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5-16-18 Briefs

kris paronto, jim stone, judy wilkinson =asst.

Kris "Tanto" Paronto, left, a former U.S. Army Ranger and CIA security contractor turned author/speaker after surviving the Sept 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, poses with Republican Club  Green Valley Sahuarita chairman Jim Stone, and assistant Judy Wilkinson, during the recent RCGVS Lincoln Luncheon. Courtesy RCGVS photo file

Reps Noel Campbell and David Stringer invite you to a Town Hall with Sen candidate Kelli Ward between 6-8 pm., Fri., May 18 at the Prescott Adult Center. See video

steven shadeggStephen Shadegg seems to be following family footsteps. His grandfather Stephen was Martha McSally 3Sen Barry Goldwater’s campaign manager, close friend and advisor for many years. He was also a former AZGOP Chairman. Stephen’s father is former congressman John Shadegg. Young Stephen is currently the campaign manager for US Senate candidate Martha McSally. He also served as John McCain’s deputy campaign manager in 2016. Some of us remember when he was a cute little toddler. – ft

The Green Valley/Sahuarita Republican Club and Patriot Alliance will meet at 9 am., Thurs., June 7 at the America Legion $66, 1560 W Duval Mine Road for a Sahuarita Candidate Forum for four invited Republican CD21 candidates Brandon Martin, Danny Morales, Lea Marquez Peterson, and Casey Welch. Contact: See candidates below:

brandon martin 3danny moralesLea Marquez PetersonCasey Welch

The Patriot Alliance will meet at 7:30 am., Memorial Day (May 28) at 18751 S LaCanada in Sahuarita (just south of the Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery in recognition of the sacrifices made by our brave military. Participants are asked to bring a sign to honor fallen heros (nothing political). Wear a hat and sunscreen and bring water. Contact:

The Leisure World Republican Club will host incumbent Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, Corporation Commission candidate Rodney Glassman, LD25 incumbent Rusty Bowers and LD25 House candidate Marlene Hinton at 7 pm., Mon., May 21 at 908 S Power Road in Mesa. Contact: Diane Andersen  See candidates below:

Diane Douglas Supt of Edrodney glassmanRussell 'Rusty' Bower LD25marlene hinton

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office (MCRO) is conducting the May Municipal Elections with an updated technology that recently won a national award for innovation.  The May Municipal Elections are ballot-by-mail elections for Fountain Hills, Surprise and Queen Creek. Each year, the National Association of Counties (NACo), an organization that represents and empowers counties, recognizes pioneering and effective government programs in counties across the country. The MCRO earned a 2018 Achievement Award in the category of Information Technology. “We’re back on top! Our people have created the next generation of election equipment in-house and I couldn’t be more proud. With this new system, the voters win,” Recorder Fontes said. NACo is honoring Maricopa County’s program titled “The Sitebook: Improving Voter Experience and Election Security.” The Sitebook is a staff-driven, designed and constructed voter check-in system that the Elections Department introduced during the November 2017 jurisdictional elections, less than a year after Fontes was elected into office.  NACo will recognize Maricopa County at its 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition, July 13-16, in Nashville Tennessee.  See National Organization of Counties: www.NACo.Org and Maricopa County Recorder’s Office: www.Recorder.Maricopa.Gov

With The Landscape Extremely Dry Across Arizona, dragging chains, tossing cigarette butts or even having underinflated tires can start fires along state highways. To get ready for fire season, Arizona Department of Transportation crews mow vegetation along highway shoulders in the winter and spring. They remove brush, thin trees and spray fire retardant within the ADOT right-of-way to prevent fires and slow the spread of those that occur. But motorists have an important role as well, including not tossing burning cigarettes that can tumble or be blown into grass and brush. Here are other ways motorists can help cut down on sparks that lead to fires:

  • Dragging chains during towing can cause sparks. Check and secure tow chains, and never substitute parts when towing.
  • Make sure nothing is hanging beneath your vehicle and dragging on the pavement.
  • Check tire pressure before you travel. Exposed wheel rims can cause sparks.
  • Don’t park in tall grass, as the heat from parts under your vehicle can start a fire.

