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8-18-18 Briefs

Republicans Are Reeling from the loss of two prominent former leaders this past week. Former State Treasurer Carol Springer was one of the women in Arizona's “Fab Five.”  goodbye-carol-springer/   Former AZGOP Treasurer Timothy Lee passed away during heart surgery the morning of Aug 15. Lee will long be remembered for his dedication to the Republican Party. See tribute 2-16-18 Briefs by former AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham. Sympathy cards can be mailed to Lee’s family at 4102 E Garfield St., Phoenix, AZ 85008. Private services will be held for Lee on Monday. - ft

The Coconino County Republicans will meet at 10 am., Sat., Aug 18 at the 4th Street Professional Bldg., 2501 N Fourth St. in Flagstaff. Contact Chairman Joan Harris at or 928-226-0502.

Canceled: The Aug 25 Pima County GOP Event featuring Richard Marcinko, creator and commander of Seal Team Six and founder of FUBAR tequila has been canceled.

US Senate candidate Kelli Ward has announced a statewide bus tour on Aug 24 and 25 that will make eight stops in two days beginning in Lake Havasu City and ending in Yuma. She is scheduled in Lake Havasu City, Kingman, Prescott and West Phoenix on Aug 24. Her Aug 25 schedule is Cental Phoenix, Mesa Tuscon and Yuma.

The Grand Opening For “The North” Republican Headquarters, serving Mohave, LaPaz, Coconino, Yavapai, Gila, Apache and Navajo County’s is scheduled at 1 pm., Aug 19 at 2625 S Woodlands Village #250 in Flagstaff. Contact Eron Lacambra, Regional Director, 904-568-7366.

The Trumped Store in Show Low is hosting a “meet and greet” for CD1 candidate Tiffany Shedd between 9 am-noon Sat., Aug 18 1041 E Deuce of Clubs Show Low, AZ 85901. Look for all of the Trump Flags, says store owner Steven Slaton.

Arizona Corporation Commission candidate Jim O’Connor will speak at the 9 am LD2 meeting this morning. He will appear on the 4 pm., Chips and Salsa Radio Show. 

An interesting message from Dem gubernatorial candidate David Garcia’s campaign camp was floating around yesterday. It reads: “We’re running out of yard signs. We’re running out of flyers. We’re even running out of printer toner in our campaign office.”

Congressman David Schwiekert is accepting full-time and part-time Fall 2018 interns in his Washington, DC and Scottsdale offices.For any motivated, detail-oriented,and service-oriented college students or recent graduates interested in gaining experience in Washington or Arizona in a government office, please e-mail your resume, a cover letter, and three references to for a Washington, D.C.internship,or for an Arizona based internship.

You Can Watch AZ Corporation Commission Jim O'Connor’s interview on Van's Crossroads.

Meet Republican Wendy Rogers between 11 am-1 pm., today at Nick's Westside, 2920 AZ-89A, in Sedona. She will be at Denny’s, 2122 S Milton Road in Flagstaff between 5-7 pm this evening. Both events are open to the public.

US Rep Debbie Lesko will speak at CD8’s Association of Mature American Citizens Town Hall Meeting at 9 am., this morning  at the Sun City West Foundation, 14465 RH Johnson Blvd in Sun City West. RSVP to: Amy Gerak or 888-262-2006 ext. 2018.

The Nogales to Wickenburg Interstate 11 Corridor Environmental Study is available for review at Or

The Pima County Get Out The Vote (GOTV) will be walking Tucson neighborhoods this weekend. East Tucson: Sat, Aug 18th at 8am; walk to start at 8:30am Again at 5:30pm; walking begins at 6pm. Rally Point will be the Eastside Victory Office, 9431 E 22nd St. Suite 167, Tucson, AZ 85710  Valencia and Nexus crossroads in Rita Ranch. Contact Josefina Torres (520)390-5862 Central Tucson: Sat, Aug 18th at 8:30am; walk starts at 9am. Rally Point will be at Beyond Bread, 3026 North Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85719, Contact Meghan Sproule (760)885-3287



Opinions expressed by readers are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does NOT endorse pre-primary candidates. Comments running over 400 words are subject to editing. Please include your phone number with your submission for verification of author purposes. – ft

