Thursday, May 24, 2018

5-24-18 Briefs

President Donald Trump will join "Fox & Friends" on this morning (May 24)  for a wide-ranging interview with host Brian Kilmeade ... Trump is expected to discuss a number of issues: his plans to confront the violent El Salvador-based gang MS-13; the new NFL ruling penalizing teams for kneeling during the national anthem; the latest developments in the president's planned summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and more. Tune in to "Fox & Friends"  starting at 6 a.m. ET!

Jonathan Lines 2Word Has Floated For A Couple Of Weeks that the AZGOP Victory Team Field Directors for CD1, CD4, CD5 and CD6 had quit due to being “worked like slaves and micromanaged” by the RNC. Sources report that the field team was put on the street knocking doors for the CD8 with little to no training on grassroots organizing.

Chairman Jonathan Lines hasn’t responded to Brief’s inquiry regarding Ayshia Connor 2the reports so Briefs contacted the new Communications Director Ayshia Connors, who quickly responded with, “Thank you for reaching out. Under the leadership of Chairwoman (Ronna) McDaniel and Chairman Lines, The RNC and the AZ GOP have partnered to create the largest, most robust and well organized field Ronna_Romney_McDaniel_2018program in Arizona history. Following the Arizona-8 special election, some staff members came to the conclusion that the long hours and high expectations set by our two organizations weren’t the right fit for them. We have a strong, talented and growing team of operatives, and we are building an unprecedented organization across the state.

“Additionally, Dan Duffey, the longest-tenured member of the senior staff had this to say: “The Victory Team is strong and growing. After our success in the Arizona 08 special election, we were able to gauge which staffers were in for the long haul, and which were probably best suited for other jobs. At the end the day, we are going to have a grassroots and GOTV machine that will propel our statewide Republican ticket to victory; I’m excited to go into battle with this committed team of operatives.”

Regarding the absence of State Director Alex Melendez, Connors responded, “As for Alex Melendez, he recently took a job with a statewide campaign. He was helpful with the transition and we wish him well.

san tan

Contact President Kathy NowakKathleen.Elise@Gmail.Com for information on the club’s reorganization.

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richard hopkinsA Reception For LD4 House Candidate Richard Hopkins is scheduled at 3:30 pm., Sat., May 26 at the Las Herraduras Mexican Restaurant, 2256 W 4th Ave. in Yuma. Bring any petitions you have for him, whether the page is full or not. Seating may be limited. RSVP to or by Friday morning. Contact: Sally Kizer, Colorado River Tea Party chairman at 928-210-1219

A New Partnership Among Three Maricopa County Departments aims to reduce the amount of trash and litter left behind at the Lake Pleasant Regional Park during busy holidays. The Maricopa County Parks and Recreation Department, Maricopa County Department of Transportation and Maricopa County Waste Resources and Recycling Department have teamed up for an anti-litter campaign to ask park-goers to pick up and throw away their own trash at the county’s most-Clint Hickman, #4 Bd of Supervisited park. “Lake Pleasant’s beautiful scenery is a source of pride for Maricopa County,” said Clint Hickman, District 4 supervisor for the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. “We want visitors to enjoy the park and its many recreational opportunities. However, through this partnership, we are asking visitors to do their part in keeping the park in pristine condition.”As part of the partnership, all vehicles entering the park during the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day holiday periods will receive an orange trash bag from MCDOT’s Adopt a Highway program along with educational information about the impact of littering. WRR will provide additional waste bins to give recreationists more options for trash disposal.About 8,000 visitors are expected to enter Lake Pleasant Regional Park during each holiday period.

bob branch 7Dr. Bob Branch, Candidate For Supt Of Public Instruction, will speak to the Arizona American African Republican Committee (AAARC), at 7 pm., Thur., May 24 at the AZGOP Headquarters, 3501 N 24 St, Phoenix. Branch supports President Trump’s agenda to “Dismantle the U.S. Department of Education,” and his campaign is to “Make Education Great Again!” He says he “stand for States’ Rights, believes in school choice, and supports local control.

