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6-11-18 Briefs

john mccain 2Poor John McCain. The Arizona senator, who’s battling terminal brain cancer, thinks someone died and made him the leader of the free world. Proving that he’s determined to be a thorn in President Trump’s side even on his deathbed, McCain once again tried to undermine the billionaire by slamming the tariffs trump slapped on China and Canada (you know, like the ones they charge on American goods)… John-McCain-Viciously-Undermines-Trump-To-World-Leaders-In-Absolutely-Inexcusable-Message-To-Our-Allies

Paul Gosar 2016

Margaret Nyberg of Wickenburg is hosting a reception for Congressman Paul Gosar at 6:30 pm., Fri., June 15 at 2945 Percheron Road in Wickenburg. Guests are welcome to arrive after 6 pm. Contact: Nyberg at 928-706-4401.

Sylvia Allen 6 Sen Bob BranchThe Gila County Republican Committee conducts a monthly one hour radio program on KMOG 1420 AM radio the second Monday of each month starting at 9am. The Mon, June 11 show will have guests Sen Sylvia Allen who is running for re-election and Dr. Bob Branch, candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, according to GCRC Chairman Gary Morris.

steven allenGrassroots Tea Party Activists of Arizona will host retired Constitutional attorney, author and historian Dr Steve W Allen, who has a first-hand story on corruption of the Federal Court system. Allen will inform the group on how he was accused and sentenced to prison for 46 months for allegedly defrauding the government. Allen has authored Founding Fathers, Give Me Liberty, The Illegal Trail Of Christ and You Can’t Take It With You. Allen resides in Mesa with his wife and five children. The group will meet at 6:30 pm., Wed., June 13 at the Denny’s Restaurant Banquet Room, 9030 N. Black Canyon Hwy, Access Road, Dunlap Ave Exit I-17 in Phoenix. Doors open at 6 pm. Contact Francine Romesburg

Kelli Ward - physician  5A Mix & Mingle Fundraiser for US senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward is scheduled at 11 am., Mon., June 25 at Rosati’s Pizza, 1050 E Ray Road #2, in Chandler. $25 minimum donation. Space for 75 guests. A lunch buffet will be provided, as well as non-alcoholic beverages and a cash bar. Contact/RSVP:

Bob BranchSupt of Public Instruction candidate Dr. Bob Branch will meet with voters between 5:30-7 pm., Wed., June 13 at the Tempe Public Library Tempe Public Library, Meeting Room B, 3500 South Rural Road Tempe, AZ 85282. RSVP

michal carbone 2

LD13 Republicans will meet at 6:30 pm., Tues., June 12 at Heritage Elementary Library, 20895 W Hamilton St, Buckeye, AZ for training on the Advantage App, according to Chairman Michael Carbone.

Americas-Immigration-Predicament-Part-2-Blindsiding-Future-Generations-With-Exponential-Immigration Let’s examine our water as the most important resource for living on this planet.  We need to drink it, hydrate our livestock and irrigate our crops.  Yet today, seven states face imminent water shortages. California, boasting 39 million people, remains on track to add 15 to 20 million more people by 2050.  Unfortunately, they face severe water shortages today.  Florida suffers severe water shortfalls with 21 million people, yet projections show 36 million people by 2050....

The Sun City West Republicans have moved their meeting location effective Sept 1 to the Beardsley Rec Center, in SCW (Beardsley Road/Stardust Blvd & 128th St. They meet at 8 am for social hour with coffee and donuts., followed by meeting at 8:30 am. the first Saturday of the month. $2 donations to help defray room rental costs.