Yuma County Activist Robyn Stallworth Pouquette: It's disheartening to read statements such as those posted by Connie Uribe of Yuma a few days ago that confuse voters and make efforts to diminish the faith in the democratic system of elections. I am the Recorder in Yuma County and a proud Republican. I am responding in a personal capacity as I feel it is important to share the actual facts. Ms. Uribe, I have spoken with my staff that you called regarding different ballots distributed. Staff answered the questions and you were never hung up on. Your questions were answered and although you didn't receive the answers you wanted to hear, it is no reason to slander people and share information you know to be false. To again clarify what you were told, the current election is a primary and the candidates on the ballots were, of course, not the same. If a voter is registered as a Republican, the candidates on that ballot will be Republican. Likewise, if the voter is a Democrat, the candidates on his/her ballot will be Democrats. Simply put, that is the nature of a Primary Election and it is unnecessary to insinuate that the early ballots in this county are somehow distributed in a fraudulent manner. After receiving the correct information, you chose NOT to clarify those things in your statements but rather to publicly continue to disseminate false and irresponsible information. As you have the right to speak your opinions, you do not have the right to purposely slander individuals such as myself to attempt to discredit the hard work done in the offices of election administrators following the complex election laws as passed through the legislature.

     Please review the statutory requirements for primary elections and the many types of ballots available for a party-specific election. Similarly, please review the statutory outline of Precinct Committeemen filings and elections. Independent voters choosing a party ballot for this election are unable to participate in a PC election. Only registered Republicans would see that to race on their ballot. Independent voters choosing a Republican ballot are eligible to vote on all races except PC. When your neighbors call you to acquire information related to election questions, please share the number to my office and refrain from purposely sharing false information in efforts to confuse voters and discredit the hard work of election workers and candidates.

Activist John Scott Powelson: This is an interesting document from the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) about the NAU without mentioning it other than by the working name SPP aka Security Prosperity Partnership. Downloads/NorthAmerica_TF_final.pdf It should be noted that at the time their “Government” web site gave a lot of interesting, if embarrassing, facts about their plans. They have since shelved the plan, not trashed, or forgotten just put out of sight of us short sighted patriots who might expose what they were doing right out in the open back in 2005 and 2006. Jerry Corsi wrote a lot about this back then and was a major factor in the exposure of the plan. A lot of us in the patriot movement back then helped to research and expose it to our groups at the time. Also see Bush-Administration-Quietly-Plans-Nafta-Super-Highway/

Rick Hennessey Responds to Teresa Mendoza 8-17-18 Briefs: My Facebook page and my Twitter page are not disabled. I don't work for Joe's campaign other than I support him. I can tell when a person has had too much to drink. As far as Kelly Ward, if your running to be a United States Senator it's not a good idea to be video taped in a Swingers Bar making a total a** out of yourself. If that's the kind of person you want REPRESENTING the State of Arizona by all means vote for her. I find her actions in public to be disgraceful. Attacking me really doesn't bother me. I support and VOTE for people of high moral character. I wouldn't be surprised to find out you voted for Hillary.

Activist Teresa Mendosa: Congratulations to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Team Arpaio for wining the coveted conservative CLOWNS of the week given out by Conservative Circus. It is well deserved given the unraveling that has happened with Arpaio campaign including his two new hires. I am in shock that Arpaio went from jailing criminals to hiring them (2 charged with drug possessions, no convictions yet.) nevada-couple-arrested-monday-morning Shame on Joe for letting them attack people online with Fbombs  including political consultant Constantine Querard which made the local ABC15 news.  There was a call for Wendy Rogers to step down because of the damage she is doing to the GOP and also because of the horrible lies against her opponent. The same should happen to Arpaio.  P.S. Anyone else wonder why Arpaio only relentlessly attacks Kelli Ward and not one mention of McSally???  Editor’s Note: When Briefs asked Chris Hegstrom, Arpaio’s campaign manager, if reports were true regarding the two employees, Hegstrom replied, “Jennifer and Dustin have been hired by the campaign, however, the story is inaccurate about them being charged.  The two of them were pulled over in Missouri. Neither have been formally charged and have no record prior to that traffic stop.“

Activist Zack Taylor: Ever wonder WHO is the source of many of America’s problems ? Organization funded by leftist George Soros

