Wednesday, May 23, 2018

5-23-18 Briefs

The Arrowhead Republican Womens Candidates’ Forum is scheduled from 2-5 pm., Sat., June 2 at Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N. 135th Ave, Sun City West. 20 candidates are confirmed to participate including newly elected US Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett, Treasurer candidate Kimberly Yee, US Senate candidate Kelli Ward, LD21 and LD22 candidates, along with the Supt of Public Instruction and Secretary of State candidates, campaign chairman Jan Martinson reports. She urges attendees to arrive early to get photos with their favorite candidates. Drawing tickets available. Light refreshments will be served at this adult only gathering. Republicans welcome to this free event. Contact Jan Martinson, Campaign Chairman

Debbie LeskoKen Bennett - 2015Kimmberly Yee 20 Majority Leaderkelli ward 9

 Bob BranchThe Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee will meet at 7 pm., steve ferraraThurs, May 24 at AZGOP 3501 N 24 St, Phoenix. The AAARC Forum welcomes Dr Bob Branch, Supt of Public Instruction candidate and CD9 candidate Steve Ferrara. We exist to build community, expand our base, & focus on Minorities outreach, realizing our future as a party. Contact Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen, #AAARC FB, AAARC. Org, 602 309 6016

Barbara BlewsterBarbara and Bill Blewster are hosting an open house between 4-6 pm., Sat., June 9 at 915 W Fairway Drive in Mesa for Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett, Supt of Public Instruction candidate Bob Branch; Corporation Commission candidate Jim O’Connor and LD25 House candidate Marlene Hinton. Barbara reports,We have several other great candidates we support. We support Americans who believe in self-reliance, that our U.S. Constitution is to be honored and revered and  ‘in God we trust’ is our personal motto. We believe in the separation of powers; city, county, state and federal have different powers and responsibilities.  Please invite others to this event. Light refreshments.

Ken Bennett - GovBob Branchjim O'Connor 2marlene hinton

The Estrella Mountain Ranch Republican Club will meet at 7 pm., Wed., May 23 7pm at Estrella Foothills H.S. 13033 S. Estrella Pkwy. Goodyear. Special guest - Julie Arendall, new city manager for Goodyear.  Contact: Dick Newcomer 623-398-5638 Republican Club Estrella Mtn. Ranch

Paul Gosar 2016

Congressman Paul Gosar has scheduled a Telephone Town Hall starting at 6 pm., Wed., May 23 for Yavapai, Gila, Pinal, Yuma and Mohave Counties but any resident from Arizona's 4th Congressional District is encouraged to sign up for the teletownhall at congressman-paul-gosar-telephone-town-hall-signup/


Councilman Jim WaringCouncilwoman Thelda WilliamsPhoenix City Councilman Jim Waring and Vice Mayor Thelda Williams will met at 6 pm., Wed., May 30 with the community at Paradise Valley Community Center - 17402 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ (Map). They will discuss on what is going on with the City of Phoenix and at city hall.

Ken Bennett - 2015Grassroots Tea Party Activist will meet with gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett at 6:30 pm., Wed., May 23 at Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Hwy; Access Rd, Dunlap Ave Exit I-17, in Phoenix. Bennett is a former Secretary of State and opt to run for governor when Gov Doug Ducey buckled on RedForEd, promising 20% teacher raises although that authority belongs to the local school boards/districts. Contact facilitator Francine L Romesburg at

The Sun City West Republican Club will meet at 8:30am., Sat., June 2 in the Quail Room of the SCW Foundation, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd.  Doors open at 8am Coffee and donuts will be available - a $2 donation, please, to help defray the cost of the room rental.  All Republicans and Independents from the Sun Cities and surrounding areas are welcome to attend. Since 2018 is an election year, they are sponsoring forums thru June where Republican candidates for state offices will be given an opportunity to present an opening statement and then we will have a Q&A.  Legislative 22 Candidates speaking at this meeting will be John Heep, incumbent Maricopa County College Board member; Clair Van Steenwyk, Crossroads with Van radio talk show host; Kellie Pawluk, a pediatric nurse who advocates for safe quality care, and Mathew Bullock, a business owner who has created hundreds of jobs. More information at or 623+322-9979. Contact: Jean Goncalves, Publicity Chair Lady SCW  623+214-8010.

