Wednesday, August 15, 2018

8-15-18 Briefs

Yesterday, Arizona Senator Sylvia Allen, along with Rep Mark Finchem, Vince Leach, Bob Thorpe, condemned candidate Wendy Rogers attacks against Senator Steve Smith, who is currently a Congressaion District 1 (CD1) candidate. Allen said, “The moral condition of our country is reflected in the conduct of our citizens.  What kind of example are we being to the upcoming generation when the rule of the day is “the end justifies the means?  I am speaking out against the character assassination against Senator Steve Smith by Wendy Rogers.  There is no truth to her allegations. They are fabricated lies.” Finchem said, “I was stunned yesterday to hear the commercial that CD1 candidate Wendy Rogers has run against Steve Smith, and I am calling on her to end her campaign.There are few men I know who are more ethical than Steve Smith.”
     Thorpe’s statement read, “Wendy Rogers has routinely violated Reagan’s 11th commandment… many of my hardworking, northern Arizona constituents have grown weary of her negative, personal attacks, and want instead, to be represented by individuals who demonstrate the honesty and temperament of a statesman and not a mudslinger,” adding “Rogers’ latest untrue, personal attacks against Steve Smith are so dishonest and caustic that I ask my fellow Arizonans to join me, along with the many others who are calling on Rogers to drop out of the CD-1 race.”
     “We’re tremendously blessed to have so many top-notch conservative legislators and members of law enforcement throughout Arizona supporting our campaign for Congress, including during a time when our patience and resilience to remain above the fray has been seriously tested,” responded Smith. “Their statements of condemnation against Wendy’s bottom of the barrel politics speak volumes, and further reinforces that her General Election viability to unify the Party and beat a well-funded Nancy Pelosi Democrat incumbent has been permanently decimated. I call on Wendy Rogers to suspend her inappropriate and vile campaign for Congress, effective immediately.”
      The Arizona Police Association, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Congressman Andy Biggs, Congressman Matt Salmon (retired), Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and prominent Arizona family values leader Cathi Herrod, have also made statements in Smith’s behalf.

Since CD3 candidate Sergio Arrelano’s nationality has been questioned, Briefs went directly to him and inquired as to whether he had duo nationality. Here is his response, “Frosty, I am what my party calls an anchor baby, I was born in Tucson - then taken back to Mexico until Reagan made it possible for my parents to be here legally and afford me the opportunity to grow up in America. Because of that I hold dual Nationality. At the age of 17, when I raised my hand to uphold and defend the Constitution by enlisting in the army, I relinquished any allegiance to any other country  on the planet. I am not registered to vote, do not have an ID card or even a driver license in Mexico, My only involvement is import export and consulting that I do Binationally.” Yesterday, he responded to an inquiry as to whether he is a member of LaRaza. The answer is not only no but HELL NO! Seems like having done Hispanic outreach on behalf of Republican candidates, statewide and nationally labels me a La Raza member and it truly is disheartening,” he replied.

AZGOP Field Organizer Marc Bretz, has announced that newly revitalized Sun City Grand Republican Club will meet between 6-9pm, Thur., Aug 16 at Chaparral Center, Apache Room, 19781 N Remington Dr, in Surprise. Many candidates will be in attendance such as Kelli Ward, Debbie Lesko, Sandra Dowling, Ben Toma, Clair Van Steenwyk John Heep, Jim O’Connor, Alyson Cline, David Livingston, Tracy Livingston, Matt Bullock, Frank Carroll Frank Riggs, Dr. Robert Branch, Justin Olson and many more! West Valley Republicans are invited to participate in the club. Contact Bretz at 623 396-7415 or

The Black Mountain Community Alliance will have Coffee with a Cap at 8:30 am., Wed., Aug 15 at Cracker Barrel.  21611 N 26th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85027 (Highway 17 & Deer Valley Rd).