The Fountain Hills Veterans groups will commemorate Memorial Day with a ceremony at 9 a.m., Mon, May 28 at the Fountain Hills Veterans Memorial.  Everyone is welcome and all are encourage to attend.  Wearing of patriotic clothing or full or partial uniform is totally appropriate. VFW Post 7507 members will be giving away buddy poppies at a number of locations.  please accept one and wear to honor are service members who have died fighting for our country.  Meaning Of Memorial Day

ronna mcdaniel - RNCRNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniels: Republicans Are Putting Forward A Winning Strategy - I mean, it’s interesting to see the Democrat Party and where they’re going right now. You saw last night the progressive wing of the party continues to win. What do they want? They want more government in your lives, they want you to take home less money in your paycheck, they want to shut down our economy, they want to go back to low economic growth, which we saw under the Obama Administration. I don't think that’s a winning strategy for the American people who are now seeing that their lives are better because of President Trump, because of the policies he’s put forward, and I see it all across the country. People feel good about their lives. They feel like their jobs are better, their opportunities are better, and they’re going to vote for the party that’s putting that in place for them in November.

Paul Gosar 2016Congressman Paul Gosar has announced that Military Academy Nomination application for ;potential CD4 appointees can be obtained from his office at serviceacademynomination Members of Congress may nominate candidates for appointment to four of the five U.S. service academies: U.S. Military Academy (USMA), West Point, NY; the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA), Annapolis, MD; the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), Colorado Springs, CO; and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA), Kings Point, NY. The fifth service academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA), New London, CT, does not require a congressional nomination for appointment. Each congressional delegate may nominate up to 10 individuals for each vacant academy slot allotted to their district.

jim o'connor 2017Attention readers who are collecting nominating petition signatures and Clean Election $5 contributions for Jim O’Connor’s race for the Corporation Commission: Please mail your forms completed and signed on the back side directly to O’Connor at 8001 E Del Joya Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85258. He has an appointment to turn in his signature petitions at 9 am., Thur., May 24 at the Secretary of State’s Office. Jim thanks each of you for your work on his behalf in this difficult but necessary task. Contact O’Connor at 602-538-9387.

Bob Branch

David and Becky Allen are hosting a "Meet & Greet" for Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate Dr. Bob Branch at their home in Waddell between 6:30-9 pm, Sat., May 26. The accomplished Branch would be honored with the presence of those who have not had a chance to meet him or hear him speak.  If attending, call for directions. RSVP: 623-979-9559.

The Colorado River Tea Party is hosting an Americans for Prosperity workshop from 2-3:30 pm., Thurs, May 24 at the American Legion Post 19 in Yuma. Southwest Regional Director of Americans for Prosperity Boaz Witbeck will moderator this free event. To register go to   cva-foundation-az-insight-to-action-creating-your-positive-narrative-yuma-tickets

Frank Riggs

A fundraiser, hosted by Steve Nannini, Jeff Utsch, Alex Dely, Barney Brenner, Dr. Mark Russell, Carol Dart, Carol Ann Whigham and Randy Graff for Supt of Public Instruction candidate Frank Riggs is scheduled from 6-7:30 pm., Thurs., May 31 at 7777 N Via Bellini in Tucson. Light refreshments will be served. Suggested donation: $50 per person or $75 per couple. RSVP to 480-437-1032 or Checks to Riggs for Arizona, PO Box 1690, Cave Creek, AZ 85327.

All LD22 Candidates Qualifying for the August ballot are invited to participate in the 8:30 am., June 2, Sun City West Republicans “Candidate Forum” scheduled at the Foundation Building, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd in Sun City West. Candidates wishing to participate should contact forum coordinator Clair Van Steenwyk. Please send a photo and short bio for promotion purposes. Participating candidates will have time for opening comments, followed by a question/answer period. Candidates are welcome to visit with attendees before and after the forum. Confirm participation by Van Steenwyk at or phone 623-322-9979.

