Monday, August 6, 2018

8-6-18 Briefs

The AZGOP Lost Two Outstanding Women Leaders within three days of each other in late July. These tremendous leaders will be greatly missed. Memorials are planned for both women. See dates and locations below. - ft

Farewell Tributes Honoring Leona Johnston, who transitioned July 26, 2018, will take place at the Fountain Hills Republican Club meeting on Sat., Aug 18 and at the Paradise Republican Women’s Club on Sat, Sep, 8, 2018.  Contact: Cyndi Love 480-365-8090 or

A Celebration Of Life For Lois Fitch will be held at 1 pm., Sun., Sept 9 at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. She passed on July 23, 2018. She devoted many years to the Teenage Republican Clubs in Arizona and enriched the lives of those who had the privilege of working with her. Contact: Karen Garrett, Lincoln Republican Women officer. 602-571-6020

An Interesting Tidbit flowed across the Briefs newsdesk this week. In November 2017 Supt of Public Instruction candidates were asked if they believed that “intelligent design” should be taught alongside evolution in science classrooms. Four of five said yes. See In-Arizona-Teaching-Creationism-Is-Supported-By-4-Of-5-Republicans-Who-Want-To-Oversee-Education/ In June 2018, during a televised debate on PBS, the same question was asked of each candidate. A reader pointed out that candidate Robert Branch was the only one to voice the same answer. Candidate Tracy Livingston denied she ever said “Yes” and then  said a resounding, “No.” Candidate Frank Riggs and incumbent Diane Douglas said - only in history class. See Superintendent-Of-Public-Instruction-Republicans-Debate    Editor’s Note: Hmmm. Which way is the wind blowing???

The Tea Party Scottsdale’s City Council Forum is scheduled at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Sept 20 at 8600 E Anderson Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85255 with the five council candidates. Contact: Paul Klein 602-931-0576

The Arizona Project will meet at 6:30 pm., Mon., Aug 6 at 3375 E Shea Blvd in Phoenix, according to Chairman Ron Ludders. The meeting will be  orientated around the dangers of cell phones and ipad radiation. Contact Ludders at 602-677-1496.

Tyler Bowyer, Turning Point USA representative, reports that they have made 50 more openings available for the tpusa-hq-open-house-grand opening between 10 an-3p pm., Fri., Aug 10 at 4940 E Beverly Road in Phoenix. Map Doors will open at 9:30 am, with ribbon cutting at 10 am. Tours on the facility will continue until 3 pm. Tickets required. Click opening tickets   Speakers include TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, communications director Candace Owens and Kyle Kashuv, the high school survivor from the Parkland shooting who has spoken out in favor the Second Amendment.

CD1 candidates Steve Smith and Tiffanty Shedd will appear on AZPBS’s Clean Electyions debate, hosted by Ted Simons, at 6:30 pm., Wed., Aug 8. Candidate Wendy Rogers declined the invitation to debate AZ Senator Smith and attorney Shedd. Watch previous Horizon/Arizona-Debates-2018/

     · Republican-Gubernatorial-Candidate-Ken-Bennett/

     · Secretary Of State Republican Candidates Square Off In Debate

     · State-Treasurer-Republicans-Debate

      · Clean-Elections-Corporation-Commission-Republicans-Debate/

Bob Hawthorne and Alex Melusky are traveling throughout the State making presentations to various Republican clubs regarding what RINOs are doing in the state legislature. The duo will travel to Chino Valley on Aug 27 and to Sierra Vista on Sept 6.

LD11 Senate candidate Vice Leach has yard signs available. Contact Vince at

Election information:

     · August 28 - Election Day.  Mailed in ballots must be received at elections office by 7 p.m.

     ·  Oct 9 – Deadline to register to vote in November General Election.

LD25 Senate candidate Itasca Small is calling for volunteers to help in reaching early voters. Contact Small at – Voice/Text: 1-928-434-1515;

Attention Republican Group Leaders: If your event announcement is not posted within 24 hours from the time you submitted it - Briefs did NOT receive it. Please resend it to either or – Editor Frosty Taylor

CD1 candidate Wendy Rogers schedule. Events open to the public: .

