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5-18-18 Briefs

Javan Mesnard LD17 - speaker of houseArizona House Fails to Protect Low-Income Seniors: House Speaker (R) J.D. Mesnard (LD17), and Rep (D) Mark Cardenas (LD19), were instrumental in killing SB 1268 - that would have restored property tax relief to impoverished Maricopa County seniors, according to the Maricopa County Treasurer’s office. For years, qualified low-income seniors who owned their home were able to freeze and in some cases reduce the amount of property tax they owed on their home. The Elderly Assistance Fund (EAF) helped thousands of Maricopa County seniors, most of whom are living only on social security. The state legislature discontinued this fund three years ago even though the money raised did not come from taxpayers; it came from the sale of tax liens and other non-tax revenue sources.

TRoyce Florahe Treasurer's Office has been fighting - ever since it was terminated in 2015 - to reinstate the measures of the EAF, which granted assistance to qualified low income Maricopa County seniors. “We are using the left over funding to help those people who were signed up to receive the much needed help,” said Royce Flora, Maricopa County Treasurer. “The funds will be totally gone within the next year and those senior citizens who depend on the fund to help pay for the property taxes on their home will be on their own. In most cases, this help is the difference between paying the property tax or being able to pay for food, medicine or utilities. The underlying argument is to either protect qualified low income seniors from being taxed out of their homes or allow them to be thrown on the streets. This bill’s failure shows how some representatives value our senior citizens.” Flora said.

      Not paying your property tax results in a lien on your home and eventually foreclosure. Ruth Rogers, 66, whose $10,000 a year social security income left her $800 short on her back property taxes and in danger of losing her home. She neglected meals and utility bills in an effort to make ends meet. The Elderly Assistance Fund saved her from losing her home in foreclosure. Rogers stated "I love my home. It may not be much, but I love it. I never want to go through that again." Phoenix-Woman-Nearly-Lost-Her-Home; Now Lawmaker Wants To Give Her A Tax Break Lawmaker-Cut-Taxes (AZ Republic)

     There are over 13,000 senior residents in Maricopa County and over 20,000 statewide as vulnerable as Rogers. SB 1268 represented an opportunity to reinstate the Elderly Assistance Fund and provide property tax relief. The bill would not increase taxes for County residents which is why the bill passed the State Senate with a 28 to 2 vote. Upon the bill’s arrival in the House, Cardenas and Mesnard, led the charge to defeat the bill. Mesnard’s vote is even more perplexing since he runs a charity that provides humanitarian aid to the poor. Mesnard has received nearly $200,000 in special interest campaign contributions in his 2016 reelection bid. Contact: Ron Meritt at (480) 225-0722.

bob branch 7

David and Becky Allen are hosting a "Meet & Greet" for Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate Dr. Bob Branch at their home in Waddell between 6:30-9 pm, Sat., May 26.  Branch said he would be honored with the presence of those who have not had a chance to meet him or hear him speak.  If attending, call for directions. RSVP: 623-979-9559.

All LD22 Candidates Qualifying for the August ballot are invited to participate in the 8:30 am., June 2, Sun City West Republicans “Candidate Forum” scheduled at the Foundation Building, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd in Sun City West. Candidates wishing to participate must contact forum coordinator Clair Van Steenwyk by May 19 to be included in pre-event announcements. Please send a photo and short bio for promotion purposes. Participating candidates will have time for opening comments, followed by a question/answer period. Candidates are welcome to visit with attendees before and after the forum. Confirm participation by Van Steenwyk at or phone 623-322-9979.

kimberly yee 2017The Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:50 pm., May 21 at the Pyle Adult Center, joAnn Sabbagh655 E Southern Ave in Tempe instead of May 28 (Memorial Day). State treasurer candidates Kimberly Yee and JoAnn Sabbaugh will answer questions prepared by the TRW board and from the audience.. Networking starts at 6:30 pm. Contact Wendy Howe