John Heep  2017Clair Van Steenwyk 2Kellie PawlukMatthew Bullock

The Fountain Hills Veterans groups will commemorate Memorial Day with a ceremony at 9 a.m. at the Fountain Hills Veterans Memorial.  Everyone is welcome and all are encourage to attend.  Wearing of patriotic clothing or full or partial uniform is totally appropriate. VFW Post 7507 members will be giving away buddy poppies at a number of locations.  please accept one and wear to honor are service members who have died fighting for our country.  Meaning Of Memorial Day

With Drivers Heading Out On Memorial Day Weekend trips along state highways, the Arizona Department of Transportation’s network of message signs will carry essential travel and safety information. Messages ranging from “Crash Ahead Right Lane Blocked” to “Drive Sober” can be displayed on the more than 250 electronic boards that ADOT uses to keep travelers up to date across the Grand Canyon State. The signs also will be used to remind drivers about extreme wildfire conditions.

      With Interstate 17 between Phoenix and Flagstaff one of the busiest highways on holiday weekends, ADOT has over the past year installed four new message boards at key locations between Anthem and the State Route 69 interchange at Cordes Junction.The two newer northbound I-17 message signs, near Table Mesa Road and Mud Springs Road in the Black Canyon City area, inform drivers about conditions or offer safety tips before they start the climb up the mountainous stretch to Sunset Point.The two newer southbound message boards at Cordes Junction and approaching the Sunset Point Rest Area also play a key role in keeping motorists up to date, especially if traffic has been slowed or stopped due to an incident as travelers return to the Phoenix area.There are now 17 message boards along I-17 between north Phoenix and Flagstaff.

ronna mcdaniel - RNC"The Republican National Committee knows what we’re up against this November. We know we’re facing tough historical trends, and many in the mainstream media have all but called this election a loss for Republicans. But we’ve defied history before, and the Republican Party is in prime position to do it again in 2018. Despite facing a 'blue wave,' when Americans headed to the polls to cast their ballots in primary elections, Republicans had record turnout…The strong showing is a result of the RNC’s permanent data-driven ground game, the largest in the party’s history. Our sweeping infrastructure has been years in the making and is key to our 2018 midterm strategy. To ensure we defy history, the Republican National Committee is investing $250 million in our midterm election strategy. This is the largest ground game investment we’ve ever made in any cycle…To date, we’ve trained over 13,000 leadership fellows this cycle — far surpassing records we set even during presidential years — and we’ve made over 15 million voter contacts…We have shattered fundraising records thanks to our dedicated small-dollar online donors, and this has created an even bigger fundraising advantage over our Democratic counterparts. Just last week, the RNC announced another record breaking fundraising month for April, bringing our total haul to $184.5 million cycle to date. We are far ahead of the Democratic Party by every measure, not only in fundraising but also in the strength of our ground game, voter engagement and activism."

The Colorado River Tea Party is hosting an Americans for Prosperity workshop from 2-3:30 pm., Thurs, May 24 at the American Legion Post 19 in Yuma. Southwest Regional Director of Americans for Prosperity Boaz Witbeck will moderator this free event. To register go to   cva-foundation-az-insight-to-action-creating-your-positive-narrative-yuma-tickets

All LD22 Candidates Qualifying for the August ballot are invited to participate in the 8:30 am., June 2, Sun City West Republicans “Candidate Forum” scheduled at the Foundation Building, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd in Sun City West. Candidates wishing to participate should contact forum coordinator Clair Van Steenwyk. Please send a photo and short bio for promotion purposes. Participating candidates will have time for opening comments, followed by a question/answer period. Candidates are welcome to visit with attendees before and after the forum. Confirm participation by Van Steenwyk at or phone 623-322-9979.

