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7-25-18 Briefs

Early Voting Ballots for the Aug 28 AZ Primary election will go into the US mail on Aug 1. In the meantime, voters are getting all kinds of campaign literature in their mail boxes, political polling phone calls, and buried with political messages via social media sources. We are getting down to the wire. Will voters dump some of the McCainites they have been complaining about, or will they buckle and and vote the Establishment candidates back into office. If voters haven’t taken a good look at every candidate they will be voting on, it is time they did so. But be wary of some of the behind the scene, timelyinfluencing, shenanigans that are surfacing. Over the past few months we’ve watched strange happenings throughout the state. For instance:

     · Although Kelli Ward is in the lead for a US Senate position, her name calling and labeling of Sen Jeff Flake and opponent Martha McSally has not gone unnoticed. Her attempts to get Sheriff Joe Arpio to get out of the race has only angered his fans. Reports circulate that her husband Mike should be credited with the harshest of her press releases against her opponents.

     · Tidbits implying Secretary of State Steve Gaynor candidate is a “Fake Republican,” along with portions of FEC reports showing he had contributed to a couple of Dem Congressman were floating around all over the place the past few days. The e-mails fail to also informed you that he has given far more to Republican candidates. Knowledgeable people know that Gaynor explained those Dem donations months ago when he said, “I gave a total of $3,000 to two pro-Israel Democrats in non-competitive districts because, like President Trump, I am a staunch supporter of Israel.  I have also given more than $60,000 to more than 55 Republican candidates.  Conservative candidates like John Shadegg, Mike Lee, Tom Cotton, Pat Toomey and Ron Johnson plus all of the Republicans in the current Arizona congressional delegation. I am Pro-life, a Lifetime Member of the NRA, pro-border wall, pro-military and law enforcement and as a business owner, an advocate for low taxes. If making political contributions to a few Democrats bars you from running as a conservative Republican, Donald Trump would not be Making America Great Again!”

     · Down in Southern Arizona Bruce Piepho uninvited Supt of Public Instruction candidate Dr Robert Branch to a debate scheduled between Branch and challenger Frank Riggs, because Branch took exception to Piepho inviting one of Riggs key campaign people - Jennifer Reynolds from the Mommy Lobby - to speak just prior to the debate. While Piepho and Reynolds claim there was no conflict with Reynolds speaking at a Branch/Riggs debate, the Branch supporters thought the arrangement smelled to the high heavens of swamp water.

     · Conservative LD13 Senate candidate Don Shooter is suing his accusers who got him dumped from his senate seat due to misbehavior allegations. Insiders report that others have been equally naughty in the hallowed legislative halls. Reports also circulate that Shooter was getting ready to spill the beans on a shady deal at 1700 W Washington that didn’t go out for bids. In the meantime, he’s running to recapture his senate seat.

     · Rep David Stringer is being hung out to dry for a phrase he spoke at the Prescott Republican Men’s Forum similar to words reportedly used by Gov Doug Ducey. It’s been noted that Ducey was mighty quick to jump on the band wagon for Stringer’s removal. Some say it’s an effort to railroad out a second conservative legislative vote. Does that have the fragrance of AZ road apples?

In light of the above reports (there are many others), voters would do well to be very careful to vet any candidates they plan to vote for. Things aren’t always as they appear on the surface.- ft

In Regard To ARS 33-1808, posting of political signs in HOA’s, GOP political activist Timothy Lee, a retired Broker and Planning Commission Chairman saw this problem coming early on during the last economic boom of housing developments and the implementation and growth of HOA’s across Arizona. Lee fought hard for three years to get the Legislature to finally listen to him on this matter. Sponsored chiefly by Rep. Barton and Sen. Melvin, the final product resulted in ARS 33-1808 being signed into law by Gov Jan Brewer.