The Colorado River Tea Party is hosting an Americans for Prosperity workshop from 2-3:30 pm., Thurs, May 24 at the American Legion Post 19 in Yuma. Southwest Regional Director of Americans for Prosperity Boaz Witbeck will moderator  this free event. To register go to   cva-foundation-az-insight-to-action-creating-your-positive-narrative-yuma-tickets

The Pima County LD9 GOP is sponsoring a protest Sat., May 19 against Tom Steyer, the liberal billionaire from California behind the "Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona" initiative, which mandates that 50% of Arizona Power come from renewable resources by 2030, according to LD9 Chairman Brad Johns. “The initiative says NOTHING about cost or reliability of energy service.  He's in town to help the Democrats raise money, Johns said.

· poster/sign/banner making party: between 2-4 pm., at Pima County GOP Headquarters, 1740 E Fort Lowell Road, #140, Tucson. Pizza provided.

· Carpool to the rally between 4-5 pm

· 5-6 pm protest/rally. Stand up for the right of Arizona voters to make their own policies, rather than be subject to outside influencers with bad .

1) E Valencia Rd and S Nogales Highway

2) E Elvira Rd and S Nogales Highway

3) E Los Reales Rd and S Nogales Highway (north of Tucson city limits)

The 2018 The Tempe Republican Women officers are:

President - Stephanie Stocker
1st Vice Chair Programs - VACANT -
2nd Vice Chair Membership - Diselle Brandriet
Recording Secretary -  Wendy Howe
Corresponding Secretary - Sheila Bryce
Treasurer: - Alison Quinn
Americanism: -
Chaplain - Marlys Anderson
Newsletter - Wendy Howe

Tom Forese - treas can 2018The Arizona Corporation Commissioners met yesterday in an emergency session to keep the intersection of 35th Avenue and Indian School open to vehicular traffic. In a unanimous vote, Commissioners approved a plan from the City of Phoenix to make critical traffic signal and railroad crossing safety enhancements to the grade crossing. “We applaud our municipal partners for coming to the table to provide us with a plan we have been asking for over the past five years,” said Chairman Tom Forese. “We rely on our partners to join us in our mission to improve safety at all railroad crossings in the state. When that is threatened, the Commission will take swift action to fix the situation.”

     Last week, Commissioners unanimously voted to order Burlington Northern & Santa Fe [BNSF] Railway Company to close the grade crossing to vehicular traffic on May 19, 2018, unless public safety improvements are agreed upon by stakeholders prior to that date. On Wednesday, the City of Phoenix submitted a plan to the Corporation Commission to make the necessary safety upgrades by May 29, 2018.

Justin Olson, ACC 2017“I am excited to see a solid plan that will make immediate improvements,” said Commissioner Justin Olson. “This intersection has been named as one of the most dangerous crossings by the Federal Railroad Administration and it’s critical we address those safety concerns.”

During today’s emergency meeting, the City of Phoenix stated it would begin work right away with plans to pour the pole base over the weekend. The City’s plan will move the pre-signal and stop bar from its current location north of the railroad tracks to the south side of the tracks. The plan also commits to a 12-month review and evaluation of the crossing upgrades.

Boyd Dunn - ACC“This is a great, first step in addressing the four remaining intersections in Phoenix that fall on the most dangerous list,” said Commissioner Boyd Dunn. “We’re looking forward to continuing this partnership with a goal of putting every Arizona crossing on the nation’s safest list.” See BNSF Railway Company’s application at under docket number RR-02635B-13-0034. See City of Phoenix letter:

richard hopkinsLD4 House candidate Richard Hopkins is asking for  help in gathering an additional 150 signatures to ensure that he withstands any challenges.    Please join if you can, or ask one of your volunteers to come lend a hand at 9 am., Sat., May 19 until noonish, starting at the Starpointe Resident Club, 17665 W Elliott in Goodyear (Estrella Mtn Ranch).  RSVP to

Alice & George OrtizThe Chips N Salsa Show Broadcasts Saturdays LIVE At 4pm on Center Right Radio with Hispanic hosts George Ortiz & Alice Lara offering a Republican review of headlines and politics.  The May 19 guests are CD 2 candidate Brandon Martin and veteran John Westrom for the Military Moment, along with Prather Point with Fast & Furious Whistleblower Jeff Prather reporting his political pulse on the dark state.  livestream or


Opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. Briefs posts candidate announcements, but does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. - ft.