Precinct Committeemen: Don’t forget that your applications and petitions are due May 30 to be on the August primary ballot. They must be turned in to the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office, located on the north side of the Maricopa County Superior Court Building in Phoenix.

If You Want To Help Your Favorite Republican Candidates get their petitions signed to get on the ballot, sign up on line with the Secretary of State office at voter petitions

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor


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zack taylorActivist Zack Taylor: Denver, Colorado....don't you know?  The Blue City on a hill that hides illegal alien criminals from ICE.  Who in the world votes for these idiots? Does anyone know what the blood red tattoo under the corner of the right eye stands for?   Hmmm? Mexican-Illegal-Alien-Arrested-For-Deadly-Hit-And-Run-Free-To-Leave-Prison-In-Sanctuary-City-Denver/


Royce FloraMaricopa County Treasurer Royce T Flora: Setting the Record Straight: The Yellow Sheet Report (May 22, 2018) wrote that Maricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora is running for State Treasurer. Imagine the shock and surprise of Mr. Flora, Mrs. Flora, and the entire County Treasurer’s staff learning of this. Flora has already publicly endorsed Kimberly Yee for that office. No wonder in their banner they note that they are a “Gossip” page. It was worth a good morning chuckle.

Contrary to House Speaker JD Mesnard’s assertion that he was just Javan Mesnard LD17 - speaker of houseone of 49 votes against SB1268, the fact is he held the bill until the end of the session. This is a tactic often used by leadership to kill a bill without leaving fingerprints. In this case, it gave ATRA plenty of time to misinform lawmakers about SB1268’s integrity. County Treasurer staff met with Rules attorneys in both chambers and were assured that SB1268 was constitutional. The House Rules attorney, however, added that “ATRA has some concerns.” It’s interesting that the House Rules attorney, the Speaker, and the House analyst explaining the bill to the Republican Caucus, all used ATRA’s language regarding SB1268’s constitutionality and uniformity. Mesnard seems more concerned with ATRA’s concerns than he does with his own Rules attorneys’ opinion and the plight of low-income seniors.SB1268 passed the Senate 28-2. This same bill passed the House two years ago with a super majority, again being ruled constitutional. So, yes, Speaker Mesnard colluded with ATRA to kill the bill which now puts low-income seniors at risk of losing their homes because of ever increasing property taxes.

    It is humorous to note Mesnard’s criticism of Flora’s policy-making expertise. That’s laughable, considering the Speaker’s legislative track record. His comment that he allowed the bill to be brought to the floor for a vote as “a courtesy” further demonstrates that he makes decisions based on personal bias rather than what’s good for the taxpayer. To be clear, the Treasurer’s policy is to help keep people in their homes, and not pander to lobbyists. Calling ATRA a “conservative group” is a bit of a stretch. ATRA is selectively conservative only when it suits them and their wealthy commercial property owners and big business clients. They’re a lobbying firm for the well-to-do. Low-income seniors, the victims of the failure of SB1268, will never be clients of ATRA or contribute to political campaigns.

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American Post-Gazette

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona

May 23, 2018


Judy BurgesRepublicans and Democrats voted overwhelmingly to put old, poor people in Arizona at serious risk of losing their homes. While the world was fixated on teachers and schools getting more money, a simple bill, SB1268, the Senior Citizens Tax Relief Act, authored by retiring State Senator Judy Burges (R-22) that would protect seniors making less than $35,000/year from having their property taxes increase next year, failed late sine die night. This same bill passed the Senate 28-2. But the House (maybe there’s a reason it’s called the “Lower Chamber”) voted 49-11 to kill it. Two years ago, with many of the Debbie Leskosame members, the same bill passed the House by a super majority. It never got a hearing in the Senate because then- Senator Debbie Lesko was told by Arizona Tax Research Association (ATRA) owner, Kevin McCarthy, to kill it. More on him later.