Besides the obvious danger to lives, property and the landscape, fires can snarl traffic as firefighters work along the highway and also can lead to lengthy closures.

Ronna_Romney_McDaniel_2018Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel at the beginning of Ramadan: "We wish all those observing Ramadan a blessed month of prayer, fasting, and spiritual reflection," said McDaniel. "As our friends in the Muslim-American community practice self-restraint and serve the less fortunate, may we all be inspired to take part in our own acts of charity and introspection. We wish Muslim-Americans a blessed month of prayer and spiritual growth this Ramadan."

The Tucson Republican Women’s Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Mon., May 21 at the Silver Saddle Steakhouse, 310 E Benson Hwy in Tucson with Stephen Kruiser - professional comedian and founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party,’’

The Arizona Dept of Transportation (ADOT) will hold its final public hearing at 9 am., Fri., May 18 for the 2019-2023 Tentative Five-Year Transportation Facilities Construction Program in the ADOT Auditorium, 206 S. 17th Ave. in Phoenix. The monthly State Transportation Board meeting will follow the public hearing.  The comment period runs until June 5 for 2019-2023 program via online, email or phone. The Tentative Five-Year Program outlines proposed projects and improvements to the state highway system and airports. The program is updated annually and designates how much local, state and federal funding is allocated for highway, bridge and aviation projects. The Tentative Five-Year Program outlines proposed projects and improvements to the state highway system and airports. The program is updated annually and designates how much local, state and federal funding is allocated for highway, bridge and aviation projects. The complete report of all proposed projects is available at for review and comment until 5 p.m. June 5. ADOT welcomes feedback via an online form at, by email at and by phone at 855.712.8530. The State Transportation Board will vote on the updated Five-Year Program on June 15 at its meeting in Globe. See details for the final public hearings. All meetings begin at 9 a.m.:

· May 18: Public hearing and State Transportation Board meeting in the ADOT Administration Building Auditorium, 206 S. 17th Ave., Phoenix.

· June 5: State Transportation Board study session at ADOT’s Human Resources Development Center, 1130 N. 22nd Ave., Phoenix.

· June 15: State Transportation Board meeting at the City of Globe Council Chambers, 150 N. Pine St., Globe.

Precinct Committeemen: Don’t forget that your applications and petitions are due May 30 to be on the August primary ballot. They must be turned in to the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, located on the north side of the Maricopa County Superior Court Building in Phoenix.

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Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. Briefs posts candidate announcements, but does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. - ft.

Fountain Hills Activist Nancy Plencner: The Fountain Hills Referendum to levy a 20% Property Tax went down today 66% to 34%, thanks to an enormous Fountain Hills voter turnout of 56%.  This is an almost unheard of turnout of voters for a municipal election.  Thank you to all the conservative voters who recognized this governmental overreach and never ending tax for what it was...a blank check for overspending. Thank you to all the Briefs readers who helped get the message out that there is a better way to pay for municipal services.  Those of us who worked diligently on defeating this Referendum will now add our voices and efforts to those of other Fountain Hill citizens to develop a fiscally responsible approach to funding Town services


Carol Kelso: I would like to respond to Bo James 5-15-18-briefs letter. boe jamesI think that he is missing the point about the Fountain Hills Property Tax Referendum Election. As a seasoned (old) former elected official, I have found that this referendum is unique.

1. I have never seen any governmental body ask for a 20% tax increase. I think most rationale people would have accepted a smaller amount.

2. I have never seen a pro tax PAC send out FOUR expensive mailings without mentioning the dollar amount.

3. I have never had a newspaper censor and refuse to print my letters to the editors or my paid ad. They have to have everything “fact checked” by the town before they print even though I have documentation of facts. As a journalist, I find this repugnant and against everything we stand for the USA.

4. And the “facts” and information that the town and YES PAC is putting out is, according to my research, not honest or factual. I voted NO because of this and am truly saddened to see how my beloved town actually functions.