American Post-Gazette

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May 16, 2018

Javan Mesnard LD17 - speaker of houseCHILDREN SHOULDN’T BE IN LEADERSHIP because they lack experience and maturity . Case inDoug Ducey 2015 2 point: The intellectually challenged Arizona Speaker of the House, JD Mesnard (R- Chandler). Mesnard’s inadequacies were loudly on display during the entire session but especially during the investigation and ultimate expulsion of Rep Don Shooter (R- Yuma) in early February. This created a pall over the session that members never quite got over. And his fast caving in to the #RedforEd radicals was surpassed only by Gov Doug Ducey. Ducey was quick to give in to a 20% demand; Mesnard seemed to be willing to give the crazy lefties everything they wanted. Mesnard lost the budget battle and the public relations battle. Because of his lack of leadership #RedforEd is still a force to be reckoned with this fall. They and their socialist agenda should have been crushed. Taxpayers end up paying for Mesnard’s shortcomings.

Don Shooter LD13 SenAs to the Shooter debacle: This is in no way an excuse for anything Shooter might have said or done. But how young Mesnard handled the whole mess was an example of someone who has neither the life experience nor the spine to be in such a position to make those judgment calls. Shooter was expected to be censured for his inappropriate comments to women. Mesnard unilaterally changed his mind the morning of the vote because of something Shooter said/did that Mesnard took personal offense to. Also, more telling, Mesnard dismissed some very serious charges in the Shooter investigation. Not about Shooter, but about his accuser, Rep Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R-Scottsdale).

Michelle-Ugenti -ld23Ugenti-Rita claimed that Shooter, for years, sexually harassed and propositioned her. Shooter publicly apologized for remarks he admitted to, but claimed he didn’t go beyond some flirtation and teasing. He even requested an investigation be opened. Mesnard opened an investigation using an outside law firm but has refused to make the report public. And here’s where it gets dicey. Ugenti-Rita is no innocent victim. She has engaged in immoral and inappropriate conduct herself, including: During a committee hearing a male House member commented that he hoped the hearing would be short because he had a date that night. Ugenti-Rita commented, “Your right hand doesn’t count.” Worse yet, Ugenti-Rita had an adulterous affair with then-Deputy Chief of Staff of the House, Brian Townsend. It gets even worse. According to the report, Townsend tried to get a young female House staffer to engage in a three-way with them. The young female staffer also reported she was sent via cell phone nude pictures of Ugenti-Rita.

    Words are bad – actions are worse. Mesnard unilaterally decided to take no action against Ugenti-Rita and she still chairs the powerful House Ways and Means Committee (she will be running for the state Senate). Because she exposed Shooter, Ugenti-Rita is heralded by the media and the #MeToo crowd as a hero, but has not suffered for her own, more grievous sins. Mesnard has ignored all of Ugenti-Rita’s inappropriate actions. He will be running for the state Senate, too. Shooter has filed a lawsuit to have all the report made public. What a ridiculous state of affairs when children run the show. The 2018 Legislative Session is finally over. It was a disaster for many reasons. Thankfully there will be new leadership at the Arizona House. We trust some grownups will take over. Yours in the Cause of Truth. - A. Hamilton

