorney-Race-In-Overhaul-Of-Us-Criminal-Justice-System

Tom Jenney 2Tom Jenney -  Senior Legislative Advisor, Americans for Prosperity – AZ This past week, the Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity sent progress reports to all 90 Arizona legislators, giving them estimates of what their scores would likely be on AFP-Arizona's 2018 Legislative Scorecard if the session were to end right now. With a few exceptions, the scores are NOT good.  Most fall into the categories of Friend of Big Government or Champion of Big Government. To read our latest Legislative Update, go HERE. Why did legislators score so low?  Among other things, AFP-Arizona grades on missed opportunities, and there are many key bills for our free-market policy coalition that still need to get floor votes -- if they don’t, everyone in the chamber loses points on the Scorecard.  The progress reports show the worst-case scenario, and they are a big warning to lawmakers to make sure they don't just pass a budget (especially a bad budget) and head home to start campaigning for re-election.

Marcus Kelley LD20LD20 PC Marcus Kelley: I'm only aware of one poll taken in the Arizona Senate race:  the one done by OH Predictive Insights.  Some of the partners in OH are well-known McCain foot soldiers, like Wes Gullet and Bettina NavaMike Noble is the managing partner of OH. I've only had positive interactions with Mike Noble and have a good opinion of him on a personal level.  The poll was picked up by  Go to polls in the upper left, click on Senate in the horizontal menu, then go to page 2 and scan for Arizona (the polls are labelled by state and arranged in chrono order).  The poll was done in early January, so, it may be a little stale in mid-April:  arizona_senate_republican_primary.  Real Clear Politics will aggregate polls and give a running overall average between the polls.  It might not be scientific, but I like seeing those averages. Editor’s Note: Kelley, who is a LD20 House candidate, is responding to Activist Nancy Plencner request for senate polling data 4-13-18-briefs - ft

archie dicksionActivist Archie Dicksion: Alert - You need to contact your legislator about SB1519 - protective orders; schools; appropriations - a proposed amendment to ARS 8-202 is scheduled to be heard on Monday that you need to be made aware of in case you should want to contact your legislators about the matter. In my opinion this Bill should never see the light of day. UPDATE:I have been Nancy Barto 15 Sadvised by Senator Barto that the matter has been removed from the Monday calendar for purposes of amendments. The bill is 52 pages long, but if you read no more than the proposed amendment to ARS 8-202 you will be able to clearly see the constitutional challenges it would face as it clearly violates the property and due process provisions of the Big of Rights. I understand they are attempting to enact legislation to protect school children. This however is a last minute knee-jerk bill that will not accomplish its intended purpose, will potentially ruin the reputation of many citizens and have their names listed for the rest of their lives on a national criminals registry. Much more thought needs to go into this legislation.

Activist Archie Dicksion To Arizona Legislators Regarding SB1519: This Bill needs immediate exposure to the public for its vast over reach in an effort to cure all ills in human behavior and defaults in school funding and teaching responsibilities. See the 52 page SB1519 - protective orders; schools; appropriations The last provision of the 14th Amendment provides: "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities  of citizens  of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”. We can never know what exactly a law means until it is interpreted by a court and has made its way through the appellate process. I can assure you that this piece of legislation is so “vague, ambiguous and uncertain” that almost every provision will be subject to judicial challenge.  Let’s suppose I have several guns, a bow, arrows and a crossbow in my house where I have rented a room to a tenant – and you have a video of me kicking your dog and making vague references to beating up dog owners. You can ask the court to make me the subject of a “Severe Threat Order. With that order the police can arrest and subject me to a mental evaluation without me having recourse to court proceedings or the right of counsel. The arresting agency is required - within 24 hours - to place my name in the national criminal registry. At your request to the court, I am never advised of the source of the complaint against me - your identity remains hidden forever from me. When the police come to arrest me, can my tenant give them permission to search and seize those weapons? The police take my property and register them. I do not have the right to a hearing or an attorney until I specifically request one and then the hearing can be delayed for up to 5 days. If the court quashes the Severe Threat Order, my name and my arrest remains in the national criminal registry. What about my guns? The law provides protection to you, the original petitioner, from civil liability so long as you acted in “good faith”. So what is good faith? Does your video of me kicking your dog constitute good faith that I am danger to myself or others”?