Pro-Life Political Activists Joe & Jinny Perron are inviting candidates to fill out their questionnaire found at if you wish to be acknowledged as a pro-life candidate in both the Primary & General Election (the latter depending on the outcome of the primary) by the AZ East Valley Action Alliance.   (Verbiage for this questionnaire is based on the Republican Pro-Life Platform (page 10). Return no later than Tues, July 31,  2018 to (personal) or to to be listed as a pro-life candidates for the early ballot voters. Contact Perron at 480-216-7217 or

LD23 Rep Jay Lawrence joined with friends and family of former US Army Ranger Antouine Castaneda to announce legislation mandating better statistics on veteran suicides in Arizona in order to better combat the crisis. Lawrence hopes to introduce legislation in January that will require the State of Arizona to compile a report of veteran suicide within the state and require an annual report to be provided to the Legislature and Department of Veterans Affairs. “According to research by Arizona State University, veterans in Arizona are nearly four times more likely to commit suicide,” said Lawrence. “That’s absolutely unacceptable, and the Legislature has an obligation to address this crisis. Those who have defended our country and preserved our freedoms need our help.” Emily Aiton, friend of the Castaneda family, and Margaret Smith, mother of Antouine’s widow, spoke about Antouine’s care from the V.A. hospital, as well as an upcoming 5K charity run they are organizing to raise money for veterans suffering from mental health issues and PTSD.

Andrea Kadar will address “Human Trafficking On The Navajo Nation: What Are The Facts And What Can We Do To Stop It?” at 6 pm., Thurs., July 26 at the Gateway Community Church, 1588 Hwy 264 in Tse Bonito, New Mexico. She’ll be discussing human trafficking in Arizona, particularly on the reservation, and how to stop it. The sex trafficking talk is in a town near Window Rock so will include a lot of Arizona residents. Kadar sasid, “We must protect these extremely vulnerable Native American children from sexual exploitation on our Arizona Reservation(s).” The meeting includes a film exposing sedition in school and churches. Contact: Andrea Kadar

The Office Of The Arizona Secretary Of State has released the Fiscal Year report for the Arizona Capitol Museum. Every year SOS Michele Reagan requires each of the divisions under her purview to provide a report outlining significant highlights from the previous fiscal year. The Arizona Capitol Museum as a symbol of the state’s colorful history. The museum creates authentic educational experiences by offering visibility to political, social, cultural, environmental, and economic history. Through its stewardship of priceless collections, partnerships and interactions, the museum improves visitors understanding of this distinct region that inspires appreciation for our rich cultural heritage. “The Arizona Capitol Museum is a special place,” said Reagan. “It’s important that Arizonans are able to come to their Capitol, stand on the old House floor, or in the old Governor’s office and actually get a deeper understanding of our state’s rich history. The Arizona Capitol Museum does a fantastic job with new and exciting exhibits and last year was no exception.” During the Fiscal Year, the Arizona Capitol Museum introduced the following exhibits:

  • Digital Arizona Library Arizona Highways Special Exhibit
  • “Arizona State Courts: The Judicial Branch”
  • Melikian Exhibit of Tombstone Artifacts “Legends of the West”
  • 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day-Roll out of Google Cultural Institute “online exhibits”
  • “The Surreal Life of Fife Symington III”
  • 105th Statehood Day “From the Convention Desk”
  • Arbor Day Exhibit and Artwork
  • Bill of Rights Exhibit

In addition to the exhibits, the Arizona Capitol Museum updated the logo, expanded the store, and opened a smash-hit Starbucks coffee shop in the building. See full report at



Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does NOT endorse pre-primary candidates. Comments running over 400 words are subject to editing. - ft.

Activist Joe and Jinny Perron: Praise God you’re back!!!  We’ve missed you and hope and pray John Strasser’s family is doing well!

Fountain Hills Activist Nancy Russell Plencner: Frosty, so wonderful to wake up and see the Brief's blinking on my computer once again! You are the only vehicle many of us have to "talk" to each other and really get a handle on what is going on in political Never, Never Land! I continue to be amazed by our President….obviously the man does not sleep! He has put in a full four years of work in terms of output and accomplishments, other Presidents look like slackers by comparison. As Trump flies off to yet another standing room only rally in support of Republican candidates, I wish him great success in his endorsements. If the candidates he advocates for can actually win, it will give Trump immense leverage with the stubborn members of the Republican caucus when it comes to confirmations, and Trump's agenda. It also will put the fear of God into many Republicans, and perhaps a few Democrats!

