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4-30-18 Briefs

Clint Hickman white houseMaricopa County Board of Supervisor Clint Hickman (back, left corner), and his family pose with First Lady Melania and President Donald Trump, during Easter weekend festivities at the White House. Jennifer Hickman, stands to the right of the President. The three Hickman children, (left to right) Trevor, Marcela and Benton, decked out in their Easter finery, stand across the front of the photo.

Supervisor Clint Hickman: As you may already know, there has been a tradition going on for well over 100 years now called the White House Easter Egg Roll. This event held on the White House South Lawn is sponsored and arranged by Our First Lady and her staff. For over 20 years now, our egg industry is involved by donating REAL eggs as well as sponsoring activities on the lawn. I believe that this year over 30,000 individuals obtained tickets via a lottery and families from across the nation are afforded the chance to play on the South Lawn. Because of the American Egg Board’s work with the First Lady’s office, my family was offered tickets to help with the activity booths on the lawn.

    Clint 5Now with that bit of background, here is where it became even more interesting for my family. Out of the blue, we were invited to join the First Lady at her Easter Brunch. After security clearance we were guided into the White House, where a military orchestra was playing in the front entry. At most, there might have been 50 parents and kids present, along with military guards, support staff and Secret Service agents. We walked the lower rooms of the White House, including the Library, Blue, Red, Green and State Dining rooms. To eat Eggs Benedict on President George HW Bush’s china was quite an experience in itself.

     In walked the members of the First Family, Donald Trump Jr with his wife Vanessa and their 5 kids aged 11 and younger who were balls of energy. Eric Trump with his wife, Tiffany, Kellyanne Conway, Chief of Staff Kelly and assorted other high profile members of our government. For all you read about these people, all of them could not have been more gracious with their time and conversation. Every one of them were incredibly hospitable and you could just feel that they understand that the White House is the People’s House, no matter how much I felt like an interloper. I met an Air Force guard who talked about her job while stationed at Luke Air Force Base. An extremely nice Army guard told my sons all about the Green Room in which he was guarding with a smile. The Secret Service agents that were laser focused on their job but would smile back at my daughter.

clint 4And last but not least, as President Trump arrived with First Lady Melania and their son Barron surrounded by Trumps grandkids, there was a lot of love in that room. I had a memorable conversation with both our President and First Lady and then off they went to greet the crowd as my sons and I went off to work the event. I will never forget the sight of my sons and daughter shaking the hands of the most powerful couple in the world, and I will definitely cherish my time walking in the same footsteps as so many great Americans have walked, cognizant of the fact that so many great Americans have never been afforded the same opportunity.  The Easter Bunny also made an appearance and had his photo taken with Trevor and Benton Hickman.  

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April 26, 2018 Congressional RecordExtensions Of Remarks E541in Recognition Of Paula Linker by Hon. David Schweikert Of Arizona In The House Of Representatives:  Thursday, April 26, 2018 Mr. Schweikert - Mr. Speaker, I rise today to thank a very special member of my community. For as long as I have been involved in working for Arizona, Paula Linker has been a friend and supporter. Those who know Paula admire her for her courage and determination. She is forthright and dependable. She works every single day to make sure that the causes and people she cares for most have all the support she has to give. And, it is in that spirit that I am so pleased she is being awarded the Lincoln Lifetime Achievement Award from the Maricopa County Republican Committee. The community celebrates Paula, and it is with great enthusiasm that I include these remarks into the RECORD of the U.S. House of Representatives. Editor’s Note: Briefs does not have a photo of Paula Kinker at post time. –ft

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Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. Briefs posts candidate announcements, but does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. - ft.

Sheila MuehlinngSheila Muehling Maricopa County GOP Treasurer: Shame on you Frosty for putting this pathetic 4-29-19-briefs post up. Gina certainly deserves a shout out but what about the others. The top awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award that is now an official Congressional Record and all you can say is this!!! Many people are going to see you for what you are.  I am embarrassed for you.  Editor’s Note: Sheila, you embarrass yourself by jumping to conclusions. For your information, I requested a list of Maricopa County PC winners from Chairman Chris Herring prior to the luncheon – with the understanding that I would not post the winners until after the event. Readers sent copies of the program  with the LD PC winners to Briefs - after the luncheon on Saturday. Briefs received a winners list from Herring around noon on Sunday – at which time I insert those top winner names into yesterday’s Briefs posting.

