Friday, August 3, 2018

8-3-18 Briefs

Suspected Murderer Of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Is Finally Going On Trial    The Mexican gang member accused of killing U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in 2010, an event that led to the unearthing of the Obama-era Fast and Furious scandal, has pleaded not guilty on the charge of first-degree murder and eight other charges, a Justice Department official confirmed to the Washington Examiner late Wednesday.

A Debate Between CD 8 candidate Sandra Dowling and newly elected incumbent Debbie Lesko is scheduled lived at 5:30 pm., Fri., Aug 3 on Channel 8’s AZ Horizon. The program will be rerun at 10 pm. You can access the show a few hours after airing on

And speaking of CD8 candidate Sandra Dowling -- within hours after her campaign camp put out a plea for volunteers, they reached their goal necessary for canvasing and phone duties. Additional volunteers wishing to help her should contact Frank Thorwald at 940-230-5840.

The Saturday, Aug 4 Freedom Quest America Prayer Rally has postponed due to illness. Prayers are asked for Steve Sandoval’s rapid recovery. Reschedule will be announced at a later date.

The Sun City West Republican Club will resume meeting on Sat, Sept 1 in the Stage Brush Room at the Beardsley Recreation Center, (new location) 12755 Beardsley Road (at Stardust).  Further information will be provided in the weeks to come. Contact: Jean Goncalves, Publicity Chairlady at  623-214-8010

Margaret Nyberg has scheduled a no-host coffee for LD13 incumbent Senator Sine Kerr at 8 am, Sat., Aug 18 at Nana’s Coffee Shop in Wickenburg.

Ken Bennett Volunteers/Supporters will meet at 1:30 pm., Sat., Aug 3 at 1626 W 12th Place in Tempe. Contact Christine Bauserman, campaign manager at 520-235-2234.

Election information:

    · August 28 - Election Day.  Mailed in ballots must be received at elections office by 7 p.m.

    · Oct 9 – Deadline to register to vote in November General Election.

A Reader Reminder: Arizona-GOP-Special-Election-Candidate-Walks Back Comments On Trump Misconduct Allegation

Gubernatoral candidate Ken Bennett’s schedule:

Aug 3 - 9am, Candidate Forum, 103 Main Street Diner, Bagdad

Aug 3, - 4-6 pm, Quail Creek Kegger, Madera Clubhouse Ballroom, 2055 E Quail Crossing Blvd, Green Valley

Aug 4 - 10:30 – 11:30 am , Public Townhall, Maricopa High School, 45012 W Honeycutt Ave, Maricopa.

Contact: Christine Bauserman, Campaign Manager, Bennett for Arizona 520-235-2234

LD25 Senate candidate Itasca Small is calling for volunteers to help in reaching early voters. Contact Small at – Voice/Text: 1-928-434-1515;

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

Connie Pellman is no longer CD3 Sergio Arellano’s campaign manager.

Congrats to Frank Straka, who has been promoted to Director, Product Owner - Fraud Risk & Authorizations at American Express.

CD1 candidate Wendy Rogers schedule. Events open to the public:

Aug 3 – 11 am Williams American Legion, 425 W Grant Ave. Open to the public.
Aug 3 – 5 pm
Snowflake-Taylor La Cocina De Eva, 201 N Main St, Snowflake.
Aug 4 – 8:30 am
Breakfast in Heber-Overgaard Aliberto's Mexican Restaurant
1835, Hwy 260, Heber.

Aug 5 – 5 pm., Flagstaff Coco's Bakery Restaurant, 360 W Forest Meadows St.

Aug 6 – 11 am, Juanita's Mexican Fast Food in Pima.

Aug 6 – 5 pm, Jerry's Restaurants in Safford

Aug 7 – 5 pm, The Ranch House, 231-239 Radilroad Ave in Duncan

Tickets Are Now Available for the Aug 3 opening of Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “Death of a Nation”. Click here to find a theater and reserve your seats Inspired by the turbulent events of post-2016 presidential election America, Dinesh D'Souza's Death of a Nation reveals an eerie similarity between the situation faced by President Trump now and the situation faced by President Lincoln in 1860. This film demonstrates how Trump can use the example of Lincoln to shut down the Democratic plantation.