Matt PapkeActivist Matthew Papke: "And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it, that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth"    Genesis 9:16

Some cities, even cities in Arizona have taken to the idea that a rainbow will somehow lend support to a certain cause. This is a foolish error. Long before the rainbow was adopted to use as a symbol of diversity to include sexual preferences God put it forth as a declaration of His love for all mankind. When I see a rainbow in the sky after a rare rain it brings me peace. Rainbow cross walks do the same. While the likely intention of the rainbow crosswalk is not to glorify God, but in reality that is exactly what it does. Rather than take offense to God's promise I thank our cities for putting God's promise on full display for all the world to see. You see it is up to us to either surrender the lexicon of rainbows to those who would defy God's will or we can proclaim loudly that that rainbow is our promise from God. I know what I will do.  In fact I will be writing several council members thanking them for putting God's promise so prominently on display while so many other Christian values are under attack. God always wins.

archie dicksionArchie Dicksion: Here we are in an election cycle once again. It seems like half the state is seeking to be elected to some office or another. They tell us they are absolutely the best candidate that ever existed to be elected to office. They all believe in God, country, motherhood and apple pie. So what do we really know about these people? Do we really have time to check them out to see if they are truly what they say they are? Probably not as we are busy living our day to day lives.  So our vetting is usually limited to what we hear by chance on the radio, television, internet or in conversations with our neighbors.

             How much credence should we in Arizona place in a candidate that has changed political affiliation? The generally prevailing party in Arizona is the Republican Party. By and large, it is still true that if you want to be elected to public office in this state you will have a better chance if you are a registered republican. So, if a Republican changes their affiliation to one of the other parties we can probably place more credence in their actions than if a, say, Democrat suddenly becomes a Republican?

     We are told that the Corporation Commission is one of the most important elective offices in the state. We have bunches of candidates running for that office this year. One of those is an individual known as Rodney Glassman. He is running as a registered Republican. I wonder is he the same Rodney Glassman who ran for U.S. Senate in 2010 as a Democrat against John McCain? Did he work with Raul Grijalva? Did he run to be the chairman of the Arizona Democrat Party? If so, just when did he become a Republican and what brought about his change of heart? Was it that higher percentage of chance to be elected to office? Does a zebra ever really change its stripes? Perhaps if you should happen to be at a meeting where he is present you should ask him about these things and perhaps do a better job of vetting. Does anyone have any idea why all social organizations do not have a committee for vetting candidates?

Activist Don Langlois: When In wrote to you on March 19th, I was awaiting going in for surgery to have my right knee replaced with a titanium ball and plastic. Now, almost two months later, I pause to report on my progress. First of all, for all of you who prayed for my success and recovery, I thank you. It is said that the first two months are the hardest. May that be so. During this time, I experienced pain from the surgery as to be expected. Then there is the necessary physical therapy which is absolutely essential for getting muscles working and maintaining a straight leg. What was the worst to deal with, however, was the draining of excess fluid from my body which occurred while I was lying down on my back (to keep that leg flat). Every 1-1/2 to 2 hours, I had to visit the bathroom. Going almost two months not getting even three consecutive hours of sleep wore me down. I am pleased to report that, although more fluid is still draining, my sleep schedule has improved even though I as yet cannot sleep the night through. When I first went to physical training (two days after surgery), I arrived in a wheelchair. Within a week, I had graduated to a walker. A month later I had progressed to a cane, and now I walk right in to p-t on my own two feet unassisted! Two things in closing. First, I get asked if I would do this again. Alas, my left knee is showing signs of needing to progress down the same path, so it will be a case of how long I can delay making the obvious decision. This is nothing one does for fun, but the final result seems to make it all worthwhile. And that brings me to my second thing. Having had this knee replacement surgery, I am amazed how many other people have had the same thing done, usually in both knees. And all express their thanks that they had it done, although all admit two times is more than enough. Again thank you for your prayers. They are appreciated as much now as ever.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Paul Gosar 2016Congressman Paul Gosar after the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem:  “I commend President Trump for keeping his promise and relocating the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem,” said Congressman Gosar. “On the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel, the opening of the US Embassy sends a clear message that America stands with Israel once again.  This marks an historic moment in history as we recognize Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided home of the Jewish people.”