Bruce M Piepho PC/SC Cochise County responding to the July 23 American Post-Gazette posting of C O M M O N S E N S E. It reads: "In the District 2 Republican race to replace Martha McSally, two candidates stand out: Lea Marquez Peterson and Daniel Romero Morales Jr. Both have impressive bios and either one would be a credible member of Congress and keep District 2 in Republican hands. On the Democratic side in District 2, there are three well-known candidates: former Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick and former State Representatives Matt Heinz and Bruce Wheeler. If a Democrat has to win, Kirkpatrick would be the better choice (she would do the least harm), but not much better than Heinz. Wheeler would probably be the easiest to beat." Danny Morales is not ready for the CD2 race.  He barely has raised any campaign financing.  Is not coherent on issue positions and Lea would have his lunch in a debate.  The best bet to keep Left progressive liberal Lea Marquez Peterson out of the November general election is Brandon Martin.  He has done his home work, acquired the best human resources for his campaign and gathered second only to Lea for the most campaign financing. Brandon is a standout candidate to defeat any Democrat November candidate.  Lefty Lea is a RINO liberal and better suited to run as a Democrat.  Her only strength is a lot of money courtesy of Click auto dealer.

Activist Linda Brickman: Frosty: I do hope you have survived your computer bug issue.  That is so aggravating and I do not deal with that stuff very well.  PLUS, I MISS YOUR DAILY UPDATES!

Activisti Archie Dicksion: Arizona law requires public officers and employees to avoid conflicts of interest that might influence or affect their official conduct. Determining whether a conflict of interest exists requires public officers and employees to evaluate statutorily-established standards and exceptions to determine whether their personal interests, or those of certain family members result in a conflict of interest. To that end, Chief Justice Cordozo in the case of Meinhard – vs – Salmon wrote for the New York Court of Appeals as follows: “A trustee is held to something stricter than the morals of the market place. Not honesty alone, but the punctilio of an honor the most sensitive, is then the standard of behavior.”

Arizona Revised Statutes, 38-503 provides:

A: “Any public officer or employee of a public agency who has, or whose relative has, a substantial interest in any contract, sale, purchase or service to such public agency shall make known that Interest in the official records of such public agency and shall refrain from voting upon or otherwise participating in any manner aas an officer or employee in such contract, sale or purchase.

B: Any public officer or employee who has, or whose relative has, a substantial interest in any decision of a public agency shall make known such interest in the official records of such public agency and shall refrain from participating in any manner as an officer or employee in such decision.”

It is necessary to point out what is referred to as Rule 10. Arizona Revised Statute 38-502 (10) “ REMOTE INTEREST” means (j) “That of a member of a trade, business, occupation, profession or class of persons consisting of at least ten members which is no greater than the interest of the other members of that trade, business, occupation, profession or class of persons.”

The above information is provided to give you some background on a recent conversation that I had with a member of our state legislature regarding conflicts of interest. It was my contention that a Legislator that personally has, or has a family member with an interest in pending legislation should not vote on that legislation and should recuse themself from taking action.

Recently the Governor proposed that school teachers in the State of Arizona be given a salary increase amounting to a total of 20 percent by the beginning of the school year in 2020. The legislature acted upon that proposal and passed legislation granting the salary increase referred to as 20X2020.

There are members of the legislature who are teachers or have family members that teach school. My Contention is that such members of the legislature have a conflict of interest and should have refrained from voting on the measure. In essence they gave themselves or their family members a 20% pay increase. That is a substantial personal interest on matters pending before them creating a clear conflict of interest.

The legislator with whom I spoke stated there was no conflict in that the legislature applies the Rule of 10. See Arizona Revised Statute 38-502 (10) “ REMOTE INTEREST” means (j). In other words, if the action of the legislators in question would benefit 10 people other than themselves, then no conflict of interest exists.