· Aug 6 – 11 am, Juanita's Mexican Fast Food in Pima.

· Aug 6 – 5 pm, Jerry's Restaurants in Safford

· Aug 7 – 5 pm, The Ranch House, 231-239 Radilroad Ave in Duncan.



Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does NOT endorse primary candidates. Comments running over 400 words are subject to editing. Please include your phone number with your submission for verification of author purposes. – ft

LD22 Activist Fran Noe: Recently I filed a FEC complaint against the Lesko Campaign. It's no secret that I am not a supporter of Debbie Lesko's and have not been since her involvement in the Epcor waste water issue. However, now, as an elected Congresswoman for ALL CD #8, I expect her, and all elected officials to follow the rules. I believe there is also an ongoing complaint/investigation into fraudulently moving monies from her state campaign to a PAC for use in her congressional campaign from the special election earlier this year. Editor’s Note: See complaint details tomorrow.

Activist Zack Taylor: Illegal Alien that killed Florida Officer was on pre-trial release. Does this remind anyone that the Arizona House failed to pass Grants Law to prevent this type of travesty happening again?Wasn’t it by one vote?

Activist Mark Lewis: The pro solar tax mandate groups won round 1 of 3 recently in a court fight over the massive voter fraud case by billionaire Tom Steyer. Another hearing is set to challenge the 280,000 non-registered voters signatures found on the petitions. Anti solar tax groups will win on the non-registered voters signature removals. Some of the criminal circulators are also going to have to appear in court according to the judges request for more information. The Court does not find that the subpoenas would impose an excessive or undue burden on the 1,600 individual recipients. Because the Plaintiffs’ claims challenge,inter alia, the actions of the circulators in gathering signatures, testimony from the circulators themselves is certainly relevant and discoverable.

   Anti Solar tax mandate groups have another bigger pitch to knock off 60% of the signatures that were signed by non registered voters, a much more expensive effort to prove in court, but likely to succeed by looking at the evidence. If this ballot measure passes, all coal, gas and nuclear plants would head for closure and users would purchase excess power from the grid, with major summer time price spikes, like they are seeing in California. Voters will still have to pay $ billions to close these plants.

   Also notice that Biomass, nuclear replacements and energy conservation efforts are not included in the 50% solar tax mandate. While SRP is not required to do the 50% solar tax mandate, nor is the rural irrigation districts, you can expect them to be the next target for solar tax mandates. AZ would become the largest nuclear waste dump in America with the closure of Palo Verde NGS. Power rates are expected to increase 70% in the next 5 years to pay for this stuff. More to come in the next phase of the lawsuit.

Zack Taylor, Chairman of the National Assoc of Former Border Patrol Officers: Immigration ALERT, TPS means Temporary Protected Status, P.S. stands for Political Asylum, Visa Waver Program is just what it says.  TPS and PS will right themselves through vigorous enforcement of existing law.  That is primarily the Democrat/Communist rush to do away with ICE.  They know that enforcement of the law works. The visa waiver program is not wise when considering National Security and must be done away with.  However, the Chamber of Commerce will never stand still for it.  Money is more important than National Security.

   Immigration Law, as outlined below, is clear as is Congress’ intent when writing the law on TPS & PS in particular. The problem is and has been for decades now is that those that wish to circumvent America’s Immigration Laws defeat the purpose of those laws successfully by appealing to America’s Compassion. Strict enforcement of our current Immigration Laws must be tested in full measure before we consider any new laws because it has been necessary to illegally nullify these laws to meet political purpose of elites in charge of the three branches of our government.  Below is a shining example of judicial over reach and in fact a blatant disregard for existing law.  Whenever you see a judicial decision based on subjective criteria and not on law beware. See Judges-Have-No-Authorization-To-Review-TPS-But-Do-It-Anyway




The Yuma Chapter of AZRA will meet at 6 pm., Mon., Aug 6 at The Crossing Restaurant, 2690 S 4th Ave, Yuma. Guests will be Trey Terry, LD13 House Candidate and Parley Kirkham, Field Organizer for Yuma County GOP. Contact: President at 928-503-0533.