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

sergio 5CD3 candidate Sergio Arellano is surrounded by supporters in his bid to fire Rep Raul Grijlava: Arellano writes, “The democrats are losing their mid-term election edge, and there will never be a better time to take CD3 for republicans! Across Congressional District 3, people are fired up and gearing up to fire Rep. Raul Grijlava. We have a chance to stop the Grijalva gun-grabbing business-killing machine. While our ranks of supporters grow, I need your help to ensure that our army of volunteers have what they need to spread the conservative message. Please consider contributing to our crusade to bring a conservative common sense message to the voters of CD3. Any amount of support dollars will go a long way in our no frills campaign. Please contribute or mail check to Arellano For Arizona, 190 W Continental Rd Ste 216-120, Green Valley, AZ 85622 Arellano file photo.

Robert BranchSupt of Public Instruction candidate Bob Branch: Please send in nomination petitions now. Many Great and Wonderful people across this Great State have been gathering signatures to get my name on the ballot, for a successful campaign, and to help me get voted into office so that we can make the needed changes to "Make Education Great Again."  Please know that Team Branch appreciates all of your efforts and sends our sincere thanks.  Now, we would like you to send to us all of your collected signatures on the nomination petitions for “Bob Branch Superintendent of Public Instruction".  If you collected only one signature or 100, please fill out the back of the petition, and then send the petitions back to us. We need them now so that we can get a firm count and turn them in to the Secretary of State. Please send the petitions to the address listed on the front of the petitions. If you are local and need them picked up, please let me know, and I will make arrangements. Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts to help to get my name on the Ballot, and to “Make Education Great Again.”  We will keep Arizona RED.

Martha McSally 3Senate candidate Martha McSally: Yesterday marked the midpoint of the second quarter of the 2018 election cycle, and we are behind on our digital fundraising target. As of the sending of this email we are less than halfway to our minimum goal for the quarter. This is especially alarming because it has just been revealed that Martha's Democrat opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, has well over $6 MILLION cash on hand for her bid for Senate. And Sinema is using her MASSIVE war chest to sway critical Arizona voters. Her campaign is already running TV, digital and radio ads and bombarding Arizonans with messages that paint her as a moderate... which is far from the truth. We cannot afford to fall behind. Will you make an immediate contribution to help close the gap? - Stephen Shadegg, Campaign Manager

 Frank RiggsFrank Riggs, Supt of Public Instruction candidate: Just because the #RedforEd demonstrations are over and the state budget is signed does not mean the issue of education is going to the back burner for the remainder of 2018. We still have a huge fight coming up in November over school choice, and Democrats are expected to turn out in big numbers to try to turn Arizona “blue.” We cannot allow the conservative educational principles we’ve fought for all these years to be undone in a single election. For the sake of providing Arizona children – including YOUR children – with the best educational opportunities possible, we have to be prepared to fight back and to defend our conservative values in 2018.This is why I’m running for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Arizona Department of Education needs an education leader firmly committed to our conservative ideals of choice, competition and local control in K-12 education – even in the face of intense political pressure from the far left.I will be this leader for Arizona, but I can’t get there without your support.
contribute There has never been a more important time for education in Arizona.I hope to have your support for Superintendent of Public Instruction so that we can keep up the fight for educational opportunity for EVERY Arizona student!

Ken Bennett - GovGubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: Please sign my nominating petition to be in the Republican primary for Governor of Arizona. HERE.  Contribute $5 to help me qualify for Clean Elections HERE. I am running because the people of Arizona deserve someone who will fight and believes honesty matters.  I fought for a structurally balanced budget while Arizona State Senate President under a Democrat Governor so I have a proven record of getting the job done. Signing the petition forces Governor Ducey to defend his caving to #RedforEd and suddenly flip-flopping on the 20% increase, bullying the legislators by vetoing 10 of their bills, allowing gun seizures, giving authority to the AZDOT for unlimited tax increases, sweeping money from border security funds, increasing the Medicaid Expansion tax, and not supporting Trump on NAFTA and Obamacare policies. Arizona needs leadership that is strong and steady versus panicky and switching directions.