     Now, let’s move to the school side of the provision. The Bill does not spell out what exactly those protections are to be, instead they place a burden upon the schools and departments of education to formulate plans for protection. In other words, they basically do whatever they want and those records are not public until after they are implemented. Not sure what a teacher’s salary has to do with school safety or protection or what a teacher deciding to pass or fail a student has to do with that protection. Editor’s Note:  Dicksion’s letter has been condensed due to length. - ft

Archie Dicksion to AZ Senators: I have had the opportunity today to read and consider this proposed legislation. I am surprised that in its current form that it would ever be presented for consideration. It is vague, ambiguous, unclear and uncertain. Further it violates several provisions of the U.S Constitution. This proposed Bill is 52 pages long which creates many of its problems. I would suggest that it be broken down into perhaps 10 bills with specific subject matters that are clearly thought out and drafted in such way as to lessen the probability of court attacks. To give you an illustration, anyone off you could file a petition against anyone of the rest of you under this law and could have an Ex Parte order issued against that member. That member could then be arrested, have their home searched and property (guns and other items) confiscated, detained in a mental institution without benefit of notice or legal counsel. They would have their names listed on the national criminals registry (for the rest of their lives). They would have their guns and other property registered and possibly wit held from them for life. If the member requested a hearing it could take up to 5 days not including weekends for the court to schedule such hearing. Think of the time and money involved. If you should lose at that hearing you could appeal possibly all the way to the U.S Supreme Court because the Bill as it now stands violates constitutional guarantees. PLEASE KILL THIS BILL.

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Martha McSally 3US Rep Martha McSally: This week, the Arizona National Guard is deploying between 200 and 400 troops to the U.S. - Mexico border, the first installment to fulfill the request of President Trump and DHS Secretary Nielsen. I strongly support this decision. In fact, I was able to personally speak with Secretary Nielsen twice last week to express my support and thanks for the Administration's leadership and resolve on border security. We also talked about next steps in pushing my legislation forward to provide full funding for the border wall, agents, and other vital investments to secure the southern border while closing loopholes that cartels and others are using to take advantage of us. Across our state, Arizonans are applauding this decision. Gov Doug Ducey 2015 2I've also spoken with Governor Ducey about how we can work together in Arizona as the Guard deploys to ensure the best mission effectiveness for border security operations. Additionally, we've also heard from border ranchers who are enthusiastic about the guard deployment decision and welcome the guardsmen to support the mission of making life on our border safer. Securing our Southern Border has always been about protecting this country and its citizens from harm, and that's what this will do. For the people that I represent on the border, we can’t afford not to secure the border. Until we build the wall and get the agents that we need, we have got to do this. It’s the right thing to do. These national guardsmen are actually going to be getting training in their career fields and doing things that help with their capabilities, should they need to deploy. Watch my full interview on Fox News, highlighted in the Daily Caller article below, where I discuss how deploying the National Guard to the border will increase military readiness.