A Republican Candidate Forum scheduled between 8:30-11:30 am., Sat., June 16 at the Hassayampa River Preserve (Sanger Building), 49614 Hwy 60 near Wickenburg, will feature US Senate candidate/former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Supt of Public Instruction candidate Dr. Bob Branch, Arizona Corporation Commissioner candidate Jim O’Connor, and LD13 incumbent Tim Dunn. Invited candidates only. Free admission. No pets allowed. Hosted by Sue Goodchild. Candidate photos below: Arpaio, Branch, O’Connor, Dunn

sheriff joe arpaio  4  Bob Branch jim o'connor 2017 Tim Dunn LD13 Rep

The Arizona Republican Assembly Western Pinal County Chapter will NOT on June 11. The next meeting is June 25. Contact: Nancy Hawkins, President at 520.440.3369 or

The Norton Family Meet & Greet for local, state, and federal candidates is scheduled between 5:30-7:30 pm, Mon., June 11 at 4371 E Santa Rose Place in Gilbert. Candidate speeches start at 6 pm. Confirmed candidates include James Candland and Eddie Cook – Gilbert Town Council, LD12 Rep Eddie Farnsworth and Travis Grantham, LD12 Sen Warren Petersen, Frank Riggs – Supt of Public Instruction, CD5 Congressman Andy Biggs, and US Sen candidate Kelli Ward. The event is hosted by Bill and Ingra Norton, Councilman Jared and Dianne Taylor, Councilman Victor and Joyce Petersen, Tyson & Jaime Breinholt, Leroy and Kelly Breinholt, Jason and Tracy Barney and Candice Copple.

Arizona Firearms Expert Alan Korwin talks about the upcoming student gun control tour and points out adults behind the scenes who are pulling the strings. He says calls for background checks fix nothing. Click HERE

AZ’s Citizens Clean Elections Commission is sponsoring a LD22 Candidate Forum on Wed., June 13 at the Hampton Inn, 14783 W Grand Ave in Surprise. Doors open at 5:30 pm.

The Deadline For Submitting “Write-In” Precinct Committeeman Applications for the Aug 28 primary ballot is Wed., June 13. 2018 Write in Candidate Form

Mark your calendars:

     July 30 – Deadline to register to vote in the Aug 28 Primary election.

     Aug 1 – Early ballots mailed out for the Primary Election

     Oct 9 – Deadline to register to vote in November General Election.

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor


Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Commentary running over 400 words is subject to editing. Briefs posts candidate announcements, but does not endorse candidates, nor do we post endorsement statements. - ft.

scott powelsonFormer PC LD13 John Powelson: It is obvious Supt of Public Instruction Frank RiggsFrank Riggs knows how to profit, personally, from education and has been involved in funding it by Federal Legislation and then as recipient of that Federal largess he voted for while working in the businesses listed below. I worry that he has spent much time finding ways to spend Federal Money on education, which many of us believe has caused much of the problems with education in the first place. Common Core is a Federal mandate. It was renamed but still with us. Will he really try to separate the Federal Control from our schools with all he has invested in getting the money to them? I have my doubts. His claims for much of his record don’t seem to me to be accurate according to the first link below. When it was done he had no opinion he shared with them on abortion at the time, of course he was in California and maybe it wasn’t so important to him then.



3. Excerpt from Wikipedia on Frank Riggs.

I    n 1999, Riggs joined the board of the Charter Schools Development Corporation, and served with CSDC until 2012. During his service, CSDC went from being a start-up nonprofit to a national leader in financing and developing educational facilities for charter schools, reaching $125 million in assets, and procuring and leveraging private capital for facility acquisitions and improvements worth $680 million; representing over four million square feet of facilities for 235 charter schools in 25 states.

    In 2001, he moved to Arizona.[2] He served as CEO of ABS School Services of Phoenix, which provides financial accounting and business management services to approximately 200 school district charter, private, and federal grant schools. Riggs was also the founding board president for Arizona Connections Academy, a statewide on-line charter school.

    He has resided in Scottsdale, Arizona for 14 years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAActivist Jeff Lichter: First, thank you so much for everything you do for the Briefs and the Republican Party. Is the Norton Family Meet and Greet open to the public?  If so, is 3171 E Santa Rose Place the correct address?  I ask because it doesn't come up when I look for directions to get to it????? Editor’s Note: The correct address is 4371 E Santa Rose Place.