A fundraiser for CD9 candidate Irina Baroness von Behr will be held Thurs., Aug 16 between 7 pm-1 am at the Casablanca. Details:

Gubernatoral candidate Ken Bennett’s campaign manager Christine Bauserman is urging Bennett supporters to turn in $5 donations they have collected for Bennett on Sunday. Clean Election forms can be printed at on line link at or Bennett’s website Bauserman is also calling for volunteers to make phone calls until Sunday – especially between 5-8 pm. on Saturday. Contact Bauserman at 520-235-2234.

Nationally Syndicated Radio host Alex Meluskey, who is based in Phoenix, is asking for positive Arizona candidate stories that tell something non-political about candidates. He wants want to share stories that tell the character of the candidates. Meluskey said, “So often, we hear of the immoral or foolish behavior of candidates, or we see them grandstanding for their own benefit.  I want to share the good a candidate does when they think nobody is watching and when they’ve nothing to personally gain for their actions. We’ve a couple of weeks before the elections, and this might be a way to help those stuck on the fence as to how to pull that lever. If you’ve a personal story you would like to have shared on air, please email

Arizona Corporation Commission candidate Jim O’Connor’s schedule:

· Thursday 8/16, 6pm- San Tan Valley Republican Club Meet And Greet

· Thursday 8/16, 6:30pm- Sun City Grand Republican Club

· Saturday 8/18, 9am- LD 2 meeting

· Saturday 8/18, 3:30- 4pm- Chips and Salsa Radio Show

Maricopa County is looking for poll watcher’s for this year’s elections. Interested volunteers should contact David Garcia at

Arrowhead Republican Women will meet at 11:30 am., Wed., Sept 12 at the Briarwood Country Club, 20800 N 135th Ave in Sun City West with Secretary of State incumbent Michele Reagan. Registration begins at 10:45am. $20 per person,payable at the door - includes lunch, Reservations required via or contact Lezlee Alexander at 602-354-5224.

The Chips N Salsa Radio Show welcomes author/Republican activist Tim Horn as fill-in host at 4 pm., Sat., Aug 18. His guests will be gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett and AZ Corporation Commission candidate Jim O'Connor. Hosts Alice Lara and George Ortiz return the following weekend. You'll hear the Prather Point with Jeff Prather on CENTER RIGHT RADIO and Facebook livestream.

The Gila County Republican Party’s 2018 Reagan Day (Prime Rib) Dinner is scheduled at 6 pm., Thurs., Aug 23 at the Mazatzal Casino in Payson. Social hour begins at 5 pm. Speakers include Gov Doug Ducy and Congressman Dr Paul Gosar. Speakers will take questions from the floor. Ticket $60 each. Tickets available at or at the Payson Republican Headquarters, 307 S. Beeline Hwy just north of Bonita, at the rear of the shopping center, 9 am-5 pm, M-F.  The Mazatzal Casino is located just south of Payson at mile post 251 on Hwy 87. Many other elected officials and candidates attending.. Contact Chairman Gary Morris at 928-478- 8186 or Shirley 928-951-6774.

Reminder: Removal of political signs, other than your own, is a Class 2 Misdeamnor. Think about it before you tear down your competitions signs! – ft

Tempe Republican Women are collecting books for their Mamie Eisenhoweer Library Project that is designed to foster Republican philosophy and ideas through the donation of related books to school,s hospitals, libraries, etc. Books gathered by TRW will be donated to the library at the Sunshine Acres Children’s Home in September. To donate gently used books for youths between the ages of five and 15, contact Wendy Howe at 602-818-3053.

AzFRW President Loraine Bennett Pellegrino: The Arizona chapter of Americans for Prosperity urges the citizens of Arizona to vote NO on the state’s income tax hike proposal, the so-called “Invest in Education” proposal. This proposition would turn Arizona into a high-tax state, hurt our state’s small business owners, and put teacher pay in jeopardy. It would be the largest permanent tax increase in Arizona history, making Arizona’s top income tax rate the fifth-highest in the country and the highest in the Southwest region. Click here to sign the petition and sign up for future information on this ballot prop:

Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), has posted the voting records of all state legislators on key pro-rights firearms bills for the 2017 and 2018 Legislative sessions on its website's Voting Records page. You can find who your State Senator and Representatives are here (scroll to the bottom of the page). These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization.



Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does NOT endorse pre-primary candidates. Comments running over 400 words are subject to editing. Please include your phone number with your submission for verification of author purposes. – ft

Connie Uribe, Yuma County PC: Well, there’s trouble right here in River City. Trouble with a capital “T” that rhymes with “B” and that stands for “Ballot.” The Redistricting Commission was smoking Lord knows what when it drew the lines after the last census, so the division of Yuma resembles the Berlin Wall. Problem is, many of the residents are so na├»ve, they have no clue whether live in LD4 (the socialist district) or LD13. Likewise, campaign signs for state candidates appear all over without regard to district lines. Today I was contacted by my neighbors asking my opinion on various candidates for their mail-in ballots. We live in LD4. The names they read were state representative and senatorial candidates running in LD13. The wife brought a ballot to my home and I took a photo of it. When reporting this to the Yuma County Recorder’s Office, they hung up on me twice, the last time claiming they were busy, but eventually they took the information. Later at my beauty shop, the manicurist said she read on Facebook where a wife reported one set of candidates on her ballot and a different set on her husband’s. At this point it would seem to me the Yuma County mail-in ballots should be deemed null and void, but what do I know? BTW, I noticed on one correct ballot for LD4 (correct in that Republicans have no candidates for state representative or senate) my name was listed as Precinct Committeeman. There was no other name listed in my precinct, nor were there any other precincts listed. Yuma County only puts PCs on ballots when there are more than the allotted number running. On the LD13 ballot sent to my LD4 neighbor, no PCs were listed. I guess I should feel special, but I don’t. Like, I’m the only Republican in Yuma County who submitted an application for PC? I don’t think so.

Former Maricopa County Chairman AJ LaFaro: All of you know how upset I get about the outrageous salaries, benefits and unsustainable pensions the City of Tempe employees receive.  For that matter, any public employee that makes these type of obscene salaries, benefits and unsustainable pensions at the expense of hardworking taxpayers. We work hard all of our lives to try and save for various reasons - college for the kids, retirement, pay off our mortgages on our home(s) etc. I recently saw The-Stealth-Pension-Mortgage-On-Your-House in the Wall Street Journal that clearly proves that none of us ever own our homes. Even if we've paid off our mortgage(s).  And appears it's going to get a lot worse as the progressive socialist movements #RedForEd and #InvestForEd want to use our homes as their unlimited ATMs. Best wishes as we all try to fight the fights.

Activist Scott Powelson Regarding Supt of Public Instruction Frank Riggs: I bet the loggers in California loved this one 26. H.R.3467 — 105th Congress (1997-1998)California Spotted Owl Interim Protection Act of 1998 Sponsor: Rep. Doolittle, John T. [R-CA-4](Introduced 03/17/1998) Cosponsors: (8)Committees: House - ResourcesLatest Action: House - 04/23/1998 Forwarded by Subcommittee to Full Committee by Voice Vote. (All Actions)Tracker: Introduced

Nan Nicoll, Mohave County Activitist: Rick Hennessey where is the link to the video of Dr. Kelli Ward making a fool of herself that you wrote about in the 8-13-18 Briefs ? Wouldn’t that be proof of your assertions? My friend was at the Kelli Ward for US Senate table on the day of our Mohave County GOP Picnic.  Sheriff Joe approached her and she said “ Hi Sheriff Joe. Would you like a Kelli Badge?”. Sheriff Joe did not reply at first and Tania  Burgess came over to the table and told Sheriff Joe to give my friend some Sheriff Joe literature.  Tania also made disparaging remarks against candidate Kelli Ward (comments were made loudly so people in the background could hear her). Tania was interrupting the conversation between Sheriff Joe and my friend so Kelli Ward stepped over and told Tania to please not disrupt my friend at Kelli’s campaign table saying it was not the place nor time to do so. That was it.  We all have better things to do by supporting candidates and keeping Arizona RED with the best candidates possible.  I hope you will use your time more wisely in the future. Our party and our country are depending on us. – Editor’s Note: Here is the link that you requested Hennessey provide: Ward rapping in swingers bar . – ft