AAARC Chairman Clyde Bowen: Aretha Franklin taught me the meaning of my number One concept/word RESPECT, often linked to acceptance, friendship, tolerance. While she was singing, I was in Oslo, DJing at “ The Downtown “ #1 Club. I was teaching ultra white Norwegians to bellow, “ Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” We also sung Respect though when it came to People and Planet, they already knew. In my off time at the Embassy we would teach each other much. I might not agree with their “ system,” - they were 1000 years old as a City. I was not there to judge, I was there to protect Embassy #2 ( Military). Aretha, You gave the world your love and Respect which we give to you as you rest. In your name we will turn away from pride, greed, avarice, envy, false witness & other cancers out of Respect for your terminal condition. RIP Aretha. Respect Sister Respect

Jorja Beal to I-11 ADOT Study: I am a third generation Arizona Native, born and lived my entire 68 years in Wickenburg. As I recall, there was a meeting in 2013 late fall at the Wickenburg Community Center. Residents in this fine community, were anxous to voice our opinions. None of the attendees were ‘sold’ on the proposals. We were told that we would have an answer to a I-11 route by February 2014… your data does not reflect studies that far back. I recall conversations with State representtives & staff that Gov Brewer had rubber-stamped this project. We were informed that Jerry Colangelo had several hundred acres along the proposed I-11 project that would make him millions. We know that Bill Gates has invested in property along the proposed route as well.

     With Trump as President it seems futile, at this time, to even consider NAFTA & trade between Mexico and Canada. We had 3 roumdabouts built in Wickenburg and instead of making the bypass for trucks only (to get them out of the town because of congestions, exhaust & manipulating turns) our retail businesssss’ suffered and the cars that used to come into town all use the bypass. How simple it would have been to allow only trucks & large RV’s access to the bypass and continue to have tourists come through out town, stop, have lunch, shop, and explore our unique historical tow. Just simple, common sense decisions, that were not considered, have damaged out town. Now we face I-11, which if it does bypass us, we may not survive. I would like to know how much money has been spent on these “studies & research,” to seeminly be no further along than back in 2013. I suggest that studies be done on our WATER SOURCES and AQUAFER. We are experiencing one of the worst draughts ever, yet we have not cut back or examined how our water table is being reduced severely. And everyone jumps on the band wagon to hire consultants…at a huge expenditure to our funds. Wasteful spending must stop, but our need for water will not stop. Our growth is not stopping, and our water resources cannot withstand this increase unless we conserve, re-claim & become knowledgeable about the necessity to conserve at all levels.

    Many people feel the extravagant spending by our elected officials is with total disregard to what is sensible & worthy. I know that this letter will never reach anyone that perhaps can make a differene in how this proposal works out, but I feel better having written it and declared my opinion. I pray that at some point the proper route to our state’s safety and economic growth will be done. Just a little old lady that loves her community and state.

Brian Reilly, Former LD22 PC: Suddenly, Joe Arpaio says he wants to debate Dr. Kelli Ward and Martha McSally for the U.S. Senate seat. Once again, Joe Arpaio wants to take center stage and claim the debate idea as his own. What Arpaio fails to mention, in his August 15, 2018, press release, is that Dr. Kelli Ward has been pushing for a three way debate since January 29, 2018. (1.) Not only has Ward been pushing for a debate, she has been pushing to have 6 debates since January, 2018 (2.) Things must not be looking too good for the campaign for Arpaio to submit to Ward’s debate request. Sheriff Arpaio was not one to debate his opposition when he ran for reelection as sheriff. At times, it was reported that Arpaio would not show up for sheriff debates or he would send an MCSO surrogate in his place. Arpaio sending his surrogate was the ultimate insult to Maricopa County voters and his supporters. Arpaio’s press release hypocritically demands “mandatory participation of all three candidates and no surrogates.“ Arpaio’s strategy of making this debate demand at the 11th hour is pure Arpaio. Ward and McSally have probably already booked their political events for the next 13 days and they may not be able to accommodate Arpaio’s curious demands. However, I would encourage both Ward and McSally to rearrange their campaign schedules and make a debate date with Arpaio a priority. If Ward and McSally commit to this last minute debate, if history repeats itself, Joe Arpaio may very well be a no show. This last minute political move of apparent desperation is classic Arpaio. Arpaio may feel comfortable debating about gun control with Sacha Baron Cohen’s one inch, plastic, D’Lish Donut, but he underestimates two, very intelligent, well spoken, primary opponents running for the U.S. Senate. I would encourage Ward and McSally to make this debate happen. You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome of setting a debate date with Joe. (1.)RealSheriffJoe/status/ (2.) kelli-ward-wants-6-debates-gop-senate-rivals-martha-mcsally-and-joe-arpaio/