tom morrisseyAuthor/Former AZGOP Chairman Tom Morrissey: We received great news this week about "The Way Of The Shadow Wolves" in two areas.  One - it has reached a "# 1 Best Seller" category on Amazon and is in the top twenty on their "Native American Literature Fiction" 50,000 book genre. Two - the book is now available for purchase in Barnes and Noble in their retail stores in Arizona.  This is the big break which we have been working on for quite a while.  Now the challenge is to get the book into Barnes and Noble, Costco. Walmart and Sam's Club retail stores all over the country and book stores  in the UK, Australia and Canada.  The best way to do that is for customers to request that the stores carry the book. A big help will be if each of you would do that. You don't have to buy it, just ask the store to offer it.  If you would consider passing this on to your contacts and ask them to do the same you can help us get even wider distribution. Thank you,

carole bartholomeaux

Carole V. Bartholomeaux: Thank you, Frosty.  I truly appreciate you promoting the use of goats instead of Fire Fighters to "prepare" for our fire season. So enjoy your News Briefs & Updates.  Keep up the good work. Thank you, again.

brian reillyBrian Reilly, Former LD22 PC: In 1964, my father and I were campaigning for Republican, Barry M. Goldwater for President of the United States. We handed out a free book to voters entitled “None Dare Call It Treason, by John Stormer, who, at the time, was the chairman of the Missouri Federation of Republicans and a member of the Republican State Committee of Missouri. His book is an expose’ about individuals and organizations participating in an agenda to bring about the downfall of the United States and usher in a socialist/communist form of global government. What Stormer wrote about has been called various names: The “Invisible Government,” the” Establishment,” the “Military Industrial Complex,” the “Shadow Government” and now, the “Deep State.” On March 6, 1961, then FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover warned, “[Communists] have infiltrated every conceivable sphere of activity: youth groups; radio, television, and motion picture industries; church, school, educational and cultural groups; the press; national minority groups and civil and political units…” Hoover also said, “We cannot defeat Communism with Socialism…” (1-2)  I spoke with Mr. Stormer in 2012, and I asked him, “Where is America on their timetable?” Sadly, Mr. Stormer said the plan of those who would transform America was nearly completed. However, neither of us saw the rise of President Trump and his courageous effort to drain the “Swamp.” With President Trump’s agenda to return national sovereignty, borders, the Rule of Law and its Enforcement to America, he has put a huge dent in the globalist-socialist effort to transform America. Our next elections are critical. We must elect people who support national sovereignty, strong borders, the U.S. Constitution, and the enforcement and support for the Rule of Law. You’ve witnessed the relentless, unhinged attacks on President Trump and his family. The people that want to transform America, have hit a Trump roadblock. In 1954, Senator William Jenner stated “We have within our Government … another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic-elite, which believes that our Constitution is outmoded and is sure it’s on the winning side.” This was a veiled reference to the Council on Foreign Relations. On May 1, 2018, Congresswoman Martha McSally apparently, gave a presentation to the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations, an offshoot of the Council on Foreign Relations. Where’s the transcript of McSally’s presentation? It appears that the Mueller probe is a coup d’etat attempt by bureaucratic-elite, Clinton/Obama sycophants. (1-2.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Paul Gosar 2016CD4 Congressman Paul Gosar: Recently, I held town halls in Lake Havasu and Parker. The town halls served as an opportunity for local officials to raise their concerns and questions. I was able to dive into multiple topics, including my work on the Navajo Generating Station, my fight to provide more transparency into the Mueller investigation and multiple veterans issues. 
Click here to read more

Andy BiggsCongressman Andy Biggs: One year ago, Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel of the investigation into Russian tampering with the 2016 election. Biggs, one of the earliest Members of Congress to call for Mueller’s resignation, issued the following statement: “Robert Mueller’s appointment has resulted in a rewrite of history by Obama administration and Department of Justice loyalists. I continue to call for Robert Mueller to resign; so far, he has not had the integrity to remove himself and continues to try and delegitimize President Trump. The lack of transparency and honesty from Mueller and his team over the past year disturbs me and many of my colleagues – as does the precedence Mueller is setting for future investigations. Mueller may have been tasked with investigating tampering with the 2016 elections, but it is abundantly clear that this investigation is meant to overturn the will of the American people and undermine President Trump’s administration. It must end, and we must identify and execute solutions to ensure that future Russian interference does not threaten the American Republic.”