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman Lyle Tuttle to Voters of LD-18: Far be it for me - a non-resident of your LD - to suggest to you who to vote for to represent you in the AZ Senate - but at the same time, I (unlike financial contributors from San Francisco and other areas of CA - I have known Frank Schmuck for many years. I know Frank to be a solid conservative and a strong supporter of Republicans. I am proud to say that I was one of many who encouraged Frank to run for the legislature, and also supported him with a check. I recall when I was first elected as Maricopa County Republican Chairman, and I was planning on creating CD's filled with information and links designed for PC's use, Frank stepped up to the plate and asked me how many I needed - and then delivered them for distribution. This is exactly the kind of an "ACTION" Senator that is needed in the Arizona Legislature!! If I was an LD-18 voter, FRANK SCHMUCK would get MY vote! How about you??

Geri Ottoboni-Gilmore of Oro Valley: Senator Steve Smith has been a complete disappointment as far back as 2015, when he was named the Campaign Manager for Sheriff Paul Babeu.  In an article, stated, he was excited to be Sheriff Babeu's Campaign Manager and stated they had shared Interests..  Apparently he did not checked Sheriff Babeu's history as a Head School Master at the Desisco School in Maine....Big Mistake. Then Steve stated in an ad, that he was Pro President Trump,when after attending a rally for Donald Trump, he only endorsed Senator Ted Cruz and volunteered to be on Ted Cruz's Presidential Leadership Team.  Also a picture was taken with Steve Smith holding Ted Cruz hand praying that Ted Cruz would become President.  The only mention of President Trump was in his ad, he had been endorsed by Trump's Leadership Team, which when you Google It, it lists Steve Bannon and Reibua Preibus, who are no longer at the White House. Another interesting thing Steve Smith did was to state he started a fund for the Border was for a Border Fence, and it was in 2011, before Donald Trump ran for President.  The weird thing was Steve only collected approximately $55,000 and in 2017, when President Trump we pushing to build the Border Wall, Steve Smith gave the money to a local Sheriff Office, instead of giving it to President Trump for his wall..Shocking, then Steve stated "The Wall was too far" and " it just didn't jive with him" Steve Smith has done many surprisingly strange things that lead me and others to think he is not a good fit for CD1 Congress, I am sure the Democrats would have a field day.  The person we can trust, has the background, and will be there for her  constituents in Congress is Col. Wendy Rogers.

Fountain Hills Activist Nancy Russell Plencner: A good Republican friend and his wife who winter in Iowa embarked on their annual summer drive through some of the Heartland. Recently he reported that in their 2,000 miles motoring through Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin they saw something New along the way.  The New was the surprisingly numerous signs not seen in their former travels.  There were the usual "elect me" signs in Minnesota mostly for down ballot offices, Sheriff etcetera. That was not particularly New.  Rather what was New was the surprising abundance of "Help Wanted!", "Job Openings!" "Wage Per Hour Signs!"  "40 Hour Week Apply Now!" "Engineers Wanted!"  "Apply Here!", all seemed to scream jobs-jobs-jobs!!  If one were to listen exclusively to the pundits who bombard us daily with the evils of Trump that have according to them made a mess of the country, we would never learn how well the MAGA agenda is doing.  Even on conservative Fox News we are told that farmers in the heartland are in a world of hurt over soy beans and ready to march on DC brandishing their pitchforks.  Guess the embedded costal talking bobble heads have never taken a drive through real America.  According to on site reporting from our friends, it's jobs that make America Great and further proof....through July, income tax collections have hit new highs.  Amazing how well the country is doing as the only tune we hear is the Sky Is Falling!  