Paul Gosar 2016

LD4 Congressman Paul Gosar is running for re-election and his petitions are available online at Contact Penny Pew, Volunteer for Gosar4Congress at (928) 245-4618


 US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: I wholeheartedly agree with President Donald Trump on his decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.Implemented under former President Barack Obama, the Iran nuclear deal was fatally flawed from its conception...It provided a huge cash reward for Iran, one of the world's foremost state sponsors of terrorism. It failed to mandate unimpeded, real-time inspections of Iran's nuclear facilities. It allowed continued development of ballistic missiles specifically designed to deliver weapons of mass destruction. President Trump once again put America First in his decision to remove our support from this dangerous compact -- one that favors the radical Iranian government over the United States, our allies and a peaceful world order. As United States Senator for Arizona, I will do everything within my power to ensure our great country is protected against real-world threats like a nuclear Iran. I'll stand with President Trump to see that Iran is never permitted to develop or possess nuclear weapons of any kind. I kelli ward 2018 abelieve this must be done to ensure our national security and the security of our trusted allies. contribution Like President Ronald Reagan, I agree that America must pursue "peace through strength" with a realistic and restrained foreign policy that puts America First.

US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: Earlier this year, Kelli sent out a notice on how Martha McSpender ranks among conservatives. Her r atings were terrible in February... but revisiting her scores now show she is performing worse than ever. While McSally maintains her 39% F-rating at the Conservative Review, she has lower numbers at the Heritage Foundation and a record low at FreedomWorks. Heritage now shows McSally with a 55% rating — down 3% since our last update — and gives her a lifetime score of 49%. The drop is due to Martha’s support of two massive government spending bills: the Bipartisan Budget Act and the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018. And FreedomWorks? Well, it looks to be McSally's worst year yet... she get's whopping 23% rating for 2018. All of this stands to show conservatives the real Martha McSally — her voting record just doesn't square up with her fake campaign conservatism. The good news is we're polling in FIRST place... but we must keep the momentum up to secure a win! That's why I'm urging you to Chip-in and help Kelli defeat her in the primary. - Dr. Michael Ward, Husband and #1 Supporter

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Congressman Paul Gosar: The United States’ military engagements since the passage of the 2001 and 2002 AUMFs lack sufficient congressional oversight regarding the United States’ use of force. Last week, I joined my colleagues in Paul Gosar 2016signing a letter to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations expressing our concern and opposition to a new authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) legislation that would allow all current military operations to continue with no new constraints.

CD4 Congressman Paul Gosar: Last week, I spoke with German members of parliament, the European Union, and the German administration about taxes and migration. I also spoke with Hungarian Ambassador Laszlo Szabo, M.D. on border fencing. Hungary's border fence stretches 100 miles and is patrolled by soldiers, dogs, and 3,000 border police. According to Hungarian authorities, the wall has effectively shut off the main migrant route, police arrested only five undocumented immigrants last month, compared with 3,528 before the fence existed in March 2016. Click here to read more

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May 16

The Grassroots Tea Party Activists will meet with Dr. Lance Hurley aka Patrick Henry at 6:30pm., Wed., May 16 in the Denny’s Restaurant Meeting room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Hwy. Access Rd, Dunlap Ave exit off the I-17.  Lance, an ordained Minister with a Doctorate from Phoenix University of Theology, has been awarded the George Washington Honor Medal by Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge Pennsylvania. Lance also portrays George Washington on occasion.  His speech will strictly focus on the 2nd Amendment. Contact facilitators David and Francine Romesburg.

A “Fill The Tank” Fundraiser will be hosted by Abert Vasquez for CD2 candidate Brandon Martin between 4-7 pm., Wed., May 16 at El Saguarito Mexican Food., 1763 E Prince Road in Tucson. $25 person, includes appetizers/beverage.Former American Idol finalist Yvette Gonzalez will sing the national anthem. Live music by “Make Music Great Again.” Tickets available at martinforfreedom/

The Palo Verde Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am., Wed., May 16 at the Grayhawk Golf Club, 8620 E Thompson Peak Parkway, The Fairway House with speakers Secretary of State Michelle Reagan and Christina Sandefur of the Goldwater Institute. Social – 11 am., Cost - $35. Reservations required: RSVP:

May 17

Tea Party Scottsdale will host an evening with US senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and incumbent Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery starting at 6:30 pm., Thurs., May 17 at 8600 E Anderson Drive in Scottsdale. Ward, Arpaio and Montgomery will separately lay out their platforms and then take questions. Contact: Paul Klein 602-931-0576