Martha McSally 3Congresswoman Martha McSally’s legislation to allow the City of Tucson to take full ownership of Udall Park today unanimously passed out of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and will next be considered on the Senate Floor. Last month, McSally sent a letter urging the committee to take up the Udall Park Land Exchange Completion Act of 2017—which unanimously passed the House last October. After passing the Senate committee yesterday, the bill is one step closer towards becoming law and resolving a 28-year dispute with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to clarify the City of Tucson’s full ownership of Udall Park.  “Udall Park is a cherished urban park in the heart of Tucson. However, unresolved disputes over this land with the Bureau of Land Management have directly prevented the City from expanding and improving the park. Until the city’s full ownership is clarified, Tucson can’t seize opportunities to supplement park funding, approve certain community events, or even allow local farmers markets on small portions of the park to benefit the city,” said McSally. “I’m pleased to see the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee respond to my letter and swiftly pass this legislation, and I urge the full Senate to pass it and put this dispute to rest once and for all.” At McSally’s invitation, Tucson City Manager Michael Ortega traveled to Washington, DC in July to testify before the House Natural Resources Committee on how McSally’s legislation will address a reversion clause in the 1989 agreement with the Bureau of Land Management to allow the city to finally obtain ownership of the park. Click HERE to watch his testimony. “The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee’s passage of the Udall Park Land Exchange Completion Act brings us one step closer to realizing the full potential of our community’s beloved Udall Park. I thank the Committee leadership, Chairwoman Murkowski, and Ranking Member Cantwell, along with Senator Flake, Senator McCain, Representative McSally, Representative Grijalva and the entire Arizona Congressional delegation for their unanimous support of the bill,” said Mayor Jonathan Rothschild Click HERE to read the letter McSally sent to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in April.

Doug Ducey 2015 2Gov Doug Ducey: Food Truck Freedom for Arizona is here, and it's going to be delicious! This week, Ducey signed the Food Truck Freedom bill, which eliminates job-killing red tape and levels the playing field for food truck entrepreneurs. As a former business leader, Ducey understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting up or expanding. He believes burdensome government regulations shouldn't be one of them. This new law empowers food trucks to take their business on the road across Arizona and saves them thousands of dollars in government license fees. Since he took office, Ducey has championed entrepreneurs, innovation, and the sharing economy:

· In 2015, he signed the Arizona Beer Bill to grow the craft brewing industry, which supports more than 20,000 AZ jobs and $600 million in wages, and has contributed more than $1.2 billion to the economy.

· Before the Super Bowl in Arizona, a government bureaucrat wanted to shut down ridesharing drivers in Phoenix. Ducey stopped the regulation and eliminated the agency.

· The governor signed a bill supporting Airbnb home sharing, which generates over $11.5 million a year in tax revenue for Arizona. Over 10,000 Arizonans are Airbnb hosts, and they earned nearly $95 million last year.

· Last year, Ducey eliminated a total of 676 unnecessary regulations, saving taxpayers $50 million.


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed by candidate’s are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Steve Gaynor 2 Steve Gaynor, Secretary of State candidate: Why a successful businessman wants to be SOS.\ Campaign Website

· Michele Reagan has failed Arizona (Video)

· Is Reagan’s Biggest Threat Dark-horse Steve Gaynor?

· Steve Gaynor Enters Race

kelli ward 2018 aUS Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward, leading Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, commends President Trump's $15 billion rescission package: "Congress has failed to cut wasteful spending Martha McSally 3aKrysten Sinemand reform federal programs. The result is more spending, more deficits, and more debt that will burden our children and grandchildren for decades. President Trump is taking an important first step to make the federal government more responsible with taxpayer money. Congress's bipartisan spending addiction was on full display earlier this year when Arizona Reps. Kyrsten Sinema and Martha McSally voted for the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill, which was rife with waste and funded innumerable Democratic priorities. The President's proposed spending cuts should be passed right away."