American Post-Gazette

Distributed by C O M M O N S E N S E in Arizona

August 17, 2018


Washington DC and Arizona Republican elites--the Trump-hating, Open Borders, anti-conservatives--are bringing out the big guns and the big lies to attack Kelli Ward.

The last thing they want is a true conservative like Dr. Kelli Ward in the U.S. Senate. Lining up behind their handpicked McCain puppet, Martha McSally. And the big lies just keep on coming; and it's their natural thing to do.

In addition to McSally's deceptive campaign, two independent groups have joined in the lies. OneNation is a so-called "welfare organization" with ties to Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove. These two notorious DC Swamp creatures have already been helping McSally spread her ridiculous nonsense about Ward, calling her pro-abortion, anti-Trump, and pro-amnesty. This is typical of what Democrats do: lie about your opponent, claiming your opponent is doing and saying the things that you are actually doing and saying (it's called "transference" and Democrats have perfected the technique). Ward's record on pro-life, pro-Trump, and anti-amnesty is clear and convincing. It's McSally who is the liberal on these and other issues; and the deceiver.

Just a suggestion to McSally: If you are going to lie about your opponent, at least try to have some element of truth in it. One of McSally's latest mailers ties Ward to Dem leaders Schumer and Pelosi? Really!? No one with an IQ over 10 is going to believe that one. But thanks for playing.

DefendArizona is a state PAC that is in the tank for all things McCain and McSally. It's funded by RINO heavyweights from across the country, including the usual local suspects, Robert Sarver, liberal owner of the Phoenix Suns; liberal Randy Kendrick, wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick; Tucson car dealer Jim Click, another Open Borders Chamberpot; regular conservative-hating, Open Borders advocate, Craig Barrett, formerly CEO of Intel; and RINO Bob Worsley buddy, Jeff Whiteman, CEO of Empire SW, the Caterpillar dealer in Arizona. It's a veritable Who's Who of Big Government, Open Borders, pro-amnesty, McCain sycophants. It's enough to make your ears bleed. They and their fellow New World Order buddies from around the country are ponying up big bucks to take down a conservative candidate and prop up a liberal in order to perpetuate the Swamp.

McSally's liberal voting record is something even John McCain and Jeff Flake would be embarrassed about (if they could actually express any shame). Her overall conservative score is in the 30s. But now that she is running in an Arizona primary in the Trump-era, she has "transformed" herself into a staunch conservative. This is the same deceit McCain pulled every time he ran: run as a conservative; serve as a RINO.

Simple: Don't believe anything the McSally campaign or the DefendArizona PAC says. Let them spend their millions spitting into the wind. Vote for Kelli Ward.- A. Hamilton



Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Gubernatoral candidate Ken Bennett: If you own a gun in Arizona then you must read this, Governor Ducey will do anything to win this election and he really believes that his crazy plan to seize your guns will make schools safe. “I think the STOP plan — the Severe Threat Order of Protection — is the crown jewel of our safe schools plan,” the governor said Wednesday when questioned by Capitol Media Services. It would set up a procedure to allow not just police but family members and others to seek a court order to have law enforcement take an individual’s weapons while he or she is locked up for up to 21 days for a mental evaluation.“It’s the one tool that could have eliminated the mass shootings that have happened in other places in the country,” Ducey said.  Ken Bennett has a School Safety Operation Plan that will not remove guns but will put guns where necessary to protect our children.  The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. "Republican Ken Bennett has blasted Ducey’s idea that allowing judges to take away guns will make schools safer, proposing instead to train people to carry firearms on campus. That has earned him the endorsement of the political action committee of the Citizens Defense League.” Ken Bennett is running in the Republican primary for Governor.  Give Ken $5.00 to stop Ducey's STOP plan. "Governor Doug Ducey is doubling down on his push for a law to let judges take guns from some people considered “dangerous.”” Read the entire article here.