AzFRW President Loraine Bennett Pellegrino: The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity urges the citizens of Arizona to vote NO on the state’s income tax hike proposal, the so-called “Invest in Education” proposal. This proposition would turn Arizona into a high-tax state, hurt our state’s small business owners, and put teacher pay in jeopardy. It would be the largest permanent tax increase in Arizona history, making Arizona’s top income tax rate the fifth-highest in the country and the highest in the Southwest region. Click here to sign the petition and sign up for future information on this ballot prop:

Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), has posted the voting records of all state legislators on key pro-rights firearms bills for the 2017 and 2018 Legislative sessions on its website's Voting Records page. You can find who your State Senator and Representatives are here (scroll to the bottom of the page). These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization.



Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does NOT endorse pre-primary candidates. Comments running over 400 words are subject to editing. Please include your phone number with your submission for verification of author purposes. – ft

Zack Taylor: We at the National Assoc of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) have advised America on various occasions that not all people from other countries are like us. Here is an example of what we are talking about and what type of behavior our Immigration Laws are designed to keep out of America. Boy-Play-Is-Part-Of-Afghan-Culture-US-Military-Says Editor’s Note: Taylor is chairman of the www.NAFBPO

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman Lyle Tuttle: Were CD8 candidates Sandra Dowling or Debbie Lesko endorsed by Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake?   Furthermore, did she ASK for that endorsement?  And what did she agree to in order to get it? Editor’s Note: McCain endorsed Lesko in an April 9 e-mail endorsement/funding plea Candidates are urged to answer Tuttle’s other two questions. - ft

LD21 Senate candidate Randy Miller: When Rick Gray and I spoke at a Republican group on 7-31-18. Gray said his decision to support the National Popular Vote legislation was his mistake, but “It didn’t take away the electoral college, just redirected it”. Then he was explaining to a gentleman that “it isn’t unconstitutional.” Are you kidding? As an experienced 3 term House member, taking the oath each time and again when appointed to the senate, he should know better. His attempt to minimize and justify his actions are reprehensible or ignorant, either way, it is dangerous. First, what is the difference between “redirecting” our selection for president to someone you didn’t vote for and taking it away altogether? The effect is the same, your vote doesn’t count! Gray is essentially supporting and advocating for a Socialist Democracy while claiming the title “Republican”. Probably his continued help from CQ has a lot to do with it. He continues his claim that it isn’t unconstitutional yet, when asked to site specific references, he is unable to. So, once again, here is why it isn’t.

· Article IV, Section 4: The united states SHALL guarantee each state a REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT …

· Article 2 section 1 clause 2. This sets the process of how we elect our president by electoral college and how each state will appoint “electors” based on the number of congressional senate and house seats each state has.

· Article 1, section 10, clause 4: No State shall enter into any Agreement or Compact with another state without the consent of congress. This is simply a mutual arrangement, a contract or deal, that the socialist want to use to destroy our republic as a work-around to the constitutional mandates to modify the constitution under article V.

· Article V. The only way you can modify the constitution is by 2/3rds vote of both houses or 2/3rds of the states through the tedious process of selecting delegates and holding a convention. It was specifically designed to be a long process because of how serious it is to modify our law governing our government, not the people, and protecting the sovereignty of each state and the citizens in each. Rick doesn’t understand this. You can’t legislate a modification to our constitution and then ask for congress to approve it. This isn’t in the constitution. If our founders believed this was proper, it would be an additional clause under Article V.

Arizona needs a change. We have to get back to our law under the constitution and vote for those who know it, the importance of their oath, and the trust the people put into our elected officials. This continued defense of his “mistake” is a continued violation of our trust.

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman Lyle Tuttle: You may be asking yourselves WHY a past Maricopa County Republican Chairman is supporting Ken Bennett for Governor rather than the "Republican" and you will see: republican-gubernatorial-candidate-ken-bennett

Patrick Prak, Ducey for Gov Communications Director: In the Daily Courier yesterday, Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Mascher took a strong stand against the reckless calls to abolish ICE. Like Governor Ducey, Sheriff Mascher believes we should be supporting our law enforcement officers in light of the dangerous work they do to keep criminals and drugs off our streets.