Ken Bennett - 2015Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: Ducey has another bad plan, the Severe Threat Orders of Protection (STOP) plan.  It is so bad that most of the Republican legislators and gun groups in Arizona oppose it because it focuses on seizing firearms instead of treating mental illness. Ducey panics and caves to outside groups like #MarchForLife instead of standing with his Republican majority. The plan authorizes police to seize any weapons while a mental evaluation takes place to see if the person is a threat. Please sign my petition so I can be on the Republican primary ballot for Governor of Arizona and stop Ducey’s bad STOP plan. Sign the online petition HERE. (You must have your driver's license number to verify voter registration)Contribute $5 to help me qualify for Clean Elections HERE.

     Ducey’s original very bad plan allowed a ‘complaint’ to be filed by family members, school administrators, roommates and ‘significant others.’  Roommates?  What is Ducey thinking? This is Arizona.  We have a Republican majority. Arizona gun right advocates like Arizona Citizens Defense League and Gun Owners of Arizona, as well as most of the Republican legislators andDHS Janet Napolitno 2013 citizens, were so outraged that the law was changed so only police can pursue the order. The bad bill only died because Ducey got busy figuring how to cave to #RedForEd!  But he is determined to pass it in the next session. STOP Ducey’s bad plans and very bad plans that are panicking and caving to outside groups.I will give Arizona strong and steady leadership and will stand on conservative Republican priorities. I did not cave to Governor Napolitano when I was the Senate President and I will never cave on the 2nd amendment in Arizona. Budget decisions need to be executed in an orderly and reasonable process based on fiscal sanity - not on minimizing bad press coverage to further political aspirations.Please sign my petition so I can be on the Republican primary ballot for Governor of Arizona and stop Ducey’s bad STOP plan.

kelli ward 2018 aUS Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: I've seen too many politicians and "campaign conservatives" abandon their principles the minute they make it to D.C. — just look at Jeff Flake! Flake spent his entire tenure as our junior senator cozying up to the liberal media, championing illegal immigration, and attacking conservatives in his own party... especially President Donald Trump. This is why we can't afford to elect another so-called "moderate" Republican. The D.C. Establishment wants me gone...they'd rather see the Democrats win than support a border security law! They recruited Martha McSally, Martha McSally 3one of the most liberal, anti-Trump Republicans, to replace Flake in this primary battle. The future of the conservative movement in Arizona depends on what happens in the swiftly-approaching primary. Here's what you need to know about McSally. Recently, leaders in the conservative movement joined together to warn voters about McSally's liberal voting record. Here are a few things they said..." McSally was one of the few Republicans who Barack Obama could routinely depend upon over the past few years. She helped him expand his government and gave him a blank check to raise the debt ceiling. We don't need more people like that in the Senate." - Conservative Activist Erick Erickson
" McSally has a very liberal voting record. She has supported budget-busting spending bills, more debt, corporate welfare, taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, and amnesty. Voters in Arizona want to replace Senator Flake with a strong conservative who will fight to drain the swamp in Washington. Martha McSally will do the opposite." - Ken Cuccinelli, President of the Senate Conservatives Fund
"No matter which issue, ranging from economic to social to immigration, McSally's voting record would leave you guessing she is a liberal." - Joint Statement from Club for Growth, FreedomWorks,

   It's no wonder the Conservative Review gave her an "F" rating, with a conservative voting record of just 45%. Her voting record was also slammed by the Heritage Foundation, which gave her a score of 43%. Even John McCain scored higher, with a 49% conservative voting record! And remember it was McSally who refused to endorse President Trump during the 2016 election and still won't say whether she voted for Hillary Clinton...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


MAY 18

Reps Noel Campbell and David Stringer invite you to a Town Hall with Sen candidate Kelli Ward between 6-8 pm., Fri., May 18 at the Prescott Adult Center. See video

MAY 19

Cindy Perrin is hosting a rally-fundraiser for former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Fountain Hills on May 19. For time/location contact Perrin at 480-352-5458.