In years past, Briefs received an embargoed  list of winners prior to the event – so a complete winner list could be posted by the following morning.

Early Fri morning; a puzzled fellow reporter contacted Briefs, saying he has been denied press credentials to cover speaker Jim Jordan because the luncheon is a “private event, no press”. .. so much for transparency!

Whose bright idea is this???  Stonewall/shut the media out  – then complain about not getting the coverage you expect!

All of the winners are welcome to send a photo with their awards to or so Briefs can give them due recognition. - ft

we harrisActivist Jim Alberts: Wes Harris your 4-28-19-briefs article was outstanding, if only the teachers would take the time to read it! It’s apparent the teachers need to attend a class or two on state and local governments, I seriously believe the teachers have no clue who is responsible for the salary and raises.

timothy Schwartz-Timothy LD30 1 VCLD30 Activist Timothy Schwartz: While I respect the work of Diamond and Silk, I must admit their platform ranks down on my list as there are so many other platforms competing for my time. However, When These Two Women Appeared Before Congress After Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg's Testimony, Their Own Brilliant Testimony Lifted The Roof Off!Spectacular! I wouldn't wanna tangle with these two. Please share this. Watch Diamond & Silk Testify Before Congress And All Hell Breaks Loose

randy MillerLD20 PC Randy Miller: The last 40 to 60 years, we have deteriorated from governing based on law of the constitution to political parties governing based on ideology.  Ideologies grow more extreme as the struggle for power grows more intense.This power struggle results in ignoring basic principles such as freedoms and liberties, which are basic precepts of the American dream; to restricting those freedoms and liberties to protect those ambitious politicians continued rise and hold in power. 

We have to face some facts. We have nearly $22 trillion in debt and the US dollar is no longer the global currency (Petro Dollar) thus eliminates the continued tool for funding our debt.   There is a financial crisis that was delayed only to be worse because our banks were not broken up into smaller entities; so now they are leveraged $100’s of trillions in Derivatives you will be on the hook for.   Every penny you put in the bank is no longer yours, it is an asset of the bank and that is what will be used, based on law, to repay their debts. 

We have global conflicts approaching our shores for the first time since the revolutionary war, thanks to years of open border policies and an influx of unknowns from Islamic countries around the world wishing us harm.  Our power grid and other infrastructures are decades outdated and vulnerable to cyber-attack, EMP’s and natures attacks, jeopardizing our security and way of life.  We have a two-tiered justice system where the average person, you and I, are not treated the same under law as those in positions of power; tyranny.  We have a Coup going on right now in front of us by the socialists’ globalist left wanting to destroy the threat to their plan by taking down an elected president. 

Because of government neglect and corruption, these failures jeopardize our national security and caused discontent.  With outrageous propaganda on both sides, instead of addressing these serious issues, government leaders instill fear with a coincidental rash of mass shootings from people that “slip” through the cracks of government, in an attempt to take your means of defending yourself from government; your weapons.  Also, they attempt to limit your voice in social media and on school campus if you disagree with them. 

This is nothing more than an all-out assault on America and what we have stood for since our beginning.  This is government leadership directing fear away from their intent and failures so they can take away any ability to defend against them when their failures come to full realization.  Then it will be too late. This is a global threat - it’s in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa.  It’s financial, political corruption, religious, and fear among the people, knowing something isn’t right. People must pay attention and get involved to stop the train wreck that is coming. 

Run for office, educate yourselves, challenge the positions of the politicians you know are wrong and turn off the TV.  Stand up and be heard.