Gubernatoral candidate Ken Bennett will among the speakers at the Grassroots Tea Party Activist on Aug 8, according to facilitator Francince Romesburg. Other candidate speakers include US Senate candidate Kelli Ward, incumbent Congresswoman Debbie Lesko, Arizona Corporation Commission candidates Jim O’Connor and Eric Sloan., LD20 incumbent Rep Anthony Kern, and LD20 senate candidate Charlie Loftus. Contact Fancine Romesburg at

The Green Valley/Sahuarita Republicans Appreciation Luncheon for volunteers and supporters will include a caravan of vehicles through the Sahuarita and Green Valley areas on Saturday, Aug 4. Participants will meet at 10 am at the Frys Marketplace, 15950 S Ranch in Sahuarita. Leaving Frys around 10:30 am., they will travel to Safeway Shopping Center, 260 W Continenta Road to a Meet and Greet for CD2 candidate Brandon Martin. Leaving the s hopping center around 11:15 am, they will travel to the Green Valley Republican headquarters for an 11:30 am luncheon. RSVP to Dolores Aguirre Johnston at


CD9 candidate Dr. Steve Ferrara will be honored at a Meet and Greet, hosted by Amadna Wilson and Jeff Fleetham, at 6 pm., Thur., Aug 9 at Antique Gatherings, 3602 E Indian School Road in Phoenix. RSVP to Mara Benson at 480-225-6658 or

Meet LD9 candidate Ana Henderson at 5 pm., Thur., Aug 9 at the La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, 3225 N Swan Road in Tucson.

A Meet & Greet for Corporation Commission candidate Rodney Glassman and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is at 5:30 pm., Thur., Aug 9 at the home of Dr Scott and Alicia Larsen, 1849 E Bay Tree Court in Val Vista Lane in Gilbert. Co-hosts include Leroy & Kelly Breinhalt, Jon & Tiffany Eliason, Chris & Angle Miner and Reed and Emily Willis. RSVP to Alicia at or 480-688-6907. Montgomery is Glassman’s campaign chair.

AUG 10

The Grand Opening Of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) operations for the conservative movement is scheduled between 10 am-3 pm., Fri., Aug 10 at its new headquarters, 4940 E Beverly Road in Phoenix. View Map Ribbon cutting at 10 am. Speakers include TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk, Communications Director Candace Owens and Kyle Kashuv, student survivor of the Parkland shooting and Second Amendment proponent. Doors will open at 9:30 am, with ribbon cutting at 10 am. Tours on the facility will continue until 3 pm. Tickets required. tpusa-hq-open-house-tickets

A CD2 candidate Brandon Martin “Meet & Greet” is scheduled between 5-7 pjm., Fri., Aug., 10 at the VFW Post 549, 8424 E. Old Spanish Trail foro a fish fry ($8) –menu items available. Hosted by J and Dave Wickey. RSVP by Aug 8

AUG 11

The Public Is Invited To A Republican Candidates “Meet & Greet” At Lydia’s LaCanasta, 2023 W Wickenburg Way in Wickenburg between 2-5 pm., Sat., Aug 11. Confirmed candidates to date: Gubernatoral candidate Ken Bennett, State Treasurer candidate JoAnn Sabbagh, Supt of Public Instruction candidates Bob Branch and Tracy Livingston, LD 13 senate candidate Brent Backus and Sine Kerr and LD13 House candidate Joanne Osborne. or or call 480-980-8541.

Pima County Republicans will meet at 9:30 am., Sat., Aug 11 at 1750 W Ft. Lowel Road #140, Tucson. Speakers include CD2 candidate Danny “DJ” Morales, John and Ann Holden discussion onTucson City Ward-only election project, and AZGOP Southern Region Field Director Bill Dawson.

Aug 15

A Meet and Greet for CD3 candidate Sergio Arellano will hosted hosted by Barbara Rochester of the Crossroads Mission in Yuma at 11 am., Aug 15 at the American Legion Hall #19. LD13 candidates Tim Dunn, Trey Terry, Sine Kerr, Supt of Public Instruction candidate Dr Bob Branch and US Senate candidate Kelli Ward will also be there to answer questions.



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