In my humble opinion that rule does not extinguish the obvious conflict of interest. Thus the votes of those individual should not have been counted as either for or against the legislation.

That prompted another question. If a legislator is also teacher and the legislature meets during the school year which it obviously does, is the legislator entitled to collect a salary as both a teacher and as a legislator and to acquire benefits in both capacities. My trusty legislator assured me that they were entitled to salary and benefits in both capacities at the same time.

Perhaps we should be insisting on legislation that precludes conflicts of interest by our legislators with no exceptions and also precludes double dipping in salary and benefits. Just my thoughts.

AAARC Chairman Clyde Bowman: July 20, 1969 was a day of American Exceptionalism. We landed and walked on the Moon! I had been awarded a special assignment to Oslo, Norway. I was part of a Security Team assigned to the Military Assistance Advisory Group ( MAAG), and we Secured a Building not far from the main Embassy. That night part of our team was partying with the Marine Corp Embassy Guards at the Marine House. Everyone knows, if you are out of America, nobody fights or parties like Marines. We were all pretty excited about the landing. I would not have been there except for the fact America was selling millions of dollars of planes and military arms to Norway to help them defend against every ally’s number one enemy, Russia! Norway was particularly vulnerable as it had a border with this evil empire. So there we were, Marines, Army, Navy, AirForce Security & Norwegian Friends. Then it happened. Bam! One small step... We were all so proud of our Country that night. We jumped up and down & screamed “USA USA” & “Semper Fi Hurrah” all around. We hugged the Norwegians and they hugged us. America the Strong, The Great. Norway the Friend, The Ally. This was the time also of “ The Nam” Vietnam. All the Marines had literally survived service there. My entire “Wing” from March AFB had gone for support. I went to Oslo. The Marines had lost, so America had lost, so we “ Brothers of the Spear” had lost others over in “ The Spit”! ( We used a different word back in 1969):) We had cried and cursed and hated the enemy behind Vietnam, ultimately #%%*=~ Russia!

     My how things have changed. Our President appears to bend over backwards & foreword to accommodate our sworn enemy. The fields of Vietnam are drenched with the blood of our brothers and sisters. This is how we honor them? I get we should talk. They and us got Nukes. But we used to talk from our strength. POTUS didn’t look “ Super Power Man” next to Putin. Super Sad. Now, it’s Semper Fi Whatever & usa, usa,(quietly, let’s not disturb Putin). Save our wrath for our long time friends? I miss the days when we “clanked” respectfully and our allies and friends loved us for it. Are we trying to be “ Ugly Americans” Now, we are in space on Russian vehicles! They are like our Uber. Sad. Like my old Commander in Chief might say. Let’s grow a spine against Russia not because it is easy but because it is hard! Wake up, get up, stand up for the July 20, 1969 America in 2018.

Activist Linda Brickman: I am tired of Steve Gaynor’s exaggerations regarding Michele Reagan. I was taught in business along time ago, that there are two ways to be the tallest building in town:  one way is to tear the other buildings down, and the other way is to build yours taller.  I guess Steve never learned that, and has decided to take the first option by constantly finding “fault” with Michele, and never finds any accolades about himself in politics (probably, cause there aren’t any. Here is the latest gripe I have about Steve." I saw an ad by Steve Gaynor claiming Michele Reagan was MIA. I also watched the clean elections debate between them on Channel 8 from last week.  They've had 7 forums and a televised debate.  How can he claim she is MIA? "  Maybe he is just not all there…