Royce FloraMaricopa County Treasurer Royce Flora pushed hard for the bill and expressed his disappointment in its failure with an open letter to county property owners that can be viewed on the Treasurer’s website

Burges, a well-liked and respected legislator, did her best to rally the troops—but to no avail. Now what’s going to happen to the approximately 22,000 low income Arizona seniors who qualify for the current assistance program that has lost its funding? Nothing good. Their property taxes could double, putting many of them at risk of losing their homes.

     Javan Mesnard LD17 - speaker of houseWhere do you place the blame for this debacle? Certainly with the 49 House members who voted against it. But a majority of the blame belongs on the shoulders of four people: (1) House Speaker JD Mesnard (R-17) for having no backbone to do the right thing in the first place, providing no leadership to support this important bill, and by not joining Burges in rallying the troops. This is more reason why you shouldn’t have children in leadership. (Until recently, Mesnard lived in Tempe—on Sesame Street. It’s starting to make sense. If you look at Mesnard as he sits on the House dais, doesn’t he look suspiciously like Oscar the Grouch?)

Vince Leach LD11(2) Rep Vince Leach (R-11) who gave impassioned speeches against the bill in committee hearings and caucus, claiming it was unconstitutional and would destroy fire districts (neither is true). Both the Senate and House Rules attorneys ruled that the bill is constitutional but Leach and others refused to listen to their own attorneys and instead bought into special interests who don’t care about old, poor people.

Mark Cardenas (d) 2(3) Special negative shout out to Rep Mark Cardenas (D-19) who authored the House version of the bill and did nothing in the Democratic caucus to help its passage. In fact, in their caucus, Democrats voiced their opposition because they saw it as a tax cut. Cardenas joined all his other Democrat buddies and actually voted against the bill. All Senate Democrats voted for it; all House Democrats voted against it. It goes to show you just how dysfunctional the Democratic Party really is, and that they really don’t care about the poor.

(4) Now, we are back to McCarthy, owner of ATRA, the self-described “taxpayers’ watchdog.” McCarthy took a personal interest in killing SB1268 by lying to legislators that the bill is unconstitutional. In fact, the bill carved out the same group Arizona voters voted to protect in Article 9, Section 18, Subsection 7, of the Arizona Constitution. SB1268 would have put in statute permanent protection by allowing these old, poor homeowners to have their primary residence reclassified in a lower property tax schedule.

Kudos to the 11 Republican House members who voted “Yay” for their courage and sense of fair play—and plain common sense: Rusty Bowers, Noel Campbell, David Cook, Mark Finchem, David Livingston, Becky Nutt, Kevin Payne, Tony Rivero, David Stringer, Bob Thorpe, and Ben Toma.

Rusty Bower 2017Noel Campbell  LD1David Cook - LD8 repMark Finchem LD11David Livingston LD22Becky Nutt LD14Kevin Payne LD21Tony Rivero LD21

David Stringer LD1Bob Thorpe #6ben toma

Shame on the 24 Republican House members who were lied to by McCarthy, and were given poor, immature, leadership by Mesnard. This is government punishing taxpayers. If Republicans, who claim to be for lower taxes and less regulation, can’t support this kind of bill, who will?

The potential damage this will do to senior homeowners is immeasurable. Many may lose their homes to ever-increasing property taxes. Despite all the pontificating, campaign rhetoric, and claims of helping the little guy, these legislators have demonstrated they really don’t care about the old and the poor. Yours in the Cause of Truth - A. Hamilton – Editor’s Note: Briefs inserted the photos to the original copy. - ft~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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Doug Ducey 2015Gov Doug Ducey is serious about securing the border, and he is getting results for Arizona. On Monday, he had dinner with President Trump at the White House. They talked about strategies to stop the flow of dangerous drugs and traffickers across Arizona's southern border. Ducey believes the most fundamental responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. For too long, politicians in Washington D.C. ignored the border crisis and failed to act. As a border state governor, Ducey knows first-hand why we must finish the job and secure the border. Last month, President Trump called for the deployment of National Guard troops to the southern border, and Ducey responded immediately. Today more than 400 Arizona National Guard troops are mobilized on the border assisting Border Patrol. Ducey has visited the border twice in recent weeks. First, he traveled to Nogales to meet with National Guard troops recently deployed. A week later, he traveled to San Luis to meet with Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and tour border defenses.