LD23 Activist Chris Brant: Martha McSally’s resume is unmatched. She and four siblings were brought up by her mother after her father’s death when Martha was twelve. After an incident at HS, that could have negatively affected her whole life, McSally grew stronger from the situation and has not stopped driving forward ever since. She has an impeccable service record rising to the rank of colonel in the USAF. She became the first woman to fly a combat aircraft into enemy territory. Later she commanded a Fighter Squadron, becoming the first woman to command a combat aviation unit. McSally is the type of leader we deserve to represent us in the US Senate. After an irreproachable 26-year career in the USAF McSally wasn’t ready to stop serving and fighting for her country. In just three years she has the distinction of being the 11th most productive member of Congress. She has personally instigated legislation and helped steer other bills through the US House. It is natural that she has been looking out for Veterans. She is medically covered by the imperfect VA and has the rare firsthand experience of what needs to be corrected. Recently President Trump thanked Martha McSally for all she is doing for AZ when attending the signing of the VA Mission Act. This act expands private health care options for Veterans, getting rid of much bureaucratic red tape. Veterans have expressed to me how her personal interaction with them has made them determined to fight to elect her to the US Senate. McSally led the charge to save the A10 Warthog, ground forces favorite support aircraft, along the way educating Trump on the plane’s attributes. At 97% she tops the Arizona delegation support for the President’s Agenda. Trump refers to the Congresswoman as, “the Real Deal!” You will too!

Senator Judy Burges: Recent actions of the Democrat party clearly define their desperation to keep “Mr. (Steve) Smith (Congressional District #1) from going to Congress”. While Mr. Smith, a pro-life Constitutional conservative, was tirelessly working to protect children, his opponent was equally busy holding out his hand accepting dark, dark, dark money from child sex trafficking organization, A new despicable low even for the incumbent congressional candidate registered as a Democrat. Some might call it ironic that the Democrat party bills themselves as the savior of children all while ignoring the fact that the very children backpage money generates comes from the backs of children held in bondage for the perverted pleasure of sick people who should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The Bible describes Hell - these children can tell you about Hell on earth in great detail. While Democrat Resist Movement uses their 49 page booklet that lays out their socialist agenda to regain political power at every level of government, the time to drain the swamp begins with this election cycle. An individual harassing Republican congressional candidate, Steve Smith, “is typical for American Bridge, which was formed in 2010 and practically invented the “tracker” position – a paid position for left-leaning activists to record every Republican officeholder and candidate in every public forum they can get into, with the intent of finding any statement they can use against them." Constitutional conservative Steve Smith remains my choice for Congressional District #1. He possesses the right values, the proven strength of character to say “no”, and the will to represent our beloved Grand Canyon State with honor and dignity. Time to “Make America Great Again”! Please join me in sending Mr. Smith to Washington.

Brian Reilly, Former LD 22 PC: I vote for individuals. I vote for the individual who recognizes that his or her number one priority in office is that of abiding by and upholding the national and state Constitutions and that all voting decisions and suggested legislation should first be scrutinized to see how they measure up to Constitutional standards. Arizona has a long history of Republican voters being bamboozled by so called Republican candidates that call themselves Conservatives and momentarily wrap themselves in the Constitution and the flag and all things American, including strong borders, national sovereignty, President Donald Trump, and anything that is trendy on the Conservative radar screen at the time. Senator John McCain comes to mind. As former outsiders, we always wondered how Conservatives in Arizona could continually vote for McCain sending him back to the U.S. Senate for decades. The most negative thing that Senator McCain did was to set an example for would be politicians how easily Conservative voters can be duped with manipulation through false advertising and sleight of hand. Republican candidates and Democratic candidates have seen what works and have sometimes found it hard to resist putting Constitutional standards aside while depending on the ignorance of the voters, and striving for an election victory. The most recent trend for Republicans is to form a “Team of Conservatives," hoping that it will make it easier for the voting public to make a decision. I call it “The Three Amigos, Proven Conservative Team” approach. “The Three Amigos” may have slightly different political philosophies but that doesn’t matter because “The Three Amigos” will assure the voters that the “Team” is a “Proven Conservative Team” that consists of “Outstanding Conservatives.” “The Three Amigos” pat each other on the back to convince you that your vote is well placed with the “Team.” They’ve endorsed each other and saved on the cost of individual political campaign signs as well as making it easier for the lazy voter not to notice their potential political differences. Do “The Three Amigos” all support the unconstitutional Popular Vote? Do “The Three Amigos” also support what many believe to be socialistic/communistic inspired mob tactics utilized by RedforEd radicals to squeeze a 20% raise out of Governor Ducey with the blessing of many Republican Arizona Legislators? Don’t be a lazy, uninformed voter. Scrutinize the record of the individual candidates and vote accordingly. Vote for the individual not a team.



Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Steve Gaynor, Secretary of State candidate: Early Ballots went out this week for Arizona’s 2018 Primary Election. As the August 28th Primary approaches, we can feel the momentum growing for Steve across the state. Recently, Steve visited Lake Havasu, Prescott and Payson earning strong support for his candidacy. A poll released Monday by Data Orbital of 500 likely Republican primary voters shows Gaynor at 44%, Reagan at 22% with 34% undecided. Yes, you read that right. Steve has opened a 22-point lead against incumbent Michele Reagan. (See the full survey here: Comparing these survey results to Data Orbital's poll two weeks ago, Steve picked up nearly 18 percentage points and Reagan dropped 5 percentage points. The number of undecided voters has dropped significantly. The latest poll makes it clear that Gaynor’s strong conservatism and commitment to run the office more like a business is resonating with voters. Arizonans are tired of the incompetence Reagan has brought to the Secretary of State’s office. With less than four weeks until the primary, things are looking great as Steve’s numbers continue to climb. We have a lot of work left to do so please forward this email to your friends and families and help spread the word. Thank you,

Rene Lopez, Chandler City Council candidate: Today marks the start of early voting for the August 28 primary election. I would be honored to have your vote for Chandler City Council. I’m running for a second term on the City Council because, frankly, the City has done an incredible job growing the local economy while keeping the local tax burden low. We’ve supported massive business expansion projects like those seen at Rogers Corp., Orbital ATK, and Intel, and we’ve lowered the City portion of the property tax EVERY YEAR that I’ve been on the Council. This is a great trend and I want to see it continue over the next four years−that’s why I’m running for re-election to the City Council. When your early ballot arrives within the next few days, and if you agree with this vision for Chandler, I would be honored to have your vote in the race for Chandler City Council.Thank you so much for your continued support! Editor’s Note: Lopez is currently filling in as the Vice Mayor of Chandler. - ft

US Senate candidate Kelli Ward: The campaign is thrilled and grateful for the tremendous support we received in July. The writing is on the wall: our momentum continues to grow more than a year after the campaign kickoff! And this is so important with the primary just weeks away...That's why we're ramping up our efforts to win Republican voters in August.I wish I could say we're "done" with fundraising, but that just isn't the case...The truth is we need continued resources from our supporters to successfully defeat my opponents, especially Martha "McAmnesty" McSally. pitch in Thank you so much for standing with me, Patriot. We're making history... and it's just the beginning!

LD28 House candidate Maria Syms: Great article on my sexual harassment and mandatory rape kit testing laws that passed during my first term. So much more to be done to keep women and victims safe from these predators but I am proud of this bipartisan start! The law also bars sexual harassment agreements reached with public officials from including a nondisclosure agreement if victims are paid with tax dollars.
“If you use your own private dollars, that’s your prerogative,” Syms said, “but if you’re going to be using public tax dollars, the public has the right to know the details of any settlement where their money is being used.” See
metoo-has-changed-our-culture… #azwinswithsyms

"Seven Things You Didn't Know About Your Candidate" - Dr. Kelli Ward: KelliWardAZ/videos/