Supt of Public Instructions candidate Robert Branch: Last November, all Republican candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction were asked whether they believed in intelligent design, and if it should be taught alongside evolution in science classroom. Riggs, Douglas, and Livingston all said absolutely. I said that I teach at Liberty University and Grand Canyon University, so “Yes, absolutely.”   In the last debate (a few weeks ago),  Livingston says no (and actually claims she never did say she supported it. Riggs claims that he misunderstood the question in November and that Intelligent Design should be taught in history class not science. Douglas said that she just thought they were asking her personal opinion in November,  but then walked away from her prior position. Gelbart does not believe in intelligent design and he does not believe in creationism. My response was the same as last November, and it will be the same on the day that I die. I believe in Intelligent Design and that God created the Heavens and the Earth. If your elected official will walk away from God, they will walk away from you! Here is the YouTube clip from that debate as proof to their denial.  November SPI debate If I am your candidate, I could use your financial support for the last week of advertising.

Brandon Hawks, political director for Congressional candidate Wendy Rogers: I am in the field doing great things for America, trying to help Wendy get the word out against the Democrats. However, I was just told that our slimy career politician opponent is launching new attacks. Wendy is off of the air on several stations. We must get her back on the air. Can you contribute $250 right now? That will buy 2 spots on some of the most expensive stations. I thank you. Wendy thanks you. And America thanks you.

Supt of Public Education candidate Frank Riggs: Sometimes I encounter voters who question the importance of the Superintendent of Public Instruction race.The question isn’t entirely irrational. It’s more of a down ballot race and doesn’t attract the media attention and millions of dollars like the races for governor and Senate. However, in 2018, this race is more important than ever. Democrats have made it their mission to demonize Republicans on the issue of education. They have strong grassroots support from Unions and Socialist Organizers, and they’re focusing all of their efforts on hijacking this important issue to advance their left-leaning political agenda, including the ”InvestInEd” ballot initiative to increase taxes. Republicans at all levels cannot afford to have a flawed or untested Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate emerge from the Primary on August 28. If that happens, the Democrats will claim that Republicans are not serious about education. We must nominate the most qualified, trusted and prepared candidate. As the only candidate for superintendent with a proven record of executive, educational and legislative leadership, I’m asking you to please support my campaign as we make the final push to victory. We’ve been spreading our winning message and telling voters how I will use my experience in law enforcement, education and as a member of Congress to fix our schools by empowering parents, promoting competition and choice, getting more dollars into the classroom, holding our educators accountable for all students learning, and making our schools safer and more secure.



Editor’s Note: Please keep opinion pieces to 400 words. If extended, they will be subject to editing. Opinions expressed below are not necessarily those of the Briefs. Briefs does not endorse candidates. – ft

Secretary of State Michele Reagan: This week I rejected an ACLU demand to unilaterally change more than five hundred thousand individuals’ voter registration addresses to the address listed on their Driver License and send a follow-up letter informing the voter of the address change. The truth is we’ve already coordinated with ADOT to make the changes they’ve asked for scheduled them for 2019. Any conflicting agreement with the ACLU at this point would only produce voter confusion. While I fully expect the ACLU to file a lawsuit to force these changes before the fall election, our County Recorders and I agree; sending a letter to a half million voters that we changed their registration address without their permission right before an election would have an extremely negative impact on our voters. I hope the ACLU does the right thing and allows us to implement reforms to the new system and find additional ways to improve the accuracy of registration data and further reduce provisional ballots. See more at

Congresswoman Debbie Lesko launched a three-day business tour across Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District this week. Lesko visited small and large businesses in the district to discuss how reduced federal regulations, pro-growth policies, and historic tax reform legislation have impacted both business owners and employees. “I met with a number of local businesses this week to see the real-world impact of policies passed by Congress. After meeting with business owners, managers, and front-line employees, it is clear that reduced regulations and tax reform have greatly benefitted businesses in Arizona and led to a booming economy,” said Lesko. She began the three-day business tour on Monday with a visit to Sub-Zero Wolf in Goodyear. After a tour of the manufacturing plant, Lesko discussed the impact that federal regulations—specifically from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency—have on their business.