   In 2015, Ducey created Arizona's Border Strike Force — a partnership between local, state, and federal law enforcement officers to stop drug cartels and human traffickers. As of January 2018, Arizona's Border Strike Force has seized:

     53,156 pounds of marijuana;

     7,843 prescription drug pills/capsules;

     12.4 million hits of heroin;

     35 pounds of fentanyl;

     258 firearms;

     167,900 rounds of ammunition;

     And $10,000,000 in currency.

     Border Strike Force operations have also resulted in over 2,480 arrests.

Thanks to Governor Ducey, Arizona is finally securing our southern border and stopping border criminals. Please help us spread the word about his efforts! Thanks - Team Ducey

john mccain 2U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, on the Senate passage of the VA MISSION Act of 2018, legislation that includes several provisions cosponsored by Senators McCain and Jerry Moran (R-KS) that would transform the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) into a 21st century health care system. The legislation will now be sent to the president’s desk for signature. “I applaud the Senate for passing legislation today that would dramatically expand and improve the Veterans Choice Program, and transform the VA into a 21st century integrated health care system,” said McCain. “In the wake of the scandal in care at VA hospitals in Phoenix and around the country, we promised our veterans that they would never again be forced to face unacceptable wait times for appointments or drive unreasonable distances to get the care they need. We delivered on that promise by providing veterans greater flexibility and choice in their care, and we are building on this progress with the VA MISSION Act of 2018. I am especially proud that the VA MISSION Act includes many of the reforms I cosponsored with Senator Jerry Moran that would expand health care choices for veterans and make it easier for them to access care in their communities through a consolidated community care network. Once this bill is signed, Congress must exercise strong oversight of the department as it begins to implement these changes so it can successfully carry out its mission to deliver timely and quality care to those who have served.

     “Finally, I am deeply humbled that my colleagues have designated this legislation in my name, along with my friend and comrade, Congressman Sam Johnson, and World War II veteran, the late Senator Daniel Akaka. We share this honor with all of the veterans who came before us and all who proudly served and are still serving around the world. As we mark Memorial Day this weekend, I can think of no better way to demonstrate our gratitude to the brave men and women who have sacrificed in uniform than to strengthen and improve the care they so richly deserve.” See McCain applauds senate passage of the VA Mission Act


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. ft

kimberly yeeSenate Majority Leader Kimberly Yee has filed over 10,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot in her bid for Arizona State Treasurer. "I'm truly honored to receive this overwhelming support across Arizona.  Thank you to the many volunteers who helped collect signatures from all corners of the state.  I look forward to pressing on towards a strong and positive campaign to become Arizona's next State Treasurer," said Yee. She has earned a reputation at the Arizona State Capitol as a fiscal conservative who advocates for issues on behalf of the taxpayer. 

Version 2Craig Wismer, Arrowhead JP incumbent: Well this is an interesting development. Appears that I've drawn a rather colorful opponent in my bid for re-election as the Arrowhead Justice of the Peace. Statement of Organization not yet filed but campaign signs have appeared woolbright signin the precinct. Below are articles culled from the Internet that were written about Phillip Woolbright at the time he was removed from office by the Arizona Supreme Court. I'll let you decide if he is fit for judicial office. Phillip-Woolbright-Justice-Of-The-Peace-And-Servant-Of-The-Lord-Removed-From-Office Woolbright Loses Right To Judge Phillip Woolbright, Disgraced Former Judge, Shamelessly Tries Again!  Contact: (personal website) (campaign website) (Facebook campaign page)

Ken Bennett - GovGubernatorial Candidate Ken Bennett: I am asking for you to sign my petition sign my petition to stop Governor Ducey from calling a Special Session to pass his Severe Threat Orders of Protection (STOP) plan which seizes your guns.  Signing my petition gives you a choice in the Republican primary and the opportunity to hear my great plans.