Barbara Medal   2

Barbara Medal: Pearl Harbor: After The Tourists Have Left For The Day – Every American should be made aware of this.

dennis zinke. LD21Surprise Activist Dennis Zinke: For those of you who have followed the investigation on OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABarack Obama, you might be interested in a book by one of the key individuals who along with others, asked Sheriff Arpaio to investigate this man’s credentials.  The book is written by Jeff Lichter, a personal friend of mine.  It is listed on Amazon and is entitled,Barack Obama's Birth Certificate: Questions Raised by Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio, and a Tea Party Group ‘.  I know Jeff as a personal friend.  The book sells for $5.39.

rob haneyFormer Two-Term Maricopa County Republicans Chairman Rob Haney, a longtime foe of John McCain, told The Wanderer on June 6 that since “(Doug) Ducey moved to Arizona in his youth, he has had very close ties to the McCain political syndicate of betrayal and corruption. No doubt, McCain has already made it clear to Ducey who should be appointed as the senator’s successor. “McCain’s Ken Bennett - Govestablishment allies would have also been advised of his pick, to ensure that Ducey stays in line, whether McCain is alive or dead, when his successor is announced,” Haney said. “However, I do not believe McCain will resign. He would want to avoid giving Ducey’s primary opponent, . . . Ken Bennett, an opportunity to attack Ducey prior to the primary election for appointing an obvious McCain RINO successor. “In any case, Bennett should use every opportunity to tie Ducey to McCain to energize the anti-McCain Republican primary vote,” he said. After California Primary . . . November’s Predicted Blue Wave May Be Turning To A Trickle

archie dicksionActive Archie Dicksion: Election season is upon us once again. New candidates tell us they are going to go to the city council, school board, board of supervisors, legislature or whatever office they are seeking and make a change for us. After all, our interests need to be protected they tell us. Those seeking reelection assure us what a great job they did in representing our interest. They ask us to sign their petition so that they can get their name on the ballot.

they ask us to give them a donation so they can get funds from the government to fund their campaign. They ask us to speak with our friends, neighbors and relatives to vote for them so they can do a wonderful job for us.

     When was the last time one of your elected officials actually appeared before a group you belong to and ask, "Is there any legislation or laws you would like me to introduce and sponsor on your behalf?" When was the last time you requested one of your representatives to sponsor a law, rule ordinance or law that they actually did so? When was the last time one of them appeared at your group and said there is a pending piece of legislation or other ordinance pending, could you give me your opinion on how I should vote on this matter? My guess is never. Certainly none of my representatives has ever ask such a question. I recently heard a state representative state "We elect people to chair the committees that we trust and THEY tell us how to vote".

Thomas Shope LD8 Speaker Pro Tempore  JT Mesnard LD17 - speaker of houseThose of you receiving this message, and literally hundreds of others state wide, all signed a petition asking our republican leadership as well as our legislature under HB2012 to limit the use of proxies to no more than two. We have been ignored by our party Doug Ducey 2015 2leadership. We did manage to get a Bill introduced and were able to barely get it through the first legislative committee hearing. T.J. Shope as Chair of the Rules Committee, J. D. Mesnard as Speaker   and Governor Doug Ducey one or all took it upon themselves, individually or collectively, to kill the legislation. Just what gave these individuals the authority to ignore the wishes of hundreds of their constituents? Just whose interest were they representing? Which representative stood up and vocally supported for your interest.

    Are you going to vote for someone this year who will stand before you and tell you how important your interests are and how they are going to protect those interests when they have just proven to you that they have no intention to protect your interests. Your vote  in important, think wisely before you give it away.

wes harris 1LD20 State Committeeman Wes Harris: Excellent questions Archie.  Michele Reagan 2017 SOSI'm totally fed up with the County and State GOP for these very reasons.  We have a fellow running in the primary against our SOS Michele Reagan that prior to hearing him speak at the Central Arizona Republican Woman's club two days ago, I had never heard of him yet he would have us believe that he was asked by many Republicans to run...just who asked him and why?