CD3 candidate Sergio Arellano: Few people have fought harder for border security as Gabby Saucedo Mercer. As a former candidate for Congress in Arizona's Congressional District 3, Ms. Saucedo Mercer brought attention to Arizona's porous border with Mexico. It is because of her efforts, that Sergio Arellano is proud to announce that he has received the following endorsement from Ms. Saucedo Mercer: "As a former candidate for the U.S. House Of Representatives in Arizona’s CD3 I know how important it is to replace the long term incumbent Raul Grijalva. As with most career politicians, Grijalva feels that he is entitled to the CD3 seat although his meaningful accomplishments for the District are hard to find," stated Ms. Saucedo Mercer. The people in CD3 deserve a representative who will work hard and understands the needs of the diverse demographics of the District. This is why I am endorsing Sergio Arellano and ask you to join me in supporting his campaign to unseat, “Boycott Arizona” Raul Grijalva. I believe Sergio Arellano is the best hope to provide proper representation to the citizens of the district. Sergio knows the district and the people who reside in it should have a representative who cares and is willing to work hard for all the people in the district not just a segment. Sergio is a 10 year Army veteran and wounded warrior who served in combat on our behalf in the Middle East. I have no doubt as to where his loyalties lie and there is no question that he will uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America just as I did the day I became a United States Citizen and the day Sergio raised his right hand when he enlisted into the United States Army. Because of his experiences and advocacy for all who have served I believe he understands the needs of our Veterans in CD3. Sergio has been active in the Republican Party at the local, state and national levels for a number of years. He is a small business owner and has served on a local school board. Let us come together, work towards unseating Grijalva in the upcoming November 2018 election, and once and for all, give the residents of CD3 the representation they deserve in Washington, DC. Let’s Keep the Republic - Gabriela (Gabby ) Saucedo Mercer

Supt of Public Instruction candidate Frank Riggs: Early voting has begun in Arizona! Mail ballots will be in your hands soon! I would be honored to have your vote for Superintendent of Public Instruction. Voters will have the opportunity at the polls to shape our state’s K-12 education system for years to come. With Democrats expected to turn out in opposition to President Trump, our conservative values of parental school choice, local control of education, and fiscal accountability are at-risk. We simply cannot allow the educational reforms we’ve fought for all these years to be undone in a single election.The Arizona Department of Education needs a leader focused on getting more dollars to the classroom, recruiting and retaining the best teachers, and being fully accountable to parents, educators and taxpayers.We also need an education leader firmly committed to our conservative ideals of school choice and local control – NOT someone who bends with the political winds at the first sign of pressure. I believe I’m the most qualified candidate for this office, with experience ranging from public school board president, to charter school president, to chairing the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education as a member of the United States Congress. And as a former police officer, I take very seriously my first responsibility to ensure the security of our schools and the safety of our students. Nothing less than the future of education in Arizona is at stake in this election. I would be honored to have your vote for Superintendent of Public Instruction. The fact is, 2018 is going to be a critical year for education in Arizona so that we can keep up the fight for school choice, local control, and the best education for every Arizona student! Thank you.



Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas welcomes back students, teachers and staff by proclaiming the start of the new school year.“Once again it is the time of year for new backpacks, sharpened pencils and making new friends,” Douglas said. “It is always an exciting time of hope and anticipation when the school year begins. Welcome back to school, Arizona!” Since over the next few weeks most Arizona schools will begin the new school year, Douglas urges motorists to put safety first on our state’s roads. “We are back to having school buses on our roads, students walking in our crosswalks, as well as riding on their bicycles. Let’s remind ourselves to be vigilant in our driving with our children back in school. Please be extra alert and abide by the speed limits in the school zones.Test scores are rising, teachers are getting raises and schools are receiving their federal grant funds sooner than ever. We are poised to have the best Arizona school year ever, so let’s all work together to achieve that goal.”

Congressman Andy Biggs has sent a letter to Transportation Security Administration Administrator, David Pekoske, about the existence of the Quiet Skies Program. Full text of letter: On Monday, July 30, The Boston Globe reported on the existence of the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Quiet Skies program. According to reports, TSA air marshals monitor the behavior of traveling Americans who “are not under investigation by any agency and are not in the Terrorist Screening Data Base.” This new initiative raises many questions about the privacy rights of Americans and the authority of the government to conduct surveillance of routine activities within the United States. While I understand the desire to keep all Americans safe during air travel, I am concerned with ever-increasing surveillance under authorities that are constitutionally questionable. So that I may better understand the reasoning behind and parameters of the Quiet Skies program, I ask that you answer the following questions by August 31, 2018:

  1. When did the Quiet Skies initiative begin?
  2. Were any Members of Congress informed of its creation?
  3. How much money has been spent carrying out the Quiet Skies program?
  4. Please cite the authority TSA is using to target and surveil these passengers.
  5. Reports indicate individuals being surveilled “caught [TSA’s] attention because of where they had flown, among other criteria.”  Please detail how individuals are chosen for surveillance under the program, including all criteria considered.
  6. Once identified, what types of surveillance are used on these individuals?  Are they only monitored on flights and at airports?
  7. What types of behavior are considered suspicious?
  8. What happens after an individual’s behaviors have been determined to be suspicious? Are their future travel plans impacted? Are they notified?
  9. How is the information collected and stored? What government agencies have access to the data?
  10. Has anyone monitored under the Quiet Skies initiative been added to the No-fly List or Terrorist Screening Data Base? If so, how many?
  11. How many people have been or are currently under surveillance in the program?

US Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Chris Murphy (D-CT), member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, wrote a letter to Romanian Prime Minister Dancila expressing concerns about the firing of the Chief Prosecutor of Romania’s anti-corruption agency, and urging her government to continue the progress it has made fighting corruption. “We urge the Romanian government not to retreat in the important fight against corruption,” wrote the senators. “Ms. Kovesi’s leadership at the Anti-Corruption Directorate was recognized around the world as a testament to Romania’s strong commitment to fighting corruption. Her firing, together with recent judicial reforms and proposed legislation to decriminalize certain corruption offenses, raises troubling questions about your government’s willingness to prosecute financial crimes and hold high-level officials accountable.”      A copy of the letter is available here and below.




Gubernatoral candidate Ken Bennett will meet with voters between 4-6 pm., Tues., Aug 3 in the Madera Clubhouse Ballroom at the Quail Creek Kegger.


A Meet and Greet for CD9 Write-in candidate Randy Fleenor is scheduled at 6 pm., Sat., Aug 4 the Sabino Road Baptist Church, 2710 Sabino Road in Tucson. Host committee consists of Debe Campos-Fleenor, Karen Schutte, Colores Johnston, Billy Gottschalk and J Wickey. Music, food, donations accepted. RSVP


Gubernatoarial candidate Ken Bennett will among the speaks at the Grassroots Tea Party Activist on Aug 8, according to facilitator Francince Romesburg. Other candidates include CD8 incumbent Debbie Lesko, Jim O’Connor and Eric Sloan - Corp Commission; LD20 House incumbent Anthony Kern and Charlie Loftus - LD20 senate. There will be no Aug 1 meeting.

The Green Valley/Sahuarita Republicans Appreciation Luncheon for volunteers and supporters will include a caravan of vehicles through the Sahuarita and Green Valley areas on Saturday, Aug 4. Participants will meet at 10 am at the Frys Marketplace, 15950 S Ranch in Sahuarita. Leaving Frys around 10:30 am., they will travel to Safeway Shopping Center, 260 W Continenta Road to a Meet and Greet for CD2 candidate Brandon Martin. Leaving the s hopping center around 11:15 am, they will travel to the Green Valley Republican headquarters for an 11:30 am luncheon. RSVP to Dolores Aguirre Johnston at


CD9 candidate Dr. Steve Ferrara will be honored at a Meet and Greet, hosted by Amadna Wilson and Jeff Fleetham, at 6 pm., Thur., Aug 9 at Antique Gatherings, 3602 E Indian School Road in Phoenix. RSVP to Mara Benson at 480-225-6658 or

AUG 10

Tickets are now available at tpusa-hq-open-house-tickets for the grand opening of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) operations for the conservative movement. The event is scheduled between 10 am-3 pm., Fri., Aug 10 at TPUSA headquarters, 4940 E Beverly Road in Phoenix. View Map Speakers include TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk and communications director Candace Owens. Doors will open at 9:30 am, with ribbon cutting at 10 am. Tours on the facility will continue until 3 pm. Tickets required.

Aug 15

Barbara Rochester is holding a meet & greet/fundraiser for CD3 candidate Sergio Arellano on Wed., Aug 15 at the American Legion Post 19 in Yuma. Details tba.

A Meet and Greet for CD3 candidate Sergio Arellano will hosted hosted by Barbara Rochest of the Crossroads Mission in Yuma at 11 am., Aug 15 at the American Legion Hall #19. LD13 candidates Tim Dunn, Trey Terry, Sine Kerr, Supt of Public Instruction candidate Dr Bob Branch and US Senate candidate Kelli Ward will also be there to answer questions.



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