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kelli ward 2018 aUS Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward: The Ward for Senate campaign has released a new video, "Four Strands of Barbed Wire," providing Arizonans a behind-the-scenes look at Ward's most recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border and her visit with Arizona cattle rancher Jim Chilton. Ward, conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona, reaffirmed her strong support for a border wall and called on members of Congress to step up to the plate and deliver a win for President Trump on his keystone promise to the American people. "Every day, American lives are threatened by cartel members, human traffickers, drug smugglers, and illicit opioids entering our country through our porous southern border. The establishment wings of both political parties in Congress failed to fund President Trump's wall and have proven they are ill-equipped to handle this responsibility. Like my 'Republican' opponent, many in Congress have shown that they'd much rather focus on granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. We need fresh blood and new ideas in Congress to advance the America First agenda – that's why I'm running for the U.S. Senate." The video chronicles Congress's three-decade-long broken promise to secure the U.S. southern border, which began with a commitment to President Ronald Reagan in 1986; a behind-the-scenes look at Ward's tour of the Arizona-Mexico border with cattle rancher Chilton; and a rare look at the four, flimsy strands of barbed wire that are poorly designed to protect our country. Watch: "Four Strands of Barbed Wire" Ward is a leading GOP candidate to replace retiring Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake in the U.S. Senate in 2018. On Aug. 17, President Trump encouraged Ward's campaign via Twitter. Ward's campaign has an unmatched grassroots network across Arizona and has continued to grow and expand national and in-state support.



Ahwatukee’s Festival of Lights Committee’s 23rd Annual Wine & Beer Tasting Festival is scheduled between 6:30-10:30 pm., Sat., April 14 at Rawhide Western Town, 5700 W North Loop Road in Chandler. Advance tickets are $50 and be purchased at any Safeway in Ahwatukee or at $60 at the door. Proceeds go toward the millions of lights glowing along Chandler Blvd during the Christmas season. Volunteers are needed. Interested persons can attend committee meetings at 6:30 pm., April 3 and April 10 at the Desert Foothills United Methodist Church. Contact:

LD14 will meet at 9 am., Sat., April 14 at Benson City Hall. LD14 covers three full counties and Eastern PIMA and their meetings are open to all Republicans or Independents. Contact: Bruce Piepho at

Robert Branch, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, will be speaking at the Pima County Republican Candidate Forum at 9:30 am., Sat., April 14, at the Pima Community College - Northwest campus (Room NW Classroom -G-105), 7600 N. Shannon Rd., Tucson AZ. Branch is campaigning to “Make Education Great Again.” He stands to dismantle the U.S. Department of Education. Contribute to my campaign and sign my nomination petition  at

LD17 PCs will be walking in support of CD8 candidate Debbie Lesko on Sat., April 14. Those carpooling should meet at 8am in the parking lot of Crossroads Church, (NE corner of Ray and the 1o1). Google maps click here sign up here Contact: Linda Murtha

LD9 And 11 Republican Committees Public Forum for State Supt of Public Instruction will be held April 14 at Pima Community College, NW Campus, 7600 N Shannon Road Conference Rm G10 in Tucson. Sign-in and coffee at 9 am., forum at 9:30 am. Brad Johns will serve as the moderator for candidates Dr. Robert Branch, Jonathan Gelberty, Tracy Livingston, and Frank Riggs. See agend at LD9 forum agenda

CD1 candidate Wendy Rogers will be making three stops in Apache County on Sat., April 14 at:

· 1 pm, Trailriders Family Restaurant & Bar, 140 N Main St in Eagar,

· 3 pm., Sanford General Store, 4 8235 in Concho and

· 4 pm., at The Bull Market at Concho Creek meeting room, 7 CR 5100 in Concho.

She also needs to collect 2,000 signatures by the end of May. Petitions available on-line. I also need to collect 2,000 signatures by the end of May. Petition Online She needs contributions to take this seat back from the Democrats. Rogers is a retired US Air Force Lt Col whose mailing address is 2700 S Woodlands Village Blvd #300-240, Flagstff, AZ 86001.

The Gila County Republican Committee will host candidate “meet and greet” between 19 am – 5 pm., Sat., April 14 in conjunction with the Rim Country Chamber of Commerce’s Business Showcase and Life Style Expo - in the same shopping center as the GOP HQ, 307 S Beeline Hwy in Payson.Tables will be provided for campaign materials and petition gathering. Several food venders will be in attendance. The food court canopy will be located at their front door. Contact Gila County Republican Chairman Gary Morris at 928-478-8186.