Ducey has a horrible plan which allows guns to be seized. He is determined to bring it back in the next Legislative session.

Ducey raised your taxes.

    Ducey asked McCain and Flake to vote NO on the repeal of Obamacare.

    Ducey put the AZ budget on a fiscal cliff using gimmicks to give teacher's a 20% raise.

    TUSD has already stated they will NOT put all the money to teacher raises. 

    Ducey’s bad plan to fix education, Prop 123, failed to bring in the money he promised and $170 million was withdrawn from the Trust Fund principal the very first year when he said it wouldn't happen. 

Panicking does not get a strong budget and tricks do not make money appear.

I have a proven track record as the Arizona Senate President from 2003 to 2007 and a structurally balanced budget with $1 billion in the rainy day fund. 

    I fought a Democrat Governor and I won those fights.

    Lead Arizona for the largest tax cut in history.

     Had the biggest increase of new money into education in history. 

I offer Arizona leadership that is strong and steady and I have very good plans to show you.

Ken Bennett - 2015Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: One week from today I will be submitting my petitions to run for Governor of Arizona and it is because of you and your hard work. It is looking really good but we know that Governor Ducey will play every dirty trick in the book to in-validate the signatures so we need more! Can you help me Please ask everyone who has signed to get 4 more people to sign online. Ducey is considering a Special Session of the Legislature to pass his STOP plan - this is the plan that seizes guns while a person is being evaluated.  He will not do this if he has a Primary Challenger.  They are protesting at the Capitol NOW because it is well known that Ducey caves.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


May 24

The Colorado River Tea Party is hosting an Americans for Prosperity workshop from 2-3:30 pm., Thurs, May 24 at the American Legion Post 19 in Yuma. Southwest Regional Director of Americans for Prosperity Boaz Witbeck will moderator this free event. To register go to   cva-foundation-az-insight-to-action-creating-your-positive-narrative-yuma-tickets

The Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee will meet at 7 pm., Thurs, May 24 at AZGOP 3501 N 24 St, Phoenix. The AAARC Forum welcomes Dr Bob Branch, Supt of Public Instruction candidate and CD9 candidate Steve Ferrara. We exist to build community, expand our base, & focus on Minorities outreach, realizing our future as a party. Contact Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen, #AAARC FB, AAARC. Org, 602 309 6016

MAY 27

In Honor Of Memorial Day, the Grace Bible Church choir in Sun City will be presenting a special patriotic concert at 5 pm., Sun., May 27. Choir member Marsha Hill says, “If you made it to our Christmas concert you already know to get there early! There will be an Independence Day Concert (in late June) but for now, mark your calendars for May 27! It'll be a lovely tribute...guaranteed!

May 28

Patriot Alliance will meet at 7:30 am., Memorial Day (May 28) at 18751 S LaCanada in Sahuarita (just south of the Green Valley Mortuary and Cemetery in recognition of the sacrifices made by our brave military. Participants are asked to bring a sign to honor fallen heros (nothing political). Wear a hat and sunscreen and bring water. Contact:

May 31

A fundraiser, hosted by Steve Nannini, Jeff Utsch, Alex Dely, Barney Brenner, Dr. Mark Russell, Carol Dart, Carol Ann Whigham and Randy Graff for Supt of Public Instruction Frank Riggs is scheduled from 6-7:30 pm., Thurs., May 31 at 7777 N Via Bellini in Tucson. Light refreshments will be served. Suggested donation: $50 per person or $75 per couple. RSVP to 480-437-1021 or Checks to Riggs for Arizona, PO Box 1690, Cave Creek, AZ 85327

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