Arizona Town Crier Jim Ehl: For the primary election, in this county, there are 36 candidates for office.  Of those 36, 10 have no opposition.  Then of the 26 left over we are to vote for 9. The voters are free to vote for whomever they like.  Questions for the voters. Of the 36 candidates, how many of them are known personally to a voter?  How many voters know of the  record of the incumbent candidates and the proposed agenda for the new candidates?  How many voters are influenced by road signs?  How many voters are influenced by U.S. mail brochures?  How many voters are influenced by TV?  How many voters have heard and are influenced by speeches by the candidates?  How many voters are influence by  looks or gender or race?  How many voters have been contacted by the party leaders?? etc.?  It is probably the same in most  of the other counties. Knowledge!  What knowledge is gained by the voter under the present circumstances?  Oh, the Secretary of State sends out a bio booklet of every candidate, but what does that tell one about their political past or future??  

     Political party.    If we can’t depend of our party to provide the voters with political information, why have a political party?? In the autocratic AZGOP the party leadership makes a feeble attempt to promote who ever was elected in the party primary in the general election.  But, there the decision has been cast, the will of the people has already been expressed for the party, conservative, moderate or liberal! Long before, it was suggested that the state and county chairs get together and come up with a number of questions for all the primary candidates.  The answers then be fed to the county precinct committeemen and county voters for their purview.  Too late for all that now.  Too much work for the chairs to be indulged in. So, get out your two headed coin, the primary election is just around the corner!


American Post-Gazette

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona

McCainiacs Are Destroying The State Party

What has been the effect of the McCain people (McCainiacs) taking over the Arizona Republican Party? It is obvious they are destroying the Party. His arrogant leadership and his handpicked puppets have put several state elected positions at risk this election cycle. It’s been demoralizing for many conservatives, but we can’t give up; too much is at stake. Republicans still have the statistical advantage in registration, but that may not be enough to hold onto the Governor, Secretary of State, and the U.S. Senate offices . You can always tell when the body politic--in this case, the Republican base--is not happy: it’s when incumbents have competition in the primary.

    Governor Doug Ducey, a McCainiac, was skating on thin ice with conservatives before this year’s debacle when the radical #Red4Ed movement reared its ugly, socialist head. He allowed those crazies to take control of the narrative on public education and now the state faces the possibility of a tax hike--supposedly on the upper one-percent only, but we all know how that plays out--everyone will take the hit in some way. Mr. Ducey also helped pass a tax hike on vehicle licenses. (Someone needs to challenge that one. We have a state constitutional requirement that all state tax increases must be passed by the legislature with a two-thirds majority--this one didn’t.) Former Senate President and Secretary of State Ken Bennett is challenging Mr. Ducey because the ice cream man has fallen through that thin ice and is at risk of losing the seat to one of two Democrats--David Garcia or Steve Farley--both of whom would be an absolute disaster to our economy.

    Secretary of State Michele Reagan’s missteps have been documented since she took office. Talk about skating on thin ice, Ms. Reagan has been called out for her many self-inflicted wounds. So much so that even the State Attorney General--a Republican--has called her incompetent. Enter businessman Steve Gaynor to challenge her. The biggest concern of having Ms. Reagan as SOS? She’s one heartbeat away from the governor’s office. Ms. Reagan could very well lose to Democrat Senate Minority Leader Katie Hobbs in the general. What a nightmare either way.

    Trump-hater and McCainiac Senator Jeff Flake is so bad he’s been chased out of running for re-election. Former State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward was beating Mr. Flake like a drum. Since he dropped out, the McCainiacs decided they couldn’t give up that seat so they recruited McCainiac Congresswoman Martha McSally. Dr. Ward was leading in that race until conservative icon, former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, decided to join the fray, splitting the conservative vote with her. But Ol’ Joe appears to be waning. Ms. McSally is playing the John McCain campaign fraud scheme by running as a conservative. Hopefully voters will see through that tired ruse. Whoever wins, she will face the well-funded communist Kyrsten Sinema. It would be an utter travesty if Ms. Sinema was to be our new U.S. Senator.