     The entire system is broken and that is evidenced by who they appointed to fill in for Debbie LeskoDeb Lesko in the State Senate.  They will do the same with the City Council vacancies that will be open in August, at the Kimmberly Yee 20 Majority Leaderlatest as two council members have filed papers to run for mayor.  Of course, the GOP is doing nothing about running a Republican for Mayor nor will they do anything regarding the two Democrat Districts that will be open.  It is a dismal failure.  In my own district our L.D. fauns over State Senator Kimberly Yee but when asked to talk about what is going on in the State Senate, all she does is promote herself for higher office...the hell with what we think about legislation.

     The moderates have taken over AzRA and the members have fallen in line like lemmings regardless of the illegal way they the pirated the organization and the laws they broke doing so.  And then there is the illegal Teacher's Strike that the Governor IS why should we enforce immigration laws when they pick and choose which laws to enforce?  Has any teacher been fired or even admonished?  They deserted 820,000 of our kids for a week and put parents through hell...but, Hey, they are the good guys so they are exempted from the laws.  Now DACA...and it never ends.  The hell with the Tax Payer...their motto is "I'CE got mine...How are you doing?"  Just keep paying your taxes so we can promote everyone else and everything else but you...the people paying the bills.

 Rick Gray  sen 21 Lisa gray    Congresswoman Lesko has not even reached out to give us her email address.  Go figure as she is in a race she probably will not win...a race she just squeaked by a couple of months ago.  She might be the shortest lived Congress Woman in history but is she reaching out? least not that I can see.  Did she keep Trent's staff so as to hit the ground running...No...she has her Establishment people like Lisa  Gray...that and a quarter!  Goes well with her State Senator Replacement, Lisa's husband Rick

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Paul Gosar 2016Congressman Paul Gosar: Fighting to Drain the Swamp - Wasteful and fraudulent actions from unelected bureaucrats are exactly what led to significant support for President Trump’s pledge to drain the swamp. This week, I introduced an amendment that aimed to hold a rogue bureaucrat accountable to the American people and the victims that have suffered under his tenure. On Mark Gabriel, Administrator of the Western Area Power Administration’s watch, criminal activities occurred and millions of dollars were spent on fraudulent and improper transactions. See  Rep-Gosar-Introduces-Amendment-To-Hold-Out-Of-Control-Federal-Employee-Responsible-Will-The-Rest-Of-Congress-Back-Him-Up

Version 2Arrowhead JP Craig Wismer: I recently discussed Arraignment Hearings and the constitutional rights defendants possess when they appear in court to enter pleas to criminal charges.  One topic that I did not cover involves rights that apply to one other important potential party, that being alleged victims. I say alleged because at the time defendants first appear in court and the charges are read, those individuals are only accused of violating criminal statutes.  Nothing has been proven; the defendants haven’t been convicted of the crimes. That being the case certain Arizona statutes, and the crime victim’s rights provisions of the Arizona Constitution, afford even alleged victims certain privileges that they may choose to exercise throughout the entire case disposition process.  Let me give you three examples.

    First, when defendants plead Not Guilty at the Arraignment Hearing judges will set the cases for Pre-Trial Conferences (PTC) so that they may meet with the prosecutor in order to learn how the case may be completed.  During the course of negotiations a defendant may learn that the state plans on filing a Motion to Dismiss the charges.  Before that occurs, however, crime victims are permitted to offer their say about the direction that the criminal case is apparently headed.  This input is something that a judge must consider before taking action that concludes the matter.

    Second, if the at the PTC the prosecutor and the defendant reach an agreement concerning the disposition of the charges, before the judge accepts the terms he or she must ensure that the State provided notice to the victim and, again, consider any statements the person may wish to provide.

   Finally if a defendant is convicted of a criminal offense the judge will conduct a hearing, the purpose of which is to impose a sentence.  In the court where I serve as the Arrowhead Justice of the Peace, the sentence can include being placed on probation.   Probation terms could include the defendant having no contact with the victim.  If the defendant petitions the court for early termination of probation or a modification of its terms, the court must ensure that notice of the request was provided to the victim and, again, any input considered.

    In conclusion, for cases involving the victim of a crime, I will not finalize the adjudication of it, or when necessary make post-conviction rulings, until I have in the file a compliance statement that satisfies me that person was advised of the potential disposition of the charges and had an opportunity to weigh in with comments.