CD9 Seth Leibsohn’s Campaign is having a Super Saturday for Signatures starting at 8:30 am., May 19 at the Black Cat Cofffeehouse, 4730 E Indian School Road (Arcadia area) in Phoenix. RSVP to Mackenzie Shane at

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will celebrate Armed Forces Day at 2pm., Sat., May 19 with Congresswoman Martha McSally - US Senate candidate; Sen Kimberly Yee - Arizona Treasurer candidate and Corporation Commission candidates Justin Olson and Eric Sloan. The meeting will be held at the Fountain Hills Community Center, 13001 N LaMontana Drive, with registration starting at 1:30pm  Complimentary light snacks, tea and water will be available. A drawing for a $500 Visa gift card is scheduled at the end of the meeting. See www.fountainhillsrepublican or President Rosemary Hansen at 602-882-8985.

The Pinal County Republican Committee’s Forum for Supt of Public Instruction candidates is scheduled at 10 am., May 19 at the Florence School District Auditorium, 1000 S Main St Florence, AZ 85132. Participating candidates include incumbent Diane Douglas, and candidates Frank Riggs, Dr. Bob Branch, Jonathan Gelbart, and Tracy Livingston. Contact PCRC Secretary Gilberto Mendez at .

CD9 Congressional Candidate Dr Steve Ferrra’s Super Saturday will start at 9 am., May 19 at 1334 E Chandler Blvd in Phoenix. Volunteers will be walking neighborhoods. RSVP to Mara Benson at

The Constitutional Republic for Arizonians West Chapter (CRA) will meet at 8 am., Sat., May 19 at Culvers on N 99th. This is a very important meeting, as to the direction and goals of this grassroots team! We will resume our speakers for the June meeting. Contact President Butch Kuentzler at

MAY 21

The Tucson Republican Women’s Luncheon is scheduled at 11:30 am., Mon., May 21 at the Silver Saddle Steakhouse, 310 E Benson Hwy in Tucson with Stephen Kruiser - professional comedian and founder of the first Los Angeles Tea Party,’’

Tempe Republican Women will meet at 6:50 pm., Mon., May 21 at the Pyle Adult Recreation Center, 655 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282 due to the Memorial Day holiday. Social begins at 6:30 pm. They will hear Treasurer's Panel with Candidates Kimberly Yee & Jo Ann Sabbaugh.

960 The Patriot is sponsoring a dinner and book signing , featuring ‘ Saving The Republican” authors Hugh Hewitt and Jonah Goldberg at 5:15 pm., Mon., May 21 at the Camelback Esplanade, 2501 East Camelback Road #50, in Phoenix. $125 per person. Seating limited to 100. Table seating – first come, first served unless you reserve a full table of 10 seats on one order. Social – 5:15 pm., dinner – 6:15 pm., Hewitt/Goldberg speak – 6:25 pm., booksigning, cigars on patio, coffee and dessert bar 7:15 pm. Valet parking is available but is not included in your ticket. self park in the parking garage, validation card provided. Cocktails, books & cigars are not included in the ticket price and may be purchased at the event.

The Leisure World Republican Club will host incumbent Supt of Public Instruction Diane Douglas, Corporation Commission candidate Rodney Glassman, LD25 incumbent Rusty Bowers and LD25 House candidate Marlene Hinton at 7 pm., Mon., May 21 at 908 S Power Road in Mesa. Contact: Diane Andersen

MAY 22

Open Conversation with Supervisor Bill Gates is scheduled at noon., Tues., May 22 at the Daisy Mountain Fire Department, 1120 W. Desert Hills Dr. ., Phoenix, AZ 85086. Meeting dates scheduled - June 19, September 18, October 23. Summer break, July & August – no meetings. Contact Gates: 602-506-7562