Diane Foti, Director- Judicial Watch Group of Associates: When Japan bombed the USS Arizona it picked a fight with the United States. A sleeping giant woke in the American people that day. Phillip Woolbright has opponents picking on him similar to the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor. Now, Woolbright woke like a sleeping giant. Woolbright practices humility, has a humble spirit, delivers equal justice under the law and is a great judge. He has the same resolve and the same determination as the American People. Woolbright has said “I have just begun to fight for the community I love.” He is a true Patriot, all American, Republican and Conservative. We need honest people in government. Honest people are hard to find. Sometimes the only people we have to vote for are just looking for a job and to take advantage of the system. Money seems to dictate the behavior of some government officials and money seems to dictate their moral compass. Woolbright is honest to the voter and cannot be bought or pushed out. We want a place of solitude to find truth, justice, resolution. Our community wants fairness in our courtrooms. The people need confidence in our judiciary with an impartial judge. All of these things we will find with Woolbright as our Justice of the Peace. We all remember what happened to Japan after the bombing on Pearl Harbor. Woolbright has the atomic love of the people behind him to deliver a victory for us all.


American Post-Gazette

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona

July 23, 2018

Change To Make Arizona Great Again: If you want and expect things to get better--you need to be willing to make changes. As well as Arizona is doing (and much of that success is attributable to President Trump’s economic policies, including a huge tax cut), we can and should do better. Change is necessary. Governor Doug Ducey is riding the Trump success wave as much as he can, taking credit for things not of his making. But the facts are that just this year he helped shepherd a $149 Million tax increase--the Vehicle License Tax. He also worked behind the scenes to not pass through the Trump tax cuts to Arizona taxpayers. So while the federal government giveth, the state government taketh away. Not cool

Ducey’s easy caving to the radical #RedforEd movement was squishy. Yes, teacher pay needed to be addressed--and it was--but Mr. Ducey went into hiding instead of taking center stage to educate the public--and the teachers--about who teachers should have been protesting to. (The answer is the local school boards, not the legislature.) But Mr. Ducey allowed the Marxist #RedforEd leaders to take control of the narrative and now Arizona is facing the possibility of still another tax increase with a Marxist “share the wealth” initiative on the November ballot.

Again, not cool. What is cool is there is an alternative, and we’re not talking about the lunatics from the Democratic Party who are falling all over each other to ingratiate themselves with the radical #RedforEd folks and their mindless attempts to turn Arizona blue. Among other things, Democrats are calling for the dismantling of ICE--a sure-fire way to completely erase our international borders and destroy our country. None of those people should be allowed anywhere near the levers of power.

Ken Bennett is the cool alternative. The former State Senate President, former Secretary of State, and the host of the best video explaining the state budget in terms we can all understand (go online to “Ken Bennett tissue boxes“) is ideally suited to help Make Arizona Great Again. Bennett is solid on the U.S. Constitution, the Arizona Constitution, protection of life, the Second Amendment, a balanced budget, voter id, and securing our borders, including enforcing our federal and state laws outlawing sanctuary cities policies. Those are conservative ideals that so many Republicans claim to support when they run for office but too often neglect once elected to office. Mr. Bennett has demonstrated he serves in elected office based on what he campaigned on. Promises made, promises kept. Changes need to be made. Make Arizona Great Again. Ken Bennett for Governor.



Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett: Governor Doug Ducey is refusing to debate me because he cannot defend his record of broken campaign promises made four years ago.  He also does not want to tell you his short list for the U.S. Senate seat. Arizona has become the State of no debates and this hurts the Republican party. Debates are the American way to present party ideals and principles to the public.  The Democrats will have their debate and their ideas will be heard while Republican principles are silenced because of the political aspirations of Doug Ducey. I accepted an invitation to a debate extended by the Arizona Republic, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Arizona PBS. The invitation stated, "This year's election has generated interest in government, politics and democracy on an enormous scale."  The debate was to be streamed live on 'the state's largest news source.. and other outlets were to be able to broadcast the feed." The invitation was clear and was an opportunity to discuss and defend Republican principle's to the entire state.  Isn't that the purpose of the media?  Ducey refused so the debate has been cancelled. I have requested to continue the segment and suggested an offer to change the format but the request has so far been denied.I am proud of my record as the President of the AZ Senate and Secretary of State and want to answer your questions because I honestly believe Republican principles are best for Arizona.  My plans will stop illegal activity across this State, give us a structurally balanced budget, keep our schools safe (without seizing your guns), and create jobs - I want to discuss every one of them. I will be holding a debate and I need your help spreading the conservative Republican message. Watch for location and time.