Precinct Committeemen: Don’t forget that your applications and petitions are due May 30 to be on the August primary ballot. They must be turned in to the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, located on the north side of the Maricopa County Superior Court Building in Phoenix.

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Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. Briefs posts candidate announcements, but does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. - ft.

Activist Gary Ripley: Thanks for the update Frosty I was just going to email you asking if everything was ok. Thanks for all you do as the best source for GOP info in the state.

 Gabby CD3AZGOP Secretary Gabby Mercer: I stand corrected!  This was Chairman Jonathan Lines 2Jonathan Lines response to my request for a rebate between the three senate candidates. He simply forwarded Alexis Valdrez Darnell’s email to me even though that was not the email I sent to him.  5-22-18-briefs. Darnell’s e-mail: “I know this email wasn’t intended for me and I’m chiming in here but we have HIGHLY advised state parties to stay far away from getting involved in debates during Republican Primaries, especially campaigns as high-profile as a US Senate race. Debates are extremely difficult things to manage and regardless of who the organizers/hosts are, those entities will inevitably face criticism from campaigns about favorability, fairness, question selection, format, etc.  There is really no upside to the State Party playing a role in this and far too many risks involved.  Because of the nature of the US Senate primary I’m sure the networks or local entities in Arizona will have a high interest in hosting a debate and it is wise to Lori Klein 2leave the liability on them. Just my two cents but happy to talk through this more if you’d like.” This message was originally directed to Arizona Republican National Committeewoman Lori Klein Corbin, who had also written to AZGOP headquarters urging the debate.

     On Sun., May 20 Corbin sent an e-mail to Lines requesting debate. Corbin wrote: Jonathan, I think this would be a good idea to have the AZGOP sponsor a debate and possibly get it televised and maybe ask someone like Sean Hannity to come out and be the host along with another celebrity.  This would get Arizona national attention and also make for an interesting event which also could be used as an AZGOP fundraising event.  I'm happy to help.”

    Corbin’s e-mail was the results of a message she had received from LD1 Precinct Committeewoman Patricia “Pat” Gillenwater that reads: “Hello Lori, I am writing you today to ask you to urge Chairman Lines to support  holding a debate to include all the candidates running for U.S. Senate. This is one of the most important midterm primaries of my time as an Arizona resident. It's critical that AZ voters have a chance to evaluate the candidates before they cast their ballot. I also believe that this effort by AZGOP to sponsor a debate will reap great benefits for the state GOP. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Javan Mesnard LD17 - speaker of houseRoyce FloraHouse Speaker JD Mesnard responds to Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora: “In addition to being of questionable constitutionality, SB 1268 was felt by many to be advancing a discriminatory property tax policy. Consequently, it was opposed by conservative taxpayer watchdog groups like the Arizona Tax Research Association, among others. Nevertheless, as a professional courtesy to the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office and the bill’s sponsor, I put it up for a vote anyway. It was overwhelmingly rejected by a vote of 11-49, among the most lopsided defeats of this year’s session. Given the Treasurer’s unjust and outrageous personal attacks on me as a result of the bill’s defeat, I wish I hadn’t extended any courtesy to that office and don't plan to again. “It is a mystery to me why I was singled out by the Treasurer as I had no role in the bill’s demise other than my no vote, which I cast after every single other legislator had already voted. I did not discuss the bill with Representative Cardenas, or any other member for that matter, except for the Rules Committee chairman in order to move the bill forward. 5-18-18-briefs Ask any member of the House – I certainly didn’t coordinate any effort to defeat it. I hope the Treasurer was simply misinformed rather than blatantly lying about me. The truth is the bill simply could not overcome its deficiencies. “Instead of throwing a temper tantrum and demonstrating a remarkable lack of professionalism and class, I’d suggest that the Maricopa County Treasurer’s Office advocate for seniors in a way that’s actually constitutional and palatable to more than a handful of members of the Legislature. Or maybe stay out of policymaking altogether – he’s obviously not very good at it.”

boe jamesActivist Boe James: The Primary Property Tax election is over and I have heard a number of stories of people who were away and did not get their mail-in ballots.   By law, Early Ballots are not forwarded by the Post Office, so if you will be out of town and want to participate in the election, you need to send a signed letter to the Maricopa County Recorder, at 111 S. 3rd Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003 stating your name, your current address, your date of birth, and Voter ID # (if known) and the address to which you want the ballot sent.  It must have a written signature that can be matched with that on the voter registration card on file.