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) will meet at 7 pm., Tues., May 22 at the Paseo Verde Christian Church, 7569 W Greenway Road in Peoria, to discuss the effects of the new 5G network towers for cell phones and smart meters with Doug Staab, an engineer of 41 years. In 2008, Staab became aware of problems with the Smart Meter technology and recently he has been looking at the effects the new 5G cell phone towers will have on people. Staab will demonstrate a means to test for EMF's and provide information and sources explaining problems associated with smart meters and the 5G network coming to Arizona.  Doug travels all over the world delivering his presentation.   He will bring solutions to our discussion as well as what other legislative bodies are doing to address this problem and bring attention to it. Contact Randy Miller

Andrea Kadar of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, will address “The Abuse of Marijuana (“pot”), Opioids, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin and Fentanyl in Arizona: What is our Arizona Solution?” at 6:30 pm., Tues., May 22 at the House Church,49 Bell Rock Plaza, Suite B, Village of Oak Creek, 86351

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· AZ Dept Of Ed Awarded Troops To Teachers Grant

· Fire On Highway 80 Sparked By Cardboard Box

· Coolidge Man Gets 5 Years For Possession Of Firearm, Drug Trafficking

· Buckeye Police Arrest Army Recruiter For Sexual Conduct With Minor

· Microbes May Be Controlling Your Mind, Says ASU Biodesign Researcher

· Pima County Special Ops Veteran Stalked, Investigated For Facebook Chat With Miller

· Tucson Entrepreneur Finds His Groove Making Records Out Of Unusual Materials

· Ducey Signs Bill Allowing Industrial Hemp

· Tempe Attorney Suspended After Continuing Practice

· Tucson Woman Arrested For Smuggling People In Trunk

· Centurylink, Inc. Gets DOJ Approval Of Tucson Level 3 Assets


· Meet The ‘Never Trump’ Republicans Trying To Force A DACA Amnesty

· Sanders Slams Media/Liberals-Raging-Because Trump-Called-Ms-13-Gang-‘Animals

· Trumps-Rescissions-Would-Shrink-Deficit-By-Less-Than-1-3-Billion-Over-11-Years


· Steve-King: Rotten-GOP-Amnesty-Petition-Gives-Paul-Ryan-Final-Authority-On-Immigration-Bill

· Ryan, McCarthy-Sketch-Plan-For-Amnesty-Bill-Mollify-Business-First GOP-

· House-GOP-Fights-Over-Immigration-Food-Stamps-Could-Tank-Farm-Bill


· Leakers-To-NYT-Confirm-FBI-Ran-Spy-Operation-Against-Trump-Campaign

· Report: Inspector-General-Will-Declare-FBI, DOJ-Broke-Law-In-Clinton-Email-Probe


· Free-Syrian-Army-Commander-Gave-Obama-Supplies To Al Qaeda


· Debbie Wasserman Schultz: NRA ‘Just Shy Of A Terrorist Organization’ Schultz Made Remarks In Response To A Heated Interview Given By New NRA President Oliver North Last Week. Read More

· After Bashing Gun Owners For Months, The NRA Delivers A Major Strike To NY And Andrew Cuomo


· Illegal Alien Children To Be Held At US Military Bases

· Daca-Agenda-Fueling-Ms-13, Drug-Cartels And-Hezbollah/


· Heads-Will-Roll-Ig-Report-On-Clinton-Investigation-Set-To-Drop


· Female-Teacher’s-Having-Affairs-With-Young-Boys-Now-A-Weekly-Occurrence


· Soros-Subversives-Flee-Hungary-As-PM-Orban-Shows-He’s-Serious-About-Sovereignty

· $100-Million-In-2017; Minnesota-Muslims-Sending-Suitcases-Full-Of-Govt-Money-To-Fund-Terrorists-Abroad

· European Country Kicks-Out Real Election Meddler, George Soros, For Life

· North Korea Does A Complete 180° – Now They’re A Country Based On ‘Politics Of Love’