Senate candidate Martha McSally: My opponent, radical leftist-activist Kyrsten Sinema, just reported raising more than $3.25 million and has more than $5.3 million cash on hand to use against me in this high-stakes election. She's already been flooding the airwaves with false narratives and painting herself as a "moderate" who's willing to work with the president. This is completely false. Her motives are crystal clear — telling people what they want to hear so she can win the election, only to flip-flop on major policy issues and put our national security interests and the American people's safety at risk. I'm not going to let her run from her record. But unfortunately, this race is going to be as close as it gets, and it's going to take more than me telling the truth to stop these phony attacks and expose Kyrsten Sinema for the extreme liberal she is. Will you help me combat her bogus claims? We're in serious jeopardy of losing our Republican Senate majority this November, and Democrats' strategy is to get rid of effective conservatives like me, one by one. Sinema knows she has to appeal to conservatives to win, which is exactly why she's pretending to be a moderate. Make no mistake — if she's elected to the U.S. Senate, she will vote in line with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to make sure President Trump's 'America First' agenda never comes to fruition. Your support today will help ensure I have the necessary resources to fight back and set the record straight to Arizona voters as I take on Kyrsten Sinema and the Democrat machine backing her campaign.



Sens John McCain and Jeff Flake: The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation cosponsored by Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake that would fully implement the White Mountain Apache Tribe Water Settlement. This agreement clarifies the use of certain water settlement funds by the White Mountain Apache Tribe for construction of the Miner Flat Dam. The legislation, which was previously passed by the Senate, will now be sent to the president’s desk for signature. The legislation, S. 2850, would authorize the Interior Department to use previously authorized funds from the 2010 White Mountain Apache Tribe Water Settlement to address cost overruns on the dam project stemming from unanticipated geologic issues. This would pave the way for the dam’s completion, which is essential for the tribe to use its water. “The federal government owes it to the White Mountain Apache Tribe to follow through on the commitment it made seven years ago to build the Miner Flat Dam,” said McCain, a member of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. “This legislation would resolve the tribe’s claims to the Salt River in Arizona and pave the way for the completion of the Miner Flat Dam and Reservoir, which are key to protecting the Tribe’s at-risk water supply.”

     “In states like Arizona, water settlements are crucial to ensuring tribes receive the water rights they are entitled to while other water users are given the certainty they require,” said Senator Flake. “I am pleased that my colleagues approved this common sense legislation, which helps to ensure settlement funds may be used by the tribe to best serve their people and improve their communities.”

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko: The House Homeland Security Committee approved Congresswoman Debbie Lesko's bill, H.R. 6400—the United States Ports of Entry Threat and Operational Review Act. The bill requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to conduct a ports of entry threat and operational analysis of all air, land, and sea ports in the United States and create a ports of entry threat and operational strategy and implementation plan. Lesko (AZ-08) praised today's approval of H.R. 6400: "I introduced this bill because our country's ports of entry are long overdue for a comprehensive review. Neutralizing the threats at our ports of entry is just one step in securing our border. Despite being the newest member of the Homeland Security Committee, I am pleased my bill was taken up so quickly and supported by my colleagues, Chairman McCaul, and the Department of Homeland Security. I look forward to a vote on my bill by the full House of Representatives soon." Background: H.R. 6400, the United States Ports of Entry Threat and Operational Review Act, requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to do two things: (1) conduct a ports of entry threat and operational analysis of all United States air, land, and sea ports; and (2) create a ports of entry threat and operational strategy and implementation plan.