The Republican Club of Green Valley/Sahuarita Brown Bag luncheon speaker will be CD2 candidate Casey Welch at noon, Thur., May 17 at GOP headquarters in Green Valley Village (w side, next to laundromat.) Contact:

The Fountain Hills AZ Tea Party  will meet at 6:30 pm., Thur., May 17 in the Fountain Hills Unified School District Learning Center, 16000 E Palisades Blvd. (Palisades Blvd. & Golden Eagle Blvd.) to hear a presentation Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick.  Bolick formerly worked with the Goldwater Institute, an organization promoting conservative ideas in AZ.  He will provide a practical overview of and enhance our understanding of the judicial system in Arizona.  They will also review of the Fountain Hills primary property tax vote and what lies ahead.   All interested parties are invited to join your neighbors and bring a friend to their meetings.   Admission is free. Donations welcomed to help defray expenses. Contact:  Richard Rutkowski  or

MAY 19

Cindy Perrin is hosting a rally-fundraiser for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Fountain Hills on May 19. For time/location contact Perrin at 480-352-5458.

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will celebrate Armed Forces Day at 2pm., Sat., May 19 with Congresswoman Martha McSally - US Senate candidate; Sen Kimberly Yee - Arizona Treasurer candidate and Corporation Commission candidates Justin Olson and Eric Sloan. The meeting will be held at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N LaMontana Drive, with registration starting at 1:30pm  Complimentary light snacks, tea and water will be available. A drawing for a $500 Visa gift card is scheduled at the end of the meeting. See www.fountainhillsrepublican or President Rosemary Hansen at 602-882-8985.

The Pinal County Republican Committee’s Forum for Supt of Public Instruction candidates is scheduled at 10 am., May 19 at the Florence School District Auditorium, 1000 S Main St Florence, AZ 85132. Participating candidates include incumbent Diane Douglas, and candidates Frank Riggs, Dr. Bob Branch, Jonathan Gelbart, and Tracy Livingston. Contact PCRC Secretary Gilberto Mendez at .

CD9 Congressional Candidate Dr Steve Ferrra’s Super Saturday will start at 9 am., May 19 at 1334 E Chandler Blvd in Phoenix. Volunteers will be walking neighborhoods. RSVP to Mara Benson at

The Constitutional Republic for Arizonians West Chapter (CRA) will meet at 8 am., Sat., May 19 at Culvers on N 99th. This is a very important meeting, as to the direction and goals of this grassroots team! We will resume our speakers for the June meeting. Contact President Butch Kuentzler at

MAY 21

Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:50 pm., Mon., May 21 at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center, 655 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282 due to the Memorial Day holiday. Social begins at 6:30 pm. They will hear Treasurer's Panel with Candidates Kimberly Yee & Jo Ann Sabbaugh.

MAY 22

Open Conversation with Supervisor Bill Gates is scheduled at noon., Tues., May 22 at the Daisy Mountain Fire Department, 1120 W. Desert Hills Dr. ., Phoenix, AZ 85086. Meeting dates scheduled - June 19, September 18, October 23. Summer break, July & August – no meetings. Contact Gates: 602-506-7562

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) will meet at 7 pm., Tues., May 22 at the Paseo Verde Christian Church, 7569 W Greenway Road in Peoria, to discuss the effects of the new 5G network towers for cell phones and smart meters with Doug Staab, an engineer of 41 years. In 2008, Staab became aware of problems with the Smart Meter technology and recently he has been looking at the effects the new 5G cell phone towers will have on people. Staab will demonstrate a means to test for EMF's and provide information and sources explaining problems associated with smart meters and the 5G network coming to Arizona.  Doug travels all over the world delivering his presentation.   He will bring solutions to our discussion as well as what other legislative bodies are doing to address this problem and bring attention to it. Contact Randy Miller

Andrea Kadar of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, will address “The Abuse of Marijuana (“pot”), Opioids, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin and Fentanyl in Arizona: What is our Arizona Solution?” at 6:30 pm., Tues., May 22 at the House Church,49 Bell Rock Plaza, Suite B, Village of Oak Creek, 86351

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