Congressman David Schweikert: This week sure was a busy one! During my visit with the Scottsdale Rotary Club we discussed the 2026 fiscal year budget and how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has positively affected Arizona jobs and household income. Rotary Club members also brought up topics to include Medicare, our immigration system and border security. It was great to get a chance to discuss topics that don't over lap, I thank them for inviting me to speak. One of the highlights of my week included meeting the Saguaro High School Robotics Club to see all of their hard work and gadgets. I am now wishing when I attended Saguaro High School I could have been a part of the Robotics Club!  It was great to bond over a mutual fascination with technology, while hearing about all of the impressive projects they are working on. It was an honor to meet with these bright students and I look forward to visiting with them. Office appointments with constituent groups have continued to bring new ideas to the table. This week I have had the chance to discuss topics including Arizona droughts, healthcare, and pension reform. Being on the Joint Select Committee on Solvency of Multi-Employer Pensions, I have dedicated a large portion of this summer into researching and hearing from stakeholders on this very important topic. I encourage you to look at for more details on the committee's actions or if you as a stakeholder would like to submit input please email  If you would like to set up a meeting with your group in Arizona or Washington, D.C. please email: Schweikert.Scheduling@Mail.House.Gov




The Chips N Salsa Radio Show welcomes author/Republican activist Tim Horn as fill-in host at 4 pm., Sat., Aug 18. His guests will be gubernatorial candidate Ken Bennett and AZ Corporation Commission candidate Jim O'Connor. Hosts Alice Lara and George Ortiz return the following weekend. You'll hear the Prather Point with Jeff Prather on CENTER RIGHT RADIO and Facebook livestream.

Margaret Nyberg has scheduled a no-host coffee for LD13 incumbent Senator Sine Kerr at 8 am, Sat., Aug 18 at Nana’s Coffee Shop in Wickenburg

LD17 will hold an 11 am, Sat., Aug 18 grand opening of the Victory Office at 1600 W. Chandler Blvd., Chandler, AZ 85224, Suite 220. In lieu of their regularly scheduled Aug 28 meeting, they will meet at 6 pm., Tues, Aug 14 to prepare the office and create candidate packets for the Aug 18 district walk. Coffee and donuts will be available. Volunteers will meet at 8am, and walk between 8:30-11 am. At 11 am they will return to the office for food and refreshments and the candidate meet and greet for the public. The Victory Office is in need of chairs, folding tables and a refrigerator. Contact Chairman Bert Moll at

The Fountain Hills Republican Club will meet at 9 am., Sat., Aug 18 with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich at the Fountain Hills Community Center. A "Farewell Tribute" to the late First Vice President Leona Johnston, will be held. Meeting open to all. Registration begin at 8:15am. Complimentary light breakfast snacks, coffee, and juice provided. for more information. Reminder:  Early ballots for the August 28th Arizona Primary were mailed on August 1.  Independents are permitted to vote in the Primary of their choice.

The West Chapter of CRA will meet at 8:30 am., Sat., Aug 18 at Culvers Restaurant,

5127 N 99th Ave. in Glendale. This will be a voting meeting, according to President Butch Kuentzler


The Gila County Republican Party’s 2018 Reagan Day (Prime Rib) Dinner is scheduled at 6 pm., Thurs., Aug 23 at the Mazatzal Casino in Payson. Social hour begins at 5 pm. Speakers include Gov Doug Ducy and Congressman Dr Paul Gosar. Speakers will take questions from the floor. Ticket $60 each. Tickets available at or at the Payson Republican Headquarters, 307 S. Beeline Hwy just north of Bonita, at the rear of the shopping center, 9 am-5 pm, M-F.  The Mazatzal Casino is located just south of Payson at mile post 251 on Hwy 87. Many other elected officials and candidates attending.. Contact Chairman Gary Morris at 928-478- 8186 or Shirley 928-951-6774.


Canceled: The Pima County Republicans will host Richard Marcinko, creator and commander of one of the country’s most elite and classified counterterrorist units – Seal Team Six on Aug 25

The Arizona Gun Radio Gun Show is scheduled at 9 am., Aug 25 and 26 at the Tucson Expo., 3750 E Irvinton Road in Tucson. Contact info: 650-520-6002 or Admission $12 



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