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david schweikert (2)Congressman David Schweikert’s Coffee Cup Club will host Congressman Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Thurs., May 3 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 N Scottsdale Road in Paradise Valley. A Round Table Discussion is scheduled at 4 pm for $250 per person. The Coffee Club Reception will start at 4:45 pm at $50 person. Business casual attire. RSVP to Tysen Schlink at (480) 789-9869 or

The Tea Party Scottsdale will host a Question and Answer evening with US Senator Kelli Ward and former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at 6:30 pm., Thurs., May 17 at 8600 E Anderson Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Ward and Arpaio will lay out their platforms, then take questions. Contact: Paul Klein 602-931-0576

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., April 30 at 3375 E Shea Blvd in north Phoenix. Contact: Ron Ludders Chairman 602.677.1496
25 Abraham Lincoln Quotes That Remain Relevant Now More Than Ever

Ken Bennett - 2015Those Wishing To Sign A Petition For Ken Bennett’s run for Gov of Arizona can sign on line at and contribute $5. The former Secretary of State announced his candidacy a few days after Gov Doug Ducey overrode the legislature with his 20% pay raises to teachers promise.

Paul Gosar 2016LD4 Congressman Paul Gosar is running for re-election and his petitions are available online at Contact Penny Pew, Volunteer for Gosar4Congress at (928) 245-4618

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Paul Gosar 2016On Thursday, Congressional Western Caucus Chairman Paul A. Gosar D.D.S. (AZ-04), Chief Regulatory Reform Officer Andy Biggs (AZ-05), Andy BiggsWestern Caucus Member Tom Emmer (MN-06) and the American Exploration & Mining Association released statements after Members of the Western Caucus led an effort supported by 30 Members of Congress and endorsed by dozens of business representatives, elected officials and resource experts requesting that the final composition of the 'critical minerals' list include aggregates, copper, molybendum, gold, zinc, nickel, lead, silver and certain fertilizer compounds additional to the 35 originally contained in the draft list. Gosar stated, "President Trump and Secretary Zinke have done a great thing by opening up the critical mineral designation process and really listening to the input of experts, Congress, industry and members of the public in order to examine the economic and geopolitical ramifications of certain minerals being placed in or excluded from the 'critical minerals' list. This is a list of those minerals that have sensitive international supply chains but are of extreme importance to our economy and national security. The good news is that for so many of the minerals which may be designated 'critical', we enjoy substantial reserves at home. There is no need for the United States to be import-reliant on adversaries and foes for these valuable materials. Today, we ask that those who are making decisions about 'critical' status make sure that obviously-critical minerals like copper, gold, molybdenum, zinc and others make the final list. Given the incredible domestic need for these minerals, it's no exaggeration to say that the very security and stability of our country depend on the United States prioritizing permitting and development for our vast reserves right here in America."  full press release HERE. The letter HERE.

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The Payson Tea Party meets at 6 pm., May 1 (each Tuesday) at Tiny's Restaurant in Payson. That organization also welcomes candidate speakers. Contact Darlene Younker at 858-395-1850.

America First Policies will meet in Phoenix on May 1 with Vice President Mike Pence. Speakers will discuss President Trumps Tax cuts and Jobs Act and what the tax cuts mean to your family. RSVP here

The Pima County Tea Party Patriots CD2 Republican Primary Candidate Debate is scheduled between 6-8 pm., Tues., May 1 at Pima Community College Northwest, 7600 N Shannon Road#G-105 in Tucson. The event will be moderated by Garret Lewis of KNST. Tickets required. Pre-registration and picture ID required. Limited seating. All 5 candidates are invited. Submit your questions to

Donation to cover facility cost accepted at door.

The CD 2 Congressional Republican Primary Candidate Debate scheduled at 6 pm., Tues., May 1 at Pima Community College Northwest in Tucson, will be moderated by Garret Lewis of KNST. Pre-registration and photo ID required. Limited seating. Register click here Submit questions to Contact: Donations to cover facility cost accepted at the door.


The Colorado River Tea Party will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., May 3 with Judge Larry Kenworthy who will address “Gerrymandering – the Districts” in the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma. Contact Chr Sally Kizer at

Mesa Republican Women will meet at 11 am., Thurs., May 3 at a new location - The Silver Star Theater, 5247 E. Brown Rd. Mesa, AZ 85205 to hear Congressman Andy Biggs. Other candidates wishing to speak for 2 minutes should email Lunch cost for members is $15 and $17 for non-members with RSVPs to Jennifer Hill no later than April 29th.