Martha McSally 3Congresswoman Martha McSally: The Right to Try Act is Law!, President Trump recently signed the Right to Try Act into law. This legislation, which I supported, gives terminally ill patients a fighting chance and the hope they deserve. The Right to Try Act is already inspiring hope. I encourage you to check out this recent story from KOLD: "Tucson man battling rare cancer applauds President Trump for 'Right to Try Act."

DiCiccio headshotPhoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio: Central Avenue and Patriot’s Park will be transformed into a water park on Saturday, July 14th and August 11th. There will be shade, the splash pad, and slides for all ages! Bring the kids to cool off, chill out, and learn all about water safety from the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA. All contributions will be donated to the “Safety Around Water” program. This program teaches parents and caregivers about the importance of water safety skills. Don’t forget your sunscreen (but if you do, don’t fret – there’s a CVS on site!) and make sure to bring some water shoes to protect those puppies from the street! Each Saturday the park will be open from 10am-3 pm at 1 E Washignton in Phoenix.. There is a $5 minimum donation per person. Contact DiCiccio at 602-262-7491

McSally borderCongresswoman Martha McSally: Recently, I hosted DHS Secretary Nielsen at multiple locations along the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona. We toured the Douglas and Nogales ports of entry and took a line tour to view enforcement challenges, border fencing, terrain features and threats, and spotter lookout points. The visit provided Secretary Nielsen an opportunity to witness the unique security challenges Arizona faces and allowed her to hear from local stakeholders and government officials about how they are impacting border communities. The visit built on the conversations had at the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee hearing I chaired in Phoenix, AZ to examine the illicit flow of opioids across our southwest border. My border security legislation, the Securing America's Future Act, is set to be voted on in the House this June. The Securing America's Future Act is the only border security legislation in the House that the President and Secretary Nielsen support. Full press release HERE Roundtable with Sheriffs from Southern Arizona


Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Ken Bennett - 2015Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: I am running to be the Governor of Arizona because I believe honesty still matters. Please help my campaign with a $5 contribution.  Obamacare is the biggest job killer and destroyer of small business in history. And the entire U.S. has it because of Governor Ducey and Senator McCain. We have been fighting for 10 years for the full repeal of Obamacare and electing Congressmen and Governors based on that campaign promise. (Governor Ducey made that promise four years ago.)  During the Obama administration, Congress wrote a great repeal Bill and we watched the House vote on that bill every year but it either died in the Senate or was vetoed by Obama.  So we deliver the Senate, then we deliver President Trump who is waiting, pen in hand, to sign it, but it never reaches his desk because Governor Ducey loves Obamacare and is telling his Senators it must not be repealed.

    Ducey wants it both ways.  He does not like Obamacare and he does not like the repeal. He even tweets it out at the exact same time! Ducey will never support the full repeal of Obamacare because he is now sweeping the money into his bad plan for education.  The latest Arizona budget just increased the Medicaid Expansion tax, so the Federal matching amount also increases, to pay for “education funding.”  I call this the good old ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ accounting gimmick. 

    I want to be the Governor of Arizona and restore the Republican principle of State independence from the Federal Government as defined in the 10th amendment of the U.S. Constitution which reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” And I will do that by demanding the Senators send President Trump a bill fully repealing the Obamacare law.

Kelli Ward - physician  5Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward: Martha McSally Martha McSally 3is the Establishment's pick for Arizona — there’s no two ways about it. Of course, on the campaign trail she calls herself a conservative. But her record shows otherwise.
She voted against an amendment to end DACA...
She voted against an amendment that favored Constitutional religious freedom for businesses...
     She voted against an amendment to prohibit illegals from service in the military...
     And just this year, Martha McSally voted in favor of the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act, a piece of legislation that encroaches upon the Fourth Amendment and individual privacy.
And as far as the recent Bipartisan Budget Act, well, McSally supported that too.
Earlier this year we pointed out that left-leaning Martha McSally
maintains an F-rating at the Conservative Reviewa score even worse than "Fake" Jeff Flake! Well, other top conservative groups agree:

· The Heritage Foundation's Heritage Action for America gives Martha McSally an abysmal score of 58%

· FreedomWorks gives McSally a cumulative score of 57%, with a ZERO percent rating so far in 2018

· The American Conservative Union has McSally at a lifetime rating of 67%, a lower score than Jeff Flake, John McCain and every other Arizona Republican on ACU's list!