The Paradise Republican Women will meet at 10 am, Sat., April 14 at Gainey Golf Club, 7600 E Gainey Club Drive, in Scottsdale with Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, College Republicans United President Rick Thomas, and Arizona Corporation Commission candidate Rodney Glassman. Social at 9:30 am, 11 am brunch. $28 per person. Reservations required. Click here to RSVP Online & Pay at the Door. Contact: Ardith Hildebrant at (480) 861-7170.

Region VI of the Arizona Federation of Republican Women (AzFRW) presents “Speed Date Your Candidates” between 10 am and noon., Sat., April 14 at the Chandler Public Library, 22 S Delaware St., Copper Room -2nd floor) in Chandler. US Senate, CD9 and 5, and all statewide candidates invited to participate. map here Registered Republicans and Independents welcome. You will be asked to provide identification or a voter ID care before admitted. Constituents will be in groups and candidates will move to the next table at the blow of a whistle. Campaign tables will be provided. Candidates will not be attending those tables. Candidates are asked to confirm their attendance by April 10. Confirmed candidates include US Senate candidates – US Rep Martha McSally, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and candidate Dr. Kelli Ward; incumbent Michelle Reagan - Secretary of State; Corporation Commissioner Tom Forese and AZ Senator Kimberly Yee - AZ State Treasurer; Seth Leibsohn and Dr. Steve Ferrar – CD9 candidates; incumbent CD5 US Rep Andy Biggs, Justin Olson and Jim O’Connor – Corporation Commission. Refreshments will be provided.

The LD23 Annual Pancake Breakfast will be held between 8:30-11 am, Sat., April 14 at the McDowell Mountain Ranch McDowell Center, 16116 E. McDowell Mountain Ranch Road in Scottsdale.  All Republicans are invited. Buffet menu of pancakes, ham, quiche, pastries, fruit, coffee, & juice, for $18 in advance or $20 at the door.  Congressman David Schweikert will be sharing a "D.C Swamp" update and other elected officials and candidates will be in attendance.  RSVPs are encouraged. For details click LD23 pancake breakfast Send checks to District 23 Republican Committee” and mail to Valerie Giramberk, Treasurer, 8776 E Shea Blvd. Suite 106-341, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.


US Senate candidate Joe Arpaio will be featured at a “Meet ‘N’ Greet” fundraiser between 5:30-7:30 pm., Mon., April 16 at the Prescott Country Club HOA office meeting room, 1103 Old Chisholm Trail, Dewey, AZ 86327. There will be food for sale, Vic will be grillin’, Sue Goodchild will be tossin’ side salads. Beverage will be bottled water (or bring your own). Seating limited to 70. RSVP to or Arpaio, the former, long-time Maricopa County Sheriff, is running to replace the Senate seat that Jeff Flake is vacating.

The Leisure World Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Mon., April 16 at 908 S Power Road in Mesa with US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, Supt of Public Instruction candidate Frank Riggs, candidate for Clerk of Court Jeff Fine, Corporation Commissioner Justin Olson and Aaron Flannery. Free refreshment and a 50/50 drawing. Contact: Diane Andersen at 480 395-5515 or

The Republican Women of Prescott will meet at 11 am., Mon., April 16 at the Prescott Resort, 1500 Hwy 69 in Prescott. $20 per person. RSVP to Elsie Tyree,, (928-778-0235 or Pam Calhoon, (928) 778-7157.


The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., April 17 (each Tuesday) at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. That organization also welcomes candidate speakers. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.

Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman, the Maricopa County Farm Bureau and Maricopa County Cooperative Extension will host a catered breakfast between 7-9 a.m., April 17 at the Kerr Ranch, 8200 S Dean Rd., in Buckeye. Your local farmers and ranchers will be there to answer questions about farming practices and what is grown in the county. Guests will have the opportunity to raise their own issues and are asked to bring canned goods or non-perishable items to donate to the United Food Bank. RSVP required to Liz Foster by April 13 at The West Valley is trying to exceed the 78 pounds gathered at the recent East Valley breakfast.