Concerned Citizens For America (CC4A) will host LD6 candidate Walter Blackman, LD6 incumbent Senator Sylvia Allen, Yavapai County Field Director Steven Sensmeier and Yavapai County Area 3 Director Niles Haton at 6:30 pm., Thur., May 3 at the Canyon Trails Cowboy Church, 3132 White Bear Road in Sedona to discuss the Democrats, the media and some Republicans and their relentless attacks on President Trump, Conservatives, and the Constitutional Republic. All voters welcome. Desserts provided. Contact: Andrea Kadar

Central Republican Women of Phoenix invites all Republicans to their next meeting on Thursday, May 3rd as they host an AZ State Treasurer forum.  Confirmed candidates attending are AZ State Senator Kimberly Yee and JoAnn Sabbagh.  Phoenix Mayoral Candidate Moses Sanchez will also be in attendance for some podium time.  The cost is $20 for hearty appetizers and beverage at Aunt Chilada's Squaw Peak Mexican Restaurant, 7330 N. Dreamy Draw Dr. Phoenix.  Social – 5:30 pm. Meet at 6:15 pm. RSVP to or Jan Webb at 318-1010.

County Coffee with Supervisor Bill Gates is scheduled at 8 am., May 3 at Over Easy - Paradise Valley (patio), NE Corner of Shea Blvd. & Tatum Blvd. 10637 N. Tatum Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85028 LD28 Senator Kate Brophy-McGee will be in attendance. Contact Gates: 602-506-7562


Gov Doug Ducey’s “Youth Leadership Day” is scheduled May 4 at Grand Canyon University where high school leaders will attend leadership workshops, hear inspirational speakers and network with their peers. This event is free for high school students. Lunch will be provided! Please have one person per 45 students register the entire group. Register Here

May 5

The Arrowhead Republican Women’s Silver Anniversary Fashion Show and Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Sat., May 5 at the Briarwood Country Club, 208001 N 135th Ave in Sun City West. Doors open at 10:30 am for purchase of Calle Rose fashions, jewelry and accessories.. A portion of the proceeds will support club projects such as veteran support and scholarships for women. Shopping is available all afternoon featuring clothes, jewelry and accessories. Tickets - $35 each. Calle Rose items. For tickets contact Treasurer Donna Stawicki at or 623-455-8850. Credit cards are accepted! RSVP deadline is April 30. If you can’t attend the fashion show/luncheon, shopping will be available between 2-5 pm., Fri., May 4 with 20% of all sales credited to ARW.

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30 am, Sat., May 5 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 R.H. Johnson Blvd., with US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward. Ward, who served three terms as a legislator, is in private practice and emergency services in Lake Havasu City and Kingman. Secretary of State candidate Steve Gaynor is also on the agenda. Candidates Joe Arpaio and Martha McSally declined their invitations. Doors open at 8 am. Donuts and coffee will be available - a $2 donation to help defray the cost of the room rental.  All Republicans and Independents from the Sun Cities and surrounding areas are welcome to attend. Contact: Publicity chr Jean Goncalves, 623-214-8010, or

LD27 aka South Mountain GOP is planning a Grassroots Republican Cinco de Mayo between 11 am and 2 pm., Sat., May 5 at El Prado Park, 6428 S 19th Ave. in Phoenix. Voter registration will be available, along with food and a bouncy house for the kiddies. Candidates are welcome to ‘meet and greet.’ Contact VC2 Ron Harders at 602-243-0111.

May 7

The Lincoln Republican Women will meet for dinner at 5:30 pm., Mon., May 7 at the New McCormick Resort, 7401 N Scottsdale Road in Scottsdale with LD20 Senator Kimberly Yee, who is currently running as a candidate for the State Treasurer position. $35 per person. Spouses welcome. 5:30 social, 6 pm meeting, 6:20 pm dinner, 7 pm program. Checks accepted made out to “LRW” or bring cash. RSVP - Pat Kaufman, 7436 E. Tuckey Lane, Scottsdale, AZ 85250,.. phone 480-368-2777 or 602-214-2114.

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