All of those Democrat wins--and others--are possible; not likely--but possible. Conservative Republicans need to step up their game, take back control of the GOP from the McCainiacs and put Arizona back on the road to true Red. Mr. Bennett, Mr. Gaynor and Dr. Ward will go a long way to re-establish a more sensible governance. - J. Madison



Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

LD6 candidate Stuart McDaniel: Early voting is in process right now. As a Republican and Independent, you have until August 17th to request an early ballot by mail. (Yes, Independent's can vote in the primary election!) Early ballots must be mailed out by August 22nd! These options are still doable! If you are unable to vote early, please come out on Arizona's Primary Election Day, August 28th, and Vote Stuart McDaniel for Arizona House of Representatives! Also, please consider making a donation today. Every little bit helps to continue fighting for conservative values in rural Arizona! We also have yard signs which are a tremendous help in getting my name out in the community. Contact me here if you would like a sign delivered.

Dr Bob Branch, Supt Of Public Instruction Candidate: Please help to keep my message on the radio! I am not a career politician, so I am relying on great people like you to get behind me and support this campaign. We need to get the message out to everyone, and that takes money. Help get this important message out to voters so that they will make the right choice in this election by voting for me, Dr. Bob Branch. Please, if you can, Contribute to this campaign to “Make Education Great Again.”  Your dollars will make a very important impact in helping me to make a difference for our children’s future by helping me to reach others with my message. Your help and support is needed and deeply

CD3 candidate Edna San Miguel: The Mexican Governments New Invasion Strategy For Promoting Dual Nationality In The U.S. With little fanfare, the Mexican government has launched a broad-ranging "new strategy" to encourage millions of Mexican immigrants in the U.S. who are eligible for U.S. citizenship through naturalization to empower themselves by seeking dual citizenship. "The new strategy of promoting dual nationality ... will allow our citizens in the United States and people of Mexican origin to obtain significant benefits on economic, social and political matters, as well as to strengthen their ties to both countries," the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Relations said in late October. Ambassador Sandra Fuentes-Berain, Mexico's General Counsel in New York, explained that the advantages that U.S. citizenship by naturalization offer include "welfare benefits and healthcare, as well as voting and exerting influence over decisions by elected officials that affect their everyday lives." - FORBES November 12, 2015

US Senate candidate Dr Kelli Ward: A few of you have reached out seeking some much-needed context to help better understand Martha McSally's new ad, which features a series of baseless, flat-out lies about Dr. Kelli Ward.

· ALLEGATION #1 #Earmark for Obama's education program" _(Source: FACEBOOK, --This was the Arizona State Senate’s proposed budget, and the item in question was proposed and added by Senate staff, not Dr. Ward. Dr. Ward provided inquiring constituents impartial information on the proposed budget for discussion – as any good public servant should do. To suggest something otherwise is patently false.

· ALLEGATION #2: _"Attacking President Trump's plan to crack down on illegal immigration, saying Trump made a mistake" _(Source: Arizona Republic editorial board meeting - audio clip #1) -- Dr. Ward remains 100% committed to securing our border and ending illegal immigration – she referred to President Trump as making a mistake in backing certain mass amnesty bills that were disingenuously presented to him as otherwise, and which Martha McSally wholeheartedly supported. More than anything else, the clip illustrates McSally’s duplicity and support for mass amnesty.

· ALLEGATION #3: _"Supports amnesty"_ (Source: Arizona Republic editorial board meeting - audio clip #2) -- Dr. Ward mentions temporary status for DACA recipients in the course of laying out her comprehensive immigration overhaul proposal which includes, building the wall, securing the border, implementing mandatory E-Verify, defunding sanctuary cities, ending chain migration, and ending the diversity lottery in favor of a merit-based approach. Dr. Ward firmly believes that before we can even begin to talk about long-term solutions for those already here illegally, we must first build the wall.