A Phoenix Community Budget Hearing is scheduled at 6 pm., Tues., April 17 at the Goelet A.C. Beuf Community Center - 3435 W. Pinnacle Peak Rd., Phoenix, AZ (Map)

Phoenix City Councilman Jim Waring will meet with constituents at 5 pm., Tues., April 17 for a “Consolidated Elections Hearing” at the Goelet AC Beuf Community Center, 3435 W Pinnacle Peak Road, followed by a community budget hearing at 6 pm. (Map)

April 18

The Arrowhead Republican Women’s “New/Prospective Member Luncheon & Tea” is scheduled at 11 am., April 18 at the home of President Arlene Goldblatt. Speakers include AzFRW President Loraine Pellegrino, Second Vice President Cyndi Love and former national President Rae Chornenky. RSVP to Goldblatt at 623-583-7738.

The Palo Verde Republican Women wll meet at 11:20 am, Wed., April 18 for lunch in the Fairway House at Gray Hawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway. 11 am social. Speakers for the Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Forum, include incumbent Diane Douglas, and candidates Robert Branch, Jonathan Gelbert, Tracey Livingston, and Frank Riggs, hosted by Cave Creek Supt of Schools Dr. Debbi Burdick, Reservations required at: Cost: $35.

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 2 pm., Wed., April 18 for the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Grassroots Leadership Academy “Communicating Across the Spectrum, at the American Legion Post 19, 2575 S Virginia Drive in Yuma. Contact Chr Sally Kizer at

Supervisor Bill Gates will discuss updates to the New River/Daisy Mountain Area Plan at 6:30 pm., Wed., April 18 at the Stepping Stones Academy multipurpose rm, 35812 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85086 Attendees will see an overview of current regulatory statutes, an overview of the 1999 Area Plan, and discuss guidelines and a timeline moving forward. Free and open to the public. Contact: or (602) 506-7562.

The Colorado River Tea Party is hosting a “Communicating Across the Spectrum workshop” at 1 pm., April 18 at the American Legion Post 19 in Yuma. Contact: Chr Sally Kizer at


Tea Party Scottsdale will meet at 6:30 p., Thur., April 19 at 8600 E Anderson Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85255 with Gordon Brown, founder of the nonprofit Team Veteran Foundation to discuss a non-drug approach to suicide prevention and PTS for veterans. Brown is a service-connected disabled veteran who experienced a near fatal Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI ) in civilian life and this affords him a unique perspective on the challenges that face our Veterans and their families associated with this injury. The VA’s focus on psychotropic drugs is one of the leading causes of the 22-30 daily Veteran suicides. Suicidal thoughts is one of the effects of these drugs along with heart, kidney, thyroid and liver damage. Contact: Paul Klein 602-931-0576

Pima County Republicans Nando Zepeda and Sandy Kenney, will host the Pima “Dinner Under the Stars with author and radio host Jesse Romero at 6 pm., Thurs., April 19. A Trunk N’Tusk member Reception will open at 5 pm., Tickets $100 per person or $175 per couple. TNT members - $75 person or $150 per couple. Tickets available at

The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., the first and third Thursdays at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. The next meeting is Thurs., April 19. Author, filmmaker and speaker Trevor Loudon from New Zealand will address the group on Sat. 6pm March 31 about the Radical left, Marxist, terrorist movements and their influence on mainstream politics. You can also meet local, state, and national candidates. Contact: Chr Sally Kizer at

Dr Robert Branch, candidate for Supt of Public Instruction, will address the Colorado River Tea Party in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma at 6 pm., Thurs., April 19. Contact Chr Sally Kizer at

Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party. (3rd Thurs - April 19) 6:30 pm, Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.): Speaker: Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Sheriff Joe is one of the Republican candidates for United States Senate in the August primary and will be giving an update on his campaign and probably offering comments on illegal immigration. Follow-up discussion about the proposed new primary property tax in Fountain Hills, which would increase total property tax by about 20%.  Admission is free. Donations accepted to help offset expenses. Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or visit

Maricopa County Supervisor Denny Barney, the Maricopa County Farm Bureau and Maricopa County Cooperative Extension will host a catered breakfast and dialogue between 7-9 a.m., April 19 at the Boyle Dairy, 11598 S. Hawes Rd., Mesa. Guests are asked to bring canned goods or non-perishable items to donate to the United Food Bank. RSVP required to Liz Foster by April 13 at


The Yavapai County Republicans have scheduled their annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner at 6:30 pm., Sat., April 21 at the Prescott Resort. Social hour at 5:30 pm., Dinner ate 6:30pm. Invited speakers include Gov Doug Ducey, Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is a US Senate candidate, US Rep incumbent Martha McSally, and US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward. The first honoree of the Annual Bob Stump Lifetime Achievement Award will be revealed! For tickets/reservations got to Yavapai County Republican Party

The Pinal County Republican Committee will meet at 10 am., Sat., April 21 at the Florence School District Auditorium, 1000 S Main St Florence, AZ 85132. The PCRC will be hosting a candidate forum for Arizona Treasurer candidates. The following candidates will be attending, AZ Senator Kimberly Yee (LD-20), Corporate Commissioner Tom Forese, and Jo Ann Sabbagh. Also, two guest speakers, Palmer Miller, Candidate for AZ Senate (LD-8) and Scott McKee, candidate for Clerk of the Superior Court, will be speaking. Contact Pinal County GOP Secretary Gilberto Mendez at

The Center for Arizona Policy aka CAP Family Dinner will feature John Stonestreet, president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and host of Breakpoint Podcast; and Eric Metaxas author of Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther, at 6 pm., Sat., April 21 at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa, 8000 Arizona Grand Pkwy in Phoenix. RSVP tables/tickets online or call 602-424-2525

The Navajo County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner is scheduled at 5 pm., Sat., April 21 at Licano’s, 573 W Deuce of Club in Show Low with speakers Congressman Andy Biggs, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, candidate for US Senate, and State Treasurer candidate Kimberly Yee, who is currently the Arizona Senate Majority Leaders. Gov Doug Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward, Congressman Martha McSally, Supt of Public Instruction candidate Tracy Livingston and others have been invited. Dinner Tickets - $50 per person. For tickets go to or contact Dustin Graham at 992-886, 9440; Debbie Vance 928024301799, Kellee Hunt 480-662-9696 or Jill Skaufel 992-242-4542.

Tea Party Scottsdale will meet at 7am., Sat., April 21 at Randy’s Restaurant, 7904 E Chaparral Road, Scottsdale for a no-host breakfast, before starting their 8 am., clean up of Chaparral Road between Hayden & Pima. Volunteers are needed as drivers and banner & flag holders, as well as “worker bees.” CONTACT: Pat Shaler: | (480) 946-8069.

US Senate candidate Joe Arpaio and incumbent Arizona Secretary of State Michelle Reagan will be the first speakers at the 9 am., Sat., April 21 Fountain Hills Republican Club “Meet the Candidates,” according to President Rosemary Hansen. They will be followed with incumbent LD23 Senator John Kavanagh, Mayoral candidate Cecil Yates, Town Council candidates Amberleigh Dabrowski, Mike Scharnow, and David Spelich, and Superior Court candidate Jeff Fine. The Annual Fountain Hills Republican of the Year Award will be presented and the winner of their $500 Education Scholarship will be announced. The meeting is open to all.  Independents are permitted to vote in the Primary of their choice.  Registration will begin at 8:15 A.M., complimentary light breakfast snacks, coffee, tea, and juice will be available.

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