Friend, I know you agree that with a failing resume like the one Martha McSally has, she does not deserve a promotion.
That's why I'm reaching out to you for support right now — will you help me defeat liberal Martha McSally and take back our state's precious Senate seat for the conservatives?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



The Arizona Republican Assembly Western Pinal County Chapter will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., June 11 at 408 N. Sacaton Street Suite II, Casa Grande, AZ 85122. The next meeting is June 25. Contact: Nancy Hawkins, President at 520.440.3369 or

The Norton Family Meet & Greet for local, state, and federal candidates is scheduled between 5:30-7:30 pm, Mon., June 11 at 4371 E Santa Rose Place in Gilbert. Candidate speeches start at 6 pm. Confirmed candidates include James Candland and Eddie Cook – Gilbert Town Council, LD12 Rep Eddie Farnsworth and Travis Grantham, LD12 Sen Warren Petersen, Frank Riggs – Supt of Public Instruction, CD5 Congressman Andy Biggs, and US Sen candidate Kelli Ward. The event is hosted by Bill and Ingra Norton, Councilman Jared and Dianne Taylor, Councilman Victor and Joyce Petersen, Tyson & Jaime Breinholt, Leroy and Kelly Breinholt, Jason and Tracy Barney and Candice Copple.

June 13

The Black Mountain Community Alliance and the Black Mountain Police Precinct will meet at 6:30 pm., Wed., June 13 at the Deer Valley Community Center multipurpose room, 2001 W Wahalla Lane in Phoenix. Refreshments served. Crime prevention materials distributed. Contact or 480-467-7389.


The Diamond Bell Neighborhood Group is sponsoring a CD3 Primary Candidate Forum at 9 am., Sat., June 16 at the Three Points Fire Station 303 at 10351 S Sasabe Road in Tucson. The three GOP primary candidates – Sergio Arellano, Edna San Miguel and Nicholas Pierson, will present their platforms against the incumbent. Refreshments available.

The Grand Opening For The Gila County Republican Committee headquarters at 307 S Beeline Hwy in Payson is scheduled between 9-11 am., Sat., June 16, according to Gila County Chairman Gary Morris. The 2,200 square foot headquarters will be staffed by volunteers each weekday from 9 am-5 pm. All candidates and fellow Republicans are welcome to attend. Candidates can also deliver yards signs and candidate literature to the facility for the public to pick up. A second Republican headquarters in the County will also be opened in Globe and operated by the Cobre Valley Republican Club, Morris said.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery will be the lead speaker at the 9am, Sat, June 16 Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting at the Fountain Hills Community Center (13001 N. LaMontana Dr.).   Montgomery will update all present on legislative accomplishments, priorities, and challenges in the areas of victim services and legal representation programs on behalf of over 4 million Maricopa County residents. The meeting will continue with their fourth in the series of "Meet The Candidates" with the primary focus of introducing as many candidates as possible prior to the Aug 28th Primary Election.    Confirmed candidates include Secretary of State candidate Steve Gaynor, Senate Candidates Timothy Jeffries, Kristina Kelly, and Gavin Searles, incumbent Rep Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Superintendent of Public Instruction Jonathon Gelbart, and Corporation Commission candidate Rodney Glassman. Registration starts at 8:30am, with complimentary breakfast snacks, coffee, tea, juice, and water.  Contact:  Rosemary Hansen, President, at website: Photos: Gaynor and Glassman.

The Pima County Republican Women’s Club “Crazy Hat” Fundraiser Breakfast is scheduled Sat., June 16 at the Viscount Hotel & Suites, 4855 E Broadway Blvd in Tucson. $15 per person. RSVP to or 820-269-1809.

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