Arizona Republic Editorial Meeting [2]

[1] [2]

[3] tel:(409)%20370-6116




Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Gov Doug Ducey: 12 News can verify that across the board, school districts are reporting sizable raises for teachers... Tempe Union: 10-19%, Wickenburg Unified: 12%, Pima Unified: 15% ... the list goes on...”  Watch: Teachers are getting raises

Congressman David Schweikert: This July I led the charge on a bill that would establish an electronic standard for prior authorizations in Medicare. H.R. 4841 would help move pharmacies and doctors away from faxing the prior authorization forms and encourage them to communicate in real time through electronic means. The bill consists of two main ideas: to prevent the delays caused by the current system of non-electronic/real time prior authorization requests so that Medicare patients receive prescriptions as soon as possible, and by making the process electronic, there will be an improved oversight in the system to ensure patients are only receiving approved medications. Medicare has very high rates of opioid abuse. Nearly 1/3 of individuals enrolled in Medicare’s prescription drug benefit (Part D) in 2017 received a prescription opioid, and HHS/OIG has identified high rates of abuse within this population. These changes will improve oversight in opioid prescribing to ensure only those individuals prescribed are receiving the medically necessary medications.  For more information, follow this link.




A Meet and Greet for CD3 candidate Sergio Arellano will hosted hosted by Barbara Rochester of the Crossroads Mission in Yuma at 11 am., Aug 15 at the American Legion Hall #19. LD13 candidates Tim Dunn, Trey Terry, Sine Kerr, Supt of Public Instruction candidate Dr Bob Branch and US Senate candidate Kelli Ward will also be there to answer questions.


The San Tan Valley Republican Club Meet & Greet is schedujled at 6 pm, Thr., Aug 16 greet with the candidates and incumbent Kelly Townsend as pre-invited speaker at the Pinal County Building, at 33622 N. Mountain N. Mountain Vista Blvd., San Tan Valley 85142.

Tea Party Scottsdale will host Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery at 6:30 pm., Thurs., Aug 16 at 8600 E Anderson Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85255 Scottsdale City Council members Suzanne Klapp and Guy Phillips will have 30 minutes to speak on the Scottsdale sales tax increase which will be on the November ballot.  Contact: Paul Klein 602-931-0576

The Colorado River Tea Party – Yuma will meet at 6 pm., Thurs., Aug 16 at the Community Christian Church, 6480 E Hwy 95 in Yuma for a potluck “Candidate Forum” featuring CD3 candidates Sergio Arellano, Nicolas Pierson and Edna San Miguel. Congressman Grijalva has been invited to participate. All candidates welcome to attend. Contact: Chairman Sally Kizer at 928-210-1219 or


Margaret Nyberg has scheduled a no-host coffee for LD13 incumbent Senator Sine Kerr at 8 am, Sat., Aug 18 at Nana’s Coffee Shop in Wickenburg.

LD17 will hold an 11 am, Sat., Aug 18 grand opening of the Victory Office at 1600 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85224, Suite 220. In lieu of their regularly scheduled Aug 28 meeting, they will meet at 6 pm., Tues, Aug 14 to prepare the office and create candidate packets for the Aug 18 district walk. Coffee and donuts will be available. Volunteers will meet at 8am, and walk between 8:30-11 am. At 11 am they will return to the office for food and refreshments and the candidate meet and greet for the public. The Victory Office is in need of chairs, folding tables and a refrigerator. Contact Chairman Bert Moll at

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am., Sat., Aug 18 with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich at the Fountain Hills Community Center. A "Farewell Tribute" to the late First Vice President Leona Johnston, will be held. Meeting open to all. Registration begin at 8:15am. Complimentary light breakfast snacks, coffee, and juice provided. for more information. Reminder:  Early ballots for the August 28th Arizona Primary were mailed on August 1.  Independents are permitted to vote in the Primary of their choice.

The West Chapter of CRA will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., Aug 18 at Culvers Restaurant, 5127 N 99th Ave. in Glendale. This will be a voting meeting, according to President Butch Kuentzler



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