If you are not on the Permanent Early Voter List and want a mail-in ballot, you can request an early ballot for the upcoming August 28th primary election by phone or mail.  Call 602-506-1511, Mon-Fri between 8 a and 5 pm. to do so by phone or send the written request to the address listed above.  Don't lose out on your right (duty) to cast an informed ballot.

Victor-Riches - goldwater instituteVictor Riches, President & CEO Goldwater Institute: Congress just sent federal legislation to President Trump that will protect your Right to Try if you have a terminal disease. A few minutes ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 250-169 to join the Senate in protecting the right of terminal patients who want to use medicines awaiting final approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The President repeatedly called on Congress to send him this legislation, and he’s expected to sign it within a few days.
Just five years ago, we at the Goldwater Institute had a thought: Why are terminally ill Americans denied the freedom to try cutting-edge medicines that might save their lives, just because those medications are still years away from being sold on the open market? We were told this was an impossible dream. That the FDA zealously guarded an exclusive power to decide when anyone can try a new medicine. That Washington politicians and federal courts were too heavily invested in promoting the FDA’s authority and would not force the agency to stand down.
Our response? The Founding Fathers never viewed the federal government as the only source or protector of our liberties. Under the U.S. Constitution, all 50 states have the authority and the duty to protect your freedom. With your enthusiastic support, we traveled from state capital to state capital to talk about this fundamental principle of healthcare freedom. With your help, we built a grassroots bipartisan coalition of doctors, of healthcare advocates, of patients and their loved ones. From California to Florida, 40 states listened to our coalition and acted to protect the Right to Try. This national momentum opened Washington’s eyes to what can be accomplished when you work to advance freedom instead of stripping liberty away. Soon, our dream of protecting the Right to Try for every American will be reality. And this is the only the beginning. We are working in other ways to protect your freedom to healthcare … Your freedom to work in the occupation of your choice … Your freedom to speak and to own property and to pursue happiness.But those are stories for another day. Today, I just want say “thank you” for your unwavering faith in our vision for protecting your Right to Try.

boe jamesActivist Boe James: "Memorial Day: This week marks the end of the school year and for many the start of summer. Congratulations to all the seniors who graduate on Friday and who are now entering the adult world of jobs or college. It is a time to for them to reflect on the future and the past. This coming weekend is not only the beginning of summer, it is also Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is a solemn day when we commemorate and honor our war dead. Originally it was called Decoration Day and ladies (mostly) went to the military cemeteries and laid (or scattered) flowers on the graves of Civil War veterans after listening to speeches. Today the speeches continue as do the laying of flowers at the graves of military veterans at cemeteries across the nation. This weekend might be a good time for everyone, not just the recent graduates, to reflect on the freedoms we all enjoy and upon the brave soldiers, Sailors, Marines and airmen who died so we can have those freedoms.
A Memorial Day ceremony will be held at 9 am, on Memorial Day, Mon, May 28th at the Veterans Memorial on the south side of Fountain Park. American Legion Post 58 is the lead for the ceremony. Traditionally local Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) (American Legion Post 58, Veterans of Foreign Wars [VFW] Post 7507, Marine Corps League Detachment 1439 and American Veterans [AmVets] Post 7) participate. Fountain Hills has always shown appreciation and support for veterans and active duty military, from buying and wearing Red Shirts, donating to VSOs for Poppies, to contributing to worthy causes and to attendance at events. I hope to see many friends and neighbors at the Memorial on Monday morning."