Grassroots Tea Party Activists have quite a line up of candidates who will appear at their 6:30 pm., Wed., July 25 meeting scheduled at Denny’s Restaurant, 9030 N Black Canyon Hwy (Hwy I-17/Dunlap) in Phoenix. Yard signs and literature available at this “Meet & Greet.” Candidates include:Robert ‘Bob’ Branch – Supt of Public Instruction, Brian Lesinski – LD15 Senate, Justin Olson- incumbent Corporation Commission, Jeff Fine – Maricopa County Clerk of Superior Court, Sandra Dowling – US Senate, and Steve Gaynor – Secretary of State. Contact: or

The Estrella Mountain Republicans and LD4 will meet with gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett at 7 pm., Wed., July 25 at Estrella Foohills High School, 13033 S Estrella Parkway. Contact Chairman Dick Newcomer at 623-398-5638.


The Arizona AMERICAN African Republican Committee will meet at 7 pm., Thur., July 26 at AZGOP headquarters, 3501 N 24 St, Phx. Guests include senate candidate and America’s Toughest Icon Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Michael Nudo for CD 9 candidate Dr Steve Ferrara, and Cid De La Fuente, Co-founder of Conservative Latino Republican Organization. Contact: Chairman Rev Clyde Bowen, The AAARC.

Andrea Kadar will make a presentation on “Human Trafficking On The Navajo Nation: What Are The Facts And What Can We Do To Stop It?” at 6 pm., Thurs., July 26 at the Gateway Community Church, 1588 Hwy 264 in Tse Bonito, New Mexico. She’ll be discussing human trafficking in Arizona, particularly on the reservation, and how to stop it. The sex trafficking talk is in a town near Window Rock so will include a lot of Arizona residents. Kadar sasid, “We must protect these extremely vulnerable Native American children from sexual exploitation on our Arizona Reservation(s).” The meeting includes a film exposing sedition in school and churches. Contact: Andrea Kadar


CBL & the Tri-County Committee has scheduled a "Meet & Greet/Fund Raiser"  between 6:30-8:30 pm., Fri., July 27 at 120 Norton Lane in Duncan, AZ (Greenlee County) for Republican candidates running for local and state offices in the in up-coming  Primary Election. Participants are asked to part at the Hay Barn, 3181090 W Hwy 70 in Duncan for a shuttle ride to the Norton Lane address. Contact/RSVP Cindy Thomas at 602-363-6519  or  Richard Kaler  at 928-651-5922.

A Second Tri-County Committee gathering in Greenlee County will be held between 9 am-noon., Sat., July 28 at the First Baptist Church Rock Building, (Main Street – across from the park), followed by a noon BBQ in the park. Bring your own folding chairs to the BBQ. Brisket provided by Richard Kaler’s Ranch (with all the trimmings) Meet candidates, elected officials and guests for discussions concerning your water issues. Open meeting – all welcome. Contacts: Cindy Thomas - 602-363-6519  or  Richard Kaler  - 928-651-5922.

July 28

Canceled: The Yuma Tea Party Senate Candidate Forum, scheduled for Sat., July 28, has been cancelled. Contact Chairman Sally Kizer at 928-210-1219

July 31

Pima County Republicans will host a premier showing of Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film “Death of a Nation – a historical perspective on racism in America, at 6:30 pm., Tues., July 31 at the El Con Theater, 3601 E Broadway Blvd in Tucson. $15 per person. Tickets available on line on July 1 at Limited seats available.

The Pima County Republicans Blood Drive is scheduled between 9 am - 1 pm., Wed., July 31 at 1740 E Ft. Loowell in Tucson. Contact the Pima GOP office at 321-1492 for appointment. Bring your ID, drink plenty of water. Receuve a Red Cross T-shirt while supplies last.

LD10 Rep Todd Clodfelter (R-10) will host “Deseg 101,” an open meeting to inform the community of the status and future of the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) desegregation court order. The meeting will take place July 31st at 6 p.m. at Tucson Baptist Church, 1525 S. Columbus Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85711. Guest speakers will include Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, TUSD superintendent, and Sean McCarthy, senior research analyst at the Arizona Tax Research Association. Members of the public and other elected officials are welcome and encouraged to attend. Contact: Matthew Specht Director of Communications House Republican Caucus 602-926-5518 www.mspecht@azle



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