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Andy BiggsCongressman Andy Biggs: The U.S. House has passed S. 204 - the Trickett Wendler, Frank Mongiello, Jordan McLinn, and Matthew Bellina Right to Try Act of 2017. Congressman Biggs, the sponsor of the House version, released the following statement: “After months of negotiations and hard work, Congress passed the Right to Try bill, which will be sent to President Trump’s desk. This is an enormous accomplishment that demonstrates the bipartisan efforts of Members of Congress. Our legislation will give significant hope to many Americans facing terminal illnesses. Right to Try will remain the law of the land long after many of my colleagues and I leave these halls. That’s a legacy I am honored to be associated with. I’m thankful to President Trump, Vice President Pence, Senator Johnson, Congressman Fitzpatrick, and all of the advocates who worked tirelessly to send this bill across the finish line, including former Congressman Matt Salmon, who championed Right to Try during his tenure in Congress. I’m grateful for my colleagues who put people before politics to approve this legislation. We gave countless Americans hope, and now the law is on its way to President Trump for his signature.” U.S. House Sends Right to Try Bill to President Trump's Desk

DiCiccio headshotPhoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio: In less than one week, Phoenix will finally focus on the priorities our citizens have been demanding: more police and a permanent fix for our crumbling roads. There has not been one single meeting this year at the city of Phoenix focused on fixing our roads and hiring more police to protect our families. I have been working with Councilwoman Thelda WilliamsCouncilwoman Thelda Williams and others to put together and advance a plan that will take monies from light rail expansion and put it into hiring more police and fixing our roads. Our roads are in shambles, our police are understaffed and response times are suffering. These are the core functions of local government, and it's time to refocus our energy and resources on delivering the basic services our citizens need. We don't need to spend $10 million studying garbage, pay over $200,000 for a guy to do some plagiarizing, the dole out millions more every year on lobbying and memberships. We don't need an overpriced streetcar expansion when the single greatest "achievement" of the current system is spreading crime throughout the city. With new leadership, it is time to truly move Phoenix forward by refocusing on the most basic responsibilities of local government. It's unfortunate that we've had to wait this long to get back to the basics of good government, but I am hopeful that the time for Phoenix to take on our challenges and once again be reborn from the ashes is at hand. - Councilman, District 6 602-262-7491

Paul Gosar 2016 

CD4 Congressman Paul Gosar on Monday evening became the first sitting GOP member of the House of Representatives to publicly call for the removal of House Speaker Paul Ryan now, rather than on Ryan’s planned schedule post-election, during an interview on Breitbart News Tonight on SiriusXM. Revolt-Underway-Rep-Paul-Gosar-Calls-For-Paul-Ryan-Removal-As-Speaker-Replacement-With-Jim-Jordan

Andy BiggsCongressman Andy Biggs: “Since the 2016 campaign, President Trump has called on our allies to pay their share of defense costs that are commensurate with their economic resources and security environments. From United Nations to NATO spending, the United States spends more than its fair share and takes on the overwhelming responsibility to protect the world. I agree with President Trump’s National Security Strategy that calls on our allies to pay their share of the expense to maintain these defense alliances. For the second year in a row, I submitted the ‘Audit the Pentagon’ amendment. Military success requires military spending; however, in order to assure that our warriors are properly trained and equipped, the Defense Department must ensure that taxpayer dollars are utilized wisely and efficiently. All government departments and agencies should be audited, and I will continue to work toward this goal.” Congressman Biggs Submits Two Amendments to the FY 2019 NDAA

Andy Biggs Congressman Andy Biggs: Last week, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that S. 204 - the Trickett Wendler, Frank Mongiello, Jordan McLinn, and Matthew Bellina Right to Try Act of 2017 would be considered by the House of Representatives this week. Biggs said, “S. 204 passed the Senate last summer unanimously, and I am happy that the House will be voting on this legislation later this week. Right to Try is a bipartisan law that will give immediate hope to countless men, women, and children facing terminal illnesses. I’m thankful to President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Ron Johnson, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick, many of my colleagues, and hundreds of advocates across the nation for their perseverance with this bill. I ask my colleagues to support S. 204 when it comes to the floor this week.” Congressman Biggs' Statement on Upcoming Right to Try Vote in House


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Wendy Rogers 2014CD1 candidate Wendy Rogers, a conservative entrepreneur and retired Air Force pilot, who supported Donald Trump in the primaries, spoke at the VA Clinic in Flagstaff last week highlighting the importance of taking care of Veterans. See video of Wendy Rogers speech on Rogers' Facebook page. Rogers retired as an operational Air Force jet pilot from 20 years active duty. Her husband also served 20 years. She come from a long line of military officers, 5 generations. She said, “Their son is the 6th generation to serve; he uses the VA. So do his father and I.  We must do better to serve our veterans.I ask for your vote August 28th, or earlier if you're deployed or vote absentee. Let's win this election, so I can be another strong voice for veterans in Congress”. Rogers retired at the rank of Lt. Col., was one of U.S. military’s first female pilots, and is an entrepreneur and homeschool mom. Please contribute to Wendy Rogers to help save America from liberals and anti-American politicians who undermine our values and laws.

kelli ward 2018

US Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward: Opioids-Epidemic-Crisis-Arizona-Senate-Race-Border-Wall I’m Running for Senate in Arizona. Here’s Why We Need a Border Wall.

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MAY 22

Open Conversation with Supervisor Bill Gates is scheduled at noon., Tues., May 22 at the Daisy Mountain Fire Department, 1120 W. Desert Hills Dr. ., Phoenix, AZ 85086. Meeting dates scheduled - June 19, September 18, October 23. Summer break, July & August – no meetings. Contact Gates: 602-506-7562

The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA) will meet at 7 pm., Tues., May 22 at the Paseo Verde Christian Church, 7569 W Greenway Road in Peoria, to discuss the effects of the new 5G network towers for cell phones and smart meters with Doug Staab, an engineer of 41 years. In 2008, Staab became aware of problems with the Smart Meter technology and recently he has been looking at the effects the new 5G cell phone towers will have on people. Staab will demonstrate a means to test for EMF's and provide information and sources explaining problems associated with smart meters and the 5G network coming to Arizona.  Doug travels all over the world delivering his presentation.   He will bring solutions to our discussion as well as what other legislative bodies are doing to address this problem and bring attention to it. Contact Randy Miller

Andrea Kadar of Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, will address “The Abuse of Marijuana (“pot”), Opioids, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin and Fentanyl in Arizona: What is our Arizona Solution?” at 6:30 pm., Tues., May 22 at the House Church,49 Bell Rock Plaza, Suite B, Village of Oak Creek, 86351.

The Fountain Hills Republican Social is scheduled at 6:30 pm, Tues, May 22 in the Fireside Grill in the Centerstone Plaza Hotel, 12800 N Saguaro Blvd.   The Tuesday, June 26 GOP Social is cancelled so that all club members can attend the Chamber of Commerce sponsored Mayoral Debate in the Community Center at 6:30 p.m. Contact Boe James

May 24

The Colorado River Tea Party is hosting an Americans for Prosperity workshop from 2-3:30 pm., Thurs, May 24 at the American Legion Post 19 in Yuma. Southwest Regional Director of Americans for Prosperity Boaz Witbeck will moderator this free event. To register go to   cva-foundation-az-insight-to-action-creating-your-positive-narrative-yuma-tickets

MAY 27

In Honor Of Memorial Day, the Grace Bible Church choir in Sun City will be presenting a special patriotic concert at 5 pm., Sun., May 27. Choir member Marsha Hill says, “If you made it to our Christmas concert you already know to get there early! There will be an Independence Day Concert (in late June) but for now, mark your calendars for May 27! It'll be a lovely tribute...guaranteed!

May 28

Patriot Alliance will meet at 7:30 am., Memorial Day (May 28) at 18751 S LaCanada in Sahuarita (just south of the Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery in recognition of the sacrifices made by our brave military. Participants are asked to bring a sign to honor fallen heros (nothing political). Wear a hat and sunscreen and bring water. Contact:

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